The Encounter by Mo

The Encounter

She can tell. I know she can. I should never have done this.
It’s too obvious. Oh god, she’s looking again. There’s no way I can
turn that hides it…she knows. Man, right now I wish I could get off
this subway and just run.

Wow, that guy’s kinda cute. Blue eyes and I love that long
hair…come on Sasha, don’t stare…you’ll only scare him. Like this
uniform isn’t scary enough. I should’ve changed at the
hospital…ride home in my civvies. Gawd… it’s times like these I
wish I could think ahead a little.

I bet she saw the elastic edge of plastic panties when I bent
over to pick up my backpack. I knew I shouldn’t have done this. She
knows and now she’s probably laughing at me. Was she behind me on the
ramp? She had to be. She knows. My shirt’s not long enough and what
on earth was I thinking when I put these tight sweat pants on?

I think I’m making him nervous…he can’t seem to stop
squirming. Hahaha…this is kinda fun…I wonder if he thinks I’m
attractive? Not so obvious now Sasha…be cool…let’s check out the
bod…mmmm…tall…slender…mmmm…nice butt…

Okay, she’s not looking at me, she’s looking at that
executive type over there. Nothing to worry about, you’re cool Brad,
she doesn’t notice. She’s too busy checking out mister business man.

Okay, okay, okay…one more time…a little bored kinda
glance over and…yeah, but his momma dresses him. Sweats? Must be
going to work out or something. Yeah…it’s Saturday… he’s probably
headed to the gym…keep that little butt of his in shape. Gotta get
another shot of his butt…lemme see if I can be subtle about this.

Geez, she’s staring right at my butt! Oh god, she knows.
She’s going to start screaming at me any minute now. That guy’s
wearing diapers! That guy’s wearing diapers! I shoulda stayed home
with this, this is not good.

Oh my gawd…his butt is just too round. I love it! I have to
look again…come on Sasha…don’t stare… come on guy…move a
little…let me see that ass again. That’s it…a little to the
left…yes! Oh, baby…one more good look….no ass on earth could be
that perfect. Oh my gawd…I think he’s wearing diapers!

She’s smiling, oh man, now I know she knows. This is just too
embarrassing. I should have skipped the doubler, my diaper’s way too
thick. God, I knew it, I could feel it when I left the house. I
couldn’t even put my legs together and my baby panties were making
too much noise and now look, a really cute girl and she’s making fun
of me.

<Giggle> A man in diapers…how cute! His momma does dress
him. I gotta get another look…this is too funny.

I gotta turn around here. Even if she knows, and god knows
she knows, I don’t have to face her. Avoid eye contact. If only this
lady next to me just move a little, then I could turn around. I knew
this would happen. But, noooooo, I was going to go out in diapers
today no matter what. I should have worn a coat or something, a long
coat. I knew these sweats and this shirt weren’t enough to cover me.
And why oh why did I decide on thicker diapers? Leaks, oh yeah,
didn’t want any leaks. Man, she’s making me nervous. And now she’s

I bet he’s a naughty boy. Yeah, a bad boy. A bad little boy
who wets his panties….<shiver>…oh… he is way cute. Changing his
diapers could be fun.

What am I going to do? Man, this train is taking forever. I’m
going to get off at the next stop, turn around, go home. I’ll blow
off the library today. If she notices, how many other people are
going to notice too? I knew I should have changed these blue panties
for the white ones, less conspicuous if they topped my sweats, too
late now.

Oh…he’s turning a bit. I wanna see this…oh baby. This
train clears out a little and I’m going in for a closer look. Don’t
scare him away Sashaäyou want to enjoy this moment. I wonder if he’d
freak if I approached him? Oh yeah…he’d freak big time…look at
the way he’s squirming now…maybe he has to pee…ahahahahahaha…go
ahead little boy…pee your panties…you have your diapers on!

Oh geezus, I gotta pee. I gotta get off this train. What if she says
something to me? What am I going to say? Oh, okay, okay, next stop
coming. Gotta get my backpack and get off. I gotta be careful here
too, if I bend over too far, she’ll see my plastic pants for sure.
That’s it bend down slowly, grab the backpack, Oh no, oh man, too
slow, I’m missing the stop. Oh man, I gotta pee.

Oooohhh…little blue baby panties…cute! That’s right…wet
your panties and let Sasha change them. Oh gawd…I wonder if he
pooped in his pants? Oooohhh…what a naughty little thing to do. I’d
have to spank that bare little butt of yours if you did baby. Don’t
worry baby… after the spanking and a fresh dry didy…Sasha would
let you nurse a little. Oh gawd, my nipples are getting hard just
thinking about it.

Come on, she’s a nurse. Yeah, gotta be a nurse, look at the
uniform. She’s probably seen lotsa boys in diapers. Probably no big
thing to her. Oh man, I can’t hold it, she’s making me waaayy nervous.

A nice warm wet little boy…needs his panties changed…oh
yeah…Sasha could do the job. Peel off those cute little plastic
panties you have on…unpin that wet maybe messy little didy…wipe
that mess away…spread a little lotion…spread a little
powder…maybe show that boy other ways his little pee pee could get
wet…oh gawd…better watch it girl or your own panties will be
sopping soon.

Okay, these diapers aren’t going to leak, just let it go.
Look at her looking at me again. I know she’s gonna start making fun
of me and then everyone will know. Everyone will know Brad still
wears diapers and wets his pants. Oh, this is giving me a stomach

Careful…Sashaäyou’re making him nervous again. I just can’t
help myself girl…this is way too much fun. I’m going to get closer.

She’s coming this way. Oh man, I think I’m going to poop my pants!

A little closer girl…that’s it…smile…let him know
you’re interested.

Here she comes, oh shit, what am I gonna do?

Just keep smiling…he’s gonna love you girl. He lives for this.

Oh man, she’s right there. I’m screwed. I’m just gonna turn
around smile, just slowly turn around and smile, yeah, smile, can’t
hurt, she knows, smile.

Oh…he’s a doll…don’t scare him Sasha…just smile
girl…and maybe pat that perfect little diapered butt of his.



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