The Olsen Twins by Unknown (Posted by BabyMike2)

The Olsen Twins:

Ashley always liked acting; it was the one chance for her to do
something that she really enjoyed. You see, when Mary-Kate and Ashley
were younger… they had to wear diapers on full house. But not only
during the times when they were babies. The director didn’t have time
for potty breaks so they were kept in diapers whenever they were on the
set. Seeing as it was a lot of time, their parents didn’t even bother
toilet training them until after the show ended. Because of this
Ashley’s bladder was weak. Why not Mary Kate’s too? Ashley wanted her
bladder to be weak. Now whenever they acted she would get to wear

So there they were, on the way to the set. Ashley couldn’t wait for that
first diaper of the day.

“Now Ashley,” started her parents, “we’ve decided that if Mary Kate can
go without diapers on the set, you can too. Besides which don’t those
diapers make you feel like a baby anyway”

“Nooooooooo,” Ashley thought. They had been threatening to do this for
years, but what could she do. But how could she not miss the warm secure
feeling of a diaper. There had to be some way.

“Mary Kate? can I ask you something?” said Ashley
“What’s wrong”
“well you know that I like wearing diapers, isn’t there some way I can
use them?”
“Not that I can think of… why do you like them anyway?”
“There’s just such a warm feeling that I get… and I don’t mean when
they’re wet… but that’s part of it too. You have to try it to know
what it feels like”

Soon they arrived at the set. Ashley had to pee, and she knew that if
she held it, it wouldn’t be long until she was wetting herself like a
baby. But still, her parents said no diapers, so before they started she
went to the bathroom.

Soon they got into it… it was in interesting movie, but as Ashley
looked over at Mary-Kate, she noticed that something was wrong.
Mary-Kate seemed to be fidgeting, but then she stopped. Soon a dark spot
began to appear on her jeans.

“Mary-Kate!” screamed their parents.
soon Mary-Kate was being led to the bathroom by her parents. minutes
later she reappeared in a different pair of jeans… but this time there
was some obvious padding.
“Mary-Kate… are you wearing a diaper?” asked Ashley.
“Yes… I think I like it too.”
“wait a second… mom and dad only said I couldn’t wear them if you

and with that, Ashley wet herself too. Soon her parents swept her up
just like they did Mary-Kate
Now she was in her own diaper… she couldn’t remember a time when she
was more happy. maybe I should wear diapers at home too, she thought

soon they finished filming for the day… but that didn’t mean no

“listen girls,” said their mother, "since neither of you were able to
hold it at the set… we think maybe you should wear diapers for the
rest of the day… we’ll change you if you need it.

“finally” thought Ashley. now I’ll get to wear diapers on the set… if
neither of us could hold it and they think we should wear diapers for
the rest of the day, then they have to let me wear them tomorrow. if
they don’t we can always wet again… Mary Kate seems to like the idea

when they got home, their father asked both of them if they were wet.
“no daddy” Ashley said, but he checked anyway.
“what are you talking about… you’re soaking. if you keep this up,
you’re going to be in diapers for a long time.”
“well… um dad, I kind of like them… Mary Kate does too. They’re just
so warm and comforting… can I please wear them all the time.”
“well Mary Kate… do you really feel this way too?”
“ummm… yea dad”
“fine, but you know what this means right? only babies wear diapers…
and so we’re going to have to treat you like you are babies. tonight is
your last night in your big girl beds… tomorrow, its going to be cribs.
you’re going to drink from a bottle, and you are going to be fed by your
mother. another thing… you won’t be allowed to use the toilet again…
that is unless you want to permanently give up diapers. to insure this…
we plan on locking you into your diapers. so do you really want to do

“yes dada” replied Ashley in a babyish voice.
“Mary Kate?”
“well I don’t really know if I like them as much as Ashley… isn’t
there some way I can try them first?”
“I’ll give you one day, meanwhile Ashley, imp going to change you and lock
you up in your new diapers. Now its been a long day so I expect both of
you to go to bed.”
Soon Ashley and Mary Kate were changed by their father… Ashley was
locked up and given a bottle, after she finished it she went to bed…
she even started to suck her thumb.
The next morning both of them woke up wet. Neither of them planned to.

“Mary-Kate… I wet in my sleep without even knowing it!! This is so
much fun.”
“Yeah well I guess I’m glad that you’re enjoying it… I don’t really
feel the same way… only problem is I think I might need them… I don’t
even want to wet and I used my diaper last night.”
“So I guess you don’t like them?”
“no… sorry, but they just don’t seem as fun to me as they are to you.
the accidental bedwetting kind of discouraged me too.”

soon their parents walked in. after changing Ashley they proceeded to
talk to Mary Kate
“Mary-Kate, do you like them?”
“well no, but I wet my bed last night by accident.”
“That’s probably just because you were wearing the diaper… I guess you
don’t have to wear them if you don’t want to. Now Ashley, I know that
your diaper is a little thicker than usual, but I figured I should go
with the more absorbent diaper and you’re going to be using them all the
time. now put on some clothes and you and your sister can go out while
we set up your room.”
“okay mom”

“So Ashley where do you want to go?”
“Let’s go to the park.”
“Aren’t you worried about people seeing your diaper?”
“No one will make fun of me if u tell them I can’t help it.”
“good point.”
They walked to the park, and when they were there they saw a whole lot
of people from their school having a picnic… Ashley suggested that
they join them so they did. A little while into it, Ashley had to pee,
she decided that it probably won’t smell that much and as she was on the
verge of losing control anyway, she decided to use her diaper.
Both Ashley and Mary-Kate had a lot to drink, and about the time of
Ashley’s second wetting, she saw Mary-Kate fidget just like she had at
the movie set. Then she stopped, but just as before a small wet spot
appeared. The spot became larger until her pants were soaked down to her

“Umm… is something wrong Mary-Kate?” asked one of her friends, and
before she could answer the school bully (who was also there jumped in)
“She wet herself like a baby… Mary-Kate’s a baby! See look she’s even
crying like one too!”
“Guys stop!” screamed Ashley “I mean if anything I’m more of a baby than
she is… look, imp wearing a diaper!” She pulled down her pants so they
could see, and then took out her bottle filled with apple juice.
“Hey look baby Ashley wet herself too!”
With this last comment Ashley couldn’t help but cry, and the two wet
twins walked home.

“Well Mary Kate… you seem to have a problem… How about this, if you
wear a diaper, we won’t make u drink from a bottle and eat baby food or
sleep in a crib. we won’t even lock you in. just the diapers. what do u
“ok I guess mom.”