The Girl Who Wanted to Wear Diapers (Chapter 1 - 4/4/21)

Synopsis: Five middle school friends – Ava, Chloe, Madison, Riley, and Sophia – can’t wait until summer break begins. One of those girls harbors a secret she has held deep inside for as far back as she can remember. Soon she’ll have a chance to act on it if she dares. Will it be worth it?

Everyone remembers their first. First girlfriend (or boyfriend). First car. First job. And, for those of us with an inclination toward ABDL, our first time wearing a diaper or pull-ups at an age past the point of toilet training and the nostalgic feeling that experience left on you. This is a story about firsts and the impressions they leave. I hope you enjoy it.

The Girl Who Wanted to Wear Diapers


The girl walked downtrodden behind her mother as she trailed several feet back from the shopping cart with both of her hands stuffed into the pockets of her jeans in a manner befitting a newly minted teenage girl who was still required to go along with her parents during trips to the grocery story.

The girl had put up a fuss about the impromptu shopping trip after she had gotten buckled into the passenger seat of the car when her mom picked her up from school. Couldn’t her mother have gotten the grocery shopping done on the way to pick her up from the middle school, rather than afterward? But the fussing was a just a ruse, as was the sullen look the girl wore on her face. Grocery shopping days were her favorite days. Better than her birthday. Better than Christmas. Even better than snow days when she got to stay home from school.

The girl followed her mom as if she were on autopilot. The route her mother took through the grocery store was always the same. No deviations. No doubling back. Produce. Non-perishables. Meat. Dairy. Refrigerated items. Frozen items. The bakery. And then, at last, the section that made the entire trip worth more than a long-imagined and never fulfilled vacation to Disney World: The Baby Aisle.

The smell was always the first thing to hit the girl as she rounded the corner into that aisle, a scent that brought out feelings that lingered in the back of her mind no matter how hard she attempted to suppress them. She could tell herself as many times as she wanted that she was done with this childish fantasy. She could let the shame incurred by these thoughts hold back a desire that she did not even know the origin of. The girl could reach a point where she would tell herself the lie that she would never think those thoughts again, never desire those things again. But that was then, not here. Here, an unnamable emotion swelled up inside her. What is it that diapers smell like? Innocence. A smell of a time from before. Before decisions and responsibility. Before grades and homework. Before the ever-accelerating rush toward maturity and adulthood.

The girl breathed deeply and at last allowed her eyes to wander, if only for a moment, to the display of colorful packages lining the shelves. She knew each brand by sight. While laying in bed at night she could recall exactly how each of them looked, down to the exact weight range the diaper size covered, the patterns of children’s show characters that adorned each one, and the number of diapers sold in each box or bag. Still, she looked, not for anything she had seen before, but for the possibility of something new.

The girl had done a double take the day she had gotten a glimpse of a size seven diaper for the first time on the shelves at the store. She had seen one of those packages in a magazine ad once, but never in person. She had tried wearing her baby brother’s diapers on a handful of occasions, but the scrawny two-year-old only managed to fit into a size four, which to the girl’s disappointment, didn’t amount to much more than a slightly oversized pad when she had snuck one away to her room to slip into her underwear once everyone else in the house was asleep. She doubted her brother would be big enough to even get past size five before he was potty-trained. Her mother was already talking about getting started on that soon and it wasn’t likely to take all that long, either. The girl always blushed when her mom bragged about how she had managed to get her potty-trained in less than a week.

There was one particular package the girl’s gaze would linger on even though she must have seen it a hundred times by now: pull-ups made for girls her age, but euphemistically labeled as bedtime underwear. Those were the Holy Grail. A quest for which she would gladly embark on even if it meant dodging saw blades and walking over an invisible bridge.

The packages of those bedwetting pull-ups weren’t even there this time. That didn’t bother the girl much. Those sometimes ended up out of stock. And she knew what they looked like anyways.

Then her heart skipped a beat. The package was there, but the designs on the package had changed for the first time in what must have been a year or two at least. She turned her eyes forward again. Mom was still facing the other direction. The girl looked back at the package and was amazed by what she saw. The upper boundary on the weight range listed on the pull-ups had jumped all the way up to one-hundred-and-forty pounds or more.

The implications of that were obvious. The girl had been well within the boundaries of the previous size range, though she had been inching toward the top of that range as part of a late growth spurt. This gave her hope that these pull-ups would still fit once she finally got her hands on one. And that is exactly what the girl intended to do this summer.


This looks like it is going to be great! I hope she gets to try them and eventually try baby diapers as well.

Oh I definitely remember. If you manage to capture that…

…hot damn, you are on the right track.
And I’d guess your memories aren’t too far away from mine by date. The diaper aisle doesn’t smell anything like it used to. There’s only a handful of diapers these days that have any scenting, it seems. I’m sure that’s for plenty of good reasons, but still, nostalgia.

Based on this prologue and your previous works, I await the rest of this with high expectations.

Do carry on.

We shall see.

That’s true that there are fewer scented diapers, but it’s still noticeable to me at least. I think it may be that diaper tech has gotten better at hiding odors without needing to cover them up with perfumes.

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This story is a mystery. The identity of the girl from the prologue won’t be known until the end of the story, though I’ll be doing my best to write it in such as way that an astute reader might be able to catch on to who that girl may be before the story concludes. Speculation is encouraged, though the phrase “no comment” might become a frequent part of my vocabulary in the replies.

Chapter 1: The Game

“Nose goes!” Chloe yelled, touching her freckled nose with the tip of the index finger on her left hand, setting off a mad scramble among the remaining teenage girls seated around the oval shaped dining room table.

Of the numerous unspoken rules of childhood, few hold as much sway in determining which member of a group must perform a task that none of them desire to take on. In a manner of mere milliseconds, arguments are put to rest, fates are determined, and one unfortunate soul is left as the last one standing. Chloe’s pronouncement, made in the midst of an argument in which none of the five girls appeared ready to yield, received no objections, even if it sparked the slightest hint of jealously in the other four girls, in that they had missed the opportunity to receive the immunity granted to the person who sets off the game of Nose Goes. And this particular game took on a more serious tone given what was at stake for the girl who was last to touch her finger to her nose.

Ava, who was seated directly across the table from Chloe, was the first of the girls to react. She dropped the pair of dice she was holding cupped in her hands onto the table – they rolled over several times and came up as a six and a one – and raised her right hand to her face within a second of Chloe’s announcement. The quickness of Ava’s response didn’t stop her from taking a hesitant glance around the table, anxious to ascertain that she hadn’t been the last to respond. With her success assured, she kept her hand pressed tightly against her nose as she used her other hand to fiddle with her should-length light-brown hair that she had made up into a bun on the back of her head, remaining a passive observer to the ensuing chaos.

A nearly full glass of heavily sweetened ice-tea positioned precariously close to Sophia’s arm was the first casualty in the game Nose Goes. Sophia winced as she bumped over the glass with her elbow as she rushed to avoid finishing last, but she didn’t remove her finger from her nose as she fumbled to belatedly pick up the knocked over glass with a single hand. That effort was too little, too late. The amber brown liquid and a half-dozen ice cubes spilled across the vanilla-white tablecloth, drenching a section of the fabric as Sophia failed to pick up the glass in time. As the hexagonal cardboard pieces of the board game they had been playing were not in the path of the spill, none of the other girls made any effort to contain the mess as Sophia picked up the ice-cubes one by one and dropped them back into the glass.

“That’s the second time this week,” Chloe said with a touch of mock concern. “Are you sure you don’t need one of your brother’s sippy cups?”

“Shut up,” Sophia replied tersely, adjusting her glasses. “I just need to get a new prescription. Things aren’t always where they are supposed to be when I’m looking at them up close.”

Riley made no attempt to help Sophia deal with the spill, opting instead to place not one, but two fingers on her nose, as if the double effort might count more in avoiding the dreaded task. The continuing spread of tea reached the edge of the table above where Riley was seated, and the first few drops of liquid splashed down onto her light-blue, denim jeans. Despite that nuisance, Riley kept both her of her hands, with fingernails chewed to narrow points, in place.

Madison brought her hand up to her face, though she knew she shouldn’t have bothered with it, as she could see that she would be the last one to respond to Chloe’s challenge.

“Shit,” Madison muttered almost inaudibly to herself.

“You were last,” Riley said in a sing-song tone full of gleeful relief, freeing up a finger to wiggle in Madison’s direction.

“I was not,” Madison replied, in the tone one uses when attempting to convince yourself that you are right when in fact you know that you are wrong.

All four of the girls turned to face Sophia. Since Sophia had initiated the game of Nose Goes, that left her as the sole arbitrator of determining who had been last in touching their nose, and to whom the task would befall.

“Madison was last,” Sophia said with an authoritative air of finality.

“You have got to be kidding me,” Madison said. “I’m so not getting stuck with diaper duty.”

“More like diaper dooty,” Sophia said, making a show of plugging her nose with her fingers. “I caught a whiff of your brother when he ran by. Yuck.”

“I don’t see why we couldn’t each change one diaper,” Madison said, in what she knew to be an almost certainly futile bid at escaping the predicament she now found herself in.

Madison’s attempt at disarmament through a diplomatic solution proved unsuccessful, especially as she had been the one to invoke the nuclear option the last time the group had hung out.

“Yeah, and who was it that started Noes Goes for the diaper changes last week?” Chloe asked rhetorically, in the semi-annoyed tone of someone who had gotten stuck with not one, not two, not three, but four messy diapers to change the week before, one of which had been a blowout resembling one of those mudslides you see on TV after torrential rain in a mountainous region.

That each of the five friends had a toddler-aged brother was a matter of much nuisance to the group and much satisfaction to their parents, who were more than delighted to let the girls hang out with the house to themselves so long as they also took charge of babysitting the five young boys, none of whom had reached the stage of beginning toilet training. For the longest time, diaper duty has been apportioned evenly, with each girl responsible for changing their younger sibling’s diapers. That had changed last week, when a rash of rather gross diapers prompted Madison to begin a game of Nose Goes to determine who had to go change all of the diapers at once.

“OK, well, yeah, but maybe it wasn’t that wasn’t a great idea after all, Madison said.

“No shit Sherlock,” Sophia said, followed by a pause. “Pun intended.”

The ensuing laughter broke up the tension in the room, as Sophia got up to grab some paper towels to clean up the spilled tea. The toddlers were in an adjacent room, fully in sight from the table where the girls were playing their game. Like many babysitters before them, the girls had discovered that the TV is in fact the best babysitter. Sippy cups full of apple juice, several bowls of animal crackers, and a movie were usually enough to give the girls time to finish a board game or two. Sophia had selected The Little Mermaid to play on the television, and the movie had already progressed to song where all the sea critters were trying to get the prince to kiss Arial. Like usual, the girls had procrastinated on any diaper changes, which left little question that all five of the toddlers were likely to be in need of one.

“Do the diapers really have to be changed at this exact moment?” Madison asked, while leaning forward in her chair, hesitating on whether she should stand up.

“Do you want to be cleaning up the carpet if one of the diapers leaks?” Riley said.

“It’s not my fault your mom buys those useless store-brand diapers,” Madison said, but she nonetheless stood up from the table. “I hope your brother didn’t have another blowout.”

“Well, you could always put one of your brother’s diapers on him instead,” Riley said with a hint of sarcasm. “Cause your brother apparently only wears the most elite, premium baby diapers available.”

“Oh, come on, I don’t even think they wear the same size,” Madison said.

Ava picked up the robber piece from where it had been lying dormant on a desert tile – part of a pre-game truce – and casually re-located it to a hexagon where Riley, Chloe, and Sophia had recently added adjacent cities.

“Hey!” said Chloe said. “You can’t do that.”

“I rolled a seven,” Ava replied bluntly, pointing down at the dice on the table.

“When?” Chloe asked.

“Right after you said, ‘Nose Goes’,” Ava said.

“You may regret putting the robber there,” said Sophia, who had returned to the room with a massive wad of paper towels bunched up in her hand.

Sophia dried off the wet patches on the tablecloth the best she could. Removing it from the table would have been the better option, but there wasn’t any easy way to do so without displacing the game.

“It’s a six tile, and you guys are ahead and need more iron ore, so I think it’s perfectly fair,” Ava said. “That’s an empty threat. You aren’t going to waste the robber on someone who is in last place.”

Not being part of the argument of whether Ava’s dice roll counted or not, Madison grabbed the four diaper bags that had been left on the couch near the entryway – getting a hold of two in each hand – and shuffled over to the room where the toddlers were laying on the floor and watching the movie. Madison’s absence brought the game to a pause for about ten minutes, as it was her turn next. Ava’s roll of seven was eventually allowed to be counted, as she refused to budge off her stance that the roll had been entirely legitimate.

With the diaper changes completed, Madison stopped in the kitchen to wash her hands in the sink with dish soap before returning to the dining room table.

“That was quick,” Riley said.

“Not really,” Madison said. “There was only one messy diaper, and Ava’s brother was still dry and didn’t need changing yet anyways.”

“Next time, no more of this Nose Goes nonsense,” Ava said, looking first at Chloe and then at Madison. “It’s a lot quicker if everyone just changes their own brother’s diaper.”

Ava plopped the dice down on the table in front of Madison.

“Your turn.”


I’m going to make my prediction now, just like I would when picking a competitor on a reality TV competition after episode 1, when we still barely know them.

Based purely on that same gut instinct that got me both to the finals in the Amazing Race and last place in Hell’s Kitchen, I think the girl from the Prologue will be Madison. (Hopefully I did the spoiler tags right)

Also yes Settlers of Catan, great game.

Also, probably a solid choice.

I’m gonna go with. Ava (And words to make the spoilered text longer so as to fool you, haha.)

Of course! Why didn’t I think of that? lol

I think that’s an interesting pick too. She doesn’t seem very suspicious on first read, which ironically makes her one of the most suspicious in a way.

Yep, they were playing Catan. Was hoping that would get picked up. And yes, the spoilers work.

That’s a good strategy with the spoiler text.

Thanks for the comment. And no comment from me.

cool diaper story

I have no speculations at this point. Definitely looking forward to reading more chapters!

Definitely excited for new chapters this looks like a very promising story. I just hope there is good character development and that it’s not all rushed suddenly. But yeah excited to see more keep up the awesome work

A very promising story looking forward for new chapters.