The hotel baby

Hello everyone!
I´m WaspsAreJerks and I started writing an ABDL story that I want to share.
The story is about a new hotel employee who is being slowly manipulated by his boss to bind to her will.

There are many grammar mistakes and perhaps aven typos. I´m not a native english speaker and find it a little hard to keep everything under control. I know commas are whack but I hope it won´t ruin your reading experience.
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The Hotel Baby

,So why do you want to work in hospitality young man?” middle aged manager asked as she sat across the table of a soothing reception hall. She appeared to be a consummate professional, wearing a tasteful dark gray suit with pantyhose and her black hair tied into a ponytail.

,Well…” Victor was nervous, trying to think of a proper answer. He didn´t care for the hospitality or the business, he only wanted to get a job. He only just finished high-school and his mother wanted him to go to college. But he wanted to have a gap year and since his mother refused to pay for him to lazy around he had to get a job to cover for his expenses.

,Ah, don´t bother” manager interrupted Victor as she saw him hesitating with the answer. ,You´re just looking for any job pretty much, right?”

,Well…I guess that´s right. But that doesn´t meant that I wouldn´t care for it! I´m a hard worker and I´ll do whatever it takes to get the job done!” Nervously shifting in his seat victor was trying to sell himself up.

Manager kept looking at the young man as he sat there across from her. She liked how honest and polite he was, and he seemed like he would do fine as a part-time employee.

But she also couldn´t help herself from enjoying the young mans presence. Victor was small for his age and was forced to sit at the edge of the chair for his feet to reach the ground properly. His light brown hair hastily brushed up to the side and he was wearing a suit obviously bought in the kids section.

Oh baby! she thought when she saw him for the first time moments earlier. It was as if her motherly instincts came to life once again.

Such a cute boy, too cute for a boy even, she thought enjoying the interview.

,Ehm excuse me, your tea.” manager had to stop spacing off as suddenly the two were approached by a young lady in her mid 20s. Vice-manager Kathrine obviously took after the manager. Dressed well she carried herself as a professional, placing two cups of tea on the table.

,Stop spacing off Stella, hire him if you like him. You know he´s the first decent candidate we had for months.” she addressed the manager, Stella, in a casual matter.

,Well he´s definitely better than the “I won´t wear a suit to work” guy we had last week.” manager agrees with her. But there was no need to. She already decided to hire him before that. Something about him did it for her.

,So what do you say Victor, still interested in the job?”

Chapter 1

Beloved children have many names” proverb

Hotel Royal Ribbon was a small but a lovely hotel located in a European town. Suited for couples who seek too see the sights and relax at the same time! With only 6 rooms and no breakfast or restaurant, the hotel had only few employees.

Stella, the manager, Kathrine, her right hand and vice manager, and occasional maid or receptionist hired from the agency to help with the rooms.

Victor was hired to work mostly long night shifts at the reception, but he was to help where help is needed. Room and food were also provided as he was to work 6 out of 7 days a week as he agreed to make a quick cash.

Excited for the first shift, Victor, was ready to be the best employee he can be!

Kathrine turned out to be really kind instructing Victor at the beginning of his shift and helping him get the hang of the work.

,Is he doing well?” Stella approached them during the evening as they were going over the room assingments.

Kathrine smiled. ,He´s great, I´m sure he´ll do well!”

,Glad to hear that. And what about you, are you feeling well dear? And ready for your first night shift?” She turned to Victor.

,Yeah Ma´am, I am well, and thank you” he answered politely.

,You sure? Don´t forget you´ll have food and something to drink in the back office. Oh, by the way, before I forget, I got your nametag done!” She proclaimed almost as if with joy and fished out a golden nametag out of her pocked. ,Here you go, put it on!”

,Sure, thank you” Victor took it and put it onto a pocket of his suit before looking at it properly.

,But wait! Ma´am manager I think…”

,Please call me Stella, we´re all like a family here”

,Al…alright. Ma´am Stella, I think there was a mistake. My name is Victor, not… Vicky.” Victor got a bit flustered to be in the middle of such a situation. Must have a been a misprint, right? Or she just picked the wrong one.

,Yes, is that a problem? Look at Kathrine and her name tag, it only says Kate. It´s just more familiar to shorten our names or use it like nicknames, it´s good for business”

,Well, yeah, but…”

,Vicky? I like it too, It´s nice!” Kathrine sided quickly with her manager.

,Yeah but…”

,Right? It´s got such a nice ring to it!” Stella welcomed the support.

,But it´s a girls name, isn´t it?” Victor finally got to say.

,Is it? And if, does it matter? Most of our clients are foreigners and they won´t care or notice” Stella argued. ,But it´s what it is, it would take me a few days to order a new one with our logo so just go with it and see how it goes, right?”

No point in arguing any further, Victor had to concede. He didn´t like how they just changed his name without asking, but he figured that this is just a common practice in this business. But still…

,Goodbye Vicky, enjoy your first night!” Stella, wearing a coat waved at Victor as she was leaving.

,Bye Vicky, see you tomorrow!” Vice manager joined suit next to her as they left him behind.

It was already dark outside when they left and most of the work for today was done. Victor sat at the reception desk still going over the manual hoping to remember as much as he could.

Guests who asked him for the room key or information about town refereed to him as Vicky, as per the nametag, and Victor had no other choice but to bear with it and smile at them. One pair of foreigners entered the hotel thinking it´s the entrance to the restaurant next door and Victor had to clear up the confusion and send them in the right direction. But he was bothered how they kept talking to him as if he was a girl, using the She-form in their language, but he was too polite to correct them.

As they were leaving, he heard as they were speaking: ,Honey, didn´t you think she looked like a boy? “ - ,I guess she´s just a tomboy. If not, she would have said something. Her name was Vicky, so that´s obviously a girls name.”

Stupid name! Victor thought unhappy about the confusion it caused. It´s obvious I´m a man!

The rest of the evening was quiet as midnight approached. Guests already in their rooms, Victor began to get hungry and went to the back room to see what was there.

Homemade soup in a jar? Victor was surprised. Manager must have made this herself. ,I don´t know what I even expected… I hope it´s good at least”

It was.

Clean the bowl and the jar in the sink, and get back to the front to sit at the desk. Victor kept playing games on his phone for a bit before he realized that his bladder is full.

,Damn soup” he lamented at the choice of the dish as he stood up to go to the toilet.

He went to the hall trying to enter the restroom. Locked? He went back to to the front desk to find a key but couldn´t find one, just many unlabeled ones in drawers.

,Come on, that´s some terrible luck!” crying as he tried one after another, but none would fit. He was at the end of his rope as he was about to burst.

,What to I do? What do I do?”

Chapter 2

You make the bed you lie in” proverb

,So, Vicky, explain this to me once again. The toilet was locked and because of that you peed in the sink in the common backroom?” stern and angered, manager Stella was staring daggers at Victor.

He tried keeping it a secret, why would he want to admit that? But Stella was a step ahead of him. She knew he wouldn´t deny it if she cornered him even if she had no proof other than the claim that: the backroom reeks of pee.

But she knew all along, being the one who locked the bathroom and taking both keys with her. The rest was just a guess as to what he would he most likely do in that scenario.

,Well… Ma´am Stella, I…I…I didn´t have another choice…the key…”

,The key that was at the key shelf in the back room when I entered? Don´t give me that excuse. Not only that but the bathroom in the hall is open as I checked myself this morning. So let me guess what happened. You suddenly had to go while you were in the back room and you didn´t have time to go all the long way that takes 10 seconds to the restroom up front. So what do you do? Pee in the sink like a someone who´s never been potty trained!” manager Stella kept scolding Victor as he sat behind the front desk in full view of the guests who were just leaving.

,But…but…I really…”

,Save your excuses Vicky, I don´t want to hear it” manager left to let Victor finish his shift.

Victor was so embarrassed for what happened. Was the key really there all along? But there is no way the manager would believe that now. This was not how he imagined his first day at work and now he had to stay here for the rest of the week.

Kathrine came in later to switch with him. The way she looked at him made it obvious that she heard about the situation from manager.

,Hey Vicky, are you alright? How was your shift?” She tried to act nice.

,H…hey…It went…it went well” Victor forced himself to appear fine, hoping they won´t talk about what really happened during the night.

,Oh… That´s good to hear! So you´re going to sleep now, right? Manager said she already made your bed back in her office.”

,In her office?” little confused, Victor asked.

,That´s what she said” Kathrine sat at the desk and logged in at the computer. ,Off you go then, I´m sure you´ve had enough” she smiled at him and began to mind her work.

,A…alright, thanks” Victor said politely but embarrassed as he began to head to the managers office.

The office was at the second floor behind all the rooms and next to the storage room. Victor approached managers door and knocked.

,Come in Vicky” manager invited him in.

,He…Hello. Kathrine said to come see you about my bed.” He said sheepishly as he recounted their earlier encounter.

,Yes, your bed, it´s right here. I dragged it here myself from the storage just for you” she glanced over to the wall with a baby crib.

Speechless for a moment Victor just stared at the baby crib that the hotel used to lend guests. It seemed pretty sturdy although still pretty small and compact with high wooden bars all around. Inside a freshly made bed with a white pillow and a blanket.

,M…Ma´am mange…Stella. I´m…I´m sorry…but…but I don´t….I don´t think I…I will fit” is the best Victor could muster. He was trying to play it off, although we was sure it´s related to what happened with the locked toilet and the sink. This was her revenge.

,Won´t fit? Yes you will, because this is the only bed with a plastic sheet underneath. If I can´t count on you reaching the toilet in 10 seconds then I can´t count on you not peeing on our only spare mattress. But don´t worry, you´ll fit. you´re pretty small if you didn´t notice and the crib we got is pretty much the biggest we could get so it could accommodate children of pretty much all ages. Lucky for us, it´s just big enough for you dear.” Stella reasoned and gave Victor no chance to argue back.

If only he could bear it for today, Victor was sure manager will come to her senses and forgive him.

,I…I see…” He conceded and didn´t bring up the fact that it´s weird for the crib to be in her office rather than the other room for staff to sleep in. ,I´ll go change and then go to sleep if that is fine with you Ma´am.”

,Yes it is. You can change in my own bathroom over there. And before you go to sleep you should eat something. I may be angry at you but I know it´s been a long shift so you need to be kept well fed.” Stella said kindly.

,Thank you” Victor was glad that this may just be it as he went to change to his night wear.

This is weird. This is really, really weird. Victor thought to himself as he was lying in the baby crib with high wooden bars all around him. He was wearing pyjama pants and a comfy t-shirt to sleep and he was covered by a blanket.

He couldn´t sleep no matter how hard he tried. The situation he was in was making him really unsure about everything. He felt like the manager had a right to be angry, but this seemed like she is taking it too far. First the name, and now this. I hope she´ll grow to like me soon so that we can get along, he thought

The room he was in had the blinds closed and the most of the light were turned off, but manager still sat at her table typing into her computer. She often glanced at her new employee as he was lying in the baby crib she prepared for him.

Her plan was going better than expected but Victor turned out to be even more docile than she anticipated. She knew he´s not sleeping as he is lying with his back turned into the room. She knew that this must be shocking and embarrassing to him, but she was enjoying every moment of it.

Almost an hour after Victor went into the crib manager stood up and grabbed her coat and the purse.

Where is she going? She just started working a while ago, no way she is going home. Trying to secretly peek at her with one eye, Victor was confused but glad that he´ll get to sleep in the room alone.

Manager turned off most of the remaining lights and left the room only after giving her new toy a nice long look before closing the door.

Finally alone, Victor could once again shift and turn in the baby crib instead of pretending to sleep.

But he was tired and wanted to sleep after the long shift and all the unwanted excitement. The bed was surprisingly comfortable and it was easy to for him to find a position that he liked.

,I´m sure it will turn out fine” Victor told himself before drifting off to sleep.

Chapter 3

The road to a friends house is never long” proverb

,Kate, I´m going out, I´ve got some shopping to do” putting on a coat manager Stella approached her vice-manager Kathrine sitting at the front desk.

,Sure, no problem! If you need anything just let me know Stella, alright?” Kathrine helpfully offered.

,Not really, just do your job… Except, would you mind going back to my office once in a while to check up on Vicky? I´m sure he´ll be fine but you never know…” Stella asked

,Oh…” Kathrine hesitated for a moment but she was not about to let her manager, and by now, long term friend, down. ,Of course, I can do that! It´s almost like checking up on a baby when he´s in the baby crib.”

,You´re the best Kat, thanks. And yeah, it´s just like that with him being so tiny and small! He´s almost like a baby himself!” Stella obviously liked the sight she had in her office.

,Yeah…he kinda is… But I hope he doesn´t feel too bad about the baby crib. I understand your point but I´m sure it must be humiliating for him as a man” Kate expressed a little concern.

,Oh, I´m sure it it.” Stella swated her concern right away as if nothing. ,I´m sure he´s feeling bad about the whole situation too, but I just can´t have that in a professional hotel you know? If word got around, or if he had an accident because a guest keeps talking to him, can you imagine what would happen to us? Oh no, we need to keep our reputation.”

,Hmm, you´re right. Although I still feel for him.” Kate just agreed with her. ,The online reviews would kill us.”

,Exactly. But we need to keep him as we´re short handed, so I´ll figure something out for the time being” Stella took her purse and zipped her coat. ,I won´t be long, maybe an hour or two. Keep an eye on the hotel and our baby” she winked at her protege and left.

,Good luck I will!”

Kathrine was pretty confused about all of this. She worked in this hotel under Stella for 5 years and she never saw Stella act so unusual. First the name. Victor was the first person who had his nametag made on his first day at work. Most part-time workers or new employees just get nametag with insertable part where you hand write your own name. But Victor not only got his nametag done super quick, just three days after his interview, but it read Vicky. No matter how you look at it that’s a girls name and it´s pretty patronizing.

But Kathrine looked up to Stella and really liked her as a manager. Soon after she started working her Stella took her under her wing and got her a good position and great pay with frequent bonuses. They became very close over the years and Kathrine considered Stella to be a very close friend. Stella was very kind and motherly to people close to her, but she also had a mean streak and she could be very strict and nasty to those who failed to live up to her expectations. Kathrine never really experienced that side of her, except for seeing her scold others.

Yet never in all of those years she saw Stella treat someone like she treated Victor. She seemed overtly caring around him, yet when she came in this morning she claimed that he peed in the sink and turned around.

The baby crib shocked Kathrine, but tried her best to see it from her managers point of view. She was right that he fits in the crib, and it´s the only mattress with plastic sheet underneath it to prevent soaking. But was he really that…childish?

Kathrine kept thinking about Victor and his predicament as time went by, unable to shake it off her mind.

Is he really not potty trained or something? No, that stupid…maybe some bladder issues? Hmm… I wonder…

Is he sleeping right now in that crib? He should, right? Manager left him in there about 30 minutes ago, and he went up right after his shift. He must be sleeping now, right? Or he won´t be rested for his shift tomorrow.

Maybe…Maybe…I should check up on him! Stella told me to do it, right?

Victor slept very lightly. Sounds of guests walking and chatting in the hallway kept waking him up from time to time, but moving in the baby crib and changing positions quickly made him fall asleep again. Glad that manager is not yet here made him relax every time he woke up, but after a while he finally drifted off to deep sleep.

His sleep was dreamless and calm, blanket mostly off his body that still gave room to spare in the baby crib. He slept quietly as Kathrine slowly unlocked the door to the managers office as carefully opened the door for it not to squeak, leaving it half open as light from the hallway landed on the baby crib and Victor.

She waited for a moment before making few careful soundless steps towards the crib. She stood above it and looked at him from the top as he was sleeping.

He really looks like a baby like this… She admitted while looking at his peaceful sleeping body. Most guests were out in the city at the moment so she spared a while. She crouched to look at his face closely between the bars of the baby crib.

Moments passed as she stared thoughtlessly before she came back to her senses and slowly backed away from the office and closed the door.

She felt guilty, checking up on an adult man like this while he was asleep, but she felt like her mind is not letting her see him like a man anymore after she saw him sleeping like a baby in a crib. But she didn´t want to believe that! She wanted to believe the baby crib is just out of convenience!

Still confused, although slightly amused as well, she returned to her post. She had faith in her friend and boss Stella, and she was sure that she knows what´s best!

Afternoon approached when Stella turned up at the front with three big shopping bags. ,Uff, I´m back. Did everything go fine here Kate? Baby sleeping well?” she asked patronizingly while putting the bags on the ground and taking off her coat.

,Yes, business as usual. Room 4 and 5 still have complains about thin walls but nothing else. Oh and the bab…I mean Victo…I mean Vicky”

,Oh dear don´t bother, baby is just about right!” Stella laughed loudly. ,But Vicky rather than Victor, just to keep in consistent. So what was it, any problems? Did you check up on him as I asked you? I know it´s unusual but…”

,Don´t worry, I did!” Kathrine interrupted wanting to reassure her friend. ,Twice in fact. He´s sleeping nice and sound. I was worried about him fitting in the baby crib but he seems to have no problem in it.”

,I´m so glad Kate, you´re the best! I know I can always count on you!” Stella marveled at how quick Kathrine was to accept the situation and delighted that her long term friend is behind her no questions asked. Stella knew she´ll have her support, but now she knew that she can really get Kate to help her out with the next step of her plan.

,My pleasure Stella, I´m always here for you” Kathrine smiled at her friend. ,So, what did you get? Something we needed?” she looked at the bags that were on the ground.

,Oh, nothing, just insurance for our baby. Since he proved that he can not be relied upon not to cause our hotel an issue, I got him this.” Stella said as she opened one of the shopping bags, pulled out a pack of large size baby diapers and put in on the front desk in front of Kathrine. Kathrine was shocked while Stella trying to gather her impression. ,What do you think?”

,What do I…Hmm…Stella, do you really think he needs it? I know what you said earlier about possible accident he may have and reputation for our hotel, and I believe me, I agree…But…Isn´t this a little too… Do you think he will agree to wear it?” Kathrine felt for Victor. But she was taught to agree with manager, she wasn´t one to do unreasonable things.

,Well… To tell you the truth Kate…I may need your help with that…”

,My help? How?” Kathrine looked up from the pack of diapers she kept staring at.

,It´s nothing much really. I just want you to be with me when I break the news to him. Just stand next to me and agree with everything I say. If we´re together he´ll be more inclined to accept it. He may not want to but we need to make him understand that it´s not a punishment, but it´s just for the best of everyone. Say Kate, you don´t want to come to work one day to find out he had an accident while sitting at the work chair?”

,Of course not! You know what, alright Stella, I see your point. So just stand next to you and support everything you say? Sounds easy enough. I guess it´s for the best to keep him as an employee even with his bladder issues.” Kathrine conceded to her manager.

,I´m glad you see it my way and will help! Just come to my office when I call you!” excited for gaining a reconfirmed ally Stella packed up the diapers again and stood up from her chair.

,Alright, got it! An oh, be quiet. Don´t wake the Baby up!” Kathrine joked as Stella left feeling empowered. Now her plan was bound to work!

Chapter 4

Always leave a little room for a mistake” proverb

Victor didn´t know how long was she back, but when he woke up manager was already behind her desk typing on the computer. Blinds were open now letting the light in. Victor moved as he woke up and hit the wooden bars of the crib.

,Oh, Bab…Vicky you´re awake? You slept well?” Manager asked as Victor slowly sat up in the crib.

,H…hello. Y…yes I did…I slept fine…” he rubbed his eyes to see a manager.

,I´m glad to hear that. See? The baby crib suited you just fine” Stella smirked at him.

,Y…yeah…it did” Victor admitted, although not willfully.

,You still have two hours until your shift. Enough to get a shower and something to eat”

,Great” Victor stood up in the crib, wooden bars reaching all the way up to his chest. Suddenly he grew quiet, remembering how he got into the crib in the first place.

Seeing the blush in his face Stella was quick to react. ,Oh don´t worry Vicky, I´ll get you out. The safety bars are high, I know.” She stood up and walked to the baby crib.

,T…thank you” Victor helplessly said as Stella picked him up under armpits and easily moved him like a child.

,Soo light. You gotta share your diet tips with me Vicky, just girl to girl secret talk!” she teased him as she put him on the ground.

Embarrassed, all that Victor could do was laugh sheepishly along with the joke, even if it was kinda humiliating. He just wanted to get dressed again and get ready for the second day. He went to the restroom in her office taking his change of clothes with him.

This day is going to be better! The works is already behind me and today I´m going to make up with the manager so that she can let me sleep in the normal bed again! He tried to encourage himself while in the shower.

,Kate, it´s time, can you come on up to my office?” Stella called to the front desk to call in for support. Soon after Kathrine knocked and walked in. ,Can I?”

,Of course, I called you. He´s in the shower and I we need to break it to him before he starts his shift. He´ll get out in a moment, so are you ready?” Stella asked.

,Yeah, I am. I hope he takes it well.” Little nervous Kathrine answered.

,Kate, it´s weird for me too, to be asking someone legally adult to wear a diaper… But I think the situation asks for it, and all of us need to face it responsibly as adults.”

,I understand you and agree Stella. We´ll do our best!”

5 minutes later Victor emerged from the bathroom. Clean after taking a shower and wearing his work pants and a shirt. He quickly grew unsteady as he saw his manager and vice manager standing in the room clearly waiting for him.

,Oh…H…hello.” He politely greeted Kathrine who looked a little shaken herself. ,Hi” She mustered back.

Only the manager looked confident in what she was doing as she was sitting behind her desk, with her dear protege Kathrine standing behind her shoulder.

,Vicky… Can you please come and sit here for a moment? Me and Kathrine think that there is something that we need to talk with you about” Stella was serious.

,No problem. Wha…What is it about?” Victor was suddenly nervous being in the presence of both women. Thinking about the situation yesterday, he hoped that it was done with, but he had a bad feeling about this whole sit-down and talk. He went and sat in the chair across the managers desk.

Stella and Kathrine looked at each other.

,Vicky… We both think that you need to start wearing a diaper.”

That´s ridiculous! I´m an adult, and they want me to wear a diaper? They can´t be serious! No way! No! Absolutely no way! No way… But…

Victor didn´t know what to think about what was said to him just moments ago. Apparently unless he wants to lose his job he needs to start wearing a diaper. It was so silly that it happened to him. Just because of some sort of weird accident with a toilet lock and key, he was now about to be made to wear a diaper.

,I can´t do that, it would be so humiliating! But…But I really need this job. And besides the thing they do treat me kindly. But they can´t want me to wear a ….” He spoke to himself as he sat on a bench in a park near a hotel.

If only manager wanted him to wear a diaper, he would think she may be some sort of an evil witch! Or a perverted fetishist more likely… But the fact that even Kathrine agreed with everything she said really made Victor question his mind. Did he panic yesterday? Was the key there all the time?

They argued that with how small he is, his bladder must be smaller too, and he could not say anything to that. They argued that many jobs require diapers. Pilots, doctors, even astronauts need to wear them if need be!

It made sense really, he tried to tell himself to make himself accept the inevitable. He had no other choice but to do the managers bidding and wear a diaper. She apparently already bought some when she way away today so she will give him one for all of the shifts.

Victor nervously shifted his feet thinking about having to go back and report to manager to receive his diaper. He hoped in would fit him, but he hated that he was sure that it will.

30 minutes until the start of his shift Victor returned. Kathrine was alone at the front desk and gave him a big smile as she saw him. Victor politely smiled back but quickly hurried upstairs to the managers office. He knocked and was told to come in.

,Hello, Ma´am Stella? I…I came as we agreed…” he carefully closed the door to the hallway but remained standing near it.

,Oh, hello Vicky, come on in.” She smiled and stood up. ,Me and Kathrine are so glad that you are so sensible and understand that we´re not trying to be mean, just find a solution” she said as she was picking up stuff from her shopping bags.

,Y…yeah… I understand… It´s fine…” Victor tried to be brave.

,That´s great Vicky! So now let´s not waste time, take off your pants and underwear Vicky” Stella said casually as if nothing. Victor noticed that she was holding some bottles she put aside. Powder…oil…wipes… As well as a pack of diapers. But most of all, she suddenly unfolded a pink changing mat at put it on the ground of her office. ,Quick Vicky, we don´t have all night.”

Victor never imagined that it was HER who was to put a diaper on him, as if he were some sort of a baby. He thought that he can do it himself…privately…in the restroom… He was left speechless.

,Vicky?” manager looked up. ,What are you waiting for? Are you surprised that I´m the one putting the diaper on you? Call me old fashioned, but I believe that if you need someone to wear a diaper, you´re the one who´s ought to put the diaper on them. That´s how it was with my kids, that´s how it was my old parents who I helped. Come on. Do you think someone like me will be surprised to see you naked? Hah! I´ve seen it all, don´t worry about me.”


,Come on Vicky, did you ever put a diaper on anyone? Do you know how to put it on so that you don´t leak? So that it does´t cause a rash? So that it´s comfortable for hours?”


,See? Now pull the pants down and underwear too.”

Victor was once again left without a way to fight back. All of her arguments left him cornered. He didn´t want the diaper to hurt when worn for a long time…After all, he had a long shift ahead of him. And he didn´t want rashes either…

He unbuttoned unmade his belt and unbuttoned his pants. He got out of the shoes before pulling his pants down. He shook lightly when it came to pull down his underwear. But he wanted this to be over with quickly. He took them off to Stellas delight who couldn´t contain an amused smile at the look at the thing dangling between his legs. But she only got a glance before Victor hid his jewels behind a hand.

,That´s good dear, you´re doing well. Now lie down on the changing mat.” she instructed him as he obediently lowered himself to a changing mat. He way laying on his back with his knees properly bend as if a baby waiting for a change.

Victor didn´t dare to look at his manager as he lied there bottomless waiting for a diaper to be put on him.

,And now hands off and relax. I know it may be unusual at first but you´ll get used to it, alright baby?” She told him motherly with kindness in her voice. In no position to do otherwise, Victor put his hands to the side and waited to have a diaper put on him. Didn´t dare to look at her.

,Alright Vicky here we go.” she said. She was full of joy. How long has it´s been to diaper someone? And a boy this cute? It was lake her dreams came true in her last week. She did well manipulating the event to get what she wants and spend her stored energy on a new baby to care for.

She took the baby wipes first to make sure he is all clean as before she puts it on him. She started above his exposed shrinked penis that remanded her of her son when he was a baby. She smirked thinking that it was kept proportional to his body. Victor twitched a little when she first touched with the wipes, but then he bravely and silently tried to endure the humiliation.

Stella kept slowly wiping his underbelly before she moved to his crotch. Victor bit his lips not to make a sound as she kept wiping his penis and balls. She used two fingers of her other hand to take the penis and slowly pull back the foreskin. Victor wanted to vanish, to imagine such a situation and a middle aged lady so freely to do what she is doing to him…

Wipes slowly cleaned him up all around his crotch and against Victors wishes, his penis started becoming erected if only due to the stimulation that Stella provided with her fingers and wipes. Looking to the side, Victor didn´t even dare comment on the situation. But neither did Stella who continued wiping him all up.

,Now, let´s get your legs up Vicky, I need to wipe your butt” Stella ordered yet already grabbed both hands by the ankles using one hand and lifted them. She did so easily as if she did so many times, and as if Victor was just as small as light as a baby to move.

Putting old wipes away Stella took a new one and began to wipe Victors backside. She did so attentively and boldly dared to push the wipes all the way between the butt crack and near the his butt hole. Victor felt the finger in the wipe slowly circulating around his butt hole, as if cleaning it properly. But all of a sudden he felt the finger push. Finger with the wipe on it slid deep into the Victors butt and began moving to the sides before being taken in and out several times.

All Victor could do was push out a silent surprised grunt mixed a moan as he held a hand in front of his mouth. Stella just wiped the crack once again as if nothing before putting his legs back to the ground.

,Good, that´s done” she looked at Victor clutching his mouth and a chest, trying to survive the humiliation of being treated like a baby. But how obedient and brave he was! Stella thought.

He didn´t want to look but he heard the unmistakable crumbling sound of a diaper. ,Now butt up” he heard but before he moved the managers hand lifted his butt for him. When she put it down he felt a soft diaper material under his butt.

,Good boy” manager commented everything just for herself as she did all of the work. Picking up some baby oil she put some on her fingers and began spreading it all over his crotch. Then once again she took his ankles and spread oil all over his butt as well. Victor knew it was coming but once again he had to contain himself when he felt her oiled finger slid into his butt.

,Almost done” she said as she put his legs down again and took a baby powder. She powdered all of the areas once again including the butt before she put the bottle away and positioned herself a little more in front of Victor. She took the diapers front side and finally pulled it over embarrassed Victors naked crotch. She pulled the straps on the side tightly and then used a finger all over the diaper edge to make it straight.

,See? It wasn´t that bad, right? Now it´s just this one last little thing….”

Victor dared to look a little as he saw manager take a plastic see-through diaper cover.

,Your legs dear” manager said as she took then and slid the diaper cover on. It was pretty tight. Manager really pulled the cover all the way over the diaper before pulling a string on the cover to make it even tighter. ,Now you won´t leak.” She smiled.

But I won´t leak because won´t to use it! Is what Victor wanted to say before being interrupted by a click of a lock. He looked down to see the tough plastic cover had a little lock on in, and after being tightened with strings there was now no way to take it off with a diaper on!

,And now you won´t try to take it off on your own” Stella finished, looking at her first diapered baby in ages at her will. She held the small key in her fingers as she smirked.

Before Victor could say something she stood up and put the key in the drawer of her desk before looking back at diapered Victor sitting on the ground. ,Is something wrong? Put on your pants, your shift is starting soon” She smiled at him as if nothing was wrong.

Victor slowly stood up. ,B…but…but Ma…Ma´am Stella…I…I…What do you mean…Take it of on my own…You…you don´t mean…?” Scared to ask, but had to he stood there in front of her, realizing that standing seems difficult now with the diaper being rather thick between his legs.

,What do I mean? I mean that I don´t want you fiddling with the diaper on your own Vicky. We established that you don´t know about diapers, so leave that to me, alright?”

,But…During night…You…You won´t be here to let…to let me out so I can…. I can use the restroom, right?” He didn´t want to ask, it seemed stupid, but he didn´t know if she means that he should…

,Vicky… Were you even listening to us when we spoke with you alongside Kathrine? We´re over this, we said we can deal with it and you should not worry. We get it, alright?”

,Well but…”

,No Vicky, we get it, no need to be ashamed. I´ll be here early in the morning to change you so don´t worry.”

,But I was thinking…”

,And you were thinking wrong Vicky. As long as you´re working here, I´ll make sure you´re always diapered to prevent any accident last night. And that´s the end of discussion.”


,End of discussion”

Chapter 5

Clothes make the man” proverb

,Manager…ehm…I…I have a problem…” Victor sighted.

Stella, standing there joyfully in a victorious manner couldn´t even think about anything going wrong. How could it after everything seemed to be going her way?

,What is it Vicky, what´s wrong dear?” she looked in his direction before stopping to stare a little with a surprised face. But not soon after she started laughing.

,Oh no, what a disaster! I didn´t think of that at all!” she laughed as she kept looking at Victor who stood there trying to pull up his work pants. But no matter much much he tried the bulky diaper wouldn´t allow to pull them over it.

,S…so…C…can we take the diaper off?” Victor tired his luck but was only met with laughter.

,No way, that´s not happening on my watch. Just wait here for a bit and I´ll be back” manager said before leaving her office rapidly. Victor took of the pants that couldn´t fit and lamented at his unfortunate situation.

Stella on the other hand felt blessed by the fortunate turn of events caused by her lack of consideration. But stars were in her favor and she knew right at that moment what to do. Walking up to the reception desk where Kathrine still worked her shift she only asked for a key to the maid locker room.

,What do you need it for? And what´s with the excited look on your face?” Kathrine, unaware how Stella used a misunderstanding to allow Victor to be diapered by her hand, asked her boss.

,You´ll see in a moment, wait for the surprise!” she winked at Kathrine as she took the key and left.

,But… Is…is there really nothing else to wear? P…people will think I´m some sort…some sort of a freak!” Victor cried to manager after hearing what she wanted of him.

,As I said, this is the only thing we have at the moment. There´s only girls working here at the moment so we don´t have spare large size pants around. And One of the girls who comes in on weekends is pretty much your size! Or at least wears clothes your size…”

,Yeah, I understand…but people will…”

,Oh don´t worry Vicky. No one will recognize anything if we dress you up properly. Besides, with the diaper you´re wearing you now have a hips and butt of a woman!” Stella laughed as she pat the backside of Victors diaper. He was so easy to tease.

Victor opened his mouth as if he was trying to answer, but words eluded his tongue. Was this fine? First the name, then the bed, then the diaper, and now, he was going to be dressed like a girl? How can he accept this? But before he could sort his mind up manager was already making him step into a beige skirt.

,One leg up…And other… Let me help you as a lady, I know how we girls dress ourselves up” She smiled as she pulled the slightly elastic skirt over his diaper and zipped it. It was tight and short, only covering his diaper and not much else. ,See? It´s a great fit! Well, almost, but it will do.”

Once again like with the diaper being put on him he let her do all she wanted to get it done as soon as possible. She took a pantyhose and made Victor step into it before pulling it all the way up.

She smiled at Victor before instructing him to take the shirt off to. Not wanting to protest something that seemed so small in comparison, he took it off obediently.

,You´re doing great Vicky, let me put this on you” Stella took a white blouse and helped Victor put it on before she did his buttons. She tucked the blouse in, tightened the skirt and pulled it up.

,And now only the costume suit” She grabbed it from the rack near by and stepping behind Victor she helped him get into it. She walked up front and made up only one button. She looked into Victors embarrassed eyes as he stood there helplessly in front of her not having uttered a word in a while. He only nervously kept glancing at the manager who now was putting his feet in a pair of girly office shoes. They fit well and Victor nervously stepped a few times while standing. They seemed comfortable.

,Now the clothes are done, let´s get to hair and makeup!”

,Wow. Just wow. Vicky… And you Stella… I really didn´t expect this.” Kathrine stared at Victor standing in front of her dressed like a girl. Stella stood behind him with a smirk on her face, as if proudly showing of her cute kid to a friend.

,She looks amazing right?” Stella asked her Kathrine as she sat at the reception desk ready to end her shift. ,She´s just a real girl body and everything!” she gushed.

,She? Well… I guess she looks good. Is that the clothes that Maggie keeps here?” Kathrine still shocked couldn´t keep her eyes off of Victor now truly turned into Vicky.

,Yeah, but this was en emergency and so I thought why not go all out? We´re all women working at this hotel, so why break the group? I´m sure this will reflect better on us in the reviews, will keep a better atmosphere.” Stella reasoned while Vicky stood there speechless, still ashamed for his new form.

,Sure…He…I mean is she´s okay with it then why not” Kathrine said reluctantly while glancing at the padded bottom of Vicky. To her it was obvious that hes wearing quite a thick diaper underneath as she knew how thin he is otherwise. Stella just gave Vicky a small push to answer Kathrine.

,I…I´m fine with it…” Vicky forced herself to smile a bit at Kathrine pretending to be fine.

,Oh…Then great…Vicky! I hope you have a great shift…It´s all yours!” Kathrine stood up from her desk and stepped aside. She watched Vicky as she waddled to the chair, walking almost as if a toddler, but Kathrine was quick to put two and two together and know the reason.

,Good work Kathrine. Going home now?” Stella turned to Kathrine and followed her into the back room to talk a little. Vicky sat at the desk and heard them talk but couldn´t understand what it´s about. She hoped it would turn out fine and all of this will get somehow solved, but for now the situation looked a little dire.

Soon after both Stella and Kathrine left the back room. Kathrine was wearing her coat and clutching to her bag. ,See you tomorrow Vicky!” she said as she walked through the exit. Stella waved after her, seeing her off before coming back in.

,So Vicky, start working. I´ll go home soon too so I´ll come and say goodbye before that!” she smiled and left Vicky alone at the front desk.

Vicky, now left alone, sighted. How did all of this happened to her? Dressed as a girl sitting on a padded diaper bottom with no way out! She really hoped to last the night without needing to use it.

Stella came down dressed and ready to leave few hour after Vicky started working. By that time Vicky already had enough. She didn´t know whether to feel relieved or insulted as every guest he talked to assumed he was a girl. Of course they would, and Vicky didn´t want to be caught as a boy wearing a girls clothes. But still, why was this to natural to everyone?

,So how is my baby employee?” Stella joked cheerfully right there at the front desk. ,Don´t need changing yet? Or can I go home?”

Vicky looked scared around the corner but it seemed no one was around to hear them. She hated how the manager acted about the situation so carelessly and openly. But she had nothing to say as it was her who got herself in this situation. ,I´m…I´m fine…You can go….” she said softly.

,Good! I´ll be here early morning as promised so hold on until then. I´ve prepared something to eat again so go get if when you get hungry.” she with sudden care. ,Bye Vicky!” she waved as she left too and left Vicky as the lone employee for the night.

Vicky sighted once again. How did she get herself into this situation? She acted brave just a moment ago but the truth was, how long is she going to hold on? She already felt her bladder asking to be relived and her shift only started. She feared the inevitable but couldn´t believe it. Was the manager really asking him to use the diaper? It´s not as if she can get it off without the key that locked the tight plastic cover. And why did she insist so much about putting then on herself, and even changing them?

Work being mundane is usually a plus for people, but Vicky now felt as is she was being crushed by her thought trying to make some sense out of the whole situation. She would rather work. She tried keeping herself busy tying up the back room but still couldn´t focus as after a while her bladder was at it´s limit. She nervously looked at the clock. She knew that she´s got no other option. She locked herself up in the back room for a moment and sat at the chair. Even if alone in the room she hid her face in her hands and her legs twitched as she felt it being let out.

Her diaper soaked up most of the liquid but it still left a very uncomfortable moist feeling. She felt like a helpless baby peeing her diaper like that knowing that she can do nothing but wait for the manager to come in the morning and change her. She was about to cry a bit before she heard footsteps in the front hall and rushed back.

Vicky tried her best to be nice and polite to guests and help them find directions they needed and arranged them a taxi. The guests were an elderly couple who treated Vicky very kindly.

,What a lovely young lady. She seems so young to be working! She´s almost like a baby!” she heard their chatter as they went up to their room. Embarrassed but glad she helped the couple Vicky tried to work some more to pass some time.

Sitting in a wet diaper felt very unfamiliar and Vicky kept shifting in her seat. Few hours and guest encounters later the night grew quiet and Vicky head back once again. Her small bladder was somewhat more active than yesterday she felt like. Must have been the stress, she thought. Sitting in the chair again she emptied herself and felt the diaper get only more soaked.

Vicky gave herself a moment to take it in before she brushed it off. Her mind started being influenced by her empty stomach and Vicky knew that once again, the manager left something for her. She went to the fridge and took out a container with mashed potatoes and some veggies. Vegetables were cut in very small pieces Vicky realized as she put it on a plate and in a microwave.

A full tasty meal later Vicky once again cleaned the plate and went back to her post to spend the endless night lamenting about her soaked predicament at the place of her new found employment.

Chapter 6

A picture is worth a thousand words” proverb

Soaked three times the diaper felt really wet by the time sun started rising. Vicky knew her shift was nearing it´s end, and most importantly the manager would come to get her out of her wet misery. She was diapered not only a full day and she already hated the feeling of wet diaper. She knew she would just get changed into a new one, but she didn´t care by now, she just wanted to me dry.

Still doing her best greeting the guests who woke up early she kept looking at the entrance hoping manager would be here soon.

Not long after the door really opened by none other than the manager Stella beaming with positive morning energy. She smiled at Vicky and greeted the guests. Vicky only stood aside with polite smile as the guests were full of praise for Vicky. ,There are such nice young ladies in this country, I´m sure you´re delighted to have her here as an employee!”

Stella just accepted the praise often glancing at Vicky patiently waiting there, obviously hoping to be changed quick. It was still few hours until Kathrine gets here for her shift and Vicky really wanted to get changed until then. Talking about Vicky and the city the guests occupied Stella for a bit before they joined their friends in the entrance waiting for a tour. Stella turned to Vicky and walked around the front desk to be next to her.

,So how have you been Vicky? Did the night shift go well?” Stella asked with care caressing Vicky on her back.

,Yes, I think so” Vicky smiled still maintaining her professional posture while being in the sight of the guests in the entrance. ,Just some requests in emails but I sent it forward to Kathrine.”

,That´s great job girl!” she smiled at Vicky while her hand kept getting lower until it reached the skirt and with wet diaper underneath. ,And how did you manage the toilet situation? Did you have to use the diaper in the end how I thought? Or did you manage to get through the night dry like a big girl?” she asked boldly in the hearing distance of the guests.

Vicky didn´t want to make a scene and spoke as quietly and softly as she could. ,I…d…didn´t make it.” she admitted her defeat once again. She hid her gaze as she heard chatter among the guests near by.

,Aww, don´t feel bad about it Vicky, it´s fine, we knew this would happen. So would you like a change? Your shift doesn´t end for a while and we get a moment to do it now.” Stella kept stroking her back and hair. Vicky was embarrassed and could only hope that the guests didn´t hear the whole exchange. As she didn´t want to say anything else and wanted out of the wet diaper quick, she just nodded in agreement.

,Alright baby, just give me one moment so that I can run into my office and get you a fresh diaper.” She said loudly as she was on her way upstairs already. Her voice echoed in the entrance and the lobby. There was no way that people couldn´t hear her. Vicky just turned her gaze into the computer so that she can pretend to work. Yet she still felt how people kept peeping at her, eyeing her and trying to figure out the diaper under clothes. Vicky hoped that their tour bus will arrive soon. Not only because she wanted them to stop staring, but she was also afraid about the manager wanting to come back here with a diaper. The only time she put one on her they were in her office, but now she was coming here?

,I knew she wears a diaper!” - ,Some people are just incontinent, leave the poor girl alone!” - ,Yeah, it must be hard at her, I´m sure people just call her a baby when they find out.” - ,Well she does look like a baby doesn´t she?” - ,Stop it honey, didn´t you just hear? It must be hard to be so small and forced to wear a diaper. I feel sorry for her. We should leave her a better tip when we leave tomorrow.”

Vicky wanted to vanish hearing that. They spoke in whispers but being the only ones in the entrance she could hear them properly. But soon after she was saved when a tour guide arrived and took all of them away. Vicky waited for the manager while standing up. She was standing up for the last hour as she didn´t want to sit in her wet diaper anymore. Now she was awaiting the moment when she gets changed and will sit dry once again.

Hotel was quiet and Vicky could hear the door to the managers office opening and steps of the manager coming downstairs. Vicky peeked at her getting closer and spotted her carrying shopping bag, changing mat under her armpit, and diaper being carried out in the open in her hand. She turned the corner and smiled at Vicky. ,Ready for a change?”

Looking around nervously Vicky hoped to speak with a manager later about how open she was in front of other people about her current predicament. But now all she could think about was the diaper change and once again she obediently nodded in approval. ,But…! But… not…not here…right?” she still had to ask to make sure…

,Here? Of course not Vicky, what are you thinking? Lets go to the back room, then we´ll be close in case we hear anyone need our help up front. Vicky was glad to hear Stella isn´t going to disregard her that much and welcomed the option of lesser evil. She took the hand of Stella as she guided her to the back room.

,Wait a moment Vicky, undo your skirt before it´s ready” she ordered leaving the door ajar. She took out a changing mat and unfolded it on the ground while putting the baby oil, powder and wipes aside again while Vicky already stood there way ahead of schedule with not not only her skirt undressed, but also pantyhose and shoes. She was ready to be changed as the diaper in the see—through cover already appeared to be changing color.

Stella was on her knees when she finished unfolding the changing mat and suggested Vicky to lie down. Vicky obediently did so. Helpless and cornered she patiently waited for her plastic cover to be unlocked and diaper unzipped. Like a good girl she had her knees bent so that the manager can get her changed as soon as possible.

Stella smiled at Vicky that was trying to avoid her gaze but could not. ,Don´t worry baby, you´ll be safe and dry in just a few moments” she patted her diaper before finding a key inside her pocket. She unlocked the cover and Vicky felt a wave of relief as the tight cover loosened. Stella carefully took the cover off of the legs and unzipped the diaper.

,Oh, I see we were really right with Kate, you seem to have really needed it.” she commented when she opened the diaper and revealed its soaked content. ,But let´s get to work now.”

Wet baby wipes were once again used first cleaning her crotch. She wiped everything clean, working quicker than yesterday although just as carefully. Once again when touching her little penis she had no way to stop it from becoming erect after being touched by managers hand. But as always she didn´t say anything and neither did Vicky who was dying from shame.

Once again Stella took her legs while wiping her butt and once again used a finger to clean it from inside too. After being done with wipes Stella threw them in the wet diaper still under Vicky and folded the diaper over them. In the same motion she took a new diaper and pushed her under Vicky before putting her butt down. She smiled at her before dripping some baby oil on her and spreading it. After being oiled everywhere, butt included, Vicky just hoped for the changing to end quick.

Stella held a baby powder and was using it on Vicky when some voices were heard up front. Stella looked back towards the door expecting guests to arrive at the front desk. She was about to stand up and go help them when they heard the entrance opening, the guests leaving, and a gush of wind getting inside and blasting the door to the back room wide open.

Vicky looked at the open door with horror in her eyes as she could she the lobby and the window into the street.

,I guess they just went out” Stella just pointed out and turned back to Vicky as if not noticing the open door.

,M…Ma´am Stella…Can you please…Can we please close the door?” Vicky mustered up the courage to ask while exposed in this situation. In stopped Stella in her tracks as she was about to finish powdering.

,Close it? Why? Just don´t act like too modest, no one is interested in seeing the insides of a baby diaper.” She answered as she got to continue seamlessly again not minding the open door behind her.

,But…It´s just that…anyone can…and I…” left speechless once again Vicky could do nothing but wait for Stella to change her as is. After powdering Stella zipped the diaper tight and pulled the plastic cover over the diaper again locking it up tight. ,Until next time” she teased Vicky dangling the key in front of her eyes.

Vicky touched her new diaper. She felt way better in a dry one! She felt grateful to Stella for changing her, even if she was still kinda mad at her for putting him in the diaper in the first place. ,Thank you for the change” her politeness didn´t allow her not to say it.

,You´re welcome baby, anytime” Stella smiled as the gratitude brightened her morning even more.

Vicky didn´t like being called a baby so often, but just like many other things it was not the right time to talk about it. She will talk to manager later and voice her concerns.

So with that Vicky returned to her post and waited for Kathrine to come and relive her of her duties for the day. She sat down and felt comfortable in her soft dry diaper. She got a little sleepy but tried doing her best to stay awake.

I hope manager will allow me to sleep in a proper bed today! Was the hope that got her through the end of the shift.

Kathrine showed with some time to spare wearing a lovely new decorated coat. ,Good morning Vicky!

How was work?” she kindly turned to Vicky as she enter rolling a suitcase on wheels behind her.

,Good morning Kathrine! It was good, thank you” Vicky was being nice in return as both girls exchanged smiles before Kathrine excused herself to the and left in the direction of the managers office.

Vicky counted minutes until she was due. Some guests have left to the airport and Vicky saw them off until the taxi arrived. When she stepped inside the hotel again Kathrine was already at her post.

,I´m here, you´ll relieved of your duty” she smiled at Vicky who couldn´t help but notice the way Kathrine was looking at her as if sizing her up head to toe.

,Thank you. Then I´ll go up and go to bed. It´s been a long night. Good luck at work!” Vicky politely excused herself and went to the managers office. She wanted to ask Kathrine about the bed, but couldn´t bring herself to do it. She knocked on the door and entered when allowed.

,Hello Ma´am. Kathrine is at the front desk and I´m done for the day.” Vicky announced to manager who once again was at the computer. Vicky closed the door behind her and looked around to once again see the same old baby crib with pillow and blanked tidied up.

,Oh, I see. I´m sure you´ll eager to go to sleep, right?” she looked at him kindly. ,Or maybe you feel like eating something first?”

,Yes ma´am” he answered tired after a long shift at work. ,But I feel like I´ll eat something after waking up. I´ve had enough to eat at night from what you left me… And thank you for that… It was tasty.”

,You´re welcome dear! I´m always a willing cook! But I understand” she stood up. ,If you´re tired then just drink some tea not to be dehydrated and to calm down, then sleep, alright?” as a caring mother she already began making the said tea.

,Thank you Ma…”

,Just Stella when off work baby” she corrected him as she began brewing the tea.

,Okay, Stella. Thank you” He said softly but gratefully as he sat down at the guest chair in the office to wait.

,Oh, don´t bother and get comfy baby, get up and change for sleep. I know these borrowed clothes don´t fit you well and it´s not really something people your age wear. Oh, and that reminds me. Kate got you a night gown to sleep in!” she exclaimed positively.

Looking a little worried Vicky looked at her. ,She did? But she didn´t tell me or give anything when I saw her.”

,She didn´t? Oh, she´s just shy! But kind to think about you when shopping. But about that later, go change now, the shirt is there on the cupboard!” she pointed at a white piece of fabric with pink lace around its edge and collar.

Vicky looked unsure but got up and walked towards the gown. She picked up the obviously girly and babyish gown. Made of soft to touch cotton but only long enough to cover the upper body. She gave Stella one more unsure look but she was too tired to start a discussion now. She only turned her back to Stella and started heading into the restroom to change.

Moments later she finally got out of the work clothes that the manager scraped the previous night and a little unwillingly put on the night gown that Kathrine got her. It was truly too short and the diaper was fully visible. Vicky collected her clothes and went back to the managers office.

Manager sat at her table already but she seemed to have it cleaned it up a bit. ,Put the clothes at the cupboard and come here, the tea is ready” she smiled and instructed the tired Vicky who obediently went up to her and with her help sat at at table in front of the manager who seemed to be really nice and kind at the moment. She handed Vicky her tea that she started sipping as she got thirsty trying not to drink much during the shift.

,Is it good?” manager asked as she was using the same old baby wipes to clean the make up off of Vickys face. Vicky only nodded sipping her tea quickly as she hoped to sleep as soon as possible because she felt that being in front of the manager like this was embarrassing.

It didn´t take long for Vicky to be clean and tea cup empty. ,Ready for your sleep Vicky?” manager asked seeing her tired face. ,Come on, let´s get you in”

She stood up and not waiting for an answer she picked Vicky up like a baby with a hand under her diapered butt and the second one on her back. Vicky was surprised but too tired to really argue. She didn´t want to sleep in the crib either, but the idea of arguing now was weaker than the allure of the soft comfortable bed that she experienced yesterday. She just allowed Stella to pick her up and carry her all the way to the baby crib before putting her in and pulling up the blanket.

,Good night baby, I´ll turn the lights down soon, alright?” she said with a sweet caring tone.

,T…thank you…Good night…” Glad to be finally at peace Vicky quickly closed her eyes and rolled to the side as the manager closed the blinds and turned of some light around the office. Soon after the clicking on the computer keyboard commenced once again, but it was as if this time it helped Vicky drift off to sleep because of the rhythm.

Having a cute baby right in her office was like a dream come true for Stella and she couldn´t help standing up and going over to watch over her little baby doll. She kept looking at the sleeping angel in her girly night gown with pink lace and diaper in full view because of the blanket that Vicky pushed to the side. And she slept so well! Stella was afraid not to make a sound but Vicky turned out to be a very heavy sleeper after all! Stella even pat her head and diaper yet Vicky was still sound asleep. Even while talking on the phone Vicky didn´t wake up.

At this time of the day the hotel was empty except the employees. Kathrine was at the front desk, manager in her office, and two maids were cleaning up the rooms. A phone rang in the office of the manager and Stella picked up quick.

,Hello?” She still spoke in whispers out of consideration.

,Manager? This is Kathrine from the front desk. Maggie is here for the meeting.”

Of course! Stella suddenly remembered.

,That´s great! Can you send her up? But tell her to be quiet, we have a baby sleeping in here!”

Kathrine hesitated at the other line for a moment. ,Yes of course, will do” and hanged up the phone.

Stella was delighted to get an opportunity to show off! She knew Maggie as a bit of of drama queen and a gossiper, but she was always available to work part time and flexible shifts and knew how to deal with people and tourists. She came today so that Stella can finally offer her a part time for a month or two and so that she can maybe ask about the agency sending one more person too.

Soon after Maggie knocked on the door. ,Can I come on? Is there really a sleeping baby?” she whispered as she peeked in.

Maggie kept glancing to the side where Vicky slept in her baby crib wearing her night gown and diaper with fully exposed.

,So what do you think Maggie, can get one of your friends to help out part time alongside you? Maybe in the agency” Stella talked business with Vicky sleeping peacefully right next to them.

,I guess. It won´t be an issue. I´ve had girls ask me just last week about some gig so I´ll bring a few around so that you can take a look at them.” Maggie still kept glancing over through her glasses. Dark haired chubby young woman could tell that he is not only a boy, but an adult as well. Not as if he didn´t look really adorable, but it was pretty unusual for the manager who Maggie knew before.

,That´s great Maggie, you´d help us out a lot! I´m glad you can start right away, we´re really short handed at the moment!” Stella also looked at her baby. ,It´s pretty much only me and Kate right now, so anyone will help.”

With contract signed signed and the conversation turned towards Vicky as both women stood above the baby crib while talking about her.

,So it´s not a girl but a boy who turned out to have an incontinence problem? So how does that explain the baby crib and girl gown?” Maggie inquired while attentively looking at the small sleeping body of the diapered Vicky.

,That´s right, but how it turned out like this is hard to tell. It´s a long story, but I´m thinking of keeping her around to boost the morale a little bit” Stella explained while caressing Vickys hair.

,Morale? Are you sure? You don´t expect me or any of the girls I bring to change her messy diapers!” Maggie said.

,Seriously? That´s too bad, wouldn´t hurt you young girls to learn how to change a diaper.” Stella teased her. ,But don´t worry, I won´t expect it from you” she reassured her.

,You won´t? Fine then. But would you mind if I took her sleeping picture before I go? I can show it to the girls in the agency and ask them if any want the diaper changing experience.” Maggie suddenly asked catching Stella of guard for a moment before she realized the opportunity.

,Picture? Of course you can! Just give me a moment, I have an idea how to make it even better.” Stella stopped Maggie with her phone. Stella opened drawer in her desk and pulled out a brand new baby pacifier that she bought on impulse the day she got diapers. Her plan was to use it later, but she never thought of Maggie offering to take a picture to show around. Stella knew that the pacifier will be like a cherry on top and with Vicky sleeping so deep she will for sure stay asleep when she gives her the pacifier.

,Here it is!” she approached the baby crib with sleeping Vicky and gently placed the pacifier inside her open lips. Vicky didn´t mind and after feeling the pacifier in her mouth she sucked onto it on instinct. ,Aww, isn´t she just adorable like that?” Stella gushed.

,I must say she is cute…Like a baby doll really.” Maggie snapped at least three pictures of the sleeping Vicky with her diaper visible and sucking on a pacifier. Taking a selfie with the baby seemed to be the next in line before taking a selfie with the baby and the manager, and snapping a few pictures of the baby and manager alone. ,I think I´ve got enough… You don´t mind me posting it on my Instagram, right?”

Stella felt like the proudest mother in the world when imagining all the people around the world who will see her baby gushing over her like she is. ,Of course I won´t mind, go ahead.” she supported her.

,Don´t worry, I don´t have a following or anything, just a few friends who post about interesting things we see. And your baby really is a sight to behold, right?” Maggie tried to reassure her but Stella only got a little disappointed. Too bad her baby won´t be seen by more people. Only if…

Stella thanked Maggie and sent her out expecting to see her again tomorrow for work. She got a bit fired up hearing about the picture of her baby being posted online and seen by as many people as possible. At her age she didn´t really understand most of the social medias other than Facebook that she used to catch up with old friends, but she knew that it´s the talk of the day and what most people are on about. Instagram, twitter, snaps and stuffs… But regardless of that she really enjoyed Maggie gushing over Vicky while taking her photos.

Just a little more fun won´t hurt, right? Stella told herself as she picked up her office phone.

,Hi, Stella here. I´m sorry to bother you, but do you girls think you can come to my office for a moment?”

Sleeping like a baby, Vicky didn´t wake up when two girls entered the room and kept sucking on her new pacifier.

,Want to see us Stella?” asked the girl who looked in her mid 20s and spoke with an eastern accent. She wore sweatpants, t-shirt and had a hoodie tied around her waist. Behind her followed a younger one with light brown straight hair, wearing leggings and a t-shirt that had her earphones dangling around. It was obvious that they were the girls from the agency to clean the rooms.

,Yes, please come on in it´s just a formality” she instructed as both girls came in. It didn´t take long for them to turn their attention to Vicky sleeping in the baby crib. ,Oh, you didn´t meet Vicky yet? She is our new part time worker for now, but requires some special care…”

,But she still baby! How baby work?” younger one asked curiously.

,Oh, that´s a headache. I hired her to be a receptionist, but I´m can´t really let a baby do that, right?” Stella acted along.

,Baby no receptionist. That diaper? Who change during shift? We don´t have time with Anja!” younger one argued.

,I find time to change when cute baby do baddies in diaper!” Anja joked around as they stood above the baby crib and sleeping Vicky. ,You too evil Oxana, little baby need love and clean diaper always!”

,Love and diaper yes! Work no!” girls kept bickering until Vicky let out a small groan and turned onto her back, exposing the diaper and being all across the crib with a pacifier in her mouth.

,Quiet, she sleep!” They started whispering and talked about Vicky. But Stella still had her wretched little plan in mind.

,Aww, look at how adorable she is when she sleeps like that!” Stella put things in motion. ,Maggie was here earlier and took a lot of her pictures. She said they´ll be super popular on social media and instawham or something.” she planted the hook.

,She very nice! I love baby! Can I take picture too?”

,And me? Can I picture baby? I put it on VK, that facebook but Russian!”

Girls took the bait and Stella delighted hearing girls talk about posting his pictures online. Few moments later both girls were trying to snap the perfect picture of the sleeping baby in her crib.

Stella gave them all the time in the world as she enjoyed talking with them about her baby but sent them off to work after giving them some made up excuse about why she called them here in the first place.

Satisfied with the result of her last photo session she leaned against the crib and kept watching Vicky as she slept through all the commotion earlier. Stella lost the track of time daydreaming while watching over Vicky before a light knock on her door made her regain focus.

She walked up to the door expecting some lost guest and opened up.

,Oh, Kate, what are you doing up here? Do you need something?” Stella asked curiously but stepped out of the door to allow Kathrine to enter her office.

,It…It´s nothing Stella… I know this may just sound a little stupid…” she started as her eyes kept looking at Vicky in her crib since the moment she entered the office. ,But all day everyone is showing me pictures of Vicky looking like…like she is now… First Maggie, then Anja and Oxana. When I saw for the first time I couldn´t believe it was really her, but then I saw more and…”

,And you just wanted to see her too? Got jealous because you don´t have her cute sleeping picture to post online?” Stella once again felt like striking gold.

,Well. I don´t have social media… But I would like a picture if that´s fine. Everyone else got it!” Kathrine said a bit defensively.

Stella smirked as she of was glad to grant her request. ,Of course Kate, take as many as you want, just don´t wake her up!”

Kathrine didn´t take long to do as she was told and snapped quite a few pictures of varying detail.

,She…She does look adorable like this” Kathrine only confirmed as she went back to her post.

,Seems like I´m the only one without a picture” Stella said to herself and pulled her phone from her suit and took a lot of pictures including an attempted selfie.

,Maybe I´ll post those pictures too not to stay behind the ages!” she enjoyed herself and the baby sleeping in her office. Not only half a day of work was done and Vicky as about to sleep for a while longer. Stella sat behind her computer and to keep up with the work alongside her new sleeping baby.