The Impossibility of Impossibilities, Parts 1-5

The Impossibility of Impossibilities

Warning: The following is an AB/DL-themed fantasy story. Includes scenes of mind control, dubious consent, messing, humiliation, and a variety of fetishes. Reader discretion is advised.

Part 1

Will sat at the bar feeling extremely depressed. He wasn’t depressed about anything in particular. His girlfriend had not just left him. He had not had a girlfriend in two years. He hadn’t lost his job. He still worked as a manager at Arby’s. His day of work had not included any particularly upsetting incident. It had been an entirely typical, dull, directionless day in his life. And it had left him utterly drained of the will to live. He cast his mind forward, wondering what the future had in store for him. He simply could not imagine a scenario in which things ever got better.

He was four drinks in; a Sam Adams, a gin and tonic, and two Jaegers. The world had taken on a comfortable blurry sheen, but he didn’t really feel any better. If anything, he felt himself entering the melancholy world inhabited by the sadder and lonelier breed of alcoholic. He seriously considered resting his head on the bar, no matter who was watching.

“Excuse me, are you Will Freeley?” asked an indistinct shape in his his peripheral vision, which upon closer inspection turned out to be the bartender. She was a blond woman in her late thirties.

“Y-yes…” muttered Will, caught off guard that someone knew his name in a bar he had never visited before.

“This just arrived for you.” she continued, dropping a small object on the bar in front of Will.

Will squinted hard, forcing his eyes to readjust. The object was a simple, old-fashioned scroll tied with small red ribbon. Will pondered who could possibly have sent this to him. As far as he knew, no one even knew he was here. He looked up to ask the bartender, but she was already busy serving another customer across the bar. Very slowly, very carefully, he pulled the ribbon loose, unrolled the scroll, and began to read.

I wish that this wish and the following four wishes, in addition to being granted, would be written on a small vellum scroll, which shall appear in the Vermouth Lounge at 8:34pm on October 23rd, 2018. This scroll shall also include a useful and informative closing statement.

I wish that this scroll would be handed to my previous self by the bartender, who shall tell my previous self only that it just arrived for him.

I wish that after delivering the scroll, the bartender would forget the entire incident, and ask my previous self if he would like to order a drink.

I wish that my previous self would open the scroll and read it carefully.

I wish that, at midnight on October 24th, 2018, my previous self would receive the power to instantly grant any wish he may make. This power shall have no annoying limitations or caveats. There shall be no limit to how many effects may be granted by a single wish. There shall be no limit to how many wishes may be granted in a given time period, or in total. Poorly worded wishes shall automatically adjust to match the intentions behind the wish. No wish made may deprive the wisher of the ability to make wishes. Wishes made shall not be overheard by any other party without the wisher’s desire.

With this, I give you the power to shape the world and everyone in it to suit your desires. I grant you the impossibility of impossibilities. Use this power wisely and cautiously, and happiness is certain to find you. Just remember to read the four wishes above aloud in order to set the whole effect in motion, and all should be well. A new phase of your existence is about to begin, one in which you will have ultimate control over your own destiny. Everything depends on what you choose for yourself.*

Will looked up from the scroll. A surge of questions passed through his mind, surfacing and overlapping one another. Was this a joke? A weird, overly elaborate prank? If so, who would come up with something like this? More importantly, would the bartender actually hold up her end of the scheme? He motioned to her and waited patiently while she finished serving two other customers.

“I just wanted to ask who left this scroll. There’s no name on it.”

“Uhh, I don’t know.”

“Well, how did you receive it? How did you know it was for me?”

“I’ve never even seen it before, what are you talking about? Look dude, I’m busy. Bother somebody else.”

“You literally just handed this to me. C’mon, drop the act. Who put you up to this?”

“I don’t have time for this. Either order something or get lost.” she hurried away, clearly annoyed.

Will was impressed. Either she is seriously committed to her role in the prank or…


Will glanced at the clock behind the bar. It was 8:36 pm. Less than 3 and a half hours until the scroll’s supposed phenomenal power came into effect. It all sounded pretty absurd, but as Will sat sipping his drink, no one came forward to mock him for the buying into such a bunch of nonsense. For that matter, the scroll looked like it had cost a pretty penny to cobble together. Real vellum, very sophisticated-looking hand-written calligraphy. A lot of effort to go through for a prank. It even listed his exact location and time it was to be delivered to him, in spite of the fact that this was his first time visiting this particular establishment. Then again, the scroll hadn’t actually mentioned him by name. Then again again, the bartender had addressed him by name. But she could have just read his ID earlier…

Screw it, he decided. Whatever prank was in store for him, he wouldn’t give whoever it was the satisfaction. He squared with the bartender and left the Vermouth Lounge, taking the little scroll with him. Not sober enough to attempt the drive home, Will strolled over to a nearby park to walk it off. The melancholy that had driven him to into the bar in the first place had not lifted, but it was now edged with something that Will would not allow himself to fully acknowledge. The scroll was clearly a sad hoax of some sort, a fantasy that would be revealed as hollow when midnight finally rolled around. Any vague feeling of hope or excitement the idea gave him would only serve to deepen his disappointment when the fraud was finally unveiled. It certainly wouldn’t do to start considering all the things he might do if he really did gain the power to grant as many of his own wishes as he liked.

There was no helping it, though. As he walked, he found strange and wondrous images trickling unbidden into his mind. He thought of all the boredom and frustration in his life. He thought of all things about the modern world that made him feel sick and depressed. He thought of what it would be like to change all that. He glanced at his cell for the umpteenth time that evening. 9:12pm appeared in faintly blurry numbers. He sat down on a park bench and watched the sun slowly sink behind the trees surrounding a nearby stream. He thought about what he would actually do if he could change the world in any way he saw fit. Would he use the power to make the world a better place, or just live out a lot of self-indulgent fantasies? He rolled these questions over and over in his mind as he slowly drifted off.

He was awakened by someone lightly shaking his shoulder. “Hey, you okay?”

It was a woman’s voice. He opened his eyes. It was a lot darker than it had been a moment ago, and his back hurt from sleeping on a bench. The woman was in her twenties, had black hair and dark skin, large breasts,and her eyes reflected the electric lighting. She was dressed for a jog.

“Yeah, yeah. Guess I didn’t realize how tired I was. Thanks.” I said hurriedly.

She smiled. “Had a few drinks by any chance?”

“However did you guess?” he answered.

“Pretty risky to sleep in the park this late at night.” she said, still smiling.

“I guess. What are up to anyway? Isn’t it dangerous to be out this late at all?” said Will.

She rolled her eyes and sat down beside Will. “This isn’t really a bad area. I like a midnight jog every now and then. Nice and cool in the summertime.”

Will extended his hand. “My name’s Will. Pleasure to meet you.”

She shook his hand. “My name is Christine, and likewise I’m sure. So, what brought you out here in the middle of the night?”

Will shrugged. “Well, I was in a mood, had a few drinks, and then this really weird thing happened that kind of threw me off.”

She cocked an eyebrow. “Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah. Here take a look and tell me what you would think if someone handed this to you.”

He passed over the vellum scroll. She unrolled it carefully and frowned as she read through it.

“Gotta hand it to you, that is one heck of a conversation piece.” she said, folding up the scroll and handing it back. “I suppose you’re going to tell me that you got it at the Vermouth Lounge?”

“That’s right. Pretty good prank, isn’t it? I just wonder who did it to me.” Will said.

“Are you so sure it’s a prank? Maybe you can grant all your wishes now.” she said mischievously. Will rolled his eyes. It was obvious she thought he was pulling her leg, and she was pulling his back. He glanced at his phone.

“Yep, looks like I became master of all existence twelve minutes ago. I wonder what I should change first?” he asked.

She chuckled. “A man who can have anything he wants. Now there’s a scary thought.”

He sighed. “Yeah. Right now, I just wish I had somewhere more comfortable to sit.”

Will and Christine both yelled and jumped to their feet.

“Oh, my god!”


Neither of them had expected anything, but the wish had come true all the same. Where a park bench had been a second ago, there now sat a overstuffed white sofa. They stood and stared at it for a moment, neither daring to say anything.

Then, without warning, they both began to laugh. Neither one was sure why, but the ridiculous event left them unable to stand up straight or breathe for nearly a minute. They sat on the grass, shaking uncontrollably. Christine finally stopped laughing, looked at Will, then immediately began laughing again.

They were both lying on their backs when they finally stopped.

“Damn!” said Christine. “That is the best prank I’ve ever seen. How did you make the couch do that?”

Will picked himself off the ground and offered a hand to Christine. “No joke. It’s real. I can grant my wishes now.”

Christine stood on her own, leaving Will hanging. “I said it was a good prank. You can drop the act now.”

Will thought about what he could do to convince her, and decided on the direct route.

I wish you believed me.”

Christine’s eyes widened. “Holy crap. It’s true. You’re…you’re omnipotent.” she said. She had been clinging to rationality by a fingernail, refusing to accept what was in front of her. But then, the wish had obliterated her doubts from her mind.

Will took a deep breath and spun around in place, trying to make the reality of what was happening to him sink in.

“I’m not even sure I believe it. It’s crazy, but it’s true. This is my world now. I can do whatever I want.”

Christine blinked as she considered what that might mean. “Wow. What are you going to now?”

Will looked up at the night sky. “I dunno. Do you have any suggestions?”

Christine chuckled. “Surprise me.”

Will rubbed his hands together. “Weeeeelllll, okay. I wish you were wearing a diaper.”

Christine’s eyes widened in shock as she felt her panties swell inside her jeans. The cloth transformed into plastic and pressed against her most intimate flesh.

“What the… Why the hell would you do that?” she screamed, loudly enough to draw attention.

“And I wish that everything I say will feel true to you. You’re fine.”

Christina stopped shouting. Her mouth suddenly closed and her shoulders relaxed.

“See? No big deal.”

“I guess you’re right. It’s kinda funny actually.” she said, completely recovered from her shock.

“But we’re just getting started here.” said Will.

“Uh, this is fine, thanks!” Christine back up and held her hands up defensively.

“Oh come on. We can have so much fun here.”

“Turn my panties back to normal before you do anything else.”

“You don’t like your new underwear? That diaper is so much more comfortable than your nasty old panties.”

“Just…um… damn, this thing is comfortable.” She began running her hands over her her ass, feeling the soft padding.

“You don’t want to wear anything else.”

As Christine’s fingers pressed in and out of the unbelievably comfortable padding, she suddenly realized that her jeans were terribly uncomfortable. They were much too tight against her diaper, and compared to the impossible softness hugging her butt, the fabric of her jeans and blouse felt like burning sandpaper. All of her clothing, from her shoes to her bra, suddenly felt rough and ill-fitting to the point of being a little painful. She desperately began removing her clothing, while at the same time trying in vain to conceal her breasts (very difficult) and diapered rear (truly impossible). She glanced around as she cast her sizable bra on the grass, hoping that no one will be around to see.

“This is fucking insane! Please, I’m sorry I ever doubted you. Don’t humiliate me like this!”

“I don’t mind you not believing. I can hardly believe this myself. I just like you. I want us to be friends.”

“Then why are you embarrassing me like this!” Christine asked, gesturing to her naked breasts and adult diaper.

“Because you’re cute when you’re embarrassed.” he answered simply.

“Please, you’re scaring me.” She really did look frightened.

“Alright, listen. Let’s make a deal. I am basically all-powerful, so I’m sure there are things that I could do to help you. If you say so, I’ll wish you back into your old cloths and make you able to tolerate wearing them. I’ll wish you goodnight and never trouble you again. Or you can come with me and I’ll use my vast powers to make you extremely happy for as long you like. Does that sound fair?”

Christine tried to tamp down her anger and embarrassment as she considered this. This guy frightened her, but she had to admit that having an all-powerful being on her side could have some serious advantages. That and Will was kinda hot standing there with a look of carefree, godlike arrogance in his face.

“I have conditions.”

“I’m listening.”

“I just took off all my clothes because you made me hate the way they feel.”


“I don’t want to just be brainwashed into being happy. If I’m doing things that you like, you should have to give me stuff that I actually want. My real, genuine desires.”

“Sounds fine to me. What did you have in mind?”

“I’m not done. I want my mind to be free while we negotiate.”

“Alright. I wish your mind would return to normal.”

Christine exploded with emotions. The deep shame of wearing an adult diaper in public fell on her like a ton of bricks. The marvelous comfort emanating from the diaper faded, replaced by the realization that the ground under her bare feet was hard and cold, and that she was practically naked in the cold air.

“Wow. That is…very different.”

“You wanted your mind to be free. I think you’d rather be comfortable.”

“Could we discuss this somewhere private?”

“Sure. I wish that no one could see or hear us.”

Nothing happened.

"Did it work?”

“It’s always worked so far. We are in private now.”

“I meant indoors.”

“Well you didn’t say that. I wish you were perfectly comfortable.”

Again Christine felt the world around her warm and soften into silky comfort. The asphalt she was standing now felt like a pillow straight out of the dryer. The chill in the air vanished from her awareness.

“Thank you.”

“Sure thing. Ready to discuss terms?”

“Could you answer a few questions?”

“I don’t see why not.”

“How do I know you’ll keep your word?”

“That’s easy. You don’t.”

“Oooookay. Why a diaper?”

“Because it’s what I like. I like a woman in diapers. I see a beautiful girl and I think how good she would look in a diaper.”

“That’s pretty weird.”

“Not nearly as unusual as you think, but yes, it’s weird.” he shrugged. Yesterday this was his most closely guarded secret, and now he was just sharing it with a woman he had just met.

“So, if I take this deal, I’ll just wear diapers all the time.”

“Safe bet, yah.”

“Would I have to…use them?”


“That sounds pretty awful.”

“It doesn’t have to be. I could wish for you to enjoy being in diapers. I don’t want you to be miserable.”

“Would it really feel that way? I mean, inside?”

“When you were tearing off your clothes just now, didn’t it feel like you really didn’t want to wear them?”

“I guess so. Okay, is there anything you can’t do? Any limits on your powers?”

“Don’t think so. I haven’t really made any big wishes yet, but everything I’ve tried so far has worked.”

Christine mulled this over for a moment.

“Here are my terms. I want three wishes for myself a week. That’ll be my pay. Give me that, and I’ll go along with whatever you want. And when I make my wishes, you won’t influence my mind with your powers. It will just be me getting what I want. Deal?”

“Deal. What would you like me to give you first?”

Part 2

“My mom is in the hospital. She’s dying of a brain tumor. I want you to heal her.”

Will was surprised by this. “holy shit, you should have said something sooner. Of course I don’t want your mom to die. Let’s go sort that bullshit out. I wish we were both with your mother.”

The alleyway vanished instantly. Around Will and Christine appeared a the sad, sterile cleanliness of a hospital ward. Pale blue curtains surrounded them. Hospital staff walked to and fro. Monitoring equipment hummed and beeped. Will pulled aside the nearest curtain. Inside was a cot containing an absolutely forlorn figure. She was bald, emaciated, and her eyes seemed dull and exhausted as she stirred awake. She peered straight through Will and Christine, obviously not seeing them.

“…hello? Is anyone there?” she called in a voice so weak as to be barely audible.

“Oh right, forgot. I wish we were visible and audible.”

Instantly the woman’s eyes settled on Christine, then darted to Will, then back to her. A faint smile appeared on her thin lips.


Christine knelt down beside her mother and too her hand.

“Hi Mom.”

“Oh Cristi, it’s so nice to see you. I know you’re not really here, but it’s so good to see you anyway.”

Christine returned her mother’s smile. “I’m not here?”

“No sweetheart. Mommy is just having a nice dream. That’s why you’re in your dipees again.”

Christine blushed self-consciously at that.

“Mom, I am really here. You’re not dreaming.”

“But you just appeared out of thin air. It’s alright, dear. I’m not mad at you for not being real.”

“I can explain that. Really. But first, I want you to meet Will. He is, like, a wizard or something.”

“Of course he is dear.”

“I know it sounds crazy. I mean, it is crazy. But I think he can help you.” she turned to Will. “Can’t you?”

Will nodded. “I wish that Christine’s mother was in perfect health.”

Christine watched in amazement as the color poured back into her mother’s face. The bald scalp darkened and vanished as a full head of shiny black hair spilled across her pillow. Every bit of her body swelled as her atrophied muscles were revived. It was like watching a berry ripen in fast-forward. Within seconds, a plump, healthy, middle-aged woman was lying in the bed. Only the faintest resemblance could be seen between this lovely lady and the emaciated figure she had been a moment ago.

Will extended a hand toward the revitalized woman. “Hi there. My name is Will.”

She sat up in bed and took his hand, shaking it heartily. “Hi Will. I’m Sophie. And this… isn’t a dream, is it?”


“It’s really over? I’m healed?”

“Yep. That cancer bullshit is done with. How do you feel?”

“Better than I have in years. This is amazing. Are you really a wizard?”

“Something like that. I have all the power now, and I’ve decided that disease is not something I have to put up with. In fact, I wish that all illness would disappear from the earth.”

Christine’s eyes widened. “Can you really do that?”

Will shrugged. “Good way to see how far my power extends.”

“Won’t there be side-effects though? I mean hospitals will have to shut down, and there’ll be tons of unemployment and environmental effects. Are you sure this won’t be a bad thing?”

“The human race is just going to have to live without illness. I think we can manage somehow. But that’s enough work for one day. Time to have some fun!”

Christine sighed. “Yeah, I know. Time to pay the piper.”

Sophie’s face was marred by a look of concern. “Pay the piper? Does this have something to do with the fact that my daughter is wearing a diaper?

“You could say that. Christine and I have a little arrangement going. Nothing sinister, I assure you.”

“It’s a little sinister.” said Christine.

“Sure, I guess. Anyway, we’ll be on our way. Enjoy your long, healthy life Sophie.”

“You’re leaving? But I just recovered! I want to spend time with my daughter.”

Christine gave Will a look that bordered on pleading.

“What was that look? I’m sorry, do you want to use one of your wishes?”

Christine pleading look turned to one of playful irritation.

“Oh fine. Sophie, would you like to come with us? I do have an important job that I think you would be perfect for.”

“What kind of job?” asked Sophie cautiously.

With that kind of setup, Will got to work putting his plans into action. According to the scroll, no one could overhear his wishes unless he wanted them to, so he decided in his mind that Sophie and Christine did not need to hear his next wish.

I wish that time would stand still.”

Sure enough, the two women froze in place. The sounds of the hospital ward were replaced by absolute silence. Rubbing his hands together with glee, Will set about making wishes.

I wish that Sophie would view me as a close, trusted friend.”

“I wish that Christine would become totally obedient toward her mother.”

"I wish that Sophie would greatly enjoy taking care of her daughter in any way she needs.”

"I wish that Christine would develop a strong fetish for humiliation.”

“I wish that Sophie would want her daughter to be a cute as possible.”

“I wish that Christine would love everything about being in diapers and hate everything about toilets.”

“ I wish that Christine would quickly and easily pick up childish interests and habits.”

“I wish that Sophie would be very open to any suggestion I make.”

“I wish that time would resume”

Will answered Sophie’s question as though there had been no interruption, because in a real sense there hadn’t been one.

“An extremely important job that I think you will love. You see, I know that you’ve gotten used to thinking of your daughter as a mature, intelligent young lady, but that’s all behind her now. Isn’t it, Christine?

Christine was taken aback by this turn in the conversation. Will was explaining that her life as an adult was basically over, and she felt…excited. Suddenly, she knew exactly what she wanted to tell her mother. It was so embarrassing, so mortifying, but somehow, it felt right.

“It’s true Mom. I just don’t feel like being a big girl anymore.”

“I don’t understand.” replied Sophie, still looking concerned.

“Now that I’m here, there is no need for Christine to work or go to school. I’ve decided that her life should be as easy and carefree as possible. So she is going to be a big baby from here on out.”

A grin broke out on Sophie’s face. “A big baby? In diapers?”

“That’s right. I’ve worn my last pair of big girl panties.” confirmed Christine, her face reddening with embarrassment. She felt incredibly humiliated to be saying such things to her own mother, but somehow the embarrassment felt…good. She knew instinctively that she was supposed to be as embarrassed as she possibly could be.

“And we certainly can’t have a big baby who wipes her own butt. I mean, what would the neighbors think?” added Will.

“You mean…you want me to…” Sophie’s excitement was building. This sounded too good to be true!

“It’s okay. You can say it.” encouraged Will.

“…change Christine’s diapers?”

“Yep. But that’s hardly all the position would entail. You would be responsible for feeding her, bathing her, comforting her, and generally taking care of her every need. I need someone to make sure that Christine becomes the very best big baby she can be. It will be your job to make sure she doesn’t backslide and start taking on big-girl habits and responsibilities. She needs guidance and discipline to get rid of all her nasty maturity and dignity. She needs to be taught how to be as adorable as possible, how to be sweet and obedient. Do you think you can handle that?”

There was a long pause. Sophie looked at her daughter, naked except for a thick disposable diaper. “Are you sure this is what you want sweetheart?” she asked.

Christine blushed and stared at her feet as she answered. “Yes. I want this so much. Diapers are the absolute best. I want you to be my Mommy again. Please.”

Sophie paused for a moment, seeming to be thinking deeply. At length, she suddenly bent forward, pressed her lips into her daughter’s belly, and blew a loud raspberry. Christine doubled over with laughter.

Sophie attacked Christine with a rain of tickles, driving her to knees, then to her back. Christine laughed until tears tears appeared in eyes.

“Oh Chrissie, Mommy is so happy to have her little girl back!”

Christine rolled on the floor, laughing.

Sophie pulled back the elastic of her daughter’s diaper and peeked inside.

“Look at that. My baby is all clean and dry! Maybe it means she’s ready for potty training?” teased Sophie.

Christine’s eyes widened in mock horror. “No Mommy, please! No potty training! Never ever!”

“Well I’m sorry sweetie, but if you keep your diapers clean like this Mommy will have to put you in panties.”

“I’m sorry, Mommy! I’ll do better I promise, but please don’t put me in panties!” whined Christine. Even she wasn’t sure whether she was being sincere or not. She wanted to play along with her mother’s teasing, but part of her genuinely found the idea of being potty-trained scary.

“I’ll tell you what. If you can make a big stinky in your pants like a good girl, I promise to keep you in diapers forever.”

“Forever? Really?”

“That’s right. You’ll be my big baby forever!”

Christine didn’t need any more encouragement than that. Still lying on her back, she tucked her legs into her chest and pushed for all she was worth. Within a few seconds her diapered rear erupted with loud squishy fart sounds. Christine squealed with delight as her diaper filled with hot, sticky shit. She writhed on the floor in pleasure as she squished her mess around her butt. Her hand shot to the front of her diaper and she began openly rubbing herself in front of her mother.

“Oh god, I’m pooping my pants! It feels sooooo good!”

Sophie put her hands on her hips theatrically. “Chrissie, shame on you for using that kind of language! From now on, when you use your diaper, I expect you to tell me just like you did when you were younger.”

Still digging into the soft padding of her diaper, Christine declared: “Mommmmmyyy, I made stinkies in my diapie!”

Sophie clapped her hands. “Very good! Such a big baby making a big wonderful mess! Are you going to clean yourself up?”

Christine giggled and shook her head. “No Mommy. That not my job!”

“What? Who’s job is it then?” asked Sophie.

“Mommy’s job!” declared Christine, giggling joyfully.

“Mine? You mean I have to wipe your butt for you?”


“But don’t you want use the potty like a big girl?”

“Nope. No more potty! Me wear diapies now!”

Sophie turned to Will. “She sure is certain that this is what she wants! Can I have some supplies?”

“No problem. I wish that Sophie was fully equipped to look after Christine.”

Sophia’s plain hospital gown immediately blossomed into a bright blue dress resembling a maid’s outfit. White lace trim appeared on the hems and at the shoulders. A bright white apron appeared to complete the ensemble. Over her shoulder a matching blue diaper bag materialized. In case anyone might mistake it for a large purse, the words “Christine’s Diapers” appeared on the side in colorful block letters.

“This is perfect!” said Sophie as she felt the material of her new outfit. She opened the diaper bag and began rummaging through it.

“Baby wipes, baby powder, fresh diapers…ooh these are cute!” said Sophie, drawing a thick disposable diaper from the bag. It was obviously sized for Christine, and was decorated with pink teddy bears around the waistband.

Sophie helped Christine onto the hospital bed and set about changing her diaper. Sophie seemed wholly unperturbed as her daughter writhed in pleasure. It was clear that getting her butt wiped by her mother would now be the highlight of her day.

Will’s enjoyment of this lovely family moment was interrupted by a voice behind him.

“Excuse me, what’s happening in here? There have been some complaints about the noise.”

It was an attractive Asian nurse in light green scrubs.

“My apologies, we were just about to head out. We just have to get Christine over there into a fresh diaper. Right Christine?” asked Will.

Christine’s embarrassment came rushing back as she realized that other people could see and hear her predicament. “Uhh, hi there. Yes, we’ll be gone soon, don’t worry.” She smiled, partially from embarrassment, but mostly because she loved the feeling of her mother’s gentle hands cleaning her butt.

The nurse recoiled in disgust. “Oh my god, how did you freaks get in here? You need to get out. Now!”

“Somebody just volunteered to join in the fun.” thought Will. Willing that no one would overhear him, he made a few more wishes in secret.

“I wish that time would stand still.”

“I wish that this nurse would be extremely open to suggestion for the next few minutes.”

“I wish that this nurse would repeat the suggestions back once they have fully taken hold.”

“I wish that time would resume.”

“Ma’am, that is no way for a member of the medical profession to behave. If you’re feeling jealous of Christine, you can just ask to have a turn after her.” said Will.

The nurse blanched. Will watched as uncertainty clouded her face. The wind had gone out of her sails, and she was suddenly adrift. She rallied.

“What…what are you talking about? Just leave.” Her voice had lost so much of strength it had had a moment ago.

“I’m talking about how jealous you feel of Christine.” explained Will gently. “She is so happy and carefree, and you’re so tired and stressed. It’s only natural to feel jealous.”

“I’m not…not jealous.” She forced the words out, but they rang untrue even in her own ears. Her brow furrowed with confusion as she watched Sophie put the final tape securely into place. She watched mother and daughter lovingly embrace as they celebrated the first of many diaper changes to come. She could not understand where this sudden feeling of longing was coming from.

“I think you are. I think you wish you could just be an adorable cutie like Christine.”

She was struggling now. She knew something strange was happening to her, but she had no real way to stop it.

“I’m…j-jealous of Christine.” The words tumbled unbidden from her mouth.

“It’s great that you can admit that.” said Will with a wry smile. “What is it about her that makes you jealous?”

The look of confusion on her face deepened into full-on bafflement. She stared at Christine. Christine stared back with growing amusement.

“She…she seems really…relaxed?” She was clearly struggling to describe where this strange feeling of jealousy was coming from.

“She certainly does. She doesn’t have a care in the world. Not like you. You’re a smart, independent, hard working nurse, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am a smart, independent, hard-working nurse.”

“I have some good news then. I can change all of that for you. You can be as happy and relaxed as Christine here.”

“Really? You can do that?”

“Sure. Let’s start with the basics. What is your name?”

“Margaret.” the nurse answered. Her confusion seemed to melt away. Things seemed to be looking up for her.

Will stroked his chin thoughtfully. “Hmmm…no. I don’t think so.”

Margaret’s unease returned with a vengeance. “What?”

“That’s not your name.” Will stated simply.

“That…that isn’t my name.” She knew it was true. Margaret was not her name. She didn’t have a name. She searched her mind for any trace of a name, but all she could remember were people calling her Margaret, which she knew wasn’t right. “This is impossible!”

“Saying that won’t make it so.” replied Will.

“But I have to have a name!” she was starting to work herself into a panic.

“Sorry, you don’t.”

She started to tremble. Beads of sweat appeared on her forehead. She fell to her knees and folded her hands in submission.

“Please, I’ll do anything! I’m sorry I yelled at you. That was wrong of me. Please, please give me a name!”

Will reached down and gave the nameless nurse a comforting pat on the head. “It’s okay. I’ll give you a name in a moment. But first, we need to work on that personality a little.”

The nameless nurse’s head bobbed a little as she stared at Will.

“Well, first things first. You made a great start by by getting down on your knees. But now you need to fully embrace your destiny. From now on, you are to be utterly submissive to everyone around you. No more standing up for yourself or having your own opinions. Anyone can boss you around, and you love obeying any order you are given. You are utterly subservient. Understood?”

She smiled and nodded. It felt good to have someone explain things to her like this. “I am utterly subservient.” she confirmed.

“You love to do anything you are told to do.”

“I love to do anything I am told to do.”

“Very good. It’s very important that you learn not to make any decisions on your own. You must ask for help when faced with any choice, even if it’s just deciding how to dress or what to eat. Just remember, your choices are always wrong, and your opinions are always stupid.”

“My choices are always wrong, my opinions are always stupid.”

“Good girl. Now, you need a nice bubbly disposition to go with your total obedience. You are going to feel extremely happy all the time.”

“I will feel extremely happy all the time.” she repeated. The words felt utterly delicious as they left her lips. She could feel pure joy pouring into her brain like honey. She felt the urge to grin and giggle. Everything was going so well!

“You sure will. One last thing we need to change. Christine over there has just decided that big-girl panties aren’t really her thing. From now on, she’s going to pee and poop in her diapers like a baby, and gets changed by her mommy. I think you should be following her example. You must always wear diapers, because you have no bladder control.”

“I must always wear diapers, because I don’t have any bladder control.” repeated the grinning nurse.

Will turned. “Sophie, would you do the honors?”

Sophie could hardly believe her luck. “Of course. Come here you big baby! We’ll get you out of those nasty panties and into some nice thick pampers!”

The nameless nurse leapt to her feet and eagerly ran over to Sophie. She was very excited to be ordered around by the nice lady. Sophie began stripping her of her nurse’s uniform, and she cooperated completely. She threw her arms into the air to allow Sophie to pull her top off. She stepped out her panties, wondering why on earth she had been wearing such a thing. Sophie gently pushed her onto the bed and began generously sprinkling her crotch with baby powder.

“What a good girl! I sure hope Christine’s diapers fit you!” cooed Sophie.

“Why hope?” said Will. “I wish that Sophie had the perfect diapers for whoever she changes.”

When Sophie reached into her diaper bag, she did not retrieve one of Christine’ diapers. In place of the pink teddy bears, the new diaper had bright yellow blocks spelling out the word “Obedient”.

“Ooooh! These are perfect for you! Tell me who’s a good, obedient diaper girl!” ordered Sophie.

“I am a good, obedient diaper girl!” answered the naked, grinning nurse.

“Sophie,” said Will. “Would you like to give our new diaper girl a name?”

“I would love to!” answered Sophie as she slid the new diaper under the delighted nurse. “From now on your name will be… Deedee!”

Deedee was in ecstasy as Sophie secured the tapes on her diaper. When she had walked into the room mere minutes ago, she had never dreamed that she would be stripped of her clothes, her dignity, and her free will. She certainly wouldn’t have imagined being so delighted by all of it.

“Welcome to our little party Deedee.” said Will. “I think it’s time we shifted locale. I wish that me, Christine, Sophie, and Deedee would instantly travel to the most expensive hotel in town.

Part 3

Instantly, the hospital ward around them vanished from view, replaced by a spacious and elegantly decorated lobby. Deedee lay grinning on the marble floor. Behind a massive mahogany counter, the manager stood and stared at the group that had just materialized out of thin air. She was a short, plump, dark-haired woman of about forty, dressed in a severe black pantsuit. Will strolled confidently toward the desk making a few discreet wishes along the way.

“Good Morning. My friends and I would like to check in to your finest suite. Is the penthouse available?”

The manager looked uneasy as as her eyes swept over Will’s clothing and the two diaper-clad woman behind him. She glanced down at her monitor.

“I’m sorry sir, but the penthouse is currently occupied.”

Will paused briefly, expecting her to recommend a humbler suite, but evidently she was not too eager make a suggestion.

“What floor is the penthouse on?” asked Will.

“The 38th floor, sir.” she replied.

“In that case, we’ll stay on the 39th floor.” said Will.

An edge of disdain crept into the manager’s voice. “There isn’t a 39th floor, sir, the penthouse is at the top of the building.”

“Check anyway.” said Will.

The manager was out of patience for this game. She had no interest in having these freakish people staying at her hotel. She opened her mouth with every intention of telling them, politely but firmly, that they should leave. Instead she found her eyes drawn down toward the hotel’s vacancy database. Sure enough, there was the 39th floor, directly above the penthouse suite.

“The…the 39th floor is currently vacant, reserved for a Mr. Will Freely.” The words tumbled out of her mouth, quite without any conscious direction from her mind.

“That’s me. I’ll check in immediately.”

“How long will you be staying with us?” she asked, realizing that she had now missed her chance to tell him to leave.

Will shrugged. “Dunno. I’ll tell you when I’m bored of the place.”

Anger flashed in the manager’s eyes, but she again found herself unable to object. “And how will you be paying?” she asked as curtly as she could manage.

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that.”


“I’m going to stay here as long as I want, and do whatever I please, and you’ll just have to put up with it. Sound good?”

Her frustration was rapidly transforming into terror. Who was this man, and how was he so bizarrely powerful? She suddenly realized that resistance was only going to make things worse. She forced herself to adopt a pleasant smile.

“Very good, sir.”

“There’s a good girl. If you’d just hand me my key, I’d love to get settled in.”

She glanced back at the wall of keys. Sure enough, an extra set had appeared from nowhere. In contrast to the brass keys available for all the other rooms, these were golden and studded with sapphires. She shakily pulled the keys from their hook and handed them to Will.

“Enjoy your stay, Mr. Freeley.” she said with forced pleasantness.

“Be seeing you.” Will turned his attention back to his entourage. “Come along ladies. Our new home awaits!”

Christine, Sophie, and Deedee piled into the elevator behind Will. Will pressed the newly created button for the 39th Floor.

“Where are we going?” Asked Deedee to no one in particular.

“I’ve decided we need a little place to call our own.” answered Will. “and I think we’ll all be very happy here.”

The elevator shot up through the hotel, past the penthouse to the new floor. The doors slid open to reveal a broad hallway with checker-pattern floors and marble columns. At the far side of the hallway was a huge set of green double doors. The three women gaped in amazement at the decor, but Will simply looked in approval. His wishes were being granted with perfect efficiency. Will used his key to open the immense doors and led his three companions into the suite beyond. The interior looked more like the foyer of a manor than a hotel room. Large windows opened on the city below. Corridors stretched impossibly far into the the distance. The centerpiece of the foyer was a massive ornamental fountain that filled the room with the sound of flowing water.

“Welcome home ladies.” announced Will. “You each have a room of your own, made especially to suit your needs. Take a look!”

Will watched as the three women eagerly ran down the hallway where he had pointed. Sophie was the first to find her room. A brass plate on the door was engraved with the words “Sophie’s Boudoir”. The room was large and elegantly decorated in varying shades of blue, with blue carpets and walls, a vanity, a dresser, and a huge four-poster bed. There was a private bathroom through a door on the left. The only thing that wasn’t blue was a small pink baby monitor sitting on the nightstand. Though it, she listened as Christine found her room.

The door read “Christine’s Nursery”. Inside, everything was bright pink and sized just right for Christine. The walls were decorated with images of cartoon animals, all wearing diapers. Her crib and her changing table were there as expected, as well as a toy chest and and a set of shelves stacked with hundreds of babyish diapers. Christine opened the walk-in closet to reveal plenty of outfits ready for her. She could dress as a princess, a fairy, a cowgirl, or anything she wanted, provided it wasn’t the slightest bit mature. There were dozens of outfits on hangers, as well as racks of shoes, hats, and stuffed animals. The only thing she didn’t have were panties, which she certainly had no use for. She checked her toy chest and discovered that it was empty. She frowned. This was probably Will trying to get her to waste her wishes on something frivolous.

She crawled into her crib, delighted to find that the mattress was incredibly soft and the blankets were of pink fleece. She writhed among the blankets, exalting in the warm comfort, the lovely feeling of the fabric on every inch of her naked skin. Her diaper was pressing against the contours of her ass, spreading delight wherever she touched. She decided that she could wait no longer, and thrust her hand down the front of her diaper. Her pussy had been begging for attention ever since she had been forced to admit to her mother that she was just a big baby, and she rubbed her clit enthusiastically as she listened to soft crinkling of her new underwear. She breathed heavily as she approached her climax. She started whispering to herself, letting her voice say whatever came into her head, anything to increase her pleasure further.

“Oh yeah, oh fuck yeah…gonna be a big baby! Gonna be in diapers forever and ever and ever! Mommy’s gotta wipe my ass for me, cause I’m not potty trained! I’m a stinky-butt girl!

“Well, it’s good to hear that sweetie, but I’m afraid that’s something only naughty girls do.”

Christie jerked her hand out of her diaper in fright. She realized suddenly that her mother had opened the door without her noticing.

“Mom! I mean…Mommy! I didn’t hear you! Why are you in my room?”

Sophia gave her daughter a sympathetic smile as she approached the crib. She reached down and began stroking Christine’s hair.

“Sweetheart, I know this quite an adjustment for you, but you need to understand how things are different now. I am your mommy, and you are a big baby. That means you have no privacy. I need to be able to keep an eye on you at all times. I need to be available to take care of all your needs and make you a happy diaper girl. You don’t have to worry about anything, because I’ll be here to take care of you, and change you, and clean up all your messes. But, there are some things that Mommy just doesn’t approve of, things that aren’t proper for a good little diaper girl like you. I need to set some ground rules for you. First, no more putting your hands into your diaper.”

Christine felt her fingers twitch involuntarily. She felt her mother’s words settle on her like a thick, warm blanket. She knew that she had to do as her Mommy told her. She knew that she would never be able to put her hands in her diaper again. White hot shame filled her as she realized that her mother held absolute power over her . It was so humiliating. It was so hot. The more she thought about it, the more she wanted to touch herself. Sadly, her pussy was imprisoned in soft, fluffy plastic, beyond her reach.

“Secondly, starting today, you and I will be doing everything we can to make you cuter. Being cute is really important, and I want you take it very seriously. I want you to think of things that Will and I can do to make you more adorable, and tell us all about them. Do you think you can do that, sweety?”

“Yes, Mommy.” breathed Christine. She froze, suddenly afraid to think. If she thought, she would have to be a good girl, and tell. But her mommy had told her to think, so was she being naughty by not thinking? Fortunately, Sophie interrupted this line of reasoning.

“One last thing to remember, sweetheart. Now that you’re back in diapers, we need to get you used to using them properly. Babies have no control over when they use their diapers. Often, they don’t even know, and certainly don’t tell anyone. So, from now on, I need you to do your best to let go of all your toilet training. You go when you go, and no forcing it or holding back. It’s none of your concern whether your diaper is clean or not. Mommy will be checking you and changing you as needed.”

Christine sighed with pleasure as the words floated over her, binding her fate further and further. She could feel the the almost unnoticeable tension in her vagina and asshole collapse into perfect relaxation. She knew that she now had no desire or interest in controlling her bodily functions, and that she never would. Was she pissing herself again, or was that feeling of intense warmth the pleasure she felt at being rendered completely diaper-dependent for life? It didn’t matter. The state of her diaper was no concern of hers.

“Now, why don’t you put your thumb in your mouth and settle down for nice little nap? I’ll be here to take care of you when you wake up.” Sophia bent forward and planted a kiss on on her daughter’s forehead. Christine felt her body melt into utter relaxation as her thumb found it’s way into her mouth. In moments, she was fast asleep.

Deedee found her room. The nameplate read “Deedee’s Closet”. Inside, there was only a rack of maid’s uniforms and a set of cabinets. She searched through these to find they were stocked with nothing but cleaning supplies. She wondered for a moment whether this was really her only room. Shouldn’t she have a bed, at the very least? But then she giggled at herself for having such a thought. If she was supposed to have one, it would be here. She knew that her opinions didn’t matter. She squealed in surprise when she felt a palm give her diapered rear a swat. She spun around to see Will standing behind her.

“Hi, Will!” she said, smiling and giving a little wave. She had seen him less than a minute ago, but she still felt delighted to see him now.

“How do do like your little closet?” asked Will.

“I love it!” she said. “Are these maid outfits for me?”

“They sure are! You need to get dressed. Today you start your new job as my maid.”

“Oh thank you, Will! I’m gonna love being your maid!” gushed Deedee as she began pulling on her new uniform.

“From now on, you are to keep this entire floor spotless whenever you have nothing better to do.” Will explained as she she minutely adjusted her apron. “By which I of course mean, whenever I or someone else don’t have other orders for you. You are to spend your time either cleaning or obeying your most recent command. Understand?”

Deedee completed her outfit with a frilly headpiece. “Yep!”

“From now on you will address me as ‘Master’.”

Deedee gave a bow. “Yes, Master!”

“Do you have any questions?”

Deedee considered “Umm…Master, where would you like me to sleep?”

Will grinned. “You’ll be sleeping in my bed, curled up at my feet.”

“Oh, thank you Master!”

“Well, get to work cleaning. Remember, there’s only one thing you are not to keep clean.”

Deedee’s brow furrowed. “What is that, Master?” she asked.

“Your cute little tushy!” said Will, giving her diapered rear another swat. “When that’s dirty, you need to go find Sophie and get changed.”

Deedee chuckled at that as she grabbed a feather duster and headed off to look for something to clean. She couldn’t believe how lucky she was.

Part 4

Donna Brooks sat at the front desk, wondering what she should do about the strange man who just invaded the hotel, when a realization struck her. Out of the blue, she realized that she needed a doughnut.

The thought seemed to rise in her mind of it’s own accord, shoving aside all her more usual thoughts and forcing it’s way into the foreground of her mind. She thought about how good a soft, warm doughnut covered in sugary glaze would taste… She tried to force the thought down and focus on her work, but she soon found it sitting there again, more insistent than ever.

No…she couldn’t possibly be thinking that! But she was. She knew that she was fighting a losing battle, the thoughts were only getting stronger the more she resisted. She whimpered in defeat as she slowly rose from her seat and headed through the lobby and out the revolving door.

There was a Duncan’s Donuts across the street. She had grabbed the occasional bearclaw or fritter from there on her way in to work, on mornings when she had not had the time for a proper breakfast. She tried to avoid it though. She wasn’t the fittest woman, and ordering a doughnut always made her feel so self conscious, as though everyone were silently judging her. She entered the cozy interior and took a deep breath. The sweet smell of the glaze and the perfume of the deep fat fryer seemed so much stronger today. Thank goodness there were no other customers here to witness her failure of willpower. Behind the glass case was a girl in her late teens, wearing a red and white uniform.

“Welcome to Duncan’s Donuts. What can I do for you?” the girl asked with a cheerful smile. Donna stared at her, her eyes widening as she realized what she was about to do.

“I…I, um… I need…I need a dozen donuts.” her cheeks reddened as she stuttered the words out.

“Certainly! What kind would you like?” the sales girl seemed totally oblivious to her discomfort.

“Just…you know…an assortment.” Donna replied, her voice dropping.

Within a minute, a pink box full of donuts was in front of her. She fished out her debit card and handed it over. She opened the box and pulled out a glazed ring.

She stared at it. The smell was overpowering, so sweet and warm. She winced in frustration, trying desperately to resist the deep need welling up inside her. She twisted her willpower around the empty feeling in her stomach. She decided at that moment that she would just leave. Put the doughnut back, walk away, and leave her job and her life far behind. She didn’t know where she could go, but she would just walk until all of this was behind her.

She felt her mouth open. She felt her hand move toward her face. She felt her mouth fill with sticky, fluffy joy.

Her lips closed as she she chewed. She could not even process the fact that she had just shoved an entire doughnut into her mouth. Her entire mind was occupied by delicious sugary delight. She moaned with pleasure as her jaws struggled to manage the mass of pastry.

The girl behind the counter stared at her as she began swallowing. Not only had she just eaten a doughnut in one bite, she was clearly enjoying it a lot more openly than was usual. The look of dull relaxation in her eyes as she swallowed the last bit reminded the girl of post-coital bliss.

“Whoa! Be careful there, ma’am. You’ll get sick eating that fast!” A look of genuine concern filled the salesgirl’s eyes, but it was tinged with amusement. Donna’s eyes focused on her as she swallowed the last of the doughnut. The feeling of abject bliss was fading, replaced with an even stronger feeling of need. Her cheeks burned with shame as she spoke.

“Please, I don’t want to ask you this, but I need it so badly! Please…” Donna winced. She couldn’t say that! The humiliation was so intense! So sweet and intense, like the taste of the doughnut.

The salesgirl stared. This was getting weird. She couldn’t tell if this strange woman was having some kind of breakdown, or indulging in some strange fetish. She found her own feelings very confusing. She felt sorry for the woman, but also strangely amused by her plight, and also…shit. She realized with horror that this woman’s bizarre behavior was…arousing! How was that even possible?

“I need you to…feed me.” She spat out the words.

“Wh…What?” the salesgirl had no idea how to respond to such a strange request.

“Feed meee! Please! I need to be fed! I need doughnuts shoved in my mouth!”

The salesgirl continued to stare. She didn’t understand how this could be possible. She could feel her whole body filling with soft warmth as she saw this woman demanding to be fed doughnuts. Her eyes ran down the woman’s body, taking in her chubby thighs and protruding belly. Could she really just…

She picked a maple bar out of the box and carried it around the counter. The woman looked at her with pleading eyes and opened her mouth wide.

The feeling of warmth continued to spread and intensify as she pressed the maple bar into Donna’s waiting mouth. Donna gobbled up the pastry as fast as it came, swallowing bite after bite in rapid succession, until she found herself licking the maple icing off the salesgirl’s fingers. As soon as she had sucked the last of the sweet glaze off the girl’s protruding index finger, she demanded more.

“Ma’am” the salesgirl protested weakly, “I really don’t think that this is app…”

“More!” repeated Donna, beginning to pant with desire. “I need it!”

The salesgirl found herself reaching for another doughnut before she had made any conscious choice to do so. Would it really be so bad to just play along with this woman’s little game? Or even better…

Her pussy glowed with approval as a wicked thought passed through the salesgirl’s mind. She realized that there was no need to let this pushy woman have everything her own way.

“Say please.” she said, a smile spreading across her face.

“Please!” insisted Donna, not pausing for an instant. The salesgirl rewarded her with a honey bun. Encouraged, the salesgirl grabbed a chocolate ring as soon as Donna had finished cleaning her fingers. Donna opened her mouth wide to receive it, but the pastry stopped dead a foot from her gaping mouth.

“Say you’re fat.” said the salesgirl. She was grinning openly now.

Donna’s face fell. “What?”

“You heard me. You…are…fat.” she tapped the end of Donna’s nose to punctuate the words. She was really enjoying herself.

Donna’s eyes locked on the chocolate ring in the salesgirl’s hand. She imagined how good it would feel to have it in her mouth. She thought for a moment that she could just reach out and take it. It was hers, after all. She had paid for it. But no. She knew that she had no power in this situation. She was in the grip of a force far stronger than herself, and everything would play out as it had been preordained. She opened her mouth.

“I’m fat.” she whispered.

“You sure are.” She said it in a matter-of-fact way.

Donna felt the idea of being fat settle down on her like a vast, warm marshmallow. It was so utterly shameful, so humiliating, and so undeniably wonderful. She opened her mouth and received yet another delicious jelly-filled doughnut as her reward.

The salesgirl felt utter power and complete dominance, and she loved it. She knew exactly what she wanted from Donna, and knew she had the power to take it. She daintily held a fudge-dipped cruller in her hand, liking the feel of the power it gave her.

“You want this so much, don’t you?”


Donna’s voice was small, weak, and utterly defeated.

“Hmmm, what shall I make you do for this little treat? I mean, there’s literally nothing you wouldn’t do, is there?”

Donna didn’t want to answer, but she knew she had no choice.


“What is your name?” the salesgirl asked, drinking in the air with every intake of breath.

“…Donna.” She was grateful for a simple request, feeling that much closer to having the sweet softness back in her mouth.


The single word was flooded with power. Donna felt it like a heavy slap across her face. Her name was wrong. It had not met with approval. Donna’s face fell. She knew that correction of her error was on the way. There was nothing to do but wait and see what else would be taken from her in exchange for that pure, blissful pleasure.

“Your name…is Fatty.”

It was true. Just like that, it was the truth. Fatty knew in the bottom of her soul that her name had never truly been Donna. Donna was just a dream that she was now waking up from. Donna had authority, power, and dignity. Donna had a job, responsibilities, and the respect of her peers. Donna was no more. Now there was just Fatty. Fatty looked at the salesgirl who had once been her social inferior, a new girl, doing her first job in a little shop across the way. Fatty now saw a powerful being, utterly in control of her fate. Her only hope, she knew, was to please this dominant woman in any way she could.

“Hi Fatty.” the salesgirl said. Her voice was warm, welcoming, tinged with sadistic glee.


The catlike smile spread even wider. She knew, in that moment, that she was this woman’s Mistress. They were connected, forever, in a bond that was stronger and stranger than love or friendship, but that had qualities of each.

“Yes, I am your Mistress, aren’t I?”


“Yes? Yes what?”

“…yes, Mistress.”

“Very good. Now, since I’m your Mistress, I guess I need to make a few rules for you to unquestioningly obey. Sound good?”

“…yes, Mistress.”

She shoved the cruller into Fatty’s waiting mouth. Fatty felt her toes curl as pure joy exploded through her body. The feeling of the crisp, fudgey exterior and soft spongy interior giving way before her teeth as she chewed and chewed and swallowed and licked…

“Well, first of all, you need to know how to properly ask to be fed. It sure is embarrassing to have to ask someone else to feed you, isn’t it?”

“yes, Mistress.” Fatty recited the words like a catechism.

“Yes, and that embarrassing moment is going to be your whole life now. No more working and being responsible. Just being humiliated and fed, embarrassed and fed some more. Doesn’t that sound lovely?”

“…yes, Mistress.” it really did.

“Well, I’m going to teach you how to do it right. Now that you have a lovely new name, you’re going to show it off at every opportunity. Every time you speak, for any reason, you must always refer to yourself, by name, in the third person. Do you understand?”

Fatty took a moment to decode that instruction before finally realizing the correct response.

“Yes, Mistress. Fatty understands.” She felt her cheeks burn.

“There’s my good, tubby girl!” said her Mistress, giving her flabby cheek a condescending little pinch. “What you need is a steady diet of embarrassment to go with your steady diet of treats. Ask me to make you even more of an embarrassment, Fatty.”

“…could you make Fatty even more of an embarrassment, Mistress?” The words poured from her mouth.

“What’s the magic word?


“Please? Please what?”

Fatty took a deep breath. “Please make Fatty even more of an embarrassment, Mistress.”

“Well… since you asked so nicely…turn around and show your Mistress what a big, blubbery butt you have!”

Fatty found herself slowly and awkwardly turning her back on her new-found mistress. She leaned forward and looped her thumbs into the skirt of her pants-suit, pulling them down to reveal her sizable butt cheeks. Her panties came down next, leaving her derriere on full display. She felt her Mistress’ soft hands caress the delicate flesh, then jiggle the cheeks playfully.

“ohhh, just look at my Fatty’s little tushie. Not bad, buuut it definitely needs to be bigger. You need a butt that’ll make people say “hey, check out the huge butt with a lady behind it!”

Fatty felt her Mistress’ words settle over with a faint buzz. There was no doubt in her mind now that this salesgirl owned her: body and soul. It did not even surprise her to feel her butt begin to swell outward in her Mistress’ hand. She felt the weight of her expanding cheeks tug at her backside.

“Much better! Now it’s time to give you some nice new clothes to match. Now let’s see…what could you wear to make sure everyone who sees you laughs at you?

Fatty felt the urge to resist her mistress’s words, but she knew that she must not. The power in that voice was absolute. She closed her eyes and tried to think of the most humiliating outfit she could imagine. Even as her mind went to work she knew that it was her fate to wear it. It was unavoidable. She felt the fabric of her clothing rearranging itself even as her imagination worked.

She opened her eyes and looked at herself. Sure enough, her dignified suit had been replaced with a vibrant pink tank-top with the word “Fatty” emblazoned across it. Her feet were bare, her soft legs were exposed for all to see. But by far, the star of the show was her new diaper. Triple thick and decorated with cuddly images of cartoon pigs and hippos. Her soft belly spilled over the plastic waist guards. She turned her gaze toward her mistress.

“Do Fatty’s clothes please you, Mistress? She asked. She was surprised to find that she really did want her Mistress to be pleased.

“I love it Fatty” she said with a smile. Fatty felt her heart leap with joy. Her Mistress was smiling. She basked in that smile. She knew that from now on, her purpose in life was to make her mistress smile. Even if it was the smile of a cat who had just cornered a terrified mouse.

“I especially like those new undies of yours. Tell me: why have you put yourself in a diaper?”

“Fatty thinks a diaper is the most humiliating thing to wear. It tells the whole world that Fatty is a big baby who can’t control herself, Mistress.”

“Fantastic. I think your costume needs only a few little touches to be complete. First, a diaper is a pretty embarrassing thing to wear, but not so much if you chose to wear it yourself. If, on the other hand, you were wearing it because you obviously needed it…”

Fatty felt a powerful gurgling in her guts. Those donuts she had shoved down were suddenly not sitting so comfortably. She felt a fart escape her butt cheeks as she clenched. She was suddenly in very real danger of losing control!

“Mistress, please. Fatty needs a…a…”

“Bathroom? Is that what my silly little Fatty was about to say? I don’t think you need anything of the kind. In fact, I don’t think you’d even know what to do with one. Think about it, Fatty. Have you ever used a toilet?”

“Of course I… wait, no! Mistress please, don’t take away Fatty’s potty training!
“Sorry Fatty, but your costume just isn’t complete without a fully untrained butt to helplessly pump gallons of stinky poopies into those lovely diapers of yours!

“Mistress… I can’t hold it!”

“You sure can’t. That’s why you have be pampered at all times! Now, tell Mistress why she has to keep you in diapers.”

Fatty found her mouth and her butt open and begin to spew, both entirely beyond her control.

“Oooohhh…I need to…oohhh…be kept in diapers… because I’m a great big baby! I poop my pants! I never learned to use the big-girl potty! Oooohhh here comes a big load of shit to cake my big blubbery butt! I make poopies in my diapees!”

“That’s right! Good job, Fatty!” said her Mistress, giving her enormous loaded butt a hearty slap. “All you can do from now on is make big, smelly loads in your huge pampers! I am going to shove sweets in your mouth, wipe your big butt, and humiliate you over and over for the rest of your life! How does that sound, Fatty?”

Fatty moaned with pleasure as she felt the enormous load she had just made squish around in her pampers. Her dignity had just been absolutely torn to shreds, and all she felt inside was warm, gooey pleasure, as though her soul was made of marshmallow.

“Thank you so much, Mistress! Fatty loves being yours!” she answered happily.

Mistress took Fatty’s unresisting hand in hers and walked out of the shop. She couldn’t wait to show everyone her chubby new slave.

Part 5

Will relaxed on a massive couch in the penthouse TV Room, watching the newly ordained Mistress drag the blushing Fatty through the streets. He changed the channel to the news, as the sudden disappearance of all illness from the earth had filtered into the news cycle.

“Hospitals across the globe have reported literally millions of seemingly miraculous recoveries within the last few hours. Medical experts and statisticians are utterly baffled, as there appears to be no reasonable hypothesis to to explain these occurrences. Samples of disease-causing bacteria and viruses kept in secure storage for scientific purposes now appear to be entirely inactive. Even genetic ailments have corrected themselves with no explanation. Scientists are currently conducting a thorough search for any remaining pathogens, or even a single human with an illness of any kind. Meanwhile, former patients and their relatives around the world are giving thanks for this unprecedented miracle.”

There was something truly satisfying about seeing so many people alive and happy because of him, even if it had taken no real effort to accomplish something that millions of brilliant people had spent their entire lives trying to achieve in even a small measure. Will decided to continue to use his power to solve the world’s problems. Over the next hour, Will continued to make wishes as he watched the news unfold. In addition to disease, he decided to eliminate aging, serious injuries, all pain above a certain threshold, obesity, male pattern baldness, tooth decay, headaches, chronic depression, and learning disabilities. He annihilated all the the carbon dioxide that the human race had produced in the last hundred years, resurrected several million animals species that had been extinct, and restored the ecosystem of the world’s oceans to pristine condition. Nutritious fruits and vegetables now would spontaneously generate whenever anyone was beyond a certain hunger threshold. The radioactive materials in the world’s nuclear weapon stockpiles were quietly transformed into gummy oatmeal, and the engines of all military vehicles refused to start for any reason. Humans could now survive indefinitely, even drowning only caused unconsciousness. Violence of any kind was rendered impossible. One after another, humankind’s most intractable problems and looming threats magically dissolved. The world was now irrevocably transformed by his power, and world’s population was left wondering who to thank for their good fortune. Naturally, all the world’s religious leaders attributed these events to their various deities, except for a few who decried them as the work of the devil. Will decided that that was enough “work” for one day, and happily changed the channel back to events close at hand.

Christine drifted awake. Her dreams had been dark and disturbing. She had been running an endless maze of dark corridors, pursued by an evil throng of white porcelain toilets. It was utter bliss to wake up in her lovely fleece blankets surrounded by the images of happy, diapered animals. Her thumb was in her mouth, and her thick diaper felt warm and squishy. Part of her had expected to wake up in her own bed, in her tiny apartment, with her alarm clock ringing. Then she would would have to get up, get dressed, get her hair and make-up in order, and go attend to the duties of a low-level office drone. She shuddered thinking about her old life. Her boss had been an evil harpy who constantly criticized her work no matter how hard she tried, work that would have been tedious even with a good supervisor. The constant stress of having to earn a living, the exhaustion of watching her mother slowly get worse and worse, even as her savings dwindled down to nothing. Treatment after treatment with no real hope in sight.

And having to get up to use the bathroom all the time! So lame!

Christine lay for a while, luxuriating in her comfortable crib. At length, she began to wonder what her mother was up to. She considered calling for her. Then it occurred to her that she had no idea if it was morning or evening. There were no windows or clocks in her nursery. It could be 2 in the morning for all she knew. She wondered if her mother was asleep. Maybe it would be more polite to wait for someone to come check on her.

“Wait a second!” she thought, realization dawning. “Who cares what time it is? Not a big baby like me, that’s for sure! I think it must be Pay-Attention-To-Me o’clock!”

She took a deep breath.

“Mmmmmoooooooommmmmmmmmmmmyyyyy!” She whined at full volume, loud enough for Sophie to hear her even without the aid of a baby monitor.

“Coming, Dear!” called Sophie from the next room. She came into the nursery with a big smile on her face.

“How is my precious little princess? Did you have a good nap sweetheart?”

“No, Mommy. I was being chased around by these horrible potties that wanted to get me!”

Sophie adopted a look of deep concern, even though it was obvious that she was trying not to laugh.

“Poor baby! That sounds like a terrible nightmare. Well, you certainly don’t need to worry about any potties while I’m around. Speaking of which, I think somebody made her mommy a little present, didn’t she?”

Christine grinned as she put forward her hands so her mother could help her out of the crib. She knew she would need a diaper change at some point, but she couldn’t just tell her mother that her bottom was messy. She loved the fact that she was no longer responsible for her own needs in any way. Sophie helped her daughter onto the padded changing table and began pulling open the tapes on her diaper.

“Ohhh, it’s just what I wanted! Thank you so much Sweety!” cooed Sophie playfully. She got to work lovingly wiping her daughter’s butt clean. Christine sat smiling, soaking up her mother’s care and attention, but when her bottom was nearly ready to be powdered, a somber expression fell across her face.

“Mom, can we have a real conversation? We need to figure out what we’re doing here.”

“We’re getting your sweet little tushy all nice and clean! Why, what should we be doing?”

“We should be thinking about the future. Do you really want to be wiping my butt the rest of your life?”

“I’ll be wiping your butt a lot longer than that! Mommy was just watching the news. Will has completely changed the world. There’s no more death or hunger or anything like that anymore. We can stay here and I can take care of you forever and ever!”

“And you’re okay with that? Will already decided to make me a diaper-dependent baby. Who knows what he’ll decide to do next?”

“Oh Pumpkin, there’s no point in worrying about things like that! Will is too powerful to even think about challenging. Besides, you love being my little Pampers Girl!”

It was true. A week ago, Christine would have been mortified to be laying on a changing table, having her crotch and butt gently wiped clean. But now, every motion of her Mother’s hand drawing the cool wipes across her flesh felt heavenly. She loved being in diapers. She loved pooping and peeing in her diapers. She loved that fact that she needed her Mommy to check and wipe and powder her butt. She loved how cute and helpless she felt.

“Yeah, I do.” she admitted, blushing intensely.

Sophie stopped wiping her daughter and straightened up.

“Now that didn’t sound very enthusiastic. Maybe it’s time for you to graduate to big girl panties? You could do your business on the big, scary toilet instead of in your baby pants! You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

“That isn’t funny Mommy! You know that Will made me afraid of the big-girl potty!”

Sophie began tickling Christine’s exposed belly. “Yes, it’s so cute seeing you squirm whenever I mention it! When I think of how tough and independent you were when you left for college, ready to go take on the world! And now you’re not even ready to wipe your own butt!”

“I know it feels good, Mom. I really love being your diaper girl again. Really. It’s just… is this all life is going to be now? You taking care of me in this nursery?”

“It’s a lot better than the life we had before. A lot longer too. Besides, this doesn’t have to be all we ever do. If you want something else to do, why don’t you ask Will?”

“Because I don’t know what he’ll decide to do next! It could be anything!”

“Oh sweetheart! Will’s not some monster. He’s just an omnipotent weirdo! I’m sure if you get all cute and cuddly and ask him really nice he’ll give you whatever you want!”

Christine considered this. He had promised to grant her three wishes a week. She still had two wishes left this week after wishing for her mother’s recovery. That wish had worked out well, if you considered having a mother on permanent diaper-duty to be a good result.

“Why don’t you get a little practice right now by asking for a nice, fresh diaper!” suggested Sophie.

Christine could take a hint. She clasped her hands together and put on her best cutesy voice:

“Mommy, would you pwease put my helpwess widdle butt into nice, thick Pampies?

Christine was rewarded with a generous shower of baby powder. Sophie retrieved another diaper from her bag and finished changing Christine.

“Of course, dear. I would never deprive my precious little cupcake of her adorable baby pants! Now, would you like to go see Will today?”

Christine grinned as she rubbed her hands over the the smooth plastic backing of her new diaper. She knew she ought to feel at least some trepidation at the thought of paying another visit to Will, a man who could redefine her entire existence with just a few words. But her enormous diaper made her feel so happy and safe that there was no room for anxiety.

“Yeah, let’s go see Will.”

Sophie lost no time in strapping Christine into an adult-sized stroller. It could have passed for a wheelchair if not for the large pink canopy with lace fringes. As they left the nursery, it soon became apparent to Christine that Will had not been idle during her nap. The palatial penthouse had continued to expand to accommodate still more of Will’s various whims. Her mother pushed her past dozens of rooms, each populated with various attractive women in suggestive attire. There were playboy bunnies, nurses in old-fashioned uniforms, Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, blonde bombshells in skimpy swimsuits. What she saw most of all were smiles. Everyone here had been drawn away from whatever life they had had before and been transformed into a ludicrous mockery of their former self. Just like her and her mother. And just like them, they were ecstatic about it. Cries of joy and delight filled the air as mother and daughter trundled down a hallway that seemed far longer than the building should be able to accommodate. The world was being transformed into a wonderland, and she was on her way to to see the master of it all.

The centerpiece of the ever-expanding complex was a massive auditorium. The room was tastefully decorated in green and white marble with checkerboard tile floors, classical Greek columns, and huge landscape paintings covering the walls. At the center of the room was a four-poster bed large enough to be a bedroom in its own right, and it was occupied by a knot of lovely ladies in a variety of outfits, ranging from the suggestive to the bizarre. And laying in the center of it all was Will, naked, holding a glass of wine, and filled to the brim with endless, invincible arrogance. Clearly the power had gone to his head in a huge way.

The women who surrounded him seemed utterly infatuated with him, grinning widely and nodding along to every word that fell from his lips. In front of the gigantic bed was a line of sensibly-dressed and dignified women, queuing up to receive the judgment of the new Lord of the Universe. Christine listened carefully as her mother pushed her toward this extremely cozy-looking seat of power. She knew that her best odds of success would be to catch Will in a good mood. Actually, she thought, it might be best to catch him when his perverse lust was largely satiated. Then he might be feeling a little guilty, and would thus be more generous.

The woman at the head of the line was clearly a fashionable businesswoman in her mid-thirties, dressed in respectable gray pantsuit. Will addressed her with the harsh, bark-like voice of a Drill Instructor.


The woman flinched a bit, as if the voice were washing over her like a wave. After an awkward pause, she answered.

“…sa-Samantha Price,…sir.”

“Occupation?” the theatrical barking continued.

“…I’m the V.P. Of Sales at Manuel Pharmaceuticals.” she answered. Her confidence seemed to be building back up from the initial shock.



“What is the thing about yourself you would least like me to find out?” asked Will.

Her eyes went wide. She could feel the irresistible compulsion flow into her mouth and limbs as the words left his throat. It took all the willpower she possessed to hold back for a single second.

“I don’t think Asians are good drivers.”

Will practically doubled over with laughter. He was unable to breath normally for nearly a minute. He clapped slowly as he shook.

“Fantastic! And what is it you have come to ask me for?”

Her eyes were downcast. She seemed to think herself beyond all hope.

“I’m V.P. of marketing at a medical supply company in Colorado. Ever since you removed all disease from the world, our business has been practically non-existent. We’ll need to lay off thousands of employees soon if we can’t generate some business. Could you use your powers to help us?”

Will’s eyes were unfocused. He seemed drunk. He looked every bit like a deranged deity, dreaming the world into existence at every moment.

“I have chosen to grant your request. However, I have a number of conditions in mind. If you wish to accept my assistance, it is necessary for you accept all my stipulations.”

“That is very reasonable of you. Thank you. May I ask what your stipulations are?”

“No. You must either accept or refuse, without knowing what the consequences will be, and you must choose now, before I make the decision for you.”

She was trying valiantly disguise her terror, but she was trembling.

“I can’t make a decision on my own. The board needs to vote on something this big.”

“I’m sorry Miss Price, but if you can’t negotiate on behalf of your organization, they should not have sent you to talk to me. In the future, corporate entities should know better than to ask for help if they are not prepared to make the choices that will inevitably follow. So what will it be? Accept or Refuse? You have until I run out of patience to decide.”

Samantha’s look of quiet desperation dissolved into open distress.

“I…don’t know what we would be accepting.” she was eyeing the walls, as though seeking an exit.

“Or refusing. But if I showed you all the conditions I intend to enforce, you would have to read them, and then show them to other people, and talk about it and argue about it endlessly and it’s all just so tedious. The process to arrive at the decision is so politicized that it may as well just be a coin-flip anyway. It is up to you whether to accept or refuse. Be aware that no matter what you decide there will be those who say you made the worst choice possible. Just choose.

“…we choose to accept your help.”

“See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?

Will seemed to flicker briefly, as though two pieces of footage had been spliced together.

“Now check out your prize! Will mimed throwing something large and heavy toward Samantha. She cringed briefly, then was engulfed in a burst of pure, white light.

When the light faded, she holding a large book. Its cover was light blue. In bright, colorful letters, the cover read “The Great Book of Butt-Wipes Incorporated”

With trembling fingers she opened the massive tome.

“Welcome to Butt-Wipes Inc., a truly magical company! Here are the unbreakable laws that every Butt-Wipe must follow:

  1. All Butt-Wipes must agree to wipe a butt whenever and wherever they are asked to.
  2. Each Butt-Wipe must refer to herself in the third person as “Butt-Wipe”, and wear her official uniform at all times.
  3. Each customer must be made to feel special. That is why Butt-Wipes Inc. guarantees service with a smile. Nothing brings a Butt-Wipe more happiness and fulfillment than wiping a butt.
  4. All Butt-Wipes shall be trained in the most advanced and esoteric butt-wiping techniques, for the ultimate in pleasure, relaxation, and cleanliness.
  5. Butt-Wipes Inc. will hire any woman who applies, all necessary qualifications will be granted to her upon being hired.
  6. No Butt-Wipe may handle, own, or accept money in any form. Instead all Butt-Wipes will be magically supplied with all products and services necessary for a middle-class existence as long as she remains employed by Butt-Wipes Inc.
  7. If a Butt-Wipe wishes to terminate her employment, she need only promise to never wipe any butt ever again, including her own.
  8. Butt-Wipes will also change diapers if asked, and will do so with the care and attention expected of a Butt-Wipe.
  9. Butt-Wipes will appear at any place and at any time a customer requests, no exceptions.
  10. When not assisting customers, Butt-Wipes will exist in a magical flying castle in which all their needs are met.

She continued turning page after page, the strange rules just continued on and on. She grew more and more frightened as she read.

“You can’t be serious.” she said at last. “This is absurd!”

“Absurd or not, that’s your reality now.” answered Will.

“You can’t seriously expect me to accept this.”

“You already have accepted it.” Will gestured toward Samantha’s chest. She looked down, only to discover that her clothing had been transformed. In place of her professional business suit, she now wore a form-fitting pair of jeans and a light blue v-neck tank top. Above her belly-button was a professional-looking corporate logo of a graceful feminine hand dragging a wipe between two shining butt cheeks. Above the logo was the word “Butt-Wipe” in large cheerful lettering. Her hair was now tied into a pair of pig-tails.

“Noooooo…this is…Noooo.” she whimpered and hung her head in defeat.

“Awww, cheer up Butt-Wipe! You have a guaranteed job for as long as you want it, and you’ll get to spend the whole day doing your favorite thing in the whole world.”

“My favorite…no, this can’s be happening!”

“Wanna bet? Lets see…who should be your first customer? Ah, perfect!” said Will, snapping his fingers.

Another woman appeared, standing next to Samantha. She was blonde and wore a checkered skirt and white blouse.

“Welcome to my court, Valerie. You and Samantha were rivals in college weren’t you?”

The woman was clearly confused, but she managed to keep her composure. “Uhh…yah…she and I were both in the running to be valedictorian. I eventually won, and we drifted apart after that. Why?”

“Well, you see, Samantha here is just about to launch an exciting new career, and you’ve been selected to be part of it. What is it you do these days, if I may ask?”

“I work in fashion design. Mostly swimwear. Why?”

“Well good news! Your boring old career is officially over! You’re going to be doing something much more fun and satisfying from now on! You are going to be the leader of a very important and influential organization! Better yet, Samantha here is going to be working directly under you. Now, why don’t you turn to your new employee and explain exactly what her new duties involve?”

Valerie turned to Samantha. There was fear and confusion in both of their eyes. For a moment, they stood in silence, sharing a moment of empathy. Finally, Valerie spoke, her voice gradually transitioning from an awkward, confused tone to a dominant, imperious one.

“Samantha, from this day forward you are to answer to “Butt-Wipe”, is that understood?”

“…Yes, ma’am.”

“No, our company policy clearly shows that you need to refer to yourself in the third person now. Try again.”

“Yes, ma’am. Butt-Wipe understands.”

“Much better. You must also refer to me by my official title. Try again, please.”

Butt-Wipe took a deep breath. “Yes, Miss Pushy Tushy. Butt-Wipe understands.”

“Very Good. Now, see if you can tell me what’s wrong with this picture.”

Pushy Tushy turned around and lifted her skirt, displaying her butt, which was partially covered by a pink thong.

Butt-Wipe winced. “Butt-Wipe thinks that you should not be wearing big girl underwear, Miss Pushy Tushy.”

“That’s correct. And what should I be wearing, Butt-Wipe?” asked Pushy Tushy, her commanding tone now fully developed.

“Butt-Wipe thinks you should be in diapers, Miss Pushy Tushy.”

“Exactly!” she shouted, as though this should have been very obvious. “I have a very tight schedule, and going to the bathroom is out of the question. I need thick, disposable diapers for my huge, stinky messes! Is that clear?”

“Yes, Miss Pushy Tushy. Would you like Butt-Wipe to change you now, Miss Pushy Tushy?”

Pushy Tushy slapped her forehead dramatically. “Now she gets it! Yes, at once, please! God, I’m gonna make a mess on the nice clean floor at this rate!

Nearby, a package of diapers materialized. The packaging featured Super-girl modeling the product. It read “Super-Poopers Supreme” and bore the slogan “For Today’s Busy Girl on the Go”. Pushy Tushy sat down and laid back as Butt-Wipe tore open the package and pulled out an enormously thick diaper with the S-shield symbol prominently displayed. Pushy Tushy continued to bark orders as Butt-Wipe set about changing her. All necessary items poofed into being around her as she worked.

“Get rid of this thong! Nothing but diapers for me from now on!”

“The skirt too. It’ll just be in the way!”

“Lift my legs, please!”

“Use plenty of powder! I expect it to dust the ground when I walk!”

“Make sure its good and tight!” Soon, the bossy woman was securely taped into her new underwear.

“Nice Work! Ready to really put your skills to the test?”

“…yes, ma’…Miss Pushy Tushy. Butt-Wipe is ready.”

“Good to hear it. Here…we…go!”

With that, Pushy Tushy bent her knees and released an enormous fart. The farting changed pitch as she began filling her new diaper with shit. The padding swelled outward impossibly as gallon after gallon of gooey mess pushed the diaper beyond all reasonable capacity. Soon, Pushy-Tushy heaved a sigh of relief as she completed her impossibly large mess. She looked like she had a glossy white beanbag between her legs.

“Alright, Butt-Wipe, time to really go to work. First, explain to me what I just did.”

“You…you pooped in your diaper, miss Pushy Tushy.”

“Not good enough. Service with a smile! Remember?”

Butt-Wipe found herself smiling like she hadn’t smiled in ages. She suddenly found that pure happiness was radiating from Pushy Tushy’s full diaper.

“Good. Now, tell me like I’m a toddler. And be sure to compliment me.” instructed Pushy Tushy.

“Whooo! Looks like somebody made a very big poopy in her dipees. Who’s a Super Dooper Pooper? You are! You are!”

“Excellent. Now, take a big sniff and tell me how it smells.”

Butt-Wipe pushed her nose into the mound of padding and loudly inhaled.

“You made a really stinky mess for Butt-Wipe to clean up! Don’t worry about a thing, Miss Pushy Tushy! Butt-Wipe will have your precious little butt nice and clean in no time!”

Butt-Wipe continued to grin as she undid the tapes she had just snapped into place. She pulled wipe after wipe from a box that appeared beside her. The box bore the same butt logo as her shirt. Pushy Tushy moaned in pleasure as Butt-Wipe’s hand gently caressed her curves, thoroughly leaving each cheek clean and shiny. The massively full diaper was soon rolled into a beachball-like mass.

Butt-wipe unfurled yet another thick diaper.

“Ah ah ah! Aren’t you forgetting something Butt-Wipe?” rebuked Pushy Tushy.

Butt-Wipe slapped her own forehead. “Of course! Sorry Butt-Wipe is so forgetful, Miss Pushy Tushy!”

With that, Butt-Wipe leaned forward and gave her boss’s clean butt cheek a big, sloppy kiss.

“Thank you for letting me wipe your butt, Miss Pushy-Tushy.” she said, giving a small bow of respect toward the butt in question.

“You’re very welcome Butt-Wipe. Now the diaper!”

Remembering her boss’s earlier warning, Butt-Wipe repeated her earlier procedure, sealing Pushy-Tushy into a heavily powdered diaper.

Will clapped. “Well done ladies. I can see that Butt-Wipes Inc. is off to a great start. I’m sure that Pushy-Tushy here will give you plenty of opportunities to practice your art. Off you go now!”

The two woman vanished in a shower of white sparkles.

“On to other business.” announced Will. “Christine, come on up and say hi!”

Not wanting to waste a moment, Christine rose from the stroller and scampered up to the enormous bed. It wasn’t easy to pull herself up, but she managed.

“Hi, Will. How are things?” she asked lamely.

“Oh you know, ruling the world, bending the human race to my whims. You?”

“Not bad. My mommy put me down for a nap, I had a bad dream about potties, I pooped in my diaper so Mommy had to change me. Things are pretty good.” she replied.

“Oh how rude of me! You haven’t met our new staff yet. Everyone, this is Christine. As you can no doubt see from her outfit, she’s a Big Baby, and a personal friend of mine. Why don’t you introduce yourselves, ladies?

“Hi Christine” said a woman with an olive complexion. She wore a white lab-coat, a pair of wire-rim spectacles, and a pair of pink bunny ears. “My name used to be Jamila Woodford, but these days I go by Dumb-Dumb. I used to work as a Research Technician at the Cambridge Institute of Experimental Medicine, but now that there’s no more disease in the world I don’t need any intelligence. Will made my brainy-brains go bye-bye, and now I just love to tell people what an idiot I am! Like, seriously, I can be outsmarted by a kindergartner now! Just ask me any question, and I won’t be able to tell the answer cause I’m such a moron! Isn’t that great?!”

“Hi Christine.” said a heavy-set blonde woman with a Midwestern accent. “My name is Mrs. Crumley, and I was Will’s Geometry teacher when he was in eighth grade. Apparently he had a bit of a crush on me, so now that he controls the world he’s made me the same age I was back then…forever. Oh! I’ve also started sucking my thumb. I had quite a thumb-sucking habit when I was younger, but I managed to get over it. Now my oral fixation is back with a vengeance and there’s no way I’ll ever break the habit now. He also made me really good at giving blowjobs, and I’m totally addicted to Will’s jizz now. Could I blow you now, sir?”

“Not right now, Mrs. Crumley” answered Will. She looked disappointed, and consoled herself by sticking her thumb in her mouth and loudly sucking on it.

“Hi Christine.” said a brunette in a conservative-looking pantsuit. Her hair was in a bun and she wore a pair of thick-rimmed glasses. She spoke with a clear voice and perfect enunciation. “My name is Clarissa, and I once interviewed Mr. Freely for a position at Sheffield Analytics. I turned him down, and I was quite rude about it, so I’m being punished now. Sometimes, Will makes me stand in the corner, or eat nothing but green beans for dinner. But mostly, I get spanked. Will has made my keister very soft and sensitive, and I have to accept a spanking from anyone who offers one. If you’d like, I can certainly lay across your lap and you could give my butt a good seeing to. The worst part is, I’m not allowed to stop acting very proud and dignified, so the humiliation of being repeatedly spanked never goes away. The spankings make me very submissive too. I don’t think there’s anything I wouldn’t do for someone who spanks me.”

“Hi Christine.” said a tall Hispanic woman in a pink bikini. She also wore a small tiara on her head, and had gauzy wings growing out of her back, held a little pink wand in her hand, and her breasts were so large it was a wonder that she could stay upright. “My name used to be Maria, but Will changed it to Jugs. I’m the Boob Fairy. It’s my job to make sure that every woman on earth gets a nice big pair of titties to call her own. Your tits look great, but if you want them bigger, just let me know. When I have time off work, my boobies are at Will’s beck and call!”

“Hi Christine!” said a girl in her late teens. She wore a work uniform with the Duncan’s Donuts logo on the shirt and hat. “My name is Shelly, but I mostly go by Mistress these days. This is my slave, Fatty.” she gestured toward a very tubby woman in a pink t-shirt and diaper. The t-shirt had the word “Fatty” written across the ample bust in poofy lettering. The diaper was decorated with cartoon pigs and hippos. “Say hi to Christine, Fatty!”

“Hi, Christine.” said the woman with a friendly smile. “I’m Fatty!”

“Will was nice enough to give this tubby loser to me free and clear!” explained Shelly. “ As long as I keep her fed, she does everything I say. Hey Fatty, why don’t you show Christine why you belong in diapers!”

Fatty immediately heaved herself to a standing position. She slowly and awkwardly turned around and bent over, giving Christine a full view of her ridiculously fat and padded backside. Wet squelching noises emerged from her butt as she happily spoke.

“Fatty belongs in…errff…diapers because I’m a big…oooh…stinky baby! Fatty is…ahhh…too dumb to ever be potty-trained, so my wonderful…hhuuhhuu…Mistress keeps me in thick pampers!”

“That’s a good job, Fatty!” said Shelly, giving fatty’s loaded diaper a hearty slap. “I think somebody just earned herself a treat.” she pulled a chocolate doughnut out what seemed to be thin air and shoved it into Fatty’s waiting mouth. The tubby woman seemed to be in ecstasy as she chewed and swallowed.

“There! Now your big diapered butt will be even bigger!”laughed Shelly as Fatty again settled down behind her with a squish.

Christine was distressed by the transformations that Will was now wishing for. Each of these women seemed to have been turned into ridiculous mockeries of their former selves. Will was clearly going nuts with the absolute power he now had. Of course, she herself was now a diapered baby girl, completely dependent on her mother to take care of her, and this knowledge didn’t really bother her. Like all these women, her desires had been transformed as well, making this humiliating situation feel absolutely pleasurable and acceptable.

“Fantastic!” said Will. “Now that we’re all friends, what brings you here, Christine?”

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