The house in Empusa Falls


In the town of Empusa Falls, There is a house. This house is not like any other house, it has a strange aura. There is a girls fist banging on a top floor window. She’s a girl with blonde hair in pig tails. She has Pale and glossy blue eyes. She’s 5’5 and looks like a average 17 year old girl…but She’s wear pink PJ’s with yellow duckys on them. She’s sucking on a pacifier, her but seemed patted thickly with hear legs spread a little apart. She looked down at a boy walking down the street with a big jolly smile.

The teenage boy looks 17, maybe even 18. His black hair is dread to his neck. His dark brown eyes look relaxed and lost in thought. He stands at 5’11.5, he’s dress up in a dark gray shirt, brown cargo shorts and gray nikes. His name is Match Orson.

The girl stopped banging window as she was pick up by a amazon. This woman was 6’1 with long brown hair going over her shoulder and reaching hair back. Her uncommon purple eyes wear dark but felt with warmth. She had DD size breast, and a great figure. She look like a goddess. She was wearing a long dark brown dress with white polka-dots and no sleeves. “What’s wrong Dolly, Someone out side.” Dolly pointed outside. The woman looked out side and saw the teenager. “Is it him baby, do you want a little brother, a play mate.” the woman said smiling.
Dolly shock her head up ad down with excitement.

“Then Nanny Paz going to get him in here, and we can be a happy family, You, him and me. But first i felt somthing warm and mushy in someone’s diaper.” Paz said taking dolly away from the window and o a table.

Chapter 1: All because of a Rug

“Alright it’s childish baby
Mr. Talk-about-his-dick-again
Nerdy ass black kid
Yeah whatever man I’m sick of him
That well spoken token
Who ain’t been heard
The only white rapper who’s allowed to say the n-word
I buy a bunch of 'em and put it on my black card
Now I got some street cred
Use it ‘till it’s maxed out
I got a girl on my arm dude, show respect
Something crazy, an asian, Virginia tech
She too fine
I do dimes
If not that, I’m walking out with 2 fives
Change my I’d for the cops, it’s not enough yet
Black male in short shorts, I’m double suspect
Balling’ since '83
Half of 'me say gay
Maybe that’s the reason I like lady what-baby’s-say, I’m a problem…What The?” I remove my ear buds and look the house next to me. I felt like someone was looking at me. A strong force, it felt like it was on top of me. I look up to a window and see nothing there just a room that looks empty. “well that was strange, mind must be play tricks on me.” I said as I walked kept walking down the street back home. I start to put my ear buds back in when I heard a voice.

“Young man, please give me some help! I need you to carry a rug into my house.” The voice screamed.

It was a Tall woman with brown hair, strange purple eyes and a large rack. She was bewitching.

“Why should I help you babe, I don’t even know you.” I said.

“And, be a good citizen. I Just need you too take it inside for me.” She replied with her hands on her hips. She walk up to me and begged me. “Come on give me a hand.” she said coaxing me and trying to look me in the eyes.

I get the felling not to look her in the eye, but I did anyway. There warm and make me fell safe. “I don’t know lady, I carry that rug into your house and you turn out to be some crazy serial killer how eats the fell of young boys. I don’t even know your name, Not every body does what ever a pretty lady tells them.”

She rolled her eye and smiled. “My name is Paz, Paz Fatima and im no pooch. What your name cutie.”

“Flattery, know ya getting some where. Im Match Orson.”

“How about I pay you Match , How about for 20 dollars?” She asked.

“Well when you put it that way Pas you got you self a worker. Easy money.”

She open her car’s back door and I saw the large Shag Rug. I started to pull it out of the trunk.

“God damn, Big rugs are so heavy.” I said lifting it.

Here sweet smiling face turn a little sour and looked down on me. “Please don’t curse inferno of me. Only idiot’s use those curse word to make up for there lack of vocabulary.” she stated.

“What ever.”

I carry the heavy rug into the house and in the house. Her place was big and beautifully decorated. The house had a old feel and new feel. I could tell the woman had some bread in her pockets.

“Where would you like me to take it Pas?” I asked her.

“Now don’t get the creep kid napper vibe Match.” she said leading me into her kitchen. She opened a door that leads to her basement. “Take it down hear.”

(I really shouldn’t go down there, I really shouldn’t. I dont know her and she could be crazy, but she’s going to give me 20$. Fuck it, I need some grass. Even if she trys something I can take her, she couldn’t even carry this rug.) “Alright.” I carried the rug down stairs and dropped it on the floor. “Ok, IM I done now Paz.”

“Yes you are young man. Come back up stairs with me. So I can pay you something extra.” She said.


I fallowed her up into the kitchen and into her living room. When we got in her living room I felt that same strange aura from earlier. I was all around me. I looked around a saw a pictures of Pas and a girl. She looked my age but she wasn’t dressed like it. She was dress like a child, no a infant. She was wearing diapers, sucking pacifiers, wearing onesies and alot more baby things.

I turned around and looked at her. She had a wicked smile on her face. This felling was coming from her. “What the hell do you do in this house. I was right you are some crazy chick.”

“Sorry judge, still want your payment?” Paz asked me.

“Sure, I just wanna leave.”

“Leave, sure you will Match.” She walked up to me a grabbed my cheeks and look me in the eyes. “Don’t fight me baby, it’s useless, Your nanny is going to take terrific care of you for now on. She’s going to get you change in some adorable clothing to make you look super cute and introduces you to your big sister.”

( No, No, No. This bull shit can’t be happening to me. I should have listen to scary movie logic. Im going to be this bitch wired sex toy. Im not gay but what ever this woman is trying to do to me is going to be bad. I can even move, it’s like IM paralyzed.) I was so scared, this was true fear! So much of it that parallax would be kept full for a year. After my legs gave out every thing went pitch black…

Re: The house in Empusa Falls

Chapter 2: Waking up in a Crib

I woke up to the sound of a robotic voice asking someone to spell brother. I open my eyes and sat up. I heard the sound of plastic rustling when I moved. I look down with my blurry eyes and saw I was in a shining white diaper with ‘BABY’ printed on it using spelling blocks designs. I look at my shirt and saw I was wearing a spiderman T-shirt. I look around and saw I was in a giant white crib! Outside of it there was a changing table, toy chest, rocking chair and more thins for a giant baby. I look up and saw a mobile above me. I look at the girl that was playing with some toy. “Yo, you Paz baby.”

The girl turned around amd smiled at me. She started crawling in my derection. She dropped the speak and spell and gave me a hug. She was wear a onesie with rubber duckys on it. Her blonde hair were in pig tails. “Hi!” Dolly said.

I pushed her away a little creeped out, “Hey don’t touch me freak. I don’t know you.”

She looked at me and crawled closer. I looked at her and backed up. My butt touched the speak and spell. I picked it up and it said “Brouthere”. “You can’t even spell brother, can you. Are you stupid, i may not be the best but come on.”

She look at me and tilted her head. “Brother!” she said sticking her hand out to me.

“No! Im NOT your brother.”

Her face lost that smile and sadden, She turned around and played with a different toy, “I don’t care.” i wispered to my self. I then decided to get out of this giant crib, I tried to stand up but it felt like there was a invisible weight on my legs. I was only able to stand for at best 4 seconds. “Damn what did you guys do to me?” I asked dolly. I looked at her as she sadly played with her toys. “Hey girl, answer me!” I said grabbing her shoulder. I pull her around quickly and made her face me. Her eye wear puffy and red with tears coming down her eyes. ( like i said, i didn’t care ), “What did you two freaks do to me!” I screamed. She then her self started to cry even more and even started screaming. She really was crying like a baby, it was so loud I had to covered my ears. “Shut the fuck up.”

The nursery door open and Paz walked in, Her face carried a stern look on it. She open the cribs door and walk in. She pick dolly up and rubbed her back. “Don’t cry, Don’t cry. Nanny Paz is here Dolly. Calm down.” she said in a smooth and sweet voice. She wiped her tears and took her out of the ground crib and placed her on the changing table. Dolly sucked her thumb and kicked her feet in the air as she laid on the table. She walked over to the closet and pulled out a fresh diaper and changing supplies. She removed Dolly’s PJ’s and check her diaper. "I’m always right, when you cry you always use your diaper. " She turned her head and looked at me. “She always wets here diaper when she crys. I don’t mind changing diapers I just don’t like it when something or someone make my Dolly cry.” she said with a fake smile.

“What did you do to me?”

"She’s so sweet, so kind. " she said ignoring my question. She untapped her diaper and removed it from under her butt. She place it in the trash can on the side and wiped her down with a wet wipe.

“I know you heard me!”

She powdered dolly down and tapped the new diaper on. She put her back in her PJ’s and laid her back in the crib. “Now why was she crying Match?What did you do.”

“I put a gun to her head and shot her. Now let me out of this strange fantasy of yours.” I said smartly.

She quickly smacked me a cross my face, “Smart mouth.” she told me, “That will not be accepted in this house. Now why was she crying!”

“Because I denied your pissy princess when she was calling me brother and screamed at her for answers about what you guys did to me. Making my legs weaker then a toddlers. This would never had happen if you didn’t go kidnapping people.” I told her.

“Don’t call her pissy pants, She can’t help it. How would you feel if you wet your diaper?” she asked.

“I won’t know Paz because i stopped wetting the bed the bed at 9. Now tell me what you did to me!”

She picked me up and held me high. Paz was strong, really strong. “Look into my eye’s Match. You think you won’t wet that diaper of yours. Well watch This, your going to be more wet then dolly ever was.” she said.

Her purple eyes glowed and lead me into them. I heard her voice couching me into wetting my self.
“There is a pressure in your groin. It’s been there for far to long has it not match. Listen to he sound of the water, listen to it all. Releave your self, just let it all go.”
I started to listen as the voice got louder. I hear rivers and water falls. I then heard her say let it all go. A long stream of pee rushed in to my diaper. I felt so warm but so horrible. The prints on my diaper blurred away. My diaper got puffier and was know engorged with pee.

“Did you just make me piss my self! You BITCH!” I scream.

She smiled and took me over to the changing table. “I’ll let you slide for now baby Match. I don’t want to wash your mouth out with soup. You wet your self pretty good you know.” she said. She place her hand on the diaper and rubbed on it. She took my hand and made me fell it too. “Now time for a change baby boy.”

She went to get a new diaper out of the closet. She removed my diaper and cleaned me up. When she removed the diaper my legs felt a little stronger, just a little. She powdered me and slide a new diaper back under and tapped it on. “Nice and clean.” she said. She place me back in the crib and patted my head. “Any question match.”

“Yeah, why me?”

“Ask Dolly, sure she really can’t talk so there’s no point in asking her. I think she likes you, maybe that’s it.” she said sweetly.

“Why can’t I stand normally?” I asked

“Your a baby, you can’t stand only crawl.”

“I’m not a baby!”

“Sure your not, But your dressed like one.” she said teasing me.

“Ok…What are you then? Who are you?” I asked staring her down.

She laughed, locked the crib door and turned around. She walked out the nursery and said “I’m just a nanny match. Now get some rest like Dolly is doing. I know you just woke up but it’s 10:00 pm. Just go back to sleep and i’ll see you in the morning, good night and sweet dreams.” she said turning the rooms light off.

(10:00 pm, What the hell, I was knocked out for that long. What is that woman. She must of drugged me. That has to be it.)