The Inconvenient Life of Viola Shrew

The Inconvenient Life of Viola Shrew

A/N: Hi there, I am fairly, ok incredibly new to the whole “Diaper story” scene. However I have read them for around four years now and believe I know the difference between what makes a good story and what makes a bad one. At least I hope. Please, please, please critic this and tell me if I am any good. I usually just write bad fanfiction and I am fine with that but I refuse to write bad diaper stories. I don’t want to be that weird.
So I guess here we go.

Location: Flower Mound, Texas

Viola Shrew rose from her bed in a sodden, tired mess. You may find yourself asking: “Why the hell is she sodden?” well if you will stop being so goddamn impatient I will tell you. Back to Viola.

Again, as said before, Viola Shrew arose from her bed in a tired, sodden state. Her petite youthful frame stood Five foot, Two inches tall. Her long, silky black hair cascaded down her slender body. Her equally mild chest rose and fell with a sigh, her 34B breasts falling subject to a slight bounce in her night-time t-shirt. ‘White cotton’ she smiled to herself. Said white cotton t-shirt was a simple adult small, however whatever company made said shirt did not have this particular seventeen year-old girl in mind. As said shirt ventured long past her adorably small 28 inch waist.

But it was not her tired, heavy blue eyes that made her appear sodden, though they were slightly glazed over. No, it was something far more- infantile in nature. No, what made the young teen appear sodden was in fact- the double layered size 7 pampers cruiser diapers left hanging underneath the bottom of her cotton shirt.

You may now may be asking yourself:" Why the hell is a 17 year-old girl wearing such an infantile garment?" or you may not. As you are on a hub for a plethora of AB/DL fiction content. In such a case, you may be asking yourself: “Where’s her pacifier and dominatrix girlfriend?”. Well, I’ll go ahead and answer that for you now, they aren’t there right now. Her old pacifier was getting a little…how should we say…germy. And her dominatrix lesbian girlfriend is currently out of town at a dommy mommy convention in Vegas.

I got you didn’t I? But no, joking aside, were going to keep moving along with the story.

As the shrew girl discovered the state of her overnight diaper, she sighed. Realizing that she had leaked through her first diaper, and the remainder went into the second diaper, but only partially so. Meaning that when her mother came by to change her out of her current predicament, that she would be practically wasting one diaper. Viola hating being wasteful.

Viola also hated her current diapered state. No, she didn’t hate her diapers, in fact she had grown to love them. No, she hated that she was double diapered. Normally, she would wear an attends at night to prevent overnight leakage, she normally wore her pampers during the day. However, last night she was put in her last attends, and during the night, around midnight, she had filled that attends with the results of her love for tai food at eight o’ clock at night. At situation that Viola refused to accept. She absolutely hating being in a messy diaper for more than ten minutes.

And so, she had been placed in the two diapers she was currently standing in, The awkward cloth backings rubbing against each other so incredibly rigidly.

As the storyteller, I shall take the time that it takes for our heroine to once again break the fourth wall and explain Voila’s current predicament. You see, viola was being very naughty…… Oh I’m sorry I just couldn’t resist. No, viola isn’t being punished. Viola is just a classic result of being the only child of a old hippy.

You see, when viola turned five, her mother was still consumed with grief for her dead husband. And instead of turning to drugs or alcohol to solve her problems like a normal person, she turned to her daughter. From the time that her father died when she was four viola’s mother Cassandra, Cassie for short, had completely coddled her daughter since the death of her husband. To put the relationship in terms that the more pop culture savvy person would understand, Cassie was Nemo’s father Marlin, from finding nemo. A favorite movie of viola’s by the way. However, unlike nemo, viola clung to her mother in turn. A result of her being teased since kindergarten because of her diapers.

As for the reason that viola still wore diapers? Simple…-ish. You see, due to her mother coddling viola, she never bothered to even think of potty training viola until viola came home the first time from kindergarten crying about the “meanies” at school who made fun of her diapers. When Cassie saw this she asked viola if she wanted to be potty trained. Nigh immediately, viola responded with a yes in kind.

The potty training was nothing short of a snafu. The only difference between when viola wore her diapers and when she wore her training pants was that she would occasionally try to pee in the potty for about forty five minutes and then almost immediately after flood her training pants. After two weeks viola’s self-esteem was next to none. And this in kind, nearly broke Cassie’s heart all over again.

So, after more weeks of little to no progress in the potty training, Cassie sat viola down and asked her again if she wanted to be potty trained. Telling her that she would continue to love viola that she would continue to love viola no matter what she chose. And viola, feeling the need to be comforted and the subconscious desire to be diapered and changed by her mother again, missing the bond that the process re-instated, said she missed her diapers and wanted them back.

Every year after that on her birthday, viola was asked if she wanted to try potty training again, with her mother always saying she would love her no matter what her decision. And nearly every year, the answer was always the same: “No thank you”. And the subject would be dropped at that.

It wouldn’t be until Viola had her first crush that she would want to be potty trained again. Viola at the time was twelve, the boy’s name was Josh Stevens. The boy was a sight to behold these days, he had a fantastic short crop of blonde hair that seemed to be graced by some sort of cow-lick god that caused all of his hair to stick up in all different directions. His strong, tanned jaw protruded perfectly so as to insinuate that he was well versed in his chewing gum.

The training was again, a failure. This time for a different reason, Cassandra became worried about a week into the training. They visited a urologist after about a week. He said, that viola’s case was one of the queerest he had ever seen, for understandable reasons. And he suggested that they see a psychologist, seeing as he found nothing wrong.

The psychologist, after one session, deduced that the real reason for Viola’s incontinence was simply because she was in them for too long. She said that most people are in diapers for at most, six years, and she deduced this was so that the human mind didn’t grow too attached to them, so as not to seek them for too much comfort and security. The psychologist came to the conclusion that viola would never be able to successfully use the toilet.

This traumatized poor viola, as she felt she would never be normal. Never use the one room required for every structure to be useful.
It took two weeks for viola to come to terms with her permanently diapered state. A miracle if you think about it. But while viola was upstairs in her room sulking, Cassandra was doing research. Cassandra found out that there were many incontinent people viola’s age. She also discovered the world of AB/DL fetishism. She reported her findings, with a few printouts, to viola. She stated that Viola was not alone in her incontinence with the research she had done in child incontinence, and showed her several printouts from AB/DL sites to show her that many people would be envious of her situation. For some odd reason, viola was both flattered, comforted, and oddly aroused by the printouts from the AB/DL sites.

Since that day she was comforted by her mother over her incontinence, five years and many different realizations have gone by. Viola realized her fascination with infantilism and recognized it as a way to cope with her diapered state. She didn’t get to experience her AB side often, but when she indulged, she felt, for lack of a better word, normal. Like was just a baby, wearing diapers, because she was a baby. And therefore it was socially acceptable that she wear them. This of course led to her insisting on wearing pampers for as long as possible, and her silent protesting for pampers to make diapers for the everyday TB and everyday AB, saying it was quote: “Economically sound due to the sudden increase in purchases of AB items. Such as bambinos, ABU products, and so on”.

Viola also made many friends since then, her best friend being Julie Carpenter. Julie carpenter stood a comfortable Five foot Four inches. Her bust was a slightly larger 28C. Viola met Julie when she was Fourteen on Viola’s first day of high school. About a month later, Julie learned of Viola’s “predicament”. Instead of abandoning viola like the rest of viola’s past friends, she simply hugged her and told her it was alright. They remained friends to this day.

And now the time is 8:32 on a Saturday morning for our poor, sleep deprived friend Viola, and the door to her room opened. Revealing viola’s mother Cassie. Cassandra Shrew stood at an average Five foot Six inches. Her blond hair hung down to her slender waist, cascading back and forth as she strutted down towards her daughter. Her beige sweater hugging her, complimenting 36C breasts.

“Okay baby girl, looks like you need to be changed” Cassandra replied as she waltzed towards her daughter’s twin sized Hello Kitty decorated bed in the corner of her daughter’s room.

“Yes mommy. And would you mind just putting the outer one back on me? The inner one only leaked a little. And I think the outer diaper is still pretty useable” Viola pleaded.

“Sure sweety, just lay back, relax, and I’ll be done in a jiffy” Cassandra replied.

“Thanks mom” Viola replied as she lay back on the top of her bed.

Cassandra gently lifted her daughter’s legs up into the air as she gingerly and lovingly ripped the tapes off of the sides of her daughter’s diapers. Afterwards, she reached for the baby wipes on her daughter’s bedside table. She gently and vigorously cleaned he daughter up with the wipes. After the formerly inner diaper was disposed of, she reached for the previously outer diaper and, after a thin layer of powder was applied from a container of baby powder also on her daughter’s bedside table, taped the diaper on her daughter.

“There we go, all clean darling” Cassandra informed.

Viola, coming out of her own world, which she entered at the beginning of the change, hesitantly responded, “thank you mommy”.

A/N: Well that’s all I have for now. If you think I’m any good. Please tell me. If I get enough positive responses, I’ll post another chapter. Thanks for reading.

Re: The Inconvenient Life of Viola Shrew

great start. please continue!

Re: The Inconvenient Life of Viola Shrew

Your grammar and spelling are excellent, by the way. Thank you for that. You write well, but you also interject your own voice into the story with asides and then you just tell us her history in a big info dump. It would be better to give us the information as the story progresses. Let the characters discuss the history in little bits and pieces. The asides are also better coming from the character. As is, you are breaking the forth wall. Forth-wall-breakage should be reserved for comedy.

Also girls aren’t introduced as Julie with a height of five foot four inches and size 34 C boobs. They just aren’t and I don’t know of any girl that says, “Hi, I’m ________ and this is my height and breast size.” Girls, if they describe their breast size at all, only compare themselves to other girls and its usually because they have low self esteem. “The guys just like Carey Kess because she has bigger boobs; they don’t care about her personality.” If you describe breasts at all, have a reason. You aren’t the only one who does this. Detailed laundry lists happen in almost every diaper story and laundry lists aren’t the best descriptive tool. In fact they are never used in printed fiction for the very reason that laundry lists don’t make good fiction.

Hey it’s the first attempt. However, writing and feedback is necessary for further improvement. Let me know if I was being too mean.

Re: The Inconvenient Life of Viola Shrew

I kind of found the writing style to be engaging and charming, it was fresh and different and farcical. I even like the description of her in the context of the story, were you going for a more serious tone I might comment further than Write and Lefts comment that it border on mysogonistic - but at least in the context of the story it seemed appropos to me.

The asides, naration, and call outs were done well. And I found myself laughing a bit too, esp dominatrix girlfriend. As light hearted fare it was a great first attempt and I would enjoy more.

And one nit picky thing….
" You see, when viola turned five, her mother was still consumed with grief for her dead husband. And " <- Avoid starting sentences with conjunctions

YOUR FIRST time out was a SUCCESS. I don’t think breast size is a big deal unless that that will be a topic for later use. A general description of folks is adequate.