The Evolving Diaper Revolution

I don’t know. Maybe someone else could do something with this. Write a story about someone growing up in such a world?

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I have just started a story inspired by this one. I suppose you could say that it’s set in this story’s world, although it’s not exactly meant to be. I was hoping to find the author to ask permission to post my story when it’s ready. Does anyone know who this person is?

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I’m pretty sensitive to copyright issues, but in your case, my opinion is to just go ahead.

If you are writing your own original story that is just based on the idea or ‘world’ of the story referenced above, there really is no permission issue to address. It isn’t like you are using licensed specific characters.

Plus, I’d just love to read your take on it! :).

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I Googled the story title and found it posted to the AR Archive, credited to Charlie22. I emailed the webmaster asking him to put me in touch with Charlie, so we’ll see. I’m really copying his concept, and I want to show him some respect by checking with him before I post.

I appreciate your enthusiasm, JustMe, especially since I don’t believe we’ve ever “met” online. I want to write something longer that goes a lot deeper and gives us a more personal perspective on this little world, and I feel like I’m doing pretty well so far.

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Hello All,

I’ve been a lurker here for a long while. So glad you like the short story. Feel free to take it and do what you like. I’m one of those people who get through and run out of steam. I actually think the original story goes too quickly. It would be cool to try to lengthen it a bit with a few stories peppered in on how various parts of life - schools, churches, sporting events, etc. - adapted to the lack of toilet training. The problem with the story, in my opinion, is that we’re at a point in time where there’s an acceptance so there’s a lack of humiliation. I’d like to go all the way back to where the first signs of toileting issues were appearing in schools and the first teens were suddenly having wetting accidents on the bus or pooping their pants on the playground.

There’s plenty of places to go with it. I can imagine a young, school obsessed teenager, who thinks they’re better than everyone else, suddenly being forced to wear protection after several humiliating incidents.

Again feel free to use it as you wish.

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Wow, thanks for your approval and your suggestions! I hadn’t thought about exploring the effects on different institutions, so I may look into that. I wrote a little bit of an origin because I wanted to try to provide some logical explanations for how everybody came to wear diapers until after high school. But aside from that, the beginning doesn’t interest me. My story is set about 50 years from now because I see the progression of diaper-wearing as very gradual, and I think that’s about how long it would take for it to become so widespread, so I’m trying to imagine how our society has changed without going overboard in my depiction. But this society you proposed is what interests me, and that’s what I want to explore. I’m focusing on a college sophomore who, like most people his age, is still in toilet-training. Thanks again for the go-ahead.

On a related note, I’m an idiot. I should have seen your username quoted in the original post instead of trying to go the long way around to figure out who wrote it. In my defense, I’ve been sick, and it can be hard to be observant when it feels like your sinuses are taking over your head.