The Kelly's Come to America 21-30


Chapter 21

“When you guys are done eating, I want you to go get dressed so
you and your sister can go over to pick up the items you ordered,” Mrs.
Kelly told her sons as the ate breakfast the next morning.
“When did they come in?” John asked.
“Kevin informed me last night when he and his brothers were over
last night.”
“Cool! I can’t wait to see some of the stuff I ordered.”
“Just remember, you’ll be responsible for their care. I don’t
want to have to remind you about keeping them clean. And if I have to
tell you more than once about any smell coming from them, they will be
taken away for a undisclosed amount of time. Do I make myself clear?”
“Yes ma’am. Would you mind showing me how to take care of them a
few times first?” John asked.
“Knowing what they cost you, that won’t be a problem,” Mrs. Kelly
answered with a smile. The rest of the meal went by quickly. After a
quick diaper change for each of the boys, they and Erin were soon
headed to pick up DJ and then on to pick up their orders.
“Hey Erin! I thought today was one of your days off?” one of the
checkers asked as they passed by.
“Hey Chelsea. It is, but my brothers, and their friend, needed a
lift over to pick up an order,” Erin replied. Chelsea just smiled and
nodded at this.
“Hey Erin. I figured you’d be by today,” Steven called as he saw
the group come down the aisle.
“I’m sure you did. I thought Aaron was on duty today?” Erin asked
as they came up to the counter.
“He wasn’t feeling too well this morning so Kevin kept him home.
I offered to fill in so we wouldn’t be short-handed. Besides, I can
always use more OT,” Steve replied with a laugh. Erin laughed as well.
“I’ll make sure to keep that in mind next time we need some extra
help,” Kevin called from the door behind his brother causing Steven to
jump slightly.
“I really wish you would quit doing that.” Kevin just smiled and
ignored his brother’s annoyed statement.
“Sandy will be ready in couple of minutes. She’s with another
customer right now. However, John, if you’d like to come with me, we’ll
check out your order and make sure everything is in good order with
it,” Kevin told the group. John nodded calmly at this, but the
excitement in his eyes was unmistakable. As they walked past the area
that Sandy worked in, John and Kevin both heard a muffled argument
going on.
“I take it someone isn’t pleased with their order?” Kevin asked
Sandy, who was standing nearby.
“You could say that. The father seemed really pleased, but the
son’s another matter,” Sandy said with a slight shrug.
“Just as long as they know the policy on things like this,” Kevin
said as he led John into the receiving area.
“OK, if I could have your receipt, please,” Kevin asked as they
came up to a holding bin. Without further prompting, John handed over
his receipt to Kevin, who compared it to a copy that he had on a
clipboard next to the bin. As Kevin pulled out a box cutter and started
to open the boxes for inspection, John found the excitement too much
for him and started to wet the diaper he had on. Kevin caught a glimpse
of the goofy look John had on his face and knew what was happening.
Chuckling slightly, he finished opening the boxes and pulled them open.
“OK, let’s go over everything,” Kevin said as he pulled out one
of the gleaming white diapers. John’s hands were shaking slightly as he
reached out to take the thick diaper from Kevin’s hand.
“Easy there, John, we don’t need you passing out on us now,”
Kevin joked as he placed a comforting hand on the boy’s shoulder. It
was then that John realized that he was on the verge of
“Sorry,” he said sheepishly as he forced himself to calm down.
“It’s OK. You’re not the first kid I’ve seen get excited over
handling cloth diapers for the first time.” John nodded at this and
smiled. Kevin and John finished up checking the order over a few
minutes later and headed out to rejoin John’s group. As they passed by
the Department 12 area again the door opened and they saw Sandy leading
out an older man and his son. From the looks of the boy he lost the
argument that had been going on a few minutes before. Kevin smiled
slightly at the clothes the boy had on making him look like a rather
large toddler. John smiled as well and suddenly recognized the boy as
one of the biggest bullies in his class.
“Hey Scott! Nice outfit,” John called politely as the boy walked
past. Looking up, Scott saw one of the boys he normally harassed
looking at him. With a slight snarl he started to make a move on John,
but before he got more than one step in a strong hand came down on the
boy’s shoulder.
“Aren’t you going to introduce me to your friend, Scott?” his
father asked?
“No,” his son answered back. while giving his son a withering
look, the older man help out his hand and introduced himself.
“I’m Sean Elston, Scott’s father, and you are?”
“John Kelly,” John answered while taking the offered hand.
“Ah yes, Mr. Kelly,” Scott’s dad said after a second while the
name sank in.
“I’d like to take this time to apologize to you for my son’s past
treatment of you. I can assure you that this won’t be happening again.
Will it, Scott?” the older man said.
“No sir,” Scott answered through gritted teeth.
“Thank you, sir. I accept your apology.” With a smile and nod Mr.
Elston led his son away.
“Why don’t you just wait here, John. I’ll send everyone else
back,” Kevin said before walking off.
“Who was that boy anyway?” Sandy asked once Kevin walked off.
“One of the biggest bullies in my class at school,” John told
“I can’t wait to spread this one around school,” he added
gleefully a moment later as Sandy led him into her office. Josh, Erin.
and DJ joined him there a few moments later.
“Was that who I thought it was?” David asked John as he sat down.
John just smiled and laughed.
“I’ll need you boys to get undressed,” Sandy told them after
closing the door behind Erin.
“Why?” John asked slightly stunned.
“I need to make sure the clothes you ordered fit before you leave
and we can’t do that very well if you’re still wearing your other
clothes,” the boys were told. With a shrug, DJ and Josh started getting
undressed. John though, hesitated for a moment before he got a look
from his sister and complied with the request. Minutes later all three
boys were sitting on the couch wearing just their diapers and socks.
Erin thinking that this was to good to pass up, pulled out the camera
she had with her, and took several shots of the boys sitting there.
“Mom is just going to love these!” she exclaimed. Just as Erin
took one last picture, Sandy finished unpacking the boxes she had
sitting nearby.
“OK Josh, if you’ll step over here for a moment we can have you
try these on,” Sandy said as she pulled out one of the onesies.
“Hey Sandy, do we still have those backdrops set up?” Erin asked
as Josh walked over and was helped into the garment Sandy was holding.
“Sure. Why?” Sandy replied.
“Well, my mom was wanting me to get some pictures for prosperity
and I thought that using the back drops would be a lot better that
having them standing against a blank wall.”
“That would be better. I know some of others that have come
through have taken pictures during the final fitting. Give me a moment
to clear the stuff off around them.” With DJ and John helping the
backdrops were uncovered in just a few minutes time. Thirty minutes
later, the fitting and photo secession was completed and all the
clothing was repacked in their boxes.
“Hey Erin could I get a set of the pictures once you get them
developed?” DJ asked as they finished loading all the boxes into the
back of the Jeep.
“Sure DJ. That wouldn’t be any problem at all,” Erin smiled,
“I’ll let you know when they’re ready.”
They dropped DJ off a short time later and headed home
themselves. Once they got home they found a note from their parents
saying that they had gone out for a short while, but would be home by
late afternoon. Not having anything else to do, Erin helped her
brothers put their new clothes away and in John’s case, his new diapers
as well.
“I’m bushed,” John commented as he moved the last box of diapers
into place in his closet.
“Well, why don’t you go ahead and take a nap then, but first
let’s get you into a dry dydee,” Erin laughed. John was soon being led
into Josh’s room.
“OK. Hop up and I’ll get you taken care of,” Erin chuckled as she
patted Josh’s changing table. With a smile of his own, John removed his
pants and hopped up on the table. John was soon getting his massively
soaked diaper removed and his balls and butt getting wiped down. After
having rubbed a generous amount of lotion into her brother’s groin,
Erin pulled out a diaper that John hadn’t seen on his order form. A
Thickies Overnight Brief.
“You can’t be serious?” John exclaimed when he saw the thickness
of the diaper Erin was holding.
“And why not? I figure this will be good practice for after we
get your cloth diapers washed and ready for you to use. Now lift up.”
Erin chuckled as her brother complied with her request. Once Erin had
sprinkled powder over John’s crotch, The diaper was pulled up and
snugly fastened. Erin and John both started laughing as John left the
room with a major waddle replacing his normal stride. John chuckled at
the sight as well, once he caught a glimpse of himself in his bedroom
mirror as he was climbing into a pair of his new sleepers.
“How did everything go at the store today, Erin?” Mrs. Kelly
asked over dinner that night.
“Just fine, mom. I got some great pictures for the scrapbooks.”
“Well, if they are anything like how cute the boys look now,
they’ll definitely be worth seeing.” John and Josh both turned a bit
red at this. They both hoped that none of the pictures would get around
to their friends.
“I was kind of surprised, Erin, that you put John into some of
his cloth diapers so soon,” Mr. Kelly said with a smile.
“Oh, he’s not wearing any of his cloth diapers yet, dad. I put
him into one of the Overnight briefs that they sent along with his
order.” Erin told him with a smile of her own.
“Oh. I would have to say then that he won’t need to worry about
having any leaks happen.” This comment got everyone, but John laughing.
Once dinner was over, John went back up to his room to watch a
movie. Several hours later, John’s dad went up to let him know he had a
phone call. On walking into his son’s room, the elder Kelly, saw that
John had fallen asleep with the TV still going. After turning the TV
off, he turned to take a look at his son and found him curled up with
an oversized teddy bear. Smiling to himself over this sight, Mr. Kelly
walked over to his son and tucked him in. He shook his head slightly
when he noticed the pacifier laying on the pillow by John’s head.
Chuckling softly, he picked the pacifier up and placed it lightly
against John’s lips.
“You’re not going to believe this one,” Mr. Kelly told his wife
after letting the person calling for John that he was already asleep.
“What am I not going to believe?” his wife asked as her husband
sat next to her.
“I found John snuggling up with a teddy bear and there was a
pacifier nearby as well.” He informed her.
“That isn’t too surprising after all the stuff he’s gotten
lately. As long as he keeps it private and doesn’t let it interfere
with his other activities, then I don’t see any problem.” Mr. Kelly
just nodded at this, but wondered what he might have done to have
something like happen with his family.

Chapter 22

“David it’s time to get up! We have to leave in Thirty minutes if
we’re going to make our flight!” Mrs. Kessler yelled through her oldest
son’s bedroom door.
“What are you yelling for? I’m already up.” David answered from
behind his mom causing her to jump slightly.
“I really wish you wouldn’t do that. Now hurry up and get
dressed. We’ll get something to eat at the airport.” She told her
partly naked son before walking off to make sure her other sons were up
and getting dressed as well.
“This is going to be a very long weekend.” David thought to
himself as he entered his room to get dressed.
“OK, everyone out to the car!” David heard his mom yell a short
time later.
“I’ll be down in a minute mom! I need to use the restroom real
quick.” David yelled back.
“Make it quick and lock up behind you. We’ll be in the car
“Do you have the information pack they sent you last week?” David
was asked as he climbed into the car.
“Yeah, I have it right here.” came the reply as David opened the
side pocket of the carry-on bag he had with him and pulled out the
envelope his mom was asking about.
“Let’s get moving then.” The boys were told as their mom put the
car in gear and pulled out of the drive way.
“OK guys, time to wake up. We’re here.” David called to his
younger brothers as his mom pulled into the short term parking area.
“Wha?” Brandon replied groggily.
“We’re at the airport you need to wake up now.” David said again
as he started to climb out of the car. With a small nod, Brandon
reached over to shake his younger brother awake. Ten minutes after
leaving the car David and his family were handing over the tickets they
had been sent.
“Do any of you need to be changed before we go through the
security checkpoint?” the boys were asked. All three of them looked
around a little at this to see if anyone had heard them being asked
about needing a diaper change.
“I’m a bit wet.” Brandon and Tyler both answered.
“David, how about you?” Being a bit self conscious about his
problem, David only nodded in response to the question.
“OK, I’ll take Tyler with me. David you can help Brandon.” David
nodded at this as he herded his brother towards a nearby restroom.
“In here, Brandon.” David said as he walked into one of the
handicap stalls.
“We can’t go in there…” Brandon started to say before getting
pulled in by his big brother.
“We’re going to get into trouble for using this one.”
“No we won’t. Now take your pants off so I can get to your
diaper.” David ordered. In a flash, David had Brandon’s used diaper off
and was wiping him down.
“Use the toilet real quick while I take care of myself.” David
announced as he pulled down his own pants.
“I thought you used GoodNites during the day?” Brandon asked when
he saw the diaper his brother had on.
“Normally I do, but I thought that with how short time was going
to be this morning it would be easier just to use a normal diaper.”
David responded as he pulled off his own used diaper. Ten minutes later
both boys were standing outside the restroom waiting for their mom.
“Everyone ready” Mrs. Kessler asked a few minutes later as she
and Tyler emerged from the Women’s restroom. With a nod from everyone,
she led them through the security point and waited for their flight to
be called.
“Mrs. Kessler?” a man asked as they stepped off the plane.
“I’m Arnold Harelson. We spoke on the phone a while back.”
“Ah…Yes. Nice to finally meet you.”
“Like wise.” He answered while taking the offered hand.
“And you must be David.” Mr. Harelson added while turning to face
the boys. Shaking their hands in turn.
"Well, if you’ll follow me. I’ll take you to the hotel and let
you get settled in. They were told while their escort led them out side
to a waiting car.
“The other boys and girls will be arriving later in the day.
There will be a luncheon held at 2p.m. in the hotel’s meeting room.
You’ll be told everything at that time. The hotel has a pool and game
room for the kids to use.” The Kesslers were told as they were shown to
their room.
“Thanks, but I think right now all the boys are interested in is
the bed.” David’s mom joked.
“I can certainly understand that. I have a couple of kids myself
and know what you mean. I’ll see you downstairs at Two then.” Mr.
Harelson told them as he handed over the key to their room.
Once they were alone, Mrs. Kessler went about checking the
condition of each of the boys diapers. She was a bit surprised to find
David wearing one, but on further thought figured it made sense. After
changing her two youngest sons into dry diapers she had them lay back
down for a few more hours sleep.
“You boys hungry?” She asked them a few hours later. Since it had
been a good fourteen hours since they had anything substantial to eat
she knew what the answer would be.
“Yes.” came the coursed reply. The boys mom smiled at this.
"Well, get changed if you need to and we’ll go down to the coffee
shop for a bite to eat. After taking off his used diaper, David wiped
himself off with a baby wipe his mom handed him and started to rub
lotion over his groin. Since David knew that he would be able to get to
restrooms easier now he opted for one of his GoodNites instead of a
Once all the boys were in clean pants Mrs. Kessler led them to
the coffee shop for a quick bite to eat. While they were eating David
was informed of what Mr. Harelson had told her earlier. David took all
this in. After eating, The boys headed back up to their room and
quickly climbed into their swim trunks and headed down to the pool.
While they were swimming David struck up a conversation with a
couple of the other boys that were down there. He found out that
several of the kids there were in town for a photo shoot of some kind,
but wouldn’t say what it was for. Going off the looks they gave him
when he asked what it was for, David got the feeling that they were
there for the same shoot he was. All too soon David saw that it was
time for him to head back to his room and get ready for the meeting.
David was putting on the name badge, marking him as one of the
models, when he accidentally bumped into another boy, making him
stumble a bit.
“Sorry about that. I wasn’t watching where I was going.” David
“Well you should pay more attention then.” The kid shot back
heatedly as he turned around. Both boys stopped cold when they saw each
“Seamus.” David said.
“What the hell are you doing here?” Seamus asked in shock.
“Apparently, I’m here for the same reason you are.” David
responded with a slight laugh as he pointed to the name badge that the
other boy was wearing.
“You better keep your moth shut about this.” Seamus threatened as he
turned and walked off to where his mom was standing.
“I’ll tell you, I’m certainly glad that they started making the
pants more absorbent. Now I don’t have to worry about whether or not my
son is going have them leak or not with how much he tends to wet at
night.” Seamus heard his mom say as he walked up to her.
“Mom! Do you have to tell everyone?” Seamus whined.
“Oh, hush boy. It’s not like it’s a big secret with this group.”
His mom answered. As she was saying this David joined his mom, who
happened to be the person Mrs. O’Connor was talking to.
“I know what you mean. David here has the same problem. I have to
admit that the improvements they’ve made has made handling his daytime
problem a lot easier.” Mrs. Kessler explained.
“If I could have everyone’s attention please” Mr. Harelson called
over the chatter.
“Thank you. Now as I call out your names I would like all the
models to come up and take a seat at one of the forward tables.” The
group was told after the chatter died down. Inside of five minutes the
two forward tables had been filled by the kids chosen to take place in
the next day’s photo shoot.
“Now then, I’d like to introduce you all to Mr. Paul Albertson.
Paul is the head of our marketing department.” Mr. Harelson explained
as he introduced the older gentleman.
“Thank you Ron.” Paul acknowledged as he stepped up to the
“I’d like to take this time to offer my thanks to all of you for
taking the time to fill out the questionnaires that had been sent to
you. I hope this is a pleasant experience for all of you.”
“Now then before I get started on what you’ll be taking place in
tomorrow, I want to know if there are any of you here that are having
second thoughts of taking part in this ad campaign.” The kids were told
up front. Seamus was tempted to do just what he was being given the
chance to, but knew that if he tried to his mother would have a royal
fit about it. Figuring that the odds of any ad of him modeling the
GoodNites being seen by someone he knew would be slim.
“OK then, let’s get going.” Paul said after a brief pause.
“As you each have been informed in your information packets, some
of you will be modeling our normal Unisex style pants while others of
you have been chosen to model our new designer style pants, or the new
Aqua Pants.” As he said this, Mr. Albertson motioned for the coverings
to be removed from the two large displays to his right. There were
several chuckles from the group as the assembled group got the first
look at the new GoodNites.
“I’m glad that my mom didn’t sign me up for that.” Seamus
whispered to the kid sitting next to him. Not knowing that his mom had
indeed signed him up to model both of the new style pants.
“I’m glad you like them.” the group was told as the noise died
down again. Over the next hour, the models and their parents were told
what would be happening the next day.
“Now remember, you’ll have a long day tomorrow, and an early
start so I would suggest to the parents to make sure that the kids get
a good night’s sleep.” Several of the kids started laughing at the
unintentional word play that had happened.
“You’ll meet down here again at Six-thirty tomorrow morning for
breakfast and then you’ll be taken by bus to where the photo shoot is
being held.” On this final note, the meeting ended and all the kids
started filing out.
“So what do you think David?” His mom asked as they headed
towards the elevator.
“I think I really need to get a dry pair of pants on. But aside
from that, I think this will be rather interesting.” came the smiled
“I’m glad to hear it.” Mrs. Kessler told her oldest son as she
led her family back to their room.
“By the way, who was the boy I had seen you talking with before
the meeting?”
“He’s one of other boys from my class. And a real pain in the
butt at that. I can’t wait to see what happens when these ads hit the
papers.” David chuckled.
“Why’s that? I thought you were worried about what your friends
would say when they saw you in them.” Mrs. Kessler inquired of her son.
“I am a bit worried. But, I figure my friends won’t be bothered
by my being in them and if they are then they were never really a
friend to begin with. No, the funny part to this is with the kid I was
talking to. You see, he’s also one of the biggest trouble makers in my
grade. Once the people in the class happen to see the ads with him in
it they’ll never take any crap from him again.” David laughed, knowing
full well that somebody in his grade would end up seeing both his and
Seamus’s ads and pictures on the packages.
“Well, I think you’re going to do just fine tomorrow.” Mrs.
Kessler told her son as they reached their room.
After quickly changing into a clean pair of GoodNites, David
headed down to the game room. He then spent the next several hours
chatting with several of the other boys and girls who had been chosen
for the shoot. All to soon David was being called back to his room.
Once he had been changed into a clean night diaper, David crawled into
bed and was soon fast asleep.
“David, time to get up. We need to be down in the conference room
in forty minutes.” His mom told him while shaking his shoulder.
“OK, OK, I’m up.” Came the groggy reply as David sat up and
climbed out of bed. Mrs. Kessler smiled a bit to herself as her eldest
son walked towards the bathroom with a seriously drooping diaper
hanging off his butt. After one last chuckle to herself she turned her
attention to her two other sons whose diapers were also in serious need
of changing.
“Hey mom have you seen the shirt I laid out last night?” David
called while looking around for the shirt.
“I put it back in your bag. Someone from Mr. Albertson’s staff
had dropped off a shirt while you were at the pool last night. They
want you to wear that instead.” David was told while his mom tossed him
the T-shirt she had mentioned. David started laughing a bit when he
opened up the dark blue shirt and saw an oversized picture of a pack of
GoodNites with the same dotted outline, as he remembered seeing a
couple of months back, on the front of the shirt and the “GoodNites
mean Dry Mornings” slogan written on the back. Brandon and Tyler
started laughing as well once David put the shirt on and they saw what
was written on it.
The Kesslers were soon heading down to the conference room where
a Breakfast buffet had been set up. After getting a plate set up for
himself David went over to join a group of other models, who had
already arrived. All of the kids were laughing about the design of the
shirts with a couple of the boys commenting that they’d probably wear
the shirts to school the following Monday since everyone already knew
they wore them. David joined in on the laughter that this comment made
and looked around to see if Seamus and entered the room yet. He managed
to catch a glimpse of Seamus’s mom and little sister talking to his mom
and brothers so he knew that his former nemesis was somewhere in the
room. About thirty minutes later, Mr. Albertson arrived and after one
last speech to the group he took them to the waiting bus outside. The
bus ride took about Twenty minutes. Everyone could feel the tension
rising as they pulled up to a non-descript office building and were led
After one last word of encouragement, Mr. Albertson departed
leaving the group in the hands of Mr. Ross.
“I’d like to take this time to thank all of you for being here
today. It’ll be a long day, but one I think you’ll enjoy and have fond
memories of. Now when I call out your names I’d like you to step over
to Mrs. Clark here, and take the package she’ll have for you. Once you
have the package, you’ll find that it has a number printed on it. That
number matches up to one of the changing rooms off to my left. Once you
have found the right dressing room go inside and change into the
product that’s in your package. Once all you have changed you’ll be
separated by the product you have on. Are there any questions?” Mr.
Ross asked. From the back of the group a hand went up.
“Yes?” the boy was prompted.
“Will we be getting any restroom breaks?” the boy asked.
“Good question, you will be allowed a few restroom breaks during
the day. But, there won’t be that many.” Mr. Ross informed the kids.
“What if we need to go really bad?” a young girl asked.
“If you need to poop, then an exception will be made.”
“What about if we need to pee?” Seamus piped up from the back.
“If you just need to pee, then the obvious solution would just to
be use the pants that you have on at the time and you’ll be allowed to
change into a dry one during the next break.” This statement caused a
little bit of a stir with some of the kids but it soon died down. Most
of the kids had already figured out that this is what was going to
“OK. Then if there are no further questions, we’ll begin.” Mr.
Ross announced as he started reading off names.
“Really funny mom.” David thought as he opened up the package he
was given once he was in the dressing room he had been assigned. With a
small chuckle he pulled out the pair of Designer GoodNites for Boys and
laid them on the bench he did admit to himself that the deep blue color
of the pants really accented the red stripes that was crisscrossing it.
“I can only imagine the ribbing I’m going to get when this ad
comes out.” David thought further as he took off his jeans, underwear
and the somewhat damp pants that he already had on. He was a little
surprised to see a Diaper Genie in one corner, but this just reinforced
what Mr. Ross had told them about using the pants if they needed to go
between the restroom breaks that would be given. Inside of five
minutes, David was standing with most of the other kids wearing just a
pair of socks, the T-shirt he had been given to wear and the GoodNites.
On looking at some of the other kids that were going to model the
Designer and Aqua pants, David saw that each size had a different color
scheme and that there were several schemes in each size.
“Boy Seamus, the girls are really going to get a kick out of
seeing you in those.” David laughed when he got a look at the Aqua
pants that the other boy was going to be modeling.
“Oh shut up. If it wasn’t for my mom deciding that we needed some
extra money around the house I wouldn’t even be doing this.” Seamus
shot back.
“Whatever, I still think the girls back at school will get a kick
out of this.” David replied before calling over to some of the girls
“What do you think girls? Doesn’t he just look so cute?” The
girls’ responding whistling and kiss blowing got most of the group
laughing. Seamus for his part just turned a bright red.
“OK, looks like we’re all ready.” Mr. Ross said as the last boy
joined the group.
“If you’ll follow me, We’ll get everyone set up. Now all the
photo areas are numbered. Once you get done at a certain point the
photographer will inform you of your next station. You’ll be informed
at that time if you’re going to need to change to a different pair of
pants. If at any time you need to get a clean pair of pants let your
photographer know. The last thing we want is to have any of the ads
showing a set of used pants.” The kids were informed. Though in the
back of his mind, Mr. Ross knew that this was going to happen a few
Over the course of the next four hours, David figured he must
have had his picture taken at least three to four dozen times in
various poses and several stages of undress. He really got a kick out
of the group photo that was done showing all the boy style products
offered in the GoodNites line. What really made this shot funny was the
fact that he and Seamus were standing right next to each other with
each of them wearing nothing but their GoodNites. David was almost
tempted to let the person taking the shot that it looked like Seamus’s
pants were wet at the time, but decided not to. While all this was
going on, David was totally unaware of what was taking place in the
staging area for the parents.
“Dennis we have a problem.” One of the directors informed his
“What is it now?”
“The kids doing the new Huggies 6 and 7 run were just pulled out
because their mom didn’t think we were doing things right.” the
director explained.
“That’s just fucking great. Where am I supposed to find two kids
out of thin air to finish that ad. It’s going to be my ass if I don’t
have that commercial ready by Monday. Damned perfectionist stage
mothers.” Mr. Ross mumbled under his breath as he started pacing
around. Just as he was going to start cursing again he happened to see
Brandon bend over to pick some thing up causing his shirt to rise up
and expose the top two inches of the diaper he had on.
“Hold on a minute. I think our problems may be solved.” Dennis
said to a confused director as he walked over to Brandon.
“Excuse me son, but could you take me to your mom.” Mr. Ross
asked the shocked boy.
“I guess so. She’s right over there.” Brandon said pointing to a
secluded corner where he saw his mom finishing changing his younger
brother. Mr. Ross could hardly contain his excitement when he saw what
was going on.
“This is perfect. Now if I can only get her to agree to her boys
showing up in the commercial.” Dennis thought to himself.
“Excuse me ma’am, I’m Mr. Ross. I wondered if I could have a word
with you for a minute.” Mrs. Kessler was asked as she finished pulling
up her son’s pants.
“Is there a problem?”
“In a manner of speaking, yes. And it might be something that you
could help us out with, if you’re willing. I happened to notice that
your two boys are still in diapers.”
“Actually, all three of my sons need protection. What about it?”
Mrs. Kessler asked.
“All three?” came Mr. Ross’s confused question.
“Yes, all three. My oldest son David is taking part in the
GoodNites ads that you’re doing right now. And what was you wanted my
help with?”
“Well, I had just been informed that the two boys we were using
for our up coming commercials and ads for the Huggies sizes 6 and 7
were unexpectedly pulled out. And after noticing that your son here was
wearing a diaper, I was wondering if you would allow for us to use them
in the other boys place. I know this is rather forward of me to be
asking this of you, but I’m in kind of a time crunch and I would really
appreciate the help on this.”
“Let me talk to the boys about it. If they agree to it, then I’ll
allow them to be used for the commercial and ads.” With this said, Mrs.
Kessler walked over to were her two youngest boys were standing and
told them what was going on. After explaining what would be happening
along with the fact that once the ads and commercial came out then
everyone at their school would know about their problem. After thinking
about it both boys agreed to do the commercial.
“OK, the boys have agreed to do the shots for you. However, I
would like to be on the set while the filming is going on.” Knowing
that if he tried to talk her out of this point she would pull the boys
without hesitation, Mr. Ross agreed to the demand made.
“That’s fine. We can work with that. If you’ll follow Rick here,
he’ll get the boys set up and explain in more detail what’s going to be
happening. Your other son should be done with the photo session in
about twenty minutes. I’ll have him escorted over once he’s done and
dressed.” With a nod to this, Mrs. Kessler followed her sons and the
commercials director in to a closed area of the building they were in.
David was surprised to not see his mom waiting for him when he came out
of his photo shoot.
“David Kessler?” Mrs. Clark asked as David looked around for his
mom starting to get a bit worried.
“After you get dressed, I’m supposed to take you to your mom and
brothers.” David was told as he was offered a clean pair of the plain
“OK, but could you tell what’s going on with them?” David asked.
“Your mom wanted to keep that a surprise.” With a shrug, David
accepted the clean pants and walked into his cubicle. Five minutes
later he was fully dressed again and being led towards the closed area
his mom and brothers went into thirty minutes before.
"I’ll need to insist that you keep quiet. This is the part of the
building that they shoot commercials in. David nodded at this. He was
more than a little surprised to see his brothers being filmed in just a
diaper and their shirts. Quietly, his mom told him what was going on.
It took all of David’s control not to start laughing.
Several hours later, the Kessler family had finally made it back
to their hotel room. David quickly changed into a pair of the Aqua
Pants that he had helped model earlier that day and headed to the pool.
A couple of the boys that were also at the shoot saw what he was
wearing and started laughing. The laughter got even harder when David
informed them of what had happened with his brothers. David swam for
another hour before he headed back up to his room. His mom started
laughing when she saw the condition of the Aqua-pants her son was
“Well David, I would have to say those swim pants they made
really work well. The GoodNites you normally wear would have been to
the bursting point by now and these look their hardly wet.” David was
told as he pulled off the wet pants.
“I know what you mean. and this way I’ll be able to wear my
normal swim trunks and not have to worry about whether or not pants are
noticeable due to them swelling up like a balloon.” David laughed as he
tossed the pants into a nearby trash can with a wet sounding thud as
the hit the bottom of the can. After drying himself off, David rubbed
some lotion onto his groin and pulled on a pair of his GoodNites. He
was fast asleep in five minutes.
The next morning was a hectic race to get everyone up washed and
dressed in time to catch the bus that had been set up to take the whole
group back to airport.
David received a letter a few days later letting him know when
the ads were going to be released and that he would be receiving a full
set of the all the photos taken that day.

Chapter 23

“Hey mom, I was wondering if DJ might be able to join us for
dinner tonight since he’s going to be sleeping over?” John asked his
mom over breakfast.
“I don’t see a problem with it, but I’ll need to check with his
parents first. I’ll do that and let you later today.” As she said this
Josh walked in to the room.
“Are you feeling OK, Josh?” Mrs. Kelly asked her son when she
noticed that he was looking a bit tired.
“I just fell a bit worn out this morning.” came the reply. With a
slight frown Mrs. Kelly leaned over to feel his forehead.
“You feel a bit warm. Do you think that you need to stay home
“I think I can make it. Besides, we have the reviews for the
finals starting today.”
“OK, but if you feel like you need to come home have the nurse
give me a call.” Josh gave a small nod at this.
“So DJ, you ready for the sleepover tonight?” John asked as the
two boys headed to school.
“You should know the answer to that by now.” came the chuckled
“I know, but I still thought I should ask. Also, I talked to my
mom this morning about you joining us for dinner tonight.”
“Yeah, my dad mentioned last night that they were taking us out.
I guess he has a surprise he wants to drop on us or something.”
“How can you tell?”
“He told us we would have to get dressed up for it.”
“If it’s some place fancy, are your sure your parents aren’t
going to mind my tagging along.”
“Well, my mom didn’t seem upset about my asking. Besides, I think
she sort of expected me to ask since they knew we had a sleepover
planned for tonight.”
“Good point. You ready for the school year to be over yet?”
“Are you kidding, I’ve been ready for this year to end since it
started.” John laughed. The rest of the way to school the boys talked
about what their plans for the summer were.
David was greeted to a loud round of applause and laughter when
he walked into his classroom. Before he could ask what was going on.
Several of the boys stepped aside to let him see the blown up photo of
him and Seamus standing together in just the GoodNites that had been
modeling at the time. It shocked almost everyone in the room when David
broke out laughing at this.
“I, frankly, don’t think they got my best side in that photo.”
David quipped as he went up to the poster.
“If you guys want, I can sign it for you.” he added a moment
later as he pulled out a pen. As he stooped over to sign the poster,
David felt someone grab his pants and pull them down exposing the Green
and Black striped Goodnite he had on. The sight of this got several of
the boys laughing and calling David a diaper boy.
“That was totally uncalled for.” David said coldly as he pulled
his pants back up and turned to face the kid that pulled his pants
down. Before anyone knew what was happening David unleashed a right
cross at the kid that had pants’d him. Caught aware, the kid was
flipped over a nearby desk.
“Now does anyone else want to make something about my needing to
wear trainers?” David asked the class. No one said a word to this
confrontation after what they had just seen. Not even the boy that got
hit said a word as he took his seat. The poster was quickly taken down
and nothing more was said about it. A few minutes later Mr. Barrett
entered the room with a still sobbing Seamus.

"Unless I’m told right now who had put up that poster this entire
class is going to stay after class until such time as the person or
persons responsible step forward. With a short glance towards David,
several boys raised their hands and admitted that they were the ones
who had pulled the prank. The guilty parties were quickly sent up to
the principal’s office. And the matter was dropped.
“I knew something like this was going to happen.” Seamus told
David during recess that morning.
“Yeah, I know what you mean. Though, I wasn’t expecting them to
pull my pants down.” David admitted.
“You mean they got you too?” Seamus asked in shock.
“Yeah, and I decked the kid that did it too.” David informed the
other boy.
“I wouldn’t let them get to you. What’s done is done. And if you
let them see that the jokes they make about the ads gets to you, then
they’ll never stop. Besides, how many people in that class do you think
would have the balls to do what we did whether they need to wear them
or not?” David asked rhetorically. Seamus just nodded at this and had
to admit to himself that David was right, no one else in that class
would have been caught dead modeling diaper pants like they did.
“You feeling OK, Josh?” David asked when he saw his friend in
class later that morning.
“Yeah, I’m just feeling a bit run down.” came the tired reply.
“I hope you get to feeling better soon.” David commented as he
left to take his own seat as Mr. Barrett walked into the room. As the
day progressed, Josh began feeling more ill, but was determined to
stick the day out.
“Mr. Kelly this note was delivered for you during the passing
period.” ,Mrs. Austin informed John as he entered the classroom, “And
in the future, I would appreciate if you would let your mother know
that I’m not a messenger service.” she added coldly.
“How do you know it’s from my mother?” John asked as he took the
offered note. It was then he saw that the seal the office normally
places on private notes had been broken.
“You opened the letter.” He stated coldly.
“Of course I opened the letter. How else would I know it was from
your mother. Frankly, she should know better than to have a
secretary’s, and my time for that matter, time taken up over such a
trivial matter as a sleepover. Now take your seat and we can start the
“Fuck you.” John said as he shouldered his back pack again.
“What did you say to me young man?”
“You heard me, and if you didn’t, I’ll be more than happy to
repeat it for you.”
“Get up to the office right now!”
“You better believe I’m going to the office! I plan on informing
Mr. Hays that you like taking the liberty of opening private notes
addressed to students.” John told her coldly as he started for the
door. Just as he hit the door DJ started to come through it.
“Meet me at the front entrance after school.” John informed him
as he stalked out the door muttering under his breath. Seeing that Mrs.
Austin was on the intercom, DJ assumed that they had another
“Mr. Kelly we really have to stop meeting like this.” Mr. Hays
said a short time later as he escorted John into his office.
“I know what you mean sir. This time wasn’t entirely my fault
though.” John answered.
“I see. So your telling a teacher off was just a misunderstanding
“No sir, I meant that part. However, did Mrs. Austin tell you why
I said that?” John asked calmly.
“All she told me is that you became upset when she handed you the
note we sent down to her.”
“Not exactly. I got mad because she had read the note you sent
down for her to hand me, and the fact that she felt it was her place to
say that her handing me the note was a waste of her time.”
"How do you know she read the note before handing it to you? The
seal could have come open at some point.
"That is true. Of course her stating that the note was from my
mom and that the contents of were regarding a private matter that I had
only talked to my mom and one other person about made it very clear
that she had read it. She had also admitted to me, and in front of
several other people in the class, that she had read it.
“I see. Then you wouldn’t mind if I called down to verify this
with those people?” Mr. Hays asked seeing if maybe this was just a ploy
John was trying to use to get out of trouble.
“Be my guest.” John replied as he gave him several names; looking
his principal dead in the eyes as he did so.
“I’ll be back in a moment.” John was told as Mr. Hays got out of
his seat and walked out of the room.
“Well Mr. Kelly, everyone of the people you named verified what
you told me, so I’ll just chalk your comments up as a misunderstanding.
I will however, have a long talk with Mrs. Austin about this matter.
You can have a seat out in the main area till your next class, If there
is nothing else?” Mr. Hays added when he saw the slight hesitation.
“Well, we were having a test today, and I was wondering if my
missing the class today will prevent me from having a chance to take
"I see. Normally, I would have to say yes, but given the
reasoning behind your walking out of the class, I’ll give you the
chance to make it up after school.
“Uh…My family had plans set up that would prevent me from
staying late. If it’s possible, may I come in during my 7th hour Study
“That would be acceptable. See Mr. Riggs at the beginning of that
period and we’ll get it taken care of. And, I had better not find out
that you took the time to find out any answers.” John was told sternly.
John nodded at this and after getting his book bag took a seat at the
table in the front office. He decided to take the extra time given to
him and study more for the test.
“What the hell was going on with you and Austin last period?” DJ
asked as John joined him for lunch.
“She took the liberty of reading a note the office sent down over
your staying over tonight. I got pissed at her and told her to bugger
off.” John replied.
“That explains why you looked so ticked off when you walked past
me. So what was the verdict on the sleepover anyway?”
“You’ll be coming home with me tonight. Everything has been set
up for you to join us for dinner.”
“Cool. I’ll need to stop by my house though so I can get some
clothes.” DJ said with a smile.
“My mom already has everything taken care of.” DJ nodded at this.
As the lunch period ended both boys took their trays up to the drop off
window and as they did so happened to pass their former tormentor.
“Hey Scott, I’d be careful, your shirt is starting to ride up
some.” John said softly to the boy as he walked past. Both John and DJ
got a laugh at how quickly Scott dropped one of his hands to check his
“Gotcha.” John chuckled as he walked off.
“That was really mean you know that?” DJ commented as they walked
“I get to do it next time.” he added with a laugh.

The next hour went by quickly for John, but at the appointed time
he showed up at the Vice-principal’s office. After being led into a
private room, John was handed the test and was told to begin. He
completed the test with time to spare so he got up and handed the test
in so he wouldn’t be tempted to go back and change any answers. Once he
did this he finished the rest of the day in the same seat he had
earlier that day. Once the final bell rang he joined DJ in the front
hall and waited for his mom to get there.
“Sorry I’m late boys. Josh called and wanted me to pick him up
from school since he wasn’t feeling well. I dropped him off at home
“That’s OK Mum. We weren’t waiting that long.” John replied as he
buckled up.
“Has my mom dropped off my things yet Mrs. Kelly?” DJ asked from
the back seat.
“I told her not to bother since you and John are about the same
size.” She replied with a grin. DJ just shook his at this. In the month
and a half since him and John had gotten their private wardrobe, they
had been sharing them more often than not during the few sleepovers
they had.
“So what is the big surprise dad has for us tonight?” John asked
a minute later in a vain attempt to get some information.
"I have no idea. For once, I’m as much in the dark as you are.
All your father said is that we were going out to someplace really nice
and we should dress for it. Which means suit and ties for both of you
“Aww mom not that.” John complained.
“Well, if you boys would rather stay home with a sitter, I’m sure
we could set that up as well.”
“That’s OK. I’m sure John and I can suffer through one night
wearing a suit.” DJ said quickly, before John could swallow his foot
any further. Mrs. Kelly just laughed at this.
“Did Mr. Kelly mention where were going to be going to?” DJ asked
out of simple curiosity.
“Yes, he said that it was a place downtown called the Peppercorn
Duck Club.”
“I take it that’s a very nice place?” Mrs. kelly asked when she
saw the shocked look on DJ’s face.
“From what I’ve heard of it, it’s the only 5-star place in town.”
DJ informed her.
“Well then I guess suits are certainly in order.” about this time
they pulled into the driveway of john’s house.
“Now I want you boys to be quiet. Josh is resting and I want him
to stay that way until your father gets home.” Both boys nodded at
“David this came for you today.” Mrs. Kessler announced as she
handed her son an envelope.
“Cool, It’s from the company that makes my GNs.” David said
excitedly as he ripped open the envelope and started reading the
enclosed letter.
“Well, what does it say?” David was asked. With a small frown he
handed the letter over to his mom.
Dear Mr. Kessler,
This letter is to inform you that you have been chosen to model
the boys’ line of GoodNites products in our upcoming television
commercials. If you are interested in participating in this event
please call the number below no later than May 15th. If you choose to
accept, and call the number in the allotted time, you’ll be contacted
with further instructions.
David started laughing when he saw the look on his mom’s face.
“You little faker.” She laughed as she threw the letter back at
her son.
“Had you fooled there for a minute there though.” David giggled.
“So do you want to go through with this then?” His mom asked
seriously. David didn’t hesitate at all with his response.
“Yeah, I do.”
“Ok then, I’ll give them a call tomorrow and get things set up.
In the mean time, I think that this calls for a celebration.” She told
him before calling for his brothers. With a quick afterthought, She
decided to give Caleb and his father a call to see if they would like
to join them in the celebration. While all this was going on, David
went up to his room to change into a dry pair of GoodNites and get some
of his homework done.
“Do you feel up to joining us Josh?” His mom asked a few hours
after having picked him up from school.
“I’m feeling a bit better. I think as long as I don’t eat to much
I should be fine.”
“I’m glad to hear that. I think the evening will be a lot better
if you did join us.” Josh was told with a smile.
“Now why don’t you go hop up on your changing table so we can
take care of that diaper of yours and you can go get a shower before
getting ready.” With a nod, Josh got out of his bed and walked over to
his changing table.
As this was going on in Josh’s room John and DJ were finishing up
their own shower. The two boys walked out of the bathroom just as Josh
was coming out of his room.
On entering John’s bedroom again both boys saw that a suit had
been laid out for each of them.
“I guess your mom wasn’t kidding about this being a dress up
dinner.” DJ commented as he walked over to the bed to get a closer look
at the suit he would be wearing. He and John both started laughing a
bit when they saw that each suit was the exact opposite of the others.
“You think my mom is trying to give us a hint on something?” John
laughed as he walked over to his closet and pulled out two pairs of his
“I think she just might be.” DJ chuckled in response as he
accepted the offered trainer and stepped into it after giving it a
light dusting of powder. A short time later, John and DJ made their
appearance downstairs, with Josh following a moment later.
“You boys look absolutely stunning.” Mrs. Kelly said after taking
a closer look at each of them.
“Thanks.” DJ replied in a some what embarrassed tone. John and
Josh just laughed softly at this.
“I think you might be right, mom.” Erin said as she walked into
the room. On hearing this, DJ turned around and on seeing what Erin had
on let out a low whistle.
“You know Erin, wearing something like that is almost enough to
make me go straight.” Everyone laughed at this comment, and laughed
even harder when John elbowed his boyfriend in the ribs a second later.
“You better watch it DJ or I might get mad. And we both know what
I can be like when that happens.” John said in a joking tone of voice.
“Yes, Dear.” Came DJ’s whined reply. This got everyone laughing
again. Ten minutes later, Mr. Kelly arrived home and after a quick
change of clothes ushered everyone into the Family Minivan and headed
off to dinner.
“Now I’m sure you all are wondering what the special occasion is
for this little outing.” Mr. Kelly said about two hours later.
“Well, I had been informed several days ago that I had won the
company’s drawing for an all expenses paid Round the world cruise for
two.” Stunned silence greeted his statement about the trip.
“After having talked it over with your mother, we thought it
would be a nice change of scenery for you to stay with your Uncle James
during the summer while we’re on the trip. I know this might be a bit
to take in all at once, but we feel this would be a lot more enjoyable
for you kids than having a babysitter.”
“What about my job?” Erin asked still a bit stunned by the news
she had just heard.
“We’re looking into that. We hope to get things set up that
you’ll be able to stay with Linda and her family over the summer so you
won’t have to quit your job. And before you boys say anything, your
going to your Uncles is not open to negotiation.” Mrs. Kelly said
before her sons could say a word. looking slightly downcast, John and
Josh kept quiet. The rest of the meal centered around what the trip was
going to be like and the different countries that were going to be
Things seemed to be going fine till the bug Josh had picked up
had chosen the trip home to make itself known again. With very little
warning, Josh’s bowels cramped up and let loose in one very violent

Chapter 24

“Erin, when we get home would you mind taking care of Josh?” Mr.
Kelly asked his daughter as he rolled the windows down a bit to try and
dissipate the smell that was starting to emanate from his youngest
son’s diaper. Through all this, Josh just sobbed quietly while John and
DJ tried to comfort him.
“C’mon Thumper, let’s get you upstairs and into a clean diaper.”
Erin said kindly while leading her little brother into the house. Josh
said nothing during all this, but it could be seen what happened had
embarrassed him greatly.
“I’m really sorry about all this trouble Erin.” Josh mumbled as
he was helped up on to his changing table. Josh turned red again as his
bowels let loose again with another slightly audible fart. For her
part, Erin braced herself for what she was about to face when she
opened her brother’s diaper. She groaned slightly when she was faced
with the full on slaught of what he brother had done.
“Josh, I think this would go a lot easier if you just went in and
got a shower to clean up. You might also try and use the toilet to
empty out whatever you might have left in you.” Erin said with a slight
grin. Josh just nodded at this and after having his sister loosely pin
a towel on him he got off the table and head for the bathroom.
“Well that didn’t take long.” Mrs. Kelly commented as her
daughter walked by with the old diaper.
“It’s not over yet. Josh did such a number, I though it would be
quicker for him to just wash off in the shower than to try and use
wipes on him.” Erin replied as she walked past.
“By the way mom, do we still have any Imodium?” Erin asked as she
came back in from throwing out the old diaper.
“I think we do. Check in the Medicine Basket. If we don’t, let me
know and I’ll pick some up tomorrow while I’m out shopping.” Erin
nodded at this and after finding some medicine for her brother walked
back up to his room to get things set up fo