The Faire (Part Two Posted)

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That’s the first word that came to mind when Cassidy saw the costume.

“What the fuck, Audrey?”

Her younger sister had warned her, along with an apology, but nothing could have prepared Cassidy for what was waiting in her sister’s room. Apparently there was some issue with the order the two of them placed, and she had been sent the wrong outfit. Rather than the hot fairy costume she was excited to rock, Cassidy found herself faced with the complete opposite of sexy. A pink leotard, a pink tulle skirt, sparkly pink wings, and a shiny pink wand. The childish, girly outfit had been laid out on Audrey’s bed, right next to the sexy wench costume Cassidy’s sister had ordered.

How could anyone working in the costume industry screw up this badly?? Was it just because the word ‘fairy’ was the main label on both outfits?

“Don’t look at me!” Audrey exclaimed. With a hand on her hip, she gave Cassidy a skeptical look. “Are you sure you clicked on the right costume?”

“Of course I did,” Cassidy scoffed, “You were there, remember? I’m pretty sure one of us would have noticed.”

Traditionally, the two of them rented costumes at the Renaissance Faire itself. There was a whole costume shop outside the main entrance, so guests could find something fun to wear before heading in for the day. This year, however, they decided to buy costumes ahead of time. It was only a little more expensive, but worth it because they’d get to keep the outfits forever. Plus there was nothing worse than having to wait in a long line at the end of the day in order to change back into their street clothes and return the outfits. This way, they could simply show up and avoid the hassle of the before/after in the costume shop.

“It’s fine, Cassie. You can just rent a costume.”

“Cassidy,” she said, correcting her sister. It was bad enough that Cassidy was short and petite, while her younger sister was blessed with all the height and curves. The last thing she needed was her stupid childhood nickname piling onto her youthful features, “And no, I can’t. Then I’d barely have any money left for the vendors.”

It was summer break for both girls. Audrey had just graduated high school, and Cassidy was on summer break after her first semester of university. The two sisters didn’t have much in common. Cassidy was academic and straight-laced. Audrey was the complete opposite. However, they both still shared the guilty pleasure of enjoying all things fantasy. Since it was more or less the only thing they connected on as siblings, and not something their friends really appreciated, they had established an annual tradition of going to the Renaissance Faire together. At first, it was just because Cassidy had a car and Audrey didn’t. Now it was just something they did every summer as sisters.

The problem was, the Faire wasn’t cheap. While the shows there were free, they still had to pay for general admission, food, and drink. Costumes too, as going in street clothes just wasn’t as fun. And then, for splurging, there were the vendors who sold all kinds of interesting things.

Cassidy had just finished her first year of undergrad. After paying for two semesters’ worth of textbooks, outings with her friends, and a handful of other things, she didn’t have that much cash to spare. Her parents had already graciously given both girls a bit of summer money to spend, but paying for two costumes would really eat into how much she had set aside for the day and the coming months as well.

“What do you want me to do about it?” Audrey asked, “If you don’t have the money, then just don’t dress up.”

“Audrey, that’s not fair.”

“Sorry, sis. I’d offer you my costume, but it’s way too big for you.”

“Ugh!” Cassidy groaned. It wasn’t fair. Her annoyance sparked a desire to leave a scathing review on the costume site, but that wouldn’t fix her current problem. She always dressed up for the Faire. Always. Her sister’s casual reference to her size didn’t help her irritated state.

Audrey remained quiet for a moment, glancing towards the two costumes on the bed, then back towards her sister. “You know, it wouldn’t hurt to try it on, Cass,” she said, “You’d look super cute.”

That was exactly the problem. Cassidy hated being called ‘cute.’ She already looked really young for her age, and always put a lot of work into her make-up and outfits to make herself look like the young adult that she actually was. Wearing a pink on pink on pink fairy costume would push her in the opposite direction, visually. She would look childish, girly, and, worst of all, immature.

“No, thanks,” she said, “I just won’t dress up this year.”

Audrey just shrugged. “Suit yourself.”

With that decided, Cassidy strutted out of her sister’s room with a huff.

The moment she was gone, Audrey let out an annoyed sigh of her own. Couldn’t her uptight sister just play along? For once? The whole point of editing the online order was so her dear older sister would have to walk around looking like a girly tween all day long.

It wasn’t a surefire plan. Worst case scenario, Cassidy didn’t get a costume. Since it wasn’t Audrey’s money, it’s not like she had anything to lose if things didn’t go her way. Still, she at least made a decent effort. The costume box in the basement was stashed away where Cassidy would never find it, and Audrey already ‘borrowed’ anything from her older sister’s room that might work as a makeshift costume piece. Since Cassidy was off at college, Audrey had unrestricted access to her older sister’s room. When their parents weren’t home, of course. Organized room or not, going to college for a year was bound to make even a Type A girl forget where she put a thing or two.

With all that planning, however, there was still one obvious problem: Audrey couldn’t push too hard on the issue.

So far, she had played her indifferent sister role perfectly. Acting like it wasn’t her problem, offering plenty of alternatives, and ultimately shrugging it off when Cassie didn’t go for it. Her sister clearly didn’t suspect foul play, but she also wasn’t open to even trying the amusingly pink costume on. Yet.

Audrey had one trick left to try. Crossing her fingers, she began changing into the sexy wench costume that would accentuate her own curves so well.

Of the two of them, Audrey clearly deserved to look like the older sister.


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More please! This is a great start!


Cassidy groaned in frustration.

When she left for university, her parents had assured her that her room would still be her room. The good news was, they were at least honest in regards to Audrey not moving in to enjoy the more spacious room for the rest of her high school career. The bad news was, her sacred space didn’t seem to have been given a lot of privacy in her absence.

For starters, the room had been spotless when she returned home for summer break. Her bed was made, there was nothing on the floor, and apparently her closet had been rearranged and also used as storage for a number of mismatched boxes. It definitely wasn’t the way she left it when waking up early to fly out of state last fall. When she complained to her parents about it, however, they weren’t particularly apologetic. All they did was tidy things up a little bit in her absence, and they’d be happy to remove the boxes now that she was back home again. And that was the end of that.

Because Cassidy’s mother had done so much cleaning and rearranging, it had been easy for Audrey to sneak in and make a few changes of her own without anyone suspecting her. Their parents wouldn’t remember every single little change from months ago, and Cassidy already thought she knew who to blame.

“Hey, Cass?” Audrey’s voice sounded from behind her.

Cassidy whipped around from her hunt through the walk-in closet, scowling both from her missing things and from the sudden intrusion. “Audrey!” she exclaimed, “You have to knock. I could have been changing.”

“But you weren’t. Besides, we’re both girls. And sisters. What’s the big deal?”

“Forget it. Where’s my costume box?”

“How should I know?”

Cassidy just bit her tongue. Now that she was an adult–Audrey too, for that matter–she couldn’t be as moody or cliché about telling her sister to get out of her room. Bedrooms were supposed to be private, but adults were supposed to be mature. Maybe she’d give Audrey a mini lecture about it later, but right now Cassidy was too focused on figuring out a makeshift costume to wear to the Renaissance Faire.

At this point, it was pretty clear that the box she needed wasn’t in the closet. Maybe it had been relocated to the basement. If their parents had donated it, or any of her things for that matter, then there was going to be a problem. “What do you want, Audrey?” Cassidy asked. Amidst her annoyance at the rude entry to her room, she had forgotten that there was probably a reason her sister had come there in the first place.

“Well, umm . . .” Audrey began. She averted her gaze and fidgeted for a few seconds before glancing back towards Cassidy, “Never mind. It’s stupid.”

Typical. Cassidy just rolled her eyes. “God, Audrey, what is it?”

“It’s just- I kind of had an idea to save you some money when we get there,” Audrey said, “But I don’t think you’re going to like it.”

“Just spit it out, sis.”

“Okay, look. I promise I’m not making fun of you. But you know how you’re, well, pretty small? I was thinking . . . I mean, they sent the wrong costume, and the damage is already done . . .”

“Audrey,” Cassidy said. She placed a hand on her hip, “Get to the fucking point.”

“What if we, umm, leaned into your size? Like, you could put on the costume, and I could work a little magic with your hair and make-up. Tickets are way cheaper for kids, and they might buy it if you really look the part.”

Was she serious? Cassidy didn’t know if she was more insulted or shocked that her sister would suggest something like that. She was nineteen! There’s no way anyone would believe that she was a child, not even if she was pretending. And to presume that she could pull that off? Yep, definitely more insulting.

Crossing her arms, Cassidy tried her best to look serious, rather than flat-out annoyed. “That wouldn’t work at all, Audrey. I’m not that small. And that costume is disgusting.”

“You are that small,” Audrey said, “Twelve and under get the better prices. And real talk, Cassidy, you could pass as a tween if you let me do my thing. Besides, it’s not like they’re looking that closely. Look, do you want to save a bunch of money, or not?”

Audrey was referring to the fact that she was a goddess with hair and make-up. She primarily used her gifts on herself and her closest friends, but occasionally Cassidy reaped the benefits of having a talented sister for things like Prom and her graduation party. Only on special occasions, because she could only bear the indignity of asking her younger sister for help so often.

This, however, would be the reverse. Audrey would be undoing all the elements that usually added to Cassidy’s maturity. Instead of perfect hair and make-up, she’d have to suffer through whatever childish look Audrey decided would pair best with the pink fairy costume. And for what? Fifteen or twenty dollars? That wasn’t the most tempting trade.

“No, I don’t,” Cassidy said, ultimately deciding against it, “I’m not walking around like that all day. It’s embarrassing.”

“Oh, not all day!” Audrey immediately replied, “I mean, just wear it through the main gate. You know, like sneaking candy into the movies. We’ll pack a change of clothes for you.”

“Why do you even care, Audrey?”

“Because you got screwed over by that stupid company! The least I can do is help you have a little extra to spend once we’re there. And, you know, because we’re sisters. Duh. We have to look out for each other!”

“Fine,” Cassidy said. Under normal circumstances, she would outright refuse, but Audrey made some good points. It was just tricking a few strangers in order to save money. Besides, it’s not like they would run into anyone they knew. As long as Audrey didn’t take any pictures, and as long as she could change the minute they made it inside, then it would be worth the temporary embarrassment.

“Let’s do it, then!” Audrey smiled, “You can change in my room.”


I’m really excited to see where this goes!