The Diaper Girl

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The Diaper Girl
Orders To Place And
Arrangements To Be Made

The holiday week was progressing albeit slowly. Stacy had vacated her old apartment and I was very happy that she was here with Miss. Barbara. Wednesday morning found me in my highchair being spoon fed another large bowl of oatmeal by Stacy while sitting in very wet diapers hoping for a change soon. I was almost certain the oatmeal had been laced with a healthy dose of bulk laxatives and would find out the answer to that question when I got my diapers changed. In short order, the bowl was empty and I was left in my highchair feeling very full. In my mind, the question had been answered and I knew what lay ahead for me. The only question now was when and where and under what circumstances.

Barbara, Candice and Stacy sat down to a breakfast of omelets, home fries, toast, juice and coffee.

“Barb, this is delicious, the best I’ve had in a long time” Stacy said.

“Thanks hon. glad you like it. Cooking is one of the things I enjoy,” she turned her attention towards Candice.

“Hey Candi, Celeste still does private fittings, yes?”

“Yes, why do you ask?”

“I was helping Stacy pack stuff up in her old place and to tell you the truth, she could really use a new wardrobe of intimates.”

Stacy blushed her face flushed red with embarrassment. “You had to put it out there, didn’t you Barb?” She gave her girlfriend one of those looks with eyes sparkling. I looked on eager to hear the direction the conversation would take.

“We’re all girls here, nothing to be embarrassed about. I remember a certain young lady’s under fashions that needed a little updating as well, don’t I Barb?”

It was Barbara’s turn for a little embarrassment now. “Yeah Candi, you’re right about that, sorry Stacy.”

Stacy managed to compose herself and considered how she’d respond. “Well, I suppose Barb does have a point. For the longest time I figured it was no big deal, I mean nobody’s going to see what I’m wearing underneath, right?”

“Until now” Barb said.

“You’re right about that girlfriend. Knowing what I know about our baby girl in her highchair, I went out to Penney’s and got a couple nice sets of undies especially for her viewing pleasure.” This remark drew giggles from everyone as they looked at me all smiles.

“She’s eating this up, isn’t she Candi?”

“Oh, you bet she is girls and I think we may be able to take care of that problem for you Stacy. I’ll have to give that girl a call. It’s been a while since I’ve stopped into her place. I think it’s time to pay her a visit. I remember taking you there barb.”

“Celeste does have some lovely things and I know Stacy will love shopping there. If the three of us go, we’ll have to bring baby girl. Do you think Celeste will be okay with that? She will be somewhat surprised to learn she is not your normal eighteen month old baby girl now is she?”

“No, I should think not. I’ll have to talk to Celeste about that. Hopefully, she will be okay with it.”

“You have known Celeste for a number of years now; do you think she has an open mind when it comes to different lifestyles?”

“I’d like to think so. I know she welcomes the Transgendered community to shop there. I have on accession seen Crossdressers there. They know it’s a comfortable environment for them as they won’t be ridiculed. I’d like to think Celeste would be okay with bringing Diaper Girl down to her Boutique. Perhaps, we could get her a new bra too.”

“I know she would just love that, wouldn’t you baby girl” Barbara giggled?

Now it was my turn to flush with embarrassment. The thought of being taken out in public to a lingerie shop sounded like heaven to me. I was at the same time scared with the thought of discovery but I also knew that I had no say in the matter. One of the rules of the agreement I signed said that I could be taken anywhere these women chose and for any reason. The thought of being taken to a lingerie shop dressed as an eighteen month old baby girl excited me very much. So much so that I wet helplessly again feeling the warmth spread throughout my diapers.

“I hate to break this up ladies but I know someone who needs her diapers changed and I need one of you to go in and oversee things at the Kopper Kettle. Do I have any volunteers?”

“Sure, I’ll go in and Barb can stay here and take care of our little Princess” Stacy said.

“Are you okay with that Barb?”

“No problem Candi, I’ll change her.”

“Good. By the way, there will be a package in a plastic bag on the bed. I want you to use what is in that bag to change her into. They are something new that I want to try her out on, okay?”

“Sure, I’ll take our diapered Princess upstairs and get her changed as you asked and dressed for the day. I’ll have her catch up on the laundry and house cleaning for you too Candi. Is there anything else you can think of that needs doing?”

“Not off hand, you can give her a formula feeding at lunch time and if she does a good job, you can treat her to something special” Candice gave her a big smile. "Oh and Barb, when you get her started on her duties, come see me in the study. There’s something I want to discuss with you.

With that, I was released from my highchair and we all went upstairs. Stacy showered and dressed for work giving everyone an affectionate hug and kiss telling us she would be back abound three thirty and headed out the door. Candice reminded Barbara to come see her later that morning and she headed downstairs into the study leaving Barbara and I upstairs as we headed towards my Nursery.

“Well now, how about we gat those wet diapers off and get you into a nice warm bubble bath and get you all clean. Then, I’ll put you into fresh diapers and plastic panties.” She put my soaking wet cloth diapers into the large diaper pail and my plastic panties into a separate laundry basket. Barbara ran a perfumed bubble bath in the tub room for me and I enjoyed soaking in the soft fragrant bubbles as my skin became nice and silky soft.

While I was in the tub, Barbara found the bag on their bed as Candice said it would be. There was a wrapped package of Abena X Plus size large disposable diapers. Opening the package Barbara took one of the diapers out and unfolded it. She could tell these were different right away noticing it was quite a bit thicker then the ones they had been using. She brought it back to the Nursery and unfolded it on the changing table returning to the tub room for me.

With my bath now over, Barbara wrapped me in a large fluffy towel and dried me off. I was led back into the Nursery and put on the changing table. As I suspected, a thickly padded disposable diaper was waiting for me and I was told to lay face down and did as I was told. I heard the sound of Barbara pulling on latex gloves and I know my private place was about to receive some attention and not the kind I wanted.

Barbara applied a large amount of Vaseline followed by what I knew to be the incontinence plug as it was pushed home and I was told to turn over onto my bottom. As soon as Barbara pulled the front of the diaper up between my legs, I could tell it was different than what I had been used to. I had to spread my legs further apart to accommodate the extra bulk and noticed the plastic backing on this diaper was much more noticeable than the ones I had been wearing. Barbara fastened the diaper securely and pulled on the usual two pair of plastic panties the outer pair being pink.

I was then dressed in a pink romper play suit with rows of lace across the seat of my panties. Frilly socks and my Mary Jane shoes completed my outfit and Barbara took me down stairs where I was given instructions on what was expected of me. There was something about these diapers I was wearing that made me feel more infantile and babyish. I started in the laundry room putting a load in the washer and turned my attention to cleaning up the kitchen as Barbara admonished me to do a good job so I could get a special treat.

There was a click as the door to the study closed and Barbara took a seat on the loveseat beside Candice.

“So, what did you think of the diapers you found on the bed/”

“I love them; they are much thicker and much more babyish. I noticed a big difference when I put one of them on our baby girl. The plastic backing is thicker and seems to make more noise when she walks. She had to spread her legs further apart to accommodate the added bulk. I was very pleased with the way they look on her.”

“I hoped that would be your observations. We are nearly out of the disposables we have for her and I’m thinking of switching to these. Oh, she has enough to last her a few weeks until I can get a couple cases of these delivered. You really don’t need to use inserts with the Abena diapers like the ones we use now but, we have quite an abundance of the inserts left over from the last case and I would hate to see them go to waste. These new diapers are Abena X Plus size large. They cost more but she can go longer between changes unless of course she ends up filling her diapers.”

“She’ll be doing that later on today after the bowl of oatmeal she had this morning. I added a generous helping of bulk laxatives as well and have the incontinence plug inside of her. I like the result that produces.”

"I do too Barb. I love the fact that whenever she has that plug inside of her she is helplessly incontinent. Definitely one of the best things you’ve found for her. I think I am going to call the company and have them custom ordered for her. Instead of the standard white plastic shell, I’m going to have them made with pink plastic. I think I’m going to have four cases ordered to start with. I don’t want her running out any time soon. "

“I like your thinking Candi. I have also given some thought to having her wear the incontinence plug as often as possible but she is going to need some special training to accommodate the larger plug. If we can get her into that one, we will get much better results. In order to do this, we are going to need to purchase what is referred to as a Rectal Dilator training kit. Her anal training has already prepared her to handle some of the larger size Dilators.”

“What are we waiting for; it appears we have a few calls to make.”

Barbara pulled up the web site that carried the Rectal Dilator training kit and called the company directly.

“Yes, I am interested in obtaining a Rectal Dilator training kit.”

“Have you had any previous training along these lines the female voice asked?”

“This isn’t for me but rather for my effeminate sissy baby girl and yes, she has had extensive anal training.”

“Sorry about that. It sounds like she may be ready for our larger Dilators. What’s the max she can handle now and what are your goals for her?”

“She is to the point where she can handle up to six inches in circumference. I need to get her to the seven and a half to eight inches so she can handle the incontinence plug we want to use on her.”

I believe we can assist you. We do have Dilators that will achieve the results you want but they are sold separately. You will need four sold in half inch increments. You will need six and a half, seven, seven and a half and eight inch sizes. Would you like to order these today?"

“Yes, and I will need them as soon as possible so I can start her advanced training right away.”

“Let’s see now, the soonest I can have them to you is tomorrow afternoon via DHL Delivery Service, I trust that will meet your needs?”

“Yes, I believe so and want to thank you so much for your assistance.” Candice gave the necessary information to complete the order and the call was concluded. “They will be tomorrow afternoon” she told Barb.

“Wonderful, we’ll start her advanced training as soon as they arrive and she will be penetrated with them at all times except when she has the incontinence plug inside of her.”

“Now, let’s get those diapers ordered for our diapered Princess.” Candice got the lady on the phone she had talked to the other day and inquired about the Abena X plus size large diapers being the thickest they sold and was informed that they were. “I want to do a custom order on these if I can?” she asked.

“What is it that you would like to have done” she asked?

“Instead of the white plastic shell, I would like pink if that is possible.”

“Yes, this can be done but I need to inform you that adding pink dye to the process will cause the plastic to crinkle more than normal and the sound will be clearly audible to anyone within close proximity.”

“I assure you that this will not be a problem at all. In fact, it will be a big plus as far as I am concerned. I would like to start off with four cases of your pink disposable diapers. I will need them within the next week to ten days if not sooner.”

“Yes, we should be able to get them to you in about a week. Should you need to order more in the future, just give us a few days advance notice and we will have them ready for you?”

“Thanks so much. That’s why I’m starting out with four cases. By the way, is there any way I can have them automatically shipped to my home every month without me having to call” Candice asked?

“Yes, as a matter of fact, we can set up an automatic delivery schedule for you and automatically bill your credit card if you like. How many cases would you like delivered each month” she asked?

“I think two cases should do to start with. You can ensure the ones you ship to me will have the pink plastic backing, yes?”

“Yes” she said. “We’ll see that you get what you requested.”

“Thank you so much” Candice said as she provided all the information necessary to complete the order and ended the call.

“Are they going to be able to swap out the white for pink” Barb asked?

“Yes, and I was told adding pink dye to the process will make them even more audible. That’s something I hadn’t counted on but it works for me and is a real plus. As you’ve heard, I’ve set up an automated delivery schedule so we’ll be sure to always have an adequate supply on hand.”

“That works for me too. Why don’t we stop for now and I’ll fix us some lunch and give Diaper Girl her formula feeding. You can check out how these new diapers look on her, I think you will agree they are more babyish then the others.” It was about eleven thirty when both women left the study and broke for lunch.

“Sounds good to me, after lunch I will give Celeste a call and see if I can set something up with her and you can supervise baby girl’s afternoon activities. The upstairs bathrooms also need cleaning. Once that’s done, I’m sure you can find an activity to occupy her time until Stacy gets home.”

“I’ll get her started upstairs after her formula feeding” Barbara said.

“Come here baby girl, Miss. Candice wants to see how pretty you are.”

I finished folding Miss. Barbara’s skirt and put it in the basket when I heard her call me having completed my work. As I walked towards the front room, there was no mistaking the sound my diapers made as they crinkled loudly, much more so the others I wore. The bulk was much thicker between my legs as well. I saw Miss. Candice smile broadly when she saw me in my pink ruffled romper play suit with the words “BABY GIRL” on the front.

“Oh come here baby girl, you look adorable” Candice said as she smothered me in kisses patting my well padded wet bottom. Turning me around, she inspected my infantile underwear and voiced her approval. “I just love these diapers and the way they look on her. I’m so happy we decided to switch to this style of disposables.”

Candice helped me into my highchair securing me in with the restraining straps locking the tray in place and tied a pink plastic backed bib around my neck as Barbara prepared lunch for all of us. A short time later, Barbara placed a sandwich cut into quarters and some chips on a plate with a bottle of milk on my tray as the two of them sat down and ate their lunch.

“Time for baby girl’s formula feeding” Barbara said as my tray was removed and my hands put back into my mittens and secured in my lap. The tray table was locked back in place ensuring my hands would remain useless and out of the way. My pacifier was secured in place and Barbara retrieved a bulging formula bar hanging it on the pole attached to my highchair. She attached to tubing to the front of my pacifier and adjusted the flow rate and I was soon forced to swallow the contents unsure of what its results might produce. As Barbara and Candice gave me a kiss on my cheek, I felt warm wetness flow uncontrollably into my diapers as Candice retreated to the study to resume her activities. Barbara assured me she would return to check on my progress.

Candice pulled up the contact list on her cell phone and found Celeste’s number waiting for the ringtone on the other end.

“Hello, you’ve reached Celeste. I can’t come to the phone right now but if you leave your name, number and a brief message, I will get back to you as soon as I can. Have a nice day”

Candice waited for the beep and left her message. “Hi Celeste, this is Candice, give me a call when you can. I want to see about setting something up with you. I have a dear friend who needs a private fitting. Bye for now.” Sitting at her desk, Candice turned her attention to other household finances. She knew Celeste would call when she could. She was probably busy with customers at the Boutique.

Having finished a sale with a customer, Celeste returned to her office leaving her assistant to take care of things so she could attend to financial matters related to her business. Celeste also had an appointment with a potential new lingerie supplier later that afternoon and wanted to look over the brochures he had left the other day.

She caught the blinking blue light out of the corner of her eye on the cell phone. Reaching for it, she pressed the bar at the bottom to illuminate the screen. One missed call was displayed and she swiped the screen to unlock it. She recognized the number and returned Candice’s call.

The familiar ringtone drew Candice’s attention and saw the picture of Celeste on her phone and answered her call. “Hello Celeste, how’s things?”

“Hey Candi, long time, what’s up girl?”

“How long has it been, a couple months? Too long if you ask me, I should have called but lots going on in this neck of the woods. I’d love to catch up on everything. What’s your schedule like these days?”

“I got some good news on this end, a new supplier is stopping by later this afternoon and he’s going to be bringing some promotional merchandise for me to inspect. From the way the brochures look, I think this new collection will be marketed towards my alternative lifestyle clientele. They’ve been asking for more feminine frills. Not that the lingerie I already have isn’t already. I think this new line is going to be over the top where that’s concerned. I have a feeling you will want to see this.”

"Oh Celeste, I’d love to. You know I’m a softie for a pretty pair of panties. I have a good friend of mine I want to bring in for a private fitting. Her name is Stacy; she’s the assistant manager at the Kopper Kettle. You remember when I brought Barbara in some months ago? I want to do the same with Stacy. She’ll need a complete collection

A sale like this Celeste knew would bring in a few hundred dollars and would be good for her business. In her eyes, Candice wasn’t just another customer but rather a long time friend and the inspiration behind her opening her lingerie shop to begin with. She would see to it that Candice and her company were well taken care of.

"For you, my schedule is wide open. Would you prefer coming in the evening?

“If I could, that would be preferable. I am glad to hear you have decided to cater to the alternative lifestyles community. It is with that in mind that I must ask you a question.” I have a very effeminate sissy baby girl that I will need to bring with me, I hope that will be okay with you? She really is quite adorable at eighteen months old, you simply must see her!"

“Oh my goodness, I had no idea about any of this. When did all of this start? I’d love to hear all about it but don’t have time now. Can you come by Friday evening?”

“Yes, Friday evening works for us.”

“Wonderful, why don’t you bring that sweet sissy baby girl too, I’d love to see her. I usually close at five o’clock, why don’t you stop by about five thirty or so, see you then.”

“Thanks so much Celeste, you’re a doll. See you then, bye.”

“I’d better check on out baby girl” Barbara said. “She should be done with her formula feeding.”

I don’t know how long I had been in my highchair but I had finished the bag of formula not long before Barbara returned to the kitchen. Barbara returned wearing the same pink panties and bra she had worn earlier that morning. She saw me looking at her as she came over to my highchair releasing the tray and helping me down.

Barbara was as good as her word supervising my work as I cleaned both hers and Stacy’s bathrooms. She was eager to remind me that “only big girls got to use the bathroom and that since I was in diapers, I would never have that luxury.” Of course, this had the desired result Barbara was after, that being to further embarrass and humiliate me.

Having cleaned the bathrooms to Barbara’s satisfaction, it was now time to have some fun with her baby girl as she took me by the hand and walked me down to her bedroom. I just loved the ways he looked in her pink bra and panties.

Would you like Miss. Barbara to feed you some of her special formula baby girl" she asked me? Already knowing what my answer would be, she took my hand and guided me to where she wanted me as she placed a pad on the edge of the bed. I didn’t need to be told what to do and instinctively dropped to my knees before her as she smiled approvingly.

“That’s my good baby girl, you want this, don’t you” she asked?

“Yes Miss. Barbara” I answered smiling up at her as I lowered her pretty panties exposing her private place. I could tell she was already in a heightened state of arousal as I began tattling her with my tongue. As I thought, it didn’t take long to bring her to orgasm as I opened my mouth to accept her sweet delicious gift. I withdrew to swallow her sweetness thinking I was done.

“Not yet baby girl, Miss. Barbara has more formula to feed you” she said smiling at me as I looked at her. I happily resumed my efforts slowly increasing her pleasure as well as mine own. I knew this because I could her breathing change as she began to thrust her hips in rhythm with my own efforts. Again and again, I brought her close to the edge but each time backed off to build the intensity of her orgasm. I wanted all she had so wasn’t at all surprised when she grasped me pulling me deeper into her. I knew I had seconds before her release so I opened my mouth as wide as I could to receive her. She exploded with everything she had as I struggled to take it all. My mouth was full of her and I loved it. As she released me, I swallowed her as she lay back on the bed now spent.

Gathering herself, Barbara slipped her panties back on pulling them back up into place, her Kotex pad doing its job absorbing the remainder of what was left inside of her. Repositioning the pad on the bed, she invited me to join her which I happily did snuggling next to her warmth as she kissed me lovingly. “You made Miss. Barbara a very happy girl, but then you usually do” she said gently but lovingly bringing me to my own delicious orgasm as I filled my diapers full of my baby girl cream. Barbara could tell I was spent as well.

“My baby girl looks tired. Why don’t I put you in your crib for a little nap?”

I didn’t object as she took my hand and walked me down to my Nursery and secured me in my crib for an afternoon nap. My pacifier was secured in place and my hands confined in my mittens making them useless. Barbara kissed me on the cheek telling me to have a nice nap as she left the door open to my Nursery. I let sleep overtake me as I felt delicious warm wetness spread throughout my diapers.

Barbara reached the bottom of the stairs wearing the pink satin bra and panty set Candice had recently bought for her. She was pleased Barbara hadn’t forgotten to press the Kotex pad into her panties. Barbara found herself in the arms of her girlfriend being kissed and softly caressed as she allowed herself to slip into her submissive mindset of wanting to please Candice kissing her passionately.

“Did our baby girl get some special attention for doing such a good job doing the housework?”

“Oh yes, I should say she did. She got wonderful treat filling her diapers full of her baby girl cream too.”

“Of course you had nothing to do with that, did you,” Candice teased.

“Me, why I would never bring our baby girl to such dizzying heights of orgasmic pleasure” Barbara giggled. She desperately needed Candice’s touch now as she took her hand placing it on the fabric of her pink satin bra. Barbara began undoing Candice’s top finding her firm breast fondling it tenderly as she leaned in to kiss her again.

Candice slipped her hand down to the front of Barbara’s panties to feel her pad finding it very wet as she knew it would be after her encounter with their baby girl upstairs just now. Candice smiled knowingly. Soon, she would have her girlfriend where she wanted her, on her knees in a very submissive position taking care of her own intimate needs, not without reward for her girlfriend either. She couldn’t wait to see Barbara in the sexy new lingerie outfit she’d purchased from Celeste especially for her.

“It would appear someone is very wet down there. It’s good I have you wearing a pad in those pretty panties of yours. I know what you want my sweet girl. I’ve laid some things out on our bed. Why don’t you head upstairs and slip into them and I will be up in a little bit. It’s been a while since we have had some private girl time.” They exchanged another kiss and Candice sent Barbara on her way upstairs with a love pat on her pink pantied bottom.

Re: The Diaper Girl

Hello everyone, thanks for following my story and hope you’ve been enjoying as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. Here is the next part. Happy reading.

The Diaper Girl
Barbara and Candice

Entering their bedroom, Barbara saw the delicious pink satin laid out on the bed ready for her. Bra, panties and garter belt all in luscious pink satin with a pair of black stockings. The last item looked like a baby doll with an attached skirt.

Barbara slipped out of the panties and bra she was wearing and discarded the wet Kotex pad in the bathroom trash basket. Fastening the garter belt in place, she pulled on the stockings and attached them to the garters. Pressing a fresh pad into the panties on the bed, she pulled them up into place around her waist hugging her comfortably followed by the bra. Her mind was racing with the possibilities of what Candice had in mind for her. Although she thought she had a good idea and welcomed whatever what to come. Picking up the modified babydoll she slipped into it adjusting it for fit. The attached short bouffant skirt fell softly over the stiff netting underskirt falling just past her hips leaving her tight fitting pink satin panties fully exposed. Finally, she stepped into her three inch black heels on the floor by the bed.

Looking in the full length mirror, Barbara felt incredibly feminine. Candice was playing into one of her bedroom fantasies and she knew it and had every intention of giving into it, and to Candice as well. A little perfume in the right places and a liberal application of FDS in her panties and on the cups of her bra completed her preparations. Taking another look in the mirror, she saw her girlfriend silently slip into the bedroom by way of her reflection in the mirror. She knew the fun was about to begin.

“Is our baby girl down for her afternoon nap” Candice asked?

“Yes, she’ll be good for an hour or so” Barbara answered her.

“Wonderful, you look absolutely ravishing” Candice said as she slipped her hands around Barbara’s waist finding her soft breasts. She gently traced a circle around her nipples as Barbara sighed feeling Candice softly tease her nipples through the satin fabric feeling them get hard almost instantly. “Now, it’s time to have some fun with my sweet girlfriend”

“You look adorable, just like a pink Princess girly girl. I know you love the way you look, don’t you?”

Barbara knew she was right about the way she looked and how she felt. “Yes, I have to admit I love what I see in the mirror. I also love the lingerie, thanks so much honey. How did you know?”

“Oh, I know what you like” she led Barbara towards the bed. Candice sat on the bed as Barbara stood before her. Candice slid the tight fitting pink panties down Barbara’s legs. Reaching into her pocket, she wrapped her hand around a pink remote controlled egg to warm it up to body temperate. It measured three inches in length and four inches around with a long loop attached to one end.

Placing the remote controller behind her, Candice stood embracing Barbara kissing her deeply. “Want to help me with my dress honey?”

“Mmmm, would love to” Barbara said as her fingers found the zipper at the top of the dress slowly sliding it down. While she was doing this, Candice removed the pink egg from her pocket still concealed in her hand allowing her dress to fall to the floor followed by her silky slip.

While Barbara’s fingers titillated and caressed Candice’s firm breast, she teased the lips of Barbara’s secret place drawing moans of pleasure from her girlfriend. With Barbara now in a state of arousal, Candice gently slipped the pink egg deep inside of her leaving the chord hanging down. Withdrawing her wet glistening fingers, she brought them to Barbara’s lips. She instinctively took them into her mouth licking them clean tasting her own sweet juices. The egg now in place, Candice pulled the tight fitting pink panties back up around her waist.

“Now it’s time to have a little fun with my pretty pink Princess” Candice said as she retrieved the controller from behind her pressing the button once activating the lowest speed and Barbara felt the slightest vibration deep inside of her.

“Oh Candi, what did you put inside of me?”

“It’s a little pink surprise I got especially for you Barb. I know you will love what it will do to you and so will I” Candice said as she pressed the button intensifying Barbara’s pleasure. She loved what she was feeling and waned more.

“You know what I want, don’t you?”

“Oh yes Candi, I know what you want because I want it too” Barbara said as she gently lowered Candice’s white panties down to her ankles. Stepping back, Candice sat on the bed taking Barbara’s hands pulling her to her as she dropped to her knees before her girlfriend.

“Now I have you exactly where I want you, on your knees before me about to take care of my most intimate needs. You want to do this for me, don’t you?”

Barbara’s answer was non verbal as Candice allowed her access to her secret place, her tongue probing for Candice’s pleasure spot sending spasms though her body. Barbara felt the egg inside of her increase in vibration bringing her even closer to orgasm. This only served to increase her efforts plunging her tongue deep inside of Candice’s wetness as she held her head tightly to her. Barbara knew she was so close now as she opened her mouth ready to receive her sweetness. Seconds later, Candice exploded sending her sweet orgasm gushing out of her into Barbara’s waiting mouth swallowing it all. Barbara felt the egg shift inside of her the vibrations tickling her G spot sending delicious waves of pleasure throughout her entire body culminating in orgasmic release as copious amounts of her cream soaked her Kotex pad keeping her panties dry for the most part.

As Candice replaced her panties, she reduced the speed of the egg to one of gentle stimulation. Not wanting the intimacy to end, both women found a comfortable position on the king size bed kissing and fondling each other. Candice tapped the control getting the reaction she wanted from Barbara as she slid back the fabric of one of the bra cups gently caressing Candice’s nipple with her tongue causing it to harden as she drew it in her mouth softly sucking on it.

“Is that what my girl wants” Candice asked? She already had her answer as she found the front of Barbara’s pink panties and very wet Kotex. She smiled more than pleased with the results the pink egg produced. This was made even sweeter knowing that Barbara was the recipient of her intimate gift. They lay in each other’s arms for another half an hour or so until the phone rang.


“Oh hey Stacy” Candice said.

“In about half an hour” she replied.

“Okay, sounds good, bye.”

"We better pull ourselves together; Stacy will be home in a little while.’ Candice said.

“Okay, I was going to keep this lingerie on but change my pad. What about this little toy?”

“Oh, you can keep it right where it is, you never know, I just might to decide to keep you in a near constant state of orgasm, you’d enjoy that, wouldn’t you?”

“You know, I just might at that” Barbara giggled. She went into the en suite bathroom and replaced her pad with a dry one. Touching up her make up, she applied a dab of perfume spraying FDS in all the right places.

It was a little after three o’clock in the afternoon when Stacy returned home from her day at the Kopper Kettle. Candice was sitting comfortably in the living room reading a magazine when Stacy entered the house.

“How did things go today sweetie?”

“Not bad, pretty busy. One of the girls went home sick so the others had to pick up the slack. Hey, where’s Barb?”

“She’s upstairs and should be down shortly with our diapered Princess. Barb put her down for an afternoon nap after lunch.”

Still wearing the pink Princess lingerie with the egg deep inside of her, Barbara stopped into the Nursery to bring her baby girl downstairs after her nap. Lowering the side rail to my crib, Barbara slipped a couple fingers under the leg bands of my plastic panties to check my diapers pronouncing me wet. “You are a wet baby girl but these diapers are so much more absorbent then the others. You’ll be good for a while yet. Let’s go downstairs and see if Miss. Stacy is home yet.” You remove my pacifier and release me from my crib restraints but leave my mittens in place.

I looked at Barbara standing there in her pretty pink lingerie. I thought she looked like a Princess and told her so. “Miss, Barbara, do you think Miss. Candice would let me have a pretty outfit like you are wearing?”

“I don’t see why not Princess, I bet if you asked Candice nicely, I think she would let you have one. I think you would look adorable in something like this. Of course we would have to forego the matching panties as you would never be able to keep them dry. Perhaps we could even get you a little Tierra to wear as well.” Walking towards the top of the stairs, Barbara had no idea that Candice had adjusted the setting on the remote control. We could hear Candice and Stacy chatting in the living room as we descended the stairs. About a third of the way down, Barbara came within range of the remote control and she felt the egg inside of her spring to life startling her for a moment sending waves of pleasure through her as they reached the bottom of the steps.

“There’s my sweet baby girl” Candice said. “Did you have a nice nap?”

I waddled towards Candice with my arms outstretched. Reaching her, she pulled me into her embrace and kissed me patting the seat of my wet diapers and plastic panties.

“Are you my wet baby girl this afternoon?”

“Yes Miss. Candice but Miss Barbara said these diapers are much better than the other ones I wear.”

“Yes, she is right. In fact, I have ordered two cases of these diapers for you. They will be pink instead of white. I know you will want to wear them, won’t you?”

“Yes Miss. Candice, I am your Diaper Girl to dress up and play with but want to ask you something.”

“Of course you are sweetie. What do you want to ask me?”

“When Miss. Barbara came into my Nursery, I saw what she was wearing and told her she looked very pretty in her lingerie. I asked her if I could have a matching outfit like she is wearing. She said I would have to ask you. Could I have one so I could look like her, pretty please?”

Stacy’s eyes got wide as saucers looking at her girlfriend wearing her delicious lingerie. “Wherever did you get such an outfit? I have to admit I’m totally envious and want one as well. You look absolutely adorable.”

“Candice got mine from Celeste and I’m sure she has the exact same thing in your size as well. Perhaps you can get one when we go Friday evening. I have to admit I love the way I feel wearing it. She does have some lovely lingerie in her shop; I know you will have great fun when we go.”

“Well now, it seems all of my girls want matching lingerie outfits. I think that could be arranged. There will be no matching panties for my sweet baby girl. I think your pink plastic panties will look simply adorable filled with those wet diapers of yours.”

“Come here my sweet baby girl” Barbara cooed. I walked or rather waddled over to her. I was trying to picture how I might look in such pretty feminine attire as she was wearing. “It looks like my baby girl is going to look just as pretty as Stacy and I when you get your get your new lingerie Friday evening.”

I was so happy I couldn’t help but hug my lovely Miss. Barbara. I didn’t realize it yet, but the incontinence plug she had put in me was doing its work because I was helplessly filling my diapers without me even realizing it, not until I felt a large warm mass in the seat of my diapers. Seconds later, my bladder released a torrent of wetness spreading throughout my already wet and messy diapers. My humiliation was evident as my face turned red with embarrassment at the infantile act I had just performed in front of all three women around me.

“Uh oh, looks like someone’s just filled her diapers full and needs to be changed.” Barbara patted the seat of my full diapers and offered to bring me upstairs to change me.

“Stacy, would you bring our stinky baby girl upstairs and get her changed” Candice asked?

“I’ll be happy to Candi.” With that, I was taken b the hand and led upstairs to my Nursery.

“I would have been happy to change her diapers” Barbara said.

“I know you would have, but I have another job for you.”

“Oh, and what might that be” Barbara wanted to know?

“You remember how you ended up wearing Kotex in your panties all the time, don’t you” Candice said?

Barbara flushed red with embarrassment feeling the vibrating egg inside of her increase bringing on another intense orgasm. “Yes, how well I remember. I seem to recall a very intimate encounter between the two of us and what you did to me to make me fill my panties full of orgasm. What a wonderful feeling that was.”

“Yes, I would have to agree, that was a wonderful encounter and one that has been repeated many times since. You my love are going to be my accomplice in bringing Stacy to me in panties wet with her own orgasm.”

“How do you plan on doing that” Barbara asked?

“With that little treasure buried inside you, I have an identical remote controlled egg similar to yours. She will find it lying on her bed and will know exactly how to place it to achieve the best results. When the two of you check on our diapered Princess in her Nursery, I’ll activate the remote bringing her to the peak of pleasure. She’ll be unable to stop herself from filling those pretty panties of her full of her orgasm. With her in the Nursery, retrieve the remote hiding it in your bra and have all three of you come back downstairs. Perhaps by the time she reaches the living room, she’ll fill her panties with more of her cream in front of us all and I’ll take it from there.”

“Of course our baby girl will be thee to see it all and see her wet panties and you’ll chastise her for walking around in wet panties and how she needs to set a good example for our diapered Princess and how she’ll have to wear Kotex in her panties all the time from that point on, yes, when do you want to pull this off?”

“I couldn’t have said it better myself. I was thinking tomorrow afternoon while baby girl is taking her afternoon nap.”

“Sounds good to me” Barbara said. "I’ll be happy to give her a package of Kotex overnight pads for her to use. You might want to order another case so we have a good supply.

“Don’t worry honey, it’s already been done. How about you, has that wonderful egg worked its magic on you yet?”

“If you wanted me in a near constant state of orgasm, you certainly have succeeded at that.” Barbara pressed herself against Candice kissing her full on the lips while at the same time taking her hand guiding it to the front of her tight fitting pink panties feeling the wetness through the Kotex pad.

“I have to say I am very happy with the results that pretty pink egg produces. I’ll give you the option to leave it in you or remove it if you like.”

"I like the results if gives as well. I think I’ll leave it in for now. I might need a dry pad soon though.

“You very well might at that” Candice giggled giving her a smile and a playful spank on her pantied bottom.

Thumbing through her address book, Stacy found the name she was looking for. Victoria Robinson. She wasn’t even sure the phone number she had on her was still a good one, it had been nearly four years since she last had contact with her friend. Nevertheless, she decided to try, she entered the number into the keypad on her cell phone and waited.


“Hello, Victoria?”

“No, this is Tracie; I’m her daughter, who is this?”

“Hi Tracie, this is Stacy, is your Mom there?”

“Yeah, just a sec, Mom, phone for you, it’s Stacy.”

Now that was a name Victoria hadn’t heard in a very long time she thought as she took the phone from her daughter and settled into favorite chair. “This wouldn’t be Stacy Rodgers who used to be known as Mistress Stacy would it?”

“It might well be, only if I’m speaking with my kindred Sister Mistress Victoria.” There was after all a certain camaraderie shared between women of this stature. It was Victoria who had brought her into the fold of the D and S community and had counted her as a friend from then on.

“Oh my God girl, I thought you had dropped of the face of the Earth I hadn’t heard from you in like almost five years. Are you still active at all? There is so much to catch up on we really must get together. A lot has changed for since back in the day.”

“I can’t tell you how happy I am to find you after so many years. I was thumbing through my old address book and found you under the V’s like the only one. I wasn’t even sure the phone number would still be good after all this time, lucky me. To answer your question; no, I’m not active in that sense of the word. I still keep my hand in it so I don’t loose my touch. Do I dare say how?”

“Oh, do tell girl and don’t keep me hanging out there. Once you got it, you never loose that touch.”

“As it happens, I share a home with two other women and a sissy.”

The word sissy got Victoria’s attention. “A sissy, sounds promising, a submissive I hope?”

“Oh yes, very. This sissy is fully immersed in the lifestyle of a baby girl.”

“Oh Stacy, that’s so sweet. Does she wear diapers too, I hope so?”

"Oh yes, on a permanent full time basis. She’s been in diapers and plastic panties for at least the past six months and by her own admission has been wearing them on and off for many years now. Truth be told, I think it’s more on than off is you ask me. "

“I have heard about that sort of thing before but never encountered anyone like that in my experience. That’s not to say they aren’t out there. They are kind of like Crossdressers in that instead of being big girls, they like to pretend they are baby girls, yes?”

“Well yes, I would think so. However, that is certainly not the case here. Our diapered Princess is dressed as an eighteen month old baby girl without exception. She is often exposed to other women in her infantile state finding herself in wet diapers almost constantly. To answer your unspoken question; yes, she also fills her diapers on a regular basis. After all, how many eighteen month baby girls use the bathroom?”

“Oh Stacy, you deviously haven’t lost your touch, have you?”

“I have to confess that this isn’t all my doing alone. I have only come on the scene a couple months ago. I would love to fill you in the goings on, depending on your schedule of course.”

"Well, my schedule isn’t quite as full as it once was. You see, I left the D and S community to go back to school. I’m working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology specializing in alternative lifestyles. I have to take the Fall Semester off to be with my daughter Tracie, she’s the one who answered the phone when you called. "

“Oh my, I hope she is okay. I remember her as a young teenager. She’s probably around twenty years old now, yes?”

“Yes, she is nineteen going on twenty. She’s really grown up since the last time you saw her. I have taken it upon myself to school her in the art of Fem Dom and she has taken to it quickly. I think she’s a natural.”

“I’m happy to hear that Victoria. I have to confess that there was another reason I contacted you.”

“Ah ha, now the truth is about to come out. What’s up girl?”

“Well, it has to do with my diapered Princess.”

“Well now, this could be good. Does she need her diapers changed? I could use the practice” Victoria giggled.

“Who knows, you may get a chance to do just that. Our baby girl wants breast milk and wanted to ask if you knew anyone who was pregnant and far enough along to be lactating. Both Barbara and Candice are also contacting their friends about this. If you can help me with this, I would definitely owe you one for sure.”

“It’s not like you can go down to the local grocery store and pick up a gallon of breast milk in the dairy section now can you ha-ha? I may be able to help in your search to satisfy your sissy baby girl.”

“If anyone could, I knew it would be you.”

“Not so much myself but my daughter Tracie.”

“No way, you can’t be serious?”

“Oh but I am. You see, Tracie is very pregnant almost seven months along. She’s not showing all that much but she is somewhat top heavy if you know what I mean.
She’s going to have a baby girl.”

“Oh, how sweet, is daddy in the picture?”

“No thank God, He’ll be sitting in a prison cell for the next twenty five years before he is even considered for parole. I’ve been informed he’s discovered what it means to be violated.”

“Oh my God, he must have been a very bad boy?”

Stacy could hear Victoria exhale slowly before continuing. “Oh, yes, he was. Let’s just say he took advantage of my daughter. He got her drunk and slipped something into her drink and you can take it from there. Tracie is a strong yet sensitive woman. She couldn’t bring herself to terminate the pregnancy and I’m glad she didn’t.”

“Oh Victoria honey, I am so sorry to hear that. If there is anything I can do for you and I do mean anything, just let me know.”

“Thanks Stacy, now about your prissy baby girl and her need for breast milk. I don’t think I will have too much difficulty convincing Tracie to breast feed her. Once she knows she’ll be breastfeeding a submissive sissy baby girl, I think she’ll see it as a chance to put into practice what she’s learned from me. I hope that baby girl of yours can handle a little humiliation because that’s what she’s apt to get from Tracie and I, along with plenty of breast milk. As for you owing me one? I’ll collect on that when I get to see that sweet diapered Princess. Do you think you can arrange that for me?”

“Consider it done girl. I’ll talk to Candice and we’ll see about setting something up for the two of you to spend the day with us.”

“Sounds good to me, oh and one more thing, don’t wait so long to call again. I really want to rekindle our friendship Stacy. You’re in my cell phone now.”

“Don’t worry about that Victoria. We’ll do that and more, kisses girl.”

“And hugs to my kindred Sister” Victoria said and hit the end call button on her cell phone.

“Hey Barb, I have some great news.”

“Yeah, what’s up?”

“I called my friend Victoria from my D and S days. It’s been a long time since I’ve talked to her. She’s not too active in the lifestyle these days. She as decided to go back to school and spend some time with her daughter Tracie. I remember her as a young teenager. It would appear Victoria has been schooling her daughter in the art of D and S.”

“Wow, like mother like daughter”

“Yeah, and it gets better. I told Victoria about our baby girl’s need for breast milk and if she knew anyone who might want to indulge her fantasy.”

“Yeah, what did she say?”

“You’re not going to believe this and I would have never guessed, but her daughter Tracie is nearly seven months along and lactating. She is going to have a baby girl. Not entirely by her own choosing originally but she will have it anyhow. Victoria is going to talk to her daughter about the possibility of breast feeding our baby girl. I think Tracie will be happy to do it considering she will be able to administer a liberal dose of humiliation as well as a steady flow of breast milk for the next couple of months.”

“Oh Stacy, that’s wonderful news. Candice has hit a brick wall finding anyone and Anne at the hospital hit a dead end as well. We’ll have to tell Candice about this, she will be elated.”

“You will have to tell Candice about what girls?” No one heard her enter the living room. Stacy recounted the story of her conversation with Victoria to Candice and indeed she was very pleased. “Yes, I think we should set something up for Victoria and her daughter. Give them a call and see what their plans are for next weekend. I’m thinking they might want to spend the weekend here if that’s okay with the two of you.”

“Sounds good to me Candi” Stacy said

“Sounds like it could be lots of fun” Barb agreed, “Did you want to pull out the sleeper sofa in the study for them?”

“No, that will be a little tight for the two of them. I’m thinking of putting them in your bedroom Stacy and have you sleep with us. There’s plenty of room in our bed for you.”

“Oh baby, that could be fun” Barbara giggled and flashed Stacy a smile.

“Alright you two, let’s not get too carried away.” Candice had to admit that the idea presented some fun possibilities.

Re: The Diaper Girl

I wanted to post this part of the story Wednesday but at that time, the server was down for service. I am posting it now and hope you like the next part of the story.

The Diaper Girl
Laundry, Wet Panties
And Intimate Moments

Thursday dawned sunny and chilly fir early Fall. Barbara went into work leaving Stacy and Candice at home to tend to household matters and the care of their baby girl. I was fed breakfast in my highchair and given a formula feeding by Stacy. After breakfast I had my diapers changed. I was penetrated and put into cloth diapers and plastic panties and dressed in a frothy pink baby dress with matching ruffled plastic lined panties, white ruffled socks with pink frills and my Mary Jane shoes.

I spend the day under domestic training under the watchful eye of both Candice and Stacy. I had a vinyl apron tied around my waist and was made to do everything from laundry including my cloth diapers and all the outerwear for all three women. This task kept the washer and dryer running most of the day as I attended to other domestic matters. These included vacuuming, dusting both upstairs and on the main floor.

About noon, I was secured in my highchair for lunch and a formula feeding while Candice and Stacy had their lunch watching me as they talked about the upcoming events to take place this coming weekend. After lunch, I was made to clean all of the bathrooms under the direction of Candice.

By mid afternoon, my domestic training was winding down and I was getting quite wet. It was nearly three o’clock and I just put the last load in the dryer. One thing was for certain, with Stacy here, there would be additional laundry to do. That would also mean another basket of delicates to hand wash but that was part of my domestic training, along with a liberal helping of humiliation from my lovely Miss. Stacy.

I was in the laundry room when the mail truck made the turn into the circular driveway and the letter carrier came up to the door and put the mail in the large box mounted to the left of the front door. Moments later, Candice heard the truck drive off and she stepped out to retrieve the contents in the box. Along with a handful of envelopes, there was a box that Candice and Barbara had been waiting for. She would wait until Barbara got home so they could open the package together. Candice already knew what it was and knew its contents would be put to use right away.

Barbara pulled her car into the car port next to Stacy’s and turned off the engine. Taking her purse she was glad to be home. “Hey Candi, how are things here? It was a hectic day to be sure and glad to see it come to an end.”

“Everything is good here. Stacy has kept our diapered Princess very busy doing laundry and cleaning. She is really wet and will need a change but before that, there is something I need to show the two of you. A package came in the mail today.”

All three women gathered in the study as Candice opened the package received earlier that afternoon revealing its contents. “As you can see girls, these are the rectal dilators recently ordered to continue our baby girls advanced anal training. I think we need to press these into service right away. Let’s start with the smaller size and see how she handles it” Candice said as everyone examined the objects in the box.

“I think she should be penetrated throughout the night with the smallest size not that it’s all that small” Stacy giggled.

“Yes, I agree with Stacy. The smallest size here is six and a half inches in circumference. I’m hoping we can move her up to the seven inch size fairly quickly and keep her at that size for a while. As far as I can tell, we really aren’t in any hurry, are we Candi” Barb said?

“No not really, sooner or later our diapered Princess will notice a change in her ability to squeeze that little muscle back there closed. As she is able to handle the larger sizes, the weaker that muscle becomes. I hope by that time, she will be able to handle the larger incontinence plug. If she thinks she has no control now, you can imagine what she has to look forward to.”

“Once that takes place Candice, I have a feeling cloth diapers will no longer be a viable option for her” Stacy said.

“Yes Stacy, I have a feeling you have a valid point there. That is why I have decided to switch her over to the Abena X Plus pink disposable diapers. She will eventually end up wearing them permanently. I know they are thick enough that you really don’t need to use inserts but you can be sure they will be added to her diapers to add more bulk. By the way Stacy, can you check on our baby girl for me and see how she is coming along?”

“Sure” and with that, she slipped out of the study and toward the laundry room.

“It would appear our baby girl is in need of a change so I will bring her up to her Nursery and begin her advanced anal training” Barbara said picking up the dilator she needed.

“Change of plans Barb, here are the egg and remote. I’m sure you will know how to pull this off for me. All you need to do is bring her to me in her wet panties and I will take it from there” handing both items to Barbara.

I was folding the last of the laundry in the dryer when Stacy came for me. "Come on baby girl, I’m to bring you to Barbara so she can bring you upstairs and get you changed. Handing me off to Barbara, Stacy went back into the kitchen and poured herself another cup of coffee.

Let’s get those wet diapers of yours changed and get you into some nice dry ones" Barbara said as she took my hand and took me upstairs to my Nursery. My baby dress was removed along with my matching panties and was helped up onto my changing table. Barbara stripped off my plastic panties and unpinned my soaking wet diapers and put them in the large pail. Barbara wiped me down and powdered me liberally with all the intimacy of a mother diapering her baby girl.

“Alright baby doll, Miss. Barbara has something wonderful to fill that pert little bottom of yours so be a good girlie girl and turn over. I’ll be right back and will put it inside of you.” She slipped down to Stacy’s room and placed the egg on her bed and slipped the remote in the cup of her bra returning to the nursery.

I was a little apprehensive as I didn’t know what she had in mind for me other than knowing my bottom would be filled. I eventually complied and moments later I felt her apply a large amount of Vaseline to my bottom. She then began working something that felt hard inside of me. Slowly at first, I felt it begin to slowly slide into me. This feeling was new and whatever this was, it was definitely bigger around than what I was used to. One thing was clear. This object was not made to slip in and out of me like the penis dildo that was often used on me. No, this was made solely to fill my bottom full and keep me opened up.

Barbara slowly pushed the object home and positioned me on my thick cloth diapers securing them tightly onto me pulling up my plastic panties. I lifted my bottom so she could pull them over my diapers and around my waist ensuring the panties contained all of my cloth diapers. She selected one of my white nylon shells and had me step into it. This was followed by a pair of pink Nursery print plastic panties and repeated the process allowing me to stand in front of my crib. Barbara positioned the frilly lace trim of the nylon shell so they poked out from the leg bands of my plastic panties. She then adjusted the Nursery print plastic panties and heard the click of a lock ensuring they would in place until they were removed. The full cups of my pink satin bra were clearly visible through the soft white nylon as Barbara pulled my matching vinyl babydoll top on falling just past my hips leaving my infantile underwear on full display.

“Let’s go downstairs and show Candice and Stacy what a pretty baby girl you are in your new babydoll outfit. Before we do, would you like to help Miss. Barbara get a little more comfortable?”

“Oh yes, I like helping you get comfortable” I giggled and offered her my hand so she could lead me to her bedroom. She took it in hers and led the way down the hall to her room. About that time Stacy reached the top of the stairs in time to see my well padded diapered bottom pass by.

“Is that a pretty baby girl I see holding Barbara’s hand?”

“Yes Miss. Stacy” I giggled. Miss. Barbara said I could help her get more comfortable."

“Sounds like fun. Can I see how you do that?” She already knew the answer to that question following them into the bedroom.

“Want to show Miss. Stacy how you make me more comfortable?”

I lifted my head up to her wanting to feel her kiss on my lips. She responded as I began to undress her sliding the zipper of her dress down allowing it to fall from her shoulders and fell to the floor followed by her lacy slip leaving her in her pretty panties and bra.

That’s my sweet baby girl. Would you pick up my dress and slip and put them on the bed for me?"

I picked up her dress placing it on the bed followed by her slip. I allowed the silky material to slip through my fingers as I caught the scent of her on the silky nylon.

“Hey baby girl” Stacy said. “Would you like to help Miss. Stacy get more comfortable too? She could use some help from her pretty diapered Princess.”

As we made the walk down the hall to Stacy’s room I felt the dilator buried inside of me and knew I was truly penetrated in a way I had never been before. I wanted this feeling and Barbara knew it. Upon entering Stacy’s bedroom, she turned to me with an inviting smile bending down to kiss me full on the lips savoring the taste of her lipstick and taking in her scent. As with Barbara, I took my time undressing Stacy leaving her in her pink panties and bra. As I placed her clothes on the bed, Stacy took note of where I put them spotting something pink on the bed as well.

Stacy picked up the object holding it in her hand recognizing it for what it was but could find no way to turn it on. “Where did this come from Barb? I don’t remember having anything like this.”

“I don’t know but it looks like a fun little thing. Go ahead and slip it inside of you and let it work its magic. You know you want to” Barbara giggled.

“I can’t figure out how to turn it on though” Stacy said.

“It might be one of those new ones that activate when it reaches body temperature. I hear the results are incredible.”

“I do kind of like it. Let’s see if good tings come in small packages” Stacy said as she lowered the front of her panties and pushed the egg deep inside of her positioning it against her g spot. “Would my baby girl like a treat?”

I didn’t have to be asked twice as I opened my mouth to receive Stacy’s glistening wet fingers sucking them clean for her as she withdrew them.

“That’s my good baby girl; I knew you would enjoy that.” Stacy embraced me pulling me to her. Seeing this, Barbara turned slightly slipping her hand into her bra pushing the button on the remote activating the egg inside Stacy. Her reaction was priceless as she nearly jumped out of her skin. “Oh my god Barb, this is amazing. It took a little bit to start but I love the feeling.” Stacy felt the precursor to what she hoped would be a wonderful orgasm as she felt a small amount of wetness escapes her making the front of her panties a little damp. This was not lost on Barbara.

“Alright girls, let’s head back downstairs. I don’t know about you Stacy but I’d love a glass of wine, you?”

“Yes, that sounds lovely. Let’s head downstairs.” Barbara took my hand and we all headed back to the living room where Candice sat smiling on the couch waiting for us. Seeing me as I was, she clapped her hands with glee.

“Come here my sweet baby girl so I can love on you.” I waddled over to her as fast as I could and collapsed in her arms. She sat me down next to her pulling me to her breast. I looked up at her smiling as I tentatively undid the first button of her blouse. She removed my hand saying “Does baby girl want to nurse?”

I looked up at her again with want in my eyes and she took that as a yes as she started unbuttoning her cream silk blouse exposing her pristine white bra. Slipping one of her straps over her shoulder, she removed her large breast offering the wanted object of my desire and I tenderly took it into my mouth gently suckling it. I felt loved and secure as Candice cradled me in her arms cooing soft baby talk to me. I knew I was relaxed because I felt growing warmth spread throughout my diapers as I melted into her.

Candice kept her eye on Stacy as she reached the bottom of the steps. She saw the slight dampness in her panties but knew this wasn’t what she was waiting for. She could see the look on Stacy’s face and knew the vibrating egg was doing its work on her as Barbara stood close by. Stacy felt the egg shift slightly inside of her brushing up against her sensitive clit effectively finishing her off. Stacy gasped as her whole body began to shudder. Grasping Barbara’s arm to steady herself, she exploded feeling wave after wave of orgasm gushing out of her soaking the front of her panties.

Candice smiled contentedly. She now had Stacy in a very venerable position ready to take advantage of the situation. I was blissfully nursing at Candice’s breast when she called Stacy over to her.

Stacy was reluctant to walk over to where Candice sat on the couch. The vibrating egg inside of her was continuing to do its work as Candice made a motion indicating she needed to do as she was told. Flushed with embarrassment and knowing that she was on the verge of another orgasm, she gingerly made her way over to her. Candice was about to say something but watched as Stacy involuntarily soaked the front of her panties with more of her sweet orgasm right in front of Candice. What she wasn’t aware of is that Barbara had stood off to the side watching the entire thing.

All of this hadn’t gone unnoticed by me either. I was lucky enough to have turned my gaze to Stacy in time to see her wet her panties in front of me. I had no way of knowing she had a little assistance in doing so.

I pointed to Stacy’s wet panties giggling. “'She’s wet her panties like a little girl” I said and this brought more giggles from Barbara and Candice while Stacy stood humiliated in front of everyone.

“Did we have a little accident in our panties just now” Candice asked?

Stacy’s face turned crimson flushed with embarrassment thinking on how to answer. It’s not all my fault. There was this pink egg shaped ting sitting on my bed and was intrigued by it so after a little convincing from Barbara, I slipped it inside of me. I didn’t think much of it until a couple minutes later when it started vibrating doing wonderful things to me. This little treasure gave me two wonderful orgasms and now my panties are very wet indeed. I’ll go upstairs and change into some fresh ones right away" Stacy said.

“Not so fast girlie, let me inspect those wet panties of yours” Candice sat me down beside her and re adjusted her bra strap and buttoning her blouse back up. She turned her attention to Stacy and examined her wet panties still glistening with wetness. Taking two fingers, she gathered up as much of the wetness as she could before any hit the carpet her fingertips now wet with Stacy’s cream. “I have a treat for you. Be a good girl and lick my fingers nice and clean.”

Stacy hesitated for a moment and Candice gave her one of those looks that said you better do as I tell you to or else. She relented opening her mouth as Candice slipped her fingers inside and Stacy licked them clean as directed finding the taste of her own orgasm to be somewhat enjoyable and this surprised her.

Candice pulled the waistband of her panties down grabbing hold of the loop hanging out of her and retrieved the object in question covered in Stacy’s secretions. Nodding to Barbara, she pressed the button on the remote and the vibrating stopped. Taking a napkin from her pocket, Candice carefully wiped the egg clean handing it to Barbara by the loop saying “thanks Barb, job well done. I knew I could count on you.”

“You’re more than welcome Candi” Barb said with a triumphant smile.

It now became clear to Stacy that both Barb and Candi had been working in concert together to achieve their desired outcome. “Hey you too, what’s this all about? I feel like I’ve just been played and I’m not sure I like it?”

“I’ll be happy to tell you why” Candice said. "You see, I enlisted Barb as my accomplice in this little plan of mine. You could call it an initiation of sorts. I actually put Barb through the same thing soon after she moved in with me but I had to pull it off by myself. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, Barbara borders on Orgasmic Incontinence. You see, this condition actually exists, I Googled it. You see, it doesn’t take much to send her to the peak of pleasure. It was quite easy to achieve the result I wanted for her.

“I told her the same thing I’m going to tell you. We can’t have you running around the house in wet panties setting a bad example for our baby girl. It was true for her as it now is for you. Why do you think she wears Kotex pads all the time? To keep her panties dry like a big girl. The pad absorbs all of her delicious pleasure as they will for you as well. From this point on, you will wear Kotex Overnight pads just like Barbara does. No excuses and no more wet panties or else?”

“Come on Candi, that’s not fair. I couldn’t help it that egg inside of me forced me to fill my panties with orgasm not once but twice.”

“You loved it, didn’t you Stacy?”

“Yes, I absolutely loved it.”

“So did Barb when I forced her to do the same thing as you did now.”


“You’re not going to win this one Stacy. Believe me, I tried arguing my case in front of Judge Candice and lost big time and so will you. It really isn’t so bed you know” Barb said.

“Yeah but those Kotex Overnight pads make me feel like I’m wearing a diaper.”

“Are you afraid they won’t provide adequate period protection” Candice asked?

“Well I,”

“If you are, I have the perfect solution to provide all the period protection you will ever need?”

“What’s that if I may ask” Stacy said"

“I could very well put you in diapers for your period. We do have an abundant supply of those here at the house and I’m sure they would fit you just fine. Would you prefer that?”

“Thanks, but no thanks. I will bend to your edict and wear Kotex in my panties all the time. I guess Barb is right, you win again.”

“In matters such as these, I usually do. Consider this to be the first part of your Initiation. Barb, why don’t you take her upstairs and get her fixed up. I’m going to put our baby girl back on my breast for some special one on one time. It sounds like the two of you could use a little of that as well.”

“Come on Stacy, we wouldn’t want let a wonderful opportunity like this pass us by.” The two girls joined hands gave Candice a big smile and ascended the stairs to Stacy’s bedroom for some private girl on girl time.

“As long as my two girls are upstairs in Stacy’s room enjoying themselves, how would it be if I took you upstairs for some special Candice and baby girl time, would you enjoy that my sweet baby girl?”

I looked up hat her smiling down at me her eyes full of love. I wanted to feel her embrace and her closeness. It was she after all who chose me to be her baby girl and for that I would always be thankful. Perhaps this was an opportunity to express how happy she has made me. I returned her warm smile with my own and kissed her softly reaching for her hand as she led me upstairs to her room. She stepped briefly into her en suite bath for a little touch up returning moments later.

Both girls lay intertwined together on Stacy’s queen size bed. She had a fresh pair of panties with a Kotex pad pressed into them. “Oh Barb, I felt so humiliated standing there in front of Candi wearing my wet panties that you had a hand in.” She gave Barb a sharp swat on her pantied bottom.

“I’m so sorry Stacy. Candice put me up to this and in certain matters, you just don’t say no to her. I’m truly sorry I had to put you through all of this.”

“Did you see the smile on our baby girl’s face when she saw me like that?”

“That was precious even if it was embarrassing for you. Candi got what she wanted though.”

“And that being” Stacy asked?

“You in wet panties and both of us in Kotex pads in our panties from now on” Barbara said.

“Kind of like Sisters huh?”

“Yeah, kind of like Sisters” Barb replied pulling Stacy to her kissing her full on the lips reaching down to feel the pad in her panties. It was dry for now as was Barbara’s but they wouldn’t stay that way for very long.

“Would you like to help Miss. Candice take off her top and skirt baby girl?”

I didn’t need to be asked twice as I slowly unbuttoned her silky top exposing the satiny fabric of her bra. As I undid the last button, I gently slid the top off of her shoulders allowing it to slide off of her placing the item of clothing on the bed. Dropping to my knees before her, I searched for the clasp that held her knee length skirt around her waist. I found it on the side and released it sliding the zipper down about six inches allowing it to come away from her waist. I allowed it to fall gracefully to the floor followed by her silky white half ship releasing it from around her waist as the silky nylon slid easily over her panties as it too fluttered to the floor.

I looked up at her from my position for some sign of approval that I had performed my task with loving care. Her eyes were sparkling as she smiled down at me with all the affection a mother has for her baby girl. I reached for her and she drew me up to her as I took in her beauty. I had seen her like this before but in this moment, everything seemed different somehow. I couldn’t find the words to describe it but I knew it was a wonderful thing.

Candice slid easily onto the satin comforter inviting me to do the same. It wasn’t long before I was nestled alongside her. The warmth of her body and softness of her skin combined with her scent and the FDS she had applied earlier had my head spinning. It was like I was intoxicated by her and loving every minute of it.

“Are you my pretty baby girl?”

“I’ve always been your baby girl, ever since that day at the Kopper Kettle when we first met. I’ll never forget when I ended up filling my diapers for you and Miss. Barbara. Until then, I had always done that in private. I was so humiliated having to do it in front of the two of you. I was so wet and messy when the two of you brought me to such a wonderful orgasm filling my diapers with my baby girl cream. You said I was your baby girl that day and that was the happiest day of my life.”

“I’m happy to hear that Princess. I want to give you a special treat for being my baby girl.” She slipped her hand inside of her panties gathering her wetness on her fingers and brought them to my mouth. I didn’t have to be told what to do and parted my lips allowing Candice to slip her fingers inside as I happily licked them for her hoping for more.

“That’s just a little taste my sweet baby girl. Miss. Barbara is usually the recipient of my sweet gift but I will give it to you tomorrow as a special formula feeding before we go to see Celeste. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes Miss. Candice, I’d love that very much.”

“That’s my pretty Princess, how would you like to share a secret with me?”

I looked at her my eyes bright with anticipation. That was all the answer she needed.

As the second part of Stacy’s initiation, she will find herself on her knees in front of me as an act of submission as she receives my gift. You have to pinky promise me that you will tell no one, not even Miss. Barbara. Now hold up you pinky finger with me and say pinky promise."

I readily held up my pinky finger as both of ours touched and we both said pinky promise. She kissed me again and told me I was a good baby girl. I felt special smiling inside knowing that I shared a secret with Miss. Candice that nobody else knew. I was happy to share this closeness with her.

“You love your diapers, plastic panties and baby clothes, don’t you?”

“I can’t picture my life without them or without you. You’ve opened up a whole new world for me, one I’ve always wanted to be a part of. I could never thank you enough for what you did for me.” I felt a single tear roll down my cheek and then the dam opened and my tears flowed freely but these were tears of joy like I’d never known before.

Candice could sense this too as she stroked my hair kissing me softly as I sought the comfort and security only a mother could provide as she released one of her breasts and offered it to me. She knew this had a calming effect on me as I took her nipple in my mouth and gently sucked on it as all my cares were washed away. Never before had I felt so close to her and so loved by her. As I continued to nurse, she spoke soothing baby talk to me as my diapers filled with warm wetness. I can’t be sure but I think I may have drifted off to sleep for a short time as Candice allowed herself a satisfying smile to come across her face. She had plans to permanently transform me into her precious baby girl and it would start in a couple days.

“You don’t know how long I’ve waited for an opportunity to be alone with you like this” Barb said pulling Stacy closer to her kissing her passionately full on the lips.

“But I thought you and Candice had something special going on together?”

“Like I told you before, she knows we’re close and she’s seen the way we look at each other sometimes with a special want if you know what I mean?”

“I’m kind of getting my feet wet when it comes to being intimate with another woman, especially when it’s my girlfriend” Stacy said. She brushed a wisp of hair from Barbara’s eyes and softly kissing her again. Barbara reciprocated tracing the outline of Stacy’s lips with her tongue tasting her as she returned the kiss.

“From what Candice said, it doesn’t take much to bring you to the point of pleasure. Why don’t we test that out and see if she was right” Stacy giggled.

“Okay, let’s see if you know how to press my buttons and I’ll see if I can push yours and we’ll see who wins” Barbara giggled and both women had a fit of laughter

As both women explored each other intimately, they became intertwined again kissing and fondling each other. Barbara slipped her fingers into her wetness bringing them to Stacy’s lips as she parted them allowing the wet glistening fingers to slip onside her mouth as she licked them clean tasting Barbara’s essence. Stacy began licking and kissing Barbara’s breast allowing her own fingers to linger in her moistness before bringing them to Barbara’s lips and she like Stacy licked them clean of Stacy’s own fragrance. This play went on for sometime each working the other into frenzy closer and closer to a total loss of control. Barbara was the first to explode followed seconds later by Stacy as both women began gushing copious amounts of orgasm each soaking their pad completely.

Both women lay in each other’s arms spent but euphoric at the intimate moment they had shared with each other as they wound down softly kissing each other and sharing the moment together.

“You know, I think this is the first time that the two of us have been intimate like this together and have to say I’ve loved sharing this experience with you Barb.”

“I know you are right Stacy, it felt wonderful with you and hope this won’t be the last time we do this.”

“I certainly hope not. You’ve helped to bring a side of me out that I really wasn’t sure how I felt about but after this, I now know that this is who I am and know I will want to explore this more with you.”

“That goes double for me. Want to walk down the hall and see how the other two are getting on” Barb asked?

“Sure, we better change our diapers I mean pads first. After all, we wouldn’t want to set a bad example for our baby girl, now would we?” That brought on a fit of laughter from both women. Attired in only their bra and panties, both women joined hands and made the walk down to the other end of the hall where they found Candice and their baby girl snuggled together. Candice eyed the two women as they entered the room both smiling contentedly as they looked at each other trying to stifle their giggles.

“I see the Cheshire cat has been out and about” Candice said. “What’s up with the giggling you two” she teased?"

“Nothing really” Barb put in. “We’re just happy to see the two of you together like this, it’s really nice to see.”

“Why thank you girls, I’m glad you approve” Candice chuckled. “I thought it was long past time for the two of us got to know each other more intimately. Come on baby girl, come snuggle with your Auntie Candice so your two sisters can join us in bed and be one big happy family.”

It was my turn to giggle as the two girls crawled onto the bed and snuggled with each other. “Did our baby girl help Auntie Candice get more comfortable too” Stacy said?

“Yes she did” Candice said. “I have a feeling she’ll be doing a lot more of that for all of us. You’d like that very much, wouldn’t you Princess?”

“Yes Auntie Candice, I’d like that very much” I said and everyone including me had a good laugh at my remark. We lay there together, all of us cuddling and snuggling with each other for a while until it was decided that we were getting a bit hungry.

The rest of the evening was enjoyable as I sat in my highchair taking my formula feeding watching Barbara prepare an easy dinner in her pretty undies. Candice stopped the formula feeding while we all ate dinner and it was resumed again until I finished the bag about twenty minutes later.

It was later in the evening when we all sat around in the living room sipping on a glass of wine. I was permitted a baby bottle of wine as I sat next to Candice as she fed it to me. We talked about upcoming events including tomorrow evenings trip to Celeste’s Lingerie shop and I think we were all looking forward to that. It was nearing ten o’clock and it was decided that everyone would turn in.

Re: The Diaper Girl

I apologize for the longer than normal wait time for the next part of my story. I was out of town for Thanksgiving week and am trying to wrap up some end of year stuff at work. These next several parts are ones I would have loved to experience. Thanks again to all of those who have been following this story and happy reading.

The Diaper Girl
Intimates By Celeste
Part One

Friday had finally arrived and it was shaping up to be a busy weekend. I was particularly excited because of the promise of some private time with Miss. Candice. I yawned and stretched in my crib the dilator making its presence felt. I was more than ready to have it removed. Had it not been for the bottle Barbara gave me when she put me in my crib, it would have been questionable if I got any sleep. I think she put a sedative in it because I slept well even if I awoke in soaking wet diapers and plastic panties. I heard water running in the bath tub and reasoned that might be for me.

Not long afterwards, Stacy came breezing into my Nursery her hair still damp from her shower wearing a cream colored dress that came just above the knees tan pantyhose and black heels. She looked beautiful as she approached my crib to lower the side rail and release me from my restraints. Her fragrance filled the air around us as she helped me to my feet and embraced me in a gentle hug and kissed me.

“Do I have a wet baby girl this morning” Stacy giggled?

“Yes Miss. Stacy, baby girls are always wet in the morning. At least this one is” I giggled in response.

“Well, let’s see if we can do something about my wet baby girl.” She removed my vinyl babydoll top and unlocked my matching panties removing my nylon shell and bra. She positioned me on the changing table removing my other plastic panties and unpinned my wet cloth diapers tossing them in the large pail. She took my hand and led me to my tub room and turned off the water testing it for temperature. Seeing it was as she desired, I was told to get into the tub. I gingerly lowered myself into the tub full of bubbles and perfume scooping up a handful of bubbles and blowing them into the air, some of them landing on Stacy’s bra. She smiled down at me and proceeded to get me nice and clean.

Stacy took special care in diapering me ensuring the incontinence plug was in use. “We don’t want you having any messy accidents at Miss. Celeste’s this evening, do we” Stacy said?

“No” I replied happy not to have to endure that kind of embarrassment while shopping for lingerie.

“That’s what I thought baby girl. We’ll make sure you mess your diapers before we leave this evening. Both Barbara and I have to go into work today but you should be okay when we get back this afternoon. Miss. Candice will be here to take care of you today. She told me she has something special planned for you today. So be a good baby girl for me and do your best to please her, okay?”

“Oh don’t worry Miss. Stacy, I promise to be a very good baby girl for her.” I couldn’t help but giggle a little smiling up at her from my changing table as she finished securing me into my diapers and plastic panties. She selected a light pink baby dress with an appliqué of Miss. Kitty on the front with matching plastic lined panties with rows of lace across the seat. She put ruffled white socks with pink trim on my feet followed by my Mary Jane shoes. Stacy fixed my hair with a small pink bow on each side and applied a touch of make up to bring out my features. Taking me by the hand, she led me downstairs to the kitchen and secured me in my highchair for breakfast.

Candice and Barbara were already in the kitchen when Stacy and I entered. Barbara was dressed tastefully for work wearing a powder blue floral print dress with off black pantyhose and her black heels. Candice on the other hand knowing she most likely would be home was a little less dressed in an ivory peignoir set coming to above her knees. I don’t ever recall her wearing it before but it didn’t matter. She looked beautiful. My eyes were drawn to her instantly. Perhaps this is what she had in mind when she chose to wear it this morning.

“Doesn’t my baby girl look pretty this morning, such a pretty dress for a pretty baby girl and look at those panties, they are simply adorable” Candice said as she kissed me on the cheek. Her kiss felt warm and inviting with perhaps the promise of more to come. Stacy cast an eye at the kitchen clock. It read seven fifteen.

“She sure does” Barb agreed. “It’s too bad Stacy and I have to go into work together today. We’re going to miss our baby girl but we’ll see you when we get back.”

“Remember girls, the Health Department is going to be in around eleven o’clock for their annual inspection. I would go in with you but someone needs to stay here and take care of our Diaper Girl. From everything I saw the other day when I went in, things are looking good. Make sure everyone pulls their load and tie up the loose ends. I want to sail through this inspection. If they really need me there, call me and I’ll secure baby girl in her crib with a bottle and I can be there in twenty minutes, okay? Both of you have the authority to sign anything in my absence.”

“Okay, we’ll keep you up to date on what’s happening. Hopefully they won’t need you at all as we don’t anticipate any problems. Have a great day and we’ll be back a little after three this afternoon.” With that, Stacy and Barbara both kissed me on the cheek and hugged and kissed Candice good bye taking their leave, the door closing behind them.

“Well now baby girl, I guess that leaves the two of us. What would you like for breakfast?”

Sounds like a winner to me. Why don’t I start you on your morning formula feeding while I cook breakfast? Then, you can finish it when you’re done, okay?"

“Yes Miss. Candice, Miss. Stacy said I should be a very good baby girl for you today.”

“You usually are Princess, you usually are” Candice said as she selected a bag of formula from the fridge and secured my pacifier in place. She attached the tubing and adjusted the flow rate. I sat there gulping down the sweet formula as fast as the bulb in my mouth filled. Candice was aware that the incontinence plug had been pressed into service and the importance of me filling my diapers later on that afternoon. The formula I was not taking would see to that.

Breakfast was delicious. Candice sat at the kitchen table looking at me as I sat in my highchair. Her mind was on tomorrow when we went to the beauty salon didn’t know it and Candice had told no one, not even Barb or Stacy. She had placed a second call to Kathy in private. Once Kathy and the other girls were done with me tomorrow, the perception in how I saw myself would be changed forever, even if I had no way of knowing that now.

While I finished the rest of my formula feeding, Candice cleared away the breakfast things and put them in the dishwasher. Putting in everything she could see, she started the dishwasher cycle and wiped down the counters, table and my highchair before releasing me. Glancing at her watch, she noted that it was a quarter to nine.

Over at the Kopper Kettle, Barbara took the front of the house and Stacy took the back of the house. Since the place would be closed for inspection until noon, all personal were called to ensure the inspection went off without a hitch. Barbara gave specific instructions to the servers and bussers to ensure everything out front was spotless. Like a small army, each employee carried out their assigned task.

Things were much the same back in the kitchen and prep areas. All hands were on deck polishing stainless steel counters sterilizing utensils running everything through the commercial dishwasher scrubbing away grease and anything on the walls. Walk in coolers and freezers were mopped organized and each had their thermometer checked making sure it met code. Grills, stoves, steam tables and ovens were thoroughly cleaned and counters disinfected. Before the floor got a through mopping, Stacy went around with a clipboard checking off things as she went. There were a few minor things that were handled right away but for the most part everything looked good. She gave the okay to sweep and mop the floors.

The last touch ups were being handled out front as Stacy joined Barb having sent all but a few of the kitchen staff to the break room leaving only Dan the Executive Chef to oversee things.

“How are things out here” Stacy asked?

“It’s a wrap out here, just a little lipstick and mascara and we’ll be good to go, how about back there?”

“You want to take a peek? I sent everyone except Dan to the break room. If there are any problems, he will take care of it for you?”

“Wow, looks great back there. Stacy. Okay, everyone hit the break room and stay out of sight until inspection is over, got that? Kristen, as the supervisor I want you on the floor to answer any questions they may have.”

It was nearly noon when the phone rang startling Candice as she sat with me on the loveseat. She got up and I watched as she went into the kitchen to answer it.


“Hi Candi, I just wanted to let you know the inspection is complete.”

“Great Barb, how did it go?”

"We came through it with flying colors. The staff is back on the floor and Stacy and I will be home around three this afternoon.

Okay, I need you to stop by the store and pick up a few things, okay?"

“Sure, text me a list of what you need and we’ll pick it up for you.”

“Okay, you two can leave at two thirty so you’re home around three. I want to make sure we have enough time to prepare for our trip to Celeste’s this evening.”

“Okay, I’ll call the swing shift supervisor and have him come early this afternoon.”

“Thanks Barb, you two really made my day. See you in a few hours.” Candice looked at her watch. It was only a quarter past twelve leaving plenty of time for some afternoon fun with her baby girl.

“Hey baby girl, how would you like to have some special private time with Miss. Candice? Oh, let me take that pacifier out of your mouth so you can tell me yourself.” With that, my pacifier was removed and I told her that I would like that very much. Remembering her promise from yesterday, Candice released me from the highchair as she took me by the hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom.

She slipped into her on suite bathroom applying a few drips of my favorite perfume to the right places and liberally sprayed FDS around her private place as well as on the front of her panties and the cups of her bra and joined me in the bedroom again.

“Remember how you helped me get comfortable yesterday” Candice asked?

“Yes Miss. Candice, I like helping you get comfortable very much.”

“I know you do, I would like my baby girl to help me get undressed down to my bra and panties. You want to help me, don’t you?” She didn’t need to wait for me to answer with words but let my actions answer for her.

I went to her putting my arms around her allowing myself to meld into her feeling her warmth through the filmy satin and nylon. She was warm and inviting as she enveloped me with her love and affection. The comfort and security of her embrace was all I could ever want as she gently rubbed my back speaking sweet baby talk to me. I have to say that I lost it right there as more warm wetness fill my diapers again.

I slowly lifted the robe from her shoulders and slipped it down her arms and let it fall gracefully to the floor. In the same way, I took the thin spaghetti straps of her babydolls sliding them over her shoulders as well and let that flutter to the floor around her feet. I looked up at her and I saw that sweet smile of hers and knew it was for me. She took my hand and guided me over to the bed.

“Are you ready for your special formula feeding baby girl” Candice asked me?

“Yes Miss. Candice” I said as I dropped to my knees feeling the incontinence plug inside of me reminding me that it was still there and what I would eventually end up doing because of it. I softly kissed the front of her pretty panties gently lowering them to the floor as she stepped out of them. Candice sat on the bed smiling down at me in my submissive position.

I looked up at Candice expectantly as she addressed me.

“Is my wet baby girl going to make Miss. Candice happy this afternoon” as you slip two fingers under the leg bands of my plastic panties finding me to be quite wet?

“Yes Miss. Candice, I want you to feed me your special formula. I know how happy Miss. Barbara and Miss. Stacy are once they feed me and I want you to be just as happy too” I said as I smiled at her.

“Oh don’t worry baby girl. I have a feeling you will make me just as happy after I feed you as well.” I was made to slip in between her legs taking in her fragrance as I began to explore her feminine flower garden.

I traced her nether lips with my tongue causing her breathing to change. I began exploring her more deeply finding her special pleasure spot slowly bringing her to orgasm but backing off. I wanted her delicious sweetness. Her scent enveloped me mixed with the FDS that only heightened my desire to please her. Her breathing came heavily now as I brought her to the point of release again stopping short. I wasn’t sure how long I could keep this up.

She was breathing hard now, almost gasping for air as she pushed her hips forward in an attempt to force me deeper into her wanting me to finish her off. I felt her hands on the back of my head pushing me deeper into her. I felt myself pressed right up against her finding it more difficult to breathe but still managed somehow. I plunged deeply into her again, my tongue finding her most sensitive of places. I lingered there long enough for her to let me know the point of no return was near.

Taking her cue, I opened my mouth as wide as I could as to completely cover her. Seconds later, she exploded filling my mouth full of her sweet delicious orgasm not once, but twice. Candice held me firm until she was sure she was finished and lay back on the bed as I closed my mouth so as to not loose any of her sweetness. After a moment, she slipped her panties back on and helped me onto the bed pulling me close to her.

“Such a sweet baby girl, you’ve given Miss. Candice such a wonderful orgasm and in turn received a special formula feeding” Candice said as I snuggled against her warmth of her as she cradled me in comfort. She slipped one of her bra straps down and offered me her breast as I took the nipple into my mouth and nursed. While she had my busy nursing, her hand slipped down to the front of my plastic panties massaging then in turn raising my own arousal.

As she continued her efforts, I loved the feeling of her nipple in my mouth and felt very close to her. It was Candice after all who with the help of Barbara and Stacy who had brought me to this lifestyle willingly I might add and now couldn’t imagine myself without her. I snuggled closer to her as she continued to bring me closer to my own moment of bliss. Her manipulations were equally as effective as she brought me to the point of pleasure time and again only to finally push me over the edge as I too exploded into my diapers feeling wave after wave of pleasure wash over me as I gushed orgasm into my diapers again and again.

With both of us spent, we lay in each other’s arms cuddling and kissing until we regained our composure when Candice asked me; “Did Miss. Barbara put something inside of you when she changed your diapers this morning?”

“Yes Miss. Candice, she put the incontinence plug inside of me.”

“Yes she did baby girl because I told her to and you know what that means, don’t you” Candice asked?

“Yes, she said she wanted me to fill my diapers before we went to see Miss. Celeste tonight. She said she didn’t want me to have an accident there.”

“She is right about that, and do you know what that means baby girl?”

“No Miss. Candice” I said as I looked at her with a gleam in her eye and that smile of hers.

“We are all going to enjoy watching as you humiliate yourself while helplessly filling your diapers in front of all three of us. You know you want this don’t you” Candice asked?

“Oh please Miss. Candice, not in front of everyone, it’s so embarrassing, please don’t make me.” I knew my feeble protest was just an act and we both knew it. The truth was that we both knew I wanted this kind of attention. Candice saw my face turn red with embarrassment at what I would soon be made to do. She cooed soft baby talk to me while offering me my favorite pacifier as I nursed at her breast again

We lay there together for a little while longer until Candice decided to freshen up a bit and put on fresh panties as the ones she was wearing were now wet from the earlier activities. Not long after that, Candice thought she heard the front door open then close as she and I heard voices from downstairs.

“Hey Candi, we’re home. I can’t believe how smoothly the inspection went this morning” Barbara said as Candice reached the bottom of the stairs still in her undies from earlier that afternoon with a smiling baby girl in tow.

“We’ve missed our baby girl, did she have fun today” Stacy wanted to know as both Barbara and she gave me a big hug and kiss?

“Yes, she had lots of fun and made Miss. Candice very happy. As a reward, she got a special formula feeding as well.” This drew giggles from Barbara and Stacy.

“It sounds like baby girl enjoys those special formula feedings” Stacy said.

“It would certainly seem so. By the way, has she filled her diapers yet” Barb asked?

“No not yet. I told her she would have to endure the humiliation of performing in front of all of us. Why don’t you two make yourselves comfortable and join us back down here as soon as you can. Please be sure to bring down her restrain belt and padded mittens.” Both Barb and Stacy took their queue and went upstairs and returned within five minutes dressed in the same manner as Candice, the scent of perfume and FDS enveloping both of them.

Stacy secured the restraint belt around my waist and locked it onto me. Handing one of the mittens to Barbara, the two women quickly had the mittens secured onto my wrists and seconds later both my hands were secured to the D rings on either side of the restraint belt. Candice retrieved the pacifier from the tray of my highchair and slipped the large bulb inside my mouth. Stepping behind me, she deftly secured the buckle keeping it in place.

I was now in a very venerable position from which I was unable to extricate myself from. Restrained and gagged with my pacifier as I was, I had little choice but look on as three lovely females smiled at me looking approvingly at the situation I presently found myself in. All I could do was stand there as everyone chided me into doing what they wanted me to do.

“Hey baby girl, we all want to see you fill those diapers, you know you want to, don’t you” Barbara said?

Unable to answer, I nodded my head in the affirmative knowing that was the answer everyone expected. This was followed by more laughter and giggling by all as they enjoyed my embarrassment.

“See, I told you she wanted to fill her diapers, not that she has a choice in the matter” Barbara said giggling again.

“I have a wonderful idea” Stacy said. “We could go to Celeste’s now while she is still open. I’m sure our Diaper Girl would grab all the attention as she helplessly messes her diapers in front of everyone” Stacy giggled.

“We’d have to make sure her diaper bag was well stocked so she could be changed in front of everyone” Candice chuckled. This of course wasn’t an option but it had the desired effect as my face burned with embarrassment.

“Can you show us you’re a big girl and control yourself like one” Barbara asked? She couldn’t stifle her giggling.

“Does she look like a big girl to you Candice” Stacy asked?

“Huh, this little diapered Princess will never be a big girl. Her days of wearing big girl panties and using the toilet to relieve herself are no longer an option for her. That’s why she is our diapered Princess. The only panties this sissy baby will ever wear are plastic panties filled with wet and often messy diapers” Candice giggled looking at me with a knowing smile.

“Well then” Stacy said. “Why don’t you show us what a sissy baby girl you are and mess those diapers for us” Stacy said.

“Come on girls, don’t be too difficult on our baby girl” Candice said. “After all, she’s only eighteen months old and doesn’t know any better. She can’t help it if she can’t control herself like a big girl” Candice chided the other two.

Of course, all of this banter was intestinally directed towards me and about me as a subtle form of humiliation. My three lovely tormentors were waiting for me to perform for them. They were rewarded as I felt a cramp deep inside of me. I tried to react by trying to stop the inevitable but the incontinence plug prevented me from doing so. My bowels let loose and with no way to stop it, I felt the warm soft mass forcing its way into the seat of my diapers as my bladder relaxed and I was helplessly wetting and filling my diapers uncontrollably as everyone watched with approving smiles.

Candice stepped forward and removed my pacifier. “Did my baby girl fill her diapers full for all of us?”

"Yes Miss. Candice, I couldn’t help it. I tried to control myself like a big girl but Miss. Barbara put the incontinence plug in me and took away my control.

“That’s right baby girl. We took away all of your control and made you fully incontinent. You told Miss. Stacy that was what you wanted, wasn’t it” Candice asked?

“Yes, but I didn’t want it to be like that all of the time, only sometimes” I pleaded.

"Well sissy baby, I’m sure you have heard the saying be careful what you ask for. It looks like you got your wish. As far as all of us are concerned, whenever you wear disposable diapers, you can expect to have the incontinence plug filling you full unless we decide otherwise. She turned her attention towards Barbara.

"Barb, why don’t you and Stacy take our wet and messy baby girl upstairs and get her cleaned up and ready for our trip to see Celeste. I want her looking very babyish and infantile. Go ahead and use one of the Abena X Plus diapers and throw in some additional padding to add bulk and absorbency. After all, these will need to last her until tomorrow morning. Oh yes, be sure to use the dilator and locking plastic panties as well. I’m going to get a shower and dress for the occasion.

Stacy took me by the hand and the three of us headed upstairs to my Nursery. While Stacy stripped me down and removed my messy diapers Barbara ran a warm bubble bath in the tub room for me. I was thoroughly washed from head to toe in a tub full of bubbles and perfume. Barbara had added some water softener that would do wonders for my skin.

When I got out of the tub, my skin was baby soft and smooth. Stacy wrapped me in a thick towel and dried me off taking me back to the Nursery She helped me up onto my changing table. Barbara had my diapers positioned under me. I was liberally powdered and oiled all over my bottom and diaper area. This was followed with baby lotion and more baby powder. After the dilator found its way deep inside of me Barbara deftly secured me into my diapers and pink plastic panties.

“It’s going to be a cool evening” Stacy said. “Why not put a pair of white tights on her to keep her legs warm” Stacy said?

“I like your thinking Stacy” Barb said as she went to my dresser and found the white tights in question. They were put onto my feet and drawn up my legs and fit easily over my diapers as Barbara snapped the waistband in place. “Now, I recall Candice saying something about babyish and infantile, don’t you” Barb said?

“Yes she did I certainly wouldn’t want to disappoint her, would you Barb?”

“Certainly not Stacy, I think we need to look through her dresses and see what we might find to achieve the look she wants for her.” Saying that, Barbara and Stacy threw open the doors to my closet revealing all of my baby clothes.

After looking through my closet Stacy found what she thought was the perfect dress for the occasion and showed it to Barb. The dress was of the high wasted variety as baby dresses usually are. The material was pink taffeta with puffed sleeves trimmed with ruffled white lace as was the hem of the short skirts. There was an attached white taffeta pinafore that tied in the back. The matching plastic lined panties were made of the same material with the same lace trim around the legs and waist. There were five rows of ruffled lace across the seat.

The dress and matching panties were made to be lockable so they could not be removed. Barbara helped me step into the frilly panties as she pulled them up my legs arranging them around my waist. She brought both ends of the small chain together adjusting it for fit snapping the lock closed with a click. Stacy pulled out one of my petticoat vests slipping it over my head arranging it into place fluffing out the short skirt. I was told to sit on the changing table so Stacy could put my pink ruffled socks on over my tights followed by my black Mary Jane shoes.

The dress was s confection of pink cotton candy as Stacy held it up for both her and Barbara to admire. “What do you think Barb, you think Candice will approve” Stacy asked?

"I certainly hope she does. The dress is all baby girl and so infantile in appearance. Oh Stacy, check it out, I think we missed this little tidbit before. On the front of the pinafore in pink script lettering the words Baby Girl in Training were embroidered.

“Oh my sweet baby girl, this dress will be perfect for you tonight, put your arms up so we can put this on you.” I complied and Barbara lowered the dress over my head and helped put my hands through the short puffed sleeves. She and Stacy pulled the dress down and arranged it over the short petticoats. The zipper was draw up to the nape of my neck and Barbara passed an identical padlock through the opening in the zipper and a small ring at the top of the dress and snapped it closed. Stacy tied the pinafore in back into a big bow.

“Now it’s time for hair and make up” Barb said taking me by the hand and bringing me down to her room sitting me in a chair by her dressing table. I was turned away from the mirror so I couldn’t see what I looked like. While Barbara arranged her make up supplies, Stacy retrieved my wig case that contained my little girl hairstyle placing the hairpiece on my head and arranged it correctly. She combed it out arranging the bangs so they fell just above my eyes

“Oh Barb, she’s going to look like a little Princess when we get done with her, I can’t wait to see the end result.”

“Candice is going to absolutely love it. She said babyish and infantile and that’s exactly what we’re going to give her. While I’m doing this, why don’t you get dressed and bring the other things from her Nursery we will need” With that, Barbara set to work doing my make up for the occasion.

After about twenty minutes Stacy returned wearing a knee length flower print dress with off black pantyhose and black two inch heels, as Barbara was applying the finishing touches including a little lipstick and blusher to bring out my cheeks.

“Oh Barb, she’s absolutely adorable, I can’t wait to show her off to Candi.”

I looked at Barbara asking her “can you show me what I look like?”

“Not yet baby girl, I still have another coat of nail polish to put on your hands. Hey Stacy, can you apply her second coat of nail polish while I get dressed?”

“Sure, is the bottle you were using” picking up the bottle from the dressing table?

“Yeah, that’s the one, once that is on and dry, she will be all done.”

With that, Stacy set to work applying my second coat of polish while Barbara dressed in a knee length rose pink dress with white collar trim with three faux buttons down the front. She selected light brown pantyhose and her black heels. In short order, my nails were done and soon after Barbara finished dressing, they were all but dry to the touch.

After what seemed like forever, Barbara and Stacy finally allowed me to look at myself in the full length mirror. The image that looked back at me was nothing short of incredible! I had Baby girl written all over me. The dress was so short it did nothing whatsoever to cover my diapered filled plastic panties putting them on full display. My diapers forced my legs apart and walking normally was difficult at best. My white tights and Mary Jane shoes finished the outfit and my hair and make up completed the look. If Candice wanted babyish and infantile, that’s exactly how I felt as what seemed like an endless stream of warmth flowed into my diapers.

It was a little past four thirty when all of us descended the stairs into the living room. With each step, I felt the thick dilator inside of me making its presence felt. When Candice saw me enter the living room followed by Barb and Stacy, her reaction was immediate as she clapped and voiced her approval.

“Oh girls, you’ve simply outdone yourselves. I just love the look, and those diapers and plastic panties! How can anybody miss those? The dress is simply over the top and I love the wording Baby Girl in Training. That’s very appropriate for you my little diapered Princess. As far as I am concerned, you will always be in training in one form or another. She’s perfect you two. I hope Auntie Celeste is ready to meet her new Niece.” This brought on a round of laughter from everyone.

“Yeah Candi, you know what the best part is? Unless you knew otherwise, you would never know she was a he underneath all of that, I love it.”

“You know Stacy, you’re right about that. If you think this looks good, just wait until Kathy and her girls get done making her over tomorrow. You’ll really be amazed then.”

Re: The Diaper Girl

Hello everyone, here is the next installment of the story and hope to post once more before I leave for about two weeks for Christmas break. So there won’t be any updates until possibly after the 1st of the year. Until then, have a happy and safe Holiday and enjoy!

The Diaper Girl
Intimates By Celeste
Part Two

It was a quarter past five in the evening when we got into the car to make the trip to see Celeste. I was especially nervous and somewhat apprehensive as I had never been out in public before on my way so see someone I didn’t even know. Yes, I had been seen in public dressed as I was by Heather back when I left my old apartment for the last time, but this was different somehow.

Candice slipped in behind the wheel of her late model Lincoln and Barbara sat up front. Stacy and I rode in the back as Candice turned over the ignition opening the garage door as we glided out into the circular drive closing the door with a push of a button. Moments later, we slipped into the flow of traffic as we made the twenty minute drive to Celeste’s lingerie shop.

“Miss. Stacy” I asked?

“Yes” she said smiling at me?

“What if someone sees me like this, will they think I’m a sissy” I asked?

“No baby girl” Stacy said. “Anyone who sees you if they do will think you are nothing more than a girl dressed as a baby” Stacy replied.

The balance of the trip passed in relative silence as we turned off the expressway and drove the remaining three miles to Celeste’s shop. It was nearly a quarter of six when Candice pulled the car into a parking space near the side door turning off the engine. Stacy, Barbara and Candice all exited the vehicle when Barbara opened the door behind her where I sat for me to get out. I was a little hesitant as first.

There didn’t appear to be anyone around who might see me as I stood up feeling the cool breeze catch my short skirts forcing them upwards further putting my infantile underwear on display. I tried tugging on my skirts but to no avail. Barbara took my hand as we approached the side door and Candice pushed the buzzer. A short time later, the door was opened by an attractive lady in her early forties.

Celeste was a stunning brunette standing five feet nine inches with sparkling blue eyes and a warm smile. She was attired in a lavender knee length dress with white eyelet lace ruffled trim around the collar. The bodice was tight fitting extenuating her full breasts. She wore off black pantyhose and black heels that completed the look.

“It’s a pleasure to see you again Candice” as she kissed her on both cheeks. Celeste closed and locked the door. “Hello Barbara, you’re looking lovely, I trust things are going well for you as well?”

“Thanks Celeste, business is good these days at the Kopper Kettle. You should stop by for lunch when you get a chance” Barbara said as she embraced her in a tight hug.

“Let me introduce you to Stacy” Candice said. “She is the reason we are here this evening. She finds herself in a similar situation Barbara did and is in need of a complete wardrobe of your lovely treasures.” Celeste flashed Stacy a warm smile as her face flushed with embarrassment at the mention of such things.

“No need to worry Stacy, we’re all girls here and we’re going to see that you get everything you need” Celeste said as she gave her a warm hug finally turning her attention to me.

“Oh my goodness Candice, you told me that you had a little Princess but you didn’t tell me that she was so adorable! You simply must tell me how you found her?”

"Well, I believe I told you once a long time ago that I couldn’t have children and I always had my heart set on having a baby girl. Long story short, I put an ad out on the internet advertising for sissy males sincerely interested in a lifestyle as an eighteen month old baby girl. I wasn’t interested in an on again off again kind of thing. This had to be an all or nothing lifestyle choice for them. They would be required to move in with me as I had converted one of the bedrooms into a full size adult Nursery with all the trappings.

I had interviewed several candidates and for one reason or another, things just seemed to fall through. I was getting discouraged but Barbara told me that the next person I interviewed would be a keeper and she was right. At the time, we had to keep this to ourselves and felt bad not telling Stacy but she has an equal role in all of this now. I’ll never forget the day this one came into the Kopper Kettle dressed like a big girl wearing diapers and plastic panties like I told her to. She passed all the tests and now she stands before you our diapered Princess."

“Yes, how well I remember” Stacy said. “She came in wearing a long coat hiding all of her secrets from me and Barbara. She found out about them later that day. I had to wait a while before I found out all about her and I am so happy I did. She is so affectionate and adorable.”

“Her outfit is so sweet and how appropriate, Baby Girl in Training, it’s perfect” as Celeste addressed me. “Are you a baby girl in training?”

I looked at all three women before answering. “Yes Miss. Celeste, I love being their baby girl in training.”

“I’ll just bet you do baby girl. Are those diapers you are wearing? Perhaps I should ask Candice if I should check them to see if you are wet.”

“It will be humiliating for her to have someone else check her diapers but you will need this.” Candice handed Celeste a ring with a small key on it. “Her matching panties are locked onto her so she doesn’t remove them as is her dress. Why don’t you unlock them both?”

Celeste took the key from her friend and proceeded to undo the lock at the top of her dress. She then removed the lock holding the delicate chain together and handed the locks and key back to Candice who put them in her handbag. Celeste grasped both sides of my matching panties and pulled them down to my knees. She became ecstatic when she examined them more closely.

“Oh how sweet, these frilly panties are plastic lined. I never knew they made them in sizes to fit sissy baby girls too” Celeste said!

“Oh yes” Barbara said. "All of her baby dresses have plastic lined matching panties.

In the same manner, Celeste pulled my white tights down to my knees to where my panties were. “Oh, I love the fact that she is wearing diapers and these pink plastic panties are perfect for her.” Celeste slipped a few fingers under the leg band of my plastic panties and withdrew them almost instantly declaring “oh baby, you are wet but that’s such a big diaper I’m sure you will be okay for a while.”

“Those are very absorbent disposable diapers she’s wearing. She has some additional padding and will last her until tomorrow morning” Stacy said.

Celeste pulled the tights and panties back up into place and patted me on my diapered bottom as she turned her attention towards Stacy. “Now tell me Stacy, when was the last time you were measured for a proper bra size” Celeste asked?

Stacy had to think for a bit but really couldn’t recall when she had ever been properly fitted for a bra. “Well now, let me think” she said. “I may have been when I first started wearing them when I was a young girl but for over the years, I usually pick something I think will fit” she said.

“Why am I not surprised” Celeste said. “The truth is most women are wearing the wrong size bra and don’t even know it. I’m not ashamed to say that both Barbara and Candice as well as many other women have been measured by me and you my girl are the next to fall under the spell of my pink measuring tape, so let’s get this party started and get down to bare essentials.”

Stacy reached behind her in an attempt to unzip her dress. “Here, let me help you with that” Celeste said as she slowly brought the zipper down as far as it would go allowing Stacy to easily slip out of her dress. That and her full slip were hung on hangers leaving her in underthings ready to be measured.

Celeste slipped the tape measure around Stacy’s back and brought the ends together in front at the top of her breasts. “I get thirty eight inches, that’s your band size” she said. Next, Celeste repeated the process only this time measuring across the fullest part of Stacy’s breasts. “Looks like forty one inches, that’s your cup size” she said. “Now be honest Stacy and tell me what size bra you usually wear” Celeste asked having read the size on the tag?

Stacy thought for a second saying “I believe I’m a size thirty six D” she said hopefully.

“Well honey, you are actually a thirty eight C” Celeste said. “Now that we know what size you really are, let’s get something that will be more fitting for you, shall we” Celeste said? With that, she disappeared

“Don’t feel too bad Stacy” Barbara said. “When Celeste measured me, I found out I was wearing the wrong size bra as well. You’re going to really notice the difference when you get the right size bra.”

About five minutes later, Celeste returned carrying about half a dozen different bra styles in different colors with her laying them out before everyone. I thought they looked especially pretty and envisioned how some of them light look on Miss. Stacy.

“Which do you prefer Stacy, soft cup or underwire” Celeste asked?

“Oh, I don’t know, I tend to wear more underwire bras as they tend to give me more support. I like the soft cup for comfort.”

“Given your bra size” Celeste said, “You, like Barbara and Candice can wear pretty much any style that pleases you and give you the comfort and support you need. The other factor that contributes to your bra choice is the kind of lifestyle you lead. Knowing that, how would you answer that question?”

Stacy glanced at Barbara and Candice for how she might answer. Then she began considering the kind of lifestyle she had and decided that it fell more in line with the professional working woman who enjoyed leisure and private time with friends. She shared this with Celeste and added. “Oh yes, would it help if I told you that our baby girl enjoys seeing us in our underwear and lingerie?”

“I can tell you’re quite the girlie girl, aren’t you? You like feminine frills and lace, I can tell” Celeste giggled.

“Is it that obvious” Stacy asked?

“Yeah kind of, it’s written all over you, but that’s okay because when you see some of the stuff I have, you’re going to love it” Celeste said. “Are you ready to choose your new intimate collection?”

“Absolutely, but there’s something I want to ask you” Stacy asked?


“I saw this really dreamy lingerie piece Barbara was wearing not too long ago. I think she referred to it as the Princess Babydoll ensemble. It was absolutely adorable. When I saw it on her I decided I had to have one too.”

Celeste flashed a smile in Candice’s direction. “I remember when you came in to purchase that for Barbara. I’m glad she enjoys it and I know Stacy will too” she said.

“Well Celeste, I know someone else who would love to have one of very her own as well. She won’t need the matching panties as she would never be able to keep them dry, would you baby girl” Candice asked me? This brought on giggles from all the women.

My humiliation was apparent to all as I answered. “No Miss. Candice, that’s why you keep me in diapers and plastic panties like a baby girl” I said as more warm wetness flowed into my diapers. “Do you think she would let me try on the pretty babydoll?”

“I bet if you asked her nicely, she may let you” Candice said.

“Miss. Celeste” I asked?


“Could I try on that pretty babydoll like Miss. Barbara got so I can see what it looks on me?”

Celeste approached me kissing me on the cheek. “You are so adorable that I would love to see how you look in that pretty lingerie. Of course you can baby girl.”

“Barb, why don’t you strip her down to her diapers plastic panties and bra while Celeste gets things together?”

Shortly after Barbara had me had me in a state of undress in the manner described by Candice, she replaced my shoes and socks. Celeste returned to find Stacy fully dressed again holding two identical outfits. She gave one of them to Stacy while approaching me with the other.

“Awe, what a pretty bra you’re wearing baby. Are you trying to tell me that you want to be a big girl for everyone here” she said giggling?

“No Miss. Celeste” I said blushing deeply. “Miss Candice makes me wear a bra because she says it is a constant reminder of my role as a girl. I like wearing a bra because it makes me feel girlie and feminine. She often tells other women or girls who ask that my wet diapers and plastic panties keep me soft and submissive acts to reinforce my position as her diapered baby girl” I said to her.

“You like being her baby girl, don’t you” she asked?

“Yes,” I said. "I love being Miss. Barbara’s and Miss Stacy’s baby girl too.

“I’m happy to hear that” Celeste said smiling at me. “Now you can be my pretty baby girl as I get you dressed in your pretty new outfit. Would you like that” she asked me?

I was giddy as I answered “yes” to her. I didn’t care that I was wearing nothing but a bra and diapers. I was standing in a room full of women smiling contentedly at me while I was about to be dressed in something pink, pretty and feminine by a woman I didn’t even knew and was loving every minute of it.

“That’s what I wanted to hear baby girl. Now let’s remove that bra you’re wearing and replace it with the one that goes with this outfit, okay?” I didn’t answer but instead let her have her way with me as was my submissive nature. Celeste turned to Candice saying “you keep her in a bra all the time, yes?”

“Oh yes, the only time she is not wearing one is when she is bathing. It’s the same with her diapers and plastic panties. She is never out of them except for the same reason. I have to tell you that I am always afraid something is going to happen to her silicone breast forms while she is sleeping.”

"I may be able to help you there. I do stock a few different styles of breast forms for my Cross-dressing clientele. I have a new style I’ve started carrying within the past few months at their request for the same reason. Here, let me show you what I have. She went over to a display case and removed a box containing a set of breast forms. “These are not silicone. Instead, they are made of a pliable rubber in the same shape and size as the silicone ones. They wash up easily and have the same weight as well.”

Celeste took one of them out of the box and handed it to Candice who examined it closely saying “These would be perfect for her girls, she could wear these at night with no worries of anything happening to them.” She passed the form to Stacy who in turn showed Barbara. They were both were pleased with the form looking at Candice.

“These would be perfect for our baby girl. Do you have a set of these in her size” Candice asked?

“Yes, I’m sure I do. Let’s get this bra off of her so I can put on the matching one for her outfit.” Setting both breast forms aside, Celeste checked the bra size on the tag noting it was a thirty six c. “I’ll need to get a smaller size to properly fit her” she said and retrieved the size needed. “Why don’t we try them out with her new bra” she said and fastened the pink bra in place filling out the cups with the new breast forms.

“Hold out your arms so I can put this pretty bra on you” Celeste said.

I complied right away wanting only to please her and the others. As she reached in close to me, she wrapped both arms around me as she attached both ends of the bra together. It was at that moment that Celeste was inches from me and I could smell her soft perfume. As the others looked on, I don’t know what come over me, but I instinctively leaned into her and kissed her softly on her cheek as she finished her task

“Why think you, I certainly wasn’t expecting that” she smiled at me as she slipped both breast forms into the cups of my new bra. I loved the way they felt right away, even if they weren’t silicone. They had weight and moved easily and I loved that. She then slipped the Babydoll over my head lowering it into place arranging the short skirts to their best advantage. Of course this did nothing to hide my diapers and plastic panties, but then I knew that already.

“I guess we forgot to tell you” Barbara said. “She is very affectionate with hugs and kisses. It’s one of the ways she has to say think you and it is her way of saying that she likes you too. Perhaps we cold have you over for the afternoon so out Diaper Girl can properly thank you. You would enjoy that, wouldn’t you baby girl” Barbara said?

“Yes Miss. Barbara” I said knowing exactly what would be expected of me, not that I would turn down such an opportunity like this.

"Well, I have to say that I’ve never had the pleasure to take care of a sweet baby girl like her before. This Princess Babydoll looks absolutely adorable on her. I just love how it shows off her pretty pink plastic panties too! She seems very happy with her new breast forms Candice. These normally retail for just under two hundred dollars. Tell you what; I’ll give them to you at cost at just under seventy if you like.

“I can’t complain about that girl. She’ll have a set for both day and night and I’ll feel better knowing she won’t have to worry about that either” Candice said.

“Okay then, I’ll just put her other set in this box and put it with the other things. Why don’t we set off in search some girlie lingerie” Celeste said. With that, Barbara took my hand and we joined the others. As I walked, everyone could hear the crinkling of my diapers and plastic panties. Not to mention that every time I took a step, the short skirts of my babydoll bobbed up and down. This brought a smile from Barbara as joined the others.

“Candice, remember me telling you about a shipment of promotional lingerie I had delivered the other week, well here it is” Celeste said motioning towards a rack full of frilly over the top styles.

"Yes, you said something about carrying a line especially designed to attract your alternative lifestyles customers. I’ll say this about what I see; it’s definitely girlie and feminine. I saw something on the rack that drew my attention right away. It was a pink babydoll dripping in ruffles and lace. I looked at Miss. Barbara and pointed to the article of my interest and she walked over to the rack and took it down to examine it.

Celeste and the others looked on as Barbara showed the ruffled confection to me. The shoulder straps were about one inch wide with stiff white ruffled lace attached running all the way down the scooped neckline and across the other shoulder and down the back. There were three rows of tiered white ruffled lace encircling the babydoll with an attached pink bow in the center. The matching panties were adorned with the same white lace across the seat.

“You like this, don’t you baby girl” Barbara asked me? She glanced at the tag noting that it was a size large and would fit me easily.

“Yes Miss. Barbara” I said. I could model it for all of you and even wear it to bed in my crib. Things like this make me feel so girlie and feminine and you said that’s what you want for me."

“You really know how to get to me don’t you my sissy girl. We’ll see about getting it for you. I don’t know how Celeste handles this sort of thing. These things may be for display purposes only and not for sale” she told me looking at Celeste for some sort of explanation.

“You are right Barbara. Technically, I am not allowed to sell anything on this rack as they are promotional items only. I can however give them away at my discretion according to the vendor. As I said, these items are marketed towards the alternative lifestyles community. You my sweet baby girl happen to be part of that community and I’m happy to let you have this if you like. I’m not sure what we will do with the matching panties though. You obviously won’t be able to wear them. I’ll send them home with your other things. Perhaps one of you will be able to wear them” Celeste said.

I was ecstatic thanking Celeste with another kiss. Candice motioned to join her whispering some things in her ear bringing a smile to her face. “Yes, I think I would enjoy that very much. It’s been a long time since had that kind of pleasure. I will certainly take you up on your offer Candice” she said.

“Tell me about your preferences in underwear Stacy. Do you like matching sets, mix and match, ensembles” Celeste asked?

“Like you pointed out earlier, I’m definitely a girlie girl when it comes to lingerie. As far as sleepwear, I love babydoll sets in nylon and satin. I like the matching bra and panty sets. My favorite color is pink but a little black satin and lace mixed in is nice when I’m feeling a little bit naughty” Stacy said. “I like mix and match too, you can never go wrong there. Since our baby girl is going to see me wearing most if not all of it at one point or another, I want it to look pretty” Stacy exclaimed.

“Well then” Celeste said. “It appears we have some shopping to do.” Over the next hour, Stacy and Celeste with the help of the others including myself helped Stacy pick out things to suit her tastes in lingerie. Stacy would ask me if I thought either this or that would look pretty on her and I would always tell her yes. This brought approving smile from the others regarding my taste in such things. Both Barbara and Candice picked up a few things for themselves including a babydoll set for each of them.

While the last selections were being made, Barbara removed the babydoll outfit and bra I was wearing and redressed me in my baby dress and matching panties. I still wore the new pliable rubber breast forms that filled out the cups of my bra. She put the tights in her purse and brought the babydoll and matching bra and panties adding them to the large pile on the counter.

As Celeste was ringing up everything, she offered a suggestion regarding the new lingerie. “Most if not everything here can be run through the washer and dryer. However, I would suggest hand washing all fine lingerie as you will lessen the risk of damage to the delicate lace and possible tearing. Not to mention everything will last longer” Celeste said.

“Oh you needn’t worry about that Celeste” Candice said. “We have our very own little laundress who takes care of these things for us. She hand washes and rinses all of our fine lingerie for us. Now, she will be spending additional time washing Stacy’s intimates as well, won’t you baby girl” Candice asked me?

“Yes Miss. Candice” I replied.

“I should be so lucky” Celeste said. “I wish I had someone to take care of such things for me” she said. "Okay, your total is four hundred two dollars and thirty seven cents. Let’s make an even four hundred out the door’ Celeste said.

Candice went to get her debit card when Barbara stopped her. “I got this one Candi” Barb said handing Celeste her card. Moments later, she signed electronically as she and Candice each took a full bag. It was nearly seven thirty and there were hugs and kisses all around with the promise of having Celeste over for an afternoon of fun.

The evening air was cool as everyone headed out to the car. Candice loaded everything into the trunk and made the twenty minute drive home with me being a little wetter for the experience.

Upon arriving home, Stacy helped me into my new babydolls, the ones Celeste had given to me. I felt so feminine and girlie wearing it. I was given a bottle of formula and then secured into my crib for the night. After being kissed by everyone, I drifted off to a contented nights sleep as warm wetness spread throughout my diapers. Tomorrow would be another day filled with whatever surprises that awaited me.

Re: The Diaper Girl

I wasn’t sure if I would get a chance to post this, but I have so hope you enjoy it. This is definitely one of the things I would have loved to experience if I could have. There will be no updates next week as I will be away from my computer. Please look for another update in two weeks. Everyone have a happy and safe Holiday!

The Diaper Girl
A Day At The
Beauty Salon
Part One

Today was the day Candice had been waiting for. Everyone would be spending the day at Kathy’s salon for a day of pampering. The original plan in Candice’s mind was to have my hair styled into that of a little girl’s style and perhaps get my nails done. After a second call with her friend Kathy she had inquired about laser hair removal and having permanent make up done. She was told that these services were available and although a little costly, they would achieve the results Candice wanted.

Barbara opened her eyes and looked at Candice with a warm smile for her girlfriend. “Good morning Candi, sleep well” she said? She nestled her body against Candice searching for her mouth kissing her lovingly.

“Yes honey, you” she asked?

“Yes, but I wonder how our baby girl did. She had so much excitement last evening. I’ve never seen her have so much fun. I also think she likes Celeste too” she said.

"It would appear she does. We’ll have to make sure to have her over for the day soon. Celeste will get a chance to see how much of a baby girl she really is.

“I totally agree” Barbara said. “If Celeste thought she looked adorable yesterday, just wait until after today when Kathy and the girls get done with her. Celeste will flip the next time she sees our diapered Princess.”

“I know” Candice said. “I have been waiting for today for a while now. You know we will be there most of the day today. I think it would be appropriate for her to be totally humiliated at some point today” Candice said.

"I have the perfect solution to achieve the best results we both want’ Barbara said.

“I believe we are thinking along the same lines” Candice said. “To achieve the best results as you put it, I want her to fill her diapers some time in the afternoon when the salon will be at its busiest.”

“You’re all heart, aren’t you Candi” Barbara giggled. “I absolutely love it. I’m not going to give her any indication of what to expect. I took the first step last night when I gave her a formula feeding laced with bulk laxatives” Barbara said.

“Uh ha, leave it to you to lay the groundwork to set her up for a wet and messy diaper hah” Candice said. “You’re going to give her a diuretic and stool softener this morning as part of her breakfast, yes?”

“Oh yes, She’ll never know its coming until it’s too late. Of course, we’ll have her carry her own diaper bag with the changing supplies she will need.” Both women smiled reaching for each other as they lay in bed in each other’s arms kissing and fondling each other looking forward to the day’s events.

Stacy stirred in bed opening her eyes. The bedside clock read a little past seven thirty. She streaked and yawned as she pulled back the covers. Standing in front of her dresser looking in the mirror she liked the way she looked in her new babydoll. It made her feel special and she liked that. Stepping into her house slippers, Stacy padded down to the Nursery noting all was still quiet.

My diapers were soaking wet but then, I expected they would be after a fitful nights sleep. I was remembering all the fun I had yesterday evening in Celeste’s lingerie shop and although feeling embarrassed, I decided that I liked her. She had been very nice to me and I believe she even liked the way I was dressed. I didn’t know what to think when she pulled my matching panties and tights down to check my diapers. But it really didn’t matter. I was wet now and if Celeste was here now, I suppose I would let her change me if she wanted to. My reverie was broken by the sound of the door opening as Stacy walked in.

“Good morning my sweet baby girl, did you have a wet night last night?” She leaned over to remove my pacifier so I could answer.

“Yes Miss. Stacy but that’s okay” I said glad to have the pacifier removed. “I’m always wet in the morning” I said. I would soon come to find out that these new diapers I was wearing were substantially more absorbent and could last much longer between diaper changes.

“You certainly are” she said giggling as she felt the front of my plastic panties taking note of my squishy wet diapers. “At least the rest of you are dry and that’s a good thing.” Stacy lowered the side rail and released me from my crib restraints allowing me to sit on the side of my crib as I took in her beauty and her new babydoll.

I stretched my arms out towards her and she responded taking me in her arms as I buried my head into the soft folds of her breasts as her scent envelope me feeling warm and loved in her embrace. I never saw Barbara slip into the Nursery behind her.

Barbara had been observing the scene before her as a smile spread across her face taking in the moment of bonding between the two in front of her. “Well good morning you two” she said. “I hope you got a good night’s sleep after last evening’s fun. It’s going to be another fun day today.”

Stacy and I broke our embrace upon hearing Barbara. The two women walked towards each other enjoying a morning hug and kiss. “You look adorable this morning Stacy” Barbara said. "That babydoll looks lovely on you.

"I could say the same about you too Barb. It looks like everyone wore their new babydolls to bed last night. I can’t thank you enough. I would have been happy to help cover some of the cost for you.

“Oh, that’s okay” she said. Candice did the same for me and thought I would return the favor."

I walked over to where the two women were standing wrapping my arms around Barbara in a big hug. “Thank you so much Miss. Barbara, I love my new babydolls and my new breast forms. You look very pretty too” I said.

“Good morning sweetie, you look adorable too” she said patting my diapered bottom. “It looks like we have a very wet baby girl on our hands this morning Stacy. We’ll be sure to get her changed after breakfast.”

“Speaking of breakfast” Stacy said, “I think I smell the delicious aroma of fresh brewed coffee and that sounds like a real winner to me, how about you Barb?”

“You don’t have to ask me twice” Barb said as she took my hand and all of us headed downstairs in anticipation of a delicious breakfast.

“Good morning” Candice said. "How are all of my girls this morning?

“I think we all had the same idea wearing our new babydolls, even our sweet baby girl” Barbara said.

“She certainly does” Candice said giving me a kiss and patting my wet diapered bottom. “Even if she is a very wet baby girl this morning” she giggled.

“She’s going to get fresh dry diapers after breakfast aren’t you sissy baby” Stacy said.

“Are you going to change me Miss. Stacy?”

“Of course baby girl, you certainly aren’t capable of changing yourself, are you” she said. This brought on giggles from everyone.

As Barbara poured coffee for everyone, Stacy helped me into my highchair securing me with the restraining straps and locking the tray in place as we all sat down to a breakfast of eggs, bacon and hash browns and toast.

“Stacy, do you want to give our Diaper Girl a bath and put her in something comfortable for the day” Candice said. “Barb is going to give her a formula feeding beforehand. Oh yes, please make sure her diaper bag is stocked and ready to go. We want to make sure she has everything she needs.”

“Sure” Stacy said. “While our baby girl is getting her formula feeding, I’ll get her diaper bag together. After her formula feeding, we’ll take care of her bath and get her dressed.”

After everyone finished breakfast, my hands were secured out of the way and my pacifier was secured in place as Barbara hung a bag of formula containing the diuretics and stool softener unbeknownst to me and started the flow. As I was forced to swallow the contents, Barbara and Candice cleaned up the breakfast things while Stacy packed my diaper bag. I wondered why I might need that but I suppose it’s a natural thing for this to be done for a baby no matter their size. Twenty minutes later, Stacy returned as I finished the last of the formula.

“Come on baby girl” Stacy said. “Let’s get you out of those wet diapers and into something pretty for today. You’re going to get your nails and hair done today. Aren’t you excited?” She released me from my highchair and patted my wet bottom.

“Yes” I said. “I’ve done my nails before but never had them done by someone else. Is my hair going to look like a little girl’s when they are done” I asked?

“Yes. If things turn out the way I think they will, you won’t have to use a hairpiece anymore; you’ll like that, won’t you?” What I wasn’t aware of is that my treatments were to be a lot more extensive and would forever change the way I perceived myself.

That would be good I thought as having to wear a hairpiece can become somewhat uncomfortable and answered in the affirmative. Stacy removed my babydoll and put me on the changing table and took off my diapers and plastic panties and prepared a nice bath for me.

Once back in my Nursery, I found myself back on my changing table as Stacy powdered and oiled my diaper area applying lots of baby lotion. Stacy took one of the Abena disposable diapers and unfolded it telling me to lift my bottom. As I did so, she slid the thick disposable under my bottom feeling the softness against my skin. She pulled the front of the diaper up between my legs and secured it snugly with the tapes. I felt the thickness between my legs as Stacy pulled on a pair of my pink plastic panties snapping them in place around my waist.

After Stacy helped me with my bra and filled out the cups, she went to the closet to find something for me to wear. “Nothing too fancy” she said. “We wouldn’t want anything to happen to your satin or taffeta baby dresses.” As she thumbed through my baby clothes, Stacy found something she liked. “This will be perfect for you today and oh so babyish” she said.

The dress was a cotton blend fabric done in a pastel pink with a simple white ruffled collar in the high wasted style. The matching plastic lined panties had four rows of white ruffled lace across the seat with delicate lace trim around the legs. Looking at the dress, I knew my diapers would be fully visible to anyone to see.

I was instructed to step into the matching panties as Stacy pulled them up my legs sliding easily over my diapers coming to rest comfortably around my waist. She then retrieved one of my white petticoat vests and slid it down over me followed by the baby dress. After fluffing out the short skirts, my infantile status would be apparent to everyone in the Salon. I’m sure this was Candice’s intention to heighten my humiliation. Stacy finished dressing me by putting on my white ruffled socks and Mary Jane shoes.

“Before we go back downstairs, let me see if I can do a little something with your hair” Stacy said. Taking a brush, she brushed my hair putting it into pigtails with pink ribbons. "That’s a little better, but nothing compared to what you will look like when Kathy gets through with your hair.

Stacy checked the contents of the diaper bag insuring there were two spare disposable diapers a few pairs of plastic panties, baby powder, baby oil, creams and lotion as well as a plastic changing mat. Once she determined the bag was fully stocked, she set it in the hall just outside of the Nursery

As Stacy was about to head down the hall with me, she saw Barbara and Candice reach the top of the stairs presumably to get dressed also. “Well, don’t you look adorable my sweet baby girl” Barbara said.

“Thanks” Stacy said, I wanted something simple for her today. “She is sure to steal the show down at the Salon.”

“Oh honey” Candice said. “The girls won’t be able to keep their hands off of her.”

"I kind of thought so myself, now that she is nice and comfy in her dry diapers and pretty baby dress.

“I’ll take her down at this end while we get dressed. Meet you downstairs” Candice said.

About twenty minutes later, everyone was back downstairs in the living room diaper bag in hand. It was about nine thirty. Candice put in a call to Kathy saying that they would be there be there by ten o’clock that morning. Making one more check before we left, the door was locked and we got into the car and made the drive over to Kathy’s Salon. As we drove, I wondered what might be in store for me as I was sure to be noticed by everyone who might stop by. Puling into a parking spot, we got out of the car and headed inside. My heart was beating fast and I held onto Stacy’s hand as we made our way inside.

The Salon was laid out in such a manner that there was a clear line of sight from the front door all the way back to the back wall. As you came in the door, there was a seating area with chairs with a few tables with magazines catering to women and teen girls. Along the far left wall, there were shelves that contained various products one might find in a Salon. There was a partition about waist high that ran about a third of the way across the floor. The counter was about ten feet from the door along the right hand wall in line with the partition. The front area of the Salon was carpeted with the rest of the floor done in tile.

Manicure and pedicure stations were located along the right and left hand walls respectively. Next to the Manicure stations further back Make up was done. Across from that and behind the pedicure stations, there was a large rack of nail polishes of all kinds that patrons could choose from. Behind all of this was all things having to do with hair including two hair drying chairs. Along the right hand wall was the bathrooms and there was a door along the far back room that led to a room with a table and chairs. To comply with fire code, there was an emergency exit that led out of the Salon. Smooth jazz music could be heard on the overhead speakers playing softly in the background.

“Good morning ladies” Kathy said. “Welcome to my Salon for a special day of pampering. You said you were bringing you baby girl for a complete makeover but you didn’t tell me she was this adorable! I love her outfit Stacy. I love those matching panties too, they are so cute” she said patting me on my diapered bottom. I couldn’t help but turn red with embarrassment.

“Let me introduce you to the other girls here who will be assisting me in everyone’s experience here today. You my diapered sissy girl are going to be the center of attention weather you wanted to be or not. I hope you can handle some playful teasing, because you’re apt to get plenty” Kathy said calling her staff to the front of the Salon. As much as I was looking forward to my makeover, I had a feeling there was going to be a generous helping of humiliation and embarrassment on my part.

As if on queue, several young women in their twenties and thirties materialized in the front of the Salon. Candice, Stacy and Barbara slipped into the background and watched as the anticipated events unfolded.

I watched as these women gathered around encircling me.

“Hey sissy baby” Ellen said. “Are those diapers you’re wearing?”

I looked at Candice but all she said was; “be a good girl and answer the nice lady.”

“Yes Miss.” was all I said.

“Why do you have to wear diapers” Coleen asked?

“B because Miss. Barbara says I can’t keep big girl panties dry anymore” This brought on a round of uproarious laughter from everyone. I could feel the tears in my eyes start.

“It’s okay if you have to wear diapers” Tamera said.

“Will you start potty training soon baby girl” Loren asked?

Candice and the others were enjoying my humiliation. She suggested that Barbara intervene on my behalf as she stepped forward. "I must apologize and say that out diapered Princess is only eighteen months old and it will be a long time if ever before she is potty trained. You see, she has no bladder control and that alone will ensure she is kept in diapers and plastic panties on a permanent basis. Barbara took a Kleenex from her purse and dried my tears giving me a hug.

“Awe don’t cry baby girl” Anita said patting me on the seat of my diapers. We’re going to take special care of you today. When we’re all done, you’re going to look even more adorable then you do now."

I was looking at Stacy longingly as she held my pink diaper bag. My eyes locked onto hers and she motioned for me to come to her and wasted little time in doing so. She handed the diaper bag to Barbara and pulled me to her wrapping her arms around me as my tears subsided and I felt better. My bladder had other ideas as I felt myself wet feeling the warmth spread throughout my diapers.

“Kathy, where would be a good place to put her diaper bag” Barbara asked?

“Well let’s see now” she thought. “Why don’t we put it back behind the counter? It will be okay there should you need it.” With that, Barbara handed Kathy the well stocked diaper bag and place it behind the counter out of the way. .

Once the excitement died down, Kathy introduced her staff to everyone. “Loren and Ellen will be doing your nails. Pedicures will be done by Janice and Coleen. Connie and Tamera are our hairstylists. Rachel and Anita are our make up girls. The last member of my staff is Karen. She is a licensed Dermatologist and laser technetium. Your little Princess will be spending some time with her. Candice, I think it would be helpful if you sat in on her first treatment so you will know what to expect.”

“I had planned on doing that anyhow” Candice said telling the others to get started with whatever they wanted. “Before we all get started” Candice said, “I want to take some photos of my diapered Princess before she starts her transformation.” Candice took photos from the front, sides and back showing the way I looked now with her cell phone before we got started.

Barbara and Stacy decided to have their feet done first and went with Janice and Coleen respectively.

Taking her baby girl buy the hand, she followed Karen back into the treatment room where they sat down to talk.

Karen was in early thirties about five four with strawberry blonde hair falling a few inches past her shoulders with lots of natural curl. She was dressed tastefully in a pair of black pants and a cream silk blouse and two inch heels. Her figure was pleasing to the eye with a warm smile and well manicured nails, most likely done here.

“Hi Candice, I am Karen and I will be doing the laser treatments for your adorable baby girl today good thing she is wearing diapers. We won’t need to worry about any interruptions. Oh yes, there is a bench in the ladies room you can use to change her if she needs it.”

“Thanks Karen, you just never know with baby girls like her as she never knows when she needs to be changed.” This drew giggles from both women as I felt my face worm with embarrassment.

“I’m sure you have questions before we get started, yes?”

“Yes and thank you. How many treatments do you think she will need” Candice asked? "She has very fine facial hair to begin with and not that much to begin with.

"Today, we will be doing her first treatment. She will probably need three to five treatments to permanently remove all of her facial hair. These treatments will be done here by me every two to four weeks.

“My plan for her is to have her face free of any hair. Had I thought about it, I would have started her on this course of treatment a few months ago but now’s as good a time as any. I do have a question though” she said?

“That being” Karen asked?

“Could you shape her eyebrows to look more feminine?”

“Yes, that won’t be a problem at all. We can take care of that today although we may need to refine things a bit where that is concerned.”

“Anything else before we bet started?”

“No” Candice said. “I will see to it that one of us will be with her during all of her treatments until the process is completed.”

“Glad to hear that. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to ask during the process” Karen said. With that, I was helped onto a padded table that was adjusted and my head elevated. “I’m going to secure your hands so you don’t try and interfere with the processes, okay?”

“Okay” I said and she secured them safely out of harm’s way and began the treatment.

Meanwhile in the main Salon, Barbara and Stacy stopped in the ladies’ room before making their way to over to where they would get a full pedicure treatment their feet being pampered and taken care of by Janice and Coleen.

Re: The Diaper Girl

Hello everyone, had a wonderful Holiday and wanted to post the next part of the story. I do appreciate the interest so far and hope you enjoy the next part.

The Diaper Girl
A Day At The
Beauty Salon
Part Two

“So tell me about this diapered sissy of yours” Janice asked? In her mid twenties, Janice was petite at five two with hazel eyes and chestnut brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. She was dressed comfortably in navy blue pants, pink ruffled top and a pair of black flats.

“Oh, she’s quite the sissy baby” Barbara said. "This is her first real public outing and one I’m sure she will remember for a long time to come.

“Where did you get such an adorable baby dress for her to wear” Coleen asked?

“Candice can tell you more about that than I can” Stacy said. “I do know there are companies out there that cater to sissy baby girls like her. In fact, she has a complete layette of baby girl clothes she wears all the time. Did you see those matching panties she is wearing” Stacy asked?

“Yes, they are adorable. They really accentuate her diapers.”

“Thanks Coleen” Barbara said. “They are also plastic lined as are all of her matching panties for all her baby dresses. They are in the same design and style as any baby girl would love to wear. She just loves them.”

“I can tell” Janice said. “I could hear them crinkle whenever she walks.”

“You’ll be seeing her soon enough” Stacy said. "I think Tamera will be doing her hair. It’s long enough now that she will be able to permanently style it in the manner of a three or four year old girl.

“She’s going to look so adorable when we get done with her” Coleen said. “Your baby girl will be so humiliated when the afternoon appointments start rolling in around one o’clock. Ms. Bradford and her young daughter Kylee will be the first to arrive. This is Kylee’s first time at the Salon and will be a big day for her. Connie is going to do her hair and from what her Mom says, she is very excited.”

“How old is she” Stacy asked?

“She just turned four a few months ago” Janice said.

“I bet she’s a little sweetie” Barbara said.

Meanwhile back in the treatment room, Karen was just finishing up my first treatment. It wasn’t all that uncomfortable and couldn’t really tell a difference but I would know it was working in a few days.

“I’m just finishing up her eyebrows now” Karen said. “I think you will agree they look much better and will only need a little touch up the next time she comes in for her next treatment.”

“They look lovely” Candice said. “They look very appropriate for a baby girl her age and definitely more feminine. Thank you so much Karen.”

“Oh you’re very welcome Candice. I understand Tamera will be doing her hair next?”

“Yes, she and I will be looking through a style book to determine the best look for her. I intend for her to have a style befitting a three or four old little girl” Candice said.

I felt my face flush with embarrassment knowing I would have no say as to my hairstyle. The fact that Candice would share such things with others reminded me that I had no input about such things and that matters such as these would be decided for me by others. I knew better than object as my bladder gave way and more warm wetness found its way into my waiting diapers. Candice thanked Karen for her assistance taking my by the hand as all of us made our way back into the main Salon.

“There’s that adorable baby girl” Kathy said. “How did her first treatment go Candice? I see her eyebrows have been reshaped in a more feminine manner.”

"Thanks Kathy, she came through it quite nicely. I’ll need to bring her back in a few weeks for her next treatment. Karen thinks it will take three to five treatments to achieve the results I want for her. Yes, her eyebrows do look much better and will only need a little touch up on her next visit.

“Wonderful” Kathy said. “It looks like we’ll be seeing her on a regular basis from now on. I think all the girls are looking forward to her transformation as I’m sure you are as well.”

“Oh yes, I think our baby girl will be a regular customer at your Salon. I only wish I had started things sooner but she has lots to look forward to, don’t you my diapered Princess?”

The thought of coming here on a regular basis filled me with a certain excitement. I was enjoying all the attention from everyone here but I also knew I would also be forced to endure much embarrassment and humiliation at the hands of the staff and other patrons. Like everything else in my life, I would have to get used to being taken out in public dressed as I was for whatever pleasure it brought to my female caretakers.

'Well then" Kathy said. “I think Tamera is ready to do her hair now. Why don’t we go over to her station and you can look through the style book with her and choose something appropriate for your little Miss” Karen said.

“Hey Tamera, this is Candice and her sweet baby girl. She is ready to have he hair done for the first time here. I’m sure you can come up with a fitting hairstyle for her. I’ll leave her in our capable hands” Kathy said.

Tamera was in her mid twenties with a lovely figure standing five four with blue eyes and shoulder length blond hair. Her breasts seemed overly large and hung low in her bra but still looked lovely none the less. She wore a light grey flouncy skirt coming just above the knees and a pink button down top adorned with lace accents. Light brown pantyhose and black heels completed her outfit.

“Oh, I’m sure we will” Tamera said turning her attention to me. “Well my little Princess, I will be doing your hair so I want you to sit in this chair for me, okay” she said? “Candice honey, do know if she is wet?”

Candice thought for a moment. She knew her baby girl probably was wet already but decided to humiliate her a little by letting Tamera check her diapers herself. "I don’t know for sure, could you check her diapers for me, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind.

I couldn’t believe what Candice just said. She had invited a complete stranger, someone I didn’t even know to perform such an intimate act as to check my diapers. I thought about just telling her that I was wet and she didn’t have to check them in front of everyone but thought better of it.

“Oh not a problem at all Candice” she said. “Are these the only panties she’s wearing over her diapers?”

“No, she has a pair of pink plastic panties under those. A little extra protection never hurts you know” Candice replied.

"I know what you mean, my daughter is the same way she said turning her attention to me. “Don’t you worry baby doll, I’m just going to check your diapers to see if you are wet. I do this for my daughter all the time.” Grasping the waistband of my plastic lined matching panties, Tamera pulled them down to my knees.

Hearing her friend in the station beside her, Connie came around in time to see Tamera pulling my panties down to my knees. “Checking to see if she is wet huh” Connie said giggling.

“Yeah, you can never tell about these things you know” Tamera remarked as she slipped two fingers under the leg band of my plastic panties. My face turned red with embarrassment as I saw Connie join her friend.

“Oh don’t worry sweetie, it’s natural for baby girls like you to be wet without even knowing they are” Connie said. “Well, what’s the verdict?”

“Yup, she’s wet alright but she’s wearing a big diaper so she will be okay for some time to come” Tamera said pulling up my matching panties. I’ think I’ll get a spare plastic cape and put it on the seat just in case. You never can be too careful you know." Retrieving another plastic cape, Tamera folded it and placed it on the sear and I was instructed to take a seat in the chair. “Connie is going to keep you company while Candice and I decide on a pretty hairstyle for you, okay?”

“Yes Miss. Tamers” I said knowing I would have to go along with whatever they decided on. I know they would pick something good and that meant I wouldn’t have to wear a hairpiece anymore.

After looking through the style book, both women came to a decision on the perfect style for Candice’s diapered Princess. I think we’re agreed on a variation on the pageboy style taking advantage of her longer hair. This will give you some options on how you want her to wear her hair. By keeping it longer in the back, you can elect to put it into pigtails on each side or put it into a ponytail.

“Her hair is long enough that you will be able to style it like this” Candice asked?

“Oh yes, no problem there. I will want to wash it first. I’m also thinking about adding some highlights to her hair or adding color. She has very dark, almost black hair and would like to lighten it a bit if it’s okay with you. I like her as a brunette. Let me show you what that would look like on her.” Tamera flipped through the style book finding a pageboy style model as a brunette. “This is what I envision for her. The color would bring out her eyes and once she’s made up, she’ll look so adorable!”

"To think she would look something like that would be perfectly fine with me and the other girls as well. Of course she won’t look exactly like that but she will come pretty lose, yes,

"Pretty close. I understand she is getting hair removal treatments and once they are done, you will have certain aspects of permanent make up done on her yes?

“Yes, she is already having her eyebrows done. I want her lips puffed out a little fuller done in a pink cupids bow. After that, I’m not sure.”

“I’m not sure who will be doing her make up this afternoon but you can share your thoughts with them. Why don’t we bring your little Princess back to have her hair washed and then we’ll go from there, shall we” Tamera said.

“Sounds wonderful Tamera, I will leave her in your capable hands and will be back a little later on. I think I’ll let those nice ladies take care of my feet for me, it’s been a while since I’ve had a relaxing pedicure” Candice said turning her attention to me. “You are going to be a good girl for Tamera while she does your hair for you, aren’t you?”

“Yes Miss. Candice” I said. “Is Miss. Tamera going to make me look pretty?” This drew giggles from both women.

“Yes my little Princess. When she is all done, you will look absolutely adorable! I can’t wait to see what she does with your hair. You will be so happy. Now give me a kiss and I will see you later.”

I did more than that giving her a hug as she kissed me full on the lips. Patting me on my diapered bottom smiling at me, she turned and walked off leaving me in the company of Miss. Tamera.

As Barbara and Stacy headed off to get their nails done, the caught sight of their baby girl being taken by the hand by Tamera to get her hair washed. “You think she’s enjoying herself” Stacy said?

“Yeah, but we’ll see how she’s feeling a little later this afternoon” Barbara said as the two girls reached their next station as Barbara paired off with Ellen and Stacy with Loren.

“Hey you two are you responsible for that adorable baby girl over there with Tamera” Ellen asked?

“We can’t take all the credit for that” Barbara said. “Candice has had a pretty big hand in her development as well.”

Ellen was a lovely young woman in her late twenties with a bubbly personality. She was a bit on the tall side at five eight with shoulder length brown hair and hazel eyes. Ellen had an infectious smile and looked good in whatever she wore. Today, she looked lovely in a knee length black skirt and light blue button front blouse with lace accents. Off black pantyhose and black heels rounded out the look.

Stacy and Barbara settled on nail color to match their feet. As the conversation carried on amongst the four women with Ellen and Loren asking questions about the adorable baby girl in the Salon, Candice stepped into the girl’s room before preparing to have her feet done by Coleen.

“Hi Candice” Coleen said. “It’s nice to have the three of or should I say the four of you with us today. How could I forget your adorable sissy baby? I have to admit that I’ve never heard of this sort of ting before but just love what you’ve done with her.”

“Thanks Coleen, It’s been a pleasure to have my baby girl with me now for over six months she will be with me as well as Barbara and Stacy for a very long time to come” Candice said.

“From what I hear, she has quite the collection of pretty clothes to wear. I just love the outfit you put her in today.”

"Thanks Coleen, this is her first public outing and wanted to be sure she was dressed appropriately for the occasion. The conversation carried on between the two of them as Candice enjoyed the pampering of her feet.

“Okay baby girl” Tamera said. Let’s get that hair of yours washed so I can turn it into an adorable hairstyle. I know you will love it when I’m all done. Taking my hand, we began to make our way to getting my hair washed when Anita slipped up behind us.

"Hey Tamera, I just had to take a peek at your little Miss about to get her hair done. “Hey sweetie pie, I’m Anita and I will be doing your make up a little later on so I’ll see you later, okay” she said patting me on my diapered bottom? “I think she’s just a little bit wet too” Anita said giggling. I flushed red with embarrassment that she had discovered me to be wet. Having seen this for herself, Tamera couldn’t help but have a big smile as she led me to get my hair washed.

“Is this the first time you’ve ever had you hair done in a Salon like this baby girl?”

I knew the answer to that question right away. Although I had always fantasized about getting all dolled up in a Salon like this, I never envisioned I would be doing it in wet diapers, plastic panties and a baby dress but nevertheless, here I was about to have this long held fantasy come to life in whatever form it too. So, I answered her “no Miss. Tamera, but I’ve always wanted to” I said.

“Well then, take one last look because this is the last time your hair will ever look like this. When I am done, you are going to look absolutely adorable! I want you to sit in this chair and I am going to wash your hair before we get started.”

I complied noticing the plastic sheet she placed on the chair no doubt to protect it. I looked at Tamera and then at the chair then positioned myself to be comfortable. She slowly reclined the chair until I was lying down with my head resting over a basin feeling the warm water getting my hair wet. It felt wonderful feeling her shampooing my hair feeling her fingers massage and work themselves into my scalp and enjoyed the attention.

The next thing I felt was more warm water running over my head as Tamera rinsed my hair thoroughly of all the shampoo and wrapping a towel around my head and vigorously toweling it dry, or as dry as a towel could get it. “I need you to be my good girl and sit under the dryer so your hair will dry completely so I can give you a pretty girlie hairstyle. You want to look like a pretty little girl, don’t you” Tamera asked?

“Yes Miss. Tamera” I said. She helped me out of the chair taking me by the hand and walked me over to the chairs with the hair dryers. Tamera sat me in one of them and lowered the dryer hood over my head and set the timer for twenty minutes and headed back to her station to clean up.

I looked around the Salon and saw Barbara and Stacy watching me their nails now dry. I watched as they both walked over to me. “Did Tamera wash your hair baby girl” Barbara asked?

“Yes Miss. Barbara, she said my hair has to dry so she can make it pretty” I said.

“That’s right” Stacy said. “That’s when she turns your hair into a pretty little girl’s hairstyle. I know you will love the way you will look. I think Tamera is ready to do your hair now.”

As I sat in the chair, Tamera prepared the hair color she would be using setting it on the counter. “Okay baby girl, now the fun begins. I’m going to turn you so that you can’t see what I am doing. I want it to be a surprise when you see your new hairstyle.” Tamera began to work the color into my hair. This took about twenty minutes and almost as long for me to wait for the color to set. After the better part of an hour, Tamera thoroughly washed my hair twice to ensure all the excess color had been removed. Tamera then dried and brushed out my hair.

“I think we’ll stop for now” Tamera said. “It’s just about noon and I think Candice has stepped out to pick up something for lunch for everyone. After lunch, I will cut and style your hair for you and we’ll be all done. This afternoon, Anita will do your make up for you. You would like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes Miss. Tamera” I said. Just then, I saw Barbara come to get me. Tamera explained that she would do the cut and style after lunch. “Why don’t you bring her in the back? I think Candice has lunch for everyone there” Tamera suggested.

“Sounds like a plan to me” Barbara said taking my hand and leading me towards the back into the break room for lunch. It was about that time when I thought I felt a familiar feeling I knew all too well and my facial expression didn’t go unnoticed by Barbara either.

“What’s a matter my sweet baby girl” Barbara asked? She knew I had felt the earliest signs that eventually I would be made to do something very humiliating in front of everyone.

I was embarrassed to say what I had to say out loud so I whispered into Barbara’s ear. “I think I felt a small cramp” I said to her.

“I don’t think there’s anything we can do about that now” Barbara said. “Let’s have some lunch and Tamera will do your hair afterwards.” During lunch, we all talked about what had happened so far that morning and what we had to look forward to that afternoon. There was one thing I wasn’t looking forward to but nothing could be done about that now. It was a little past twelve thirty when we went back into the main Salon to continue out day of pampering.

Barbara and Stacy would be doing make up and Candice was going to get her nails done. Stacy brought me over to Tamera who had a piece of plastic on the chair to protect it. As she was about to help me into the chair, I heard a ding in the background indicating the door had opened. What I didn’t know was that Ms. Bradford and her daughter Kylee had just arrived for their one o’clock appointment. Up to now, we had the place by ourselves as was planned by Kathy. Now, things were about to get interesting.

“Hello Claire” Kathy said turning her attention towards Kylee. “Hi there little Miss. We’re happy to have you this afternoon. Connie is going to do your hair today, what do think about that” Kathy said.

Claire was an attractive young women in her late twenties about five seven with lovely blonde hair well past her shoulders tastefully dressed in a periwinkle knee length dress, pantyhose and heels. Kylee was a smaller version of her Mother with the same blonde hair wearing a lovely yellow dress, white socks and black Mary Jane shoes.

“Kylee’s very excited today Kathy” Claire said. “She is getting her hair and nails done for the first time today. I see both Anita and Rachel are busy. If Ellen is available, I think I will get my nails done.”

“Certainly, why don’t you get your nails done and I’ll have Connie bring Kylee back to have her hair washed, we’ll make sure she gets the full treatment, okay” Kathy asked?

“Sounds good to me, thinks. Kylee honey, Mommy is going to have her nails done. Connie is going to bring you back to get your hair washed, okay?”

“Okay Mommy” Kylee said as Connie took her hand and began to head back to the hair washing station. As they passed the counter, Kylee saw the large pink bag Thee was no mistaking the kind of bag it was because she saw the word BABY in block letters and paused.

“Mommy” Kylee said.

“Yes honey, what’s wrong?”

“There is a big pink diaper bag here but I don’t see any babies, do you Mommy?”

Stepping around the counter where her daughter was, she also caught sight of the oversized diaper bag and wondered herself. “I don’t know honey” she said. I’ve never seen a diaper bag that large either. Perhaps it belongs to someone else. She kissed Kylee on the forehead and headed off to get her nails done as Connie took Kylee back to get her hair washed.

Having overheard much of the exchange between the little girl and her Mother, I felt the heat as my face turned red with embarrassment. It was enough that Kathy and her staff knew about me but now this little girl and her Mother did too and it was only a matter of time before she discovered me!

It didn’t take long for that to happen either. Tamera had the chair spun so it faced away from the mirror. As I was positioning myself in the chair, Connie and Kylee were walking back to the hair washing station when Kylee stopped dead in her tracks looking at me in the chair.

Everything was on display as she looked at me in my baby dress that did nothing to hide my very noticeable infantile underwear. “Why are you wearing diapers and a baby dress” she giggled pointing at me?

I was absolutely crushed and couldn’t even look at her much less answer here. Totally humiliated, I begged Tamera to turn the chair around so she couldn’t see me. I felt tears roll down my face as my bladder released sending more warm wetness into my diapers. As Connie led Kylee away still giggling, Tamera dried my tears telling me it was going to be okay as she clipped a plastic cape around my neck and proceeded to cut and style my hair.

As it turned out, Connie led Kylee to the station directly across from me as Tamera flashed her friend a knowing smile. Connie had placed a booster seat in the chair so Kylee would be at the right height so she could do her hair. As Connie worked on Kylee’s hair, she couldn’t get over what she had seen.

As Tamera continued to work on my hair, I heard more people enter the Salon. Oh no I thought. Everyone here is going to get a good look at me and know that I am nothing more then a sissy baby. To make matters worse, I could feel the cramps slowly increase in intensity and knew it was only a matter of time now until the inevasible happened.

Like Barbara and Stacy before her, Candice decided to match her colors with her feet as well. She looked across the table at her friend. Candice had been coming here for years and knew Kathy and everyone on her staff. Loren was a vivacious woman in her early thirties and a bit on the tall side with a decent figure to match. Even if Loren thought she was just a tad overweight. That was hardly the case but then women are their own worst critics, aren’t they?

Claire settled in across from Ellen to have her own nails done listening to Loren and Candice chat.

“That’s your little Princess getting her hair done with Tamera” Loren asked?

“Yes, it’s her first time here at the Salon. The three of us decided it would be a good experience for her. She’s always wanted to do this but am afraid it may be a bit embarrassing for her given her situation you know.”

“I do understand and hope things don’t become overly burdensome for her.”

“I’m afraid it may get worse for her before it gets better. She isn’t used to being seen in her current state of dress and will most likely be very humiliating for her but then she knew that when I talked to her about this and what she might expect.”

“Tamera told me that she had already been brought to tears earlier by a little girl who was getting her hair done as well. I understand she asked her some questions but was too embarrassed to answer. Tamera got her calmed down and is nearly done with her hair. I can’t wait to see her new look.”

“I can’t either; I’ve been waiting for this day for some time now. When everyone is done working their magic, she is going to look absolutely adorable. I think she is excited just as much as the rest of us are” Candice said.

Re: The Diaper Girl

Thank you for your continued interest in this story. Here is the next part, enjoy!

The Diaper Girl
A Day At The
Beauty Salon
Part Three

It was nearly two o’clock in the afternoon and the Salon was bustling with patrons waiting for appointments or just hanging out to catch up on the latest gossip. After all, you know how it can be in a place like this. One mother had brought her seventeen year old daughter with her because she apparently couldn’t be trusted to keep out of trouble and was protesting just being there.

Barbara and Stacy had finished up with make up and only had their hair yet to be done. “It looks like Tamera is all done with our baby girl” Stacy said. “Do you want her or Connie to do your hair?”

“I usually have Tamera do mine” Barbara said. “It looks like Anita is busy with someone right now and she’s going to do baby girl’s make up. You might want to get her diaper bag as I think she will need changing pretty soon.”

“I kind of thought so. I’ll bring her into the bathroom and take care of that.”

“All done” Tamera asked? “Do you like how you look?” She undid the cape turning my chair around so I could see what I looked like in the mirror. The cramps were getting more difficult to control but as I looked at my reflection, I was truly blown away. The image looking back at me was that of a baby girl, albeit somewhat larger than normal. The best part was that this was my own hair and unless you didn’t know already, you would have thought I was a girl to begin with.

“Yes” I said excitedly. As Tamera helped me out of the chair, I saw Barbara and Stacy approaching both with wide smiles of approval at my new look. I caught Kylee’s reflection in the mirror. Seeing me, she giggled saying “I know that is your diaper bag baby.”

I lost my concentration then. With everything I had, I tried to stop what was about to happen but I could not. I felt my bowels give way as their contents was expelled into my diapers. Almost immediately, I felt my bladder release and all I could do was stand there helplessly wetting and filling my diapers uncontrollably. My tears rolled down my face and my humiliation complete as everyone in the Salon was now witness to my infantile act.

At the front of the Salon, the mother with her wayward daughter took notice of the events as did everyone else there. “Oh look mom, that girl in the baby dress just messed her diapers, I can tell, that’s gross” she said.

“Watch it young lady” her mom said. You’re on thin ice with me as it is. Obviously, this form of shaming appears to have achieved the results those two ladies want. I’ve a good mind to try the same form of discipline to bring your own behavior in line if you don’t straighten up" she said. Those words had a chilling effect on her daughter because she didn’t have another thing to say about the matter.

Barbara wrapped her arms around me stroking my hair trying to reassure me that everything would be alright. “Stacy, can you get her diaper bag for me please?”

“Sure” she said going to the front counter getting the bag in question. On the way back, she stopped by Loren’s station and shared a few words with Candice then returning to Barbara and their baby girl.

“Tamera, I need to get our baby girl changed. Why don’t you go ahead and do Barbara’s hair and I’ll wait for Connie to finish up if that’s okay.”

Tamera watched the events unfold and felt bad for her charge. “No problem, I’ll let Connie know. I have to tell you that your little Princess was fidgeting towards the end but didn’t really know what the problem was, until after I helped her out of the chair. Why don’t you use the first bathroom? There’s a padded bench you can use to change her.”

“Thank you Tamera” Stacy said. I have a plastic changing mat along with all the other supplies I will need so everything will be protected. After I have her changed, Anita will be doing her make up when she is free."

“Okay, I will let her know. You can dispose of her soiled diaper in the dumpster. Just use the exit door in the lunch room, okay?”

“Thanks Tamera, you’re the best” Stacy said as she took my hand and led me into the bathroom locking the door behind us for privacy. Stacy placed the plastic changing mat on the bench and removed my plastic lined panties and I was told to lay down on the mat when she stripped away my pink plastic panties and placed them into a plastic bag. My messy diaper was removed and Stacy used several baby wipes to clean me up.

After I was oiled and powdered, Stacy slipped a fresh diaper under my bottom. Bringing the front of the diaper up between my legs, I had to spread my legs to accommodate the bulk as Stacy snugly taped it in place. She put a fresh pair of plastic panties on me and replaced my matching panties to my dress.

After repacking my diaper bag, she disposed of the diaper in the trash. Stacy brought me back out to where Tamera was doing Barbara’s hair. Stacy noticed Candice and Anita chatting.

“I think Anita is ready for your little Princess if you want to bring her over” Tamera said. “When you get back, Connie will be ready to do your hair.”

Candice was all smiles as Stacy and I approached. “Oh my goodness Stacy, I just love what Tamera has done with her hair” Candice said giving me a big hug kissing me on the forehead. “You look adorable baby girl! Are you ready to have Anita do your make up?”

“Yes Miss. Candice” I said looking at two girls who had stood up making their way back into the Salon proper. Candice followed my gaze and eyed the two girls suspiciously.

“If you think she looks adorable now, just wait until I get done with her” Anita said.

“Thanks Anita, I’ll leave her in your capable hands. I’m afraid there’s something I need to bring to Kathy’s attention” she said catching Kathy’s eye. As the two women came together, Candice related her suspicions regarding the two girls.

“Hi little Princess” Anita said. She could see that I was very nervous and a little upset. “Don’t worry sweetheart, no one here is going to let anything happen to you. It looks like Kathy and Candice are going to take care of the situation” Anita told me.

Kathy and Candice stood side by each blacking the entrance to the Salon proper as the two girls walked up.

“Can I help you girls this afternoon” Kathy asked?

“Yeah” the stockier one said. “We want to know what an overgrown sissy baby is doing in a place like this.”

“Yeah, we just want to check her out. We never seen anything like her before” the skinnier one said.

“I’m the owner of the Salon and I don’t think you will be checking anyone out here girls” Kathy said. “The two of you have trouble written all over you and this isn’t the first time I’ve seen you in here looking for trouble.” Kathy pulled out her cell phone and punched a few buttons. “I have two, they’re all yours. Thanks.”

“That sissy baby as you refer to her happens to be my daughter and neither one of you will be doing anything of the kind. I think it best if the two of you turned around and left” Candice told them." A ding could be heard in the background.

“Who are you lady, you going to make us?”

“No, I won’t have to. To answer your other question, it doesn’t matter who I am, but I wouldn’t turn around, I think someone’s here to assist you” Candice said.

Instinctively, both girls spun on their heels only to be confronted by a police officer looking dead at them. “I think it best that you take the lady’s advice and leave” he told them.

“Awe man, we just wanted to have a little fun with the sissy, that’s all.”

“You want to take any action against these two Kathy” the officer asked?

“Not this time Joe” Kathy said turning her attention to the two girls. “Girls, let me make myself perfectly clear. You are to consider yourselves persona non grata. In a language you can understand, the two of you are no longer welcome here. If I ever see either of you in my establishment again, I will have you arrested and you will be spending some time down at the county lock up. Do we understand each other” she addressed them?

“Yeah, yeah, yeah” they both grumbled.

“Hit the bricks girls, you heard the lady” Joe admonished them.

“Thanks Joe” Kathy said. Your next cut is on me, take it easy.

“Thanks Kat, you too, always glad to be of service” he said giving her a wave as he headed out into the afternoon.

“I don’t think we’ll be seeing those two anytime soon” Kathy said. "They are nothing but trouble.

“I hear you on that one” Candice said. “I’m all for a little humiliation where my diapered Princess is concerned, but I’ll not let any harm come to her in any fashion. I made her that promise when she became my baby girl and intend to stand by that with all that I have” Candice told her friend.

I had turned to watch the proceedings and was glad when those girls left the store breathing a bit easier now. I looked at Anita smiling at me.

“See, I told you they would take care of all of that. You won’t have to worry about those girls bothering you here again” she said. “Now that Tamera has worked her magic with your hair, let’s see what I can do about making my little Princess nice and pretty.” That brought a big smile to my face. I was feeling much better now, even as I felt the warm wetness spreading throughout my diapers.

Anita was on the tall side nearly five ten with dark hair and brown eyes. She looked to be tanned although it probably was her skin tone. She was casually dressed in a pair of medium blue pants and a form fitting ivory top that accentuated her full breasts. I could see the cups and lace tracings of her bra. I was fixated on them and she took notice of this.

“Do you like what you see Princess” she giggled smiling at me.

I felt my face flush with embarrassment wanting to answer her but couldn’t bring myself to do so. Instead, I just smiled at her and averted my eyes from her form.

“That’s okay baby girl” Anita said smiling at me. "The first thing I’m going to do is make your lips appear fuller. First, I’m going to put something on your lips that will make them feel cold that will open up the pours. After that, I will rub in some gel that will act as a stimulant and help to puff out the lips just a little making them appear fuller. This will give your mouth a more feminine appearance. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you Princess” Anita said?

“Yes Miss. Anita, especially if it makes me look more like a girl.”

She began by exfoliating my lips removing all the dirt and excess oils. “Okay” she said. “I’m going to apply the cream on your lips that will make them feel cold. You will feel some tingling but you will be fine.” She was as good as her word and within about five minutes, my lips did feel cold and I felt them start to tingle. She waited about ten minutes more for the cream to take full effect then gently wiped away the excess.

“Now” Anita said. “I’m going to apply the gel to both of your lips and you will feel a different sensation. It will feel like your lips are expanding but only by a little bit, but that is all we need to achieve the effect I want for you. I will let the gel work itself into your lips and it will take about an hour to take full effect. While that’s working, I will do the rest of your make up” she told me. I watched as Anita took a delicate brush and dipped it into a small jar and began applying it to first my lower than upper lip. After a while, I began to feel something but it was difficult to describe the feeling.

Connie and Tamera had finished doing Stacy’s and Barbara’s hair. They were both looking good and they exchanged a high five thanking their hairdressers with a hug and kiss on the cheek. “You too are the best” they said as they headed towards Candice and me.

While Anita was applying pink lipstick to my enhanced lips, she addressed Candice. “I’m just about done turning your baby girl into the sweet little Princess she is. I’m going to add some blusher to her cheeks but I understand Karen is giving her some laser treatments to remove facial hair, yes?”

“Yes, Karen wants me to bring her back in about three weeks for another treatment. She said it will take between three and five treatments total to achieve the results we want.”

“That’s good” Anita said. "When you bring your Princess back for her next laser treatment, I want to do a follow up treatment to further enhance her lips. As you can see, there has already been a subtle change in their fullness. You may see a little more improvement in the next few days. Once I give her the next treatment, the change will definitely be noticeable. I will need to treat her every six to eight weeks to maintain their fullness.

“You are awesome Anita; I already see an improvement and love what I see. Do you like what you see my sweet baby girl” Candice said? Anita held a large hand held mirror in front of me so I could see what I looked like. Seeing my reflection, I was elated. Turning towards Candice, I hugged her tightly expressing my immense pleasure and thanks.

“I’m glad you like your new look Princess” Candice said. “We still have to get your nails and feet done than your new look will be complete” as she kissed me on the cheek turning her attention to Anita. “I see that Rachel is tied up right now so I will get my hair done and finish up with make up.”

“Sounds good” Anita said. “I’ll be doing Ms. Bradford’s little girl Kylee’s make up. I’m sure Rachel will be available when your hair is done.” Anita looked at me asking; “Do you want your nails or feet done first Princess?”

I thought for a moment and said “nails please Miss. Anita.”

“Such a good girl” Anita smiled. “Let’s see if Ellen can take you now?” Anita glanced over at Ellen’s station calling: “Ellen?”

“Yeah hon.” she said.

“I have a little Princess with me who simply must have her nails done” Anita giggled.

“Oh do you now” Ellen said giggling.

“Oh yes, she has asked for you to come and get her, haven’t you Princess?”

“Yes Miss. Anita, I would like that very much.”

“Well then” Ellen said. “It’s not every day we have a Princess visit our Salon. I’ll be happy to accommodate her.”

“I think she would enjoy the attention”

“I’m sure she would, I’ll be right over to get her” Ellen giggled.

By this time, Barbara and Stacy had joined Candice and I, Ellen arrived moments later. Before I knew it, I had several women fawning over me and I loved the attention.

“Oh my goodness” Ellen said. “Is the same baby girl I saw earlier this morning? Because the little Princess standing here is just so adorable! I absolutely love her hair, don’t you girls?”

“We do too” Stacy said. “Tamera did such a wonderful job on her hair. It really makes all the difference.”

“There is no question our little Princess looks like an adorable baby girl now” Barbara said. “I love her make up too Anita, especially the way you were able to make her lips fuller. It just adds to the little girl effect.”

“She’s not quit done yet” Ellen said. I’m going to whisk her away and do her nails and then Coleen is going to do her feet."

“While she is getting her nails done, I’ll be spending a little time with Rachel. How are the two of you coming along” Candice asked?

“Barbara and I are pretty much done but we’re thinking about getting our underarms waxed and have Karen do that for us.”

As Candice settled in with Rachel, Barbara and Stacy headed back to see Karen. Ellen took me by the hand and walked me over to her station. With every step, my short skirts swished and I could hear the crinkle of my diapers and plastic panties. So could Ellen as she playfully squeezed my diapered bottom finding me to be quite wet. Having been surprised, I let out what sounded like a girlish squeal and this in turn elicited giggles from some of the others in the area. Ellen knew I was wet as she took my hand and smiled knowing I was enjoying her attention.

“You have such an adorable sweetheart” Rachel said. She was a statuesque woman nearly six feet tall with long blonde hair and green eyes. She wore a lovely print knee length dress, pantyhose and two inch heels that accentuated her shapely long legs.

“Thanks Rachel” Candice said. "I do believe she is soaking this up and really enjoying herself. I have a feeling she will end up being a regular here. I really wasn’t sure how she would be received but judging from what I’ve seen today, everyone here has really taken to her.

“I’ve been watching her too” Rachel said. Some of the girls have put her in embarrassing situations as you suggested seeing how she would react. I noticed she seemed to be enjoying the attention quite a bit if you ask me" she said with a giggle.

“You noticed that as well” Candice said. “I’m going to let you in on a little secret. She loves the embarrassment of having her diapers checked in a very public place such as this by other women. She is probably quite wet by now and I will want her changed again before we leave to go home. One of us would normally change her but I think I want one of girls to change her.”

I have the perfect person to do it and she is about to do you baby girl’s nails. I can tell that she enjoys the affections Ellen lavishes on her and if you ask me, she has a soft spot for your little Princess as well. I’ll get her to come down here on a ruse and hatch the plan."

Sitting in the chair across from her, Ellen took my hands in hers looking them over carefully. “Have you ever had your nails done professionally Princess” she asked?

“No” I said. “This is my first time and I’m very excited about all of this. I used to do my nails but it’s been a long time since I last did them.”

“In that case” Ellen said, “we’re going to do it right. Now, what color would you like me to use?”

“Pink” I said playfully.

“I should have known” Ellen giggled. “I never knew a Princess that didn’t like pink. You wait right here baby girl and I will be right back with some pink nail polish and we can get started, okay?”

“Hey Ellen” Rachel said. “Can you come here; I need your opinion on something?”

“Sure, I was going to get some nail polish for my little Princess here” she said turning her attention to me. “I’ll be right back with some pink nail polish baby girl.”

“Is she wet” Rachel asked?

“Oh yes, I would suggest she be changed before too long though” Ellen said.

“She likes you, doesn’t she” Candice asked?

“Yes, I rather think she does.”

“Good, that’s why you’re here” Rachel said. “I have the perfect way to put her in a very humiliating situation without undue harm to her, but rather embarrassing for her none the less. Are you up for that?”

Ellen thought about that for a moment. “Yes, I’ll play along” she said. The smile said it all.

“Good” Candice said. “When you’re done with her nails, I want you to check her diapers for us and let us know. She will obviously need to be changed but she will end up asking you to change her. It will be very embarrassing for her to have to do this but she will love every moment of it. She can even carry her diaper bag for you as you hold her hand.”

“Sounds like fun to me girls. You will know for sure when I am done with her” Ellen said and headed off to get the nail polish. “Yes” she thought to herself. “I don’t know why I have a soft spot for that little Princess, but I just do.”

Re: The Diaper Girl

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The Diaper Girl
A Day At The
Beauty Salon
Part Four

A short time later, Ellen returned with several bottles of pink nail polish placing them on the table. There was light pink, hot pink, coral pink, fuchsia, shiny pink and pink with sparkles and of course princess pink.

“Pick out your two favorite bottles and I’ll send you home with a bottle of each, how’s that” Ellen asked?

I knew which two I waned right away. Picking my choices, I separated them from the others placing them in front of me. They were of course the pink sparkles and princess pink. “Those are my favorites” I said cheerfully giving Ellen a big smile.

“They are perfect for a pretty little Princess like you” Ellen said pushing the others off to the side. “Now, you have to make a choice. Out of those two, which one do you want me to do your nails in? The one you don’t choose, Coleen will use on your toes, okay?”

Now that I knew I would get to use them both that made my decision easier. I thought for a minute and made my choice. “Can you use the pink sparkly one for my nails please” I asked?

“Sure Princess” she said and began working on my nails.

“I can’t thank you enough for doing our baby girl’s laser treatments. She is going to enjoy not having to use a razor there anymore. There is something else I have also been considering that perhaps you may or may not be able to help me with Karen.”

“What might that be” she asked?

“I would like all the hair removed from her private area as well if you know what I mean” Barbara said.

“Something like that would be easy enough to do. I have done the same thing for women as well. Her um privates will be more sensitive and she may experience a little more discomfort there but it’s only temporary. My only concern is what happens if she has to wet?”

I can always bring a disposable diaper and we could slide it underneath her and everything would be easily absorbed. My only concern is if she gets overly excited and well um you know" Stacy said feeling a bit embarrassed.

“Not to worry there” Karen said. I have some cream when applied to certain parts will produce a cold numbing effect essentially making her flaccid for about an hour. When it wears off, it’s back to normal again. I use it on women to decrease their own sensations for the same reason. Depending on how much hair she has, I would say no more than three treatments.

“Wonderful, I’ll talk to Candice about it. I’m sure she will want to have it done. You and the others have treated her so nicely” Barbara said. “I know Candice is just beside herself. She can’t believe the total change in how wonderful she looks.”

“Don’t you worry honey” Karen said. "Your little Princess is an absolute doll and I’m going to enjoy working on her. I think she has stolen all of our hearts. At first, I wasn’t sure how all of this was going to work, but Kathy gave us all a little background and I think that made all the difference.

“I can tell that our baby girl is enjoying the whole experience and is eating up all the attention she has been getting from everyone here” Stacy said. “When she sees before and after pictures, it is really going to hit home with her. I have a feeling Candice has plans on taking our diapered Princess out in public a lot more often now, don’t you Barb?”

"Oh you can be sure of that. At least she’ll be able to pass herself off as a little or better yet baby girl much easier now than beforehand. I’m sure she will feel somewhat embarrassed to be seen in by others in her current state of dress. But, I have a feeling she will be taken out under controlled situations to begin with.

“Well, she certainly looks like a little Princess” Karen said.

From where Candice was sitting getting her make up done, she could overhear Ellen asking me questions while working on my nails.

“You are one lucky baby girl to have three lovely women to look up to. I can tell they love and adore you very much. Do you like being their baby girl for them” she asked me?

“Yes Miss. Ellen” I said. I remember the first time I had to stand in front of Miss. Candice and Miss. Barbara in just my diapers, plastic panties and baby doll. I felt so embarrassed but I loved it. It was even worse when I had to submit to what they made me do" I felt my face flush warm.

“What was that” Ellen said smiling at me. I think she knew what my answer was but she wanted to hear it from me.

"When they made me, fill my diapers like a baby. That was one of the most humiliating experiences I ever had. Until then, nobody else had ever seen me dressed like that.

“Kind of like earlier today, huh” she asked me? Her eyes full of sympathy with that warm smile.

“I think today was worse in a way because I wasn’t expecting it and I tried so hard to hide it, but I just couldn’t. I thought everyone was going to laugh and make fun of me for what I did. I felt so humiliated but inside, I loved the experience. None of you made fun of me in a mean way and that made it feel a little better” I said feeling the first few tears.

“It’s okay Princess” Ellen said putting down her brush taking a tissue and wiped away the tears. “You may receive a little embarrassment and humiliation from us but we would never let anything happen that would hurt you. You see, Candice told Kathy a little about you and a few of your secrets and she shared them with us before you arrived today.”

“So you knew what was going to happen to me” I asked her?

“Yes Princess” Ellen said. “But that’s okay because that’s what baby girls like you are supposed to do, isn’t it?”

“Yes, but I didn’t want to” I couldn’t finish the sentence.

“That’s okay baby girl, Miss. Ellen knows all about your little secret and she wants you to tell her because we both know how it makes you feel, don’t we?”

I couldn’t believe what she was saying. Did Candice reveal this to her I wondered? She had to have. Otherwise, she would have no way of knowing about any of this. My nails wee being dried after the first coat of nail polish as I looked deep into her eyes. It felt like I had latched onto something. Or, was she reaching into the deepest parts of me discovering the pleasure I derived from living this lifestyle I loved so much.

“You know my secret, don’t you” I asked?

“Yes baby girl. I know how much you enjoy wetting and messing your diapers in front of other women and I also know you love the humiliation that comes from that, don’t you” she said.

"She knew, she really knew about that part of me. I wonder if the others did too but somehow I didn’t think they knew like Ellen did. I knew what I had to and I resolved to ask Candice about it tomorrow. All I know is that I felt myself getting wetter as I looked at her. “Yes Miss. Ellen, I love being a baby girl and everything about it. Including earlier today when I helplessly wet and filled my diapers in front of everyone.”

Ellen had drawn it all out of me. She knew my fantasies, my desires and my wanting to be exposed as I was to other women. Ellen smiled sweetly as she finished applying the top coat of clear polish and set my nails to dry. Soon enough, the plan between Candice, Ellen and Rachel would unfold and I had no idea it was coming.

There were a few teen girls hanging out in the front seating area of the Salon catching up on the latest gossip. Tamera and Coleen were busy with customers and Janice was cleaning out the foot bath from her last patron. Barbara and Stacy had finished up with Karen and were now in the main Salon unaware of what was about to happen. Connie was sweeping the floor around her station of all the hair while Loren was putting bottles of nail polish back on the rack.

“Well Princess, your nails look lovely” Ellen said. “Oh look, here are your Sisters Barbara and Stacy now. Aren’t her nails lovely girls” she said coming around from the other side of the table taking my hand in hers standing me up.

“You really did such a wonderful job on her nails” Stacy said. "They look lovely.

“Thanks, she was such a good girl during the whole process, weren’t you” she said not waiting for an answer but I nodded anyhow. “Oh my, I nearly forgot” Ellen giggled. “I was asked to do something.”

“What was that” Coleen asked?

"Oh, Candice asked me if I would check her baby girl’s diapers to see if she needs to be changed.

“Do you think she’s wet” Tamera asked?

“You know how baby girls can be Tamera” she said. They can never tell when they need to be changed." This comment drew giggles from the others nearby. My face burned with embarrassment as Barbara, Stacy and Candice smiled approvingly.

“Oh how well I know” Tamera said. “She is quite the little wetter at just a little over six months. I am still breast feeding her and it will be another year before I can think about potty training her.”

Hearing Tamera’s admissions about breastfeeding her baby girl, Candice motioned her to come over. Candice whispered some things in her ear and Tamera looked at me with a big smile telling Candice in hushed tones: "I wish I would have known beforehand, I have plenty of breast milk in the fridge at home. I’m making more than my baby girl can take right now. I could have brought some with me to give to you today.

“Oh that’s okay; you had no way of knowing until now. Are you sure you aren’t going to need them?”

“No, not at all” Tamera said. “I’ll bring it with me Monday and you can swing by and pick it up then if that’s okay” she said"

“You’re an angel” Candice said. My diapered Princess has wanted this for a very long time now. I don’t know how I could ever thank you."

“Don’t worry about that” Tamera said. When Ellen brings her back to be changed, I will accompany her as a new mommy. I know she will enjoy that very much as would I as it will lighten my load so to speak" she told Candice returning to her spot.

I couldn’t believe it! Tamera was a breastfeeding mother and that’s why her breasts looked the way they did, because they were full of breast milk. I cast my gaze in her direction to see her smiling back at me.

“Well, I don’t think Candice has any plans to ever have this little Princess potty trained” Ellen said. “Would you like me to check your diapers for you baby girl?”

I was totally embarrassed standing there in front of everyone about to have my diapers checked by this attractive lady. She already knew I was wet but the reason for this action was obvious to me and the others and only served to heighten my humiliation. I looked at her with a smile and simply said “yes.”

Ellen positioned herself in front of me taking hold of my matching plastic lined panties from both sides of the waistband and pulled them down to my knees where they dropped to the floor around my ankles exposing the pair of pink plastic panties I wore over my diapers. Ellen had me step out of them and she set them aside. The few teenage girls in the front of the store took note of what was happening and looked on giggling and referring to me as “that big baby girl” as they pointed at me. Kathy made sure they stayed in the front area of the Salon.

By this time, there were only a few patrons remaining in the Salon aside from our little group. Even the group of teen girls had left knowing there was less than an hour until closing time. Connie was doing Ms. Bradford’s hair and Kylee sat in a chair nearby her watching with wide eyed fascination.

“Time to check those diapers of your” Ellen said as she slipped a few fingers under the leg band of my pink plastic panties and probed my diapers already knowing what she would find. Withdrawing her fingers, she pronounced me wet saying; "Oh my, looks like we have a very wet baby girl on our hands and she definitely needs her diapers changed.

Kylee couldn’t help herself as she began giggling hysterically looking at me in my wet state. “Look mommy, her diapers are wet” she said. Connie turned the chair around so Ms. Bradford could see for herself.

“Yes Kylee honey, she looks like a very wet baby girl indeed” she said. "You are mommy’s big girl now and get to use the potty and wear big girl panties.

I was so humiliated at the turn of events. I looked first to Barbara then to Stacy asking them if they would take me to be changed.

“I’m sorry baby girl, we’re busy talking with the other girls right now” they both said. “Ellen told me that she would change your diapers for you. If you ask her nicely, I think she will be happy to take care of that for you” Stacy said. All three women smiled at my embarrassment as I made my way back to Ellen who was now smiling at me.

“What’s the matter Princess” Ellen asked me?

“Nothing” I said. “It’s just that well” I broke off my sentence unable to finish.

“It’s okay baby girl, I know what you want to ask me but I want to hear you say it.”

“In front of everyone” I asked?

“Yes Princess, in front of everyone” she said.

I couldn’t believe the situation I presently found myself in. I was standing in a Salon surrounded by several young women and a four year old little girl and her mother. I was wearing the most infantile attire and everyone knew I needed to be changed. My face flushed red as a fresh wave of humiliation washed over me. I did the only thing I could do. I turned to look at Ellen who had a sympathetic smile for me.

“Miss. Ellen” I asked?

“Yes baby girl” she answered.

“Would you please change my diapers for me” I asked her. I could feel a single tear forming as it began to roll down my face.

“Yes Princess, I will be happy to change those wet diapers for you.” As I was about to reach for her hand, I heard Candice say; “Tamera, would you please give Ellen a hand and get the diaper bag for her please?”

“I’d be happy to help” Tamera said retrieving my diaper bag and handing it to me to carry. There were warm smiles from the other women and a few giggles as Ellen picked up my matching panties taking my hand and led me into the women’s bathroom to have my diapers changed.

Searching through the diaper bag Tamera found the large pink changing pad and placed it on the bench instructing me to lay on it. “They sure know how to pack a diaper bag” Tamera said.

“Yeah, I’ll say. She’s got everything in here she needs” Ellen said pulling out one of the thick disposable diapers and all the other things she would need setting them nearby.

“Here, let me give you a hand” Tamera said. “I’ve had to change quite a few diapers and I guess I’ll change a lot more before I’m done” she giggled.

Between them, they stripped my plastic panties off and undid my wet diapers rolling them up and put them into a plastic bag to throw out later. Ellen took some baby wipes and cleaned all around my diaper area. I enjoyed her touch and she could tell I was getting aroused.

“Well now” Ellen said. “It looks like our baby girl is enjoying getting her diapers changed by us, doesn’t it Tamera?”

“It sure looks like it Ellen, I have a feeling this sort of thing happens often at diaper change time and I think we can come up with a solution to her little dilemma, don’t you?”

“I have an idea how to take care of her but I want her back in diapers and plastic panties first” Ellen giggled as she slid the fresh diaper underneath me and liberally oiled and powdered me. Tamera pulled the front of my diaper up between my legs and taped it snugly in place as Tamera pulled out a fresh pair of pink plastic panties out of my diaper bag and slid them up my legs and over my diapers.

“I want to look at those matching panties to her dress before you put them on her” Tamera said.

“They really are adorable, aren’t they” Ellen said as she handed them to Tamera.

She shook them out listening to the loud crinkling sounds they made. "These are exactly in the same style that I dress my baby girl in. I never knew they made baby clothes in larger sizes. I’ll have to ask Candice about these.

“I know” Ellen said. “Her baby dress is perfect in every way only made to fit her” she said turning her attention to me. “You enjoy wearing pretty baby girl clothes don’t you Princess?”

“Yes Miss. Ellen” I sand. “I have lots of pretty baby clothes that I wear all the time”

“I bet they are all just as pretty as you and I would love to see you in them. I know Tamera would enjoy seeing you in some of them wouldn’t you?”

“I would love to see your layette. These matching panties are just like the ones my baby girl wears only bigger. Perhaps the two of us could talk to Candice and make some arrangements to come visit you. Would you like that” Tamera asked?

“Yes, I would like that very much” I said

“It’s settled then” Ellen said as she folded the matching panties and placed them to the side leaving me in my pink plastic panties. “Since our little Princess was such a good girl during her diaper change, I think Tamera has something special in store for you, don’t you Tamera?”

“I certainly do Ellen. While I’m preparing for that, can you take care of her other little problem?”

"I’d love to Tamera. Let me dispose of this and I’ll be right back.

While Ellen was taking care of disposing of my wet diaper, Tamera began to undo the buttons of her top exposing her pretty nursing bra. By the time Ellen returned, she found me being positioned on the bench as Tamera undid one of the cups of her nursing bra, removing the wet pad covered in breast milk. As she pulled her swollen nipple and offered it to me, Ellen positioned herself so she had access to the front of my diapers.

“How did you know” I asked Tamera?

“Miss. Tamera knows your secrets baby girl and so does Miss. Ellen. It’s okay, we both know you want this, don’t you” she said?

My answer didn’t come in the form of words. Instead, I accepted what was being offered to me and took her swollen nipple into my mouth and gently began to suck in it feeling the warm sweet breast milk flow into my mouth. I wasn’t even aware that Ellen had her hand resting on the front my pink plastic panties or that I was wetting heavily into my diapers.

“That’s my good baby girl” Ellen said. “Not even ten minutes and already you are warm and wet.” She slowly massaged the front of my plastic panties feeling me respond as Tamera smiled down at me.

“Oh, I’m not surprised Ellen, baby girls like her just can’t seem to stay dry for long. This little Princess seems to find herself in wet diapers much of the time anyhow. I did notice one thing though.”

“What’s that” Ellen asked?

“She nurses just like my baby girl in that she is so gentle. She seems so oblivious to what is going on around her. I think she is enjoying our attention.”

I was paying no attention to the conversation between the two women. I was lost in my reverie aware of both the stimulation Ellen was evoking in me and the sweet taste that filled my mouth. When the flow stopped, I allowed her nipple to slip from my lips only to have Tamera undo the other cup of her bra and offer me her other breast. Once again, I allowed myself to take her nipple in my mouth as I began nursing again.

“I had no idea she desired this so much until Candice told me” Tamera said. Had I known ahead of time, I could have prepared a few baby bottles for her to take home with her."

“I wouldn’t worry too much Tamera” Ellen said. "I have a feeling this won’t be the last time we find our little Princess at your breast she giggled.

“I have a feeling you are right about that Ellen. I’ll probably be breastfeeding my little one for at least another six months, and I’m sure there will be more than enough for both my baby girls” she giggled.

As Ellen continued to bring me closer to my peak of pleasure, Tamera’s sweet breast milk filled my mouth as she cooed soft baby talk to me. All of this went on for a short while until Ellen pushed me over the edge as I tasted the last of the breast milk. Moments later, I felt a wave of sheer pleasure course through me as I filled my diapers with copious amounts of my baby girl cream.

As Tamera got new breast pads and closed her bra, I wrapped my arms around her neck kissing her on the cheek saying; “Thank you Tamera, you’ve made this baby girl very happy.” Turning next to Ellen, I also expressed my thanks to her as well. Both had warm smiles for me and I felt contented. As Tamera redressed herself, Ellen helped me back into my matching panties and moments later, we left the bathroom with Ellen carrying my diaper bag. Tamera had hold of one hand and Ellen the other as we entered the Salon again all smiles.

Candice, Barbara and Stacy were all sitting together as we approached. Ms. Bradford and Kylee were all done but for Kylee’s request. “Mommy, I need to go potty.”

“Okay honey, Mommy is going to pay Kathy and will take you then.”

“I can take her if you like” Coleen said.

“Thank you so much, I appreciate that” Ms. Bradford said.

“No problem” Coleen said. "She’s such a sweet girl.

“Well now” Barbara said. “It looks like our diapered Princess has made two new friends, haven’t you baby girl?”

"Yes Miss. Barbara I said with the biggest smile.

“She was such a good little girl during her diaper change” Ellen said.

“Your baby girl gave both of us hugs and kisses for helping her with her diaper change” Tamera added.

“That’s my good baby girl” Candice said. “We’ll have to have these two come for a visit so you can thank them more appropriately. You would enjoy that, wouldn’t you baby girl?”

“Yes Miss. Candice, very much” I said knowing what would be expected of me. Not that I objected in any way. In fact, I was very much looking forward to their coming to visit as it would most likely be an enjoyable time for all.

The Salon was all but empty now. Ms. Bradford and Kylee had left and the sitting area in front was empty as well. It was nearly five o’clock when Kathy illuminated the CLOSED sign and locked the door. As like this morning, our little party was all that remained.

I took tome more teasing as Coleen did my pedicure using the princess pink nail polish on my toes. It had been such a long time since I had my feet done that I had forgotten how wonderful they felt. While my toenails were drying, all three women paid a portion of what had been done during that day. As it turned out, Kathy and Candice had settled on a package price for the three of them with my services being offered at a discount.

My toenails now dry and my feet feeling wonderful, Stacy put my socks and shoes back on and we began to offer our thanks to everyone who had helped us throughout the day when Kathy called for everyone’s attention.

“I personally want to thank all of you for all you have done today to make this such a wonderful experience for my good friends here, including their little Princess here. I wasn’t sure how she would be received but you have taken to her like I hoped and because of that, it ahs been one of the best experiences she has ever had. I’m sure she will be returning with Candice or one of her Sisters” as Kathy liked to refer to them.

“I have one more surprise for you Princess” Candice said. “I know you have asked me in the past if you could get your ears pierced. Well, we are going to take care of that right now, aren’t we Kathy?”

“Yes Candice, we certainly are” Kathy said. Karen is going to take care of that now."

I was led to a chair and helped to sit as Kathy raised it up with a foot pedal. My earlobe was swabbed making it numb. She made a mark on the earlobe and picked up her piercing gun. Appling it to the earlobe, she activated it sending the pre loaded quarter karat simulated diamond earring through the spot Karen had made and pushed the small piece onto the sterling silver post until it locked in place. She then repeated the process with the other ear again securing the earring in place.

“There you go Princess, all done” she said explaining to Candice and the others how to swab around the earlobes for the next week or so to keep them clean. She also stressed that the earrings would need to stay in for the next six to eight weeks to ensure the holes would remain open.

“There is only one more thing to be done” Candice said as she took out her cell pone. "I’m going to take the same set of photos now that she is all done. Candice took photos from the same angles that she did before the process started. I wanted a photo of myself between Tamera and Ellen holding both their hands so Candice took a couple. Another was taken of me between Barbara and Stacy as well as one of Candice and me. The last to be taken was a group photo of all of her staff with me standing in front.

Candice had shown everyone the before and after photos and all agreed that I had undergone a total transformation and now looked absolutely adorable! There was another round of hugs as we said our good bye’s with promises to have Tamera and Ellen over soon. As Stacy took my hand and Barbara carried my diaper bag, Kathy let us out and locked the door behind us as we made our way to the car. I had wet heavily again but the diapers I was wearing would carry me until tomorrow morning. Once in the car, Candice started the engine and drove back home.

Re: The Diaper Girl

Hello again, apologies for the longer than usual delay in posting the next part to my story. Because of scheduling and other matters, I will be posting about every two weeks instead of every week. I didn’t want to leave the impression I had forgotten about the story. I am however nearing a point as regards the direction it will go. I am open to some possibilities. Thanks again and happy reading.

The Diaper Girl
Things Wished for
Things Received
Part One

Monday morning found me wetter than I was accustomed to being. So wet in fact that my babydolls and plastic panties were also quite wet as well as my crib sheets. That’s as far as it got though because of the plastic covered mattress. I didn’t have anything additional to drink last night save for my normal bedtime bottle of formula. Unless, it had been laced with a diuretic and that was always a possibility. It wouldn’t be first time someone would find me wet like this, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last.

Stacy stretched and yawned having had a fitful nights sleep. She felt something inside of her private place and recalled having used her favorite toy and being too tired or just because, she left it inside of her. Pulling the front of her panties down, she removed it and placed it on a napkin on her nightstand with intentions of washing it off. Stacy was thinking how nice it would be to have her baby girl provide her with some very special attention later today.

Barbara slipped out of bed knowing she would need to go into work today but she didn’t need to be there until around nine thirty. She went into the bathroom and freshened up before going to the Nursery. Candice was already up and about as Barbara stepped into the hallway. She could smell coffee brewing as she padded along the carpet still in her undies and babydolls.

Stacy went into her bathroom and stripped off her panties tossing them into her laundry basket and slipping into a fresh pair making sure to put a fresh Kotex in place. Having washed and stored her favorite toy she too headed towards the Nursery similarly attired as her girlfriend. She watched Barbara go into the Nursery and Stacy watched as she tended to their baby girl.

“Good morning Princess, Does Miss. Barbara have a wet baby girl this morning” she asked removing my pacifier?

“Yes Miss. Barbara” I said giggling as I smiled up at her.

“Such a silly baby girl, aren’t you” Barbara said? She lowered the side rail of my crib giving me a kiss on the cheek.

“Yes she is” Stacy said entering the Nursery slipping up beside Barbara smiling down at me. “My goodness, we have a very wet baby girl indeed this morning. Her sheets are wet too and will need to be changed as well as out little Princess” Stacy giggled.

“Oh, you’re right about that” Barbara said. “Do you think you could take care of that Stacy? I need to go into the Kopper Kettle this morning?”

“Sure, I think we can handle that. I’ll have our little laundress wash her own sheets and I’ll put a fresh set on for her. In fact, I may have her strip all the beds and wash all the sheets and make the beds again.”

“Sounds like a good idea” Barb said. “It’s been a while since the beds have been changed. Perhaps, if she does a good job, you might find a way to reward her” Barbara giggled smiling at me.

“Oh don’t worry about that Barb. I’m sure I can find a way to reward her. Perhaps we’ll give her a little incentive to do a good job” Stacy said.

“What did you have in mind” Barbara asked knowing what that might be?

“Watch this” Stacy said as she slipped her arm around Barbara’s waist as she put hers around Stacy standing in front of my crib. “Hey baby girl, would you like to watch the two of us have a little fun together” Stacy asked me?

I love seeing my two big sisters together like this. Especially when they are dressed the way they are now in their bra, panties and babydolls. “Yes Miss. Stacy” I said. I love watching you two play together" as they both smiled at me.

“Did you expect any other answer” Barbara said as she pulled Stacy into her embrace as they began kissing warmly as Stacy’s fingertips found the soft fabric of Barbara’s bra caressing her soft but firm breast.

“I see you remembered to use a fresh pad this morning” Barbara said feeling the fresh Kotex in Stacy’s panties.

“Good thing too” she said. “The one last night ended up soaking wet.”

“I wonder how that happened” Barbara giggled.

“Let’s see now, I seem to remember something about a favorite little toy of mine and leaving it on too long” Stacy chirped.

“Well, I have a feeling this one may not stay dry too long either. Good thing we have a good supply” Barbara said as Stacy’s manipulations had their effect on Barbara causing her to release into her pad. Stacy knew it wouldn’t take much to bring her to orgasm.

“Who needs a fresh pad now” Stacy giggled.

“It’s your entire fault too girl” Barbara retorted.

“I don’t hear any complaints, do you Princess?”

It was my turn to giggle as Barbara suggested they might continue this later on. “I think we’ll have to have our baby girl join us too” Stacy said. "I’d better get her changed before breakfast. Then it will be time to do some laundry.

While Barbara went back to her bedroom to dress for the day, Stacy took me to the changing table and stripped off my wet plastic panties and removed my soaked diapers. After a nice bath, Stacy penetrated me with one of my new dilators and put me in cloth diapers and plastic panties. She put a new babydoll on me saying “We’ll get you properly dressed for doing laundry after breakfast and a formula feeding.”

A short time later found everyone in the kitchen having a yummy breakfast before Barbara left for work giving everyone a kiss before she left. While Stacy and Candice sat at the kitchen table discussing the day, I was finishing up my breakfast.

“I’m going to be taking care of some household matters this morning and making some calls as well” Candice said. “I need you to go to the grocery store and do some shopping for me.”

“Do you have a list made up or do I need to make one” Stacy asked?

“I have one started. You can look it over and if you can think of anything else we need, put it on the list” she said.

“Are there any other errands you need me to take care of while I am out?”

"No, I don’t believe so.

“Miss. Candice” I asked from my highchair?

“Yes my sweet baby girl.”

“My crib sheets are all wet” I said.

“Well now, I wonder how that could have happened” Candice chuckled.

“I was a wet baby girl this morning.”

“She certainly was” Stacy added. “I’ve brought her sheets down to the laundry room and stripped the other two beds as well for when she does the laundry later on.”

“You’re also a very adorable baby girl” Candice said. “I just love your new look now. It’s everything I hoped for and more.”

“Barb and I are so taken with her total transformation. It’s going to take a while for all of this to sink in, especially for her. I’m going to get her dressed and start her on the laundry. Then, I’ll get to the store and do the shopping. If I start her on a formula feeding before I go, can you check up on her?”

“Sure, I’ll probably be in the study taking care of things. Be sure to bring her by to I can see her model her pretty outfit for me” Candice said.

“I’m sure she can’t wait to show off her new look to you anyhow” Stacy said.

“Alright baby girl, lets get you upstairs and find something pretty for you to wear” Stacy said taking my hand as we went up to my Nursery. Opening the doors of my closet, Stacy looked at all the possibilities. “How about a pretty vinyl baby dress and matching panties for my Princess today” she said.

I nodded In agreement smiling at her, not that I had a choice in the matter but knowing anything she chose for me to wear would be appropriate for me. She selected a high wasted solid pink baby dress and a white vinyl pinafore that would serve as my apron. She also selected one of my white nylon shells to wear underneath as well as a vinyl petticoat vest and proceeded to dress me.

After she had me in the nylon shell, she pulled up my matching panties and adjusted them for fit. The petticoat, dress and pinafore followed and she put white ruffled socks and my Mary Jane shoes on my feet. She took two wide white satin ribbons and tied my hair in pigtails. A little lipstick and blush was all that was needed to complete the look and she brought me back down to show Candice.

“Oh my goodness” Candice said. “You are absolutely adorable Princess! I love seeing her in vinyl baby clothes Stacy, great choice, considering she will be doing the laundry today.”

“I know” she said. “I think we were thinking along the same lines. That’s why I dressed her as I did. I just love these darling matching panties and the gorgeous vinyl ruffles.”

"I love what you’ve done with her hair too, it’s so appropriate. I’ll get her started on the laundry while you’re at the store.

Shortly after Stacy left, Candice started me on the laundry doing all of the bed linens including my own wet crib sheets. It was a good thing I was wearing a vinyl dress because In the process of doing things, water got splashed on my dress. I took a towel and wiped it off. “Thank goodness for vinyl baby clothes” I thought to myself.

Barbara was at the Kopper Kettle and wouldn’t be back until later that afternoon. Stacy was doing some grocery shopping and would be home soon. Candice was in the study tending to some household bookkeeping matters when she heard her cell phone go off. Looking at her phone, she noticed the number belonging to Mary of the Genetics Lab and answered the call.


“Hello, this is Mary from the Genetics Lab. Is this Candice?”

“Yes, good morning Mary, how are you?”

“I’m wonderful considering I have some good news for you.”

“Fantastic! I love good news on a Monday” she said.

“Well good, can you stop by the Lab today and pick up your special formula” Mary asked?

“How does early this afternoon sound? Stacy will be back soon and can babysit our baby girl. I also have another errand to take care of as well so that will work out fine.”

“Sounds good” Mary said. “We’ll talk when you get here.”

“Okay Mary, see you then” Candice said and disconnected the call.

It was a little after eleven o’clock when Stacy returned from the grocery store bringing in bags from the car setting them down on the counter. That’s when she noticed me in my highchair taking my formula feeding. Candice joined her in the kitchen helping her to put everything away. “I need to see you in the study, something’s come up” Candice said.

Stacy wasn’t sure she liked the sound of that but followed her into the study and closed the door. “What’s up” she asked?

“I got a call from Mary a little over an hour ago” Candice said.

“From the Genetics Lab” Stacy asked?

“Yes, good news. Remember those samples I gave her a couple weeks ago?”

“Yeah” she asked?

“Well guess what, baby girl’s special formula is ready and I need to go over there and pick it up this afternoon.”

“That is good news” Stacy said. “Barbara will be pleased as well.”

“Yes, that’s for sure. I’m also stopping by the Salon first to see Tamera. She told me she would bring some breast milk she had already pumped for our diapered Princess to enjoy. Depending on how much she brings, I am going to drop some off with Mary to have them synthesize it so our baby girl will have all the breast milk she wants, even if she’s not getting it straight from the source.”

“Oh Candi, that’s wonderful news. I love the idea of having the breast milk synthesized. Did I say you were awesome” Stacy said as she pulled Candice towards her on impulse kissing her full on the lips.

“I love the way you kiss Stacy” she said. “I wonder what other talents you might be hiding from me” she giggled. Stacy blushed deeply and smiled. Candice hadn’t forgotten about the second part of Stacy’s initiation so to speak. She wanted to see how receptive Stacy would be towards her. Candice was now one step closer to that end and would know soon enough when the time would be right.

“While you are out and about taking care of that, I’ll help our baby girl make up the beds once everything is done in the dryer.”

“I want you to give our little Princess a formula feeding this afternoon while I am gone. I’ll show you the bag I want her to have as it contains laxatives and diuretics. As you can imagine, I want her in wet messy diapers in the morning when she wakes up” Candice said. "I’m also going to stop at the medical supply store and pick up a couple things we will need to administer her special formula.

"I’ll be happy to do that: Stacy replied. “It’s been a while since she’s had that pleasure” Stacy giggled. “If I end up changing her later today, I’ll be sure to use the incontinence plug on her.”

“Okay then, Barb should be home around three thirty this afternoon. I’ll want the three of us to sit down and discuss how best to introduce her to this” Candice said. “If there’s any housework that needs doing, you can have our little diapered Maid take care of that for us as well.”

“Never hurts to run the vacuum” Stacy said. “I’m sure I can find something to keep her busy after we make up the beds.” With that, the two women left the study returning to the kitchen.

“I have a few errands to run this afternoon Princess. Stacy will be in charge while I’m gone, so be a good girl for her” Candice said kissing her on the cheek and headed out to the car.

Candice slipped into a parking spot by the font door of Kathy’s Salon and went inside. Things looked quiet this afternoon. Everyone was at work and not much was happening. There was an older woman getting her hair done and a twenty something getting a pedicure. There was an older fellow in the front sitting in a chair reading the paper, probably the woman’s husband.

“Hey Kathy” she said.

“A lovely afternoon to you too Candice, you’re looking lovely today” said Kathy.

“Why thank you, I think a few of your lovely ladies had a little something to do with that” Candice said.

“Well, if you say so” Kathy teases. “I think Tamera is in the back room and is expecting you I believe.”

Ellen saw Candice walking slowly through the Salon and walked up alongside her slipping her arm through hers. “How’s that adorable Princess of yours doing” Ellen asked?

“I’ll tell you Ellen, I think she has a crush on you big time” Candice said. “She even asked when you could come over to see her Nursery. It’s only been a couple days but I still can’t believe the transformation.”

“Oh I know” Ellen said. “So she really wants me to come over?”

“Oh yes, both you and Tamera. It’s her I’ve come to see this afternoon” she said as they neared the back room knocking softly.

“Come in” Tamera said as she put fresh Nursing pads into her bra and was about to close it up when Ellen and Candice walked in.

“Oh no, it looks like we interrupted something” Ellen said closing the door giving the women some privacy for the moment.

“Nope, I’m just getting done with another pumping session. I want to keep my milk production as high as possible so I don’t run short” Tamera said.

“Just how many babies are you breastfeeding these days Tamera” Ellen teased?

“Well, let’s see now. There’s my little girl and then there’s that adorable little Princess who was here the other day” Tamera giggled. “We can’t let the poor things go hungry, now can we?”

“Why of course not” Ellen said. “I wouldn’t hear of such a thing. I have a feeling that’s why Candice is here this afternoon.”

“Well, it’s a good thing she’s here because I have something special for her baby girl I think she is going to enjoy very much” Tamera said as she got up pulling on her blouse and fastening it again. Going to the refrigerator, Tamera opened the door and removed one of those insulated carriers that people bring lunches to work in and set it on the table.

Unzipping the bag revealed four bags of breast milk, more than Candice had anticipated she might have.

“Oh Tamera, are you sure you want me to have all of this” Candice asked? “I want you to have all you need for your baby girl at home.”

“Not to worry Candice” she said. “I have more at home in my refrigerator. I’ll be pumping more an a few hours anyhow and besides, I pump or breastfeed sit to eight times a day. If my milk production stays at these levels for the next few weeks, you’re apt to end up with more for your little Princess.”

“She certainly can’t thank you enough and neither can I. When it’s convenient for the two of you, I’d love to have you both over to spend the day” Candice said. “I’ll be bringing my diapered Princess by soon enough and we can talk more about it then.”

“Sounds like it could be a lot of fun” Ellen said.

“It certainly does at that” said Tamera.

“Okay then, we’ll keep in touch and thanks again Tamera” Candice said as she took the bag and walked through the Salon giving everyone a wave good bye and headed out to her car. She had one more stop to make before heading home.

Candice was pleased as she made the drive across town to see Mary. She had enough breast milk to leave her a sample with which to use as a sample to make more. She would of course have it synthesized in volume so as to have a good supply for her baby girl. It would be easy enough to put it into bottles and warmed to the right temperature for Nursing. She had already decided to surprise her diapered Princess with a warm bottle of her new special formula this evening but not reveal its contents to her, at least not right away.

Pulling into a parking space, Candice took the carry bag with the breast milk in it and headed towards the Genetics Lab and to Mary’s office. She rang the buzzer announcing her arrival and Mary buzzed her in.

“That’s my good girl” Stacy said as she picked up the laundry basket containing all the bed linens as I followed her upstairs to help make all the beds. They stopped in Candice and Barbara’s bedroom and folded all the clean sheets and Stacy stored them in the linen closet taking fresh sets of sheets to replace them. We spent the next half hour making up both beds as well as my crib taking the laundry basket back downstairs.

“Let me show you what I have for you” Mary said as she led me to what was referred to as the controlled climate storage room cooled to forty five degrees with commercial walk in coolers and freezers. Selecting one of the coolers, Mary opened the door and we walked in as Mary pulled the door closed. Consulting a chart on the wall, she moved over to a shelf pointing out two identical two and a half gallon sealed containers.

“This is what the samples you submitted brought you” Mary said. “I would suggest you keep these containers in a refrigerator to preserve its contents. I’m sending you home with a good supply to get you started. I will have another equal prepared and stored for you so you won’t have to wait for more to be made” Mary said as she gathered the two containers and walking back to her office.

Back in her office, Mary set the two containers on her desk as Candice examined them. The containers themselves were clear see through and the contents inside an opaque milky white substance. The containers were capped at the top. There was a pushbutton dispenser located near the bottom of each dispenser making for easy collection of the contents inside. It would be easy to fill bottles or formula bags from these containers Candice thought. She would store the containers in her old refrigerator in the garage. It was an older model but still worked well. Candice made a not to stop and pick up a couple plastic gallon bottles. One for the special formula and one for the breast milk when it was ready.

“So how’s that diapered sissy baby of yours these days Candice” Mary asked?

“She’s very happy these days given her new look so to speak” Candice said.

“Sounds promising” Marry said. “Anything like the way she looks in the photo you gave me?” Mary took the photo out of her desk drawer giving it to Candice.

“Oh no” Candice said. “She doesn’t look anything like this now. Do you want to see a new photo of her?” You’re not going to believe what you see" Candice said. “I have a few photos of her made over. Would you like to see them?”

“Yes” Mary said and Candice pulled up the photos of her diapered Princess showing off her new look. Mary couldn’t believe what she was looking at. These pictures were so different from the one she had. “Wow, I can’t believe the difference in how she looks. You would never know she was ever a male to begin with” Mary said.

“I know. That’s the reason I had her completely made over. I’ll soon be taking her out in public as it pleases me” Candice said. “My diapered Princess had a change do something she has always wanted to do.”

“What was that” Mary asked?

“She got to breastfeed from a lactating young woman and taste her breast milk” Candice said.

“Lucky baby girl” Mary giggled.

“Yeah, I’ll say. I’m very happy for her. She was able to pump some breast milk and gave me some to bring home for my baby girl. I have enough here that I want to leave you with some and have it synthesized if I can” Candice asked? “This way, she will always have a good supply. I’ll be happy to pay whatever costs that might be involved in having this done.”

“Let’s have a look at what you have here” Mary said.

Candice opened the insulated bag and retrieved one of the bags inside handing it to Mary.

“Yes, I think we can keep this in storage for you with your other sample as well” Mary said. “How much breast milk would you like to have made?”

“I’m thinking at least one of these containers to start with and possibly two if they can swing it. Just let me know how much it’s going to cost to make this happen. Hopefully this time it will be more reasonable.”

“No, not nearly that much” Mary said. “I think five hundred should cover it. You’ll be able to get whatever you need whenever you need it.”

“I never bothered to ask but why so much the first time” Candice asked? Taking out her checkbook, she wrote a check for five hundred and gave it to Mary who in turn gave her a receipt as proof of payment.

“If you asked Raymond the same question, he would have told you that got you into the system. Honestly, much of that went into his bank account but I didn’t ell you that” Mary said.

“I can handle that easily enough” Candice explained. “Besides, these are the only two samples I anticipate keeping here. As long as I can get what I need when I need it, I’m okay with that. Don’t worry; I’ve forgotten what you said earlier.”

“I got the impression you did” Mary giggled. “Don’t worry though, just give me a call when you need something and I’ll see that you get it. I still want to see that Princess of yours, even more so now.”

“You can count on that. Please give me a buzz when this is ready and we’ll see about getting you over for the afternoon” Candice said.

“Sounds good to me” Mary said.

“Oh by the way, do you have a couple of those collection containers like the ones we submitted the samples in” Candice asked? “I’ll be meeting with some young women and they may want to take part in the study if you know what I mean” she said smiling.

“Yes, I know exactly what you mean” Mary said smiling as she went to a cabinet and took out a small box. “There are six in here. I trust that will meet your needs for now?”

“Yes, that should do for now” Candice said tucking the small box into her purse. “As the samples will be similar to the first ones, I’ll be sure to label them accordingly by name for easy reference later on” Candice said.

"I’ll give you a call when the breast milk is ready for you to pick up then.

Candice put the insulated bag over her shoulder and grabbed a container in each hand as Mary held the door open. A few minutes later, Candice had the two containers safely secured. Placing the other bag on the seat beside her, Candice made the drive home.

Re: The Diaper Girl

I really enjoyed your story to this point :slight_smile: There’s a couple of things that I think would add to her experience I feel. Given our hero sometime wakes up before a grownup comes to get her when she’s already awake in her crib she needs some crib toys like these to help keep her amused: . Also you’ve noted a few times sometimes she spends the evening in the living room on a couch watching tv - if there was a playpen in there with age appropriate toys it would give her something to do if the big girl entertainment is boring to her baby girl sensibilities, plus they’re easier to clean than a couch if her diaper leaks, plus that gives the opportunity for baby girl play training, and more humiliating comments from visitors about the oversized playpen… :slight_smile:

hugs and waves

Re: The Diaper Girl

Hello and thanks for the input. Some good ideas for sure and will try and work them in as I write my next chapter. I have a handful already written and ready to go. I have encountered something of a writer’s block and perhaps this can get me going again. That being said, here is the next installment and hope you find it as enjoyable. As always, comments are welcome. Hugs and happy reading.

The Diaper Girl
Things Wished for
Things Received
Part Two

While Candice was at the Genetics Lab, I was running the vacuum cleaner in the living room and doing some dusting as well as tiding up in the kitchen. Stacy was true to her word and kept me busy for a few hours. It was almost three o’clock when I was finished. Stacy checked my diapers pronouncing me wet but not so much so that I had to be changed right away.

Following Candice’s edict, Stacy put me in my highchair and secured me in with the restraining straps keeping my hands in my lap safely out of the way, she locked the tray in place. After securing my pacifier gag firmly in place, Stacy retrieved the formula bag intended for me and hung it on the pole behind me. Attaching the tubing to the bag and the opening in my pacifier, she adjusted the flow rate and watched as I had little choice but take the formula that was offered to me. To say I was unsure of what results I might expect was not entirely true. In fact, I had a pretty good idea of what would be in store for me. The only question left unanswered was when it would happen.

Stacy was relaxing on the sofa when I heard the soft purr of the garage door opening signaling that Candice had returned. Stacy heard the car pull into the garage and the sound of the door closing. Candice retrieved the containers of my special formula and placed them in the refrigerator filling one of the gallon containers and putting it with the others with the intention of bringing it in later. She also placed the insulated cooler with the breast milk on another shelf closing the door. Moments later, the sound of Candice’s heels could be heard on the tile floor of the kitchen.

“Hey Stacy, how are things going” Candice asked?

“Well as you can see, our diapered Princess is taking her formula feeding as you requested after having been kept busy this afternoon taking care of some of her domestic responsibilities. I think you’ll find she’s been busy upstairs as well” Stacy said.

“I see the kitchen looks nice and clean, did you take care of that for me baby girl?”

Unable to answer, I nodded my head in the affirmative as I gulped down another mouth full of formula hoping the bag would be empty soon.

“Miss. Candice is very happy to hear that” she said. Once Barbara gets home, I think we may have a special treat for you. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?"

Again, I nodded my head in agreement.

As it happened, we didn’t have long to wait for Barbara’s arrival as she walked in the front door about ten minutes after Candice had arrived home.

“I’m home” Barbara announced closing the door behind her. “It looks like someone’s been busy today. The living room looks nice and neat” she said making her way into the kitchen finding both Stacy and Candice.

Barbara gave me a big smile seeing me in the highchair, knowing it was me that spent the afternoon cleaning. Putting her purse down, she came over to give me a kiss but seeing the formula bag was empty, she disconnected the tubing, removed my pacifier and released me from the highchair giving me a hug and kiss.

“How did things go today” Candice asked?

“Pretty much what you might expect for a Monday” Barbara answered.

“That’s good to hear” Stacy said. “The purveyors will be coming in tomorrow with orders that I’ll have to get checked in but other than that, I’m hoping for an easy day.”

“I need to see the two of you in the study in a little bit” Candice said turning her attention to me. “I know you washed the sheets today and thank you for that my Princess. I need you to wash your cloth diapers. The supply in your Nursery is getting a little low.”

“Yes Miss. Candice” I told her and went upstairs to get the large diaper pail full of cloth diapers bringing it down to the laundry room to wash. I put on the vinyl apron hanging in the laundry room and began to fill the washer with laundry soap and hot water adding cloth diapers to be washed.

“I’ll see the two of you in the study now” Candice said. Stacy slipped upstairs and retrieved a small plastic bag and joined the others.

Safely ensconced in the study, Candice brought everyone up to date on the day’s happenings from her perspective. “First of all, I’m happy to say that baby girl’s special formula is sitting in the refrigerator in the garage. There is also a cooler containing three bags of breast milk given to me by Tamera this morning.”

“Oh, that’s exciting news” Barbara said. She’ll be a happy baby girl when she finds out."

“Perhaps, but we’ll get back to that shortly. I should tell you that there were four bags of breast milk.” Candice let the silence hang in the air until Barbara wanted to know what happened to it. “After I left the Salon, I went to the Genetics Lab to talk to Mary and pick up the special formula. I also left the fourth bag of breast milk with her so it too could be synthesized. I didn’t want an opportunity like this to pass us by without taking advantage of it.”

“Ever the opportunist” Stacy said.

“Why thank you Stacy” Candice said. “I like to take advantage of a situation when I can. We do have to give some thought on how best to administer her special formula, any suggestions?”

“For purposes of formula feedings” Barbara said, “I have a suggestion. Why not combine equal parts breast milk and her special formula referring to the synthesized female orgasm of course together and add laxatives, diuretics and stool softeners as needed” Barb suggested.

“I love your idea and was thinking along the same lines. There will be times when we can give her a warm bottle of breast milk, special formula or a mixture of both” Candice said.

“Stacy, what’s in that bag you have” Barbara wanted to know?

"I thought you would never ask. I have a little present for our diapered Princess.

Stacy reached into her bag and pulled out item wrapped in plastic and handed it to Barbara. She examined the object and asked; “Is this what I think it is?”

“Yes it is exactly what you think it is. It is a penis gag and it has a hole in it so baby girl can wear it for extended periods of time. What’s even better is that it can also double as a feeding gag for certain things if you know what I mean.”

“I know exactly what you mean” Barbara said. “Now that we have the synthetic female orgasm, we can fill her bottom full of the stuff and penetrate her with her new penis dildo and put her into cloth diapers and plastic panties.”

Candice was quick to pick up on the direction this was headed and said; “We can secure her in the highchair and fill her mouth with the penis gag. Then, we can put a warm formula bag on the pole, attach a piece of tubing and feed it to her.”

“This way” Stacy said, “she’ll be getting it from both ends and loving every minute of it! We’ll have so much fun putting this to use on her.”

“Stacy, let me have a closer look at that, do you mind if I open it” Candice asked?

“Not at all” she said cutting away the plastic wrapping handing the gag to Candice who examined more closely. The gag itself was about two inches long and made of a solid rubber. The front of the gag had a pink leather covering with a small hole in the center. The attached buckle strap was long enough that it could easily be secured behind the head with the straps being one inch wide. Candice was very impressed with the design.

“If you want to take her experience with this to a whole new level” Stacy said. I have another suggestion."

“I believe you have our undivided attention” Barbara giggled and Candice followed.

“Good, because I think we are all going to enjoy this aspect of it” she said. “For this to be most effective, we’ll want to titillate our baby girl by modeling for her in our bra, panties and other lingerie.”

“We do that regularly for her anyhow” Barbara said.

“True, but let me complete that statement” Stacy said. “About fifteen to twenty minutes before you want to feed her some of her special formula, you will want to burry the penis gag inside of you hiding the straps behind the fabric of your panties so she doesn’t see them. After you hang the formula bag in place, remove the penis gag and secure it firmly in place. By this time, it should be saturated with your own juices for her to taste in her mouth as she helplessly but happily swallows the entire bag of female orgasm.”

“I love it, absolutely love it” Candice said. "I stopped by the medical supply store on the way back home this morning and picked up a bulb syringe and a supply of pint size feeding bags. This will make her special formula last longer. The bulb syringe will make it very easy to fill her bottom full of our sweet orgasm before she gets penetrated and diapered. If we use a mixture of her special formula and breast milk, we can use the quart size bags.

“We’ll have to start her on this tomorrow” Stacy said. "I’ve given her a formula feeding laced with laxatives and diuretics. “That’s what she was finishing up when you got home Barb. I was thinking we could give her a warm bottle of her special formula with a stool softener as she will be waking up in wet messy diapers tomorrow morning.”

“Whoever changes her, be sure to use the incontinence plug” Candice added. “There are roughly five gallons of special formula and a smaller container containing the breast milk. I’m having about the same amount of that synthesized for her as well” Candice concluded.

“I know it’s only Monday” Barb said, “But what’s happening this weekend?”

“Thanks for reminding me” Candice said. “If I remember correctly, I believe Victoria & Tracie will be our guests for the weekend. It should prove to be a good time for everyone, especially for our diapered Princess as she will be the recipient of much embarrassment, humiliation and several breast feedings from Tracie. Oh yes, some time this week, four cases of Abena disposable diapers should be arriving and none too soon.”

It was nearly four o’clock when everyone emerged from the study and I put the first load of diapers into the dryer and the second and last load into the washer when Candice came in to check on my progress.

“Good girl” she said. “When everything is dry, you can fold all the diapers and bring them upstairs to the Nursery and stack them on the shelf of your changing table” she said patting me on my plastic pantied bottom feeling the squish of my very wet diapers. She would need a change soon enough Candice thought to herself and would let Stacy know for her to take care of that, perhaps before dinner.

In due course, I had all the cloth diapers washed, dried, folded and back in the Nursery where they belonged. Barbara and Candice were in the kitchen preparing dinner so I went looking for Stacy so she could get me changed before dinner. I found her in her bedroom.

“There’s my adorable Princess” she said. Candice tells me you need to be changed before dinner."

“Yes Miss. Stacy” I said. “Miss. Candice says I’m very wet and need you to change me.”

“Come over here and let’s see how wet you are baby girl.” I complied and she slipped her fingers under the leg band of my plastic panties and removed them almost instantly pronouncing me wet. “Let’s get those wet diapers off of you and get you all nice and dry” she said taking my hand as we walked down to my Nursery.

Before placing me on the changing table, Stacy removed the matching panties to the dress I was wearing and set them aside to put back on later. Gathering the supplies she would need, she stripped of my wet plastic panties and undid my wet diapers and placed them in the pail. After cleaning me thoroughly with baby wipes, she told me to turn over on my front. Seeing the disposable diapers nearby, I had a feeling of what was to come and I was right.

I heard the sound of latex gloves being pulled on as Stacy placed a glob of Vaseline to the opening of my secret place before slowly working the incontinence plug deep inside of me pushing it home telling me to turn over again. After applying Desitin to prevent diaper rash, I was liberally oiled and powdered before Stacy pulled the front of my diapers up between my legs and taped them securely in place removing the gloves and tossing them into the wastebasket. She pulled on a fresh pair of pink plastic panties over my diapers followed by the matching plastic panties to my dress.

“There we go, all nice and dry” she said as she took my hand and led me back downstairs to the kitchen and strapped me into my highchair for dinner of salad, lasagna and garlic bread. I was quite hungry and it did smell really good. Candice had cut up my lasagna and broken up my garlic bread into smaller pieces and put it on my tray with a salad, fork and bottle of milk to drink. The others sat at the kitchen table as Barbara poured red wine to compliment the pasta.

After dinner, Barbara supervised my kitchen clean up as I rinsed the dinner dishes and put everything in the dishwasher. After wiping down the counters and kitchen table, she clipped one of my pink pacifiers to my dress and put it in my mouth. Taking my hand, Barbara led me into the living room as my short skirts bobbed up and down. Stacy couldn’t help giggling at my infantile appearance.

“Come here baby girl” Stacy said as she extended her arms to give me a hug. As I reached her, she removed my pacifier and kissed me full on the lips hugging me tightly. Patting the seat beside her, I sat next to her smiling happy to be in her embrace as I felt the familiar warm wetness spreading into my diapers.

“Did Miss. Stacy change you into nice dry diapers earlier” Candice asked?

“Yes Miss. Candice” I said smiling at her.

“I don’t think she was dry for very long” Stacy said as she patted the front of my diapers.

“Why does that not surprise me” Barbara giggled. “Don’t we have a special treat for out diapered Princess” she asked Candice?

“Yes Barb, I believe we do. Why don’t you get it for her?”

While Barbara was preparing my bottle of special formula, I snuggled with Stacy resting my head on her chest feeling her softness. As Candice watched this, she smiled at me approvingly. I heard the beep of the microwave and moments later, Barbara returned with a warm bottle handing it to Stacy.

Once again, Barbara slipped away and returned a few minutes later holding three glasses of wine as Candice and Stacy each took a glass sitting it on the end table next to them. Barbara sat on the sofa next to her girlfriend doing the same with her glass.

Barbara and Candice slipped their arms around each other and watched intently as Stacy picked up the warm bottle and put the nipple to my waiting lips accepting it eagerly. As the contents of the bottle filled my mouth, the taste was deliciously sweet and I loved it.

As I continued to nurse, I was oblivious to what was happening around me as Candice whispered something to Barbara as she looked at me smiling. “I think someone likes her bottle, doesn’t she?”

“Yes she does Barb. I have a feeling she’s going to love her new formula” Stacy giggled. Seeing the bottle was now empty, Stacy put it on the end table next to her smiling at me. “Did my Princess enjoy her bottle of formula?”

“Yes Miss. Stacy” I said smiling at her.

“I’m glad you like it” Stacy said. “I think it’s safe to say that all of us here helped to make this new formula for you, isn’t that right girls?”

“You got that right Stacy” Barbara said. "The best thing is that there is plenty more where that came from. "

Looking at her watch Candice noticed the hour was getting on and tomorrow was another day. “I think it is bedtime for our adorable baby girl” she said. “Would someone like to bring her up to the Nursery and get her ready for bed” Candice asked?

“I’ll bring her upstairs” Stacy said. “I think I can find a pretty babydoll for her to wear to bed. Give everyone a kiss good night and thank them for your new formula.” I did just that and took Stacy’s hand as she led me up to my Nursery. My dress and matching panties were hung up and Stacy put me in a short pink babydoll. She secured my hands in my thickly padded mittens and put my pacifier in place before securing me in my crib. Stacy kissed me and raised the side rail locking it in place. “Good night Princess” she said and turned out the light and headed back downstairs.

“Do you think our baby girl knew what was in the bottle she had earlier” Barbara asked?

“I don’t think she had any idea except she told me she wants some more tomorrow” Stacy giggled.

“I think Barb will see to it that she gets plenty” Candice said. “You can give her a formula feeding with the penis gag in the morning Barb. I want Stacy to give her another formula feeding in the afternoon using both breast milk and her special formula using her pacifier gag. You did put stool softener in her bottle earlier Barb?”

“Oh yes, and with the formula you fed her today Stacy she will find herself in wet messy diapers in the morning” Barbara giggled.

“It’s been a good day girls” Candice said. “It’s Stacy’s turn to go into work in the morning and Barb; you will keep an eye on our little Princess. I suggest we turn in for the night” Candice said as there were hugs and kisses all around as everyone headed upstairs.

As Barbara and Candice slipped under the covers together, Stacy stripped down to her panties and bra taking care of her night time ritual and she too climbed into bed having had a good day turning out her bedside lamp and slipping into a fitful night’s sleep. I was already wet when Stacy secured me into my crib and would get even wetter when morning came. As I drifted off to sleep, I was oblivious to the fact that sometime during that night. I would end up filling my diapers without my even being aware of it until the following morning.

One thing was very apparent to me as I opened my eyes welcoming the morning. At some point during the night, I had filled my diapers and they were now wet and messy and in need of a change.

As Stacy made her way to the Nursery, Barbara and Candice found themselves in a morning embrace, kissed and got out of bed to do their morning rituals before they made their way to the Nursery as well.

“It looks like our baby girl has a very wet and messy diaper, doesn’t she” Candice said as she removed my pacifier. I was glad to have it removed and answered in the affirmative asking to be changed.

“Any volunteers” Candice asked?

“I have to get ready to go into work this morning” Stacy said.

“I guess that leaves the two of us Barb. Whoever changes her gets to give her a special formula feeding later this morning” Candice said.

“I was going to change her anyhow” Barbara teased. “I need to get a couple tings before I start though. Do you want me to give her a bath” she asked?

“Only if you want to” Candice said. “Stacy gave her one yesterday, it’s up to you.”

“I probably will as she’s probably been in messy diapers for quite some time. I’m sure we’ll both be ready for breakfast when I’m done up here though.” With that, Stacy gave me a kiss and went to get dressed for work and Candice still in her babydolls went downstairs to start some coffee and cook up some breakfast.

“Alright baby girl, let’s get you out of those wet messy diapers and into a nice sweet smelling tub full of bubbles and perfume” Barbara said as she stripped me down to my diapers and plastic panties. In short order, she had me in a nice warm tub and I allowed myself to relax as she told me she would return shortly.

Still in her own babydolls, Barbara entered the kitchen and poured herself a cup of coffee and stirring in some flavored creamer. Taking a long drink she asked Candice where the bulb syringe was.

“It along with the smaller bags and penis gag are on the desk in the study.”

Barbara retrieved the syringe and filled it with ten ounces of the viscous mixture of female orgasm and warmed it in the microwave for 45 seconds. It would cool a little by the time baby girl’s bath was over. “Anything special you want her dressed in today” Barbara asked?

“I like her in those really crinkly vinyl rompers, the pink ones with the rows of white vinyl ruffles across the seat. Put one of her vinyl restraint belts on her and have a pair of her new mittens available. We may want to use them later” Candice said.

“Sounds like fun to me. We should be down in about twenty minutes” Barbara said drinking the last of her coffee and headed upstairs with the now full syringe.

Before heading into the tub room, Barbara stopped into the Nursery placing the bulb syringe within easy reach of the other supplies she would need. Now that her baby girl had been using the larger set of dilators for about a week now, she would be ready to accommodate the thicker dildo Stacy had purchased for her. The circumference wasn’t quite as large as the largest dilator she was using but it was definitely larger than the one she had been using up to now. Barbara put this with the other items she would need and headed into the tub room.

I felt wonderful as Barbara helped me out of the tub and wrapped a large pink fluffy towel around me and dried me off sprinkling me with sweet smelling baby powder before taking me back into the Nursery where I was directed to lay on the changing table face down feeling the thick cloth diapers underneath me… She applied a small amount of Vaseline to my private place and felt her slide something thin inside me and moments later, I felt something warm enter my bottom filling it nearly full.

“That’s my good baby girl” she said as she retrieved the dildo she had in mind to penetrate me with applying Vaseline to it also. Gently at first, she, she pressed it against the opening to my bottom and slowly turned and pushed it firmly as she felt it start to slowly enter me. I could tell it was bigger than the ones I had inside of before. “Just a little bit more” she told me and seconds later, she felt it give way and she slowly pushed it the rest of the way home until I had taken it fully.

As Barbara helped me onto my back, she kept the dildo firmly in place as she pulled the front of the thick diapers up between my legs forcing my legs apart. She was quick to tightly pin me into my diapers for a secure fit keeping the dildo in place. She then pulled on a pair of white plastic panties followed by a lighter weight pair of pink ones. She then helped me into my pink bra and filled me out with my silicone breast forms.

Going to my closet, she withdrew one of my white nylon ruffled shells and the pink vinyl romper with the white vinyl ruffles that Candice wanted me to wear. AS I stepped into the nylon shell, I could feel the dildo slipping in and out of me filling me full. Once the shell was in place, Barbara unzipped the vinyl romper and again had me step into it pulling it up and over my diapers and plastic panties before zipping it up and locking it onto me.

She then slipped a vinyl restraint belt around my waist adjusting it for fit as well. My hands were then made helpless by the white vinyl mittens Barbara put on me securing them in place with the Velcro straps. She then clipped them together and attached them to the front D ring at the front of my restraint belt. Sitting in front of my vanity, she put white ruffled socks on my feet followed by my Mary Jane shoes. She put my hair in pigtails with pink satin ribbons and applied a little lipstick and blusher and she was done.

Before heading downstairs, I was put in front of the full length mirror. The image that looked back at me told me that I was nothing more than a baby girl whose diapers and infantile appearance was on display for all to see as Barbara took me by the hand as we made our way back down to the kitchen where Candice and Stacy awaited our arrival.

Re: The Diaper Girl

Enjoyed your update :slight_smile: Hope you can get by your writer’s block.

Re: The Diaper Girl

Okay, I know it’s been some time since I have posted an addition to this story and apologize for the lengthy delay. I have an idea formulating in my mind about the direction I want this to go. To those who have offered suggestions, thank you. I plan on working in your ideas. To anyone else who has been following this story, I welcome your input to help make this enjoyable for everyone. Thanks so much and happy reading!

The Diaper Girl
Things Wished for
Things Received
Part Three

“There’s that adorable baby girl” Candice said. Come over here so I can give you a hug."

Walking over to her, I heard my rompers crinkle with every step I took. This drew giggles from all three women as first Candice then Stacy hugged and kissed me. With my hands still clipped to the front of my restraint belt, Barbara released the Velcro straps holding my hands in my mittens so I could feed myself. She then helped me into my highchair securing me with the restraining straps then locked my tray in place.

As I sat in my highchair eating breakfast that was quite good, Stacy poured some coffee into a pink Sippy cup and added my favorite creamer stirring it for me and put it on my tray. Candice knew how much I liked my coffee in the mornings and allowed me to drink mine from my Sippy cup. As I ate my breakfast and drank my coffee, I listened as Barbara and Candice discussed what they had planned for me today.

Well ladies" Stacy said. I need to be off so I can oversee things at work today. Does anyone need me to stop for anything on the way home this afternoon?"

“What about you Barb, need her to stop for anything” Candice asked? She shook her head no. “I think we’re good Stacy, unless you want to pick up a couple bottles of wine. I think we are out of white and have only half a bottle of red.”

“I’d be happy to” she said coming over to me and kissing me on the cheek. “I’ll see you this afternoon Princess. Be a good baby girl for Barb and Candi for me” she said. As she grabbed her purse and give both women a quick hug and kiss before heading out to her car and headed off to the Kopper Kettle.

“Well now” Barbara said. “I think we know who Stacy’s favorite girl is and she’s sitting in her highchair smiling at both of us, isn’t she Candice” Barbara giggled.

“Yes she is Barb. I think she’s going to be the center of attention wherever she finds herself” Candice said. “I can only think of one thing that needs to be done.”

“What might that be” Barbara asked?

“I’m going to have her hand launder my basket of intimates and lingerie. It’s getting pretty full. Would you like to do that for me baby girl” she asked me?

The truth was I did enjoy taking care of that intimate aspect for all three women and I think they all knew it. Of course I would take care of that for her and I told her so. I offered to do Barbara’s as well but she reminded me that I tended to her personal laundry only a handful of days ago and she told me she was okay for now.

Having finished breakfast, Barbara released me from my highchair and I helped clean up the breakfast things. It was a quarter past nine when Candice took me by the hand and we all sat on the sofa together to snuggle for a while as I allowed myself to be loved on by both women. Yes, I was wet and usually always was as I felt the dildo penetrating me deeply. Both women noticed I was quite the affectionate baby girl this morning and they returned that affection in kind.

At long last, Candice excused herself to go potty and went upstairs to retrieve her laundry basket and brought it back down to the laundry room. That was my unspoken request to tend to the full basket of lingerie that waited for me. You could hear me walk to the laundry room as I crinkled with every step I took. I filled both stationary tubs one with hot water and liquid laundry detergent and the other tub with warm water and fabric softener and set to work with the task at hand.

Back upstairs, Barbara stripped down to her pink panties and bra. It was time to prepare the new penis gag for use by her baby girl. Taking the object, she lowered her panties with a fresh Kotex pad and inserted the head of the gag into her now well lubricated place and pulled her panties back in place hiding the straps from sight. She applied FDS to the cups of her bra and the front of her panties and applied a dab of perfume. She had to admit the penis gag titillated her and kept her in a state of arousal as she made her way back down to the kitchen. She never made it as Candice stopped her as she reached the bottom of the stairs.

“Don’t you look delectable” Candice teased. “Is everything in place?”

“I feel the same and yes, it’s having the desired effect” she said as Candice discovered for herself gently manipulating the item buried inside of Barbara further intensifying her pleasure.

“Don’t start something you can’t finish” Barbara teased her girlfriend.

“Oh honey, don’t worry, I’ll finish what I started and the penis gag will be soaked with your orgasm for our baby girl to enjoy.” Taking her hand, Candice walked Barbara into the study closing the door. “Now, what was that you said about finishing what I started” Candice teased kissing Barbara passionately.

“I only meant that…” and that’s all she was able to say before Candice silenced her with another kiss while at the same time working the object deeper into her wetness causing Barbara to come close to loosing control. “You know I can make you squeal like a little school girl anytime I want, don’t you” Candice said.

“Oh, I know you can and have on many occasions” she giggled.

“Would you like me to finish you off and soak that gag for our diapered Princess?”

“Oh yes, please do so I can feed it to her. You know I’ll return the favor when it’s your turn to feed her like this.”

“I know you will and it won’t be too many days from now” she said making Barbara’s body tense up as she exploded thoroughly covering the penis gag with her orgasm making it soaking wet. She gasped breathing heavily as Candice patted the front of her panties suggesting that it was time for their baby girl’s special feeding time as they left the study.

Up until now, I hadn’t seen Barbara in her pretty undies today as she entered the kitchen seeing me in my highchair having been made completely helpless by Candice a little over half an hour ago. I loved seeing her in her pink panties and bra. She knew that was my favorite color and wore it often for me.

“Is my little Princess ready for her special feeding, because I have a very special surprise for her” she said? Turning to Candice she asked; “Can you get her special bag of formula while I prepare her for her feeding” she asked?

“Of course” Candice said. “I think the two of us are going to enjoy this.” She went to the fridge and took out one of the pint size bags warming it in the microwave and hung it on the pole behind me.

“I have something new for my baby girl to wrap her pretty lips around” Barbara giggled as she grasped the front waistband of her panties pulling them down in front of me removing the object buried inside of her and stepped forward. “Be a good little baby girl for me by closing your eyes and open wide for me” she said.

I was a little hesitant not knowing what to expect but did as she said. In a matter of seconds, I felt something firm fill my mouth and moments later, I felt straps being pulled into place behind my head as the object was secured in place. I discerned very quickly that the object was in fact a penis gag and the wetness covering it was in fact Barbara’s sweet orgasm.

“Yes baby girl” she said. I know you are licking the gag clean and tasting my sweetness. Now, I’m going to connect the hose to the penis gag filling your mouth and start your feeding." She did just that inserting the tube in the hole of the gag so the tip of the tube was about a quarter inch past the tip of the gag. The other end having been attached to the bag, Barbara adjusted for a slow and steady flow so the liquid would drip onto m tongue ensuring I would be able to taste it as it rolled off my tongue only to be replaced by more.

“I know you like your formula, don’t you baby girl” Barbara asked?

I did nodding my head in agreement swallowing more of the formula.

“I knew you would” Barbara teased. “You see, Candice, Stacy and I helped make this special formula for you. In fact, it’s the same formula that is filling your bottom full now” she continued as Candice joined her in the kitchen. “You know what your formula is now, don’t you Princess” Candice said?

Hearing what Barbara had said, it now made sense to me that my formula was a combination of all three of my female caretakers and their sweet feminine orgasm. To think that was now filling my bottom full was what I had asked all of them for. In fact, you could say I was penetrated from both ends with my lips wrapped abound a thick penis gag gushing orgasm into my mouth.

Now during the course of my special formula feeding, a truck could be heard pulling up into the circular driveway and I heard the engine stop and wondered what could be going on. A young man got out of the truck and wheeled a dolly around the back and opened the doors. He loaded two boxes onto it and rolled it up to the front door and rang the bell.

“That’s probably the delivery we’ve been waiting for” Candice said stepping to the hall closet throwing on a long chiffon silk robe tying it in the center so she looked presentable and answered the door.

UPS Ma’am, I’ve a delivery for a Ms. Candice Rodgers" the young man said. He was a good looking twenty something with brown hair and dressed in UPS brown.

“Yes, I’m Ms. Rodgers” she said.

“Can you sign here please” he said. “I have another load in the truck for you” placing two large boxes just inside the front door returning shortly with two more identical boxes leaving them with the first two. “Thanks now, have a nice day” he said and went back to his truck and drove off. Candice closed the door and removed her robe hanging it back up in the closet and joined the others in the kitchen.

“Was that UPS” Barbara asked?

“Yes it was” Candice answered. “I know one pretty baby girl who just got four cases of brand new disposable diapers. They came just in time too because we were almost out of them. I’ll be sure to stock the changing table with them as well.”

It wasn’t long after Candice returned to the kitchen that I finished the bag of special formula. Barbara who had seen this stepped forward to my highchair and removed the tubing from the front of my penis gag and removing the bag from the pole. Returning to me, she removed my gag as Candice prepared a light lunch for all of us.

Once lunch was over, Barbara removed the tray and allowed me to get down from the highchair and helped clean up the dishes from lunch. Barbara found one of my pink pacifiers and put it into my mouth. I felt the presence of the big dildo as I was led over to the sofa my vinyl rompers crinkling with every step I took. I found myself on the sofa between both women as Candice began to speak.

“Barbara tells me that you woke up in wet messy diapers this morning Princess. Is that right” Candice asked me?

“Yes Miss. Candice” I answered. When Miss. Stacy changed me yesterday, I felt her putting the incontinence plug inside of me. I knew I would end up filling my diapers but didn’t expect to happen in my sleep" I said.

“Do you remember waking up to mess your diapers” Barbara asked?

“No Miss. Barbara, All I remember is when I was put in my crib last night, I was wet and I slept all night long never waking up until this morning. I couldn’t believe I’d messed my diapers in my sleep without me even realizing it” I said as I looked intently at the object of my desire contained within the cups of Barbara’s bra.

As she took notice this she asked; “Is this what my baby girl wants?”

“Yes Miss. Barbara” I said smiling up at her. She slipped her bra strap down enough for her to release her breast and offered her swollen nipple to me as I took it in my mouth and nursed contentedly while she turned her attention back to Candice.

“I’m really pleased to hear that” Candice said. “It appears that plug very effective in rendering her completely incontinent Barb. Especially if she has no recollection of filling her diapers while she slept like a baby” Candice giggled.

“If you think she is incontinent now” Barbara said, “just wait until we start her on the larger sized incontinence plug. Our baby girl is progressing nicely in her advanced anal training.”

“What size dilator is she using now” Candice asked?

“Let me see now” Barbara said thinking for a moment. I think Stacy said she recently started her on the seven and a half inch size and will probably be at this level for a couple weeks. Once she starts on the eight inch size, it’s only a matter of time until she can accommodate the larger incontinence plug."

“How long do you think that will take” Candice wanted to know?

“At the rate her training is progressing, I would say between four and six weeks give or take” Barbara answered."

“It sounds like her training is right on schedule Barb. Once we get her into the larger plug, her anal training will be complete and we’ll have the ability to render her fully incontinent whenever it pleases us” Candice said.

“Now that we have a new supply of disposables for her, I have a feeling she will find herself in that state quite often” Barbara giggled. “After all, this is what you wanted, isn’t it” Barbara asked me?

I released Barbara’s nipple from my mouth as I nodded my head answering; “yes Miss. Barbara” and resumed mu nursing. The reality was that the present situation had progressed beyond the point of ever retaining full control over my bowels. The months of anal training and almost constant penetration had their desired effect on me and reversing the process was simply out of the question now.

The afternoon passed with Stacy returning home around three thirty to find me snuggling with Barbara while Candice was in the study. “I see our little Princess is nice and comfy all snuggled up to Miss. Barbara, isn’t she” Stacy said looking at me. I just looked at her and smiled.

“How would you like to relieve me Stacy, I’m sure she would enjoy snuggling with you for a while as well.”

“Give me about ten minutes while I get comfortable.” Coming back downstairs after a short time, she was indeed dressed down for the afternoon and evening in her pink babydolls taking a seat on the sofa as Barbara went into the study to chat with Candice. I snuggled close to Stacy as she kissed me and wrapped me in her embrace.

“How are things on the business front” Barbara asked?

“Not too bad actually” she said. “Just going over some of the statements from various investments and the numbers look pretty good. If I’m reading this right and I have every reason to think I am, Proctor and Gamble is on the verge of a stock split two for one. If this happens, we’ll be sitting pretty.”

“How many shares do you own” Barb asked?

“Right now, I’m looking at nearly five thousand shares worth over three quarters of a million dollars” she said.

"What happens if they split?

"It will still be worth the same but I’ll have twice as many shares and the price is apt to go up from there. That’s just one of many investments. Like I sand Barb, my late husband Bob left me very well off. How I do miss him sometimes though. Enough of that, I think we need to have some fun this weekend while Victoria and Tracie are here.

What are you thinking of" Barbara asked?

“I’m thinking of taking Tracie to the Mall. There is a Mother-To-Be store there and I’m thinking she could use some things for herself and her new baby girl. I thought it would be fun if all of us went, what do you think?”

“All of us?”

“Yes, I meant all of us, even our diapered Princess.”

“Do you think anyone would make her for being male?”

“What do you think? After her transformation at the Salon, you would never know otherwise. You even said so yourself. Besides, I have that adult sized pink butterfly stroller I’ve wanted to try out for a while now. It could be a really fun afternoon; we’ll just make sure her diaper bag is well stocked for the trip. I’m sue Stacy would love the idea, don’t you?”

“I know she would although it will be somewhat humiliating for our baby girl though. Then again, isn’t that the kind of thing she enjoys?”

“Exactly, if she needs to be changed, we can bring her into the ladies room and nobody will know the difference. You know she will need to be changed at least once” Candice said. “Who knows, if she’s not careful, she may end up filling her diapers as well.”

“Talk about being publically humiliated” Barbara giggled. “I love it; we’ll run the idea by Stacy later this evening. I think I’ll fix her a warm bottle of Tamera’s breast milk for her while I’m preparing dinner.”

“Sounds good to me, I’m sure Stacy will enjoy feeding it to her.” Candice said.

“I have a feeling Stacy will be feeding her something else when she takes her little Princess upstairs to change her diapers for the night” Barbara giggled.

“I’m sure they both will enjoy that” Candice teased. “I also want her to take another formula feeding laced with laxatives and diuretics. Be sure to add some of her special formula as she asked that it be added to all of her feedings” Candice asked.

“No problem, when Stacy changes her later, I’ll ask her to fill baby girl’s bottom and penetrate her for the night and I’ll put her in one of her new disposable diapers in the morning using the incontinence plug on her.”

It was after dinner and I was soaking wet and needed a change. Before we went upstairs, Stacy took the bulb syringe and filled it like Barbara had done before warming it in the microwave. Stacy took me by the hand and we went upstairs to my Nursery and helped me remove my rompers and everything down to my diapers, plastic panties and bra. Once I was lying on the changing table, Stacy slipped my plastic panties off and unpinned my sodden diapers and removed the large dildo depositing the wet diapers into my diaper pail.

Taking a few baby wipes, Stacy cleaned me thoroughly around my diaper area and private parts then slipped a double cloth diaper under me for night time. Before diapering me however, she emptied the contents of the bulb syringe into my bottom applying Vaseline and moments later, I was penetrated with another dildo, the one usually used for nighttime penetration.

Stacy applied baby oil and powder and made short work pulling the thick diapers up between my legs and deftly pinned them securely into place. I then watched as she slid a pair of very crinkly pink plastic panties up over my legs and snapped them in place around my waist making sue to tuck all the cloth down inside of them. Only then was I allowed down from the changing table. I was then helped into a short pink babydoll. “A pretty babydoll for a pretty baby girl” she told me patting me on my plastic pantied bottom.

Stacy was similarly dressed in her own pink babydolls but her panties were pink nylon showing the discernable outline of her Kotex pad she had pressed into service dictated by Candice. It was now wet from what had just taken place. I could see the imprint of my lips on the front of her panties outlined in pink lipstick still quite visible. The taste of her delicious sweetness still lingered in my mouth as she took me by the hand and led me back downstairs to the living room to join the others.

Barbara saw it right away smiling at Stacy as she knew what had unfolded upstairs, her girlfriend’s face flushed giving away what had happened. “It looks like I was right about what I told you earlier Candice.”

Candice turned her attention to Stacy also noticing the evidence of the activities that took place upstairs. “Did my little Princess get a special formula feeding” Candice asked?

“She certainly did, didn’t you baby girl” Stacy said?

“Yes Miss. Stacy, yes I did. I like those kinds of formula feedings very much.”

“Oh we know you do Princess” Barbara said giggling. “For now, I think it’s time for your evening formula feeding. Can you help out little Princess into her highchair while I get her formula bag Stacy?”

“Sure, love to” she said and helped me into my highchair attaching the restraining straps. With my hands in my lap, she slid the tray on and locked it in place with my hands out of the way and secured my pacifier in place. Barbara hung the quart sized formula gab on the pole and attached the tubing to the front of my pacifier adjusting the flow. Barbara and Stacy smiled at me as I was made to take the contents of the formula bag into my mouth as I swallowed it.

“What did you put in her formula bag” Stacy asked now sitting on the couch?

“Let’s see now” Barbara said. “It’s a quart sized bag so about half the bag containing her special female formula along with some of Tamera’s breast milk. I’ve also added laxatives and diuretics to her formula that will ensure she has a very wet and messy diaper by tomorrow afternoon” Barbara giggled.

“You just love seeing her in wet messy diapers, don’t you Barb” Stacy teased?

"You know she loves it, even if it is humiliating for her to do it in front of us. Oh yes, before I forget. Barb said.

“Forget what” Stacy asked?

“You know Victoria and Tracie are spending the weekend here, right?”

“Yeah” Stacy said.

“Well, Candice wants to bring her to the mall and get Tracie some stuff from the Mother-To-Be store. I think she’s talking about maternity clothes and other stuff I think.”

“That will be fun but who’s going to watch our little Princess” Stacy asked?

“Nobody, Candice wants to take her with us and try out that new pink butterfly stroller she got for her. We’ll pack her diaper bag and bring it with us. I think Candice has plans to set her up so she fills her diapers at the mall and change her in he ladies bathroom” Barbara said.

“I absolutely love it Barb, and in such a very public place too! Nobody will be the wiser when we bring her into the women’s bathroom to change her. Everyone who sees her will think she’s nothing more than an overgrown baby girl.”

“My thinking exactly” Candice said joining us in the living room again. “Like I said earlier, I plan on bringing our little Princess out in public now that she has had her make over. It will be embarrassing for her to be seen in such infantile dress but then again, she does thrive on this sort of thing. I’m looking forward to seeing how well the new pink disposable diapers work for her as well” Candice said.

I sat in my highchair taking my formula feeding. I wondered if it had bulk laxatives in it because I felt myself getting fuller the more I took. Once I finished my formula feeding, Barbara released me from my highchair and joined the others in the living room for a cuddle session on the sofa with Stacy as Barbara and Candice enjoyed each other’s company on the loveseat until the evening came to an end.

I was taken upstairs to my Nursery by Stacy and was secured into my crib with my mittens and pacifier put in place. Stacy kissed me softly raising the side rail of my crib telling me she would see me in the morning and headed down the hall to her bedroom.

Barbara and Candice followed shortly after kissing me good night and to have sweet dreams as they too headed off to bed. As I lay there, I had no idea what adventures these women had planned for me for the upcoming weekend. The last thing I remember before my eyes closed was the warm wetness that filled my diapers as I drifted off to sleep.

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Oooh a trip to go shopping sounds like it will be fun :slight_smile: Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

Thanks I like stories about sissy babies and plastic pants

You have a lot written here so i’ve only read the first few sections so far, but I want to say that I like it very much. Keep up the good work! We need more AB sisses

OMG… what a Great story. Just finished reading is all. I’m soooo disappointed that there haven’t been any updates. Would love to read what happened next. If the author is out there…PLEASE give us more.
Thank you!!!

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