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The Dollhouse by NeEKOlAh!

Jordan watched the snow fall outside. It was finally winter break, which meant Christmas was coming closer. She couldn’t wait to open gifts. She looked at the tree, nothing underneath.

Her mom caught her last year opening gifts before Christmas day. Jordan learned you could pull the tape back ever so carefully and peek and then easily retape. Because her mother caught her, she waited until the last moment to wrap gifts.

Her mother had been in her room all evening wrapping gifts. Jordan and her younger sister Montana were waiting impatiently for their mother to call them in to transport the gifts from her bedroom to the tree.

“I hope I get my dollhouse this year!” Jordan could barely contain the excitement in her voice as she grabbed Montana’s little hand.

Montana, who is 6 years old, squeezed her older sister’s hand back. “I hope I get a million presents! I hope I get more than you too!”

“Whatever Tan, you little kids are always worried about how much you get rather than what it is you get.” Jordan sneered back.

“Im not a little kid, Im in school now like a big girl!” Montana whined.

Jordan felt like a woman now that she was in the 5th grade, that made her queen of Woodbury Elementary. “Well I’ll be in junior high with teenagers next year!” Jordan said with a little bobble of the head and a nose in the air.

Montana pouted and crossed her arms, “You’re not my friend anymore!” Montana got up and went into her bedroom.

Jordan watched her tromp off, secretly jealous of her sister. Jordan was 11 now, felt like the older she got, the less attention she recieved. And Montana was the “baby” of the family. Everything she did was cute or funny. When she got hurt, Mom went running to her, but Jordan had to act like a big girl. Jordan sighed and went to her mother’s room and knocked on the door.

“Im not done yet kids!” Kathy yelled from inside her room. Jordan sighed and went downstairs to watch TV. She started watching a movie that she had no interest in, but it was better than soaps. “Don’t the TV people know we don’t have school? Can’t they put something besides news, kids shows and soaps on for daytime?” Jordan mumbled.

She stood up and went to the phone to call Mandy, her best friend and neighbor. There was no answer. “There’s nothing to do!!” She whined as she stomped up the stairs. As she got to the top she saw Montana skipping out to the tree with gifts in her hands.

“Mo-om!” Jordan whined as she flew to her mother’s room. “Why didn’t you come get me to help?!”

“Jordan, your whining has got to stop! Montana was here when I called out your names. She got to them first.”

Jordan crossed her arms and plopped down to the bed. “It’s not fair! She only wants to do it because I wanted to!”

“Oh Jordan, stop or you can go to your room and pout. Go get the family room cleaned up before your father comes home! He will have a fit if your girls’ toys are everywhere.”

“Awww, mom doesn’t Montana have to help?” Jordan complained.

“Montana! Help your sister clean up!” Kathy yelled out the door.

“Ok mommy!” Montana called back.

Jordan drug herself out to the family room to clean up their mess. Montana was scurrying about getting it done quickly and quietly. And Jordan sighed with every step, this was a huge chore.

She watched her sister lightly prance about the room. “Why is she so cute? Her blonde curls and fair skin make me sick! And her perfect petite body. Ugh!” Jordan mumbled under her breath.

Jordan had blonde hair and fair skin as well, but her hair was not perfect ringlets like Montana’s, instead it was a rat’s nest of frizz. There once was curls but they long faded away. Montana was built like her mother, where Jordan was built like her father, big boned and tall. At 11 she was 104 pounds and 4’11".

Deep inside she wished she could just once be the baby of the family, where everyone ooh’d and ahhh’d over her.

The Dollhouse by NeEKOlAh!

Jordan watched her father pull into the driveway. “Daddy’s home!” She yelled as she flew to the door. Montana flew out of her room to race Jordan to the door. Whoever made it first was the “Real Daddy’s Girl.” An ongoing contest between the siblings.

Gary Ugalde walked in the door with moments to prepare for his leaping daughters. “Hi girls!” He chuckled.

“Hi daddy!” The girls said in unison.

“Hi Dear!” Kathy said as she came up the stairs to greet her husband. “Thanks for grabbing dinner.” She lightly pecked him on the lips and gave his bottom a squeeze and giggled. As she walked away he gave her a love slap as well.

“Girls, go get your hands and faces washed up for dinner.” Kathy called out.

The girls raced to the bathroom. Montana stood on her stool, while Jordan was now big enough to reach the faucet. The girls giggled as they fought over the stream of water. It started as a war between who’s hand was on top to a little splash here, to a full blown water fight. The girls giggled and squealed as they splashed water all over each other, including the floor and the mirror and vanity.

“Jordan! Montana! If there is water all over that bathroom you will be in big trouble!” Kathy yelled from the other room.

Jordan and Montana looked at each other wide-eyed and snickered. They each grabbed a towel and wiped the water up quickly. They did their best to dry themselves off, but it was a little more than obvious.

Kathy chuckled as the girls walked out with wet tshirts. “What am I going to do with you two?” She patted their heads and put the food out on the table.

Gary had brought home a feast of egg rolls, wontons, rice and orange chicken. Gary dished up Montana while Kathy poured milk into everyone’s glasses.

“Mommy got all the presents wrapped daddy! I brought them all out to the tree too!” Montana said proudly, emphasizing that Jordan didn’t get to help.

Jordan ignored her little sister and grabbed a huge helping of rice.

“Jordan! Take only what you can eat!” Kathy said.

“Oh because of all the starving children in Africa?” Jordan giggled.

“Watch it little girl!” Kathy joked back.

“Mommy, would the starving kids really want our leftovers? And how do you send messy food in a envelope?” Montana asked.

Kathy giggled. “Montana, its AN envelope, and no we do not send our leftovers.”

Montana looked at her mother puzzled, “Well then how?”

“Nevermind Montana, eat your dinner.” Gary said smiling.

“Mom, do we really have to wait all the way until Christmas day to open presents?” Jordan asked.

“Well, of course, silly. Santa doesn’t come until Christmas Eve, you know.” Kathy answered back.

“But what about if we open one present from you and daddy tomorrow night.” Jordan asked manipulatively.

Kathy raised an eyebrow, “We’ll see, clean up your dish and get ready for your bath. Montana will be in soon.”

Jordan brought her dish to the sink and rinsed it. “Do I really have to take a bath tonight? I don’t have school tomorrow!”

“Yes honey, you have to take a bath. It is Christmas Eve tomorrow and I don’t want a smelly child running around the house!” Kathy giggled.

Jordan sighed, “Montana is younger, she should go first.” She thought to herself. “It’s like they want me to leave the table so they can drool over her.”

She started the bath water and began to undress. She looked at herself in the mirror, “Why can’t I be cute? Why can’t I be small and skinny?” She thought. Even though she was very average for age, girls were still pressured in school to be skinny and pretty. They had to have the right clothes, right brand. Jordan’s family was not in poverty but they certainly weren’t rich. It was a treat when her mother said yes to her buying a pair of brand name jeans. But mostly they got their clothes from Wal-Mart or Target, sometimes Penney’s or Kohl’s if there were good sales.

Her father was a stickler on saving money. He didn’t like to throw money away on things the family didn’t need, he saved all his pocket change in an old cider jar in the closet. When it was full it usually came to a couple hundred and that was the family’s fun money. One year, they went to Wisconsin Dells and another they went on a road trip across South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming. They got to see all the historic landsites that neither Montana or Jordan really cared about. They only ate out once in awhile, the most he spent on un-needed expenditures was movies for family nights.

Jordan stopped the water and got in the tub. She made sure the door was locked before she secretly pulled out Montana’s toys and began to play with them. She took the foam letters and stuck them to the shower wall and spelled her name. She played with the boats and duckies and felt like a little kid again.

Kathy took Montana back to her room to undress her for her bath. As she passed by the door she could hear Jordan whispering and splashing as she was in her own make-believe world. She smiled and kept on to the bedroom.

After she cleaned herself up. Jordan gathered all the toys and shook them out and put them back into the net and got out. She let the water drain and dried herself off.

“Jordan, are you all finished in there? Montana needs to get in too.” Kathy called through the door as she knocked.

Jordan threw her bath robe on and opened the door. Her mother had Montana by the hand, who was naked and shivering.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to take so long.” She mumbled.

Jordan went down to her bedroom and got into her jammies and grabbed her pillow and blanket. She went out to the family room where her father was almost asleep on the recliner. She threw her pillow and blanket on the couch and jumped into his lap.

“Wake up daddy! It’s almost movie time!! What movie did you get for tonight?” Jordan asked.

Gary yawned and sat up. “I don’t remember the name of them, something your mother put on her list.” He chuckled.

Jordan jumped up and ran to the bag on the entertainment stand. There were 4 movies, 2 of which were family movies. One for tonight and one for tomorrow night. And there were two more that were for Gary and Kathy to watch after the children went to bed.

They got “Madagascar” and “Shark Tale” for family time.

“Oooh Daddy, can we watch Madagascar first? Please, please?” Jordan begged.

“Wait for your mom and sister, then we can all agree.” Gary answered.

Jordan got up and grabbed her pillow and blanket and took the best seat on the couch, which was the left side. It was in front of the TV, it reclined and it was next to the side table.

“Daddy, do we get to have soda and popcorn tonight?” Jordan asked politely.

“I suppose, why don’t you help me make popcorn and carry it back down here.” Gary said standing up.

“Ok daddy!” Jordan jumped up and followed her father upstairs.

Kathy was just leading Montana back to her bedroom when they got to the top of the stairs.

Jordan opened the fridge and grabbed 4 cans of cola.

“Don’t forget, Montana’s goes into her sippy cup so she won’t spill!” Gary warned.

"Oh yeah! She lifted her jammy top and laid the cans into her makeshift pouch and grabbed Montana’s sippy cup from the dishwasher.

Jordan looked at it, she was a little jealous of it. Montana was 6 years old but she still got a lot of baby treatment because she was the youngest and the last child.

She carried the drinks downstairs and set them on the coffee table and leapt back up the split staircase. She grabbed 4 bowls and one big bowl for her father to put the popcorn in. She jumped up on the counter to watch the popper spin the oil and kernels.

Jordan jumped and giggled at the first pop. Just then Montana came running in.

“Wait for me! Wait for me! Daddy!” Montana called out desperately.

Gary laughed and lifted Montana to the other side. The girls always had to sit on the counter and watch the kernels pop.

“Don’t worry Montana only one popped so far.” Jordan chimed in. Just then more started to pop. The girls got excited as it came near an end.

Jordan slid down and helped her sister down as well. She grabbed the bowls and Montana grabbed napkins. Jordan giggled when Montana started walking down the stairs. Montana waddled and her bottom crinkled from her pullup.

Montana was still a bedwetter. Not every night, but she still wore them every night in case. The girls got downstairs and put the bowls and napkins down.

“I gotta get my pillow and blankie too!” Montana shouted. She took off up the stairs to her bedroom.

Kathy came down and smiled at Jordan. “Sometime tonight I think we will be ready!” She sat down on the couch next to Jordan. Gary came down with the popcorn and set it down. Montana came flying down and jumped on the couch next to Kathy.

“What movie are we watching?” Gary asked.

“Madagascar!” Jordan yelled.

“Yea!” added Montana.

Gary nodded and got the movie ready while Kathy dished the popcorn up.

About halfway through the movie, Montana was asleep on one side of her mother’s lap and Jordan was almost there on the other leg.

“Kathy, would you like another soda?” Gary asked standing up.

“No thanks honey.” She replied.

“I do!” Jordan shouted as she jumped up.

“You may have half!” Kathy warned. “You know how I feel about liquids before bedtime!”

“Mo-om, Im not going to wet my bed! I haven’t done that since I was 9! And that was only once!” Jordan defended.

“I know, but just to be safe ok?” Kathy asked.

Jordan sighed, “Ok.”

She hated the fact that her mom was so worried about her wetting the bed. “Just because Montana does, doesn’t mean I will to!” She thought. Although she had lots of close calls, especially when she had to pee bad and she was dreaming she had to pee bad and begins to relieve herself in her dream but catches herself just in time when she wakes up.

Gary came back a couple minutes later with a half glass of soda and handed it to Jordan.

When the movie ended, Jordan helped her mother clean up the cans and glasses and bowls while Gary carried Montana up to her bedroom.

After cleaning up, Jordan went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth and relieved herself from all the liquids she consumed. She went back into her bedroom and got into bed and waited for both her parents to come say goodnight and tuck her in.

Kathy walked in and kissed her daughter’s forehead, “I love you sweety, goodnight.” She tucked her in and then her father came in and kissed her cheek, Jordan giggled, “Daddy you better shave tomorrow, your tickly!”

Gary chuckled, “Goodnight Jordan, I love you!”

“I love you guys too!” Jordan replied as she grabbed her teddy and rolled to her side.

Kathy turned the night light on and closed the door, but not completely.

The Dollhouse by NeEKOlAh!

Jordan woke up in the wee hours of the morning. It was still dark outside but she was too excited about Christmas being here. Today was going to be a hectic day with the big Christmas dinner and with going out of town to be with family. Although she loved seeing her cousins she hated it as well. They were only fun for a couple hours, then she got sick of the whining and complaining and fighting.

Jordan rolled over onto her back and stretched. Something was not right. She felt damp, she thought maybe she had just sweat during the night until she realized where the wetness came from. She yanked the covers down and her mouth dropped.

“Oh no! I wet my bed! I’m 11 years old and I just wet my bed like a little baby!” She mumbled to herself. Just then her mother came in. She pulled the covers back up and went wide-eyed.

“Jordan, get up and get dressed, we have to get on the road. If we want to be to Uncle Dan and Aunt Lori’s by noon we need to leave in a half hour.” Her mother said and closed the door.

“Whew, that was close.” Jordan thought. She jumped out of bed and stripped her bed down to the mattress, “Thank God mom is a freak about plastic sheets!” She thought. She rolled her sheets and pajamas up in a ball and threw them in the corner.

“How am I going to get these to the washer without anyone seeing?” She wondered. She threw her robe on and peeked out the door. She could hear everyone was upstairs eating breakfast. She tiptoed across the downstairs with her sodden sheets and hid them in the laundry room for later.

She flew to the bathroom and washed herself and went back into her bedroom and threw her top blankets on her bed to hide there was no sheets. “Im such an idiot!” She thought. She got dressed and went upstairs. She passed her mother on the stairs who was carrying a load of laundry to be seperated.

“Umm mom, I can bring that down for you if you want me to.” Jordan stuttered.

“Oh no thanks sweety, you go eat some breakfast, you are going to need your strength for playtime!” Her mom replied and went on downstairs.

Jordan felt the knot in her stomach tighten as she trudged into the kitchen and sat down.

“Good morning Jordan.” Her father said as he set down a plate of toast and eggs for her.

“Morning daddy.” She replied sadly.

“Are you feeling ok Jordan?” He asked concerned.

“Yea Im ok, just tired. I couldn’t fall asleep from too much soda last night.” She lied.

Gary chuckled, “I see. Well eat up so we can get going.”

Montana walked into the kitchen with puffy eyes and tangled curls.

“Morning pumpkin” Gary chimed. “Are you wet or dry this morning?”

“Im dry” Montana replied in a yawn. She sat down next to Jordan who was playing with her food and distant.

“Are you awake Jordan?” Montana giggled. Gary brought Montana a plate. She didn’t waste a second before inhaling the eggs and toast.

Jordan felt so embarrassed, even though nobody knew about her accident, her “baby” sister even woke up dry. Jordan pushed her food around and pushed the plate away. “Im done daddy. Can I be excused?”

Gary looked at Jordan’s plate. “You barely ate a bite Jordan. You can take a few more bites.”

Jordan sighed and stuffed 3 bites of toast in her mouth and 2 more forkfulls of eggs. “Now can I?” She asked with a mouth full of food.

Gary chuckled, “Yes, get out of here, but I don’t want to hear any complaints before lunch about hunger!”

Jordan got up and went back to her room, where she spit out the mouthful of food into her trash. She was scared her mother had found her mess in the laundry room. What would she say? What would be a believable excuse if she asked?

Jordan grabbed her extra backpack to put her markers and paper and other miscellaneous items into for the trip. She was zipping it up when her mother came in.

“Jordan?” She said softly.

“Uhhh… umm… yeah mom?” She choked out.

“I found your pile of sheets in the laundry room. They are in the wash ok?” She said sympathetically

“Oh… umm… ok… yeah… thanks mom.” She felt her face redden. Did she know that they were pee-filled? Or did she just see them and put them in with hers?

“We are leaving in a couple minutes, why don’t you finish up here and come upstairs.” She said as she walked out the door.

Jordan wanted to sink into the floor and never be seen again. How did her mother find them? They were hidden good, or so she thought.

She grabbed her pillow and backpack and went upstairs. Montana was sitting on the floor naked waiting for Kathy to bring her clothes out.

Jordan went into the coat closet and pulled out her boots and sat down to put them on.

Kathy looked at Jordan as she brought out underwear and an outfit for Montana. She knew that Jordan wet the bed, she could smell urine when she walked in her room that morning, in fact that’s why she was going to do a “load of laundry” It would give her reason to grab her sheets off her bed, but they were gone. So she searched the laundry room. She knew when Jordan was younger and she would have an accident she always hid the evidence. And like most children, they are not very sporatic but more repetitious. So she knew Jordan’s hiding spots. And she found the sodden bundle behind the water heater.

Kathy finished helping Montana dress and grabbed the girls’ coats. “Here girls, bundle up, it’s cold out today!”

Gary came in from starting the van and shook off his head, “The snow is really coming down right now. I hope the roads are ok.”

Kathy gave him a “Don’t scare the girls look”

He smiled, “Alright ladies, are we all ready to go?”

Jordan nodded. While Montana was excited, “Yeah daddy, is Lily gonna be there to play with me?”

Gary smiled and nodded, “Yep! Everyone has gone potty?”

Jordan shook her head, “I’ll be out in 3 minutes.”

Montana replied, “I already went!”

“Alrighty then little lady, jump on my back here and I’ll escort you outside!” Gary played.

Montana jumped on her father’s back and out the door they went. Kathy grabbed her dessert she made and waited for Jordan.

Jordan came out quietly and walked past her mother, “Jordan, don’t get so down about this morning, it happens! It’s our little secret ok?”

Jordan felt her face get hot again. She nodded and went out to the van.

Once they were all buckled into the van, Jordan pulled out her notebook and markers and pulled the play tray down from her fathers chair.

Montana was in the back with her doll playing mommy. Jordan quietly colored a rainbow.

“Girls, I have a early christmas present for you!” Gary sang.

Montana bounced up and down, “What is it daddy, what?”

Kathy grabbed a brightly colored package from the front seat and handed it to Jordan, “Jordan why don’t you do the honors.”

Montana whined, “Aww just cuz she’s older?”

“Montana you will have plenty to open tomorrow morning!” Kathy replied.

“Ok mommy, Jordan you open it then.” Montana mumbled as she watched closely.

Jordan took the package and tore it open. It was a new DVD. It was also the girls’ favorite movie, “Freaky Friday”

Jordan smiled, “Thanks daddy.” Montana said thanks as well.

“The reason I gave it to you in the car is so you can watch it right now!” Gary said.

Jordan and Montana looked at each other puzzled.

“How daddy? We don’t gotta TV in the car!” Montana asked.

“Well, Montana, we don’t HAVE a TV in the car, but we got a new portable DVD player for the van!” Gary corrected.

The girls cheered when they heard the good news. Kathy plugged it in and set it on the console between her and Gary. Montana moved to the same seat as Jordan to watch along. They both had their pillows and they got comfortable.

Kathy looked back, the girls were fast asleep. She smiled, “Honey, we have such beautiful girls.”

Gary grabbed her hand, “I agree, I take most of the credit!” He chuckled as Kathy playfully slugged his shoulder. The playful slug caused them to fishtail a little.

“Whoa honey, these roads are not good at all. I can barely see the road anymore, the snow is really falling and the wind is picking up.” Gary said concerned.

He pulled over at a gas station, “I’m going to call my brother and see how the weather is there. If its worse, we will turn around. No sense in driving 5 hours to go in a ditch.”

Kathy woke the girls to use the bathroom. Jordan felt slightly offended. Her mother never asked her to “use the potty” anymore. Jordan and Montana groggily trudged their way through the snow behind Kathy.

After the girls’ bathroom break, they were back in the van where it was warm and cozy.

“What did Dan say?” Kathy asked.

“We are going back home, they said there’s a huge snowstorm heading our way and it would be dangerous to try and go through it.” Gary answered.

“Awwww mommy, I wanna see Lily and Cody! And I wanna see gramma and grampa!” Montana whimpered.

“Tell you what girls.” Kathy interrupted. I will let you both open your “big” presents tonight! We will go by the store pick up a turkey and have Christmas at home."

Montana and Jordan always got one “big” present each year. Which meant that it came in a big box the size of the girls. Last year Montana got a battery operated Barbie Jeep that she could drive herself. Which, of course, stopped working quickly with all the neighborhood kids beating on it. Jordan had gotten a new bike that was her “baby”. She washed it almost everyday, she tried her hardest to not lay it down but use the kick stand. There were few scratches on it.

“Presents?! Ok!” Montana cheered. Jordan nodded and smiled, “Ok let’s go home!”

After an hour, Jordan saw the Woodbury sign. She smiled, “We’re almost home!”

“We need to stop at a grocery store first girls.” Gary reminded.

Kathy turned to Gary, “I’ll run in, you 3 stay here, it will go quicker.” She winked. Bringing Montana and Jordan into a grocery store was like taunting a bear with a raw fish. They attack and don’t let up until they win.

They pulled into a Cub Foods and Kathy got out at the front door.

“Ok girls, now we are making a Christmas dinner at home, so we will need you to help too ok?” Gary said.

Montana squealed, “Ok I’ll help! I love when I can help.”

Jordan replied, “Ok daddy.”

She looked out the window and watched the snow fall. She loved the way it mesmerized her. Montana blabbed away in the backround, but Jordan was almost in a trance. She was 11 years old, she was at the growing up point in her life. She didn’t want to grow up, she wanted to be carefree like Montana. She wanted to be undependable upon. She thought back to when she was little, 3-4 years old. It was just her, Mom and Daddy. Jordan was the cute one, the center of attention. Now she was the older sister who had responsibility, she was the forgotten one.

The back hatch opened and startled Jordan from her thoughts. Kathy set 4 bags in the back and put the cart in the corral. She got in the van, out of breath, “Woo! It’s coming down! We must have 3 inches already. Good news, there were no pre-cooked turkeys but they had a sale on pre-thawed turkeys.”

Gary replied, “Yea they are talking feet now. Well that’s good about the bird, but is it still good then?”

“Oh yea, they were just leftover from a benefit the supermarket catered to yesterday evening.” She replied.

As the van pulled into the driveway, Gary got out and grabbed the groceries. Kathy grabbed a few things and helped the girls out of the van. The four of them went back inside the house.

Jordan brought her things into her room. She changed out of her dress clothes and put on some comfortable clothes. Kathy went into the laundry room to switch loads. Montana took her doll and pillow and hit the couch for cartoons. Gary brought the groceries into the kitchen. He took the turkey from the bag. “Thank God they had a sale on pre-thawed turkeys.” He thought as he set it on the counter. He grabbed the other items and set them out. He was far from a chef, Kathy did all the cooking. They shared the cleaning, and he was the mechanic, plumber, janitor and yardman.

Kathy came up into the kitchen, “Thanks baby,” she said to Gary and gave him a hug, which turned into a very passionate kiss."

Gary smiled at Kathy, “I love you, Merry Christmas.”

“I love you too.” Kathy whispered. “Why don’t you get the girls’ “Big” presents ready.”

Gary walked out of the kitchen and into the garage. “You know, I really should clean this out so we can actually park a car in here” He thought to himself.

Jordan laid on her bed just thinking. She was still so wrapped up in how much she wanted to be young again.
[/i]"Why do I feel this way? Just this morning I woke up in a wet bed and was mortified, but yet I wish I did wet the bed. Then I could wear a pullup like Montana. Diaper?! What am I thinking!

I don’t really want to wear one… do I? Why am I thinking about this? I want to be little. I want to be the center of my parents’ attention again. I want to be the one that needs a sippy cup so I don’t spill. I want to be the cute one."[i]

Her thoughts were quickly interrupted when Montana came into her room. “Mommy wants you to help with dinner too. Come on! It will be fun!” Montana chirped.

The Dollhouse by NeEKOlAh!

The house had a warm, inviting atmosphere. The family sat around the family room, Jordan stomach was growling from the smell of the feast yet to come.

“Well I’ll check the turkey, girls why don’t you set the table, Gary why don’t you sit here and watch football.” Kathy giggled.

Jordan and Montana raced up the steps to the kitchen.

“Is there anything you would like me to do, Kathy?” Gary asked sincerely.

Kathy smiled, “You got the girls’ presents all ready right?”

Gary nodded.

“Good, well since they are ready they won’t fit through the doorway in boxes so they can open them in the garage. Is the heater on in there?” Kathy asked.

Gary nodded, “At zero degrees, do you think I would be working in the garage, tediously wrapping without heat?”

“A simple yes would have answered it too smart-ass” Kathy laughed. She turned around to go back up the stairs.

Jordan and Montana were setting the table and arguing who would win when they broke the wishbone.

“I know that I am going to win Montana, I win every year! I am a pro at this now.” Jordan sneered at her little sister.

“Nope your not! My friend James in my class told me a secret about breaking the wishbone. You need to have more of it in your hand than the other person!” Montana defended.

“Well, now it’s not a secret!” Jordan laughed. She knew what she was going to wish for and she was determined to win it.

“Anything you want me to do mom? The table is set now.” Jordan asked.

“Yes, please, girls I need you to get the veggies and dip and the cheese plate from the fridge, I also need the milk and water. I need them out on the table as well” Kathy replied.

Kathy pulled the turkey from the oven, “Perfect!” She thought.

Gary walked up behind Kathy, “Mmmm baby, that smells amazing!”

Kathy brought the turkey to the table, Gary grabbed the electric carver. Jordan and Montana were already sneaking little bites here and there from the table.

The Ugalde family all sat back in their chairs, stuffed.

“Kathy that meal was amazing!” Gary said.

“Yea mommy, Im full of good food now!” Montana chirped.

“Thanks mom.” Jordan added.

“Well little ladies, why don’t you clear your plates and get washed up while mom and I clean up here.” Gary said as he stood up.

“Mom and I?” Kathy chuckled. “You go for it! I cooked it all!”

Gary laughed and kissed Kathy’s forehead. “Yes dear is all I can say.”

Kathy stood up and helped Gary clean. Before they finished, she left the kitchen leaving Gary with the dirty work.

Jordan finished washing up and went back to the living room. She looked outside where it was starting to get dark. The snow was still falling heavily and the outside world was lifeless. You could see the christmas lights shining between snowflakes.

“Girls! I need you both at the garage door!” Kathy called out.

Montana came flying from her room and Jordan walked over from the window.

“Ok, I promised you each your “big” presents tonight. They are in the garage.” Kathy told the girls, “Gary! Take a break from house work and come into the garage. I want the girls to open now so they can play before they have to go to bed.”

“Coming!” He replied.

Kathy opened the garage door, there stood 2 huge boxes in the middle of the garage. Montana went running towards the boxes excitedly. Jordan walked quickly over to read the name tags.

“Ok, daddy is here girls, open them!” Kathy chimed.

Montana needed help getting the lid off the box, Jordan struggled a little but managed to get it herself.

Montana screamed out, “Wowee! My own Nemo table, with chairs! Thanks mommy, thanks daddy!”

Jordan sat and stared in her box. “I got it! I got the dollhouse? Thanks mom, Thanks daddy!”

“Mom knows a woman at work that specializes in these houses. There are houses that she has built that took her over a year!” Gary explained.

“Yeah, it was nice of her to give me a deal, but what a wierd woman! She wanted to know everything about my family and my past. She said it would help give the dollhouse character.” Kathy said.

Kathy and Jordan pulled the dollhouse from the box and carefully brought it inside. Jordan sat down and opened it. “Wow…” She sighed.

Gary, Kathy and Montana brought her new table and chairs into her room.

Jordan looked at the detail of the dollhouse. There was actual wallpaper and carpeting.

The house had a living room with soft white carpet and a fireplace. There was a quality made sofa and loveseat. There was a little man made TV even.

She looked at the kitchen, complete with a sink and refrigerator. There was a table and chairs and a high chair. Even a wood floor.

There were steps that led to 3 bedrooms on the second level.

She looked into the first bedroom, it had real wood furniture, a huge bed and dresser. It had a little bassinet rocker. There was a closet full of doll clothes and shoes. The closet was in between the bedroom and a private bathroom. The bathroom was complete as well.

Jordan was amazed at how precise the house was.

The other bedroom had a single bed and dresser, another closet full of clothes and shoes.

The last bedroom was a little nursery. It had a crib complete with a mobile, changing table, and little blocks and a ball for toys. Even a rocking chair in the corner. A closet of baby doll clothes and shoes as well.

Jordan sat in awe at this masterpiece. She lifted the roof to reveal the attic. There were 2 dolls, a man and woman. Jordan thought that was wierd. “Why is there a nursery and no baby?” She wondered. She decided she could use her Baby Kelly from her Barbie collection.

There was something really eerie about the way the attic was built in though. There were a few small boxes of extra doll clothes and a small body mirror like the one in the master bedroom. Some extra furniture in case any broke. But the more she looked at it, it reminded her more and more of her grandmother’s attic.

She remembered last Christmas when she and her older cousin Michael and her snuck up to the attic. Grandma always warned not to go up there because it could be dangerous. But she distinctly remembered that in the back of the attic there was a mirror. She remembered because her reflection scared her when she walked by.

Her grandmother recently died this summer. It was the hardest thing on the family. Grandma was the one who held the family together. She was the last grandparent on her mother’s side of the family. When she died, her mom brought home a ton of things from grandma’s house, including that mirror. Kathy was obsessed with the mirror. It was an antique or something like that.

The only thing she did not like was the fact she couldn’t move the furniture around the way she wanted. Everything was built in. And as much as she loved the detail, it still creeped her out a bit how real everything seemed.

She took the dolls from the attic and closed the roof. She decided she would dress them to start out with. Then she ran and got her baby barbie.

After an hour of exploring the house, she became so involved in her fantasy world of mommy, daddy and baby, she didn’t even realize her own mother was calling for her.

“Jordan!” Kathy called.

“Yes mommy… er… mom.” Jordan answered.

“It’s bathtime and then movie time, get moving!” Kathy ordered.

Jordan sighed, she stood up and drug her feet to the bathroom for a bath.

Montana just finished hers and walked out wrapped in a towel.

Jordan closed the bathroom door and like routine, she criticized herself in the mirror waiting for the water to fill up.

Kathy helped Montana into her pullup and into her pajamas while Jordan bathed. Kathy combed gently through Montana’s blonde curls.

“Mommy, I am happy you got me this table. I love it!” Montana said to her mother.

“Im happy that you’re happy sweety.” Kathy replied.

Jordan finished bathing and secretly put Montana’s toys away again. She got out and dried off.

She looked at herself in the mirror and tried to imagine herself a little smaller.

[/i]“Why do I want to be little so bad? Why am I thinking about diapers. What would they do for me? I just want mom and daddy to baby me. I want to be cute. I want to be adorable. Like the baby from my dollhouse. Her parents are awesome.”[i] Jordan thought. Thinking back to her make-believe world in that dollhouse. She was jealous of the baby. She was jealous of Montana too.

Tonight Montana would be in some cute little jammies with her pullup and sippy cup. She would be mommy’s little princess, on her lap and asleep in her arms. While Jordan would sit back and watch. Jordan shook the thoughts from her head. “I really shouldn’t get this upset.” She thought to herself.

She walked out of the bathroom in her towel. The upstairs was quiet. Everyone was downstairs waiting for Jordan.

She rushed down the steps to her room to get dressed.

When she came into the living room with her blanket and pillow, Gary smiled, “Alright girls, you ready to break the wishbone?”

Montana jumped from her mother’s lap and ran over to her father. Jordan walked over as well.

“Alright, remember make a wish now, then pull.” Gary reminded.

Montana wrapped her hand around as much as she could.

“Montana, you need to hold the same as Jordan. Otherwise it won’t break fairly.” Gary warned.

Montana sighed and moved her hand.

“Ok make your wishes girls.” Gary said.

Jordan and Montana simultaneously closed their eyes and seconds later opened them and smiled and pulled the wishbone.

“I won again! Ha!” Exclaimed Jordan.

“Awww no fair, you always win!” pouted Montana. She crossed her arms and stomped back to her mother.

Jordan smiled. “When does my wish come true daddy?” Jordan asked.

The Dollhouse by NeEKOlAh!

The Ugalde family all watched the movie quietly together. Montana was asleep before the previews ended. Jordan sat back, cuddled in her blankets, thinking about her doll house.
“Why can’t I get my mind off the doll house? What is so different about it?” She wondered. She slurped down the rest of her soda.

When the movie ended, Gary took Montana to her bed and Kathy helped Jordan put the clean fresh sheets on her bed. Jordan grabbed her wishbone and placed it under her pillow hoping her wish would come true.

“You know, I know that your accident was embarrassing, and I don’t want to rub anything in your face, but please make sure you go potty before you go to bed.” Kathy said sympathetically.

Jordan rolled her eyes, “She has not talked to me like this since I was Montana’s age. I know that I want baby treatment, but not like that.” Jordan though to herself.

“Ok, mom.” She replied.

The two finished making the bed and Kathy pulled back the top covers. Jordan went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and empty as much as her bladder would allow.

She went back to her bedroom and got in bed. Kathy tucked her in and kissed her goodnight. “Goodnight sweetheart, I love you.”

“Night mom.” Jordan replied.

Her father walked in as well. “Night kiddo!” He said as he kissed her forehead.

“Night daddy.”

Her parents left the room and left the door open a crack.

Jordan laid in her bed, her mind was racing with thoughts and feelings about her new doll house. She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

“Jordan! Jordan! Time to wake up sleepy head!” A voice called. Jordan groaned and rolled over. She opened her eyes.

“What’s going on here? Where am I?” Jordan wondered as she stared through wooden bars. She stood up and looked around. The bars went all the way around, she was surrounded. “This is a crib” She whispered.

She tried to climb over but the the railing grew higher and higher. She looked up as it stretched beyond her reach. “This has to be a dream” She thought to herself.

Confused, she sat down and felt an unfamiliar padding on her bottom. She looked down and saw a diaper on her. She reached down to touch it. “What am I doing in a diaper?” She thought.

“Mom? Mom?” She called out.

She stood up and grabbed the bars. She looked around again, there was a changing table to her right against the wall. Straight ahead was a closet, opened just enough that she could see babyish dresses. She followed the room around with her eyes, noticing to the left of the door, there was a toybox overflowing with children’s toys. Next to the the toy box she noticed her dollhouse. The only familiar thing in the room. She walked to the other end of the crib, she noticed a rocking chair in the corner, right beside a dresser where there was a small lamp wminating a warm glow into the room.

She heard rustling and looked down to see a woman rummaging through one of the drawers.

“Help me! Please!” Jordan called out.

The woman stood up and smiled. “Good morning sunshine! Are you ready to get out?” The woman’s eyes were warm and sweet, almost unrealistic. As comforting as the woman’s smile was Jordan was terrified.

Jordan pleaded, “What’s going on? Where am I?”

“Oh stop being silly! You’re home safe with me. Let’s get you all cleaned up so we can have some breakfast!” The woman said.

“Who are you?” Jordan asked. “Where’s my mom? Where’s my dad and my sister?”

Jordan began to cry. The woman walked over to Jordan. She took hold of something that seemed connected to Jordan and put it in her mouth. Jordan spit it out, “A pacifier?” She thought. She tore the clip it hung from from her shirt. “Let me out!” She demanded.

The woman pulled the railing down for Jordan to slide out. “Why don’t you climb onto the table here and we can get dressed for the day!” The woman said softly.

Jordan bolted for the door, but as she reached for the door knob it melted into the wooden door. She tried to push it open but it was stuck. She ran to the window, and it melted as well and sunk into the floor. She turned around to find another escape.

She was trapped, Jordan began to cry harder.

The woman came over and pulled Jordan into an embrace. “It’s ok my baby. Don’t be afraid.”

Jordan looked up and cried harder. “I want my mommy!” She pushed the lady away.

At that moment, she heard her mother’s voice.

“Jordan? Jordan? What’s wrong?” Kathy asked.

“Mommy where are you? Don’t leave me! Mommy help!” Jordan begged.

“I’m here, Jordan. Wake up honey. Jordan! Wake up!” The tall woman said as her face started looking more and more familiar.

Jordan opened her eyes and saw her mom sitting there.

“Mom! Help!” Jordan cried, still a little dazed. She still wasn’t out of her dream mood. She sat up and embraced her mother.

“It was just a dream, Jordan, just a dream.” Kathy said. She glanced at the clock which read 3:18am.

She laid Jordan back down. “You’re ok. Go back to sleep now.”

Kathy kissed her finger and pressed it to Jordan’s forehead.

Jordan watched her mother leave, “What the heck was that?” She wondered.

As much as it scared her in her dream, she was comforted by it. “Who was that? And why did I dream that?” She wondered.

She closed her eyes and tried to fall back asleep, but her mind was still on the dream. “What did that dream mean? And who was that lady?” She wondered. Her mind continued to race as she drifted back to sleep.

The Dollhouse by NeEKOlAh!

It was very early Christmas morning and the Ugalde house was still silent. It was dark outside and the snow was still falling. You could hear the house creaking with the wind. It gave a chill to the bone to think of being out in the weather. Everyone was in deep sleep and cuddled beneath warm blankets.

Jordan opened her eyes, she glanced at the clock. “It’s only been 40 min since I went back to sleep?” She thought. She yawned and stretched. She looked up at the ceiling and began to replay the dream she had earlier through her mind.

“That lady, those curls, that dress. Who is she? Where do I know her from?” Jordan thought as she let each teacher’s face pop in her mind and moving on to the local clerks and servers. Nobody came close.

Jordan felt as if she knew her, she felt so close. But yet, she didn’t know this person. The dream was very disturbing to her being she was 11 and she had a dream that she was in diapers. It gave her a strange feeling inside again. The same feeling she got when she would watch her mother baby her sister Montana.

She closed her eyes and tried not to think about babies and diapers and wanting to be the cute one. She was 11, she was a normal girl going into junior high. There was no time for kiddie thoughts. She thought back to her dollhouse, “I am so childish.” She thought. “I can’t be playing with a dollhouse! What will the older kids say? Why did I want it so bad? Why can’t I stop thinking about the stupid thing?!” She muttered to herself.

Within 30 minutes of debate, she fell back to sleep.

“Jordan! Jordan! Time to wake up sleepy head!” A voice called. Jordan’s eyes went wide as she jumped up.

“Not again!” She thought as she looked through the same wooden bars. “No! Please! Tell me what is going on! Please!” She cried out as the woman stared over the rails at her.

She looked into the deep endless blue eyes. The woman was very different. She was comforting, but unreal.

“Please, who are you? Tell me why I am here!” Jordan pleaded.

“Shhhh honey. Stop worrying.” The woman consoled.

“NO! WHO ARE YOU!” Jordan screamed.

The woman backed away with a look in her eyes. “You will not take that tone of voice with me, little one. One more and you will be over my knee! You understand?”

Jordan almost choked when she heard this. The woman’s eyes had gone from a calm blue to a sharp icy blue. Jordan nodded and began to cry. “I want my mom, please, where is she?”

“Honey, I am right here. Jordan, sit up, I’m here.” Her mother said softly as Jordan opened her eyes.

“Mom!” Jordan called as she grabbed her mother and hid in her embrace.

“Come on, Montana is waiting to open gifts, it’s christmas time.” Her mother said.

Jordan pulled the covers back only to notice that she was drenched. Her mother saw this as well.

“C’mon honey, you go get in the tub, I’ll strip the bed.” Her mother said sympathetically as she stood up.

Jordan could feel heat of shame and embarrasment forming on her face. She stood up and stared at the floor the entire way to the bathroom.

Her mother looked at Jordan and felt bad. No child should have to go through this, she thought.

Kathy stripped the wet sheets and blankets and carried them to the laundry room to wash them.

Jordan got into the bathroom and locked the door. “Not again! Why am I doing this??” She thought. She could feel the burn in her eyes as tears began to stream out. She turned the water on and began to fill up the tub.

She undressed and stared at her wet pajamas and panties on the floor. “What would my friends think if they knew?” She thought.

She got into the tub and tried to relax. She tried to get her mind off the wet bed, which led her thoughts to her dream. “Why am I dreaming about this?” She wondered.

While Jordan bathed Montana was upstairs with Gary, where they waited. Montana was like a hungry mouse to crumbs at the presents.

“Daddy where’s Jordan? I wanna open presentsssss!” She whined.

“Montana, her and your mother will be up shortly.” Gary explained annoyed. Montana had been up for an hour and wouldn’t let Gary or Kathy sleep any longer. As annoying as it was, they still had to smile. “We all were young once.” He thought to himself.

Just then Kathy walked up the stairs.

“Where’s Jordan honey?” Gary asked.

“She’ll be up soon, she is in the bathtub right now.” Kathy replied.

“Awwwwww now how long do I gotta wait mommy?” Montana whined.

“Montana, be patient, she will be up soon I said.” Kathy said and sat down by Gary.

Montana sighed and kept seperating the gifts into piles.

Jordan stepped out of the tub and dried off. She still felt bummed out about wetting the bed. And more over the fact her mom saw it… TWICE!

She wrapped her towel around her and balled up her wet jammies. She walked into the laundry room where the wash already began. She tossed the sodden clothes in with the blankets and ran back to her room.

When she was dressed she moped up the steps to the rest of the family.

“FINALLY!” Montana cheered and tore into a gift.

“Morning kiddo!” Gary said enthusiastically. “How’d ya sleep?”

Jordan shrugged, “Ok I guess. I had wierd dreams.”

“Oh yea?” He said tossing her a gift. “What about?”

Jordan carefully pulled the wrapping paper back, “Oh, you know, just wierd stuff.” She got impatient trying to hide her excitement over presents and tore right in.

“Thanks mommy and daddy!” Montana said excitedly as she held up her new Nemo tea set for her table."

Jordan smiled, “Thanks mom and daddy.” She said as she held up her new winter coat that she begged for.

She pleaded with her parents weeks before for the coat because one of the “popular girls” had the coat and she wanted desperately to befriend “the cool crowd”.

The girls continued to thank their parents for the gifts as they opened them. Montana took to playing quickly after.

Jordan piled her stuff up and brought them down to her room to put away.

Kathy watched her daughter with concern.

Jordan hung up her 2 new sweaters and brought her new jewelry into the bathroom to hang with the rest. She put her new DVD, which she couldn’t wait to watch, into her stash. She unwrapped her new CD and put it in her collection.

Kathy walked in, “Jordan?”

Jordan turned around, “Yeah mom?”

“Are you ok?” She asked.

“Yea I am fine, just putting my stuff away.” She mumbled.

“Well usually I am fighting with you girls for days to get your stuff put from under the tree and into your room. It’s just not like you.” Kathy explained.

“Yeah, I know, I just thought I would do it now.” Jordan said.

“Ok, well I’ll make breakfast, it should be ready soon.” Kathy said as she closed the door.

Jordan watched her mom leave and sighed. She walked out of her room and decided to check out more of her dollhouse. She went up into the living room where Montana was still playing in her own little world.

Jordan laid on her stomach in front of the doll house and opened it up.

She opened the attic roof to grab the dolls and gasped when she picked up the mother doll.

The blue eyes, the curly brown hair, the black dress. She stared at the doll and her dream came flooding back. “Why would the lady in my dream look like my doll?” She wondered.

She shrugged and figured she had the dream only because she was playing with the doll house last night. It brought a little comfort knowing her mind was just replaying her adventures of doll world in her dreams.

“Come eat guys!” Kathy called from the kitchen. The three marched in and all sat down in front of an easy Christmas breakfast.

Jordan grabbed a tortilla and scooped scrambled eggs onto it. She didn’t like the onions or green peppers or tomatoes. Her burritos always consisted of the bacon bits and cheese over eggs.

Montana usually just ate the eggs alone with cheese. She never seemed to be able to keep the burrito together.

The family ate quickly and quietly. Montana barely tasted her food before it was gone and she zoomed back to the tree where her toys were.

Jordan picked at her food but ate most of it. “Can I be excused?” She asked politely.

Kathy looked at her plate to make sure she ate some. “Ok but clean your plate.”

Gary reached over and grabbed the last few bites of her burrito, Jordan took her plate to the kitchen and rinsed it off. She quickly walked back to her dollhouse.

She laid back down on her stomach and changed the clothing on the dolls. Even though it was a dream, she felt a strange closeness to the mother doll. As she played with her dolls she became one with the family, it went from make believe and unrealistic to Jordan naming the baby doll Jordan and playing out an barely existant secret dream. Her dream to be babied.

She knew that desire was there but pushed it away. She knew she was jealous of the attention Montana got.

She remembered being at school one day. It was internet day during homeroom. They were not allowed to use chat rooms or IM’s. But she remembered a few boys snickering next to her and looked at what they were laughing about. Somehow they had gotten into a site that was showing teenagers and adults dressed like babies and in diapers.

She laughed along with them until she realized that she felt a ridiculous yearning to be one of those teenagers. She pushed the thought away as fast as she realized it.

Now here she sat, dreaming of being a baby, acting out her desires through her dolls, and even wetting her bed.

She went on playing with her dolls.

Montana got up and went to the bathroom and then walked over, “Can I play too sissy?” She asked.

“No, you can look at it later when I am done.” Jordan said nicely.

Montana stuck out her bottom lip, and crossed her arms. She was about to retaliate to get her way but realized it wasn’t hers anyways. She walked away, “Mommy can I go play outside?”

“Only if your sister goes out with you!” Kathy replied.

Jordan overheard the conversation. She closed her dollhouse, “I’ll go too Montana. C’mon.”

The girls bundled up in their snowpants, boots, mittens, scarves and hats.

“Now remember if you get too cold, come inside! It is very cold outside and its still snowing hard. Stay close where I can see you!.” Kathy told the girls.

The girls barely heard a word as they raced outside.

Kathy giggled as the girls could barely walk, let alone run.

Gary finished loading the dishwasher and went downstairs to watch TV. He noticed that Jordan’s light was still on and went to shut it off. That’s when he noticed the stripped bed. He shrugged and flipped the light out and went to the recliner.

Kathy took some of the turkey and gravy from the freezer from the night before and quickly threw together a stew with a couple vegetables. She threw it into the crock pot to slowly simmer for lunch.

SLAM! A snowball hit Jordan in the back of the head. She turned around to find Montana rolling in the snow from laughter. She balled up some snow and lurched it across the yard and hit Montana’s arm.

“Hey! Let’s build our own forts and have a war!” Jordan yelled.

“Ok!” Montana yelled back.

The girls quickly went to work to build their walls to hide behind.

Kathy walked to the window and giggled at the girls. “I love it when they can get along!” She thought to herself. She went into the bathroom for a shower.

Jordan finished her fort and looked at Montana who was struggling. She sighed and walked over to help her.

Together they got the walls built. Jordan ran over to her wall and realized the pressure on her bladder. She ignored it, knowing that it would be lunchtime by the time she got all her snow clothes off and into the bathroom and then back again. She began to get snowballs piled up and ready for war.

CLUNK! Montana missed Jordan and hit the neighbors car.

“Missed me by a mile, Tan!” Jordan sang as she threw one towards Montana but hit her wall. She sighed, “I only missed her because I built her a top-of-the-line-fort.” She thought to herself.

After about 45 min of snowballs in the face and the house and neighbors car. Montana fell to the ground and began to make a snow angel. Jordan sighed and stood up, realizing how badly she needed to go. She took off running but had a hard time getting through the snow with her bulky legs sinking. She panicked as she desperately trudged through the snow.

That’s when Montana grabbed her leg causing her to fall and she felt her legs become warm. She tried to stop it from coming out but couldn’t. She yelled at Montana and began to cry.

“Geez Jordo I was just playing!” Montana joked.

“Go away! Don’t call me Jordo!” Jordan cried.

Jordo was a nickname Montana used when they were joking around. It was the only way that Montana could say her name as a toddler.

Montana got up and walked off, she was confused at what she did that upset Jordan so much. She went into the house and left Jordan outside who was still half crying and half panicking.

“How could I wet my pants? Stupid Montana! It’s her fault.” Jordan thought.

Kathy popped her head out the door. “C’mon inside now Jordan, it’s almost lunchtime.”

“She’s crying like a baby! Just cuz I tripped her when we were joking.” Montana sneered as Kathy helped her out of her snow clothes.

Kathy shooed Montana off to wash up for lunch. She poked her head outside again where Jordan was still laying on her stomach in the snow.

The Dollhouse by NeEKOlAh!

“Jordan! C’mon inside, it’s time for lunch!” Kathy called out the front door.

Jordan looked at her mother with tears still in her eyes. “I can’t let her know! How am I going to hide this?” She thought to herself.

Jordan stood up, she could feel her jeans rubbing against her thighs and causing a small stinging sensation. She wanted today to be over with. She had enough embarrassment already. She slowly trudged her way through the deep snow, awaiting more shame.

“C’mon Jordan, it’s cold!” Kathy hurried her daughter inside.

Jordan walked into the door and took off her hat. Her mother began to unzip her coat, “Mom! I can do it myself!” Jordan snapped.

Kathy replied, “You know what? This attitude is gonna stop right now, or you will be in your room for the rest of the night.”

Jordan sighed, “Mom, I’m sorry. I can undress myself, thanks for helping though.”

Kathy shook her head and escorted Montana upstairs to eat some lunch.

Jordan quickly unzipped her snowpants and pulled them down. She caught the smell of urine as a moist heat shot up from her snowpants. She quickly shoved them into the closet and ran downstairs. She ran into her father turning the corner, who was on his way upstairs.

“Whoa, sorry, honey…wait… Jordan?” Gary asked as he noticed her wet pants.

Jordan shot down the hallway before he could talk to her.

He stood there for a moment wondering if he should ask her about it. He figured the way she shot past him, she didn’t want to be talked to. He shrugged and walked upstairs.

Kathy was in the kitchen toasting bread for the stew. Montana was at the table waiting for lunch.

“What’s wrong with Jordan?” Gary asked Kathy.

“The girls got in a hissy outside, so she is mad that she got defeated.” Kathy replied rolling her eyes.

“I see,” Gary answered, not saying anything about her wet pants.

Jordan came upstairs, eyes still puffy and hair still full of static from her snow hat.

“Hungry?” Kathy asked Jordan as she poured the turkey stew over the toast.

Jordan shrugged, she looked down and ate her lunch silently.

Gary looked at Jordan with concern, he wasn’t sure if the issue should be addressed. Besides, it really wasn’t his strong side. The whole one-on-one still scared him. He felt like girls should have heartfelts with a mother. Of course, he was always there for his girls, but there were certain topics he was uncomfortable with.

Jordan finished her lunch, “May I be excused please?” She mumbled.

Gary answered, “Sure kiddo. Just put your plate in the dishwasher.”

Montana swallowed the last of her lunch, “Me too?”

Kathy nodded.

The girls got up and left the table.

Kathy sighed, “I love Christmas, and especially the after lunch time. Presents are done and lunch is done and its couch time.”

Gary nodded, “Oh yea, a movie about now sounds awesome, a big blanket and you in my arms.”

Kathy smiled. The two of them cleaned up the lunch mess.

Gary took over loading the dishwasher and Kathy made her way downstairs. Stopping at the entryway to pick up Jordan’s boots. She opened the closet door to put them away and saw Jordan’s snowpants shoved in a corner.

She sighed and pulled them out, as soon as they unraveled she could smell urine. She looked inside to find the lining was still damp. She sighed and put the boots in the closet and made her way to the laundry room.

Jordan came out of her room, she was trying to sneak her wet jeans into the laundry room. As soon as she got to the laundry room she bumped into her mother.

“Umm… hi… umm… are my sheets done yet?” Jordan asked blushing.

Kathy looked at her daughter holding a balled up pair of jeans. “What are you doing with those?” She asked.

Jordan felt her face getting redder and hotter, “Er… just going to put them in the dirty clothes.”

Kathy shook her head, “How about if I just put them in with your snowpants.”

“Busted.” Jordan thought as she lowered her head. “Yes please. I’m sorry mom. I didn’t realize how bad I had to go until the last minute and when I was running the snow was deep and I couldn’t go fast enough and then Montana grabbed my leg and I fell and I…”

“Jordan, it’s ok. Slow down, breathe, we can talk about this in a little bit. I’ll take your jeans, you go on and play for awhile.” Kathy consoled.

Jordan nodded and slowly walked away. “I’m so embarrassed!” She thought.

Kathy felt bad for her daughter. “What is going on with her? Bad dreams, wet bed, and now accidents?” She thought.

Jordan went up to her dollhouse to play, Montana was already looking at it.

“Montana! You didn’t ask!” Jordan whined.

“Sorry, you were in your room.” Montana explained.

“Well, I would like to play with it now.” Jordan replied.

Montana nodded and skipped off to her room.

Jordan laid back on her stomach and drifted back into her fantasy world. It wasn’t long before she drifted off into slumber as well right in front of the dollhouse.

Jordan watched the rails of the crib come down, she couldn’t move, she couldn’t speak. Everything was blurry. She watched the tall woman stand over her and reach her arms in……

Jordan popped awake. “That was wierd!” She thought. It was only a quick flash. She only dozed off for a few minutes. But enough that she experienced the same dream again. All she saw was the woman’s face and then her hands coming in towards her.

She shook off the thought and looked at her dollhouse to find her mother doll standing over the crib. She grabbed her and decided to change the family’s clothes. She put the mother doll in a yellow sundress and a matching one that barely fit over her baby kelly. She dressed the father in shorts and a tshirt and continued playing.

Kathy was ready for a movie, but came up to Montana’s room to put her in a pullup and make her lay down.

Kathy was big on naps, especially for Montana. Montana had her choice of sleeping in her mom’s bed or her own bed. She usually chose her mother’s. Jordan was allowed to watch a movie in her own room, for her it was called “quiet time.”

“Go on into your room Jordan, I’ll be in soon.” Kathy said.

Kathy tucked Montana into her big bed and kissed her forehead. It didn’t take much to get Montana to lay down and sleep.

Kathy came down to Jordan’s room and got her a sleeping bag from her closet to lay on. Her sheets were still in the dryer.

Jordan handed her mom her new DVD she recieved for Christmas and Kathy put it in. Jordan was completely capable of doing all this herself, but quiet time was a special time for her. She felt that it was childish to make her lay down but liked the way she was treated. Her mom would put a movie in for her and get her a sports bottle of water or juice to drink while she watched it.

Kathy handed Jordan her juice and started the movie. “Ok 2 hours and you can get up ok?”

Jordan nodded, she relaxed in her bed and watched the previews start. She loved her sportsbottle, sometiimes she pretended it was a baby bottle. She smiled and started sucking her bottle.

It wasn’t even 20 minutes before Jordan was fast asleep. And her eyes began their R.E.M. mode.

Kathy and Gary were settled on the couch under a big down blanket.

Montana was fast asleep in her parent’s bed.

Jordan finally drifted, and once again she heard a sweet voice ring into her mind,


The Dollhouse by NeEKOlAh!

Jordan opened her eyes but the sun blinded her. She looked around at the trees and the flowers, her eyes landed on a woman in a yellow sundress who was walking towards her.

“Jordan, you silly girl what are you doing over here?” The woman asked.

“Umm… what’s going on?” She asked puzzled. She finally recognized the woman when she got closer.

“Baby, you can’t wander off on mommy like that. I was worried!” The woman sweetly scolded.

“Mommy? Where is my mom?” Jordan wondered. “How did I get here?”

“C’mon little one, let’s go back inside now.” The woman said.

Jordan looked at her, “Inside where? Where are we going?” She asked.

“The house silly girl” The woman giggled.

Jordan, although unsure again and slightly scared, followed the woman through the flowerbed. Things were still a little blurry.

She found it hard to walk due to the diaper around her bottom. But she didn’t mind it.

She came to a bright blue house, with gorgeous victorian windows and beautiful vines crawled their way to the top. The base of the house was lined with brightly colored flowers. It was inviting, Jordan wanted to move closer.

The woman turned around, “Oh come on little one, don’t be so pokey.” She giggled as she picked Jordan up.

Jordan was surprised at this, but did not fight it. She sat on the woman’s hip as they came closer.

“How did I get out here?” Jordan thought.

The woman opened the front door and walked into a beautiful living room. Jordan noted how clean it was. Beautiful white carpet and rich red sofa and loveseat. There was a huge fireplace on the wall with pictures all along the mantle. There was a sweet aroma in the air as well, almost like a berry vanilla.

The woman walked through the living room and into the kitchen where she set Jordan into a playpen.

Jordan fussed about this, “Wait a second, what are you doing? I am not a baby! Let me out of this thing now! I want my mom!”

The woman ignored the cries with her back to Jordan.

Jordan continued to rant, “Hey! Listen to me! I wanna go home! Who are you? Where is my mommy?”

The woman turned around carrying a bottle full of milk and walked towards the playpen. She was smiling, “Ready to eat baby?”

Jordan began to cry, “No! I wanna go home! Go away!”

She closed her eyes and hid her face in the pillow. She felt a hand on her shoulder.

“Jordan, come on, what’s wrong? Jordan! Wake up!” Her mother shook her lightly.

Jordan opened her eyes, and realized that was all a dream.

She rolled onto her back to see her mother’s face.

“Mom!” Jordan said as she continued to cry.

“Jordan, what’s going on? Why are you crying?” Her mother asked.

“Just stupid dreams mom, that’s all. I’m ok!” She replied. She wished her mother would leave now so she could take care of things.

She rubbed the tears from her eyes. “Has it been 2 hours yet?” She asked.

Kathy replied, “Yes, you can come out now. But can we talk about something?”

Jordan knew exactly what this was going to be about. “Um, sure mom.”

“I don’t want you to feel embarrassed or anything, but I am concerned. You have wet the bed the last 2 nights now, and today, well you know. Is everything ok?” Kathy asked.

“Mom, I’m fine, it was nothing. Just accidents. I don’t know why it happened.” Jordan mumbled. She pulled her covers up higher.

“Well, maybe it is just stress or excitement over Christmas. I just wanted to make sure everything was ok.” Kathy replied.

She looked at her daughter, she could tell there was impatience and anxiety. That meant it was time for her to leave.

Kathy stood up and realized her bottom was damp. She looked at Jordan puzzled. She grabbed the blankets and pulled them down only to reveal a large wet spot under Jordan.

“Jordan! What is going on?” Her mother asked.

Jordan began to cry, “Mom, just go away, it was an accident, I didn’t know it would happen. Just leave me alone!”

Her mother knelt down beside her bed, “Jordan, I am not mad! These things happen! We will just have to modify your liquid habits before you sleep. Maybe we can get you some pullups too.”

Jordan looked at her mother mortified, “What!? NO! I don’t need those!”

Her mother stood up with her hands in the air, “It was just a suggestion! Take it easy. Why don’t you get out of your wet clothes and I’ll take care of the blankets.”

Jordan dropped her wet pants and shirt on the floor and wrapped a towel around herself and ran to the bathroom.

Kathy sighed and shook her head. As curious as she was, she was very concerned about these accidents. She couldn’t understand how out of nowhere her 11 year old was wetting herself.

Kathy brought the damp materials to the laundry room and threw them in a pile.

“KATHY! Come here quick!” Gary yelled from upstairs.

Kathy went upstairs, where Gary was sitting at the kitchen table with his head in his hand and the phone in the other.

“What’s wrong Gary?” Kathy asked. She sat down next to him.

“Kathy, Becky was just rushed to the hospital today. She just suffered a stroke.” Gary said softly.

Becky was Kathy’s older sister, her closest and dearest. She was never married and never had kids, but when Kathy’s mom died, Becky took over that role and became Mama Becky to everyone.

“Oh no!” Kathy said as she felt the tears well up. “Is she going to be ok?”

Gary looked at her, “I don’t know baby, but we need to get out there now. I know it’s Christmas. But maybe someone can watch the girls. Or they can go to someone’s house.”

Kathy sighed. Well who is going to want to watch 2 kids on Christmas day? Everyone is with family and out of town.

“Well, maybe the girls can each go to a friends house. The roads are terrible, and we have to be there for Becky, but I don’t want the girls in that situation.” Gary explained.

Kathy grabbed the phone and called Mrs. Janisek. Mrs. Janisek was Katie’s mom who was Montana’s best friend. They lived only a few houses away. Kathy knew that the family was close to them and they adored Montana.

“Hi Katie, is your mommy there?” Kathy asked.

There was a short pause.

“Hi Betty, this is Kathy Ugalde.”

“Yes, ok, and you?”


Kathy went on with her conversation.

Jordan finished bathing herself and went back to her room. She was mortified for what happened today, she woke up wet, wet herself outside and then again this afternoon. She could feel the tears of shame welling up inside her. She threw on a jogging suit and some clean socks.

“I can’t believe mom asked me to wear a pullup! What a joke! Yea Montana is cute in them and I think about them but I couldn’t do that! I am 11!” Jordan thought.

Jordan then remembered her dream. She was confused on what the dream meant or why she had that. It was the same woman again. She couldn’t figure out why she was so calm in her dream this time, almost like she belonged there.

She shook the thought from her head and went upstairs to her dollhouse.

“Thank you so much Betty. I really appreciate it.” Kathy was crying now as she hung up.

“Well Montana can go to the Janisek’s home for awhile. They said it was no problem.” Kathy sighed.

“I’ll try Mrs. King and see if Jordan can stay there, it’s across from Montana so if they need each other, they will be right there.”

Vandi King was Mandy’s mom, whom was Jordan’s close friend. Kathy tried without luck.

Gary went to wake up Montana and get her packed.

“Montana, wake up pumpkin.” Gary said as he shook Montana lightly.

Montana opened her eyes and smiled. She was easy to wake up and always cheerful.

“Montana, Auntie Becky is sick. Your mom and I have to go up there to see her and help the family out. You are going to be staying with Katie tonight.” Gary explained.

Montana, being only 6 didn’t understand the severity of “sick” She jumped up, “Goodyyyyy!”

Gary half smiled and picked her up. The two of them went into Montana’s room to pack her things.

Kathy was still in the kitchen, trying to get an answer from somebody. The last person she could think of was her co-worker. She knew the woman was divorced and had no children. She felt terrible thinking she was probably at home alone today, but it was possible.

Pam McCoy, although strange, was a very nice woman. Her and Kathy worked together for almost 11 years in the same office. Pam built dollhouses on the side, she made a killing on them for her meticulous work. The only thing Kathy didn’t like is that she probed everyone’s lives.

Kathy figured it was because she was alone. Pam divorced 6 years ago, the couple never had any children though sadly. Pam adored children and had nieces and nephews who loved her.

She dialed in the number…

Jordan opened her dollhouse, found the mother and the baby right where she had left them, on the rocker while feeding the baby.

She decided baby needed a nap and her mom doll could use a new outfit. She went through the closet of doll clothes and found a pretty blue sundress. She put the doll in the new outfit and sat her at the kitchen table for some coffee.

“Thank you so much Pam, you don’t know how much I appreciate this. I owe you one!” Kathy said as she hung up.

Kathy told Pam both girls because she was unfamiliar to Jordan and didn’t want to send just one.

“Jordan, can you come in here?” Kathy called into the living room.

Jordan walked in and stood next to her mom, “Yeah?”

“Becky is sick, daddy and I have to go see her, but you girls are going to stay with my friend Pam, is that ok?” Kathy asked.

“Why can’t we go with?” Jordan whined.

Montana came running into the kitchen, “I getta go to Katieeeee’s!” She yelled excitedly.

“No Montana you are going to Pam’s with your sister. She is my friend from work.” Kathy corrected.

“Nooooooo! Daddy said I getta stay with Katie!” Montana cried

Gary walked in, “I did tell her that, my fault her hopes are up.”

Kathy sighed, “Ok fine, Montana you go with daddy to Katie’s house. Jordan, do you have any other friends you can stay with? I already tried Mandy, Sarah, Sam, Nikki and Tasha.”

Jordan shook her head, “No, can’t I just come with you?”

“No sweety, the roads are bad and it’s going to be late when we get there. How about this, you go to Pam’s and stay the night. We will back in the morning, and if the roads are better, we will all go up there for a few days to visit the family ok?”

Jordan pouted, “Fine.”

“By the way, Pam is the one who built your dollhouse, I bet she has a ton at her house!” Kathy winked.

Jordan shrugged and went to go get her clothes together. She wondered if this was punishment for wetting the bed. “Montana gets to stay with a friend, none of mine are home, that’s no fair.” She thought.

She packed up her clothes and her discman and a couple CD’s.

Gary came back from dropping Montana off, “Wow! That snow is not letting up at all! At least they are still plowing! But we need to get going, there are blizzard warnings out there for tonight. We can beat it if we hurry and leave.”

“Already ready honey!” Kathy said as she dropped a suitcase on the floor. “Jordan!” She called.

Jordan came up the steps with her backpack and pillow. “Coming”

The drive there was slow, the snow was coming down heavy and Pam lived across town.

Jordan was nervous but already planned to sit in a corner and listen to her discman until her parents came back.

They pulled into a driveway and drove through a stash of large trees. As they drove up the driveway the house came into view.

It was a beautiful blue house with gorgeous victorian windows. Jordan felt a familiar but uncomfortable feeling.

Her mother got out with Jordan, Jordan could see where vines once grew up the siding of the house. They came to the big wooden door and Kathy rang the doorbell.

The door opened and Jordan looked at Pam. She blinked a few times in awe.

“This must be Jordan?” the sweet voice of Pam asked.

The Dollhouse by NeEKOlAh!

Jordan opened her eyes, she was lying on a couch with a cold rag on her head. She sat up and looked around. “Mom?”

Pam walked around the corner, “Oh you’re up! How is your head?” She asked.

Jordan swallowed the lump in her throat, “It’s fine. Where’s my mom? Did she already leave?”

Pam nodded, “She left about 15 minutes ago. She waited for 10 min but the snow is really coming down so they had to leave. Would you like some dinner?”

Jordan shrugged, “Sure I guess.”

Pam stood up and led Jordan into the kitchen. Jordan admired the kitchen. It had beautiful cherry wood cabinets and gorgeous black marble countertops. She sat down on the stool and was able to see her reflection in the countertop.

Pam had a mysterious look about her, her dark brown curls were pulled back into a claw clip. She had these deep blue eyes, you could see through them even at a distance. She had almost perfectly white, straight teeth.

Jordan was still in awe that this woman was semi identical to the woman in her dreams. Jordan was still in shock to thoroughly sort that out in her mind.

Everything was still a little blurry and going fast. She looked down at a cold meat sandwich, cut in fourths. She looked up at Pam and gave her a funny look. She was embarrassed that Pam would serve her a plate of food prepared as you would a childs.

Pam smiled and sat down across from Jordan. “So how do you like that dollhouse of yours?”

Jordan shrugged and tried to smile, “It’s ok, I guess. I like it.”

Pam smiled and took another bite.

Jordan tried hard not to stare at Pam while she ate. She wanted to keep looking though, this woman looked like her doll and like the woman in her dreams.

The two of them sat silently and finished their dinner. Pam then stood up and grabbed the two plates, “I know it was a light supper, but we can have a snack later.” She smiled and walked to the sink.

Jordan was thrown off by the smile from Pam. It was like she knew something that Jordan did not. And in the Ugalde house, everyone knows everything, there are NO secrets. Or so Montana and Jordan thought.

Jordan sat there, not really knowing what she should do, the house was unfamiliar to her… in a way.

She looked through the kitchen to the living room again, there was something strangely familiar about the room.

“A red couch?” Jordan thought to herself. She was still so disoriented before she came to the kitchen, she failed to realize the details.

Pam startled her as she broke her from her trance. “Would you like a tour of the house so you know where everything is?” Pam asked.

Jordan just nodded.

Pam smiled, “Follow me, you have already seen the living room” She chuckled.

Pam introduced her to the cozy house, the downstairs was pretty much open where there was a large dining area connected to the kitchen and through some wide doors was the living room and the front door.

They walked up the steps to a long hallway where there were 4 doors. Pam led her down to the first one, “This is the spare bedroom, you can sleep in here tonight ok? And across the hall here is the bathroom.” Pam explained.

They walked to the next door and Pam stopped. “Jordan I have one rule in this house, this bedroom and the attic are off limits. Please respect that.”

Jordan nodded, curious at what could be in that bedroom. The last bedroom was Pam’s. The two of them walked back downstairs.

“Pam?” Jordan asked.

“Yes?” Pam asked.

“How come you don’t want anybody in those rooms?” Jordan asked shyly.

Pam shot her a look of offense. “Jordan, what is in those rooms is my business. I do not want anybody in them, but just so you know the attic has all my finished and unfinished dollhouses and supplies. I will think about letting you see that. But please respect my private business.”

Jordan nodded. She felt stupid for being nosy.

Pam then asked, “What would you like to do tonight? We have a couple hours before bedtime.”

“Bedtime? It’s only like 6 o’clock! We would just be getting done with supper at home!” Jordan snapped.

Pam looked at Jordan once more, “Jordan, my house, my rules. All small children go to bed early. What would you like to until then?”

“Small children?” Jordan thought. “This is crazy. I feel like a stupid 2 year old, bedtime at 8?”

“I don’t care. Whatever is fine.” Jordan muttered.

Pam smiled, “How about ice cream and a movie?”

Jordan shrugged her shoulders and kept following Pam.

They came back to the living room where Jordan could now look at it. She gazed at the huge fireplace, and the pictures along it. One thing she noticed about the pictures is they were all empty frames.

“Hey. How come there’s no pictures in those frames?” She asked curiously.

Pam smiled, “I took them out, they were old. There will be some new ones in there soon. Would you like to be in one?”

Jordan replied with a shrug, “I don’t care.”

Pam picked the camera off the mantle, “Ok smile Jordan”

And for a half minute Jordan blinked trying to see again.

“I’ll have to download this tonight and print it out for one of the frames.” She smiled.

Jordan nodded. Puzzled as to why she would want a picture of Jordan.

Pam then opened a cabinet by the TV with movie upon movie. “What movie would you like to watch? I don’t have many children’s movies.”

Jordan walked over and went through each title, “Yeah, you’re right, there are NO movies I like.”

Pam closed the cabinet, well we can see what’s on TV then. She turned on the TV but there was nothing. “Dang that satellite!”

With the snow, the dish could not pick up a signal. “I wish I could get normal cable out here!”

Jordan replied, “That’s ok, I am just going to go up into my room and listen to my discman then.”

Pam nodded, “I guess I’ll get some housework done then. I’ll be up at 8 to make sure you are in bed ok?”

Jordan rolled her eyes, “I can’t believe I’m going to bed at 8 o’clock!” She thought to herself.

“Do you still want a snack or ice cream?” Pam asked.

Jordan shook her head.

She walked up the stairs and down the hallway, when she got near the “forbidden room”, curiousity got the best of her. “What could be in the other bedroom?” She wondered.

She heard the water running downstairs and Pam was humming. Jordan tiptoed over to the door and turned the knob, but it was locked. She was determined, she got down on all fours and peeked under the doorway, but couldn’t see anything.

She was on the edge now, she went into the bathroom to find some sort of long skinny item. The doors only had pop locks, it wouldn’t be hard to pop it. She learned that from locking her door so many times while she was not in her room. Or when her and Montana fought and Montana thought a locked door would keep Jordan from getting her.

She quietly searched the drawers but did not find a thing that would work.

“Maybe Pam has something in her room.” Jordan thought. But she knew that she wasn’t about to go snooping in there. She decided to give up.

She walked into the spare room and plopped herself onto the bed. “Hmm this lady has plastic sheets too it sounds.” Jordan mumbled.

Jordan put her headphones on and quietly jammed to her Lindsey Lohan CD.

Some day I just keep pretending
that youll say dreaming of a diffrent ending
i wanna hold on but it hurts so bad
and I can’t keep something that I never had

She closed her eyes and felt her head get heavy.

All of a sudden, a picture of her dollhouse flashed in her mind, then the yellow sundress, then the diapered bottom, then Pam. All these images flashed in her mind like snapshots for what seemed like forever. She saw the wet bed, the snowball fight. One by one, each memory attacked her in her dream.

Jordan opened her eyes to see Pam in the doorway. She diefinitely didn’t look happy. She pulled the headphones down. She realized she must have dozed off.

“Jordan! What happened?” Kathy asked surprisingly.

Jordan was startled, she sat up and rubbed her eyes, “What’d I do? What time is it?” She wondered. It was then she felt the familiar uncomfortable dampness on her bottom.

She looked down to find that she had peed on the bed. Her jaw dropped, “How could this have happened? I can’t believe this!” She thought to herself.

Pam walked over and grabbed Jordan’s arm and pulled her gently off the bed. She pulled her out of the room and across the hall into the bathroom. She began to strip Jordan out of her wet pants.

“No, I am sorry! I can change myself!” Jordan begged.

Pam ignored her plea and yanked Jordan’s pants off and pulled her legs out. She did the same with Jordan’s wet underwear. She threw them into a pile on the floor.

She started the bathtub and checked the temperature. When it was right she locked the drain. She grabbed Jordan’s pants, “You need to wash up, when you are done come to my room.”

Jordan was so humiliated, she could feel her face burning in shame and desperation. She nodded and watched Pam walk out.

Jordan took off her shirt and got into the bathtub, “That is 4 times today! What is my deal? I have never had this problem!” She thought to herself. She felt so embarrassed, she began to softly cry to herself in the tub.

When she finished, she grabbed a towel from the basket and dried off. She wrapped the towel around herself and walked out. She didn’t want to go into Pam’s bedroom, but slowly she made her way there. She peeked around the corner where Pam was sitting upon her bed in the lamp light reading a book.

Jordan walked in slowly. Pam looked over her book and tilted her glasses, “All clean?”

Jordan softly replied, “Yes, I am very sorry for what happened.”

Pam smiled, “It’s ok, accidents happen. But to prevent this from happening tonight, I will wake you up at midnight and then again at 3am.”

Jordan nodded.

Pam set her book down and stood up. She led Jordan back into the spare bedroom where Pam had completely re-made the bed.

“You know you are lucky that the mattress is brand new and was still in the package. It acted as a rubber sheet. I think I will keep it on there.” Pam explained.

She grabbed Jordan’s bag and began to dig through it.

“Pam I can dress myself, it’s ok.” Jordan said.

Pam shook her head, “You must have packed your own bag, huh? You didn’t bring socks or underwear with you.” She chuckled. She handed her the pajamas in the bag, “I guess until I can get to laundry in the morning, you will have to go without.”

Jordan nodded. Pam set the bag back on the floor and pulled the covers back on the bed. “Well you get your pajamas on, I’ll be in at midnight to wake you up. Goodnight.”

Jordan watched Pam walk out and close the door. She sighed, “Finally I can just go to bed, then go home tomorrow to my own bed.” She mumbled to herself.

The Dollhouse by NeEKOlAh!

“Jordan, wake up, time to go potty. Jordan? C’mon, open your eyes.” Pam said as she lightly shook Jordan.

Jordan just kept grunting and moaning.

Pam sat her up, “C’mon, get up, let’s go potty.”

Jordan groggily got out of bed with Pam’s help. Her eyes were still closed and Pam had to direct her to the right place.

They walked into the bathroom and the bright lights caused Jordan to wake more but was still squinting. Pam led her to the toilet. Jordan pulled her pajama bottoms down and sat. She rested her head in her hands and could easily have fallen back to sleep.

Pam knelt down in front of her practically holding her up.

When Jordan finished, she wiped herself off and pulled her pants up. She was more awake now and had her eyes half open. She wobbled back to the bedroom and plopped down onto the bed. Pam pulled the covers over her, “Good girl.” She whispered and walked out.

Jordan fell asleep almost immediately.

Pam walked out of the bedroom and smirked. She went upstairs to the attic to work on the dollhouses for a few hours. This was her prime time of night for tedious building.

Jordan opened her eyes, she looked up through the netting of her playpen. “Hey, how did I get in here?” She called out.
Pam walked around the corner. “Well you’re awake! Are you ready to get out?”

Jordan nodded, confused why Pam would put her in a playpen. Pam helped her out of the playpen and took her hand. She led her up the stairs and they passed the spare room.

“Hey where are we going?” She asked.

Pam smiled, “To change you out of your very wet diaper.”

Jordan looked down. She had a diaper on. “Why am I wearing this? What’s going on?”

“Little girls who potty in their pants don’t get to wear pretty big girl panties.” Pam explained with a sideways look.

“It was an accident! Im sorry! Please, I don’t want a diaper!” Jordan cried.

Pam unlocked the door to the “forbidden room”

It was Jordan’s nursery. Suddenly Jordan had more problems walking. The diaper was expanding immensely on her.

“Help! What’s going on!” She cried.

Pam’s face changed and she began to coo over Jordan. Jordan could not get any words out.

The ceiling seemed to start moving, making her dizzy. She closed her eyes.

“Jordan, C’mon, get up. Its 3am. Time to go potty.” Pam shook Jordan, who was mumbling in her sleep. Pam sighed and began the same routine as a few hours earlier. She sat Jordan up and helped her out of the bed and into the bathroom.

Jordan was still stuck in dream mode, “No. I don’t want a diaper. Go away.” She mumbled.

“Jordan, snap out of it, we are going to the potty. C’mon.” Pam replied.

The two of them repeated the same process and finished in the bathroom. Pam helped her back into bed, this time Jordan was not so awake when she got back into bed.

Pam covered her back up and again praised her. “Good girl for using the potty. See you in the morning.”

Jordan opened her eyes. She could tell it was early still because the house was silent. She could hear the wind gusts hit the house. She felt cold and situated the covers over herself. When she scooted down, she felt it.

“Oh no! This couldn’t have happened!” She whispered loudly. She sat up and stared at her wet pajamas and sheets. It wasn’t as large but noticeable. She felt a lump in her throat and knot in her stomach. She got up and crept out her door. She tiptoed down the hallway to Pam’s room. Her door was wide open and she was still asleep.

She crept back to her own. She stripped the bed and changed out of her jammy bottoms. She tiptoed down to the kitchen where the laundry room was. She opened the washer and found the blankets and sheets from last night.

“How can this be happening? What is wrong with me?” She wondered. She took the blankets out and shoved them in the dryer. She put the wet sheets in the washer and started it. She hoped and hoped that Pam would not wake up before the laundry finished.

She walked out into the living room and looked at the clock. It was only 8am. “Most adults sleep until like 10” She thought. She looked out the window. The snow had drifted up to the window.

She felt nervous, it snowed alot last night. And the snow was just barely falling now. But there were still drifts taller than herself it seemed.

She went upstairs into the bathroom and quietly dampened a rag to clean herself off with.

When she finished, she went back into the spare bedroom where Pam was sitting on the bed with a stern look on her face.

“What happened?” She asked.

Jordan looked down at the carpet. “I don’t know.”

Pam walked over to Jordan. “Why didn’t your mom tell me that you were a bedwetter?”

Jordan looked at Pam, “I’m not! It was an accident!”

Pam nodded.

She stood up and walked out.

“I can’t believe this! I am so stupid! How can I wet the bed? Why is this happening?” She thought. She went over to the naked bed and plopped herself down.

“I just wanna go home, I don’t like it here. I want my bed, my toys, my mom.” She felt tears beginning to burn in her eyes before they tickled their way to her chin.

She dozed off from there.

“Jordan… hey, Jordan. Wake up, Let’s make this bed.” Pam said softly.

Jordan opened her eyes and realized she had fallen back asleep. She sat up and got off the bed so she could help Pam re-make it.

“Your undies are clean and dry as well, they are on top of the dryer.” Pam told Jordan.

She replied, “Ok thanks”

They finished making the bed and were putting the pillows on when the phone rang.

“You finish up here, I’ll get that.” Pam said on her way out the room.

Jordan threw the smaller pillows on the bed and made her way down the stairs to the laundry room.

She was just pulling her pants back up when Pam knocked on the door. “Jordan?”

Jordan opened the door.

“That was your parents. Looks like you are going to be here a few more days. First off, they are snowed in up north and second, your aunt is not doing so well. I also explained about your ‘accidents’ sounds like they are happening pretty frequently.”

Jordan wanted to cry. “I don’t want to stay here anymore, there is something wrong with me, I don’t have any of my stuff. I want to go home.” She thought.

Pam saw the tears forming, “Hey! It’s ok, we can have fun!”

Jordan shrugged and walked to the patio doors where the snow was covering halfway up the glass door. She sighed, wanting to get out of this place.

Pam dug through the fridge, she pulled out a few items and went to work on a quick breakfast for the two.

“Pam? Will you show me some of your dollhouses?” Jordan asked.

Pam turned around, “I suppose, after breakfast we can do that.”

Jordan finished her oatmeal and milk. Pam finished as well and picked up the empty bowls. Jordan walked upstairs to change out of her pajama top and put a sweatshirt on.

Pam came up, “Ok, come on let’s go up.”

Jordan followed her up a case of stairs into the attic. Jordan expected it to be dark and musty like most, but it was finished. It had carpeting and painted walls. It was really very cozy. She looked around and saw container upon container of supplies.

There was a built in shelf along one wall where there were about 8 dollhouses lined on each shelf. Jordan walked over. Every one of them had a different house shape and color. Some were tall and skinnier and some were wide with only one story. The funny thing was is it looked like she made two of each one.

“I would have thought there would be way more” Jordan said.

“Oh honey, those are the undone houses I am working on. The finished ones are in the next room.” She explained.

Jordan looked around, she saw a door behind one of the tables. Pam led her over and through the door.

Jordan felt an eerie presence about the room. The room was huge. It had dollhouses on the floor. Each one in a block of four. It looked like a mini neighborhood. There was a walkway in between each block of 4 houses.

Jordan walked slowly past the houses. She peered through the windows and opened a few. She did notice, however, each house had a nursery identical to hers.

“Hmmm maybe she doesn’t know how to make one differently like she does with bedrooms.” She thought.

Each one had a different house shape, but the same nursery. And each nursery had a baby doll in it.

Jordan wondered, “I wonder why I didn’t get one.”

She flipped the attic up, no mommy and daddy dolls though.

"She probably puts them in when she gives them away.

Jordan continued to check out the dollhouses very carefully. Pam was fiddling around with one of the undone houses. Jordan felt the pressure on her bladder, but ignored it. She was in the house, it wouldn’t take long to get to a bathroom.

She noticed one particular dollhouse, it looked identical to hers. She walked over to it and looked inside. Sure enough it had the exact same layout and colors. No mommy or daddy doll but there was a baby doll. And even a mirror in the attic like the one in hers.

She was confused. She checked out a few more attics. They all were different but they all had makeshift boxes and then one item that stuck out in the attic.

One had a rocking horse, another with a antique looking chair. Jordan found this very odd. But thought nothing of it otherwise.

She walked back out into the other room where Pam was working on a house.

“I like your dollhouses, Pam.” Jordan said.

“Thanks dear. Will you do me a favor and hold this together?” She handed her a table that she nailed and glued together. But needed to wait for the glue to dry. I will be right back.

Pam walked into the back room and closed the door.

Jordan felt the sudden urge to relieve her bladder and remembered she had to go and she needed to go right now. She wriggled back and forth and called out Pam’s name. But Pam must not have heard. Jordan danced some more. Feeling trickle after trickle squeeze out.

She squeezed her legs together and held her breath, at that moment Pam walked back in.

“Oh no!” She grabbed the table from Jordan’s hands and grabbed her arm and pulled her as fast as she could to get to the bathroom.

Jordan knew she was not going to make it. At the base of the steps, Jordan pulled her hand from Pam’s and both hands went to her pants where she attempted to hold herself. Jordan watched the dark spot spread across her front and down her legs. She hung her head in shame and began to cry.

Pam put her arm around her and walked with her to the bathroom. “It’s ok. Don’t cry.”

Jordan whimpered back, “I tried to call for you. You never came.”

“I’m sorry I did not hear you.” Pam replied.

Pam ran the tub and pulled Jordan’s wet pants off. “Why don’t you clean up, I’ll stick this in the wash.”

Pam walked out of the bathroom leaving Jordan in her shame. She knew this time she tried to make it, she tried to hold it. She took her shirt off and slid into the tub.

Jordan heard the phone ring and then heard Pam scuffle across the house to answer. She got out of the tub and dried off. She walked out of the bathroom and noticed where Pam had sprayed carpet cleaner over the spot Jordan lost it.

She felt her face heat up and walked into her room. She dug through her bag but did not have any clean clothes. She only brought the one outfit that she just wet. She wondered if her jogging suit was clean from yesterday.

She walked downstairs in her towel and saw her jogging suit, her pajamas and now her jeans all in a pile in the laundry room. She had nothing to wear. She brought extra shirts but not pants.

Pam was still on the phone so Jordan waited in her towel at the dining room table. She watched Pam talk on the phone.

Jordan wasn’t sure of why she felt so comfortable around Pam. She never met this person until yesterday. But she liked the way she had all Pam’s attention. She had a sudden urge to be in her arms like Montana would with Kathy.

All the feelings from the past few days all swept into Jordan’s mind. The feelings of wanting to be little again, having all the attention, being the cute one.

She got another urge to put her thumb in her mouth. It had been years since Kathy weaned Jordan from the thumb. But for some reason Jordan was feeling so vulnerable.

As soon as the thought entered Jordan tried to forget it again. She heard Pam’s conversation coming to an end and looked up.

“Ok, what’s up Jordan?” Pam asked as she hung up the phone.

“I don’t have any clothes to wear. They are all… um… wet.” Jordan said sheepishly.

Pam smiled, “Ok, we’ll find something for now and I’ll put the clothes in. I didn’t want the bright colors to bleed with my sheets.”

Jordan followed Pam upstairs.

“Why don’t you go into your bedroom, I’ll be in soon.” Pam said as she shut the door.

Jordan sat and waited. She couldn’t stop her mind from racing, so much happened in the last few days. She went from thought to thought so fast she couldn’t see anything clearly.

She also couldn’t fight the urge to put her thumb in her mouth. It was times like this she wished she still had Jojo. Jojo was her stuffed bear when she was younger. But after he lost his eyes and stuffing was coming out his nose, not to mention the loss of hair and broken seams, Kathy had to toss the precious disaster.

It took days for Jordan to get over it, but she was praised when she didn’t ask for him. And with a baby in the house, Jordan thrived off some attention and most definitely praise.

Jordan slipped her thumb in her mouth and let out a breath of relief. It was like a burden was lifted from her shoulders, and to think all the relief just by sucking a finger.

She quickly tore it out and wiped it off when she heard Pam turn the doorknob. Pam came in with a half smirky mysterious look on her face and she handed Jordan the outfit.

Jordan looked at it puzzled. “Where did this come from?” She asked.

"I got it as a joke from some friends. We had a singles night out. And it was around the time I was thinking about adopting. I have always wanted a baby, but it wasn’t in the stars for me.

So us single women go out once a month and we draw a name on who gets the gag gift. About 2 years ago, one of the times when my name was picked, they thought it would be funny to give me this. Since I had wanted a baby so bad, the ladies joked that it would have to be a really big baby." Pam chuckled.

Jordan was still confused as she looked at the outfit. It was a pink onesie, only it wasn’t the size of one of Jordan’s dolls. It was her size or close enough to it.

Pam shrugged, sorry that’s all I have till your clothes are washed.

“But I don’t have any underwear either.” Jordan complained.

“Think of it as a bathing suit, it’s close. Only it has snaps.” Pam chimed.

Jordan watched her walk out. She looked again at the babyish clothes. She stood up and let her towel slide off and slid the onesie over her head.

She put her arms through the holes and laid down to snap the bottom. She stood up and looked down. The onesie was snug, but not too tight. She was afraid it would hang too far, being that they go over diapers, and reveal her privates, but it was close to perfect.

She stood up on the bed to look in the wall mirror. She looked at herself in the onesie and smiled. She looked cute, but she was nervous about wearing it where Pam could see.

She hopped down and put the towel back around her and walked out of the room. She went downstairs where Pam was cooking lunch.

“How does macaroni and chee- Jordan, why are you still in the towel, did the clothes not fit?” Pam asked.

Jordan replied. “It fits, I have it on.”

“Well throw that towel in the laundry room and come sit up here and help me make lunch.” Pam ordered.

Jordan hesitated a moment and did as she was told. She slid the chair over to the counter and climbed up. She sat on the countertop and rested her feet on the stool.

“Ohhhh, that’s not so bad. It’s kinda cute!” Pam teased as she pinched Jordan’s nose lightly.

At first Jordan flinched back. For a second she felt like a toddler, but then realized, she really liked the attention. She relaxed and smiled and watched Pam pour in the milk, butter and cheese.

“Would you like to stir?” Pam asked.

Jordan nodded and scooted closer. Pam held the pot and her other hand was helping Jordan stir.

Jordan didn’t say anything, she was 11 and perfectly capable of stirring mac and cheese without a problem but she felt like, for once, she was the center of attention.

She continued to stir until it was all dissolved and perfect. Pam removed the pot and set it on a hot pad on the table. Jordan jumped down from the counter and pushed her stool back to the counter.

She had a funny feeling in her stomach, it was excitement but nervousness. She just experienced a moment that she never thought she would feel again.

She smiled and hopped up on the stool while Pam dished her up.

The Dollhouse by NeEKOlAh!

After the two finished their mac and cheese, Pam got up and grabbed the dirty dishes. She checked the laundry which would be ready to switch over fairly quick. She looked outside and realized the snow stopped.

“Looks like we can watch TV now that the snow is done.” Pam said. The two of them walked out to the living room and flipped the TV on.

The screen was flashing with storm warnings for all of Minnesota.

“Is it even possible to get more snow?” Pam complained. She walked over to the window and noticed the sky was getting dark on the horizon.

“Maybe I should clear some of the snow before the next batch hits, huh?” She questioned herself out loud. “Not to mention, Susan called and she needs me to watch Kayla.” She smiled, she loved little Kayla too. Too bad it was only a couple hours though. “I wonder if they will be ok in this snow.”

“Jordan, will you be ok here on your own inside while I clear some of the snow?” She asked.

“Yes, I am fine.” Jordan replied.

Pam nodded, “Ok, I’ll be outside then.”

Jordan flipped through the channels and laid down onto the couch.

When she heard the engine of the snowblower start up, she jumped up and looked out the window.

She felt a little uneasy being in Pam’s house alone. Even though she was just right outside, it was lonely and the attention stopped.

She wandered around the living room and noticed her picture was already in the frame. She reached up and pulled it down to look at it. “I wonder why she wanted a picture of me.” She thought

She put it back and wandered around a little more and found herself wandering upstairs. She was very curious about that bedroom. She reached to the knob and tried turning it, still locked. She sighed, “There must be something really awesome in there for her to lock it away.” She thought. She got down on all fours again and tried to peek under the door. She couldn’t see a thing, as usual. She stood up and walked back downstairs.

She walked to the window to watch Pam clear the snow. She looked like she was really struggling with it. But then again, a foot of snow would cause anyone to struggle plowing it.

She looked next door where a truck took maybe 3 or 4 swipes and was plowed. He must have noticed Pam struggling, because he came over helped. Again a few swipes with his plow and the snow was clear. She watched Pam talk a few minutes and then waved as the truck drove off.

She walked back over to the couch and sat down. She wished her clothes would get done, as comfortable as she was in the onesie, she felt silly.

Pam walked back through the front door, “Whew! We must have gotten close to a foot and a half out there! Not to mention, the drifts that are 3 and 4 ft. high. Thankfully Merlin was out plowing the neighborhood.”

Jordan smiled. “I wish I could play out in the snow.”

Pam walked over, “You can if you want, it’s just that it might storm soon, so you need to come back in soon.”

Jordan jumped up, “Ok!… But… umm, I don’t have clothes.”

“Oh, I forgot about that. Well maybe tomorrow then.” Pam replied.

“Listen, Kayla should be here any minute. She is one of my neighbors, she is 15. Her mom has a few errands to run and so I am going to watch her for a couple hours, you guys will get along great.”

“She is 15 and still needs a babysitter?” Jordan asked, puzzled. Jordan was 11 and still begged her mother to be home alone, or at least watch Montana for an hour. Which of course was denied every time.

“Yeah, her mom is not very trusting in Kayla. Last time she attempted to leave her home alone, Kayla just about burnt the house down. She was making popcorn and the microwave was broken so she thought she could stick it in the over to heat it up and it started a fire. Her mother can be a little over-bearing at times.” Pam explained.

(Author’s note: Yes I have tried that before and yes I started a fire too haha)

Jordan nodded. That’s when she realized she need to get to the bathroom. Wanting to avoid any type of accident she looked at Pam, “I’ll be right back, I need to go po- er… to the bathroom.”

Pam excused her and Jordan ran up the stairs to the bathroom.

Jordan sat there doing her business and staring at her feet when she heard the doorbell. She quickly finished up and went back downstairs. She was eager to meet this Kayla. It would be nice to have someone to hopefully play with. She wondered how Montana was doing, obviously accident free. She was probably in Katie’s room in her toy closet playing barbies with Katie, worry free. While Jordan was stuck in this house, no clothes and humiliated. She suddenly felt very homesick.

Pam was hugging Kayla as Jordan walked in the living room. Jordan walked over to the two, she was probably 4 foot 6 inches and very cute. She was probably weighed a little less than Jordan. The girl had on a pair of tan overalls and a pink shirt underneath. She had her hair in a ponytail on the top of her head that was perfectly set and curled. Jordan had never seen an older girl that looked so… childish.

“Hi Aunty Pammy.” Kayla said in a forced child’s voice.

“Hello Kayla, this is my friend Jordan over here.” Pam introduced.

Jordan suddenly felt silly in her onesie and no underwear.

Kayla giggled. “Hi Jordan!”

“Hi” Jordan replied shyly.

“Listen, you girls get acquainted, I will be back soon.” Pam ordered.

Jordan walked to the couch and sat down. Kayla walked over as well. “How are you?” She asked Jordan.

Jordan replied, “Good. Kinda bored though.”

Kayla looked at her confused. “Why are you bored?”

Jordan looked at the girl, “Are you that dumb? Look around! This place has no movies, no toys, and no kids. And I’m snowed in!” She thought to herself.

“Nothing to do, really.” Jordan replied and then sat back and flipped through channels.

Kayla shrugged. She sat there quietly.

Jordan was a little annoyed with Kayla and not sure why. The girl did nothing to her, but maybe it was because she was so adorable. Another reason for Jordan to criticize her body image.

Kayla stood up, “Where’s Aunty Pammy?”

Jordan replied, “Probably upstairs, I don’t know.”

Kayla pranced out of the living room.

Jordan wondered where she was going, but was too tired to move. This was normally quiet time for her.

Jordan laid down and watched TV and soon dozed off.

She was awakened to Kayla singing.

Jordan sat up annoyed and looked over at Kayla who was laying on the floor coloring. There was something odd about Kayla. Jordan watched her, this girl was oblivious to the world around her. She swung her legs back and forth in the air and was singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”

Jordan looked at the time, she had slept for almost an hour and a half. Thankfully she woke up without an accident. She noticed something peculiar about Kayla, she had a big bottom, almost like she had… it looked like she was wearing… a… “Diaper?” Jordan whispered.

Just then the doorbell rang. Kayla jumped up and ran to the door, “MOMMY!” She screamed.

Susan bent down to give her daughter a hug. “Were you a good little girl for Aunty Pammy?”

Jordan was puzzled at that statement. She watched the way Kayla’s mom dressed her into her winter attire like she was still 3 years old. She got up and went upstairs and went into the bathroom while everyone was saying their goodbyes.

When she came back out, the house was silent. She hoped Kayla was gone, finally.

She walked downstairs just in time to hear the dryer buzz. Pam swiftly walked by and into the laundry room. She pulled out Jordan’s clothes. But only handed her the pair of underwear.

“No sense in dirtying any of these clothes right now, eh?” Pam asked as she ruffled Jordan’s hair.

Jordan shrugged, “Whatever,” she thought. “It’s just us anyways.”

She went up into the bathroom to put her underwear on.

She went back downstairs, “Pam, was Kayla wearing a diaper?”

The Dollhouse by NeEKOlAh!

Jordan toddled through the kitchen to her highchair to grab her pacifier. She made her way to the steps and crawled up. She continued crawling down the hallway and then into her nursery. Kayla was already playing. Jordan crawled over and grabbed a few blocks.

“Can I help you build?” Jordan asked, her voice muffled from her nuk.

“Yay! Let’s build a tower that reaches all the way to the sky!” Kayla giggled as she bounced on her padded bottom.

Jordan smiled and together they began to build. Jordan then stood up and started walking away.

“Where are you going?” Kayla asked.

“I gotta go potty.” She answered.

“Silly girl, use your diapee like me!” Kayla giggled.

Jordan looked down and ran her fingers across her diaper. She relaxed and let her bladder empty. She could hear the hissing and began to get a funny feeling in her tummy. An excitement, as well as a nervousness.

Amazed she walked around in her diaper, noting how amazing it felt. She sat down again and felt the warmth squish against her skin. She laid back and sucked her pacifier and enjoyed the feelings.

She then got up and walked out into the hallway, “Mom? Pam?” She called out.

She continued to toddle her way to Pam’s bedroom. “Mommy! Pammy! Where are you?”

She looked in Pam’s room and found her just waking up.

“Jordan? Are you ok? What’s wrong?” Pam asked as she walked over to Jordan.

“I need my diaper changed now.” Jordan replied still deep in her dream.

"Jordan you don’t have a diaper on. What are you talking about? Pam asked.

“I wet my diaper.” Jordan said again.

Pam looked closer, Jordan was sleepwalking. “Jordan wake up.”

Pam patted her cheek.

Jordan opened her eyes, “Why am I in here?”

Pam replied, “You were sleepwalking and it looks like you had an accident.”

Jordan nodded, “I wet my dia-” She felt her bottom. There was no diaper, only wet panties.

“Come on, let’s get you changed and into bed.” Pam sighed.

Jordan followed Pam into the bathroom where Pam undressed her and took a washcloth to her legs and bottom.

“Come on, your pajamas are in the bedroom, we’ll get you comfy and back in bed.” Pam said.

She went under the sink for a plastic bag for the sodden materials and Jordan noticed something peculiar.

“Was that a… diaper? Why is there a diaper in there?” She wondered.

Pam brought her into the bedroom and and helped her into her pajamas.

“Jordan can we talk about something?” Pam asked.

“Ok.” She replied.

“Well, I don’t know how to put this exactly. You were asking me to… umm… change your, you know… umm diaper? And I was wondering if you were ok, is that maybe what you wear at home?”

Jordan looked at her and felt her face get hot. “Im ok… er… I was in a… I mean… no I don’t wear them.”

Pam gave her a sideways look, “You know it might not be a bad idea considering the sudden and frequent accidents you have been having.”

Jordan shook her head, “I don’t want one. I want to go home. I miss Montana and I miss daddy and I miss mommy.” Jordan began to cry.

Pam knelt down and hugged her, “Heyyy, it’s ok. Accidents happen and I know you miss your family. They will be back in a couple days, what can I do to make you more comfortable?”

Jordan buried her face into Pam’s shoulder. “I don’t know, I just don’t like this. What is wrong with me? I never wet the bed or had accidents before and now I do.”

Pam rocked back and forth to try and console Jordan. “It’s ok, we will get this all figured out. But for now, why don’t you crawl back into bed and I will tuck you in.”

Jordan climbed in and Pam drew the covers to her chin. As she was tucking her in, Jordan was stunned. “Is that a… no, no it can’t be… is it? It looks like…. a pacifier!” She thought to herself.

As Pam leaned over a light pink handle was revealed from her bedtime tshirt pocket. Jordan noticed the out line and the obvious gripper bumps on the handle.

Pam walked out and shut the light off. She closed the door.

Pam grabbed the carpet cleaner and sprayed the large wet spot in the forbidden room and closed the door and locked it. She figured that since it was almost midnight, her dollhouses could use some work. Being it was primetime.

Jordan laid in her bed, the thought of the pacifier in Pam’s pocket stunned her. “What did she have that for?” She whispered. She then remembered the bathroom and what she thought to be a diaper she saw.

She quietly got up and tiptoed to the doorway. She peeked out and seen the attic doorway wide open and the light on. She figured Pam was upstairs. She crept across the hallway and into the bathroom. She turned the light on and quietly closed the door.

She opened the cupboard door under the sink. There it was, staring her blank in the face. A diaper. She picked it up, it looked like the one in her dream. She opened it and felt it. She was fascinated. She dropped her pajama bottoms and put it against her skin. “Wow…” She thought. “Why would she have diapers here? And why is there just one here?” She wondered.

She sat down on the floor and pulled it up. She was afraid to fasten it, being it was the only one, Pam might notice it missing. She folded it back up as best she could and put it back under the sink. She tiptoed back to her room, noticing that the attic light was still on. She tiptoed to the steps and listened.

She didn’t hear anyone so she crept up the steps a ways, just enough to see at floor level what was going on. There was no trace of Pam, the big door was shut and it was silent. She looked at the sign on the wall. “Must be the name of her store.” She thought as she read it, “House of Dreams”

She crept back down the steps and back into her room, she crawled into her bed and under the covers. Thinking back to the pacifier again. She was distrurbed at how appealing it was to her. She wondered what it would be like to have it in her mouth, just like her dream.

She put her thumb in her mouth and fell asleep.

The Dollhouse by NeEKOlAh!

Pam shut the attic light off and peeked into Jordan’s room. She smiled when she seen Jordan sleeping soundly and with her thumb in her mouth. She walked over to the bed and gently shook Jordan.

“Jordan, wake up, time to go potty.” She said gently.

Jordan slowly woke up and Pam helped her out of her bed. She held Jordan up as they walked towards the bathroom.

Pam flipped the light on and helped Jordan to the toilet. Jordan sat down and leaned against the wall. Pam waited a few minutes and Jordan still did not go.

“Do you have to go honey?” Pam asked.

Jordan did not reply, she was still half asleep.

“Jordan, wake up honey, it’s time to go potty. We don’t want another accident.” Pam explained.

Jordan squinted her eyes and tried to adjust to the light. She waited and waited but still nothing. She had no urge to go, and tried hard.

Pam sighed, “Ok, well, hopefully this means your bladder is empty and we will have a dry bottom in the morning.” She helped Jordan stand up and pulled her pants back up.

As soon as the pants were up, Jordan’s eyes went wide. She had tried to relax her bladder so much on the toilet that her body was still doing it. Pam pulled her pants down and sat her down quickly as the last trickle was caught in the toilet.

Jordan started to cry, she just wet her pants and the floor and worst of all, Pam got it too.

Pam stood there and sighed. “Jordan, it’s ok. I am not upset but it’s time we think about protection. I have no clean clothes for you.”

Jordan buried her hands in her face, “What is wrong with me?”

Pam walked over and washed her hands and dried them. “Stay there honey, I will be right back. I need to change my clothes quick.” And she walked out the door.

Jordan continued to cry, humiliated and confused. “How could that have happened? I was right here by the toilet and I couldn’t make it. Maybe Pam is right. What if I do need to wear protection?” She cried harder, staring at the mess on the floor. She pulled her feet out of her wet bottoms.

As she sat there, her bladder emptied a little more. Jordan held her breath a second, “I didn’t even feel that!”

Pam walked back in, and in her hands was a bottle of baby powder, a bottle of baby oil and of course, worst of all… a diaper.

“I have some of these,” She said, holding up the diaper. “They are Kayla’s extras for when she visits. But I think they would fit you as well.”

Jordan cried harder at the sight. “Please, no, just take me home. I want my bed, my clothes and my stuff.”

Pam answered, “I’m sorry honey, I know you miss your home and family. But it’s snowing again and we have blizzard conditions. Not to mention, nobody else is home to watch you.”

Jordan knew she was right. She had to face these consequences right now.

Jordan wiped herself off and flushed the toilet. Pam motioned for her to lie down on the rug.

Jordan stepped over her accident and slowly walked over to her doom. She laid down on the floor on the rug in front of Pam.

Pam took a warm wash cloth and wiped Jordan’s legs and bottom off. “Ok Jordan can you lift your bottom for me?”

Jordan braced herself and lifted her bottom, Pam slid the diaper beneath her. “Ok, back down honey.”

Jordan set her bottom down, she felt the padding and the softness, but still felt so embarrassed. She had no time for what could be enjoyment. Pam squirted some oil on her skin and rubbed it in gently, followed by powder. She lifted the front up and in place and fastened the tapes.

“Ok, all done. It’s really not so bad Jordan, it’s ok.” Pam consoled. She helped set her up again and hugged her.

“Well, let’s get you back to bed, huh?” Pam said.

Jordan shrugged her shoulders and stayed in Pam’s arms. She wanted her mother right now.

Pam pulled her up with her and felt bad trying to peel Jordan from her. She knew that Jordan was distraught and being woken out of a sleep multiplies the emotions. She held onto Jordan a little longer until she calmed down.

She then led her back to the bedroom and straightened out the covers before pulling them back again. Jordan sat down, embarrassed to be just sitting in her top and a diaper.

Pam helped her lay down and covered her up again. Jordan began to cry again, “I hate this Pam. What is wrong with me?” Pam sat down on the bed and wiped the tears from her eyes. She swept the hair that was stuck to her face away, “Shhhh, we can talk tomorrow, time for sleep now.” Jordan rolled over to her side.

Pam patted her head and walked out to the bathroom to clean up.

Jordan laid in the bed and when the door shut, she popped her thumb back in her mouth again and closed her eyes.

Pam finished cleaning up the bathroom. She turned out the light and went into her bedroom and soon the house was completely still.

Pam woke up, it was later morning, she didn’t hear anything and wondered if Jordan was still asleep. She rolled out of bed and into the bathroom.

After a hot shower, she dressed and decided to check on Jordan. She walked quietly down the hallway and peeked into the bedroom where Jordan was, sure enough, still fast asleep.

She closed the door quietly and tiptoed downstairs. She looked out the deck doors, and gasped. “Look at all this snow!” She mumbled to herself.

Outside, there was an unbelievable amount of snow. It was coming down so thick you could see no more than 5 feet ahead. The wind had not started yet though.

Just then the phone rang, she hurried to answer it.

Jordan awoke to the sound of the phone ringing. She rolled onto her back, and felt the pressure of the diaper on her. It took her back to her accident last night. “How could I be so stupid?!” She whispered to herself. She brought her hands down to the diaper and felt it. Thankfully it was dry, she smiled at that thought, “Maybe I don’t need them.” She felt the pressure of her bladder getting stronger.

“Well, I can show her that I know how to make it to the toilet at least!” Jordan thought. But something stopped her from rushing to the bathroom. She thought back to last night, when she saw the pacifier, she felt the diaper, and the thought of being diapered and she felt a rush of excitement hit her stomach, causing her to trickle a little.

She gasped and tightened her legs. “I just peed a little!” She whispered, she put her hands down to the diaper. She began to wonder what it would be like to “accidentally” wet her diaper.

She pushed the thought away and sat up, just then Pam walked in.

“Morning. Good, you are up. Your mom just called, they are still stranded. The roads have been completely shut down everywhere in Minnesota. This is a bad storm. Looks like you might have to stick it out a few more days.” Pam explained.

Jordan nodded, “Ok I guess.” She mumbled, disappointed.

“How’d you do?” Pam asked.

“Huh?” Jordan looked up, confused.

“Are you dry?” Pam asked.

Jordan started nodding, and then remembered that she wet a little bit. “Well it started to come out but I stopped it. I have to go real bad right now.”

Pam nodded, “Ok let’s go.”

Jordan stood up and felt the tightening of her bladder as she crouched over a little and walked behind Pam.

Pam was just about to take the diaper off when she saw the shock on Jordan’s face and heard the faint hiss.

Jordan’s face went completely red and she once again buried her face in her hands.

“Well at least we didn’t waste anything!” Pam said trying to cheer Jordan up. But it was no use. Jordan, once again, was completely embarrassed. Jordan sat down on the floor to pout.

Pam knelt down next to her. “Well let’s take it off then, and clean up. At least there’s not a big mess to clean right honey?”

Jordan ignored Pam and continued to hide her face. Despite the humiliation, Jordan still felt something different inside of her. She was enjoying all the attention and pity and most of all… the wet diaper. It was warm and squishy and just… nice.

She finally stopped pouting, but continued to hide her face.

Pam laid her down and untaped the diaper. She pulled it out from underneath her and grabbed a wet wipe from the vanity drawer. She carefully and gently cleaned Jordan’s bottom and skin.

Just as Jordan thought she was finished, Pam pulled the diaper from under the sink and placed it under her bottom.

“But… wha… dia…huh?” Jordan tried to spit out the words but they wouldn’t come.

“Yes, diaper.” Pam replied. “I just want to be careful Jordan. You really have had an oddly amount of accidents. I don’t say this to embarrass you, but out of concern.”

Jordan was already exhausted from the events that had unfolded here, she didn’t even want to argue.

“Wait here.” Pam said and she disappeared.

Jordan sat there, “Diaper? For daytime? What is this for?” She asked herself. Knowing that what Pam said was true. She had been having an oddly high amount of accidents. Maybe this was for the best, just to be careful. Jordan shook her head, “No. I am 11. I should not be in a diaper.” She said to herself.

Pam walked back in with a pair of overalls, same color as Kayla’s yesterday. “Your jeans wont fit with that. You will have to wear these.”

“Where did you get those, why do you have them?” Jordan asked.

“Just a spare pair that Kayla had left here yesterday.”

Pam handed Jordan her shirt, Jordan took off her pajama top and put on her shirt. Pam helped her into her overalls and then buckled them for her.

Jordan stood there, although feeling wierd about all the attention, she was feeling good. She liked that Pam treated her this way even though she was embarrassed for alot.

“You know what Pam, this is just not right. I know how to use the toilet, I feel silly right now. Please take this off me now.” Jordan ordered.

Pam shot Jordan a firm look, “Listen, honey, wouldn’t a dry bed be nicer than a wet one? Or when you don’t make it in time, a dry pair of pants. I am not telling you that you have to use the diaper. But laundry can really get tiring. And I’m sure you are getting exhausted as well from getting up twice a night, and not to mention the embarrassment. I just want to help you and make you feel more comfortable. I am going to ask that you wear it just in case.”

Jordan hung her head and nodded. There was no way out of this. She didn’t want to upset Pam. Pam had been so comforting and understanding during the last couple days.

“You claim you can be a big girl, I want to see that first, ok?” Pam offered.

Jordan nodded.

They went downstairs and Pam began breakfast.

Jordan sat down at the table and waited. She wiggled her butt a little admiring the crinkle, and admiring the padding between her and the chair.

Pam brought breakfast over and the two of them ate quietly. Jordan was a little wierded out about the cut up toast and fruit. Even her sausages were cut up.

The Dollhouse by NeEKOlAh!

Jordan relaxed on the couch while Pam was in the kitchen. Although she was a little uncomfortable about what she was wearing, she was happy it was only the two of them and nobody else could see her this way. She flipped through the stations, and like usual nothing good was on.

Jordan looked outside, the snow was starting to let up but the wind was going at it. She sighed, “I just wanna go home. I wonder what Montana is doing right now.” She wondered. “I never thought I could miss my little sister so much.”

Pam walked in, seeing the glum look on Jordan’s face. “Hey you. Cheer up.” She said as she plopped down on the couch next to her.

Jordan shrugged, “I’m fine. Just a little homesick.”

“I know, it shouldn’t be much longer and you’ll be in your own bed and playing with your own toys.” Pam consoled. “I know one thing though, I don’t think I can stand to be cooped up in this house much more!”

Jordan nodded, “Me either. When is this snow gonna stop?”

Pam shrugged, “Who knows. I am thinking we should get the sleds out and head out to the hill though.”

Jordan’s eyes lit up. “Really? Where is that?”

Pam smiled, “There is a sledding hill down the road, within walking distance, would you like to go?”

Jordan nodded and smiled. “Yes! Right now?!”

Pam chuckled, “Ok, we can go now. I’ll call up Susan and Kayla, I’m sure they will be up for it. Not to mention, you have no snow clothes, and I’m sure Kayla will have extra.”

With that, Pam got up and went to the phone.

Jordan smiled, “I can get out of this house finally.”

When the doorbell rang, Jordan shot up. “Is it them?”

Pam nodded, “I am sure.”

Pam opened the door and there stood Kayla and Susan. Kayla smiled at Jordan and waved.

Jordan did sort of a half smile back, she was a little worried about what Kayla was wearing, she looked like a little kid. In her pink snowsuit, and not the kind that buckle under your coat, but the kind that you would lie an infant in and zip up.

“I hope mine isn’t like that.” Jordan thought as she shuddered.

Susan handed Pam a plastic bag, “Here I hope this stuff fits Jordan.” She turned to Jordan and smiled.

“Come over here Jordan, let’s get you bundled up.” Pam ordered.

Jordan walked over and watched Pam pull a pale yellow snowsuit from the bag, and as dreaded, it looked identical to Kayla’s.

Jordan sighed, “I have to wear that?”

Pam smiled as she laid it on the floor, “Oh it’s not so bad, it’s better than cold wet pants. Come lay down right here.”

Jordan slowly sat down on top of the snowsuit and as she was going to put her leg in the opening, Pam laid her down and began to dress her as if she was incapable.

“Pam I can dress myself, I know how to put these on.” Jordan argued.

“I know you can, I am just helping. Ok stand up.” Pam said.

Jordan stood up and Pam pulled her arms into the openings and zipped her up.

“I can barely move in this!” Jordan complained.

Pam chuckled, “You’ll get used to it.” She said as she pulled a hat onto her head, which of course was the same color and identical to Kayla’s. Pam tied it under her chin and made sure the ear flaps covered her ears.

“Ok, let’s get your boots on.” Pam said.

Thankfully Jordan got to wear her own. She pulled them on and Pam tucked her mittens into her sleeves.

“Awww don’t you two look adorable!” Susan crooned.

Jordan rolled her eyes as she saw Kayla blush and bat her eyes.

Pam bundled herself up and out the door they went.

They trudged through the deep snow until they came to the hill. Kayla took off running to the top, Jordan was still learning how to walk in her snowsuit.

“Oh no,” Jordan thought as her bladder warned her. “I didn’t even go before I left!”

Jordan tried to ignore the fact that her bladder was growing in pressure.

“Jordan! Wanna ride in my sled?” Kayla called, bouncing in her sled.

Jordan tried to walk as quickly over to the sled as she could, “I might as well get along with her, she is the only one around to play with.” Remembering her dream about her, she shuddered at the thought of wetting her diaper.

“Wait a second,” Jordan thought. “I wet my diaper in the dream, but my bed was dry because I got back in it! Where did I have that accident?”

Jordan got a sick feeling in her stomach, “Something is wierd about these dreams.” She thought as she sat down behind Kayla.

“Ready? We are gonna go lightning fast!” Kayla chirped. She pushed off and sure enough they were flying at high speeds down the hill. Jordan could feel the tickle in her stomach as her bladder was begging for release.

The two flew down the hill, hitting a few bumps. Kayla was cheering the whole way down. Pam and Susan watched from the bottom, smiling and talking.

Jordan felt the warmth between her legs as her bladder gave in. “Oh no, it’s not happening.” She thought as they slowed to a stop. She felt her face begin to burn as she got up, fearing there would be a large puddle in the bottom of the sled. “Wait a second, I have a diaper on!” She remembered, thankful, but still ashamed that Pam would find her wet when they got home. Now she would for sure be in trouble.

Kayla shouted, “Come on Jordan! Let’s go again!”

Jordan broke out of her trance and followed Kayla up the hill.

“Alright girls! Last time down and we are going home for lunch!” Susan yelled as the girls reached the top of the hill for their 80th round.

The girls giggled as they flew down the hill, but this time Jordan forgot about how childish Kayla was and about her wet diaper. She was having fun.

They came to a stop at the bottom and made their way to Pam and Susan. Jordan couldn’t help but notice that the diaper she had on felt alot wetter and squishier than it did when she had the accident.

“It must just take a while to absorb into the whole thing.” Jordan thought.

“Alright, you ready?” Pam asked Jordan.

Jordan nodded, fearing the moment Pam would help her out of the snowsuit and see what she had done.

“Lunch at my house ladies!” Susan ordered.

“Even worse!” Jordan thought. “They will all see!”

The Dollhouse by NeEKOlAh!

Jordan followed behind the others slowly, “I can’t go to Kayla’s. What am I gonna say? What will happen now?” She thought to herself.

“Hurry up there, pokey girl” Pam chuckled as she stopped to wait for Jordan. When Jordan came closer, Pam held her hand out for Jordan.

Jordan felt like crying right then and there, she was moments from her fate. Everyone was going to know she had an accident in the diaper.

Pam took her hand and pulled her gently up with the rest of them.

“Here we are!” Susan called. Kayla took off for the garage door, and Susan called out to her. “Young lady, make sure you wait for me to take that snow suit and boots off you before you go inside! You know they are not allowed in the house.”

They got inside the garage where Kayla was eagerly waiting for them. “Geez mommy, I waited here forever, you guys are so slow!” Kayla said sarcastically and shook her head.

Susan chuckled and walked over to her daughter, “Ok lie down on the rug and I’ll get these wet clothes off you baby.”

Kayla laid down on the rug and Susan pulled her boots off and unzipped the snowsuit and helped Kayla out of it. Revealing her small frame and her purple overalls with a big teddy bear on the overall bib. Susan pulled her hat off and tried to smooth the hairs down that seemed to float from static.

“There you go, honey, Jordan do you want me to help you as well?” Susan asked.

Jordan shook her head, “I’m still kinda cold, can I wear this a little longer?” Feeling her heart beat faster, knowing that she would have to reveal the sagging diaper soon enough.

“Sorry honey, I don’t allow wet snowsuits in the house with my new wood floors. If you would rather Pam help you that is fine.” Susan replied.

Pam looked at Jordan, “Do you want me to help you?”

Jordan thought that maybe if she could do it herself, she could pull the wet diaper off herself and hide it in the garage, and maybe find one of Kayla’s when she came inside. But that would mean that they would have to let her undress by herself.

“You guys can go in, I’ll get it.” Jordan said hopefully.

“Nonsense, sweetheart, these snow suits are a nuisance.” Susan said as she took Jordan’s hand.

“NO! I don’t want you to help me, I don’t want Pam to help me, I can do it myself! Just leave me alone!” Jordan snapped as she pulled her hand from Susans.

Susan, obviously hurt, stood back up. “Ok, I’m sorry, I was only trying to help. I’ll be inside when you ladies are finished here.”

Pam looked at Jordan, “What’s the matter? Why did you snap at her? She is only trying to be nice.”

“Because I don’t want her to help me, and I don’t need your help. I want to do it myself. I am not a little kid!” Jordan said as she began to cry.

“Jordan, you must be over tired, I’ll be inside. You take this off then, just like a big girl and come in when you are done. Then after we eat, you can lay down.” Pam said softly. She walked in the door leaving Jordan alone and in hopes of achieving her plan.

Jordan took her boots off and quickly unzipped the snow suit and stepped out of it. She looked down at her front and saw the dark pink spots. “Oh no. It went through!” She could feel her eyes burn as she tried to hold back more tears. “Maybe they won’t see it. Please don’t let them see it!” She said to herself.

She unbuckled her overalls and let them drop to her ankles. She pulled the tabs on her saggy diaper and pulled it off. It was very wet and very full. She folded it over and set it down. She pulled her overalls up and fought to buckle them back up. She looked around for a place to put the diaper, she saw a big garbage bin and quickly snuck over to it and tossed it inside. As she got back to the door, it opened.

“Are you ok out here sweety?” Pam said as she peeked her head out.

“Yes, just got the snow suit off.” Jordan replied as her face got red. She was hoping she could get away with her plan. And hoping that Pam would not see the dark spots where she was wet.

“Well come on inside, Susan is making some soup and Kayla is waiting to play with you.” Pam said as she opened the door wider to let Jordan through.

Jordan snuck by, and into the house.

“Jordan come play with me!” Kayla yelled and waved her hand to motion Jordan to follow.

Jordan started walking towards Kayla, and Kayla looked at her pants funny.

“Jordan did y-”

“What would you like to do?” Jordan interrupted.

Kayla shrugged, “Come to my room.”

Jordan followed Kayla upstairs and the two went into her room.

Jordan noticed the changing table in the corner with stacks of diapers. “This is my room. But we aren’t gonna play here. I just want to show you my new Rugrats bed.” Kayla said. Jordan smiled and nodded, "Nice.

“Come on Jordan, let’s go into the playroom. I have lots of toys we can play with.”

Jordan followed Kayla out the door, eyeing the diapers once more.

“Kayla, I need to go to the bathroom first, where is it?” Jordan asked.

Kayla smiled, “Yeah, it looks like you need to go there before you wet your pants again.”

“I didn’t wet my pants! They got wet from the snow!” Jordan snapped.

“Well then how come mine didn’t?” Kayla shot back.

“I don’t know, just don’t tell Pam and your mom.”

Kayla giggled, “The bathroom is over there.” She pointed to the door down the hall.

Jordan walked slowly and watched Kayla prance into her playroom. Jordan turned around and snuck down the hall to Kayla’s room, darting past the doorway of the playroom. She got into Kayla’s room and grabbed a diaper and snuck back down the hall to the bathroom.

She closed the door and laid on the floor and began to put the diaper on. She couldn’t seem to figure it out right but got it together enough that it would stay up.

She pulled her clothes back on and ran down the hall to the playroom. As she neared the door Susan called up the stairs, “Lunch is ready girls! Come eat!”

Kayla shot out of her room and down the stairs. Jordan followed slowly behind.

After lunch, Pam looked at Jordan, “Will you please come with me?”

Jordan stood up and followed Pam into the bathroom. “What’s wrong Pam?”

Pam shook her head, and unbuckled one of Jordan’s straps and reached her hand inside to feel her diaper. “Good girl, you are dry! Do you need to go potty?”

Jordan backed away a little embarrassed that Pam had just done what she did. “I can do it myself.”

Pam smiled, “Let me help you get the diaper off then.” She said as she unbuckled the other strap and let the pants fall to the floor.

“No, Pam, please I can do it.” Jordan pleaded.

But Pam went from smiling to a straight look. “Jordan, this is not the diaper I put on you this morning.”

Jordan’s face got red, “Yes it is.”

“No, honey, it’s not. This one has a cloth covering, the other one was plastic. And not to mention, it’s taped wrong and if you would have used this, it would have leaked, so thank goodness you didn’t. Why do you have this diaper on?”

Jordan hung her head, “This is too the one. Please let me go to the bathroom alone.”

Pam walked out of the bathroom and Jordan sat there. She didn’t have to go, she just felt awful that she lied and also for the fact she was just caught.

After a few minutes Jordan came out of the bathroom. Pam was sitting with Susan in the guest area and they were talking softly.

“Where’s Kayla?” Jordan asked meekly.

“I just put her down for her nap, there is another sleeping bag out there for you too. Why don’t you go lay down too.” Susan said.

Jordan nodded. As she walked away Susan called her back again. “Actually Jordan?”

“Yeah?” Jordan answered.

“Come here once.”

Jordan walked over by Susan, “What happened here?” She said pointing to Jordan’s almost dry dark spots.

“It got wet from the snow.” She said softly.

“In a snowsuit? How does that work?” Susan asked.

Jordan hung her head and just shrugged. She could feel her eyes stinging as the tears began to stream down.

“Jordan, did you have an accident today?” Susan asked.

Jordan looked at Pam, “Can we go back to your house please?”

Pam didn’t answer.

“Jordan, you are not in trouble, but I need to know. I don’t want another one to happen unprotected.” Susan explained.

Jordan’s tears went from falling to streaming, she ran over to Pam and plopped her head on her lap. “Please I wanna go. I lied, Im sorry. I don’t wanna be here anymore, I wanna go home, I want my mommy.”

Pam pulled Jordan into a hug, “I know, it’s ok.” She said as she rocked back and forth.

Susan stood up and walked into the living room where Kayla was already sound asleep. She then went into her office.

Jordan continued to cry out of shame and humiliation. “I don’t wanna wear diapers Pam. What is wrong with me? Why do I have accidents? And why do I have all these dreams about you?”

Pam pulled Jordan away, “Dreams? About me? What do you mean?”

Jordan calmed down and sniffled a little. “I see you in my dreams all the time, even before I met you.”

“Let’s get you down for a nap and you and I will talk about this when you get up ok? Do you still have that diaper on?”

Jordan shook her head, “No I don’t want it.”

Pam replied, “Well this is not my house and I would hate for you to have an accident here unprotected.”

“I promise I won’t Pam. Please I don’t wanna wear it.” Jordan replied.

Pam nodded, “I can’t make you wear one, but try to stay dry. I can come wake you if you want.”

Jordan shook her head, “I won’t have a accident.”

Pam shrugged, knowing that Susan would have laundry in a few hours. She stood up and led Jordan to the living room to a sleeping bag next to Kayla. Kayla was already asleep, with her thumb in her mouth and a half-empty bottle in her other hand.

“Why does she have a bottle?” Jordan whispered.

Pam shrugged, “Don’t worry about that. You just lie down here.”

Jordan hated not knowing things, she sighed and laid down while Pam zipped the sleeping bag up and tucked her in.

Jordan watched Pam walk out of the living room.

Pam walked back into the guest area and sat down and waited for Susan, knowing she had a quick important phone call to make for work.

Jordan looked at Kayla, she seemed so peaceful with her blankies and bottle, and her thumb in her mouth. Jordan envied how comfortable Kayla was.

Jordan eyed the bottle in her hand, it looked like it was just some apple juice. She was tempted to take it from her and suck on it a little.

She sat up and looked around, she didn’t hear anything, and she didn’t see anyone. She carefully plucked the bottle from Kayla’s hand and put it in her mouth.

Jordan laid down and continued to suck on it, just then Susan walked out of her office and caught Jordan with the bottle in her mouth.

“Oh honey, would you like your own?” Susan asked, startling Jordan.

Jordan threw the bottle back over by Kayla, “No… um… I don’t want one.”

Susan nodded, “Ok, just let me know if you do.”

“I don’t use bottles, I was just looking at it.” Jordan lied.

Susan shook her head, “Yea I noticed.”

Jordan felt so embarrassed. She watched Susan walk out into the kitchen. “Great, now she’ll tell Pam.”

Jordan continued to lay there until she finally drifted off to sleep.

Jordan woke up to Pam shaking her, “Jordan, time to get up and go potty.”

She rolled over and stretched. She knew it was good timing because her bladder was sore with pressure.

“Pam I gotta go now really bad.” Jordan said worried.

Pam yanked her up and rushed her into the bathroom, “Hold on, we’re almost there.”

Jordan squeezed her muscles as well as she could manage. She was doing good besides the few dribbles that pushed their way out.

Pam started to unbuckle the straps and pulled the overalls to the floor. She quickly sat Jordan on the toilet, where she hardly made it. There was a little in her pants and a little on the seat.

Pam smiled, “Well that’s better than a big mess huh? I will see if Kayla has any extra pants.”

Pam walked out and Jordan sat there, relieved. Her body finally relaxed and she did her business.

Pam came back in with a pair of jeans. “Hopefully these will work till we get home. She’s a little shorter than you.”

Jordan, embarrassed that Pam came in while she was doing her business, nodded. “Ok, I can get it myself.”

Pam smiled, “Ok, I’ll be right out in the kitchen.”

Jordan finished up and put Kayla’s pants on. They were a little short but better than a naked bottom.

She walked out into the kitchen where Pam was waiting. “Do I have to go back to sleep or can we just go now?”

Pam smiled, “Let’s go say goodbye.”

The two walked into the living room where Susan was lying on the couch dozing off.

“Susan?” Pam whispered.

Susan opened her eyes.

“We are going to head home now, thanks for lunch.”

Susan smiled, “Anytime, bye you two. Talk to you soon I hope.”

With that, Pam led Jordan back to the garage, she helped Jordan bundle back up in Kayla’s snowsuit. This time she didn’t ask her to lay down.

Jordan was a little upset by this, she liked the baby treatment Pam gave her. “Maybe I am being too mean.”

Although she was resisting, she liked it when Pam just did it despite her protests. She felt kind of bad now that she looked back at earlier when she snapped at everyone. She felt she may have ruined the attention that she had been recieving.

She let Pam bundle her up and she remained quiet. The two walked home in silence. Jordan looked around at the neighborhood, it had an eerie feel. Kind of like that feeling you get when the sky starts getting dark and everything is still and quiet. The clouds were moving in again and they were a dusty color of grey. The cold began to sting her eyes and cheeks that were raw from tears earlier.

They trudged through the snow in Pam’s yard until they reached the front door. Pam unlocked the door and opened it for Jordan. Jordan stomped the snow off her feet and went inside.

Pam came in behind her. Jordan immediately laid down on the floor and waited for Pam to help her out of her snow clothes. But to her surprise, Pam took her own coat off and hung it in the closet and took her boots off and put them in there as well. She then reached for Jordan’s hand.

Jordan reached her hands out and Pam pulled her up into a standing position. She helped Jordan from her snowclothes and hung them in the closet.

“Would you like your own clothes now?” Pam asked.

Jordan nodded, and actually she was hoping that Pam would diaper herand dress her, just so she could have that attention.

Pam led her to the laundry room and pulled out the pile of clothes, including the onesie that Jordan had worn before. She looked at it and hoped Pam would offer it to her. But she didn’t. She handed Jordan a shirt and pants and her panties and walked off.

“What I gotta dress myself?” She thought to herself.

Pam walked into the living room and sat down to watch TV.

Jordan sat there stunned. “Is Pam mad at me right now?”

She dropped her clothes on the floor and grabbed the onesie. She walked back into the kitchen, Pam wasn’t in there, she snuck through the kitchen and up the steps and into the bathroom. She looked under the sink. “Where’s that diaper?” She thought, and then remembered that Pam used it on her. She really wanted that attention.

She put the onesie in the spare bedroom and snuck around the upstairs to find more. She tried the “forbidden room” and of course it was locked. She went to Pam’s bedroom and pushed the door open. She tiptoed to the closet and went through the bathroom, and still no diaper. “There has to be some around here somewhere. Where would she keep them?”

Jordan continued to search but found nothing, she gave up on searching. Then she felt the pressure of her bladder calling. She started walking towards the bathroom when it dawned on her. “If I have an ‘accident’ she will have to give me attention, right?”

Jordan felt a wave of shame blow over her with the thought. She wanted to so badly, but she didn’t want Pam to be any more upset with her than she already seemed.

“Maybe I’ll wait to go to the bathroom and think about it a little.” She said quietly to herself.

She walked back downstairs and into the living room where Pam was laying on the couch.

“Why didn’t you change your clothes Jordan?” Pam asked.

Jordan shrugged, “Didn’t want to make more laundry.”

Pam smiled, “Ok honey.”

Jordan walked over to the couch and sat on the end by Pam’s feet. She sat there for a little while, secretly wishing she was in Pam’s arms, rocking or sleeping.

“What am I thinking? Why do I want this attention so badly?” Jordan thought, feeling her bladder build and build.

She stood up and laid on the floor so she could stretch. She had to go to the bathroom really bad, but for some reason she didn’t want to use the bathroom. She didn’t want to be a big girl. She looked back and saw Pam’s eyes were closed. She decided that she wasn’t going to have an accident while Pam was sleeping. She began to feel foolish for even wanting to.

But Pam was only dozing in and out of sleep on the couch when she noticed Jordan squirming on the floor and holding herself.

Pam jumped up, “Jordan do you have to go potty?”

Jordan was so startled by this that her bladder released itself. She thought Pam was asleep. She felt the warmth spreading below her and up her back. She began to cry, this was not expected at all.

“Oh Jordan, not again! I’m sorry I know I scared you. But when you have to go, don’t wait until the last minute. Come here, it’s ok.” Pam said as she took Jordan’s hand and helped her up.

Jordan stood up, she felt the sting of her urine on her bare legs and back. She looked down to see the large wet spot on the carpet. “Im sorry Pam.” Jordan cried.

Pam led her upstairs to the bathroom and to the tub. She started the water and poured the soap in the water.

“Why don’t you pull those wet clothes off and get into the tub and wash up. I will take them down and wash them up.” Pam said.

Jordan looked at Pam, “Can you help me?”

“I thought you didn’t want my help. Remember you are a big girl?” Pam replied.

Jordan felt embarrassed, “Sorry I made you mad Pam.”

“You didn’t make me mad, why do you think that? I just thought you didn’t want to be helped. That’s all I have tried to do is help and be nice.” Pam said, looking hurt.

Jordan nodded, “Im sorry.”

Pam cam over to Jordan and whispered, “No apologizing, but when someone wants to help you, don’t turn them away. It hurts their feelings.” She said as she pulled Jordan’s wet pants off her.

She helped Jordan into the bathtub and helped her wash up.

Jordan sat there, happy to be the center of Pam’s attention again. She began to feel selfish as well for pushing Pam away the way she did.

Pam continued to clean Jordan off and then helped her out of the tub and dried her off.

“Wait here, I’ll go get your clothes.” Pam said.

Jordan sat down on the ledge of the tub and waited.

Pam came back in after a few minutes with the onesie and a diaper. “I see you brought this upstairs, does that mean you wanted to wear this?”

Jordan nodded and felt her face get a little red, “Yea I like the onesie.”

“Do you? Well it’s yours then, I have no use for it.” Pam winked. “I do, however, prefer that you wear some protection. You seem to have some bladder problems that need to be taken care of. I know you don’t want to wear it bu-”

“Where was it?” Jordan asked. “I mean… er… umm… where did you get it?”

Pam looked at Jordan with a funny look. “I told you I keep some here for Kayla, why?”

Jordan shook her head and felt her face burning now.

“Jordan, were you looking for one?”

Jordan shook her head again.

Pam smiled, “Ok, well, why don’t you lie down.”

Jordan obeyed and laid down on the rug for Pam to diaper her.

Pam slid the diaper beneath her and sprinkled her down with baby powder. She tightly fastened the diaper and sat her up to put the onsie on her.

After she had the crotch all snapped up she helped Jordan to her feet and patted her behind.

Jordan pranced out the door and down the stairs.

Pam smiled and unlocked the ‘forbidden room’. “It was only a matter of time before she would give in, one more night here and it will all be finished.” Pam whispered to herself. She opened the door and peeked inside, the smell of fresh baby powder and the soft lull of nursery music made her smile. She closed the door and went downstairs to clean the carpet.

The Dollhouse by NeEKOlAh!

After dinner, Pam looked at Jordan. “Jordan, are you still dry or do you need to go potty at all?”

Jordan felt so childish being asked this question, “I’m dry, but can I use the bathroom?”

Pam nodded and walked over, “Of course, here.” She held her hand out.

Jordan wanted to protest, but knew if she did she could spoil the attention she got back. As much as she wanted the baby treatment, she didn’t realize it was as babyish as this.

Pam took her upstairs and led her to the bathroom where she proceeded to unsnap the crotch of her onsie and slid the diaper down. Jordan sat down, embarrassed. It took awhile for her bladder to relax but it finally gave way. Pam remained on her knees in front of Jordan and waited for her to finish.

Pam helped Jordan back into her diaper and onsie.

“Why is it that now I have the diaper on, I have no accidents?” Jordan wondered to herself.

Pam led her back downstairs, when they got to the kitchen the phone rang. Pam let Jordan’s hand go and grabbed it.

“Hello?” Pam answered.

Jordan started to walk to the living room. She plopped down on the couch and stared at the ceiling. “I can’t wait to go home, but then again I really don’t want to leave here. I think I like Pam. She really is nice even if she does make me wear diapers.” Jordan wriggled her bottom on the couch and smiled. She knew she liked them. “What would Mom say if she saw me like this? I would be in so much trouble.” She thought.

Just then Pam walked in, “Jordan, Kayla is staying over tonight ok? Susan said Kayla really likes you alot. So I invited her over.”

Jordan nodded, “Ok.”

Pam walked back out to the kitchen. Jordan continued to lay there, she looked around. She stopped when she looked at the mantle. There was a new picture up there. She got up and walked over, “Is that me?” She wondered. She grabbed it down, sure enough, there was Jordan all balled up in bed with her thumb in her mouth. She walked out to the kitchen with it to ask Pam. Pam was not here, she noticed the door to the laundry room was shut, “Maybe she is doing laundry.” Jordan thought. She walked closer to the door and heard soft talking, she began to tiptoe closer.

Yeah, I know. I think so too.

I think you made a good decision.

Not too much longer, one maybe two more nights.

No problem Kat.

See you soon.

Yep… uh huh…. buh bye now.

Jordan darted towards the table and sat down as Pam slid the door open.

“Hi Jordan, honey, what are you doing?” Pam asked.

“Umm… I was… umm… how come you got this picture?” Jordan said as she held up the picture.

Pam chuckled, “Oh I checked on you one night and couldn’t resist. You just looked too darn cute.”

Jordan’s face began to redden, “Do I… really su-… do that in my sleep?”

Pam nodded, “I’ve seen it a couple times, no worries sweetie. It’s not something to be ashamed of.”

Jordan handed Pam the picture. “Ok.”

The doorbell rang as Pam was setting back on the mantle. “Oh I bet that’s Kayla. Wanna answer that honey?”

Jordan nodded and pranced to the door only to be tackled down by an excited Kayla. “Yay!! We gonna haff a sleepova!” Kayla squealed.

Jordan giggled. “Come on! Let’s go play!”

The two girls tumbled up the steps giggling while Susan and Pam chuckled.

“You are gonna have a great night tonight!” Susan said sarcastically.

“Well I hope so!” Pam chuckled.

“Kayla!” Susan yelled.

Kayla darted down the steps and back into the living room. “Yes Mommy?”

“Get over here and give me a hug and kiss before I go back home.” She ordered playfully.

Kayla giggle and ran to her mother and jumped into her arms for a big bear hug and a kiss. “Bye mommy, I love you!” And with that she was gone in the blink of an eye back upstairs.

Upstairs, the girls were furiously emptying the contents of Kayla’s bag of her toys.

Disappointed, Jordan looked at all the toys, Big legos, flashcards, some blocks and barrel o monkeys. There were some toddler rattles and noise makers and so on.

“Kayla… don’t you got any fun toys?” Jordan asked.

“These are fun toys!” Kayla replied as she started playing with a sesame street letter game.

Where is the letter X

Jordan sighed, “Kayla how come you have so many little kid toys?”

“Cus I am just a little kid silly.” Kayla giggled.

“You are older than me though, I am not a little kid.” Jordan corrected.

“Then how comes you have a diaper on too?” Kayla mocked.

Jordan quieted, Kayla was right. She looked no older than Kayla sitting there in a onsie and a diaper.

“Here let’s build with my blocks!” Kayla offered.

Jordan sighed, she grabbed the blocks and together they began to build.

It was no more than 10 min later, something began to smell funny.

“Do you smell that Kayla? Ewww.” Jordan said as she plugged her nose.

“Yep I went poopies.” She said and stood up and walked to the door. “Aunty Pammy!” Kayla called from the door.

Jordan heard footsteps and then she watched Kayla walk out and close the door.

“She just pooped in her pants!” Jordan thought to herself. “Gross.”

Jordan continued to build until Kayla came back into the room.

“Wowwy! Jordan your good at building!” Kayla exclaimed as she sat down. This time she had no pants, just her tshirt and diaper. Jordan heard the crinkle of her diaper as she wriggled about on the floor.

Just the sound alone gave Jordan a funny feeling in her tummy, that took her back to the first night she had one of her wierd dreams. “Oh yea, I was gonna tell Pam about those. Oh well, I will later.” She thought as she continued to replay the dreams of her in the crib and grabbing a pacifier from a highchair. “I wonder where that pacifier is? I know I saw it in Pam’s pocket.” She thought to herself. She kept replaying the dreams all the way to the one where Kayla was in her dream.

Thinking about the dreams made her tummy feel more and more funny. Almost empty. She needed something, she wasn’t sure what. She needed to fill something, she couldn’t figure out what this desire was inside.

Just then, she felt her bladder about give way. “Whoa!” She thought as she stood up.

“Where are you going?” Kayla asked.

“I have to go to the bathroom.” Jordan said.

“Use your diaper silly. That’s what it is for!” Kayla giggled.

Jordan thought for a moment, “I can’t pee in this. It’s wrong.” Bringing her back to this morning when Pam diapered her. She was so sweet and delicate. Jordan hated it but loved it. As much as she wanted to let go, she didn’t think she could. She kept thinking about the yearning deep inside, that she couldn’t explain. She relaxed and waited for a few moments, she felt the diaper become warm and expand. She could hear the soft hiss coming from her relaxation. She smiled and sighed.

There was no way to explain the release that fell over her as she finished.

Kayla giggled, “You went peepee in your diapee!”

Jordan giggled back and sat down, admiring the squish sound and the feeling it gave her. It was about then she had an unexplainable desire for her thumb. She drifted off into a deep thought and her thumb made its way to her mouth.

Kayla continued to play with blocks, oblivious to the fact Jordan was experiencing everything for the first time.

“Jordan!” Kayla shouted. Startling her from her trance. She quickly pulled her thumb out of her mouth.

“Earth to you! What are you doing?” Kayla giggled. “Look at my tower!”

Jordan stared at the block tower that must have been 50 feet in height. She stood up, still admiring her newfound pleasure, to find the tower was not even as tall as her.

“I’m bored, Jordan. What do you wanna do now?” Kayla asked.

Jordan shrugged. “Guess we can watch a movie or TV or something. It’s almost bathtime I think.”

The two girls walked downstairs to the living room where Pam was watching TV. Kayla crawled into her lap and laid her head in Pam’s arms. Jordan took a seat on the opposite end. She looked back at Kayla all comfortable in Pam’s arms, she felt a pang of jealousy at the sight.

“Your mommy is right down the street!” She thought. “Mine is hundreds of miles away, I’m the one who is lonely.” Jordan felt her eyes sting a bit. She wanted her mom to hold her right now, within moments, she was secretly trying to wipe the tears from her eyes. She tried not to sniffle but could not help it.

Pam looked over and noticed the tears. “Jordan? What’s the matter sweetie?” She said as Kayla slipped out of her lap. Pam moved near Jordan and put her arm around her. “Talk to me. Tell me what’s making you sad right now.”

“I just want my mommy. I miss her and daddy too.” Jordan whimpered.

Pam pulled her into a hug and swayed slightly to calm her. “I know, it’s hard to be away so long huh? Well I am here. I know I am not your mommy, but I will do what I can to make you feel better.”

Jordan nodded and pulled away. She leaned back against the couch again.

Kayla crawled over, “Jordan when I miss my mommy, Aunty Pammy helps me not be sad. She lets me sit in her lap and she hugs me and she gives me a bottle too.”

Pam felt her face blush a bit when Kayla up and blurted that one out.

Jordan smiled, “I saw your bottle today at your house.” She giggled.

“Yeah my mommy said you were sucking out of it too.” Kayla piped.

Jordan felt her face blush, “I was a… ummm… er… just… you know… looking at it!”

“Tell you what girls, you sit here and Aunty Pammy will get a snack and some juices.” Pam said as she patted both girls’ knees and stood up. “But first, Kayla, are you dry?”

Kayla nodded.

Pam looked at Jordan, “Do you have to go potty?”

Kayla giggled, “She did already.”

Pam looked at Jordan’s diaper, “Ahh… I see you did, well let’s get you changed then.”

Jordan felt her face blush, she forgot about that.

Pam took Jordan’s hand and led her upstairs into Pam’s bedroom and helped her up onto the huge bed. She laid her down and began to change her as if she was still 2 years old.

Jordan relaxed as Pam wiped her down with a cool wipe. She waited while Pam ran out of her bedroom to grab a diaper and the powder.

Pam patted Jordan’s bottom for her to lift up and Jordan did. She slid the diaper underneath and relaxed Jordan’s legs back down. She sprinkled powder generously over her skin and rubbed it in. She finished by securing the diaper up tight and snapping her onsie back up.

“Ooh sweetie, your legs are really cold. Why don’t we get you in some pants.” Pam said.

Jordan shook her head, “I’ll just cover up with a blanket.”

“Ok” Pam said and she helped her back down off the bed. The two walked back down the hall when Jordan noticed the door to the forbidden room was open a crack. She tried her hardest to peek in as they walked past but Pam rushed her past and back downstairs.

The Dollhouse by NeEKOlAh!

Jordan sat on the couch with Pam and Kayla. She couldn’t get her mind off the door that was left open. “What could be in there?” She thought. She couldn’t think of an excuse to go upstairs, obviously she didn’t need to use the toilet, being she was sitting in a diaper.

She looked over at Kayla who was almost asleep and curled up in the corner of the couch. Pam was in a trance-like state watching TV. Jordan decided to just go upstairs. She could say she was going to her room.

She stood up and Pam smiled at her, “Where are you off to?”

“Umm… I am gonna go up to my room and play or something.” Jordan replied.

“Ok.” Pam said and went back to watching the TV.

Jordan scurried to the kitchen and up the stairs. There it was, the door to the forbidden room. She walked towards it and stopped occasionally to listen and make sure Pam was not coming up. She stood at the door and pushed it open. The room was dark, but she could see shadows of furniture and so on. As she reached for the light switch, she was startled by Pam.

“Jordan! I told you that room was off limits!” Pam scolded as she closed the door and locked it and took Jordan’s hand.

“Sorry Pam, it’s just… well… the door was… what is in there?” Jordan stammered.

Pam ignored the question as they made their way into the bathroom, “It’s bathtime anyways, wait here, I am going to go get Kayla as well.”

Jordan sat there, feeling embarrassed and guilty that she disobeyed Pam, but the curiousity was growing immensely.

After a few minutes Pam was upstairs carrying Kayla into the bathroom. She stopped the water and walked back out with Kayla.

Pam came back in alone, "Where did Kayla go? Jordan asked.

“She is in bed, she has her baths in the morning. Come here honey and lay down.” Pam explained.

Jordan nodded and walked to Pam and laid in front of her. Pam unsnapped the onesie and sat Jordan up to slip it off. She untaped Jordan’s diaper, “Good girl, you are still dry, we can use this diaper again.” Pam said as she folded it and set it on top of the crumpled onesie.

“Ok, sweety, let me help you in here.” Pam said as she stood Jordan up and helped her into the water.

Jordan sat down and right away the warm water gave her the urge to pee. She decided to just hold it in instead of having to get back out of the water. Pam gently washed her hair and body. When they finished, Pam dried her off and laid her on her towel. She grabbed the diaper and slid it under Jordan’s bottom.

Right as Pam was going to fasten the tapes, Jordan saw a spider by the tub by her head and was startled. Her bladder released before Pam even taped the last tape.

“Jordan. Why didn’t you tell me you had to go potty.” Pam said as she waited for Jordan to finish before taking the diaper back off.

“There’s a spider, it scared me.” Jordan said shyly.

Pam took a wipe and squished the spider with one hand still on the diaper, keeping it in place until it absorbed completely.

Pam pulled the diaper back and slid it out from underneath her and wiped her down. She powdered her skin and slipped the fresh diaper on her.

Pam stood up and flushed the dead spider in the toilet and helped Jordan up. She put the onsie back on Jordan and snapped it up. She took her back to her bedroom where there was a pair of pink footed pajamas on Pam’s bed.

“Where did you get those?” Jordan asked puzzled.

“An extra pair from Kayla’s bag, it’s so cold, I don’t want you sleeping almost naked.” Pam said as she laid them on the floor and unzipped them. “Come lay down here.”

Jordan laid atop the sleeper while Pam put her feet in each hole and then her arms. She zipped up the sleeper and pulled Jordan’s arms bringing her to a standing position. “There all comfy and warm.” Pam crooned.

Jordan smiled, “It is really warm.” Jordan said as she rubbed her hands across her belly.

“Well are you ready for bed then sweety?” Pam asked as she combed through Jordan’s wet hair.

Jordan nodded and yawned. Pam led her back to the spare room and scooted Kayla over, Jordan crawled in and Pam pulled the covers over both girls. She smiled at Jordan and tucked her in, “Good night darling, sweet dreams.”

“Night Pam.” Jordan said as she rolled over on her tummy to go to sleep. Pam walked around to the other side of the bed and picked up Kayla’s pacifier and popped it in her mouth, she adjusted Kayla’s teddy bear and walked to the door and shut the light off.

Jordan laid there, jealous for a moment that Kayla had a pacifier. “Why do I want one so bad? Maybe I am just a little kid, since all I want is little kid stuff.” She thought.

She put her thumb in her mouth and closed her eyes.

“Mommmmyyyyyyy!” Kayla wailed. Jordan opened her eyes.

“What’s the matter Kayla?” Jordan asked as she rubbed her eyes.

Kayla was sobbing next to her. Pam walked in with a bottle and picked her up. She quickly walked out. Jordan got out of bed and toddled her way out of the room. She noticed the bulk between her legs seemed much thicker. She went into the nursery where Pam was rocking the upset girl.

Jordan walked over and watched Kayla suckling her bottle down.

“You are next don’t worry.” Pam said. Susan walked in at that moment and took Kayla into her arms. She bounced her baby girl and tried to soothe her back to sleep. Pam picked Jordan up like she weighed a pound and not a hundred. She laid her in her lap and placed the nipple of a fresh bottle in her mouth and began to rock. Jordan drifted in and out of sleep for about 15 minutes while she nursed.

Pam stood up and laid Jordan in her crib. Jordan stood up, “Where’s my mommy? I want my mommy!” She complained

“Sweety, she will be here soon, no worries. Just lay your head down and rest for awhile.” Pam crooned.

Jordan shook her head, “No I don’t wanna be in the crib, I wanna get out.”

Pam lifted Jordan from the crib and Jordan ran. She ran down the hallway and up the steps to the attic.

Pam ran after her, “Little girl, that is off limits!”

Jordan ran up the stairs and into the back room to hide. Pam was right behind her. Jordan pushed the door open and stopped. Her mouth fell open when she saw the dollhouses all lit up. On top of each house was a white cloth. Each corner was dipped in a blueish colored liquid. She could hear music, lullaby like music eminating from the room. She ran back out and ran into Pam.

Pam picked her up and brought her back downstairs to change her diaper. She cooed over Jordan as if she were an infant.

Jordan couldn’t find the words to speak, she was in complete confusion. Pam brought her downstairs and plopped her pacifier in her mouth. She heard the doorbell ring and Pam carried Jordan to the door.

Jordan’s face lit up when she saw her mom, Kathy embraced her baby girl for a few minutes.

“Mommy, I missed you so much.” Jordan said with the pacifier still in her mouth.

“I know baby girl, I missed you too.” Kathy said

“Thank you Pam, thanks for giving me my baby girl back.” Kathy said sympathetically.

Jordan opened her eyes. “Where is Kayla?” She wondered.

Jordan got out of bed and tiptoed to Pam’s room, no Kayla. She tiptoed to the bathroom, still no Kayla. She went downstairs and it was completely dark and quiet.

“Where would she have gone? Up in the attic?”" Jordan wondered as she tiptoed back up the stairs. She walked to the end of the hall and tried the attic door, but it was locked.

“Darn, locked. Just like the door to th-” She stopped herself in thought and walked towards the forbidden room. She pressed her ear up to the door. She could hear a soft buzz, like a fan or humidifier.

She reached for the knob and it came right open. She listened again and could hear breathing. She tiptoed in the darkness feeling around. She could feel an object that felt like a dresser drawer and kept walking. She bumped into a chair and turned around. She could still hear the breathing and she followed it.

She came to another object. With long slotted holes in it. “Wait, is this a-” She thought.

She felt around it and sure enough, it was similar to a crib. She was too freaked out to worry about lights. She walked towards the doorway and felt around for a light. When she found it she flipped it on.

Her mouth dropped at the sight. “Well I found Kayla, but what th- She looked around, there were pictures of so many kids like her and Kayla on the wall.”

Jordan smiled, somehow this just hit home. She felt more comfortable right now than she had the entire time. Her body suddenly became really weak, there was something strangely inviting. She looked at Kayla, soundly sleeping in a crib.

She walked over and climbed up on the raling and got inside. She noticed Kayla’s pacifier fell out. She wiped it off and put it in her own mouth and closed her eyes.

Pam walked out of the attic, she smiled at the light coming from the nursery. She walked in and shut the light off and closed the door.

Jordan woke up to Kayla stirring. She opened her eyes and realized where she was. She was still puzzled about the room and decided to climb out and find out exactly what was going on. She found it a little more difficult from the inside but managed to get out. She walked to the door and into the the hallway. She went down to Pam’s room where Pam was still sleeping.

She went downstairs and sat on the couch to wait for everyone to wake up.

Just then she heard a car outside. She walked to the window to see a familiar van pulling in.

“They’re here!” She sighed. She ran upstairs to wake Pam up.

“Pam! Mom and Daddy are here! Pam!” She said as she gently shook Pam.

Pam opened her eyes and rolled over, “Morning honey!”

“My parents are here! I just saw them pull in!” Jordan said excitedly.

Just then the doorbell rang. Jordan dashed out of the room and downstairs to the door.

She opened it to see her mother standing there. “Mommy!!” Jordan squealed as her mother came inside. Jordan quickly hugged her and held on tightly.

Kathy smiled and knelt down, “Hi baby! I missed you!” Kathy said as she hugged her daughter.

“Hey kiddo!” Gary called out from behind Kathy.

“Daddy!!” Jordan jumped in her father’s arms.

“Hi Kathy! Hi Gary!” Pam said as she walked downstairs.

“Pam! Hi! How did it go? Everything good?” Kathy asked.

“We had a great time!” Pam replied.

“Good I am so glad.” Kathy winked.

“We definitely missed our baby girl.” Gary added.

Jordan went wide-eyed when she heard that, just then she realized she was wearing a wet diaper and a footed sleeper.

She slid from her father’s arms and ran by Pam. She pulled her arm down and whispered in Pam’s ear. “My diaper.”

“Oh do you need a change sweety?” Pam said aloud.

Jordan froze, she looked at her mom and dad staring at her.

Kathy spoke up, “Well? Jordan are you wet sweety? Do you need a dry diaper?”

Jordan looked at her mother.

Kathy smiled and took her shoes off, “Come here let me see.”

Jordan was shocked, “How did you know?”

“Well I talked to Pam who told me you were wearing protection because of accidents. It’s ok honey.” Kathy said lovingly.

Jordan felt her face get hot and the shame set in and her bottom began to get warm. She was wetting without even trying.

Kathy walked over to her daughter and uzipped the sleeper to reveal a very wet and sagging diaper.

“Well let’s get you changed so we can go home.” Kathy said as she stood up and took her hand.

“Right upstairs 2nd door on the right.” Pam said.

Just then the doorbell rang and Gary moved aside. Pam walked to the door and opened it.

Jordan tried to see who was here but Kathy had her hand and was pulling her upstairs.

Kathy laid Jordan down on the floor in the nursery where Kayla was still fast asleep. Kathy grabbed the wipes, powder and a clean diaper from the changing table.

She sat down in front of Jordan and unzipped her sleeper and pulled her legs out. She unsnapped the onesie and pulled the flap up. She untaped the wet diaper and pulled it out from underneath her.

As Kathy continued to diaper her daughter, Jordan could feel the embarrassment of her mother knowing and her father knowing and here she was being changed by her own mother.

Kathy zipped the sleeper back up and helped her daughter back to her feet.

Jordan looked at Kayla in the crib and wished she were still sleeping in there. She was really comfortable about Pam knowing, but now her parents knew and it was different.

Jordan grabbed her bag of clothes and walked downstairs with Kathy.

“Ok, we will see you in a week then Mrs. Brakke. Bye-bye.” Pam said waving to a woman walking out the door.

“Mom!” screamed a young girl, probably 12 or so. “Mom I am not staying here! I don’t need a babysitter! Im almost a teenager!”

“Caroline, sweetie, it’s ok. We will have fun! I have lots of dollhouses, just like the one I made for you!” Pam crooned.

Caroline crossed her arms and stuck her tongue out.

“You ready kiddo? We gotta pick up Montana yet.” Gary said as he picked up Jordan’s bag.

“Yea daddy, let’s go home.” Jordan said.

“Yea, we have a lot to do tonight before school starts again tomorrow, if they have school. Storms all week! It’s crazy!” Kathy exclaimed.

“Bye Pam.” Jordan said as she gave Pam a hug and followed her dad out the door.

“Bye honey, it was nice spending time with you!” Pam replied.

Kathy turned to Pam, “Thanks so much Pam! I really appreciate everything. I will see you in 2 weeks!”

“Ahh yes, I will have both girls for a week right?” Pam winked.

“Yes, Gary and I need some time for remodeling and that can be tough with two babies running around.” Kathy chuckled.

Pam nodded, “Two weeks it is, Bye dear!”

Kathy handed Pam an envelope and walked out.

Pam watched the van pull out of the driveway and looked over at Caroline who was still pouting on the couch. “Well, Caroline, how about some breakfast?”

Re: The Dollhouse by NeEKOlAh!

i wish this story could continue or have a sequel?

Re: The Dollhouse by NeEKOlAh!

Wow! Just got done reading and what a great story. I agree about a sequel.