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The Other Side - Catharsis

Prologue: The New Supervisor

Twenty-seven year-old Amy Stratford walked into The Diaper Dandy Day Care Center and was greeted by Dr. Nicole Carpenter.
“Amy! It’s so good to see you!” Nikki exclaimed. She embraced her friend in a warm hug. “Look at you! You look wonderful!”
“You don’t look so bad yourself,” Amy commented.
“I’ve had better days,” Nikki said, brushing her brown hair out of her face.
“Yeah, you sounded a little bit troubled on the phone,” Amy said.
“Why don’t you come into my office and I’ll tell you all about it,” Nikki said.
Amy and Nikki had met a few years ago when Nikki was in medical school and Amy was in nursing school. They had become close friends and worked in very similar careers. Nikki had created her own day care center, while Amy had become the supervising nurse in the pediatric department at the local hospital. Amy was a successful, intelligent nurse, who was extremely devoted to each of her patients. She was also quite beautiful. She had long brown hair, tied into a pony tail, light green eyes, stood 5’4" tall and weighed 110 pounds. She was dressed in a black button-down blouse and tight blue jeans.
“So what’s going on?” Amy asked, sitting in Nicole’s office.
“Well, it’s been almost a year now,” Nikki said, staring at the ceiling. “It’s been almost a year since that horrible ordeal with Lauren, Kristie, my husband, and Dara Miller. And I still can’t believe it turned out the way that it did.”
“But you won,” Amy said. “Dara Miller was committed to a psychiatric institution. And all of her patients came forward and organized a class action suit against her. Some decided to continue wearing diapers, recognizing that Dara’s therapy had helped them. Other chose not to. I don’t know why you keep beating yourself up over this.”
“I just can’t get it out of my mind, Amy. I still have nightmares. I’m strapped to the table, diapered, and my husband is about to inject me with a medicine that will make me incontinent and cause me to act like a baby. I still break into tears every time I see Kristie and Lauren,” Nikki explained.
“Kristie and Lauren are as happy as any of Dr. Miller’s patients. Kristie is almost done with her second year of medical school and Lauren has graduated from college. They’re still living together. And from what you’ve told me, Lauren is still wearing diapers, and has been cured of her depression,” Amy asked.
“Yeah, that’s right,” Nikki said, in an emotionless tone.
“So what’s the matter then?” Amy wondered.
“I just don’t know what’s right anymore. My emotions are all over the place. I look at Lauren and I should be happy that I was able to help her. But I feel guilty whenever I spend time with her and change her diaper,” Nikki said.
“But why, Nikki? You’ve told me time and time again that Lauren loves wearing diapers. And she loves being changed and babied. Every person has different needs. And you’re fulfilling hers. Why do you keep beating yourself up over this?” Amy asked.
“But nobody’s fulfilling my needs. And I can’t seem to fulfill them for myself either,” Nikki said.
“I don’t understand,” Amy said.
“I just can’t go on like this anymore. Jim and I divorced shortly after the ordeal. I haven’t seen anybody or met anybody since that time. I just buried myself in my work. But there’s something about working with the kids, and changing diapers, and babying them that has lost its appeal. I feel like I’m involved in some kind of charade. And I can’t do it anymore. I just can’t do it anymore. My staff has noticed changes in me. I’m irritable. I’m cranky. I’m difficult to work for. Diaper Dandy has fallen off the charts in terms of community and nation-wide respectability. And I think I’m incapable of causing it to rebound. Amy, I’m leaving Diaper Dandy,” Nikki said.
“But this place was your vision, your dream. You created it and formed it out of nothing. And now you’re going to leave?” Amy asked.
“I told you, sweetie. I can’t do it anymore. My associates stopped respecting me a long time ago. They’ve lost their touch with the children. It’s bad enough that most of them come in here smelling like smoke and alcohol and dressed like prostitutes. The facility is a mess. Germs and infections are spreading like wildfires. Everything I’ve worked for has now fallen down the drain. I’ve lost control of the situation. My life and my business are in shambles,” Nikki said.
“But Nikki,” Amy protested.
“It doesn’t matter really. I’m going to go away for a little while. I’m going to try and recharge my batteries and gain some perspective. And when I come back, hopefully, everything will be better,” Nikki said.
“How is leaving going to make the situation better? The Nicole Carpenter I know doesn’t quit,” Amy said.
“Amy, I’m not quitting. I’m just taking a leave of absence. And I want you to serve as acting supervisor while I’m away,” Nikki said.
Amy’s mouth dropped open. “Nikki! You can’t be serious! I know you can tough it out. Everybody has ups and downs. You’re just in a bit of a down period right now,” Amy said, attempting to persuade Nikki to change her mind.
“This down period has gone on long enough. I need someone who’s qualified, capable, intelligent, and devoted to take over for me while I’m away. And I can’t think of anybody I’d rather have serve than you. We’ve been friends and colleagues for a number of years, Amy. I trust you. And I’m asking you for your help,” Nicole said.
“You know I’d say yes in an instant, Nikki. But I have my job at the hospital. And I’m so very happy there,” Amy explained.
“I had a chance to speak with your supervisor Ellen this morning. I explained the situation to her. And I requested that she allow you to serve as acting supervisor of Diaper Dandy in my absence. She said that she would miss you, but anticipated great success for you in your new position,” Nikki said.
“But what do I know about running a day care center?” Amy wondered.
“It won’t be very different from your job over at the hospital. You’ll be charged with caring for the children in a host of different ways. You’ll organize programs for them, play games, supervise them, feed them, clean them, change their diapers. You’ll work with new parents and supervise the recruiting process. You’ll supervise the associates directly. And you will do whatever it takes to keep my business afloat. If you spot a problem, I am authorizing you to do whatever it takes to fix it. With the way that I’ve neglected this business and my associates in the past few months, it won’t be difficult for you to spot problems that need to be rectified,” Nikki said.
“But where will you go? How long will you be away for?” Amy asked. She loved her position at the hospital. She didn’t want to leave. But Nikki had gone over her head and made it impossible for her to refuse the job.
“I have no answer to either question. Right now, I need to take some personal time. I need to focus on me. I’m no good to anybody right now, not even myself,” Nikki said.
“I’m sorry, Nikki. I wish there was more that I could do to help you,” Amy said, reaching across the desk to place her hand on Nikki’s arm. It pained her to see her friend in such a bad place.
“You are doing so much for me by saying yes. This place is so important to me. And as I said earlier, I’m not quitting. I just need some help. And I know that you’ll be able to do just that,” Nikki said. A hint of a smile formed on her lips, as she clutched Amy’s hand and looked her directly in the eyes.
“When do you want me to start?” Amy asked.
Nikki looked at the ceiling aimlessly. She felt as if a huge burden had been lifted from her shoulders. “Tomorrow,” she said.

the next day

Dr. Carpenter’s associates found her letter in their mailboxes the next morning. They were surprised that she had taken a leave of absence so suddenly. And they did not know what to think of their new supervisor, Amy Stratford.
On another note, Amy did not know what to think of them. It did not take long for her to begin to recognize problems. Dr. Carpenter had mentioned issues relating to associate attire, associate behavior, hygiene, and handling of the children in the facility. Within a few hours, Amy witnessed problems in all of these areas.
When the associates first arrived, Amy noticed that they smelled of smoke and alcohol. One was clearly hungover. And she wanted to reprimand Jennifer for dressing in such an inappropriate manner. Jennifer was wearing a tight white elastic shirt. Not only was her brassiere visible through the fabric of the shirt, but the shirt was so tight that her nipples could be seen poking through. To make matters worse, she was also wearing a denim skirt that barely reached the midpoint of her thighs. When Amy watched Jennifer bend over to pick a child up from the crib, she saw Jennifer’s black thong panties.
Later that morning, Amy conducted her business in the bathroom. She heard another woman in the stall next to her having a bowel movement. Amy stepped outside of the stall to wash her hands. She noticed that Brooke walked out of the stall, and immediately left the bathroom. Amy wondered how Brooke could go back to work without washing her hands.
And then there was the matter with Veronica. Veronica was working in the changing area, changing a baby girl’s diaper. Without hovering over her, Amy noticed that Veronica’s methods were atrocious. She could tell that the baby had messed her diaper. Veronica handled the infant poorly. When cleaning her diaper area, she wiped the girl from back to front and did not clean the child completely. When Amy noticed that Veronica was about to dress the baby in a fresh diaper, she interceded.
“Veronica! How can you do such a thing?” Amy asked in a loud whisper, trying not to startle the baby.
“Whaddya mean, Ames? I’m just changin’ huh diapuh. Oh and by the way, it’s Ronnie, not Veronica,” Veronica said, unfolding the fresh baby diaper.
“Give me that,” Amy said, pulling the diaper out of Veronica’s hands. “And it’s Ms. Stratford to you. You need to learn some respect for your supervisor. And you also need to learn how to diaper an infant correctly. Look at this mess! You haven’t even cleaned her! Do you want her to get a diaper rash or an infection? How would you like it if I cleaned you like that? How would you like it if I left you all dirty and messy after you pooped in your diaper and you got an itchy, red rash on your bum?”
“Huh huh. That’s funny,” Veronica said, chuckling slightly.
Amy glanced at Veronica with a look of disgust. She cleaned the baby girl, powdered her and diapered her, while cooing and speaking in baby talk.
“Come with me, Veronica. It’s time to wash our hands,” Amy said, folding up the infant’s soiled diaper and disposing of it in the diaper pail. As she and Veronica went to wash their hands, she recalled the words that she had just said. After less than a day at Diaper Dandy, Amy Stratford realized that the time had come to institute some changes.

Chapter One: Amy’s Proposal

It did not take long for Amy Stratford to acquire a reputation. By the end of the week, all of her associates had noticed the rather significant change in leadership. To make matters worse, they had seen the notice on the bulletin board:

important staff meeting
all staff members must attend
friday @ 6:30 p.m.

Naturally, this after-hours meeting was met with utter disdain by the associates.
“What does the bitch want now?” Jennifer asked, as she sat in the break room, waiting for the meeting to begin.
“I dunno,” Veronica said. “But it’s prolly not anything good or worth staying for.”
“So why did you stick around?” Jennifer asked.
“I dunno. I guess I hafta,” Veronica said.
“She’s so different than Nikki,” Brooke interjected. “Nikki was so cool with us. She let us do what we want and never commented about what we were doing. She stood in the shadows while we did our work. And this Amy character, oh I mean, Ms. Stratford, comes in here like gangbusters and corrects everything we do. She’s always offering suggestions and criticizing.”
“But all of that criticism is constructive,” Sara commented. Sara was nineteen years old and a sophomore at the local university. She had straight black hair, green eyes, and wore glasses. Sara was dressed in a navy blue sweater and blue jeans. Most of the other staff members made fun of her. She was very intelligent and often acted like a goody-two-shoes.
“Shut up geek!” Brooke said.
“But it’s true! Ms. Stratford is only trying to help. She wants us to be the best associates we can possibly be,” Sara attempted.
“Is that what Daddy tells you every night before he tucks you in with your teddy bear?” Veronica asked. The other girls laughed at Sara’s expense.
“Good evening ladies,” Amy said as she entered the room holding a clipboard and a shopping bag. The four girls who had been chatting, as well as the rest of the staff mumbled a “hello.”
“I said, good evening ladies,” Amy said, trying again.
“Good evening Ms. Stratford!” Sara chimed in.
“What a dork!” Veronica shouted out.
“Veronica, you’re being rude. When somebody says ‘good evening’ to you, then it is appropriate to return the greeting,” Amy explained.
Veronica rolled her eyes and said, “It’s Ronnie. My name is Ronnie.”
“I much prefer to call you Veronica. Good evening ladies!” Amy said again.
This time, the entire room, except for Veronica said, “Good evening Ms. Stratford!”
"There, that’s much better. Thank you all for staying late this evening. I don’t want to take up too much of your time, so let’s get down to business. This has been a difficult week for all of us. You’ve experienced a change in leadership, with me taking the place of Dr. Carpenter. I’ve experienced a change in staff and environment. I’m very pleased with how things have proceeded this week, but I think we can be doing much better.
"Dr. Carpenter has entrusted me with the responsibility of recapturing the glory that Diaper Dandy experienced a few years ago. Since then, our status and respectability have plummeted. We’re still doing a good job, but a few years ago, nobody could match us. We won awards in cleanliness, child care, affordability, learning opportunities, and the overall environment of the facility. We were awarded Child Care Center of the Year, three years in a row. But the past two years have been rather dismal. After working with you for a week now, I’ve designed a program that I think will help Diaper Dandy to resurface as the nation’s leading day care center.
"My program is designed to address many of the problems that I’ve noticed in my first week here. I won’t mention any names but I’ve seen babies mishandled. I’ve seen diaper changes where the baby isn’t properly cleaned. I’ve seen associates fail to wash their hands after using the lavatory. I’ve seen associates wear inappropriate clothing to work. I’ve noticed that many of you smell like smoke and alcohol when you come to work. On many occasions, I’ve caught you talking in the lavatory instead of working on the floor with the children. We need to be creating a positive environment for the children we serve. We need to be setting a positive example for them to follow.
"There are problems with hygiene and staff dedication that we must address and we must address now. Infection and uncleanliness will not be tolerated in this facility. Furthermore, inappropriate behavior in the bathroom and inappropriate dress will no longer be allowed. I don’t know how Dr. Carpenter handled you. But I need you to understand that I am not Dr. Carpenter. I am the acting supervisor of this facility, and I have been entrusted with a mission that needs to be accomplished.
“I am the acting tyrant of this facility,” Brooke whispered in Veronica’s ear.
Veronica giggled.
“Is something funny over there?” Amy asked, looking in the girls’ direction.
“No, nothing, Ms. Stratford,” Brooke commented.
Amy frowned, knowing that Brooke had lied to her.
“Excuse me, please. Where was I? Oh, that’s right. I was talking about how we will rectify these problems. For starters, I am going to introduce a new uniform for you to wear,” Amy said. She reached into the shopping bag, and pulled out the one-piece candy-striper outfit and white button-down blouse. She then reached in again, and pulled out a pair of black buckle shoes and white stockings.
"Each of you will wear this uniform when you work your shift. These uniforms are on loan from the hospital where I’ve worked in the pediatrics department. Wearing these uniforms will remind you that your obligations are similar to those of a nurse. You are responsible for caring for our children, and fulfilling all of their needs.
“We’re all going to look like freaks,” Jennifer said. “I’m going to be dressed like a frigging candy cane!”
“I don’t mean to embarrass you, Jennifer. But one of the reasons that I’ve decided to institute this uniform is because I’m tired of seeing your panties every day when you bend over. Light blue today, right?” Amy asked.
Jennifer’s face turned beet red.
“Excuse me,” Amy continued. Deciding against cutting Jennifer some slack, she then said, “You know, Jennifer. This whole discussion of your panties brings me to our next topic of discussion. We need to discuss your underwear.”
“For the past few nights, I’ve sat at home trying to figure out a way to address all of the problems in our facility in as simple a way as possible. This is what I came up with,” Amy said. She reached into the shopping back and withdrew a white adult-sized disposable diaper. She placed the diaper on top of the folded uniform and watched every jaw in the room drop. Naturally, she had expected such a reaction.
Amy waited for the talking to die down and then began to speak again. “I imagine that all of you hate me even more for even thinking of such an idea. But I’m doing this with your best interests in mind,” she said.
Veronica stared at the diaper on the table and thought back to her incident with the baby girl on Monday. Amy had reprimanded her for doing such a poor job changing the girl’s diaper and had threatened to leave her in a poopy diaper. Now Amy’s threat had become a reality.
“My best interests?” Veronica asked. “How is wearing a diaper in anybody’s interest?”
“Let me explain, Veronica. And then I will allow sufficient time for you to ask questions,” Amy said calmly.
Veronica grew angrier and angrier by the minute.
"By wearing diapers, each of you will experience the other side of the caregiving relationship. You will know what it is like to have your diaper changed. You will know what it is like to wet your diaper and poop in your diaper. You will learn what it’s like to be cleaned with many of the products that we use on our children. You will learn what it’s like to be cooed at and addressed in baby talk. You will learn what it’s like to be touched. Most importantly, you’ll come to appreciate the ways in which you are changed and like to be touched. Such an experience will help you when working with the children. You will be able to apply what you have learned from wearing a diaper to the person you are attending to. I believe that the best caregiver is someone who knows and has experienced the caregiving relationship from the other side.
"And diapers solve other problems too. Since you’ll be performing all of your bodily functions in your diaper, you’ll have no need for the bathroom. You won’t gather in the toilet to chat and schmooze and complain. Since I’ll be responsible for changing your diapers, I won’t have to worry about you washing your hands after using the toilet. As a staff, you are responsible for the cleanliness and hygiene of all the children you care for. As your director, I see myself as responsible for your cleanliness and your hygiene.
“Naturally, this is a lot of information to digest at once. But before I allow you to ask questions, I want you to know that there are incentives for those who choose to participate,” Amy said.
“You mean I don’t have to participate in this stupid program if I don’t want to?” Veronica asked.
"No, you don’t. I can’t make you participate. And I can’t hold your job over your head and tell you that you will be fired if you don’t sign on. I would be guilty of duress for doing such a thing. And I want this program to be as appealing as possible. I want to make you the best caregivers I possibly can. I know that this idea is unorthodox. I know that you will be see it, at least in the beginning, as an invasion of your privacy. I know you will have issues with my seeing your naked and cleaning your most private areas. But I feel that the benefits definitely outweigh the uncomfortableness that you might experience.
"I am prepared to offer you the following. Any associate who chooses to participate, will receive two things when they sign on. First, I will pay you an additional day’s pay. Second, you will receive a paid day off of your choice. Then, after every month that you participate in the simulation, I will award you back pay in the amount of an additional $.50 per hour. Let’s say that you’re currently making $10 an hour. At 40 hours a week, that’s $400. For fifty-two weeks that’s $20,800. If we go back each month and pay you an additional $.50 an hour, that brings your rate to $10.50. Multiply that over fifty-two weeks and you’ll be grossing over $1,000 more than you would normally.
"I have prepared a document that outlines the entire simulation. I suggest that you take it home and read it this weekend. Remember, you are under no pressure to sign. I simply feel that those who choose to participate will be dedicating themselves to becoming better caregivers. The last page of the document summarizes the principle aspects and objectives of the simulation. I ask that those of you who wish to participate in the program sign the page in the space provided. On Monday morning, we’ll take some time to get you acquainted to your diaper and your uniform.
“There’s one more thing that we need to do before we take questions. I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine. Lauren? Would you come in please and introduce yourself?” Amy asked.
Lauren Patterson entered the break room wearing the candy-striped uniform.
“Hi. My name is Lauren Patterson. I’m twenty-three years old, and I’ll be working with those of you participating in the simulation,” Lauren said, brushing her long chestnut-brown hair out of her face. “My job is to help you become as comfortable as possible. I am a full-time diaper wearer. I use my diaper for everything. And I am not ashamed or embarrassed to tell you that I love wearing diapers. I fully agree with Amy’s proposal and I think that your caregiving expertise will benefit greatly from wearing and using a diaper. I started wearing diapers a little more than a year ago. You probably read about the scandal in the paper. You remember, about that doctor who brainwashed her patients into thinking that they needed diapers? I was one of her clients. But when I finally broke free from the brainwashing, I realized that I actually enjoyed diapers and being changed. I’m here to offer you a positive perspective, based on personal experience. I hope that you’ll use me as a resource.”
“Thank you, Lauren. Now, are there any questions?” Amy asked.
Every woman in the room was shocked. Everything had been dumped on them so quickly. None of them, except for Sara, could formulate a question. “Can we see your diaper?” Sara asked, rather eagerly.
“I don’t think that’s appropriate,” Amy said.
“No, don’t worry about it. I’m totally cool with that,” Lauren said, smiling. She pulled up her skirt and revealed her disposable diaper to the associates.
“Hey, everybody! Look at the baby!” Veronica shouted.
“Veronica!” Amy said in a stern voice.
But Amy’s sternness did not dissuade Veronica from persisting. She stood up from the table and walked over to wear Lauren was standing. She touched Lauren’s diaper and announced, “Hey, everybody! I think that baby is wet! I think she needs her diaper changed!”
“Veronica! Sit down!” Amy said.
“I think you would benefit from wearing a diaper, Veronica,” Lauren said. “I think you need to learn about respect for other people besides yourself. I think you need to learn to respect your body and your bodily functions. I think you need to learn about authority and how you should treat guests. I hope that you’ll sign the form.”
“Not on my life, diaper-baby!” Veronica said, returning to her seat.
“I’m going to walk around the table now. Each of you may look at and touch my diaper if you wish. You can see what it looks like, what the padding feels like, what it smells like, how it fits, and get a general idea for yourself,” Lauren offered.
Lauren walked around and allowed her diaper to be touched. Veronica was right. She had wet herself a few minutes earlier. As the women in the room touched her diaper, she felt herself become slightly aroused.
“It’s so thick and bulky!” Jennifer commented.
“It has to be. You need lots of padding, especially in your crotch, to absorb wetness. The job of the diaper is to keep you dry and protect your clothing from getting wet,” Lauren explained.
“It smells so babyish, like baby powder!” Brooke said as she ran her hand along the back of the diaper.
“A diaper needs to smell like that. I’m sure that you don’t want to smell like poop when you mess yourself. You want that nice, fresh, clean smell to stay with you, rather than the odor of poop embarrassing you,” Lauren remarked.
Brooke felt herself become nauseated by the idea of having to poop in her diaper.
Lauren continued walking around the table and eventually came to Sara, who was completely mesmerized by Lauren’s diaper.
“I don’t believe this! It’s an exact replica of a baby diaper!” she announced proudly. She smelled Lauren’s diaper, ran her fingers along the elastic legging, and felt the diaper between Lauren’s crotch. “This is amazing,” she then said to herself, under her breath.
Once Sara had finished examining her diaper, Lauren lowered her skirt and returned to the front of the conference table. “On the document outlining the simulation, I have included my telephone number. I suggest that you take the document open and read it over the weekend. If you’d like to talk on the phone or meet up in person to ask me any questions, I’d be more than happy to speak with you,” Lauren offered.
“Thank you, Lauren. This concludes tonight’s meeting. I’ll see you on Monday morning,” Amy said.
On their way out of the meeting, each of the associates grabbed a copy of the document which explained the simulation in detail. There was much small talk taking place as they left the facility.
Once the associates cleared out, Amy turned to Lauren and said, “Thanks for being such a good sport.”
“I’m happy to help. I wish that we could tie Veronica down and diaper her right here right now. There are certain people that I’d like to see mess themselves. And she’s just shot to the top of my list,” Lauren said.
“You know we can’t do that,” Amy said, placing her arm on Lauren’s shoulder. “I meant what I said. This is an incentive-laden program. Those who choose to participate will be pleasantly rewarded. Nobody’s forced to sign.”
“But by upping the pay of those who participate by over $1,000, I don’t think many associates will say ‘no,’” Lauren said.
“That’s what I’m hoping for,” Amy said. She then lifted up Lauren’s skirt and said, “Does little Laur-laur need her didee changed?”
While still in college, Lauren had volunteered in the pediatric department at the local hospital, under the supervision of Amy Stratford. She had become good friends with her supervisor. Unemployed after college, and taking some time off to figure out her direction in life, she was overjoyed to have received a phone call from Amy, asking her to work at Diaper Dandy. She knew by working at the day care center that she was helping Amy, and helping Dr. Carpenter, to whom she was greatly indebted.
“I thought you’d never ask,” Lauren said, smiling. She laid down on the conference table, hitched up her skirt, and allowed Amy to change her diaper.
During the diaper change, Amy said, “I really appreciate all of the help that you’re giving me in this project. But there’s one more thing that I need you to do for me.”

Chapter Two: Veronica’s Reaction

“I can’t believe you’re gonna sell out on me like that,” Veronica said into the phone. It was late Saturday night, she was partially drunk, and was laying on her bed in her apartment, talking to Brooke.
“Ronnie, I’m not selling out on you,” Brooke said, in an attempt to reassure her friend.
“I think you are. What’s Jennifer doin’?” Veronica asked.
“She’s going to participate in the simulation. Jen told me that she feels kind of guilty about the way that she’s been acting and dressing. She thinks that if she lets Ms. Stratford diaper her, it may ingratiate her a little bit more and up her status,” Brooke explained.
“Sounds like Jen’s sellin’ out too,” Veronica said, feeling immensely frustrated.
“Ronnie. Why are you acting like this? I mean, like, it can’t be that bad,” Brooke said.
“Oh yeah! It can’t be that bad. I really want to be diapered like a baby. I can’t wait to piss and shit myself like I’m an infant or some dumb, old invalid. I can’t wait to have Stratford’s hands touch my pussy and feel her fingers up my ass. Oh yeah. It can’t be that bad. Oh, I forgot, Brooke. You like that sort of thing,” Veronica said rather sarcastically.
“Stop it, Ronnie. You’re not being fair. You know my situation with money. I have none. I’m finally in a job that I enjoy. I’m finally beginning to succeed and gain experience working with children. If I see an opportunity arise that is going to pay me an additional $1,000 for wearing a piece of plastic around my waist, I’m going to take it,” Brooke explained.
“Admit it, Brooke. You wanna see what it feels like to drop a load in your pants. You loved touchin’ Lauren’s diaper as much as loser-Sara did. I bet you wanna know what it’s like. I bet that diaper turned ya’ on,” Ronnie said, pissed that her two best friends at the day care center had decided to participate in the program, and leave her behind.
“It didn’t turn me on!” Brooke said, sounding rather exacerbated. “I’m not that loser Sara. Did you see how much time she spent touching Lauren’s diaper? That was positively sick! I assure you, Ronnie. If I didn’t need the money, I wouldn’t agree to participate.”
“Sellin’ out for cash. I gotcha,” Veronica said. “There is no amount of money, and I mean no amount of money that that fuckin’ wench could give me to make me wear a diaper. I just won’t do it,” she continued.
“Are you sure you’re not being close-minded? Jen and I really don’t know what to expect, but we’re going to try it,” Brooke offered.
“I’m tired of you trying to convince me,” Veronica said. “Gimme a call tomorrow. Maybe I’ll have changed my mind by then, but don’t count on it.”
Veronica hung up the phone and rolled over in her queen-sized bed. The entire simulation disgusted her and she resolved never to participate in it.
Feeling somewhat gross from her night out and smelling of smoke and alcohol, Veronica stood up from her bed and removed the tight magenta top that she was wearing. She then unhooked her bra and unbuttoned the leg-strangling black pants that hugged her rear rather tightly. She wore such clothing, not because it was comfortable, but because it showed off her features, making her more attractive to guys. Finally, she stepped out of her leopard satin panties, and walked towards the bathroom to take a hot shower.
As the bathroom filled with steam, Veronica looked at herself in the mirror and tried to imagine herself wearing a diaper. She looked at her dirty-blond hair, and noticed how it contrasted her olive-colored skin, and dark brown eyes. She glanced at her mature, shapely breasts, and her mound of pubic hair; sure signs that she was a woman, and not a baby. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the half-used box of Tampax tampons, resting on top of the toilet. For a moment, Veronica paused to consider her menstrual period. If she was old enough to menstruate, clearly she was too old to wear a diaper.
But it wasn’t the diaper that distressed Veronica. As she looked into the mirror at her divinely naked body, she could not bring herself to smile. For much of her life, seeing herself in the nude had been an emotionally trying experience. For Veronica, it was always a painful act of remembrance.
And again, here in the safety of her own apartment, her heart sank as she looked at the bruises on her chest. She touched her abdomen, running her fingers across the scars. Every time she touched the wounds, she could feel the cold, steel blade pierce her skin again. And again. And again.
“Stop!” she cried out.
“Stop yelling at me!” Veronica screamed. “I didn’t do it! I didn’t!”
And then she realized that she was the only person in the bathroom. It didn’t matter though. The voices never let her be.
No. Veronica could never allow herself to be diapered. She didn’t want them to know about the wounds, and about her history. She didn’t want to have to tell them anything. And most importantly, she didn’t want to become more vulnerable than was necessary.
By the time twenty-two year-old Veronica Wilson stepped into the shower, she was sobbing uncontrollably. Tears cascaded down her face with as much force as the piercing needles of the scalding water.

Chapter Three: Sara’s Journal

At roughly the same time that Veronica Wilson stepped into the shower, Sara Richardson entered her single bedroom in the dormitory, locked the door and turned on the small lamp above her computer. Once she brought her computer out of sleep-mode, it wasn’t long before the images began appearing on the monitor.
Sara smiled with glee as she looked at the images of the diapered women. After a few clicks on the mouse, and a wait of less than a minute, a Real Player screen popped up and Sara looked on as a naked woman, except for her diaper, was awakened in her crib by another woman, and then guided to a changing table in a nursery. The woman cooed and talked to her charge, while changing her wet diaper.
Dressed in a light pink sweater and knee-length floral skirt, Sara could not help but reach underneath her skirt and touch herself. At first she simply created friction using the cottony fabric of her panties. And then she slid the crotch of her underwear aside, placed a finger into her vagina and began to rub her clitoris.
“Oh! Oh!” Sara whimpered, as she experienced feelings of pure ecstasy.
And then the <boing> of the Instant Messenger program brought her back to her senses. Sara minimized the diaper movie, and clicked on the flashing Instant Messenger icon. Sara smiled. Given the fact that she was absolutely infatuated with the guy contacting her, she didn’t mind the interruption.

MattTheMan: how’s it going? whatcha up to?

Sara wrote back.

Sarabeara: wouldn’t you like to know?
MattTheMan: yup, that’s why i’m asking
Sarabeara: i’m studying organic chemistry
MattTheMan: on a saturday night? that’s dedication
Sarabeara: i went for coffee with a few friends, and now it’s back to the books
MattTheMan: well good luck, sara. bye
Sarabeara: bye

Wanting no further interruptions, Sara disconnected from Instant Messenger. She returned to the homepage and downloaded another diaper movie. She smiled, thinking back to her conversation with her friend Matt. Organic chemistry hadn’t been a total lie. She was studying the chemistry between two people, and there were sexual organs involved. Naturally, Sara knew that organic chemistry referred to the study of carbon compounds and molecules, but she wasn’t studying that version at present.
As Sara watched another diaper movie unfold on her computer monitor, she thought about her friendship with Matt. They were best friends, and Sara wanted them to become more than friends, but Matt’s relationship with Heather precluded that from happening. All that Sara could do was sit around and wait for Mr. Right, and occupy her time with fantasies.
When Sara grew tired of watching diaper movies on her computer screen, she opened a folder on the desktop labelled “SARA.” She then double-clicked on the document marked “JOURNAL.” A dialog box popped up asking her to enter her passwod. She typed in a few letters and numbers and then scanned her journal. She reviewed her entry from last evening.

Friday April 2
I can’t believe what happened today. I don’t even know if I can put my emotions into words, so if I babble, too bad. I had to stay after work at the day care center for a staff meeting. Our new supervisor informed us of a program that she’s designed in which all of us would wear and use diapers. It has something to do with experiencing the “other side” of the caregiving relationship. If we know what it’s like to be treated like a baby, then we can provide better care and more love and devotion to the babies that we work with.
Needless to say, and I’m sure you can figure this out from my previous entries, that I’m thrilled beyond words. I’ve always wanted to wear a diaper. Ever since I began babysitting when I was fourteen, I wondered what it was like to wear one. I would change the babies and smell the powder and the soft fabric of their diapers, and wonder what it would be like to try one on. I never did. I guess I’m a bit of a coward, but I’ve never told anyone about this fetish of mine. I’m afraid of how embarrassing it would be. Look at Sara! She loves diapers! Or, how about? Look at Sara! She needs to be changed! I would be totally mortified if anyone found out. But I guess you figured that out because I’ve password-protected this file.
I should be sleeping right now, but instead I’m writing this journal entry. I can’t stop thinking about what it’s going to be like to be diapered. Today, this woman named Lauren Patterson, who has worn diapers for more than a year showed us her diaper. I got to touch her diaper and smell it and feel how the elastic wound around her legs and protected her. I even think she was a bit wet. I hope the other associates didn’t notice how interested I was in Lauren’s diaper. I’m not a lesbian. In fact, I’m totally straight and I have no interest in other women. But when it comes to diapers, the idea of a guy in a diaper is revolting. I want to see other women wear diapers. I envy them and I want to be like them. I can’t believe that come Monday, I’m finally going to get my chance.
I hope that Lauren diapers me. She seems so sweet and gentle. And she’s a total cutie. (Okay, I said I’m not into women, but if she’s wearing diapers cause she enjoys it, I want her to change me!) Here’s my idea. If this whole “other side” thing is true, then Lauren knows what she likes when she’s diapered and she’s going to use those skills on me. I know that Ms. Stratford could diaper me too, but I think I’d prefer Lauren. Just a couple more days, and my dream will come true!

As Sara scrolled down with her left hand on the mouse, her right hand repositioned itself beneath her skirt. Her eyes rolled back in her head, and she could hear herself begin to pant.
After a few minutes of pleasuring herself, Sara calmed down and began to write.

Saturday April 3
I don’t feel like I have too much to write tonight. I had a great time with my friends this evening and I got a lot of work done today. Even though my thoughts have been somewhat distracted by what will happen on Monday, I’m still being productive.
I have two problems that I need to address. First, what if it’s not as good as I think it’s going to be? How will I react? What’s going to happen to my fantasy life? I mean, like, I’ve fantasized about diapers for more than five years now. What if they’re really a downer?
Second, I’m so worried about people finding out about my fetish. Wow. You should be proud of me. This is the first time I’ve ever been able to call this thing “my fetish.” I know that other people have the same feelings as me and are turned on in the same ways. But I’m so embarrassed to even begin talking about. Like, what should I do? Go up to somebody and say, “Hi. I’m Sara. I think about diapers all the time?” Or would it be like going to an AA meeting and saying “Hi, I’m Sara. I’m a diaper lover.” And then, they’ll all respond “Hi Sara.” I’m wearing the diaper for work, and I recognize that after work, I’ll be back in my normal clothing. But what will I do if they realize that I actually like diapers? How should I react? Should I hide my feelings or just run with it?
Oh, I lied. There are three problems this evening. Why can’t Matt and Heather just break it off already? On again, off again, on again, off again. Now they’re on again. Hmph. He says we’re just friends, but he looks at me differently than he looks at her. What is Matt afraid of? It’s not like I’m an imposing figure. I just think we’d make a cute couple.
Well, that’s it for tonight, Oh-Journal-of-Mine. Thanks for listening. Gosh, I’m such a friggin’ weirdo. I tell my journal that it’s listening to me when I’m sitting here typing into it. Boy do I need some rest.

Sara saved and closed her journal and put the computer into sleep mode. She undressed, changed into a pair of pajamas and brushed her teeth. Sara turned off the lights, climbed under the covers, curled up with Oreo (her black-and-white stuffed cow), and stared at the ceiling.
As Sara Richardson drifted off to sleep, a smile formed on her lips. Monday morning could not come soon enough.
Miles away, alone in her apartment, Veronica Wilson was still crying.

Chapter Four: Roommates

Sunday Afternoon (April 4)
With her heart racing, fearful that anybody that she knew had seen her, Jennifer Wallace entered her three-bedroom suite with the brown paper bag in her hands. She closed the door and breathed a sigh of relief.
“Hey! Is anybody home?” Jen cried out, running her fingers through her slightly sweaty auburn hair.
“I’m here,” Brooke Simon said, calling from her bedroom at the far end of the suite. Jennifer and Brooke had been roommates during their freshman and sophomore years. For their junior year on campus, they had applied for a two-person apartment but the application had been rejected. Emily Rubin was their third roommate.
“What about Em? Is she here?” Jen asked.
“Nah. She’s at a newspaper meeting. Said she’d be there for a coupla hours,” Brooke explained.
Jennifer smiled, picking up the brown paper bag again. She lugged it through the common/living area, the small kitchennette, past the bathroom and eventually dropped it at the threshold of her bedroom door, at the opposite end of the suite. Off to her left, Emily’s bedroom door was closed and locked. On her right, she smiled at Brooke, who was busy typing on her computer.
“Whatcha got in the bag?” Brooke asked, looking up from her work.
“I’ll show you in a second. What are you working on?” Jennifer asked.
“Just a history paper. It’s getting near the end of the semester, and I decided that I should start getting my work done,” Brooke said, smiling. She was dressed in a white T-shirt and black sweatpants and had her curly brown hair tied into a pony tail. As always, her bed was neatly made and the rest of her room was a disaster area. Brooke had a rule that she could never get into an unmade bed at night. But she didn’t care how messy the rest of her bedroom was.
“Do you think you could help me with something?” Jen asked, unlocking the door to her bedroom. Unlike Brooke’s bedroom, Jen’s bedroom was impeccable. The bed was made, the desk was neat, and the floor was spotless. She hung all of her clothes in the closet and folded all of them neatly in her dresser. Jen lugged the brown paper bag into her room and placed it beside her bed.
“What do you need?” Brooke asked, walking into Jen’s room.
“I want to see what it feels like,” Jen said, feeling the sweat drip down her neck.
“You want to see what it feels like?” Brooke asked, having no idea what Jennifer was referring to.
“You know, tomorrow. I want to see what I’m getting myself into,” Jennifer said, speaking in a rather esoteric manner.
“Tomorrow? What’s tomorrow?” Brooke asked. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
“Do I have to spell it out for you?” Jen asked. She reached into the brown paper bag and pulled out a plump white plastic bag with blue lettering. The label read ATTENDS: ADULT BRIEFS- MEDIUM.
“Adult briefs? What’s an adult brief and why do you have them?” Brooke asked stupidly.
“They’re diapers, Brooke. I just bought them at the store. The cashier gave me a strange look when she saw what I was buying and I told her that they were for my sick grandmother. This is hard enough as is. Please don’t make it any worse for me,” Jennifer said agitatedly.
“But we don’t have to buy our own diapers for the simulation. Lauren and Ms. Stratford are going to take care of that,” Brooke said calmly. Because of the money involved, Brooke had simply decided to participate. She had no qualms or fears about being diapered. Tomorrow, she would walk into work and let them take her aside, and diaper her. When she had to go the bathroom, she would use her diaper for its intended purpose. And when she received her paycheck, she would smile. Brooke did not understand why Jennifer was acting in such a strange way.
“I know. I know. I just want to see what it’s like,” Jennifer said.
“But you’ll find out tomorrow. Why are you in such a hurry?” Brooke asked. “Like, I don’t see what the big deal is, and everything.”
“I’m scared to death, Brooke. I’ve lost three part-time jobs in the past eight months. I was originally on work-study through the university. But I squandered each and every one of my opportunities. Now this job at Diaper Dandy comes along and I’m doing fine with Dr. Carpenter. But then that bitch Stratford comes in and changes everything,” Jen remarked.
“Ha-ha! You made a diaper pun!” Brooke said, trying to ease her roommate’s tension.
“Would you cut that out?” Jen asked, hating that she had been interrupted.
“You’re smiling,” Brooke said, smiling back at her roommate.
“Stop it,” Jen protested.
“Maybe you’re taking this thing a little too seriously,” Brooke offered.
“Am I? I feel like I’m in danger of losing my job. Stratford has done nothing but comment on my panties all week long. She always tells me that I’m inappropriately dressed. I want to impress her. I want to keep my job, because I really enjoy working with the little ones. But she’s such a hard-ass. I really don’t want to participate in this simulation. But I don’t feel like I have a choice,” Jennifer said, further explaining her problems.
“But you do have a choice,” Brooke said. “You can say no. Ronnie is saying no.” Veronica “Ronnie” Wilson had been their resident advisor in the freshman dorms. Ronnie was two years ahead of them and had already graduated from the university. They kept in touch at work and at various social functions.
“I’m afraid if I say no, then she’ll fire me,” Jen said, expressing her fear.
“She can’t do that,” Brooke reiterated. “She can’t fire you for not wearing a diaper. Ms. Stratford was very clear about that.”
“I guess I just feel persecuted, that’s all. Like I said, I don’t want to lose my job, and I feel like I’m in bad standing with her. All I want to do is improve my status. But I don’t want to go in there cold. I don’t want the first time to be tomorrow, with somebody who I don’t know, well you know, touching me and everything,” Jennifer said.
“I’m sure it won’t be that bad, Jen,” Brooke said, placing a comforting hand on Jennifer’s shoulder.
“It just seems so weird. I’m going to walk into the facility. And I’m going to be pulled aside, undressed, bathed, diapered, and dressed in my uniform. I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like to be touched in such a way. And I’m scared to death. That’s why I want the first time to be right now,” Jen said.
“What do you mean?” Brooke asked, only slightly comprehending what Jen was suggesting.
“Diaper me,” Jennifer said simply.
“You’re nuts,” Brooke said. “I’m not going to diaper you.”
“Brooke! I’m asking you. Please diaper me. Please show me what it’s going to feel like. I’ve lived with you for almost three years now. I trust you more than anybody in the world. You are my best friend. Please do this for me. It’ll make things so much easier for me tomorrow,” Jennifer pleaded, eyeing the package of “briefs” next to her bed.
“I’m not going to say yes. That’s just too weird. I don’t want to see you naked,” Brooke said.
“It won’t be a big deal, Brooke. Don’t you remember the time that you, me and Ronnie were drunk like no tomorrow, and we decided to march around the dorm floor topless? You’ve already seen part of me naked. I just want to see what it’s going to feel like to be diapered,” Jennifer said.
“Can’t you diaper yourself?” Brooke asked.
“It’s not the same. I’m not going to diaper myself tomorrow. I’m going to be diapered. And that’s why I want you to diaper me, now,” Jennifer said, walking into her bedroom.
“On one condition,” Brooke said.
“What’s that?” Jen asked, laying down on her bed.
“You’re not on your period are you?” Brooke asked, walking into the room rather hesitantly. She did not even think of closing the door.
“Nah, not yet,” Jen said.
“Mine started this morning. It’s bad enough that I’m on the blob right now. If I’m going to go through with this and diaper you, seeing you on your period would be the ultimate gross-out of the century,” Brooke said.
“You don’t have anything to worry about. Mine usually doesn’t come until a few days after yours,” Jen said, reassuring her close friend.
“This feels so weird,” Brooke said, as she walked over to where Jennifer was laying.
“Pull my pants down,” Jennifer said, looking at her roommate. Jennifer sat motionless as Brooke untucked her gray short-sleeved shirt and then fiddled with the buttons on her Levi’s 501 button-fly jeans. It felt so weird having another person touch her in such close proximity to her crotch. But if someone was going to do this to her, she wanted Brooke to be that someone.
Brooke smiled as she worked. She tried to keep the mood in the room as loose and free-flowing as possible. She knew that Jennifer was quite tense.
“Don’t we look so cute in our panties?” Brooke asked, as she pulled Jen’s blue jeans off and tossed them on the floor.
Jen put her hands over her face and shook her head from side to side. “No! This can’t be happening!” Jen said in a rather disbelieving tone.
Brooke still smiled as she touched Jennifer’s arm in another act of comfort and consolation.
“Don’t worry. I’m here for you,” Brooke said, looking Jennifer directly in the eyes.
Jennifer smiled at her roommate. And for a brief instant, the locking of their eyes made each young woman wonder if they were feeling more than just a strong friendship.
Brooke attempted to shake the feeling aside, but as she reached for Jennifer’s black panties, she felt her heart begin to beat more rapidly. She reached into the waistband of Jennifer’s underpants, and glided them down her legs.
Rather than protest or complain, Jennifer beamed a wide smile in Brooke’s direction.
“You’re so gentle,” Jennifer commented. “And your hands are warm,” she added, having felt Brooke touch her lower abdomen when her panties were removed.
“I guess we should get you into your diaper, right?” Brooke asked, doing her best to break “the moment.”
“Diaper, yeah. Right, diaper. That’s right,” Jennifer said, obviously distracted by other things in the room.
With a loud rip, Brooke tore open the package of “adult briefs” and withdrew one of the diapers.
“Gosh, this thing is huge!” she commented as she unfolded the thick adult diaper.
Jennifer’s heart was also beating rapidly and she broke into a cold sweat. She watched attentively as Brooke unfolded her diaper and she heard the loud, rustling noise that the diaper made.
“Are you ready, baby Jennie?” Brooke asked.
“As ready as I’ll ever be. I was too embarrassed to buy lotion or powder or wipes or anything. I just wanted to try wearing one. I figure I’ll find out what the rest of it is like tomorrow. But yeah. Just go ahead and get it over with,” Jen said, pushing the diapering process along.
Brooke smiled as she stood alongside Jennifer’s bed, with the diaper in her hand. Just as she had done with numerous infants and toddlers, she lifted Jen’s legs by her ankles and placed the unfolded diaper underneath her roommate’s bare buttocks. As she was pulling the diaper up between Jen’s legs, Brooke could not help but notice that her roommate’s femininity was glistening with moisture. Even feeling yucky from her period, with her most erogenous regions brushing up against her uncomfortable maxi-pad, Brooke felt herself become aroused. It was strange. Up until this moment, she had never experienced such feelings for Jennifer. As much as she tried to shake them away, she was unsuccessful. She tried to concentrate on taping Jennifer’s diaper closed but messed up a few times. With three tapes on each side of the diaper, it took Brooke a moment to figure out that the easiest way was to tape each side from the bottom and then work her way up.
When she was done, Brooke said, “You look really cute in your diaper.” She paused to admire her handiwork.
“You don’t look so bad yourself,” Jen said. “Thank you for doing this for me. At least now I can see what it’s going to feel like tomorrow.”
Still staring at her diapered roommate, Brooke touched Jen between her legs. She said in a sing-song voice, “Is baby Jennie wet?”
“No, I’m not wet, Brooke,” Jen commented. It wasn’t a complete lie. She hadn’t wet her diaper, but various parts of her body were wet from the diapering experience. She hoped that Brooke hadn’t noticed.
“Are you going to use this thing?” Brooke asked, her hand still resting on the diaper between Jennifer’s legs.
“Not unless I have to. I’m sure I’ll get enough experience with that tomorrow and the days after. When I have to go, I’ll just take this silly thing off,” Jennifer said.
“Well, I’m not too crazy about the idea of smelling your shit, but if you happen to have an accident, I won’t complain about changing your diaper, baby Jennie,” Brooke said. She stared at her roommate and continued smiling, while her hand remained on Jennifer’s diaper.
For a while, both Jennifer and Brooke could not release themselves from the glance of the other. There was some kind of sexual energy in the room that the young women could neither explain nor deny. Minutes passed.
“Hey girls! What’s going on! Oh my gosh!” Emily said. She had returned from her newspaper meeting early and was in the process of unlocking her bedroom door when she looked into Jennifer’s room.
“Oh shit! You weren’t supposed to know about this!” Jennifer said, defensively. She fumbled around for a pair of sweat pants with which she could cover her diaper. “The meeting ended half an hour early. Is there something going on in here that I should know about?” Emily asked, eyeing the open package of diapers on the floor.
“There’s a special simulation at the day care center where we work. Our supervisor wants us to wear diapers so that we can become better caregivers. She thinks that if we know what it’s like to wear diapers and be changed, we will better serve our charges because we’ve experienced what they’re going through. The simulation starts tomorrow and Jen was freaking out, as you know only Jen can do. So she bought a package of diapers and asked me if I would help her put one on so she knew what she was getting herself into,” Brooke explained.
“Um, okay,” Emily said, still in a state of disbelief. She found it a bit odd that Brooke had seen Jennifer naked and diapered her.
“This is embarrassing enough. Please don’t share this with anybody,” Jen said, pleading with Emily.
“Okay, I won’t. Your secret is safe with me,” Emily said. “By the way. You look really cute in your diaper,” Emily added. She giggled uncontrollably as she walked into her bedroom and closed the door behind her.
Brooke and Jennifer exchanged worried glances, wondering how they should proceed.
“Do you think we can trust her?” Jennifer asked.
“I don’t know, Jen,” Brooke said, repositioning her hand on Jennifer’s diapered crotch.
“You know you keep touching my diaper,” Jen said.
“Yeah, I know. Do you mind?” Brooke asked.
“No, not really,” Jen said, smiling widely.
“If you need anything, I’m right across the hall,” Brooke said, breaking their moment together. “I’m going to get back to my paper.”
“Could you shut the door behind you please?” Jen asked.
“No prob. Later, roomie,” Brooke said, blowing Jennifer a kiss.
As soon as the door had closed, Jennifer opened her closet door and stood in front of the full-length mirror. She ran her fingers over the entire outside of her disposable diaper. And when she thought about her diapering session with Brooke, she began to explore the inside of her diaper as well.
Across the hall, Brooke was daydreaming. She could no longer concentrate on her history paper. Instead, she was busy fantasizing about being diapered by Jennifer.
And in the room between them, Emily was dumbfounded. She could not believe what she had seen. As she placed her backpack on her bed and sat down at her computer, she wondered what exactly had transpired between her two roommates.
But Emily’s mind was more concerned with other things. She was the assignment editor for the campus newspaper. She was responsible for uncovering news stories and assigning other people to write articles about them. Emily could not care less if her roommates diapered one another. But the story at the day care center was groundbreaking news. Never before had a day care center implemented such a policy. The fact that it was happening in this community, made it a worthy piece of news for the campus newspaper. The policy affected many of the university’s students who worked part-time jobs there.
Emily quickly sent an E-mail to the editor-in-chief of the campus newspaper.

From: Emily Rubin (errubin@la.du.edu)
To: Melissa Appleby (mbappleb@la.du.edu)
Re: Story Idea

Can you meet me at the Commons for dinner tonight? I have a fantastic story idea for Friday’s paper.

An hour later, Melissa wrote back to Emily.

From: Melissa Appleby (mbappleb@la.cu.edu)
To: Emily Rubin (errubin@la.cu.edu)
Re: Re: Story Idea

6:30 sound good? Can’t wait to hear 'bout your idea.

The Other Side - Catharsis

Chapter Five: Once and Again

Monday Morning April 5

“Ugh! There are just some days I wish that I wasn’t a girl!” Brooke called from the stall in the suite bathroom. Jennifer was standing at one of the sinks, brushing her teeth.
“What’s the matter sweetie?” Jennifer asked.
“Whoever designed feminine hygiene products needs to get a friggin’ clue. Here! Try this bulky absorbent pad that feels like a piece of wood when you wear it. Why don’t you stick this thing up there where the sun doesn’t shine? Comfort? Who said anything about comfort? Why should you be comfortable? After all, it’s only a week out of every month for forty fucking years of your life! Comfort? What’s comfort I ask you?” Brooke complained, as she peeled a new maxi-pad from its wrapper and attached it to the crotch of her panties.
“We’ve all been there, Brooke,” Jennifer said, smiling. “After all, we’re the ones who get to carry the baby. It’s a special experience that guys never get to have.”
“Yeah, I guess you’re right. But just once I’d like to see a guy get menstrual cramps or run out of class when the faucet begins to leak,” Brooke said as she flushed the toilet.
Brooke pulled up her black sweat pants, emerged from the bathroom stall and washed her hands. It was Monday morning, and both she and Jennifer were working at Diaper Dandy from 7-11 AM. Neither one had class until the afternoon, so the morning was free for their part-time jobs. In order to allow enough time for them to be diapered, they were instructed to arrive one half-hour before their shift began.
“How did you sleep last night?” Brooke asked, looking at Jennifer as she brushed her hair.
“Fine, really, I took the diaper off before I went to bed and slept for like seven hours straight,” Jen said.
“So what’s it like?” Brooke inquired. “I mean, like, I guess I’ll find out in about a half-hour, but what’s it like?”
“It’s kinda soft and makes you feel like you’re wearing a pillow. It’s really bulky, especially in your crotch. And it rustles when you move,” Jen explained.
“Did you use it?” Brooke asked.
“Nope. I’m only going to cross that line when and if I have to. I’m perfectly happy sitting down on the toilet and doing my business. No need to use a diaper. I’m a big girl!” Jen said as she walked out of the bathroom and down the corridor to her bedroom. She opened her closet door and rummaged around for an outfit to wear. When she was done, she noticed that Brooke was standing at her side, holding a diaper in her hands.
“Is my Jennie really a big girl? Hmmm?” Brooke asked, looking at the diaper.
“Yes. Of course Jennie is a big girl,” Jennifer said.
“I’m not sure that I agree. I’ve never seen such a big girl wear a diaper before,” Brooke said, teasing her roommate. “I think my Jennie is actually a baby. I think she wants her Mommy to baby her and tell her how cute she looks in her diaper,” Brooke continued.
“And who would my Mommy be?” Jennifer asked.
“It’s not baby’s place to ask such questions,” Brooke said quietly. “But I’ll let you in on a little secret. It’s for me to know, and for you to find out.”
Jennifer’s heart was racing. It was six o’clock in the morning, and the sun hadn’t even arisen. On days that she didn’t work, Jennifer was never awake at this time. But here she was, wide awake, standing in her bedroom, getting dressed for work, and she could feel her panties growing moister and moister between her legs. She thought back to yesterday’s diapering session with Brooke and could feel her heart begin to beat even faster. What frightened her the most was that it was Brooke who was causing such a reaction. How could she be experiencing a sexual attraction to her best friend?
“Now come on, little Jennie. Mommy is going to lay your diaper down on the bed. Now go lay down on your diaper like a good little girl,” Brooke instructed.
“Um, Brooke. I don’t want to wear a diaper right now. We have to go to work,” Jennifer explained.
“I know, little Jennie. You should wear a diaper to work,” Brooke said, unfolding the fresh Attends and placing it on Jennifer’s bed. “I know you just wanted to try the diaper yesterday, little Jennie. But if you want to make a really good impression, I think you should show Ms. Stratford that you’re wearing diapers to work, as well as at work.”
“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” Jennifer said, deciding not to protest. Immediately after she agreed to be diapered, Brooke approached her, and pulled down her sweatpants and panties together.
“What’s my little Jennie doing wearing big girl clothes?” Brooke asked. Jennifer stepped out of her pile of clothing and walked over to her bed, naked from the waist down.
“Nothing,” Jennifer said. “Who said anything about me wearing big girl clothes?”
“I certainly didn’t. I’d much rather you wear a diaper,” Brooke said, her face turning a deep red.
Jennifer laid down on her bed on her diaper. Unlike yesterday, in which Brooke had to lift her legs in order to slide her diaper underneath her buttocks, this morning Jennifer was already resting on top of her diaper. Brooke had planned this very well. Once Jennifer had positioned herself, Brooke climbed on top of Jennifer and sat on her knees.
“Little Jennie is not going anywhere,” Brooke said.
“But we have to go to work,” Jennifer protested.
“You just lay back and let Mommy be concerned about that,” Brooke offered. “Besides, Mommy would never let her baby go to work without her diaper, would she?”
Jennifer was enjoying this experience very much. Between the two of them, she was definitely more anal retentive and more concerned with time. Though Jennifer wanted this interchange to continue, she needed to be practical.
Brooke smiled as she ran her hands across Jennifer’s abdomen and her thighs. She reached for the front of the diaper, pulled it up between Jennifer’s legs and placed it flat across Jen’s body. With the crotch of the diaper properly positioned, Brooke quickly taped the diaper closed.
“There, there. Little Jennie looks so cute in her didee. Mommy just wants to eat her all up, she’s so cute!” Brooke said, clapping her hands playfully.
Jennifer’s eyes lit up. Even though she was unsure about the nature of her relationship with Brooke, she was enjoying herself and decided to live freely and be happy.
“Hmm. I think I need to check on something,” Brooke said sweetly. She placed her hand on Jennifer’s diapered crotch. “Is my baby wet already? I don’t know. I can’t tell since my baby’s diaper is so thick. I think I’m going to need to check inside.”
Jennifer recalled that Brooke had asked a similar question yesterday when she had diapered her. But this episode was playing out differently. Jennifer squirmed as Brooke inserted a finger into the elastic legging of her diaper. She could feel Brooke’s digit touching the padding of the diaper and brushing up against her vagina.
“I think we’re okay. Baby’s diaper is dry. But baby’s pussy is not,” Brooke said smiling.
Jennifer whimpered as Brooke withdrew her finger.
“Oh my! Look at the time! We’re going to be late!” Brooke then said. “I think we’ll have to finish this later!” Brooke moved off of Jennifer’s knees and the two girls exchanged a deep, meaningful smile.
“Give me three minutes to get dressed, and we’ll walk over to Diaper Dandy,” Jennifer said.
“Okay little Jennie,” Brooke said, blowing her roommate a kiss.

6:30 A.M.
At Diaper Dandy

“Good morning ladies!” Amy Stratford said as Brooke and Jennifer entered the day care center.
“Good morning Ms. Stratford,” Brooke and Jennifer said in unison. It was now 6:30 and Diaper Dandy opened at 7, when the first children would be dropped off by their parents.
“Thanks for coming in early. So what did you decide?” Amy asked.
Brooke and Jennifer opened their backpacks and withdrew their signed consent forms. They handed them to Amy.
“Wonderful. I’m glad that you’re going to participate. Lauren? Could you come in here please?” Amy asked, yelling for Lauren Patterson.
Lauren entered the main lobby. “What’s up, Amy?” she asked.
“Brooke and Jennifer are on the first shift this morning. While I’d like to diaper both of them myself, there are two of them, and only one of me. Do you think you can help?” Amy asked.
“Sure, why don’t I take Brooke, and you take Jennifer?” Lauren suggested.
“That sounds like a good idea,” Amy said.
Amy and Lauren approached their charges and took them by the hand towards separate rooms on opposite sides of the lobby.
As Lauren led Brooke to the private room, Brooke said, “I think you should know. I’m on my period right now, and it’s really heavy this month. I read the document and everything and saw how you’re going to be touching me and poking me and prodding me, especially down there.”
“Well, if I’m going to diaper you, Brooke, I have to touch you down there. You have nothing to worry about,” Lauren said, gently stroking Brooke’s face. “My job is to make you as comfortable as possible, period or no period. I’m a woman too. And I know what it’s like. And I also know what it’s like to be diapered during that time of the month. Ask me any questions you’d like to ask. I’m here for you. If something I do makes you feel weird or uncomfortable, just let me know. We’re in this together, so just relax.”
Brooke felt instantly reassured by this gentle and strong woman and followed her into the room.
Meanwhile on the other side of the hall, Amy led Jennifer into her own private room. The room was set up much like an examination room in a doctor’s office. There were shelves and cabinets on one side of the room, and a large examination table. Towards the back was a bathtub. As they entered the room, Amy walked over to the bathtub and turned on the water.
“Baby Jennie is going to need a bath,” Amy chirped. Jennifer shuddered, hearing Amy address her by the affectionate name that Brooke had used.
“Let me help you onto the changing table. There, there. That’s a good girl,” Amy continued.
Even though she had been diapered twice by Brooke, her heart was racing as Amy untucked her blue flannel button-down shirt from her baggy blue jeans. She didn’t want Amy to touch her, but she realized that she had absolutely no choice.
Very quickly, Amy removed her shirt and began to unbutton her jeans.
“Oh my! What’s this we have here?” Amy asked. She unzipped Jennifer’s pants, and pulled them down, revealing Jennifer’s diaper.
“I’m very impressed, baby Jennie. Deciding to come to work in a diaper today. This shows me that you definitely are dedicated to becoming a better caregiver. Now, let me ask you a few questions. Have you used your diaper yet?” Amy asked.
“No. I just tried wearing one to see what it felt like,” Jennifer said.
“Okay. Did you diaper yourself or did somebody else diaper you?” Amy asked.
This was a rather embarrassing question to answer.
“I diapered myself,” Jennifer said.
“Okay, that’ll be one spanking, coming right up,” Amy said.
“Spanking? Why?” Jennifer whined.
“To teach you the importance of speaking the truth,” Amy said. “We have to teach our children that lying is unacceptable. And we need to start teaching them this value at a very young age. If we lie to other people, how can we expect that our children will speak truthfully?”
“I’m sorry. It’s just really embarrassing. I bought a package of diapers yesterday. And then I asked Brooke to diaper me. She asked me if I could do it myself. And I said no. I told her that tomorrow I would be diapered. I needed to experience the diapering process as well as the actual diaper,” Jennifer explained.
“Is it embarrassing that you had the foresight to wear a diaper ahead of time? Or is it embarrassing that you asked your roommate to diaper you?” Amy inquired.
“That I had the foresight to wear a diaper ahead of time,” Jennifer said.
“That will be two spankings, Jennifer,” Amy said.
“What the fuck! What did I do?” Jennifer asked.
“Three spankings, Miss Potty-Mouth. Care to make it four? It’s early in the morning and my hand would like to get warmed up for the rest of the day,” Amy said.
“No,” Jennifer said, blushing.
“Jennifer, I can tell when you’re lying to me. I knew, based on how perfectly taped your diaper was, that somebody else diapered you. When you diaper yourself, it’s difficult to be perfectly accurate. I knew that somebody else diapered you. Now, understand that what you say in this room is completely confidential. I don’t care if you and Brooke are having a relationship. I don’t care what your sexual preference is. But I’m responsible for teaching you about respecting your body, respecting other people, and respecting yourself. There are punishments for lying. And even though it’s your first day, you need to learn your lesson, and you need to speak truthfully,” Amy said firmly.
“I bought the diapers to try them, so that this process would be more comfortable. I’ve never had any feelings for Brooke before. But when she diapered me, something clicked between us. It was best described as a “more than friends” feeling. I can’t seem to articulate it in any other way,” Jennifer explained.
“Thank you for being honest with me, Jennifer,” Amy said. “I don’t want you to hate me. I’m really impressed with you and your work ethic, and I think you’re one of those associates who I can push to do more and do it well. I’m sorry if I’m pushing you too hard, but I think you have amazing potential.”
Jennifer smiled. It was nice to hear such words from her supervisor.
Then Amy said, “Now let’s take that diaper off and get you ready for work.”
Recognizing that although she had gotten herself into trouble this morning, Jennifer knew that she was beginning to establish a relationship with Ms. Stratford. And as Amy worked to remove her diaper, Jennifer could hear Brooke giggling like a little girl, all the way from the other side of the hall. Jennifer sighed heavily, and when she looked at Amy pulling her diaper out from underneath her, she saw Brooke’s face.

Chapter Six: A Visit with Veronica

“I don’t know why you won’t try it,” Brooke said to Ronnie as her shift was about to end.
“I told you, Brooke. For the thousandth time, I’m not going to sit back and let myself be diapered by some freaky woman! Why won’t you just shut up about it?” Ronnie asked.
“Because I’m really enjoying myself,” Brooke said happily, as she finished changing a child’s diaper.
“I knew you found the idea of dropping a load in your pants to be enticing. I knew you wanted to see what it felt like. I knew it turned you on. You’re one of those girls. I know you,” Ronnie said.
“It doesn’t turn me on. But it doesn’t feel bad either,” Brooke explained. “It’s just another way of going to the bathroom. The diaper is so thick and absorbent, you don’t even feel it after you’ve gone. It’s really no big deal.”
“You mean you’ve used the damn thing?” Ronnie wondered.
“Yeah, I went a pee-pee a little while ago,” Brooke admitted, blushing slightly.
“Listen to you! Going pee-pee. What are you? Two years old? What’s next? Mommy? Can you change my didee? I made poo-poo? Are you going to star in a Huggies commercial and sing the jingle “I’m a baby now!”” Ronnie said.
“I don’t know why I even bother with you, Ronnie. If you’d stop for a second to pull that ultra-defensive, judgmental stick out of your butt, you might actually begin to enjoy your life. But no. I guess that will never happen, will it?” Brooke asked.
“Brooke? Jennifer? It’s 11 o’clock. Your shifts are over. It’s time to get changed,” Lauren said as she entered the working floor.
“Talk later?” Ronnie asked, eyeing Brooke.
Brooke merely shrugged her shoulders and waited to be taken by the hand, away from the working floor. She watched intently as Lauren approached Jennifer, and reached under her candy striper’s skirt. Lauren’s hand remained there for a few seconds and Brooke did not understand why.
It did not matter though. Seconds later, Brooke found out for herself. Lauren approached her, reached underneath her skirt, and inserted a few fingers through the elastic legging of her diaper.
“Looks like we’re 1 for 2 so far today,” Lauren announced proudly. “Congratulations on being the first Diaper Dandy associate to wet her diaper.”
Brooke smiled and then retracted her facial expression. Was wetting herself truly something to be proud of?
Lauren took Brooke’s and Jennifer’s hands and then led them to the private changing room.
“Since Ms. Stratford is busy right now, I’m going to have the busy task of changing two of my babies…” Lauren said cheerfully.
Brooke and Jennifer exchanged smiles with one another as Lauren led them into the room and closed the door behind them.
Left with a few other associates on the working floor, Ronnie decided to take a break and use the toilet. Her stomach had been upset all of Sunday night and was just beginning to recover. She entered the bathroom, and began to conduct her business.
Ronnie thought about her current predicament as she sat on the toilet. She felt horribly alone. Her friends had abandoned her for this stupid diaper program. No one listened to her anymore. Each of her friends was more interested in wetting their diapers than speaking with her. She used to be one of the “cool” girls. Now, she felt like an outcast.
And then she smiled. Why should she feel like an outcast? She was the one who had enough brains to use the toilet like an adult. She was the one who held on to her principles, and wouldn’t let herself be touched and poked by some strange woman. She was the one who wouldn’t give up her maturity to be diapered like a baby.
Ronnie felt empowered once again. As she wiped her rear end, she realized that she was the one cleaning herself. She thought about Brooke and Jennifer who were having their diapers removed. Someone else was cleaning them between their legs. The thought was absolutely revolting. She felt a surge of energy as she reached over to flush the toilet, watching as the whirlwind of water swallowed everything up. It was much more satisfying to watch the toilet flush than to watch her diaper be disposed of in the garbage. Ronnie was an adult woman, doing what all adult women did.
Ronnie pulled up her candy-striped skirt and stepped out of the stall. Even though she wasn’t diapered, she still had to wear the “uniform” like the rest of the associates. She walked towards the door of the bathroom and stepped outside. Amy Stratford impeded her path. Amy was holding a diaper, baby powder, and a small white plastic case with the word HUGGIES embossed on the cover. Ronnie recognized the container as one which held baby wipes inside.
“A moment of your time, Veronica?” Amy asked.
“What are you doing with those things?” Ronnie asked. “And how many times do I have to tell you that it’s Ronnie, not Veronica?”
“It’s whatever I say it is, Veronica,” Amy said.
“It’s Ronnie!” she persisted.
“Wow, you are a difficult one, aren’t you?” Amy asked. “I’m looking for a way to monitor your bathroom habits. Since you’re the only associate thus far who has refused to be diapered, I’m a little concerned for your hygiene and personal cleanliness.”
“I assure you, Ms. Stratford. You have nothing to worry about,” Ronnie insisted.
“Oh, really. Then perhaps you won’t mind pulling down your panties for me so I can make sure that you did an effective job wiping yourself after using the toilet,” Amy suggested.
“Come again?” Ronnie asked.
“You heard me very clearly, Veronica. If you have nothing to hide, then lay down on the floor, on your stomach and pull down your panties. This way, I can use these baby wipes and check to make sure that your tushie is nice and clean. If you’ve done a good job cleaning yourself, then I’ll let you carry on using the toilet in your normal fashion. If I find that you’ve missed even the tiniest speck of poo-poo, your panties come off, and this diaper becomes yours,” Amy explained.
“And what if I don’t?” Ronnie wondered.
“You’re fired,” Amy said. “All of the other associates have agreed to be diapered. I can’t have you running around here using the toilet whenever you please. You’ve become a liability, Veronica.”
“That sounds like duress, Ms. Stratford. You know? I was really impressed when you told us on Friday that you wouldn’t force diapers upon us. You said that the diapering simulation would be my choice. And now, you’re holding my job over my head. If you fire me, I will contact my lawyer, I’ll blow this case wide open, and you’ll lose. You’ll not only be out of a job, but this entire facility will probably be shut down. I ask you, Ms. Stratford. Do you really want this to happen?” Ronnie asked.
Amy looked at the diaper, powder and wipes and realized that she was completely in the wrong. She considered what Veronica had said.
“I’m sorry, Veronica. I’m going about this in the wrong way. I’m sorry for making you feel uncomfortable and for putting you in that odd position. I’m really excited that all of the associates have signed on for the simulation. And I’m just confused as to why you haven’t assented. I think it would be a good experience for you,” Amy said.
“My reasons are my own, Ms. Stratford. And I don’t need to justify those reasons. I’m happy with my decision. If I change my mind, you’ll be the first one that I let know,” Ronnie said.
“You always seem so troubled, Veronica,” Amy said.
“Ronnie!!!” she yelled.
“What’s with that? I think Veronica is a beautiful name. Ronnie is so icky. Why call yourself Ronnie when you can be called Veronica? It’s such a dignified and respectful name for a young woman like yourself,” Amy said.
“Ms. Stratford. I like you. And I love my job. But I have my own issues and problems that I’m dealing with. I don’t offer trust and I don’t offer respect very easily. And that seems to be very difficult for you to accept. I don’t want to be buddy-buddy with you and be your best friend. I’m here to do my job and do it well. If you have serious issues with my performance, let me know. But if not, I’d like to go back to work. Understand this, Ms. Stratford. In order for you to command my respect, you need to earn it first. Trust is exactly the same way,” Ronnie said.
“Okay, Ronnie. I’ll back off,” Amy said.
“Actually Ms. Stratford, come to think of it, you could really help me. And seeing you in the doorway reminded me of something that I need to do,” Ronnie said. She walked over to the sink, turned on the hot and cold water, and squirted some soap into her hands. She rinsed them under the sink and dried them off with paper towel. “Hygiene is important, isn’t it? We wouldn’t want to be spreading germs to the little ones.”
With that comment, Ronnie left the ladies’ room and returned to the workfloor. Amy stared at the door for a few moments and then looked at the diaper, powder and container of wipes that she held in her hand. She began to wonder about Ronnie. Why was she so defensive? Why was she so unwilling to offer trust and respect? Had something happened to her that was causing her to act in such a fashion? Amy resolved to get to the bottom of Veronica’s mysterious behavior. And still looking at the diaper, she resolved to get to Veronica’s bottom.

Chapter Seven: Desires and Surprises

On Monday evening after her shift at Diaper Dandy, Sara Richardson stopped at the campus Commons to pick up dinner and then returned to her dorm room. She flicked on the lights, closed and locked the door behind her, threw her backpack on her bed and sat down at her desk to eat.
As Sara munched on her garden salad and sipped her Diet Coke, she realized how strange it felt to sit at her computer after a long day of school and work and have absolutely no desire to watch a diaper movie or read a diaper story. After the events of the day, all she could do was open her journal and begin to write.

Monday April 5
It’s been a really weird day. School went well today and then at three o’clock I went to Diaper Dandy to begin my shift. I got my wish. Lauren, Ms. Stratford’s assistant diapered me. And I’m not even sure I know where to start reflecting on the experience. I remember writing with such anticipation and such excitement the other day. I don’t know what I’m feeling right now. I wouldn’t say that my bubble has popped, but I think I’ve become more realistic. My experience today helped me to clarify what aspects of my diaper fetish turn me on. I loved the sensuality of being diapered. Even though another woman was diapering me, I loved being touched and cleaned and wiped and powdered and diapered. It was the smells and touching that really did it for me.
But as for the actual diaper, I didn’t react in much the same way. Once I was wearing it, I had no desire to be the women I’ve seen in movies or read about in stories on the internet. I didn’t want to pee or poop my pants. I mean, like, at work, if I have to, I will, but there was nothing really exciting or enticing about that.
I know that even though I didn’t wet myself today, it’s going to be hard on some other shifts to avoid doing it. Like on Wednesday. I don’t have class until a 6-9 block in the evening, so I’m working a 6 hour shift at Diaper Dandy. It’s going to be impossible for me to hold my bladder that long and I know I’m going to have to go in my diaper. But it just doesn’t excite me. It seems like now that I’ve lived my fantasy, I’m feeling somewhat deflated.
Don’t get me wrong Oh-Journal-of-Mine. I would still love to use diapers for foreplay and have a guy diaper me as a means of turning me on before sex. I would absolutely love to be touched and caressed all over and given a hot bath and wiped down with oils and lotions and massaged. Like, what girl wouldn’t enjoy that? And then in the heat of passion, he’d tear my diaper off and plunge himself into me and it would be simply incredible.
But I guess I’m dreaming really. Before I find a guy who would be willing to indulge in my fantasies I need to find a guy. It’s so weird being nineteen years old and hearing all the stories about what my friends have done. And it’s intimidating in a way. I keep telling myself that my time will come, my time will come, and that every time a guy breaks it off with me it’s his loss. But when is it really my loss? When am I the one who loses him and it’s not the other way around? I just want a guy to love me for who I am. I’m sweet, cute, really funny in a sarcastic sort of way. I’m intelligent, caring, faithful, and trustworthy. I’m a good writer. That is, unless he reads my journal which just seems like a bunch of odd rambling sentiments strung together with the date on top. I’m hard-working and I’m willing to devote myself to a relationship. I guess the good guys in life are the ones worth waiting for. I just want my turn to come already.

Sara closed her journal, stood up from her desk, and tossed her empty salad container into the wastebasket. She unbuttoned her black blouse and replaced it with a university T-shirt. Sara then threw her blue jeans over the back of her desk chair and pulled on a pair of white sweat pants over her white panties. As she took her Calculus books out of her backpack to begin working, there was a knock at her door.
“Who is it?” Sara asked.
“It’s Matt,” the voice from the other side of the door said.
Sara walked to the door, and unlocked it to reveal the 5’10 freckle-faced red-headed boy on the other side. He was sweating profusely for a cold April evening, and his breathing was labored.
“Is everything alright Matt? You don’t look well,” Sara said, in a very concerned tone.
“Everything…is…fine. Can I come in please?” Matt asked.
Sara opened the door to let Matt into her room, motioned for him to sit down on her desk chair and went to her tiny refrigerator to get him a bottle of water.
“You look like you could use something to drink,” Sara said, handing him the water.
“Thanks, Sara,” Matt said, gulping down half of the bottle.
“What’s wrong?” Sara asked, propping herself against her pillow-like bedrest. She then tossed Oreo, her stuffed cow to the somewhat disheveled boy. “Here, why don’t you have a cow? On me, of course,” she said, smiling.
“Nothing’s wrong. I told you everything is fine,” Matt said.
“Come on, Matt. We’ve been best friends for almost two years now. You can’t fool me. I know something is up based on the fact that you came to visit me. It’s a school night and you’re always busy with your work. I can’t think of a time that you’ve come to visit me, late at night, on a Monday. So what’s up?” Sara asked.
Matt placed the now empty bottle of water on Sara’s desk, smiled and rubbed his sweaty palms together. He could hear his own heart beating, sounding like it was about to explode.
“Have you ever done something because it was convenient?” Matt asked.
“What do you mean?” Sara wondered.
“Have you ever done something because it was easy and you avoided something that you thought was more difficult?” Matt tried again.
“Matt, you’re not making any sense. Just spit it out. There’s nobody in here who’s going to chew your head off. Well, except for, maybe that stuffed cow that you’re holding on to. This is me, Matt. You’ve never hid anything from me before. Just talk. I’m here to listen. It’s gotta be more interesting than doing Calculus homework,” Sara said. She moved in closer to him, and looked him directly in the eyes.
“That’s one of the things that I really like about you, Sara. You’re so direct with people. And you’re such a good listener and you have such a big heart. It’s like you can’t wait to run up to somebody and envelop them in one of your bear hugs,” Matt said, blushing slightly.
“Well, that’s why they call me Sara-bear,” Sara said, giggling. “I’m sorry, Matt. Go on, I’m listening.”
“I broke up with Heather yesterday,” Matt said. “For good. I’m not crawling back to her this time. I’m not going to go back to her because she’s convenient and she’s easy. I’m going to follow my heart and I’m going to do what I think is right.”
“I’m sorry, Matt. I know how special you thought she was and I know how much that relationship meant to you,” Sara said, trying to sound genuine. She was now in a difficult place. Matt was available and incredibly vulnerable (a quality which she found enormously attractive in a guy).
“No, she’s not special anymore. She kept pressuring me to have intercourse with her, and I kept saying no. You know, usually it’s the other way around. Usually it’s the guy who pushes the girl to have sex, but it’s like she couldn’t control herself. She wanted to force herself on me and I didn’t want to have sex like that. It’s not just a quick fuck for me. I want to make love to someone. And in order to make love, I need to be in love. And I’m not in love with Heather,” Matt explained.
“That’s a really mature way of looking at things,” Sara said. “I really respect you for making that kind of decision. I know how difficult it must be.”
“There’s something more, Sara,” Matt said. He reached out and took Sara’s hand and smiled.
Sara felt her own heart begin to beat faster and faster, surprised by Matt’s somewhat physical gesture. Having been best friends with him for the past two years, Sara knew how shy and reserved Matt could be. She was extremely touchy-feely and he often shied away from her playful physical advances. For him to reach out and touch her was not just a signal; it was a monumental event.
“Heather was always easier. It was always easier to crawl back to her and tell her I was sorry and to make up and start dating again. But the truth is, after a while, I lost my feelings for her. It was a really dull relationship, and I’m glad that it’s over now. You probably know by now how hard it is for me to express my feelings like this. But every time I’ve been with you I’ve always felt like there was something special between us, something more than just a friendship. And I’ve been a wuss about it. I’ve never told you how I really feel about you, Sara. I’ve never told you how I’ve stayed up nights thinking about you and how open and friendly and loving you are. How I admire your intelligence and how you put the needs of other people before your own. How I’d be spending time with Heather, and I’d think to myself, ‘Boy, I really wish I was dating Sara, right now.’ And I’ve never been able to tell you because I was afraid that it would ruin our friendship and I’m afraid of losing what we have between us,” Matt said.
Sara smiled, still feeling the palpitations deep within her chest, and blinked her eyes, noting that she was welling up with tears from Matt’s words.
“Oh gosh, I said too much,” Matt said. He got up and walked towards the door, but somehow, Sara beat him there.
“Where do you think you’re going, you big wuss?” Sara said, unable to control her laughter. She smiled widely and her green eyes sparkled like emeralds.
“I’m going to leave. I won’t blame you if you never want to talk to me again,” Matt said, trying to get around Sara so that he could leave. He felt embarrassed and ashamed. He should never have shared his true feelings.
“Never talk to you again? Are you nuts? I feel the same way about you,” Sara said.
“What?” Matt asked.
“I said, I feel the same way about you, Matt. I’ve wanted to go out with you for the longest time. But if I told you how I felt, I would have imposed upon your relationship with Heather. And I didn’t want to do that. I respect you too much to force myself like that. And I also know how difficult it was for you to say what you just said. I’m touched,” Sara said. Her eyes welled with tears again. Matt reached towards the dresser, grabbed a tissue and handed it to Sara.
“Thanks, Matt,” Sara said, embracing him in a big hug. Much to her surprise, and also very much to her liking, he hugged back.
“This is kinda awkward, isn’t it?” Matt asked.
“Yeah, I guess so. But we’ll find our stride,” Sara said. “Would you mind stepping outside for a minute? I’m going to throw on a pair of jeans and then we can go take a walk or something.”
“Okay,” Matt said. “But don’t you have Calculus homework?”
“It can wait. Some things in life are more important,” Sara said. She closed the door for privacy and smiled. Unable to resist the urge, she jumped up and down, and pumped her fists into the air. Very quickly, she opened her journal on the computer and scrolled down to the end of her last entry. Sara quickly typed:

Monday April 5 (second entry)
I knew he was worth waiting for.

She put her computer into sleep mode, changed her clothes and stepped outside, locking the door behind her.
“You ready?” Matt asked, putting her arm around her.
“I’ve been ready for quite some time,” Sara said confidently. She looked him in the eyes and smiled. As Sara nestled in closer to Matt, she thought about the events of the past day. It was nice to know that sometimes, dreams do come true.

Chapter 8: Womanhood and Babyhood

At roughly the same time that Sara and Matt went out for their walk, Brooke approached Jennifer’s bedroom door and leaned her head inside.
“Hey, whatcha up to sweetie pie?” Brooke asked. Jennifer was seated at her desk typing something. She was dressed in a flannel button-down shirt and a diaper.
“Just working on a History paper. How about you?” Jennifer asked.
“I’m just taking a little bit of a break. I was working on my letter for a class action lawsuit against Procter & Gamble and Kimberly-Clark corporations. How does this sound to you? Every woman in the world will sign onto the class action suit against the companies for false and misleading advertising. Damn, fucking companies. They advertise their pads as “protection.” They say that those little wings on the sides of the maxi are supposed to wrap around and keep your panties dry. They say that their pads are soft and comfortable. Well, they’re not. And I’ve ruined two pairs of undies today!” Brooke yelled.
“You’re mad as hell! And you’re not going to take it anymore!” Jennifer responded.
“Damn straight, girly-girl,” Brooke said as she walked into Jen’s bedroom. “How come you’re wearing one of those right now?” she then asked, eyeing Jennifer’s diaper.
“Cause I want to,” Jennifer said quietly, looking up from her paper. “I like how it feels, how it smells, how thick and bulky it is, and how it makes that little crackly rustling noise every time I move. I never imagined that when Stratford proposed this as a new uniform for associates that I’d actually find myself enjoying it,” Jennifer admitted.
“Have you used it yet?” Brooke asked.
“No, not yet. I guess I’m a little scared of that,” Jennifer commented.
“Nothing to be scared of. It’s wonderful,” Brooke said. “I wet myself at work and this burning warmth spread through my crotch and all over my diaper. Had I not been at work, I would have stuck my hand down my diaper and gotten myself off. Come to think of it, the fours hours at work today was the only time that I felt protected.”
“We can arrange that,” Jennifer said, looking at the package of diapers next to her bed.
“I don’t know, Jennie,” Brooke said.
“Oh, c’mon Brooke. You just said that the only time you felt protected today was when you were wearing a diaper. Why don’t you go and lay down on my bed and I’ll diaper you. You wouldn’t want to ruin a third pair of panties today, would you?” Jennifer asked.
“I don’t want you diapering me when I’m on my period. That’s just sick, Jen. It was bad enough having Lauren do it. Even though she didn’t seem to mind. I don’t want you seeing me down there all yucky,” Brooke explained.
“I have an idea. I’ll put an open diaper on my lap. Then you’ll come over, sit down on my lap, and take your panties off. As your taking your underwear off, I’ll pull the diaper up between your legs and tape it closed. This way, I won’t see anything, and you’ll be protected the entire time,” Jennifer suggested. “And I’ll get to diaper you,” she then added with a wide smile on her face.
“Okay, let’s try it,” Brooke said, looking Jennifer directly in the eyes. She broke away from their gaze for a moment and closed Jennifer’s bedroom door.
No sooner had the door been closed when Jennifer walked up to Brooke and said, “In order for baby Brooke to be diapered, baby Brooke first has to be naked.” Jennifer gently stroked Brooke’s face, and moved in a few times, appearing that she was going to kiss her, but each time she drew away, illiciting a groan from her best friend. Jennifer continued to touch Brooke on her arms, neck, and face and then removed her T-shirt.
“What’s this baby is wearing?” Jennifer asked, as she ran her fingers across the fabric of Brooke’s bra. “I’ve never seen a baby wear such a thing before,” she commented before unhooking it. Jennifer licked her lips as Brooke’s plump breasts hung freely from their supports. Jennifer continued her gentle manipulations and began to fondle her friend’s breasts.
“Oh…oh…” Brooke groaned as Jennifer ran her fingers across her nipples.
“Does baby like it when I touch her there?” Jennifer asked.
“Oh…oh…” was all Brooke could manage.
Shortly thereafter, Jennifer pulled Brooke’s sweatpants down, revealing Brooke’s icy pink panties and the stiff sanitary napkin positioned against her crotch.
“Mommy has a surprise for her baby. It will make baby smell all nice and fresh in her diaper,” Jennifer said. She playfully touched Brooke’s breasts again and walked over to the bag of diapers. Sitting down on her bed, she unfolded the diaper, picked up a container of baby powder next to the bed and sprinkled it into the open diaper.
“Is baby ready?” Jennifer asked.
Brooke smiled and walked over to wear Jennifer was sitting. As she had been told to do, she sat down on the diaper, pulled down her panties, and felt Jennifer pull the diaper up snugly between her legs.
Jennifer smiled, feeling Brooke’s weight on top of her. She positioned the diaper against Brooke’s abdomen and then taped both sides closed. Every few moments, her fingers inched their way north and touched Brooke’s perfectly-sized globes.
Once she had been diapered, Brooke turned around, looked Jennifer in the eye and saidin a whisper, “I didn’t know you liked melon so much. As for me, I much prefer tongue.”
Incredibly aroused from being diapered by Jennifer, Brooke turned around, pinned Jennifer down on her bed and began to kiss her passionately. After a few moments, Brooke broke away, and in complete dominance said, “What’s good for me, is good for you too.” She reached down, unbuttoned Jennifer’s shirt and pulled it off, leaving both of them in nothing but their diapers.
“You look so sexy in your diaper, Jen-Jen,” Brooke said.
“You don’t look so bad yourself,” Jennifer said.
They continued kissing and playing with each other’s breasts, until after a while, Brooke placed her hand in Jennifer’s diapered crotch. Jennifer said nothing, and decided that the time had come for her to add some wetness to her diaper.
“You trying to go pee-pee?” Brooke asked. “You know that turns me on, right?”
Jennifer smiled, and pushed with all of her might, trying to wet her diaper.
“No, honey. That’s all wrong,” Brooke said. “You want to relax when you go. Don’t force it out. Just let it come out naturally,” she continued. She stroked Jennifer’s face and gently massaged her abdomen.
Meanwhile, Jennifer felt a slight dripping sensation into her diaper. It started as a small trickle, but after a moment, her floodgates opened. She was wetting her diaper.
“There, that’s it baby girl. That’s a good girl. That’s Mommy’s good girl,” Brooke said, her hand still positioned against Jennifer’s diapered crotch. She could feel Jennifer’s diaper become wet.
Watching her friend wet herself, Brooke could feel her own diaper growing wetter and wetter. She moved in closer to Jennifer and the two began to kiss again, groaning loudly as they played with one another.
Outside in the corridor, Emily Rubin unlocked the door to her bedroom, slammed it behind her and locked it. Fortunately for her, she only heard her roommates doing one another in the corridor and could not hear anything through the walls. She shook her head in disgust and rolled her eyes. It was as if Jennifer and Brooke had become diapered lesbians overnight. She wanted to retch.
Taking a few minutes to calm down, Emily opened her backpack and looked at the list of newspaper articles that had been approved for the Friday paper. She went through her files and assigned reporters to cover each of the articles. Her idea to run an exclusive on Diaper Dandy had been unanimously approved by the editorial board. As an assignment editor, she needed to find someone who was an excellent interviewer and writer to draft the article. She picked up the phone and dialed.
In his room on the other side of campus, the red-haired, freckly-faced boy picked up the telephone after two rings.
“Matt Lawson speaking,” he said.
“Hi Matt. It’s Emily Rubin, from the campus paper. How’s your work schedule this week?” she asked.
“Should be fine, Emily. I’d be happy to write an article this week,” Matt said.
“I’d like you to interview the supervisor over at the Diaper Dandy Day Care Center. It’s about a fifteen minute walk from campus. From information that I’ve received, the supervisor there, Amy Stratford, has instituted a new policy in which the associates wear diapers as part of their uniforms. I’d like you to investigate her philosophy and also gather some information about the reactions of the associates to this new policy,” Emily explained.
“What does this have to do with campus life?” Matt inquired.
“There are a number of students on campus who work for Diaper Dandy as part-time associates. So this policy affects those students who work there and their lives on campus,” Emily explained.
“Okay. It sounds a bit weird to me, but I’ll get you the story by Thursday at noon,” Matt said. “Good-bye, Emily.”
As they hung up, Matt yawned and looked over at his bed where Sara Richardson was stretched out on her stomach, reading a book for her English Literature class. They had come back from their walk and decided to try and get some homework done in Matt’s room.
“What was that about?” Sara asked, looking up from her book.
“Just an article for the paper for Friday. I have to go and interview your boss. Something about her making associates wear diapers or something like that,” Matt said.
“Oh,” Sara commented.
“I know you’ve worked there for a few months. Are you affected by this policy at all?” Matt asked, as he began to gather information for his article.
“Um, I’d prefer not to comment right now,” Sara said, turning back to her book. In the past five years, she had never told anyone about her diaper fetish or desire to be diapered. After one day of wearing diapers for Amy Stratford, she wasn’t about to start spilling her guts. Even though she recognized the importance of being open and honest with Matt, she couldn’t bring herself to speak about the experience.
As Sara read her book, Matt wondered what he would discover at Diaper Dandy. And on the other side of campus, Emily was planning to add some information and knowledge of her own. She stepped out of her bedroom, walked down the corridor to use the toilet, and could hear her roommates, enjoying one another’s company in a rather loud way.

The Other Side - Catharsis

Chapter Ten: Running with Ronnie

Late Tuesday afternoon (April 6)

After a long day of changing diapers and talking in a sing-song voice, Ronnie returned to her apartment, shed her clothes and dressed herself in a sports bra, tank top and spandex shorts. Though there was still a bit of a chill in the air, it was still quite warm for an April afternoon and Ronnie was looking forward to a jog in the park.
The local park was just down the block from her apartment. It was conveniently close to campus and Diaper Dandy as well. Ronnie walked from her apartment to the park, crossed the street, and then began jogging on the three-mile crosscountry loop around the park. For four years throughout college, Ronnie had been a member of the Crosscountry Team. She knew this trail backwards and forwards.
Ronnie smiled as she jogged. She was experiencing an inundation of “babyness” recently and it felt good to be away from the day care center, and do “adult” things. She didn’t know how the other girls were handling being diapered and wiped and touched by Amy and Lauren. And frankly, she didn’t care. Ronnie was extremely happy with her decision not to participate in the simulation.
As she crossed the first mile marker on the trail, Ronnie felt the first beads of sweat begin to form on her brow. It was then that she heard the footsteps approaching behind her.
“Veronica! Veronica Wilson!” the feminine voice cried out behind her.
Ronnie cringed at the sound of the name “Veronica.” Even though it was her given first name, she couldn’t bear to hear it pronounced. Being called Veronica drew her back into her dark history. It was bad enough that she could still see the bruises on her breasts and scars from the knife on her abdomen. Being called Veronica made her remember who had inflicted such pain on her innocent, helpless body. And so, Ronnie kept running.
“Veronica! Ms. Wilson!” the girl’s voice cried. “I just want to ask you a few questions!”
Ronnie cursed under her breath, and glanced back at the girl. She had short blond hair and glasses and was wearing a university sweatshirt and jeans. Ronnie could tell that she was panting heavily and was having difficulty running. The girl was holding a notepad and pencil.
And still Ronnie kept running. She had no interest in speaking with this strange woman. All Ronnie wanted to do was to enjoy her jog in peace and quiet.
“Ms. Wilson! Veronica! Wait up! I need to speak with you,” the girl said, struggling for breath.
Ronnie turned her head and said, “If you want to speak with me, you’re going to have to keep up with me. I’m not stopping my jog for you.”
“Please. I can’t run that fast. Please, wait up,” the girl said.
“Too bad,” Ronnie said, and she kept on running at the same pace.
Much to Ronnie’s surprise, the girl increased her speed and caught up to her. Ronnie could tell that she was wheezing heavily and decided to stop.
“You’re an asthmatic?” Ronnie asked.
The girl continued to wheeze, withdrew an inhaler from her pocket and took two short breaths from the device. Her wheezing calmed and she said, “Thanks for stopping. I’m sorry to bother you out here but I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions.”
“What now?” Ronnie asked.
“My name is Emily Rubin. I’m the assignment editor for the campus newspaper. We’re running a feature on the new Diaper Dandy policy in Friday’s paper,” Emily said.
“Yes, yes. I know. One of your reporters raised quite a ruckus this afternoon,” Ronnie recalled.
“Yes, but I don’t want to talk to you about that. You’re a graduate of the university. And you know that we often run a one-page Wednesday preview, which summarize and highlight the articles wer’e working on for Friday’s edition. I was hoping that I could ask you a few questions that would help us prepare the Wednesday preview,” Emily requested.
“Why me?” Ronnie asked.
“Because the information that we’ve gathered thus far tells us that you’re the only one who’s not participating in this diaper simulation thing. I’d like to find out why. I’m sure our readers would like to know too,” Emily said, grabbing her pencil and flipping to a new page in her notepad.
“I have my own reasons,” Ronnie said.
“Well, that doesn’t tell me too much, Veronica,” Emily said.
“The name is Ronnie. Do not, under any circumstance, call me Veronica. If you continue to call me Veronica, I’m going to run away. Got it?” Ronnie asked.
“I’m sorry, Veron, er, Ronnie. Why don’t you want to participate in the simulation?” Emily asked again.
“I said, I have my own personal and private reasons,” Ronnie repeated.
“Do you have a thing against wearing diapers? Do you find it odd that another woman would touch you and clean you like an infant? Do you find it weird that such an idea could even be proposed for responsible adults? Do you find it strange that adults would consent to such a policy?” Emily attempted.
“Man, you’re like a machine. Take a chill pill, girl,” Ronnie said.
“I’m a reporter. I want my story,” Emily said.
“Well then, as a reporter, I’m sure you’re familiar with the words ‘no comment,’” Ronnie said.
“You haven’t answered my questions, though,” Emily said.
“That’s my right, Ms. Rubin. I’m sorry. No matter what I think about this new policy, I’m not going to publicly speak out against it and have my words printed in your newspaper,” Ronnie said.
“So what you’re saying is that you are against Amy Stratford’s new regulations and policies. That’s why you haven’t agreed to be diapered,” Emily persisted.
“Wow, you’re a real winner aren’t you? I told you that I have no comment. My reasons are my own. Now, if you’ll let me be, please,” Ronnie said.
Ronnie began to run again, trying to leave the scene of this most unpleasant encounter.
“But why? Just answer me this! Why?” Emily yelled.
But by the time she stammered out the words, Ronnie was long gone. Emily looked at her note pad and read Ronnie’s words. “I’m not going to publicly speak out against it.” Emily smiled. Taking Matt’s notes from his interview and Ronnie’s quote she would be able to concoct an excellent Wednesday preview article. She decided to walk the path back from the way she came and resolved to leave Ronnie alone.
Ronnie continued her jog. Her heart was beating heavily and in addition to the sweat on her forehead and back, the tears were beginning to stream down as well. She paused for a moment, sat down on a park bench and buried her head in her hands.
“Why do I have to live like this? Why do I have to live with these memories? Why am I destined to be a victim for the rest of my life?” she said quietly through her sobs. The events of the past five days at Diaper Dandy had been too real and too personal for her. They touched upon a nerve, deep within her soul, and forced her to recall the tragic moments of her childhood and teenage years.
“Ma’am? Are you okay over there?” the man, dressed in a park ranger’s outfit said, as he approached on foot.
Ronnie looked up at the man’s bearded face.
“Oh God! Not you! It can’t be you! Help!” Ronnie screamed. With no time to dry her tears, she leapt off the park bench and began to run, faster than she had ever run in her entire life.
The park ranger was surprised. He had never met Ronnie in his entire life.
“Ma’am? There’s nothing to run from!” the ranger cried out.
But Ronnie kept on running. This part of the trail was the most difficult with winds, turns and steep inclines. Even though she knew the path backwards and forwards, Ronnie was distracted by the interview and knowing that the bearded man was behind her, she feared for her life. Completely distraught, she tripped over a branch and tumbled down a small hill. Although she tried to stand up, she had become entangled in a pile of branches, and had scraped her knees. The ranger was approaching.
“Ma’am? Ma’am? Are you okay down there?” the ranger asked.
“Have to…get away…from him…Not…safe…here,” Ronnie said, under her breath.
“Ma’am? Don’t try to move. Help is on the way,” the ranger said. He mumbled a few words into his walkie-talkie and stepped down the hill where Ronnie had tripped.
“Not…safe…here. Must…get…away…Have…to…keep…running,” Ronnie said.
“Ma’am? My name is Ranger Walter Mason. Let me help you out of those branches and then we’ll get you some medical care for those knees,” the ranger said. “My assistant is on her way with the courtesy cart. We’ll get you out of here in a jiffy and back on your feet in no time. That was a pretty nice spill you took back there. I didn’t mean to scare you like that.”
“I’m sorry, Ranger Mason,” Ronnie said, looking closely at the man’s beard. “You just startled me. I thought you were somebody else.”

Chapter Eleven: Much to Her Surprise

As the rangers worked on Ronnie’s knees and asked her a few questions, Sara Richardson’s shift was coming to an end at Diaper Dandy. Slowly but surely, each of the babies were picked up by their parents and the remaining associates formed lines outside the two private rooms to have their diapers removed. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t have been a problem, but for Sara, today’s wait was an entirely different story. Ever since five o’clock, she had been fighting off stomach cramps. Under no circumstance did she want to mess her diaper. All Sara wanted was to be changed into her panties, dressed in her street clothes and walk into the bathroom, sit down on the toilet and conduct her business normally.
“C’mon already,” Sara groaned, under her breath. There were still two women in front of her, each waiting to have their diapers removed. Sara glanced across the corridor, and noticed that the line for Amy’s room was even longer than the one for Lauren’s. She bit her lip and tried to think about something else, keeping her mind off of her impending bowel movement.
“If only I hadn’t eaten those tacos for lunch,” Sara thought. The line moved forward. Brooke Simon was the only woman in front of her.
“Oh gosh,” Sara said, clenching her fists, trying to hold back the poop from filling her diaper.
“What’s the matter baby Sara?” Brooke said, in a mocking voice.
“Oh, it just had to be you in front of me. Gosh, are Ronnie and Jennifer here to mock me too?” Sara asked.
“I’m sorry about that, Sara. No, it’s just me, waiting to have my diaper changed. And don’t worry about them. I’m sorry for teasing you and making fun of you. I’ve gone along with them and what they’ve done. I realize that I’m wrong. And I really don’t know who you are as a person. I haven’t meant to be such a bitch,” Brooke said.
“Wow. Thanks for telling me that. I work here and sometimes I feel so alone. Like everybody thinks I’m a goody-goody and a suck up. I try not to let it bother me, but it’s hard sometimes,” Sara admitted.
“I’ve been through it too,” Brooke said. “Maybe we can start to be friends, and I can help you relate to the other girls.”
“I’d like that,” Sara said, smiling. Even though the discussion topic had shifted, she was still clenching her stomach with all of her might.
“So did you use it today?” Brooke asked.
“Use what?”
“Use what? Oh c’mon! There’s only one thing to be used around here. Did you go pee-pee or poo-poo in your diaper baby Sara?” Brooke inquired.
“Don’t ask,” Sara warned.
“I’m trying to hold back for a few more minutes,” Sara said.
“Going pee-pee or poo-poo?” Brooke said with the cutest little girl voice.
“Number two,” Sara said.
“Oh, that. Yeah, I haven’t had to do that just yet. But wetting myself has been fun,” Brooke said. “I can’t imagine going poo-poo would be that bad either.”
“Really?” Sara asked. “I haven’t used it for anything so far. I like being diapered but I haven’t used my diaper.”
“It’s nice to know there’s someone else who enjoys it,” Brooke said. “It’s the weirdest thing. I’m doing it for the extra money, but these past two days, I’ve enjoyed it and I’ve needed it.”
“How so?” Sara wondered.
“Girl stuff. This time of the month sucks. It’s always really heavy and my panties get dirty. Not to mention the fact that I’m always horribly, horribly horny,” Brooke said quietly.
“I guess diapers are the best of both worlds, then. They’ve gotta be more absorbent, and,” Sara said, lowering her voice, “if Lauren’s doing to you what she’s doing to me, I can’t imagine you’d be horny for very long.”
Brooke giggled and said, “Nope. That would be…impossible.”
“Ohhhhhh…” Sara groaned.
“Your back passage?” Brooke asked.
“What the fuck is taking so long in there?” Sara wondered, eyeing the private room.
“Need you ask? Lauren Patterson is a woman who loves her work,” Brooke said.
“And we love the fact that she loves her work,” Sara added. She and Brooke exchanged a smile.
“Why don’t you just go ahead and do it in your diaper? That’s what it’s there for, isn’t it? And you have to admit that when you walk in there, Lauren’s going to make you use it anyway. You might as well get it over and done with,” Brooke said.
“But it just feels, so…wrong,” Sara said.
“What’s wrong about it? It’s a diaper, isn’t it? Is it because pooping yourself is going to make you feel like a baby or feel naughty?” Brooke asked.
“A little of both,” Sara said. Whenever she downloaded diaper movies off the internet she avoided the ones where a woman had pooped herself. She had no problem looking at photos of videos of women who had wet their diapers, but the idea of someone pooping in their pants was absolutely gross. This was a line that she had hoped never to cross.
“I don’t see what the big deal is, really. If I had to go, I’d do it. You’re already wearing the diaper. And you’re expected to use it. And the best part about it is that you don’t even have to clean yourself up afterwards. You poop yourself and Lauren’s going to clean you up and make you all nice and fresh. And once you use the diaper, you never have to see it again!” Brooke said. As soon as she had finished talking she squatted slightly and urinated in her diaper. Brooke smiled as she felt her crotch fill with warmth and wetness. Unable to control herself, even with other people around her, Brooke reached below the hemline of her candy-striped skirt and touched her diaper between her legs. At that moment, the door opened and Lauren led a woman out of the room.
“I’m ready for you!” Lauren chirped. “Oh my, and I see you’re ready for me!” Lauren said, seeing where Brooke’s hand was positioned. Lauren reached out for that hand, grabbed it, and led Brooke into the private room.
Sara stepped forward in line and tried to listen in to the events inside the private room. After a few moments, she heard the sound of Brooke’s diaper being untaped.
“Just a few more minutes. You can do it Sara. You can do it. You’re a big girl. You’re a big girl,” she said, panting heavily. The cramps grew stronger and Sara fought off the urge to fart.
As she waited, Sara began to understand the truth behind Brooke’s words. If Lauren saw her struggling like this, resisting the urge to use her diaper, she would refuse to change her until the deed was done. And rather than wait for that to happen, and be further embarrassed, Sara leaned back against the wall, squatted down and began to squeeze. It was difficult at first, since she was so conditioned against performing such a vile act. After a few subdued farts, she felt a mass of poop leave her body and drop into the back of her diaper. The first thing Sara noticed was an absence of pain. Her cramps were gone. And then she felt the hot mass of mushy poop pushing against her rear end, settling in the back of her diaper. Fortunately, the mess did not smell. The odor was well-masked by the powdery, perfume-like scent emanating from her diaper.
Sara stood up, hoping that Lauren would finish with Brooke soon, trying to come to terms with what she had just done in her diaper. It hadn’t felt that bad, and given the fact that her deed did not smell, and Lauren was responsible for changing her, Sara didn’t imagine that the situation could grow any worse.
“Oh well, guess I’m not a big girl anymore,” Sara said, feeling the hot, squishy load shift in the seat of her pants. She tried not to move too much, attempting to keep the mess situated in one location. The door opened, and out walked Lauren and Brooke.
“This should hold you until tomorrow,” Lauren said, handing Brooke a stack of four diapers.
“Thanks, Lauren, for being so accomodating,” Brooke said, accepting the diapers from her.
“How come you decided to take those with you?” Sara asked Brooke.
“Girl stuff,” Brooke said. “The only time I feel protected is when I’m wearing a diaper. I may decide to do this every month.”
Sara smiled. Among women, she had been blessed with an easy, regular, cramp-free cycle. Thinking back to her experience of a few seconds ago, it made sense to poop in her diaper. She couldn’t imagine having her period in one though. It seemed like such a contradiction.
“Are we ready?” Lauren asked. Without waiting for a response, she took Sara by the hand and led her into the private room. Very quickly, Lauren reached underneath the hem of Sara’s skirt and pulled the entire candy-striped outfit up over her head. Being that an appropriate bustline had been built into the outfit, Sara was now completely naked, except for her diaper.
“Well, well. What do we have here?” Lauren asked, walking circles around Sara. Lauren reached down and started to caress the outer plastic of Sara’s very-well-used disposable diaper. She ran her fingers across the front, between Sara’s legs and then began to concentrate on the rear of the diaper.
“No,” Sara said.
“No what, baby?” Lauren asked.
“Don’t do that,” Sara said, feeling Lauren manipulate the padding of her diaper and begin to smear the poop over her butt.
“Do what?” Lauren asked, continuing her gentle manipulations. “This? You want me to stop doing this? Why?”
“Cause it just feels so wrong. I shouldn’t have done it in my diaper,” Sara said. Her eyes began to well up with tears.
“Why not? That’s what it’s there for. I’ve done it in my diaper hundreds of times,” Lauren admitted. Her hand worked its way down and was now massaging the diaper where Sara’s butt met her crotch. Sara’s bowel movement was coming in contact with her most sensitive feminine areas and beginning to her arouse it.
“No…no…oh…oh…no…oh…oh…oh” Sara said. Struggling with all her might, she tried not to succumb to the pleasurable feelings that Lauren was creating for her, but it was absolutely inevitable.
“Why should I stop? I knew that you of all people would like it,” Lauren said cutely. “It’s okay, you’re not alone,” Lauren added, putting a reassuring hand on Sara’s shoulder.
“I know I’m not alone. I know tons of people throughout the world have a diaper fetish. It’s been my dream for the past five years to be diapered and treated like an infant. But I’ve never wanted to use the diaper. And now that I’ve done it, I feel like there’s no turning back. I feel naughty, and it feels so good!” Sara exclaimed.
“Doesn’t it?” Lauren asked. “That’s pretty much what happened to me last year when I was seeing Dr. Miller. Now, I had no idea what she was doing to me because I was constantly drugged but she instilled this love of diapers in me that I haven’t been able to shake.”
“There are worse things in the world,” Sara said.
“So you have a diaper fetish?” Lauren asked.
“Yeah, ever since I started babysitting, I wanted to be the baby. I tried telling one of my boyfriends once, but he was like, totally revolted by the idea,” Sara explained.
“I don’t think you have anything to worry about in your present relationship,” Lauren said, leading Sara to the changing table.
“What do you mean?” Sara asked, as she laid down on the table and felt the contents of her diaper shift again.
“Did you see the size of his boner?” Lauren asked as she reached in and undid the tapes on Sara’s diaper.
Sara blushed fiercely at Lauren’s comment. “But that was from looking at me totally naked,” she argued as Lauren pulled the front of her diaper down between her legs.
“My, my, little Sara filled her diaper right up, didn’t she?” Lauren said, pulling Sara’s diaper out from under her.
Sara smiled as Lauren cleaned her between her legs and inside and around her rear end. “I doubt that Matt has a thing for women in diapers,” she said continuing her conversation. “And besides, we’ve been together since a few nights ago. We haven’t even kissed yet.”
“Your boy’s cock was screaming, Sara. From the second he walked in here. He was aroused from his interview with Amy. Trust me, men are lying when they tell you that they’re not interested in diapers. Men love the thought of babying women and seeing them in diapers. It’s a fact for all men. All of them find the thought of us women being diapered to be the most fantastically erotic thing on the face of the planet,” Lauren explained.
“Well, it is the most fantastically erotic thing on the face of the planet,” Sara said, smiling.
“Broach the topic with him. See what he says,” Lauren said, as she finished cleaning Sara’s diaper area.
“Maybe later on in our relationship,” Sara said shyly.
“Suit yourself. Why wait for later when you can be having fun now?” Lauren wondered out loud. “Panties or diaper?”
“Panties, please,” Sara said politely.
“What’s the matter, don’t want to have another naughty poo-poo experience?” Lauren asked, holding a disposable diaper in her hands.
“Trust me, I do, but if I take the diaper, as inviting as it is, I won’t get anything done tonight,” Sara said realistically.
“Suit yourself,” Lauren said. “Here’s a little something to remind you of your diaper.” Lauren sprinkled a rather large quantity of baby powder across Lauren’s crotch and then pulled up the pair of white panties that Sara had worn to work under her jeans.
As Sara laid on the changing table and reflected on the events of the past twenty minutes, she wondered how exactly she could discuss her love of diapers with Matt. After his intrusion for the newspaper article, she knew that such a discussion was inevitable.

The Other Side - Catharsis

Chapter Twelve: Amy’s Private Investigator

Tuesday evening
“Hey! How’s my professional diaper-changer doing?” Lieutenant Mark Gillman said as he entered the Diaper Dandy Day Care Center. It was now almost eight o’clock in the evening and everyone except for Amy had gone home for the evening.
“Hey sweetheart,” Amy said, as she went back into the room where she changed her associates’ diapers. She embraced Mark, her boyfriend of four months in a warm hug, and then they kissed.
“You’re working late this evening,” Mark commented.
“Such is life when you run a day care center,” Amy said.
“Why? I mean, it doesn’t make sense. Shouldn’t you be able to go home when the children get picked up?” Mark asked.
“Ordinarily, yes. As long as everything’s in order, the night crew will come in and clean the place up for tomorrow. But lately, things are different. I’ve only been supervisor for about a week and with the associates wearing diapers now, we have to stay an extra half-hour to change them back into their panties and then I need to update their files,” Amy explained.
“Update their files?” Mark asked.
“Yeah, I keep a file on each one of my associates. I record how many diaper changes they’ve had, and how they’ve used the diaper. Whether they’re wet, or poopy, or on their period. I want to see how the diapers are being used, journal their reactions to being diapered, and cross reference that information with their performance on the floor. It will help me to gauge the effectiveness of the simulation,” Amy said.
“Whether they’re wet or poopy?” Mark asked.
“Yup. They’re not only required to wear the diaper. If they have to go to the bathroom, I expect them to use it. It’s really no different than changing a baby’s diaper. Granted the diaper is wetter and well, bigger babies tend to have bigger poops,” Amy admitted.
“That’s pretty gross,” Mark said.
“I’m not bothered by it. I’d much rather change a poopy diaper than chase criminals into dark alleys, dodge bullets, and lean over a bloody, dead body,” Amy said, referring to Mark’s work as a police lieutenant.
“It’s still gross. Have you ever considered gynecology before?” Mark asked, changing the topic slightly…
“Gynecology? Why? You know I’m a pediatric nurse,” Amy said.
“I don’t know. It just seems to me like you’re seeing much more pussy in a single day than any man on the face of the planet,” Mark said.
“Mark! What an awful thing to say!” Amy exclaimed.
“It’s the truth. Any diaper you change permits you to see the promised land,” Mark continued.
“Ugh, men,” Amy said, rolling her eyes. She made a few notes in her binder, and flipped the page. “Just two more files to update and we can go grab a bite to eat.”
“Great, I’m starved,” Mark said. He walked over to the changing table, pulled one of the diapers off of the bottom shelf, unfolded it and began to examine it. He looked at the tables, the elastic waistband, touched the elastic legging and felt the thickness of the padding. “I can’t believe that someone would actually use this thing,” he then said.
His words distracted Amy who had been otherwise engrossed in her paperwork.
“What are you doing with that?” Amy asked, standing up from her desk in the changing room.
“I was just curious. I wanted to see what all your muss and fuss is about,” Mark said.
“You’ve just cost me a diaper, Mark,” Amy said, her arms crossed over her chest.
“Oh no, I’ve cost you a diaper. Better go call the Pampers Police,” he said cynically.
“You don’t understand. Diapers are sanitary. By you running your fingers all over that diaper, I can’t use it. It would be unsanitary for me to use a diaper that someone has touched on one of my associates. And I’m on a very tight budget. I’ve had to budget for diapers and baby products for all of my associates, as well as new uniforms. I’m glad you think that you can just take one of those diapers and think that it doesn’t matters. Well, it does,” Amy said firmly.
“I’m sorry. Really, Amy. I’m sorry. I’ll go out and buy you some Depends or something or give you a couple of dollars for this diaper. Would that make you feel better?” Mark asked.
“Nope,” Amy said. “I have a better solution.” Amy walked over to where Mark was holding the diaper and took it out of his hands. She then proceeded over to the door and closed it. Even though there was no one in the building besides the two of them, she wanted to be alone with her boyfriend. “Yup,” she said, looking at the diaper. “I think this will fit you perfectly.”
“Fit me perfectly? Amy! What are you talking about?” Mark exclaimed, backing away from his girlfriend as she approached him with diaper in hand.
“You heard me. You cost me this diaper. I think it’s only fitting if you wear it for a while,” Amy said, getting closer to him.
“No, no. Amy. I won’t do it. That’s just sick. Why are you doing this? Don’t you think you’re getting a little carried away?” Mark asked, waving her off with her hands.
“Nope, not at all,” Amy said, as she walked up to him, grabbed his face, and slipped her tongue into his mouth. She could feel the crotch of her panties growing wet as she lived out one of her fantasies. Amy could have cared less about losing a diaper and her budget was perfectly within reason. Ever since she had begun diapering her associates, she had fantasized about diapering her boyfriend.
“But how long am I going to have to wear it?” Mark whined.
“For as long as I say so. You were the one who misbehaved and you need to be punished. And I’ll determine how long your punishment will last,” Amy said with an evil smile on her face.
“Don’t worry, this will be our little secret. None of your cop buddies have to find out about it. You can go out there on the street and be that macho police officer with your gun and nightstick. But for right now, I think we need to pay attention to your other gun,” Amy said, as she gently massaged his crotch with her free hand. Without a warning, she placed the diaper on the changing table, unbuckled Mark’s belt and pulled down his pants. She then lowered his boxer briefs and watched as his erect penis seemed to jump out of his underwear.
“Oh, I see. You actually want me to diaper you. You’re just denying it. But I know better than to listen to your voice, when all I need to do is listen to your body language,” Amy said, as she gently stroked his member and tickled his balls. “Down on the floor, baby boy,” she ordered.
“Amy! C’mon already! This isn’t funny!” Mark protested.
“I think it is. I’m having a great time. And by the way, little boys who behave will be rewarded,” Amy said. She knelt down, opened her mouth and began to lick the tip of his penis with her tongue. Mark began to groan in pleasure. He loved it when Amy gave him head. As soon as she pulled back, he knelt down on the floor on his back and waited for Amy to make the next move. Mark began to realize that the diaper was simply meant as a different manner of foreplay. He didn’t think that he would be expected to use the diaper.
“Yup. I knew you wanted this,” Amy said, as she knelt down in front of him, with his eight-inch erection reaching toward the ceiling. She removed a bottle of baby oil from the changing table shelf, squirted some liquid into her hands and began to massage his shaft and testes.
“Oh my God!” Mark said, feeling the manipulative effects of Amy’s hand-job. She deftly rubbed the baby oil into his manliness. Mark began to groan louder and louder as the pressure within his balls began to burn. But Amy would not let him enjoy any sexual release. Having dated Mark for four months in a sexually active relationship, Amy had begun to recognize his noises and she knew when he was about to come. She stopped just short of his ejaculation, reached for the baby powder and sprinkled some of the white dust across his crotch.
“Oh God, Amy! Why did you stop?” Mark asked, as his erect penis was enveloped in a cloud of baby powder.
“Because you’ve been bad and you need to be punished,” she said, reaching for his diaper. She was in complete control of the situation and was loving every moment of it. She would keep him in the diaper as long as she wanted and then release him. She had no intention of having him use the diaper. She wanted to diaper him, not clean up his shit.
Mark was shaking nervously as Amy slipped the diaper underneath him.
“My gosh, you boys are such babies. It’s just a diaper. There’s nothing in here that’s going to hurt you,” Amy said. She pulled the diaper up between his legs, pushed down his erect penis into the diaper, and taped both sides.
“Oh God. I can’t believe I’ve been diapered,” Mark said.
“I can,” Amy said, smirking. “Besides, I think ‘you’ like it,” she said, looking at his penis which was tenting against the plastic and padding of his diaper.
“So when do I get to take this off?” Mark whined.
“When I decide,” Amy said, gently playing with his penis through the padding of the diaper. “You’re the baby, and I’m the Mommy and I’ll decide when your diaper comes off.”
“This is humiliating,” Mark said.
Amy said nothing and smiled widely. She leaned in and French-kissed him, rubbing his shoulders in the process.
“How was your day, sweetheart?” she asked.
“It was good. I’m glad it’s over though,” Mark said.
“Were you able to do some digging for me?” Amy asked, adding some seriousness to their foreplay.
“Can I stand up?” Mark asked.
“Okay,” Amy consented. Mark stood up and walked over to the bag that he had carried into the day care center. He opened the bag and withdrew a manila folder.
“The picture you gave me helped me to access some of the old police files,” Mark said.
“And?” Amy asked. She had given him a picture of Ronnie Wilson and asked him to do some investigation. Amy wondered if Ronnie’s reluctance to wear diapers had something to do with a case of abuse that might be recorded in the community police files. It was the only idea that she could come up with. All of her other associates had lain down on the changing table willingly and, Amy surmised, more than 75% of them had admitted to enjoying the experience. Perhaps there was something in Ronnie’s past that was causing her to act with such rebelliousness and resistance.
“Well, it’s not as easy as you thought it would be. This is Ronnie, right?” Mark asked, opening his photo.
“Yup, that’s her. Dirty-blond hair, olive-colored skin and dark brown eyes. That’s my Ronnie,” Amy said.
“This is Veronica Shriver,” Mark said. “This is the facial record that we have in the computer for Veronica Shriver.”
“But Ronnie’s last name is Wilson. How can a picture of one person be matched to a different name?” Amy wondered.
“I don’t know. I don’t know why your associate would lie about her name and tell you she’s somebody she isn’t. If this picture is one of your associate, then her name is Veronica Shriver and not Veronica Wilson,” Mark insisted.
“But why would she give me a false name? Did you find out anything else?” Amy asked.
“If we have her photograph on file, then it’s likely that there’s a record with her name. The computer photo system is available to police stations county-wide. As for specific cases, we only handle case files that come through our specific police station. Court cases throughout the county though are archived at the Hall of Records. If there’s anything pertaining to Veronica Shriver, all court records are open to the public. And their hours are nine to five, Monday through Friday. Why is this so important?” Mark asked.
“It just is. I feel like there’s something really wrong with her and I just can’t get to the bottom of her mystery. I think I’ll go check out the Hall of Records in the morning,” Amy said.
“I certainly hope you don’t expect me to wear this diaper for that long,” Mark said.
Amy smiled and said, “You’ve been a good sport. Maybe we’ll do this again sometime.” She reached in, untaped his diaper, and pulled it out from under him.
“Thanks, babe,” Mark said. “I’d do anything for you.” Seeing that Amy had turned away from him, he knew that nothing else would come of the earlier foreplay. He reached down and pulled up his boxer shorts and pants and walked over to where his girlfriend was standing. He noticed that Amy was crying.
“What’s the matter, babe?” Mark asked, drawing her closer to him in a warm hug.
“I’m…just…really…worried…about…her,” Amy managed to say through her sobs. She dried her tears and said, “I feel like there’s something really awful buried in her past. Like she’s been attacked or raped or something and being diapered would be too much of a reminder. It’s like she doesn’t want to be made to feel vulnerable or something. She can’t let her guard down. And I’m just horribly afraid of finding out the truth.”
Mark said nothing as he drew Amy closer to him, and gently stroked her back.

Chapter Fourteen: Confessions

After Brooke let Matt into the suite to meet with Emily, she returned to her bedroom, took a fresh diaper out of her backpack, and then headed for the toilet to change herself. Jennifer met her at the entrance to the bathroom.
“And where does Little Miss Brooke think she’s going with that diaper?” Jennifer asked.
“To change myself,” Brooke said smiling.
“No you’re not,” Jennifer said, taking the diaper out of Brooke’s hand.
“Okay then,” Brooke said, putting her thumb in her mouth, allowing Jennifer to take control of the situation.
Jennifer smiled and looked lovingly at her best friend.
“Wait right here. I’ll be right back,” Jennifer said. Knowing better than to disobey one of Jennifer’s commands, Brooke waited at the entrance to the bathroom and sighed happily. Seconds later, Jennifer returned with a second diaper, baby powder, baby wipes, and a plastic bag. The two girls entered the bathroom and closed the door behind them. Jennifer placed her items on the bathroom vanity and then glanced at her friend who was happily sucking her thumb.
“You’re going to have to take your thumb out of your mouth,” Jennifer said.
Brooke shook her head negatively. She was enjoying her thumb too much.
“You’re going to have to take your thumb out of your mouth,” Jennifer repeated.
“Why?” Brooke asked, while still sucking her thumb.
Jennifer offered no answer, but approached her friend and removed her thumb. She then leaned in, and slipped her tongue into Brooke’s mouth, kissing her passionately. Brooke placed her hands on Jennifer’s face, returned her kisses and then pulled away slightly, teasing Jennifer until she returned for the kill, sucking her tongue and kissing her forcefully.
After a few minutes of kissing, Jennifer broke away and said, “Did I ever tell you how hot you make me?”
“No, you haven’t. Is there something that I should know about Jen?” Brooke wondered.
“We’ve lived together for almost three years now. And sometimes, I’ve wondered if we could be more than friends. We never really talked about sexuality together, but I’m bi-sexual, Brooke. All of my relationships have been with guys and I’m pretty sure that I’ll marry a guy someday. But there’s something about you that’s always sparked my interest. I’ve always found myself attracted to you. And I’ve found in the past three days that diapers gave us a way to push the subject a little and be more open with one another. I want to explore every inch of your body with my hands and with my tongue, every inch,” Jennifer admitted.
“I had no idea that you felt that way about me until I diapered you on Sunday afternoon. I loved caring for you in that manner and I remember what it was like when we exchanged glances a few times. And you commented how my hand was resting on your diaper. I’ve always thought of you as a friend and I’ve never thought of having anything more with you. But diapers make me so fucking horny, unlike anything I’ve ever tried before. And seeing you in a diaper, and changing your diaper makes me want to explode. But the truth is,” Brooke said, her voice tailing off.
“What’s wrong, Brooke?” Jennifer asked, gently taking Brooke’s hand in her own.
“Nothing’s wrong. I’m just, I’m well, I…” Brooke tried, but could not find the words to describe her emotions. She drew Jennifer close to her in a strong hug, closed her eyes, and kissed her best friend. As they kissed, Brooke placed her hands on Jennifer’s breasts, feeling Jen’s nipples grow hard and erect.
“The truth is that I just can’t bring myself to say it. I haven’t come to terms with it yet and I’m really uncomfortable with it. I’ve only told one other person about this. You know how you’ve always talked about how hot those fraternity boys are and how muscular the football players here at the college are?” Brooke asked.
“Yeah,” Jennifer said.
“Have you ever noticed how I’m often uninterested or don’t share my feelings?” Brooke asked.
“Well, yeah, I guess I’ve noticed. But it never really came to my attention. I just figured that you didn’t like to gawk at boys like I do,” Jennifer said.
“I’m just not interested in them, Jen. I’m, well, I’m, er, I’m a…” Brooke stuttered, and fell to the ground, crying uncontrollably.
Jennifer approached her, embraced her in a hug and let Brooke rest her head on her shoulder. “It’s okay, Brooke. I love you for who you are and I’m here for you. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. You’re a wonderful girl. You’re smart and you’re funny, and you’re sweet and you have a huge heart. You’re the greatest friend I’ve ever had,” Jennifer said, gently stroking Brooke’s hair.
“I’m…so…ashamed,” Brooke said through her tears. “What will my friends think when I finally tell them? What will my family think?” she cried.
“Brooke,” Jennifer said, removing Brooke’s head from her shoulder. “If any of your friends judge you for this, they aren’t really your friends. And your family will love you for who you are, not for what you aren’t.”
Brooke wiped her eyes and said, “I just feel like I’ve been abusing our friendship. All this time, I’ve reveled in the opportunity to kiss another girl, and someone as beautiful and special as you, without sharing my feelings or sexuality with you. And now I feel like the secret’s out, so everything has to change.”
“Brooke, if I didn’t feel a connection to you and I wasn’t attracted to you, I wouldn’t have been playful like I was. If I don’t have feelings for you, I can’t kiss you and make it seem like I do have feelings. Did you know that you kiss better than any of the guys I’ve dated in my life? It’s so different being kissed by another girl. It’s more alluring, more gentle, more passionate, more sexy. I don’t want anything to change between us. In fact, I’m really touched that you felt comfortable enough to tell me the truth,” Jennifer said.
“So you mean nothing has to change between us?” Brooke wondered.
“Nothing, except for your diaper that is,” Jennifer said.
Brooke smiled as she positioned herself on the bathroom floor. Jennifer knelt in, pulled down her black sweatpants, and untaped her soiled diaper.
“Wait, Jen, I still have my period,” Brooke said as Jen went to remove her diaper.
“That’s okay sweetie. It’s nothing I haven’t seen or experienced myself before. Periods are something men will never be able to appreciate. There are some times that you don’t need to use protection, and this is one of them,” Jennifer said.
“You’re dreamy,” Brooke said, blowing Jennifer a kiss.
“Just like changing a baby,” Jennifer commented as she folded the diaper into itself, containing Brooke’s mess. Using a few baby wipes to clean Brooke’s rear end, she sealed the diaper and wipes in the plastic bag and threw it in the garbage. As Jennifer threw away the trash, Brooke removed her white T-shirt, leaving herself completely naked.
“I have an idea,” Brooke said.
“What’s that sweetie?” Jennifer asked.
Brooke said nothing, but walked over to the shower and turned on the hot water. As the shower was heating up, she approached Jennifer and undressed her. Before they stepped inside, Brooke kissed Jennifer and then worked her tongue down Jennifer’s neck toward her breasts.
“I love playing with your boobies,” Brooke said as she licked Jennifer’s nipples.
“I love letting you,” Jennifer said.
Hand-in-hand both girls entered the shower. Standing beneath the piercing needles of the hot water, Brooke and Jennifer embraced and kissed each other lovingly.

After their shower, Brooke and Jennifer diapered one another and climbed beneath the covers of Brooke’s bed, wearing no other clothing. The lights in the room were dim, and both ladies figured that they would sleep for a few hours before returning to their homework.
“So I had the chance to talk to Sara today,” Brooke said.
“You mean loser-Sara? The one who’s completely diaper crazy?” Jennifer asked.
“Um, Jennifer. We’re diaper crazy too,” Brooke explained.
“Not like her,” Jennifer said.
“She’s really sweet. You know, one of those people in the world who’s just really kind and really nice to everybody. She’s really intelligent and kind of shy. But I like her,” Brooke said.
"Like her, like her?’ Jennifer asked.
“No, not like that. I just think she’s a good person with a good heart,” Brooke said.
“You heard what happened while she was having her diaper changed, right?” Jennifer said.
“Some news reporter walked in, while Lauren was about to diaper her. He saw her naked and is supposedly writing a story for…oh shit,” Brooke said, stopping her sentence without finishing it.
“What’s wrong Brooke?” Jennifer wondered.
“It’s that guy. That guy who was at the door. He’s here in the suite now, working with Emily,” Brooke said.
“Are you sure?” Jennifer said.
“Yeah. Someone on the staff said he was red-haired with freckles on his face. That was the guy who came into our suite this evening. He’s probably still here,” Brooke said.
“Well, don’t worry, Brooke-Brooke, I’ll protect you,” Jennifer said, bringing Brooke closer to her.
“It’s not me I’m worrying about, it’s Sara. I just have this hunch that whatever this reporter-guy saw is going to wind up in the school paper this week,” Brooke said.
“You think Emily and the editorial board would write about Diaper Dandy? You think they’d find news in associates at a day care center wearing diapers? That sounds a little bit pornographic to me,” Jennifer said.
“Well, I’m just concerned. That’s all. I don’t want to see Sara get hurt. If something embarrassing does wind up getting printed, will you forego your “loser” opinion of her and help her get through this situation?” Brooke asked.
Jennifer looked into Brooke’s eyes and said, “Yes. I’ll be there for her, just like I’m here for you.”

Chapter Fifteen: Uncovering the Past

Wednesday morning (April 7)
Dressed in a navy blue button-down blouse, and khaki slacks, Amy Stratford climbed the stairs to the Danson County Courthouse. Once inside the building, she placed her purse on the conveyor belt and stepped through the metal detector.
“Excuse me, sir,” she said to the security guard monitoring the conveyor belt.
“Yes, ma’am,” the guard responded.
“Could you tell me where I might find the Hall of Records?” Amy asked.
“The Hall of Records is on the third floor,” the guard said.
“Thank you, sir,” Amy said politely.
“Yes, ma’am. Just use the elevator on your right,” the guard said.
Amy smiled, grabbed her purse and pressed the elevator call button.

“Ronnie! Can you come over here for a minute please?” Lauren Patterson asked, standing in the lobby of Diaper Dandy.
Dressed in her candy-striped uniform, white stockings and black buckle shoes, Ronnie came walking away from the changing area and met Lauren face-to-face.
“Whaddya want?” she asked.
“We’re understaffed this morning,” Lauren said. “And I need your help.”
“Doing what?” Ronnie inquired.
“Well, Ms. Stratford isn’t due in until about noon and with two of us diapering the associates as they come in, the process usually goes pretty quickly. I can’t handle the work by myself,” Lauren explained.
“I don’t know if that’s the right thing to have me do,” Ronnie suggested. “I’m the only one here who doesn’t wear diapers at work. This doesn’t seem to jive with Ms. Stratford’s policy.”
“Actually, I think it does,” Lauren said. “I’d rather have the diapered associates change the babies’ diapers. Since you’re not diapered, I think we could use you in the other private room. Ms. Stratford suggested it herself.”
An odd look passed across Ronnie’s face. Why would her supervisor pull her off the work-floor and entrust her with the responsibility of changing associates’ diapers? This seemed like a cushy job to her. After all, none of the associates cried during their diaper changes.
“Okay, I’ll do it. Who will be my first client?” Ronnie asked, rubbing the palms of her hands together in anticipation.
“Brooke! Can you come over her please?” Lauren asked, looking at the line of associates waiting to be diapered (or in Brooke’s case, waiting to have their diaper changed).
“What’s up Lauren?” Brooke asked cheerfully.
“We’re running a bit behind schedule. Would you mind if Ronnie diapered you today?” Lauren asked.
Brooke smiled and said, “Not at all.”

As she waited for the elevator, Amy recalled how much fun it had been to diaper Mark. He had been such a good sport through his punishment, and Amy knew that she would have to reward him properly. Stepping into the elevator, and pushing the button for the third floor, Amy found her mind filled with naughty sexual thoughts. She pictured her boyfriend, clad in nothing but a diaper, giving her oral sex and smiled. “Yes,” Amy thought to herself. “That would be the perfect way to reward him for being a good boy.”
The elevator doors parted and Amy was brought back to reality. She knew better than to mix business with pleasure and she had arrived at the Hall of Records on business. Even though she would have preferred to spend another few minutes daydreaming, she needed to search the court records pertaining to Ronnie’s history. Amy did not know what she would find.
Amy walked into the Hall of Records and stopped at the receptionist’s desk.
“Can I help you, ma’am?” the wrinkled, grey-haired woman with wire-rimmed glasses said.

“So what can I do for you today?” Ronnie asked.
“Oh, that’s right. You don’t really know how this works. I’m working from 7 AM until 1 PM today. And it’s 10 AM now which means that I just get a diaper change. Lauren already bathed me and put me in a fresh diaper this morning. Right now it’s just a quick change, and then I need to get back out on the workfloor,” Brooke explained.
“Never, in the almost three years that I’ve known you did I think that I’d ever be changing your diaper,” Ronnie said. “This all seems like some kind of crazy sorority hazing ritual to me.”
“It’s actually boatloads of fun and I’m enjoying it immensely,” Brooke admitted.
“I told you when we spoke on the phone on Saturday night that you’d enjoy dropping a load in your pants,” Ronnie recalled.
Brooke’s face turned beet-red and she said, “Well, I guess everyone has things that make them happy. Do you remember that night last year when you were my resident advisor in the sophomore dorms?”
“The night that you came out as a lesbian to me?” Ronnie asked.
“That would be the night,” Brooke said.
“What about it?” Ronnie wondered.
“I told someone else last night,” Brooke said.
“Let me guess. You and Jennifer are getting it on and changing each other’s diapers at home. There’s some hot and horny action going on in Suite 321 of the junior dormitory,” Ronnie said.
“Well, actually,” Brooke said, her face retaining the beet-red color.
“Really? I never thought Jen would do such a thing. Both of you were my residents last year. I know your story. But Jen had so many boyfriends last year. I’m pretty shocked,” Ronnie said.
“Jen told me that she’s bi. She even said that she’s thought about getting involved with me for quite some time. Gosh, Ronnie. She’s just incredible,” Brooke said dreamily.
“It’s really nice to hear that you’re happy. I know you’re really struggling with your sexuality,” Ronnie said, stroking Brooke’s arm in a comforting manner.
“I think the diapers have really helped. All of the barriers are gone when we change each other. We’re tender and loving to one another and diapers make both of us incredibly horny. And I’m on my period now, which creates even more sexual tension for me. But the best part isn’t that we’re physical. We’ve been friends for such a long time now and we just feel incredibly comfortable with this new development in our relationship,” Brooke commented.
“That’s wonderful,” Ronnie said, smiling. “I can’t tell you how happy I am for both of you.”
Brooke smiled and said, “It’s so nice for me to see you smile. You know I think you’re beautiful. Not like that, don’t worry. But when you smile, your skin gets this glow to it that’s just gorgeous. I wish you smiled more often. It always seems like you’re down and mopey here. I wish everyone else on the staff knew about your playfulness, warmth, and love like Jen and I do.”
“It’s been really hard since Ms. Stratford took over. I just feel persecuted because I’m the only one who’s not wearing diapers. And tomorrow’s the anniversary which always makes things more difficult. I can’t believe that tomorrow will be five years.”

“I’d like to browse some case files,” Amy said.
“Well, you’ve come to the right place to do that, dearie,” the elderly woman said. “Do you have a name or particular case?”
“Shriver. Veronica Shriver,” Amy said.
“Shriver. Why on earth would anyone want to dig up that devil of a case?” the woman asked. “Would hafta be 'bout five years since that dang thing happened. You do know what happened, dontcha?”
“No, I’m afraid I don’t. I only moved here a few years ago. I guess that case had already blown over by the time I got here,” Amy surmised.
“Well, I’ll just let you go have a look for yourself. No use spoiling it for ya,” the woman said. “You can look under Shriver. I think I remember his first name being Edward.”
Amy was extremely perplexed as she walked down the long aisle of filing cabinets in the dark, dimly-lit Hall of Records. She approached the filing cabinet marked “SHR” and opened it. Fiddling through the files, she finally came to a manila folder labelled “THE ESTATE OF EDWARD SHRIVER vs. VERONICA SHRIVER.” Amy took the folder, and walked over to a padded bridge table. Her palms sweating, her mind racing, and her heart palpitating, she sat down and opened the folder.
The first document was stamped with a seal from CLERK OF COURTS: DANSON COUNTY and was labelled PETIT JURY VERDICT.

“You really soaked your diaper,” Ronnie noticed, as she lifted Brooke’s candy-striped skirt.
“Hee, hee. That’s what it’s there for,” Brooke said.
“Yeah, I guess,” Ronnie said. “I will not participate, no matter how much fun everyone says it is.”
“I know you have your reasons. We don’t need to get into this,” Brooke said, as Ronnie untaped her diaper and pulled it down through her legs.
Even though Brooke was comfortable respecting Ronnie’s space and reasons, Ronnie felt comfortable speaking to Brooke.
“I haven’t discussed it with anybody,” Ronnie said. “It’s not the diaper that I have the problem with but the diapering. I have scars from the wounds on my abdomen. And I’ve been in the prone position that you’re in, too many times. For me, the diapering process would bring back too many horrible memories. I don’t need to relive the past; I have a life to live.” Ronnie stared intently at Brooke’s wet diaper for a moment and then began to fold it up.
“Yeah, but your past is not like a diaper,” Brooke said, knowing the thoughts that were passing through Ronnie’s mind.
“Come again?” Ronnie asked.
“I can use my diaper and within hours, I can throw it away and wear a new one. But you can’t just throw away what you’ve lived through. You can’t cast it aside and say that you’ve completely healed from your traumatic ordeal. Can you?” Brooke asked as Ronnie threw her wet diaper into the garbage.
Ronnie avoided the question entirely. Looking intently at Brooke’s left thigh, right below her vagina, she said, “I think you have a mild case of diaper rash, Brooke,” Ronnie said.
“Oh. Guess I’ve spent a little too much time in wet diapers these past few days,” Brooke said, giggling.
Ronnie reached below the changing table for a tub of Vaseline petroleum jelly. She took a glob on her fingers, preparing to coat the area of Brooke’s skin affected by the rash. But then, oddly, Ronnie paused.
“What’s wrong. Aren’t you going to smear that on my rash?” Brooke asked.
“Sorry. My mind blanked for a second,” Ronnie said. “I’m sorry, Brooke. I guess I haven’t healed. My skin was often cracked, dried out, and bruised in a variety of places. And I used vaseline to help it heal. This is just one of those painful memories.”

As Amy read the document, her eyes opened more widely, and her hand covered her gaping mouth, trying to hide her shock.


On the TWENTY-SEVENTH DAY of the month of MAY, in the year ONE THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED AND NINETY-EIGHT, in the county of Danson, the clerk of courts certified the following verdict in the case of THE ESTATE OF EDWARD SHRIVER vs. VERONICA SHRIVER. For the crime of FIRST-DEGREE MURDER (PREMEDITATED), the petit jury found VERONICA SHRIVER to be NOT GUILTY. The following is a detailed explanation of the petit jury’s reasoning:

We, the undersigned members of the petit jury, enter a verdict of “not guilty” for seventeen-year-old Veronica Shriver. It is our belief that Ms. Shriver endured seventeen years of abuse while living under the roof of Mr. Edward Shriver, her father. From her testimony, and physical evidence of bodily bruises and scars, we concur that Ms. Shriver acted in self-defense on the night of 8 April 1998. It is our understanding that on 8 April, Mr. Shriver attacked his daughter with a carving knife, inflicting wounds in her stomach and lower abdomen. In an effort to protect her life, Ms. Shriver turned the knife on her father, and slit his throat in the process. In a most unfortunate manner, Ms. Shriver finally earned her freedom from lifelong suffering and abuse. It is enough for this jury that she will be punished by memories and recollections of this awful moment in her life. We see no further reason that she be remanded to the custody of the Danson County Sheriff.

Amy read and reread the document a number of times, unable to believe that Ronnie had killed her own father. Amy knew that the jury had ruled that Ronnie had acted in self-defense, but what level of abuse was enough to warrant killing her father?

“I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like to live with those memories,” Brooke said.
“Don’t try, Brooke. There’s no need for you to try. This week is exceptionally difficult because, like I said, tomorrow will be the five-year anniversary of my killing him,” Ronnie responded.
“But the jury exonerated you. You had the support of this entire county in doing what you did. Why do you still live with such grief?” Brooke wondered.
“I killed my own father,” Ronnie said, hanging her head in shame.
“It was self-defense. The lunatic came at you with a knife and started stabbing you. How did you have any other choice?” Brooke asked.
“It’s not even that. It should never have had to happen that way. I don’t feel guilty because I killed him. I feel guilty because my Mom and I couldn’t get away. There was nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide. Then Mom died, and for six years, there was nothing that I could do.”

In her search for answers, Amy discovered more and more questions. She continued to dig through the folder and came upon a handwritten index card.

Mother: Abigail Wilson (deceased 11/26/92)
Father: Edward Shriver (deceased 4/8/9

This index card, probably used to record family information, answered Amy’s questions about Ronnie’s supposed pseudonym. After her father’s death, she must have resorted to using her mother’s name. And there must have been something about the name “Veronica” that caused too many negative memories to surface.
Realizing that she could spend all day reading the case file and learning about the dark past of one of her associates, Amy gathered the material and returned the folder to the filing cabinet. She didn’t need to know anything more about Ronnie. Ronnie had her reasons for not wanting to be diapered, and Amy, from reading those two documents, understood why. If Ronnie had been abused, she did not want to place herself in a prone position that reminded her of such incidents. And furthermore, being diapered required her to be naked. She obviously did not feel comfortable having another person see her scars and ask her questions about her history.
“So what did you think?” the old woman asked as Amy prepared to leave.
“It seems like a very sad story,” Amy said.
“Rape always is,” the old woman said.

“I go around to other campuses, besides Danson University. I tell my story of what happened at these Rape Speak-Out Sessions. I listen to stories of other women. And each time, I wonder why I couldn’t get away. I kept telling myself that it had to get better. I kept telling myself that one day he would stop. But I let the abuse continue. And I allowed him to keep violating me. He stole my virginity. He stole my youth. He stole my desire to have sex or touch myself. Brooke, I haven’t been with anybody in five years. You asked me if I’ve healed from the trauma. The answer is no. I don’t think you ever heal from something like this. It seems like it was yesterday,” Ronnie said angrily. She smeared the petroleum jelly on Brooke’s left leg, coating the affected area.
“It’s like a persistent rash that won’t go away,” Brooke remarked, drawing the connection between her diaper rash and Ronnie’s history.
“Yeah, the only problem is that something pleasurable to you gave you your rash. I’ve never known pleasure,” Ronnie admitted.
“Have you ever spoken to anyone about this?” Brooke asked.
“Not a soul. I told my story in court to the judge. And besides the speak-out sessions in other cities and on other campuses, there are maybe four people who know about the hell that I lived through,” Ronnie said, reaching under the table to acquire a fresh diaper for Brooke. “It’s just too painful to put myself in the position in which you find yourself. I don’t want anyone to see me naked again. Anyone.”

Amy’s jaw dropped, and she knelt down in front of the table. “No. No. No,” she said, her eyes welling with tears. “Please tell me that this wasn’t the case.”
“You didn’t read too much of the case history did you, dearie?” the woman asked.
“No, I didn’t. Just the verdict, and a small index card,” Amy explained.
“That Shriver girl was raped and abused for years and buried the secret deep within her soul. We don’t know what made her so strong or how she went without telling anyone. When the details of her abuse came out during the trial, people told me that there wasn’t a dry eye in the place. You have to imagine this seventeen-year-old girl, who has been beaten up, abused, mistreated, and violated for years taking the stand with composure, and answering the attorney’s questions as her father’s family sits in the courtroom wanting her to fry in the electric chair for killing Edward. Don’t know where she gets the strength to carry on. I really don’t know,” the old woman said.
Feeling like she was about to vomit, Amy said, “Well, thanks for your help, I guess.”
“Any time, dearie. I’m here 9-5 Monday through Friday,” the woman said.
“How long have you been here?” Amy said.
“It’ll be sixty-one years this July,” the woman said. “I know every case in these files, and I’ll tell you, in all of my years in the Hall of Records, I ain’t heard nothing like that Shriver case. If you don’t mind me askin,’ why are you concerned about the Shriver case?”

“Can you still have children? I mean, would you want to?” Brooke asked.
“Yes, I can. The stab wounds didn’t affect any of my reproductive organs,” Ronnie said.
“Thank God,” Brooke said.
“Yeah, I guess. But in order to have kids, I’m going to have to have sex,” Ronnie said as she powdered and diapered her friend Brooke Simon.
“And you don’t think that there’s a wonderful guy out there, waiting to love you with open arms and an open heart. Not all men are abusive, Ronnie,” Brooke said.
“I wouldn’t rule out the possibility. But it might be ten or twenty years before I get to that point. And by that time, my bodily clock may no longer be ticking,” Ronnie said.
“So what? You’re just going to give up love and the idea of a family?” Brooke asked.
“That’s one of the reasons that I’m working here,” Ronnie said.

“Veronica Shriver is one of my associates. She works for me,” Amy said.
“Where?” the woman asked.
“Diaper Dandy Day Care Center,” Amy said.
“Very nice. So she’s working at a day care center. What a nice turnaround for her,” the woman said smiling. “What’s your name, dearie?”
“I’m Amy Stratford. I’m the interim supervisor for a while, until Dr. Nicole Carpenter returns from her leave of absence.”
“Amy Stratford, huh? For some reason, your name sounds familiar. Isn’t there a case file with your name on it?” the elderly woman asked.
“Well Stratford is a pretty common name. I’m sure there could be another Amy Stratford here in Danson,” Amy said.
“You just look so familiar to me. I never forget a pretty face like yours. Ya’ sure you were never involved with the courts around '92 or '93? I coulda sworn there’s a case file with your name on it,” the woman said.
“No, ma’am. I think you must be mistaken. I’m not from around here,” Amy said, her heart beginning to beat faster and faster. “If you’ll excuse me, I think I need to be going.”

“When I finished college, I had no immediate job plans and I’m not ready to go to graduate school. So I decided to work here. The kids that I work with are like my family. My Mom died when I was eleven. And well, we needn’t discuss dear ol’ Dad. I feel like I’ve never had a family. And I owe it to these children to give them the care and the love that they deserve. No one should ever have to go through what I did. No one. That’s why I’m here. I saw it in Nikki and I see it in some of the other staff members. My jury is still out on Ms. Stratford. But for most of us, we’re helping to build a strong future for these children,” Ronnie said.
“I think you can count Ms. Stratford in on that goal. She wouldn’t keep us in diapers if she didn’t want us to be better caregivers,” Brooke said.
“But has wearing diapers made you a better caregiver?” Ronnie wondered.
“Yes. I’m much more conscious of what I’m doing and how I’m treating the children. Now that I’ve had a first-hand experience, I’m much more focused when I’m working,” Brooke explained.
“Maybe I’m the one who’s been looking at this the wrong way,” Ronnie said.
“Maybe,” Brooke commented.

Amy’s visit to the Danson County Courthouse had been most troublesome. As if discovering Veronica’s awful history wasn’t enough, the elderly woman had struck a nerve deep within Amy’s heart. Sighing heavily as she climbed into her car, Amy struggled to regain her composure. Whenever she felt emotionally frazzled, her first inclination was to go to work. Serving as a pediatric nurse and day care center supervisor were one and the same. Amy loved working with children; they were full of life, bursting with curiosity, and overflowing with warmth, love, and innocence. She enjoyed hearing them laugh, and watching them run around and play without a care in the world. Seeking an emotionally uplifting afternoon, Amy put her car in gear and drove off to Diaper Dandy. Little did she know that on this afternoon, Diaper Dandy would provide anything but a respite from her pain.

The Other Side - Catharsis

Chapter Sixteen: The Wednesday Preview

Three Hours Later
Wednesday April 7

“I can’t believe he did this! What a fucking asshole! I’m going to kill him! I swear I’m going to kill him! I’m going to castrate that mother fucker!” Sara Richardson shouted as she burst into Diaper Dandy. Her eyes were red and it was obvious that she had been crying.
“Sara! Calm down!” Brooke Simon said. It was 1 P.M. and Brooke was waiting outside of Lauren’s private room, preparing to have her diaper changed before returning to campus for class.
“Don’t you dare tell me to calm down! You’ll have exactly the same reaction when you see what’s in this article! And this is only the Wednesday Preview! I can’t even imagine what they’re going to do on Friday when they run the full feature! I’m going to take his balls, rip them off and stuff them in his mouth! And then I’m going to tear him a new asshole!” Sara screamed at the top of her lungs. Her outburst was not only out-of-character, but it was also out of place. As soon as she opened her mouth, the entire staff had a problem on their hands, trying to comfort twenty wailing children at once.
“Sara! You have to calm down! You’re upsetting the children!” Brooke said, as she stepped out of line, attempting to comfort the distressed sophomore.
“How can you tell me to calm down?” Sara asked, her eyes welling with tears. “How can you tell me that without knowing what I’m feeling? I told him everything. I spilled my guts to him. And it’s all going to wind up in the paper. All of it.”
“I’m sure it can’t be that bad,” Brooke said, enveloping Sara in a hug.
At that moment, the door to Lauren’s private room opened, and both Lauren and Jennifer walked out of the room.
“What’s all of the commotion about?” Lauren asked.
“This,” Sara said, wiping her eyes on the sleeve of her gray sweatshirt. She unfolded the Wednesday Preview as Brooke, Jennifer, and Lauren gathered around.
“Oh my gosh. How can they get away with putting that picture in the paper?” Jennifer said, obviously shocked by what she saw.
The Wednesday Preview was designed as a one-page, double-sided newspaper. Various articles were featured throughout it, but nearly 75% of the first page was devoted to covering the new associate policy at Diaper Dandy. The paper read:

This week’s Friday Cover Feature, as reported by Emily Rubin and Matthew Lawson:

Below the headline was a color photograph that Matt had taken when he burst into Lauren’s private room on Tuesday. It featured Lauren, holding an unfolded disposable diaper in her hand. She was standing in a position that seemed to guard and protect Sara, who was naked and restrained to the changing table. Sara had a look of shock on her face, and fear in her eyes. None of Sara’s private parts were visible. Lauren, holding the diaper, kept such images from view.
The photograph caption read, “Diaper Dandy Assistant Lauren Patterson prepares to diaper Associate Sara Richardson. Before Richardson is diapered, her clothes are removed, she is bathed, and then restrained to the changing table. She comments that Patterson, “touches her in places that she never knew she had,” before diapering her.”
Sara read the copy of the article aloud:

FOR many years, The Diaper Dandy Day Care Center has been renowned throughout the nation as an excellent day care facility. But in recent months, the status of Diaper Dandy has declined. With supervisor Dr. Nicole Carpenter taking a leave-of-absence, pediatric nurse Amy Stratford has assumed the position and implemented her own program designed to return Diaper Dandy to its glory days. But the program, is not without controversy. Each time her associates arrive at work, they are stripped, cleaned, and diapered like infants. Though Stratford believes that diapering her associates allows them to experience the “other side” of the caregiving relationship, Danson University Press has uncovered evidence which says that the associates are, in fact, being sexually molested by Stratford and assistant Lauren Patterson. Associates are restrained against their will (see above picture) and many, like Jennifer Wallace and Brooke Simon, are ordered to wear diapers at home, fearing the worst if they fail to abide by Stratford’s policy. Sara Richardson (above, left) has commented that she is forced to urinate and defecate in her diaper.
Based on the treatment of Diaper Dandy associates, are children in the Danson community in grave danger? Pick up a copy of this Friday’s Danson University Press to read more.

“Do you believe this?” Sara asked.
“Oh my gosh. That’s the end of us. We’re going to be shut down,” Lauren said.
“But everything in this paper is falsified,” Jennifer said. “There’s not a single truth printed here.”
“It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter whether you like to be diapered or you like to poop in your pants. This is the way the press is reporting the story, and this is the way that people in the community will read about us. We don’t hurt children. And this new policy has done nothing but help the associates,” Lauren said. “I can’t believe they turned this story on its head.”
“What’s going on?” Ronnie asked, as she approached the circle of girls.
“Why should we tell you? You’re not diapered! It doesn’t pertain to you!” Jennifer shouted.
“Yeah, get lost, Ronnie,” Sara said, sneering at her.
“You probably talked to the reporter and told her all this shit. You’re so pissed off at Amy for inventing this program. You’re responsible for this,” Jennifer said, creating a scapegoat to blame.
“No, not at all. I told Emily Rubin that I had no comment. She asked me to talk about my feelings. I said that I would say nothing. I have no opinion. And since I’m not participating, I can’t comment on something I know nothing about. My reasons are my own,” Ronnie said, looking directly at Brooke.
“Ronnie, I think the four of us can best handle this situation without you. Thank you for your interest. You should get back to work,” Lauren said, pushing her away.
Feeling like even more of an outcast, Ronnie returned to the workfloor with tears in her eyes. She was not responsible for this article, yet because of her reluctance to wear diapers, the other girls believed that she was to blame. Before she could resume her work, she bumped into her supervisor.
“Ronnie? What’s wrong?” Amy asked. Amy had been busy making rounds to various parts of the day care center when she saw Ronnie return to the floor crying.
“Nothing. Nothing at all. Nothing’s ever wrong,” Ronnie said, as she ran into the bathroom.
“Ronnie! Wait!” Amy cried. Fearful of reaching out to Ronnie too much, she left Ronnie alone in the bathroom and walked out towards the lobby where she encountered the four girls affected by the newspaper article.
“Well if it isn’t the esteemed Amy Stratford, supervisor of the Diaper Dandy Day Care Center,” Sara said sarcastically.
“Do any of you know why Ronnie was crying?” Amy asked with her hands on her hips.
“Probably feels guilty for this,” Jennifer said, handing her supervisor the newspaper. Amy’s jaw dropped as she read the Wednesday Preview.
“Leave Ronnie alone,” Amy said. “She’s not responsible for this.”
“Why? She’s the only one here who doesn’t wear diapers. She’s the one who should be blamed,” Jennifer said.
“I think you’re wrong, Jennifer,” Amy said. “Ronnie has her own reasons for not wanting to be diapered. But that doesn’t mean we should blame this article on her.”
“Listen to you! Running to her defense like that!” Jennifer said.
“Jennifer, just calm down. We have more important things to worry about and I assure you that Ronnie is not involved. How could they do something like this? How could an honorable newspaper, and on a college campus nonetheless, print something like this?” Amy wondered.
“It’s not a question to ask right now. The fact of the matter is that they did print the article. They did include the photograph. And they believe they have a case to prove that we should be shut down,” Brooke explained.
“Do all of you believe this? Do all of you feel this way?” Amy questioned.
“I love wearing diapers. I had no idea that Matt was recording my comments. When I told him that Lauren touches me in places I never knew I had, I had this look of intense pleasure on my face. I’m not complaining. I don’t feel molested. I don’t feel taken advantage of. What’s not to love?” Sara wondered.
“And I’m wearing diapers outside of work because of my friggin’ menstrual cycle. I don’t know if I’ll wear them full time when I’m done for the month. Well, maybe I will if Jen will agree to change me,” Brooke said, blushing fiercely.
“Sure I will. I don’t feel forced at all to wear diapers. You’ve said from the beginning that this is our choice. And you haven’t forced diapers upon any of us. How did the newspaper miss the fact that diapers are optional?” Jennifer said.
“I don’t think the question is ‘how’ but rather ‘why’? They had all the facts. Why did they choose to omit the most important ones?” Lauren asked. She then continued saying, “I think I know the answer.”
“Well? What is it?” Sara asked.
“Your two reporters have reason to be jealous. Sara’s having so much fun here at Diaper Dandy, and good ol’ Matt who finally tells her that he wants to be boyfriend/girlfriend and have a little smoochie-smoochie gets his cock bent out of shape when he hears that another woman is pleasuring his girl,” Lauren explained.
“Matt did allude to that last night,” Sara said, supporting Lauren’s hypothesis.
“Isn’t Emily Rubin your roommate?” Lauren asked, looking at Jennifer and Brooke.
Simultaneously, the girls responded, “Yes.”
“Has she caught you fooling around or has she been left out in any way?” Lauren inquired.
“We never even thought of including her,” Jennifer commented.
“Yeah, Jennifer asked me to diaper her at home. And like I said, I’ve had my period, and I’ve stayed in diapers for most of the week. But maybe Jennifer and I have been a little bit noisy,” Brooke admitted.
“Such noise could really piss someone off,” Lauren suggested. “This article is a total fuck-you article.”
“Lauren! Watch your tongue!” Amy interjected.
“I’m sorry, Ms. Stratford. They’re not looking to shut down the day care facility. They’re looking to get revenge for being left out or shunned. It’s not justice they want, it’s blood. We know about Matt’s reasons for writing this. Emily’s are a little more obscure,” Lauren explained.
“I still want blood of my own. I’m pissed,” Sara said.
“I never thought you’d be the kind to get pissed,” Jennifer said, laughing. “You seem so calm and mild-mannered and cutesy all the time. It’s kind of refreshing to see you blow a gasket or twelve.”
“Thanks,” Sara said. “I think.”
“Now is not the time for revenge,” Amy said, trying to dissuade from the angered girls from getting even. “All we need to do is correct the mistakes that were printed in the paper. We can either write a letter to the editor stating our position, or we can approach the two authors and make them aware of their errors.”
“I vote for the latter,” Lauren said.
“I agree,” said Brooke. “Such conversations are better had in person.”
“Why are we standing around discussing such bullshit?” Sara wondered.
“Sara! Watch your language! If I have to tell you again I’m going to pull your pants down and spank you in front of everybody,” Amy said.
“Is that your idea of punishment?” Sara asked.
“Oh boy, Sara’s got a chip on her shoulder,” Jennifer observed.
“If your boyfriend…or girlfriend broke your confidence and shattered your trust, don’t you think you’d be a little pissy? Don’t you think you’d have the right to get even?” Sara asked.
None of the girls knew how to respond to Sara’s question.
“I think we need to figure out what we want to achieve here,” Lauren said. “I for one have a problem with the picture and with Diaper Dandy being misrepresented. I want to keep the feature article on Friday from being printed.”
“But we won’t be able to do such a thing. Look at this picture! Freshman boys are going to be having wet dreams from now until final exams over it,” Jennifer said. “The whole article is risqué. That’s why it’s being printed.”
“I think the best thing to do is to approach Matt and Emily and find out where there was a breakdown in communication,” Brooke said, hoping that someone would listen to her this time.
“When do I get to cut his balls off with a kitchen knife?” Sara asked, seething with anger.
Without warning, Amy yanked Sara’s hand and led her over to a bench outside one of the private changing rooms. She threw Sara over her knee, reached underneath and unbuckled her jeans, pulling them off along with Sara’s light blue panties. Amy spanked Sara mercilessly for five minutes, and by the end of the ordeal, Sara was crying and in severe pain.
“Anybody else want to test my left hand? I’m just getting warmed up,” Amy said. “There’s a mature way to handle things and an immature way. It is okay to discuss this matter with the newspaper reporters. It is okay to want an article that paints what we are doing in a positive light. It is not okay to extract revenge and embarrass someone because they have embarrassed you. Is that absolutely clear, ladies?”
“Yes, ma’am,” the girls said in unison.
“Given the circumstances, I think it would be best if we flip-flopped who we’ll talk to. I think Sara should talk to Emily. And Jennifer and I will talk to Matt,” Brooke said.
“Give me an update when you get it. I imagine we’ll have a number of parents pulling their kids out of the day care program when they hear about the Danson Press article,” Amy said. “Now, please ladies. Can we get back to work? Brooke, follow me, and I’ll get you changed.”
“Sara, you’re with me,” Lauren said.
“Oh, ow, ow, oh,” Sara said. “That’s the last time I speak out of turn.” She struggled to pull up her panties and jeans and followed Lauren into the private room.
Once they were alone, and the door had been locked, Lauren turned to Sara and said, “I see your point more than I see theirs. I’m pissed. I’m the one that the picture paints in a horrible light. It’s like I’ve tied you down and am forcing you to wear diapers.”
“So what are we going to do? I’m not willing to sit idly by while they trash us to bits and lie through their teeth,” Sara said.
“Let’s get through Plan A. Maybe talking to them will bring about results,” Lauren said.
“Oh, because that idea worked so well in the Middle East to bring about peace, you think it will work here. Let’s talk. Let’s play nice children. You know what I think? Let’s beat the living crap out of them for this,” Sara said.
“Like I said, one thing at a time, Sara. Let’s try Plan A,” Lauren said.
“Why, you have another idea?” Sara asked, still angry as hell. Her spanking had done nothing to assuage her anger or attitude. If anything, she was even more enraged.
Lauren walked over to her black leather purse and fumbled around for a moment. When her hand returned from the bottomless abyss, she was holding a needle wrapped in a plastic bag. The needle looked like a typical injection device that would be used for a tetanus or Hepatitis booster. She handed the needle to Sara.
“This, Sara, is Plan B,” Lauren said.
Written on the plastic bag were the words: INFECTIOUS SHARP: PROPERTY OF DR. DARA MILLER.
Chapter Seventeen: The Final Insult

Wednesday afternoon (5:40 P.M.)
“Can you put me in another diaper?” Sara asked Lauren, as her shift on Wednesday afternoon came to a close.
“I thought you said that diapers keep you from concentrating and getting your work done,” Lauren said, smiling. “And are you really sure you want to go and confront Emily Rubin wearing a diaper?”
On Wednesday evenings from 6 to 9 PM Sara had a three-hour journalism elective in which Emily was also a student (though for Emily it was a requirement for her major). Sara figured that she’d have the chance to speak with Emily either during the twenty-minute break in the middle of class or at the end of class.
“Well, that’s part of the reason. I like wearing diapers and I’m not afraid to show her that. This has been my choice and I’m proud of my decision. But to tell the truth, my butt is sore as hell,” Sara admitted.
“From Ms. Stratford’s spanking?” Lauren asked.
“Oh yeah. She really knows how to administer discipline. Diapers are softer and the extra padding will make me more comfortable as I sit through a three-hour class this evening,” Sara explained.
“A three-hour class, you say?” Lauren wondered, as she unfolded a fresh diaper for Sara, lifted her legs and slid the diaper underneath her tushie.
“Yeah, why?” Sara asked.
“Well you won’t have to get up to use the bathroom,” Lauren said, as she pulled the diaper up between Sara’s legs and fastened it around her waist.
A dreamy look passed over Sara’s face, but she brought herself back to reality. “Tonight, the diaper’s there for padding. It’s already going to be hard enough sitting through a class with the majority of the Danson University Press staff. I really don’t want to make a scene,” Sara said.
“Ah,” Lauren said, “I see.” She reached below the changing table and placed two fresh diapers, a small container of baby powder, and a small pocket-size container of baby wipes into Sara’s backpack.
“I won’t need those,” Sara said.
“Trust me, it’s always best to be prepared,” Lauren said.
“But I’m not going to use it,” Sara protested.
“Ha!” Lauren said. “I’m sure you’ll have quite a story to tell me tomorrow.”
“I need to be going,” Sara insisted. “I don’t want to be late for class.”
“Oh, you’re no fun,” Lauren said, smiling. She dressed Sara in her shirt and jeans, and helped her off the diapering table.
“I really hope I’m ready for this,” Sara said.
“All you have to do is talk to her. All you’re going to do is have a conversation with Emily,” Lauren said, taking Sara’s hand in her own.
“I just wish we could go straight to Plan B,” Sara said. Her shift had done nothing to calm her emotions.

(7:19 P.M.)

“Okay, folks, we’re coming up on half-time. When we come back from our break, we’ll have a look at some of the advertisements in newspapers and discuss procedures for proper layout and design. Take a twenty minute break and I’ll see you back here in lecture at 7:40,” the professor said.
From her seat in the top row, Sara Richardson spotted the blond-haired Emily Rubin three rows in front of her. Sara grabbed her backpack, and followed Emily out of the classroom and into the hall.
“Emily! Emily!” Sara cried out.
Emily Rubin turned around and said, “Why, hello Sara!”
“You can forget the pleasantries,” Sara said, reaching into her backpack and grabbing the Wednesday Preview. “Do you want to tell me what this is all about?”
“My, my. We have such an angry tone in our voice,” Emily said condescendingly. She crossed her arms, below her shapely breasts, and stood in a very distant, aloof position.
“How could you do something like this?” Sara asked.
“My job is to report the news,” Emily explained calmly.
“Did you just say that your job is to distort the news?” Sara asked. “I don’t know what you call this piece of shit, but I call it slander. You’ve completely distorted the situation at Diaper Dandy.”
“Have I?” Emily asked. She reached into the pocket of her jeans, and withdrew the small, silver tape recorder on which Matt had recorded his conversation with Sara the night before.
Emily pressed play and Sara’s voice was heard saying, “I love the smell of baby powder. It’s so fresh, and sweet, and babylike. It makes my skin all nice and smooth. And before I know it, Lauren’s unfolding my diaper, lifting my legs and sliding the diaper underneath me. She pulls the diaper up between my legs and fastens it snugly around my waist. And then she spends a few seconds smiling at me. And I smile back, with my thumb in my mouth, sucking happily like Lauren’s little baby girl.”
“I didn’t say you could tape my words! I never gave you permission to do this! Why did you do such a thing?” Sara asked.
“Your qualm is not with me. Your qualm is with Matthew,” Emily said icily. “I report the news as it comes to me. Matt taped the conversation. Matt put your part of the story together. It’s Matt’s photograph that was used for the Wednesday Preview. All I did was speak to Veronica Wilson. And she really didn’t tell me anything. I don’t see why we even need to be having this conversation, Sara.”
“Because you’re his editor! You had to approve anything he wrote. And your name is right there in the byline along with his! This is not what’s happening at Diaper Dandy. We’re not abusing anyone, either physically or sexually. What you have here is a pornographic article. Where do you get the idea that we’re abusing little children?” Sara inquired.
“Because you yourself are being abused. You are being forced to wear diapers and you are being forced to use diapers. In fact, looking at your waist, and your tush, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re wearing one right now,” Emily said.
“I wear diapers because I like wearing diapers. Plain and simple. Ms. Stratford gave us a choice, dammit! And all of us, except Ronnie, chose to be diapered. Why don’t you understand this?” Sara asked.
“Because it’s totally disgusting. You expect me to believe that Amy Stratford actually gave you a choice about wearing diapers. That’s preposterous! She’s forced you into doing it. Do you want to tell me why any perfectly continent adult choose to wear diapers and mess themselves? Or why any mature adult would consent to being treated like a baby?” Emily asked, still standing with a distant posture.
“Because it helps us experience the other side,” Sara explained.
“Bullshit. That’s what Stratford told me and I don’t buy it. Because if you’re on the other side of the caregiving relationship, and you’re being sexually molested, then it’s obvious that you’re molesting children when you’re the caregiver,” Emily said.
“We’re not being molested. We’re not being forced to do anything we don’t want to do. It’s a lot of fun to be treated like a baby. To be cooed at and touched gently, and wiped clean, and powdered. We do it to see the other side, and we do it because we enjoy it,” Sara said, lowering her voice.
“What did you just say?” red-haired Amber asked as she approached the place where Sara and Emily were having their animated discussion.
“I said that I enjoy it, and that all of us who have consented to this program enjoy being diapered and treated like babies,” Sara said firmly.
“Awww…that’s so sweet,” Amber said in a mocking tone. “Little Sara enjoys going pee-pee and poo-poo in her pants. I bet she even enjoys sucking her thumb.”
“And she’d probably love to sleep in a crib too,” said another girl. Her name was Kathryn; she had curly black hair and she approached the conversation.
“Is this little child abuser giving you trouble, Emily?” Nancy asked. She had blond hair, blue eyes and a rather svelte figure. Nancy was President of the Pi Beta Phi sorority, of which Emily, Amber, and Kathryn were all sisters.
“No, she’s not giving me any trouble at all,” Emily lied.
“That’s what we thought,” Nancy said. “But I think we need to make sure. Amanda! Amanda! Come over here!” Nancy yelled to a medium-sized girl with long brown hair. Once she caught Amanda’s attention, Amanda turned around, revealing a white button-down blouse, and enormous breasts that were not easily contained by her brassiere or blouse.
Amanda approached the conversation, and fully surrounded poor Sara, who was caught in the middle of what was quickly becoming a hazing by sorority sisters.
“What’s up?” Amanda asked.
“You still pledging Pi Phi?” Nancy asked.
“Yeah, of course,” Amanda said.
“Have you ever changed a diaper before?” Nancy asked.
Amber, Kathryn, and Emily all began to giggle.
“I have years and years of babysitting experience. And many bad children have come to know the power of my right hand,” Amanda said. “Where’s the baby?”
“She’s right here,” Emily said. “Did you see the Wednesday Preview?”
“Why, of course I did. And while it would be fun to change little Sara’s diaper right here in the hallway, Mommy Mandy wants to give her little tot just an eensty-weentsy bit of privacy,” Amanda said.
Emily, Amber, Kathryn, and Nancy were unable to contain their laughter as Amanda took Sara forcefully by the hand, and led her against her will towards the bathroom.
“Please, stop. Why are you being so mean to me? Why are you doing this?” Sara cried out. “I don’t need my diaper changed. I just had it changed before I came to class.”
“But I thought you liked being treated like a baby,” Emily said.
“No, not like this,” Sara said.
And then Amanda took control of the situation. She said, “Let’s get something straight. I’m the Mommy and you’re the baby. And the last time I checked, babies don’t talk during diaper changes. If Mommy says you need your diaper changed, you need your diaper changed. If Mommy says you need a spanking, you need a spanking. Are we clear?” Amanda asked, still dragging Sara towards the bathroom.
“Umm…umm…umm,” Sara muttered fearfully.
“I asked if we were clear, little girl. We wouldn’t want to make Mommy Mandy angry, now would we?” Amanda asked.
“I’m going to report you. I’ll tell the teacher. I’ll go to the dean,” Sara said.
“You’re going to go to the dean. He’ll laugh his butt off. I can just see him going home to his wife. ‘Hey honey. You’ll never believe what happened today. This diapered nineteen year-old walked into my office and asked me to discipline five students who changed her diaper for her. I asked her if she wanted me to spank them!’” Amber interjected.
“You won’t do anything. You said it yourself. Deep down inside, there’s a part of your personality that loves what we’re doing to you right now. You said you enjoy being treated like this. But right now, when you can’t have it on your own terms, you want to run away,” Kathryn said.
“Why are you doing this? How can you be so mean?” Sara asked angrily.
“We’re not being mean. We’re trying to help you out,” Nancy said.
“If only you’d realize that you’re being abused at work, in a physical, sexual, and mental way, you’d appreciate the hard work that Matt and I have put into the newspaper article. We’re trying to shut down Diaper Dandy. We can’t allow the children of Danson to be abused by associates at a day care center,” Emily said.
“That’s a lie! That’s a lie!” Sara screamed as she was dragged into the women’s bathroom and thrown to the floor. For a moment, she stopped screaming, realizing Emily Rubin’s true motive. If she wrote an article that shut down one of the most successful child care centers in history, she would gain recognition in newspapers throughout the country. She would be regarded as the journalist who broke a huge story. And when she graduated from college, she would have no problem finding work as a journalist for a prominent newspaper.
“You’re writing this to shut down Diaper Dandy?” Sara asked. “You can’t! You’ve falsified everything in the newspaper! We’re not abusing anyone! I promise! We’ve treated our children with love, holding them close, helping them to grow. We’ve done more good for our children than you can imagine.”
“Hold her down,” Amanda said.
Kathryn sat on Sara’s legs to keep her from squirming, while Nancy and Emily each held down one of her arms.
“Look in her backpack to see if there’s something we can use to keep her quiet,” Amanda said.
“You mean her diaper bag,” Amber said, giggling uncontrollably. She pulled out the two fresh diapers, the baby powder and the baby wipe container and placed the items on the floor. “There’s no pacifier in here,” Amber added.
“Don’t worry, we won’t need a pacifier. But it is appropriate to feed baby before her diaper change,” Amanda said. Each of the girls watched as Amanda began to unbutton her blouse, and then unhooked her brassiere. “I bet baby Sara would love to suck on some tittie, wouldn’t she?” Amanda added.
Sara’s eyes bulged open at the sight of Amanda’s freely hanging breast. She pushed against the weight of the girls who were holding her down, but she could not move. And then, as Amanda’s breast inched closer and closer to her mouth, Sara screamed louder than she had ever screamed in her life. Sara yelled, “FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK ALL OF YOU!!!”
Without saying a word, Amanda withdrew her breast, adjusted her brassiere and buttoned her blouse. And then, with the look of death on her face, she leaned in front of Sara and said, “No more Ms. Nice Mommy.”
Amanda knelt down, unbuttoned Sara’s jeans and pulled them down, revealing her diaper. It had been a miracle that thus far during her ordeal, she had neither wet herself nor messed herself. Such an action would have guaranteed further humiliation.
In one quick motion, Amanda untaped Sara’s diaper, and Kathryn lifted her legs into the air.
“Holy shit! Her pussy is as bald as a baby’s!” Kathryn yelled.
Immediately, Amanda drew her hand back, as if to get momentum and strength in her arm before beginning to spank Sara. And then her eyes noticed the sorry state of Sara’s rear end. Amanda dropped her hand and took a deep breath.
“This is not a joke anymore,” Amanda said. “Look at her tush.”
The girls leaned in, noticing the red, blistered skin.
Amanda gently guided Sara’s legs down to the floor, leaving her without a diaper. “I’m sorry, Sara,” she said, “but I can’t go through with this. I wanted to punish you for abusing the children at work. I wanted to hear you cry out in pain for what you’re doing to those poor kids. But you’re a victim. I don’t know how you can sit in that diaper and not think of yourself as a victim. Your skin is chapped, broken, and blistered. Somebody has done a number on your rear.”
“Like I said, Sara. Let me do my job. And let me continue to write this article. We need to shut down Diaper Dandy. And we need to get you and the other girls some help. Give us a few days. And you’ll be free,” Emily said.
“We’re going to be late for class,” Amber hinted. It was quickly nearing 7:40 P.M.
“Yeah, we’d better be going,” Kathryn said, as she freed herself from Sara’s legs.
“See you inside, Sara,” Nancy said. The girls stood up and left the bathroom, leaving Sara on the floor, with her jeans slightly pulled down, and with no underwear. The diapers, powder and wipes were scattered across the floor, along with Sara’s emotions. In Sara’s mind, Emily Rubin was helping no one. She was interested in closing the facility solely for the glory that she would receive by breaking the word on a largely falsified story. The fact that Amy Stratford had spanked Sara Richardson earlier in the afternoon for using foul language and uttering violent threats had only added fuel to Emily Rubin’s fire.
As Sara struggled to diaper herself, pull up her pants, and gather the items that had been strewn across the floor, she realized the imminent danger of Emily Rubin’s feature article in the Friday paper. Having seen that Sara had been spanked, it would be impossible to convince Emily that associates and children were not being abused. At all costs, Sara realized that the Diaper Dandy staff had to do everything in their power to keep Emily’s article from being printed. Instead of returning to class, she left the bathroom, and headed for her dorm room. She pulled out her cell phone, and called Lauren. Before long, Plan B would go into effect.

Chapter Eighteen: Mixing Business with Pleasure

Wednesday Evening (8:10 P.M.)
“I’m sorry it worked out that way. At least you’ve confirmed Emily Rubin’s motives in all of this,” Brooke said, as she spoke to Sara on her cell phone.
“Yeah. It’s just frustrating. We have to keep this article from being printed or Diaper Dandy will be shut down. Nothing I said to them mattered. And now that they’ve seen that I was spanked, they’re even more convinced that Diaper Dandy is riddled with cases of abuse,” Sara said.
“I never knew it was a crime to enjoy wearing diapers,” Brooke said.
“Me neither,” Sara agreed.
“In any case, I need to run. Thanks for checking in,” Brooke said.
“Wait a second, Brooke. Did you locate Matt?” Sara asked.
“Yeah, Jennifer and I are on our way to the athletic complex. We called Matt’s dorm room and his roommate said that he would be here shooting hoops. We have some plans for your little friend,” Brooke said.
“I think I like the sound of that,” Sara said. “Well good luck with Mr. Fucking Asshole,” Sara said.
“It’s good to hear that you’re not bitter,” Brooke said.
“Who me? Never. Later, Brooke,” Sara said, as she hung up her phone.
“What was that all about?” Jennifer asked, as Brooke shoved her cell phone into the pocket of her jeans.
“Well, Sara had a run-in with Emily and some of Emily’s sorority sisters. They thought it would be fun to change her diaper and when they did, they noticed the after-effects of Ms. Stratford’s spanking,” Brooke explained.
“Which doesn’t help our case,” Jennifer said.
“Nope, not in the least,” Brooke said.
“Well, maybe we’ll have better luck with Matt,” Jennifer said, grinning evilly.
“He won’t be able to resist our feminine wiles,” Brooke said, smiling widely.
“I can’t resist your feminine wiles,” Jennifer said. She pulled Brooke off the path to the athletic complex, leaned in, and slipped her tongue into Brooke’s mouth. Within a few seconds, Brooke’s hand had inched its way underneath Jen’s plaid mid-thigh skirt and was massaging her crotch through her diaper.
“Be careful, Jen-Jen. You wouldn’t want to make your fresh diaper all wet,” Brooke said seductively.
“My diaper is always wet when I’m around you Brooke,” Jen admitting, kissing Brooke again.
The two girls embraced for a few moments, and then Brooke said, “Let’s go mix business with pleasure, Jen-Jen.”
Hand-in-hand, both girls entered the athletic complex and made their way into the main gymnasium. At the far end of the basketball court stood red-haired freckly-faced Matt Lawson, practicing his three-point shot.
“Hi Matt,” Brooke said, still holding Jen’s hand. “Remember me?”
“No. Who the fuck are you?” Matt asked, as he swished a three-pointer from a few feet behind the line.
“I opened the door to my suite last night. You came in looking for Emily Rubin,” Brooke said.
“Oh yeah, how are you?” Matt asked, without a hint of emotion in his voice.
“I’m doing really well. Thanks for asking,” Brooke said, with a very phony smile on her face. “Your article slandered both Jennifer, myself, and the rest of the Diaper Dandy Associates.”
“Not to mention the fact that you completely betrayed Sara in what you wrote and photographed,” Jennifer added.
“Good journalism leads to good results. I had to separate my feelings for Sara from my need to publish the article,” Matt said, seeming rather confident with his decision.
“Oh, is that right?” Brooke asked. She reached into the black backpack she wore on her shoulder and withdrew an object that she quickly concealed in her hands.
“I still like Sara. And I hope that she’ll still be friends with me. Once we shut down your day care center on the grounds of sexual molestation, she’ll thank me,” Matt said.
“You disgusting, pompous fool,” Brooke said. “You make me sick. And the fact that you’re lying to me makes me even sicker.”
“Well if you have to puke, do it over there. I’m busy shooting hoops,” Matt said, not wanting to be bothered.
Matt dribbled the ball and took a shot, which bounced off the rim. Jennifer quickly ran to rebound the ball.
“Give me my ball,” Matt said, motioning for the basketball.
“What?” Jen asked.
“I said, give me my ball,” Matt repeated.
“Okay, I’ll give you your balls,” Jennifer said. Still holding the basketball, and with a blissfully evil look in her eyes, she walked over to where Matt was standing. As she handed the ball over to him, she lifted her left knee and slammed it upwards into his crotch. Matt fell to the floor of the gymnasium, doubled over in pain.
Just as they had planned, Brooke ran in to the spot where Matt had fallen and uncovered the shiny handcuffs in her hand.
“Again,” she said, without a hint of emotion in her voice.
Jennifer struck again, this time using her shoe.
“Oh fuck,” Matt said. “I’m going to kill both of you with my bare hands!”
“Nope. I don’t think you’ll get that chance, asshole,” Brooke said. She knelt down beside him, and pushed him over on his stomach. Jennifer grabbed his arms and Brooke quickly applied the handcuffs, securing his arms behind his back.
“You crazy bitches! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Matt screamed, hoping someone would hear him.
Jennifer reached into Brooke’s open backpack, and removed a pacifier with a rubberband attached to it. She bent down, inserted the pacifier into his mouth and secured the rubberband around his head. Matt tried to speak, but his words were impeded.
“You can decide right now whether or not you want to behave. Brooke and I have brought along a number of fun little toys with us. If you tell us the truth, you’ll get to go home much sooner. If you persist with this attitude of yours, and keep speaking so many obscenities, it’s going to be a long night, baby Matty,” Jennifer said.
Brooke noticed that Matt was trying to speak through his pacifier.
“Oh, is baby Matty ready to speak to his Mommies?” Brooke asked, in the same sing-song voice she used with the children at Diaper Dandy. She removed the pacifier, allowing Matt to speak.
“I told you. Good journalism lead to good results. I have rights as a reporter!” Matt shouted.
“I guess it’s going to be a long night, baby Matty,” Jennifer said. “Let’s get you somewhere that’s a little more private.”
Hands cuffed behind his back with a pacifier in his mouth, Brooke and Jennifer helped Matt to his feet and walked him out of the main gymnasium, down the hall into the barely lit intramural gym. At this hour on a Wednesday evening, there were no intramural sports taking place, so both this gym and the locker rooms would be empty. Brooke and Jennifer led Matt down the sidelines of the basketball court and through the door marked “Women’s Locker Room.”
“Do you smell something Jennifer?” Brooke asked, as she turned on the lights in the locker room.
Jennifer sniffed the air and said, “My diaper is still dry. How about yours?”
“Mine too. But I think Baby Matty smells,” Brooke said.
“He’s all sweaty and gross. Maybe we should give him a bath,” Jennifer said, smiling at her best friend.
The girls led him through the lockers, past the toilet stalls and sinks, and into the community shower. There were six showerheads hanging from the walls, three on each side. It was possible to remove the nozzle from the wall, using it like the special water-hose on the side of a kitchen sink.
“Did we bring a pair of scissors?” Jennifer asked, as she pushed Matt down to the floor of the shower.
“Of course, Jen-Jen. We came prepared!” Brooke said gleefully. She reached into her backpack, and pulled out the scissors.
Jen took the scissors from Brooke, and began to cut Matt’s sweaty T-shirt off of his body. Because his hands were cuffed behind his back, it was impossible to remove his T-shirt in any other fashion. As soon as she finished taking his shirt off, Jennifer realized that it would be futile to remove his shorts “normally.” In order to avoid being kicked in the face, she sat down on his legs, pinning him to the floor. Leaning in with the pair of scissors, she stretched the waistband of his gym shorts and cut down the sides. The shorts came apart and she pulled them off much like she would remove a diaper. All that was left on Matt’s body were his white briefs.
“Baby Matty wears tighty-whities!” Jennifer teased.
“Are you sure those aren’t Pull-Ups?” Brooke asked.
“I don’t know. The way I’m cutting them off his body, it reminds me of those special peel-away strips on Pull-Ups that help you change a toddler when they’re toilet training and have had an accident,” Jennifer said.
“Well, look at him. Doesn’t he look like he’s about to wet himself out of shock?” Brooke asked.
“No. If anything, he’s about to come in his pants. Look at his pee-pee! I think he likes being treated like this,” Jennifer said. She cut his underwear off his body, leaving him naked and completely erect.
“Don’t touch him down there. Don’t give him any pleasure,” Brooke warned.
“Don’t worry, I’m not about to give him any pleasure. Could you pull the special soap out of the backpack?” Jennifer requested.
Brooke pulled a green cylinder out of the backpack, cupping her hand over the label. She walked over to where Jennifer had pinned him to the ground, naked, and said, “Are you ready to speak? Are you ready to tell us why you did this to Sara? Are you ready to tell us why you distorted the facts and reported untruths?”
Brooke removed the pacifier from Matt’s mouth and he said, “Fuck you! I’ll get you for this!” And the pacifier found its’ way back into Matt’s mouth. Brooke handed Jennifer a Dobie scouring pad and the green cylinder which was labelled “COMET.” She walked over to one of the showerheads, turned it to the coldest possible setting and turned on the water. Matt grimaced from the shock of the cold water on his body. Then, to make matters worse, Jennifer sprinkled some Comet onto the scouring pad and began to clean him like she would the kitchen sink.
Halfway through the ordeal, Brooke turned off the water and knelt down beside Matthew.
“Ready to talk, baby boy?” she asked.
And again, Matt shook his head negatively.
The shower continued, as Jennifer continued to attack Matthew’s skin with the Comet. As Jennifer did the dirty work, Brooke said, “It had to be something really special for you to break Sara’s confidence like that. I’m friends with Heather, your ex, and she said you broke up with her to date Sara. What is it, baby boy? Why don’t you tell me? Then we’ll let you go home.”
But Matt would not speak. After about fifteen minutes, Brooke rinsed Matt with exceedingly cold water.
“Let’s try something else,” she said.
Without wrapping Matt in a towel, Jennifer and Brooke dragged him into one of the locker areas. They pulled a diaper out of Brooke’s backpack, and unfolded it, placing it on the bench. Next, they pushed Matt down to the bench so that his penis aligned perfectly with the diaper. They weren’t going to diaper him just yet. They just wanted to offer him some protection should he urinate while they spanked him.
“Ready to talk, baby boy?” Brooke asked.
And again, Matt shook his head negatively.
Brooke sat down on Matt’s back, keeping him pinned to the table, while Jennifer held his legs with one hand and began spanking with the other.
“You’re an asshole!” SMACK!
“You’re a worthless piece of shit!” SMACK!
“Someone should grab-twist-and-pull your balls till you’re blue in the face!” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!
“I’ve never met someone as disgusting as you who would break a friend’s confidence like that!” SMACK! SMACK!
Matt’s rear end became redder and redder and Jennifer could hear him whimpering like a small child.
“That’s right baby boy. Let it out and start crying. Then you’ll really know how Sara feels. She trusted you. She cared about you. She loved you. And you took that away from her. But you didn’t want to shut down Diaper Dandy. That was Emily’s desire. You knew that Diaper Dandy made Sara really happy. You wouldn’t want to shut that place down. No, I’m thinking there’s something else going on. Why don’t you tell us about it?”
Jennifer continued to spank him mercilessly. She smacked him so hard that she felt like her hand was going to fall off. But she didn’t quit. She had promised Brooke that she would support Sara, and she was doing more than her share at this very moment.
A look of horror passed across Matt’s face, and mixed with the tears which came down like waterfalls.
“Did we just do what I think we did?” Brooke asked in a sing-song voice.
Jennifer lifted Matt’s legs and pulled the diaper out from under him. What had previously been a fresh white diaper was now stained with Matt’s urine.
“Yes, we did! We’re really just a big baby after all!” Brooke said.
“Well, fortunately, for him, we brought more of these along with us!” Jennifer chimed in.
The girls threw him onto the floor, forcing him to land on his sore butt. Writhing on the floor in pain, Jennifer once again sat down on his legs. Brooke brought over a fresh diaper, and unfolded it, holding it close to his penis.
“So, you like the idea of being diapered after all,” Brooke said, noting his erection.
A look of fear passed across Matt’s face, and he looked like he was about to shit himself. With his eyes bulging out of their sockets he tried to speak through the pacifier.
Brooke looked at Jennifer, who nodded. Brooke then removed the pacifier from Matt’s mouth.
“Okay, okay. I’ll talk. Just don’t diaper me. That’s too humiliating,” Matt said. “I’m not interested in shutting Diaper Dandy down. Emily gave me an offer that I couldn’t refuse. She knew I was frustrated, just coming off my relationship with Heather. And she knew that things were kind of frustrating with Sara. Emily promised me a blow job in return for the tape recording of Sara’s comments. She needed a testimonial for the article, and I consented.”
“I think I’m going to be sick,” Jennifer said, thinking of her roommate sucking the same penis that was in front of her.
“You sold out your best friend, just for some head?” Brooke asked.
“It wasn’t just some head. It was head with Emily Rubin. Man, does she know how to lick a set of balls,” Matt said.
“Sorry, that’s not my thing. But I certainly know how to punch a set of balls!” Brooke said, as she nailed him in his crotch. “You disgusting, perverted, despicable little creep!” she said. Brooke took the diaper, placed it underneath him and pulled it up over his penis, taping it around his waist. Next, she removed an adult-sized baby bonnet from her backpack and tied it around his head. This was followed with one of her bras, which she adjusted to fit his chest. All the while, Jennifer snapped photographs with a Polaroid camera.
“Please, I want to redeem myself,” Matt pleaded, seeing how they were dressing him and seeing the photographs roll out of the camera. In the wrong hands, such photographs were rather dangerous.
“Well, it’s a little late for that, isn’t it? You’ve humiliated someone and we’re going to see that you get humiliated in return. I’m sure that Danson University Press will love to see pictures of you in a bonnet, bra and diaper!” Brooke said.
“Please, what do I need to do? Anything! Just don’t show this to anyone! I told you the truth. You said I could go home!” Matt whined.
“We want you to cease and desist. Do not run an article in Friday’s paper on Diaper Dandy. If you do, we could be shut down. That’s the only way that you can redeem yourself. Keep the article from being printed,” Brooke said.
“I can’t do that. Emily’s the assignment editor. And Melissa Appleby is the editor-in-chief. I’m just the reporter,” Matt said.
“Well, we’re giving you less than twenty-four hours to figure out a way to keep the article from being printed. You will come to our suite, number 321 in the Junior Dormitory tomorrow evening at 7 P.M. If you show up late, these pictures will be in Friday’s paper. If you do not come, these pictures will be in Friday’s paper. If you tell anyone about what happened here tonight, these pictures will be in Friday’s paper. And if you fail to stop the article from going to press, these pictures will be in Friday’s paper. You have until tomorrow at 7 P.M.,” Brooke said.
“Remember, Matthew. If you fail, we will humiliate you just like you humiliated Sara,” Jennifer said. She reached into the backpack, and pulled out a pair of briefs, gym shorts, and a T-shirt. Brooke removed Matt’s diaper, unlocked the handcuffs and motioned for him to get dressed. Once he had dressed himself, he ran out of the locker room faster than either Brooke or Jennifer had ever seen anyone run.
Once he was gone, Brooke and Jennifer embraced.
“Do you think he’ll tell anyone?” Jennifer asked, looking into Brooke’s dreamy eyes.
“He’s a boy. Because of male ego, he won’t tell a soul. He’s already mortified. If we reveal these pictures of him wearing a diaper, he’ll kill himself. It’s much easier to keep the Diaper Dandy article from going to press,” Brooke said.
“What if we reveal the tape?” Jennifer asked.
Brooke lifted Jen’s shirt and stopped the tape recorder that had been clipped on underneath her shirt. She rewound the tape and played Matt’s confession.
“Like I said, it will much easier on him if he simply convinces the paper not to run the article,” Brooke said, smiling widely.
“We should clean up,” Jennifer said.
“All in due time. Did you enjoy that?” Brooke asked.
Jennifer nodded.
“Did it turn you on?” Brooke asked.
Jennifer sighed, and rolled her eyes. And before she knew what hit her, Brooke had forced her to the floor, lifted her skirt and torn off her diaper. Brooke attacked Jennifer’s clitoris with her tongue, and felt her own diaper grow wetter and wetter as she brought her suitemate, friend, and lover into the throes of an unbelievable orgasm.
A few minutes later, the temperature in the locker room died down.
“How much longer?” Jennifer asked, as Brooke diapered her.
“Probably Friday or Saturday,” Brooke said. “I’m generally done in about five days or so. Maybe we’ll get lucky tomorrow night.”
“Mine’s probably starting tomorrow,” Jennifer hinted.
“So we’ll find other ways to have fun, cutey-pie. And tomorrow night it won’t matter anyway,” Brooke said. “Because one way or another, we’re going to insure that that article does not go to press.”

Chapter Nineteen: The Visitor
Thursday Morning (April

The loud buzzer of Ronnie Wilson’s alarm clock roused her from a deep sleep. She pressed the snooze button, wanting to hide beneath the covers as long as she possibly could. No one needed to remind Ronnie what day it was. Today, April 8, marked the five-year anniversary of the death of her father. Even though she had been tortured, mistreated, and abused, and the jury had ruled that she had acted in self-defense, Ronnie had never come to terms with her own actions. She laid in bed, the blankets pulled up over her naked body and remembered how it happened.
Every night before bed, he insisted on having his way with her. So he ordered her to lay down on her bed and get ready. Ronnie consented, only this night was different. Instead of mounting her like a wild animal, he came running at her with a carving knife which he used to stab her in the abdomen three times. Ronnie screamed louder than she had ever screamed in her life, but somehow, with blood pouring out of her abdomen, she found the physical and mental strength to knock the knife from his hands. Her heart beating wildly, she swung the knife and slit his throat. He tried to scream but couldn’t and a look of lifeless horror passed across his face before he fell down in a pile of his own warm, sticky blood.
Ronnie’s telephone call to 9-1-1 was crazed and frantic. “I’ve just killed my father! Oh my God! I’ve just killed my father!” she repeated time and time again. And when the flashing lights came for her father, so too did they come for her. She was questioned, and held without bail for the murder of her father. Edward’s family wouldn’t have cared less if she had fried in the electric chair. But Ronnie remained strong. After a grueling trial, she was vindicated by the jury. Although she had been set free by the court, she had never set herself free.
As Ronnie pulled back the covers, she noticed her three scars, horrible reminders of that fateful night, five years ago. Completely naked, as she had been when her father had come running towards her with the knife, Ronnie wondered if she would ever find the emotional strength to let someone see her fully naked again. Could she ever trust another man with her body? Could she ever trust another man with her mind and soul?
All Ronnie wanted to do was to climb back into bed, curl up into a ball and wake up in a full twenty-four hours. The anniversary of her father’s death was the most difficult day of the year for her to bear.
Reaching deep down inside of her for the strength to face her day, Ronnie climbed out of bed and grabbed a matching white bra and panties from her dresser with a large, fluffy towel. And as she walked into the hallway, she promptly dropped each of those items on the floor, and she gaped in total and complete shock. There, at the end of the hallway was an older woman, with long dirty blond hair like Ronnie’s. She had a rather slender figure and appeared to be wearing bi-focals. The woman was dressed in a tie-dye rainbow-colored T-shirt and bell-bottom blue jeans.
“What’s the matter, honey? You don’t wear clothes around your apartment anymore?” the woman asked.
“Uh…buh…huh…wuh…” was all that Ronnie could manage to say.
“C’mon, Veronica. The little babies in your day care center can speak better than that. You look like you’ve seen a ghost!” the woman said.
“M…m…m…Mom!?” Ronnie cried out, in a tone that was one part exclamatory, and more than one part uncertainty. The woman at the other end of the hallway looked exactly like Abigail Wilson, but she had been dead for more than ten years.
Noticing Ronnie’s rather visible shock, the woman said, “You’ve never called me Mom before in your life. Why start now, Veronica?”
“Ma…ma…Mama-gail. But that’s impossible. It can’t be you,” Ronnie stuttered, using the nickname that she had coined for her mother when she was first learning to speak.
The woman moved closer to Ronnie and touched her gently on the shoulder. “I’m here, Veronica. I’m right here with you. I’ve always been here. And I’ll always be here. You seem so bothered,” she said.
“Mama-gail,” Ronnie said pitifully. “You’re dead. I was in the hospital right there when you died. I saw you in the coffin at the funeral home. I watched them lower your casket into the ground. You’re dead, Mama-gail. You’re not here right now.”
“That’s my Veronica,” the woman said. “Always the disbeliever. Always thinks she can solve her problems by herself. Always afraid of asking for help. Do you have any coffee? You know I love a good cup of coffee when I wake up in the morning.”
Shocked out of her skin, Ronnie backed away from the woman. Still completely naked, she took a mug from the cabinet, poured in a teaspoon of instant coffee, added water and placed it in the microwave. After a minute, the coffee was hot and ready to drink.
“It’s not the way I like it, Veronica. But it’ll do. Oh, I miss having a hot fresh-brewed cup of coffee in the morning,” the woman said. She bent down, picked up Ronnie’s bra and panties and handed them to her. The woman then added, “Why don’t you put these on, Veronica? I can’t believe how beautiful you look, but I know you’re also painfully modest.”
“Thanks, Mama-gail,” Ronnie said. She quickly dressed herself in the bra and panties and sat down with the woman at the kitchen table.
“This is quite a mess you’re in right now,” the woman said. “The day care center, your own life, everything. It’s just a mess. And I wish it wasn’t. I wish you’d tell me about it.”
“What’s to tell, Mama-gail? I’m the only associate there who won’t wear diapers. I don’t want anyone else touching me. I don’t want them seeing my scars. I’m still ashamed of what happened five years ago,” Ronnie said.
“Still beating yourself up about it, huh? I wish you wouldn’t. I remember how precious you were as a baby. I think I’m the only parent who ever enjoyed changing her child’s diapers. You were so much fun at changing time. There was this look of joy on your face. You loved being loved. You loved being coddled and cared for like the little girl that you were. So innocent and precious and carefree. But I haven’t seen that side of you in years. When I watched Amy reveal her plan to the associates, I hoped you would go for it. But you didn’t. You copped an attitude. You told Amy how stupid the idea was. I don’t know, Veronica. You’re just so afraid to let someone else love you,” the woman said.
“Mama-gail! I was forced to make myself vulnerable every single night of my life! I was on the pill at age thirteen when he started doing me every night! Thank God I never conceived. I was violated, time and time again! I will never make myself vulnerable, to anyone, ever again!” Ronnie screamed.
The woman placed her half-full mug of coffee on the table, stood up and walked around the table to where Ronnie was sitting. She placed her arm around her daughter.
“It’s okay, honey. Mama-gail’s here for you. I’ve never gone away. And I’m never going to go away. Mama-gail’s here,” she said.
“Mama-gail, Mama-gail,” Ronnie sobbed. “I’m just so afraid. I’m so so afraid. I can’t live with the guilt of what I did to Dad. I want to be where you are. I don’t want to live with the pain anymore.”
The woman looked Ronnie in the eyes and said, “I never want to hear you speak like that again. You’re not the Veronica I knew, and raised, and loved. You’re wallowing in the thought of being a victim. But the Veronica I know, and I love, and I watch over is a survivor. She’s strong, loving, caring, and has a huge heart.”
Ronnie looked into the woman’s eyes.
“I was there yesterday morning when you changed Brooke’s diaper. You were there for her when she came out to you as a lesbian a few years ago. You helped her through a tough time, just as you did with so many other residents in your dormitory. You need to believe in yourself, like I believe you, like Amy Stratford believes in you.”
“Amy Stratford does not believe in me,” Ronnie interjected.
“You’d be surprised. You’d be surprised. But in order for you to know how much she cares about you, you have to believe in yourself. You have to forgive yourself. And you have to recognize that you’re a survivor. Cancer got the best of me, Veronica. But you have your whole life ahead of you,” the woman said.
“But…but…but,” Ronnie stuttered.
“You have people who love you and who care about you. You have people who are willing to be there for you, just as you are there for them. Don’t face this struggle alone, Veronica,” the woman added.
“But Diaper Dandy. They’re going to shut us down. They think we’re abusing the children,” Ronnie stuttered.
“You know abuse, Veronica. You know there’s no abuse at all going on at Diaper Dandy. You of all people, Veronica; you know abuse,” the woman said.
“But I don’t know how to stop it. I don’t know how to keep us from being shut down. All I ever wanted to do was to work in a setting where I knew I was helping children and treating them like Dad never treated me. And now they want to shut us down. We’re not doing anything wrong!” Ronnie shouted.
“I know, Veronica. I know. But you have to make sure that they know and that everyone knows. It’s time for me to go, Veronica and I have two things to tell you. First, when the offer is made, accept it. And second, by setting other people free, you’ll set yourself free,” the woman said. She stood up, embraced her daughter in a warm hug and walked down the hallway towards the door. As she opened the door, a bright white light enveloped the hallway and blinded Veronica.

The loud buzzer of Ronnie Wilson’s alarm clock roused her from a deep sleep. She pressed the snooze button, wanting to hide beneath the covers as long as she possibly could. No one needed to remind Ronnie what day it was. Today, April 8, marked the five-year anniversary of the death of her father. Even though she had been tortured, mistreated, and abused, and the jury had ruled that she had acted in self-defense, Ronnie had never come to terms with her own actions. But this morning, as she laid in bed, with the blankets pulled up over her naked body, she realized that something was different. Rolling over in bed, she noticed that her sheets were sopping wet. Pulling back the covers, she saw a large, yellow spot.
“Fuck!” she exclaimed. Ronnie had not wet the bed in more than twenty years, and this was not a habit that she wanted to begin forming.
As she climbed out of bed, she noticed something strange. Every night, she undressed before going to bed. But this morning, she was dressed in a white bra, and white panties that had a yellow stain at the crotch, and were wet to the touch.
Rather disgusted with herself for having an accident, she removed her lingerie and walked to the shower. As she stood beneath the shower, her mind began to race. But unlike most mornings, Ronnie remembered her mother, Abigail Wilson, instead of the images of her father’s gruesome and grisly death. She could see her mother, whom she lovingly called Abigail, wearing a tie-dye rainbow-colored shirt, and bell-bottom blue jeans.
Shaking those pictures from her mind, Ronnie ste

The Other Side - Catharsis

Chapter Twenty: The Bogus Document
Thursday April 8 (9:30 A.M.)

By the time she arrived at Diaper Dandy for her day-long shift, Ronnie knew that her horrible day was only going to get longer. Stationed outside the day care center in a circle, with picket signs reading “SHUT DOWN DIAPER DANDY” were a group of workers from the Center for Child Abuse Prevention. In order to make her way into the facility, Ronnie first had to clear the picketers.
“Shut down Diaper Dandy! Child care yes! Child abuse no! Shut down Diaper Dandy!” the picketers cried over and over again.
“Excuse me,” Ronnie said politely. “Why do you want to shut Diaper Dandy down?”
A large man, with a huge belly and a thick red beard approached her, lowering his picket sign. Ronnie felt her heart skip a beat as the man moved closer to her, his thick red beard reminding her of her father’s. Ronnie caught her breath when she realized that the man was far too heavy to be her father.
“We’ve read the Danson University Press, ma’am. They’re a bunch of child abusers and molesters in there! People need to know about it. And it needs to be shut down! We won’t tolerate abusers and molesters in our town!” the man argued.
Ronnie’s blood pressure increased and her heart began to beat faster and faster. She looked the large man in the eye and said, “I’m a Diaper Dandy Associate. And I can assure you that there’s no abuse and no molestation taking place in our facility.”
“You’re being paid to say that! You’re covering up Stratford’s and Patterson’s actions! We know it! Don’t you lie to us!” the man yelled.
“Shut down Diaper Dandy! Shut down Diaper Dandy!” the picketers screamed.
Ronnie shook her head in disbelief. Given her history as a victim of child abuse, she could not understand what right this strange man had to accuse her of being abusive.
“Sir,” Ronnie said firmly. “I think there’s a misunderstanding here.”
“No misunderstanding, ma’am. The paper says that supervisor Amy Stratford is forcing her associates to wear and use diapers. The paper says that she’s touching them in their privates and spanking them. The paper says that they’re abusing the children in this facility,” the man said.
“Child care yes! Child abuse no!” the picketers screamed.
“Sir, with all due respect. If the associates are being forced to wear diapers, why am I not wearing one?” Ronnie asked. She bunched up her floral skirt, revealing white panties underneath.
“Because you haven’t gone into work yet. You get your diaper at work. We heard that you get diapered and then dressed in a candy-striper’s uniform. Danson University Press commented that the associates wear one-piece skirt outfits because it makes it easier to reach in, and check the diaper to see if it’s wet and needs to be changed!” the man argued.
“Okay, so you’ve done your homework. But honestly sir, I don’t wear diapers at work,” Ronnie admitted.
“That’s impossible. The article says that all associates wear diapers and that Stratford forces you to do so!” the man said. “And it even says so here in this document.”
“What document?” Ronnie asked, crossing her arms over her breasts.
The man reached into his pocket and pulled out a copy of the original document that Amy Stratford had distributed to her associates at the staff meeting on Friday.
“We contacted Danson University Press reporter Emily Rubin. She was kind enough to fax over a copy of this document. It’s all spelled out right here,” the man said.
Ronnie took a moment to peruse the document. It was drafted in the form of a letter.

Dear Associates,
As of this Monday, April 5, I am implementing a new dress code for all members of the staff. In order to eliminate unnecessary bathroom breaks and improve staff hygiene, all associates will wear diapers when performing the specified duties of their shifts. Please report to work one half-hour before the scheduled start of your shift so that you may be diapered and dressed accordingly.
I apologize for any inconveniences this may cause you.

Amy Stratford
Acting Supervisor
Diaper Dandy Day Care Center

“This document is false,” Ronnie said.
“What do you mean?” the man said, in an agitated tone.
“This is not the document that Amy Stratford distributed to us last week. Diapers were never made mandatory, sir,” Ronnie said respectfully.
“Child care yes! Child abuse no!” the picketers screamed again.
The man appeared rather flabbergasted. “Are you sure, Miss, er, MIss, what did you say your name was?” he asked.
“Ronnie Wilson. Would you come inside please? Perhaps we can get this misunderstanding straightened out,” Ronnie said, motioning towards the door of the day care facility.
“If I’m going inside, then all of us are going inside,” the man insisted.
“Follow me,” Ronnie said confidently. She opened the door to Diaper Dandy, watching as seven people filed in through the door.
“Ronnie!” Amy said, in a rather shocked tone. “What is this?”
“These men and women are picketers from the Center for Child Abuse Prevention. They’re lobbying to shut us down, based on this bogus document,” Ronnie said, handing the “letter” to her supervisor, Ms. Stratford.
Amy took a moment to read the letter.
“So this is how she did it,” Amy said quietly, under her breath. Without saying another word, she went to her office, and picked up a few copies of the document that she had distributed to her associates, less than one week ago. Upon her return, she gave each of the picketers a copy of the document.
“What is this?” the bearded man asked.
“This is the actual document that I distributed to my associates. The document you received from Emily Rubin and the Danson University Press is grossly falsified. Whatever you may think, there is no abuse or molestation taking place here,” Amy said firmly.
The group took a moment to read through the document which spelled out Amy’s reasons for diapering her associates, the diapering process, and the incentives for participating in the diapering program. In writing the document, she stressed that nothing about the diapering simulation was being forced or required. It just turned out that every associate had signed up for the program, with the exception of Ronnie Wilson.
“This is really weird, Ms. Stratford. Where on earth did you get this idea?” the bearded man asked.
“I like to think creatively. If I want my associates to understand how to treat children more appropriately and care for their needs more effectively, they need to know what the other side is experiencing. That’s all. Nothing more. Nothing less. My program is a first-hand simulation. And after four days, I can honestly say that it is succeeding,” Amy said proudly.
“But the newspaper. It said…” the man pressed.
“I can assure you, that what the newspaper said was grossly exaggerated and largely falsified. And you can quote me on that. Interview and ask any associate in this facility. There is no abuse taking place here. There is no molestation taking place here. No charges have been filed by parents. No children have been removed from our facility. I suggest that you turn your attention elsewhere. That is all,” Amy said.
The picketers dropped their signs and turned toward their leader.
“That’s it folks. Let’s get back to the office,” the bearded man ordered. And within a few minutes, the first part of the facility’s crisis had been resolved.
“Do you believe the nerve of that little nosy reporter?” Amy asked Ronnie.
“No, I don’t believe it. And we don’t have time to think about that anyway,” Ronnie said. She ran away from the conversation and into Amy’s office.
Amy followed her and was about to reprimand her when she saw Ronnie pick up the telephone.
“Who are you calling?” Amy asked.
Ronnie shooed her supervisor away, as an operator came on the telephone and said, “Danson University Press. May I help you?”
Ronnie paused for a moment, looked at Amy and breathed heavily. If Emily Rubin had been able to convince the Center for Child Abuse Prevention that Diaper Dandy needed to be shut down, she had already convinced her staff and her editors and the whole of the campus newspaper. Speaking into the phone, Ronnie said, “Yes, ma’am. I’d like to speak with Editor-in-Chief, Melissa Appleby.”

Chapter Twenty-One: Confronting the Editor

“What is this in regards to?” the operator asked.
“The Danson University Press article on the Diaper Dandy Day Care Center. Please let me speak with Ms. Appleby,” Ronnie pleaded.
“May I ask who’s calling?” the operator pressed.
“Ronnie Wilson. I’m an associate over at Diaper Dandy.”
“Ah yes, Diaper Dandy. Quite a bit of news going on over there. Ms. Appleby is in a meeting right now. Can I take a message?” the operator asked.
“No. You can go drag Ms. Appleby out of her meeting. I have breaking news to share with her that will drastically change the scope of the article that is being published in tomorrow’s paper,” Ronnie said, seeming rather agitated.
“Well, let me connect you with our breaking news department,” the operator offered.
“No, ma’am!” Ronnie yelled into the phone. “I asked to speak with Melissa Appleby.”
At that moment, Ronnie felt a tug on her free hand. She looked down and saw her supervisor Amy, sitting in her chair behind her desk. “What’s the matter?” Amy whispered.
“I think they’re trying to avoid the phone call,” Ronnie whispered back.
“I’ve tried to tell you. Ms. Appleby is not accepting phone calls right now,” the operator continued. “Would you like to leave a message?”
Ronnie would not take “no” for an answer. “First you tell me that she’s in a meeting. Then you say that she’s not accepting phone calls. That leads me to believe that Ms. Appleby is, in fact, inside the building right now. Tell her to pick up the phone before her newspaper makes an egregious, unforgivable error. I need to speak with her NOW!” Ronnie said.
“What did you say your name was?” the operator asked again.
“Ronnie Wilson. I’m an associate at Diaper Dandy.”
“Hold the line, please,” the operator said.
Ronnie smiled and after a few seconds, a voice said, “Melissa Appleby, speaking. How can I help you?”
“I’m sorry to bother you, Ms. Appleby. This is Ronnie Wilson, an associate over at Diaper Dandy. I understand that emotions are a bit frazzled between the newspaper and the day care facility based on the article that appeared yesterday and the article that is set to appear tomorrow, but I wanted to appeal to your better sense of judgment,” Ronnie began.
“I appreciate your concern, Ms. Wilson, but that article is a go. Unless you have undeniable proof and evidence, refuting our claims in Wednesday’s preview, we are prepared to go completely public with our investigations. I’m sorry that your place of work will be painted in a bad light, but news is news. We have a responsibility to our readers and the members of our community. If children are being abused, it is our duty to report the story,” Melissa explained.
“Do you have access to a FAX machine?” Ronnie asked. “I have something here that might interest you.”
“You’re wasting your time,” Melissa said.
“No, ma’am. I’m not wasting my time at all. I have the proof that you’re looking for. Emily Rubin’s article is based on the fact that associates are being forced to wear and use diapers. She believes associates are being sexually molested. Her logic then connects and says that if associates are being molested, children are likely being molested and abused as well. First, she has no proof that children are being molested. Second, the diapering program for associates is completely optional. Nobody has forced the associates to wear and use diapers. The option was created by our supervisor Amy Stratford. None of us have been forced to do anything we don’t want to do. I’m the perfect example. I don’t wear diapers at work. Nobody has forced me or pushed me down on top of changing table, pulled down my panties and diapered me. It just hasn’t happened,” Ronnie explained, smiling at Amy, who smiled back in her direction.
“That’s a very nice story. But Emily showed me proof that the diaper program was forced upon the associates,” Melissa said.
“Her documentation was false. She created it herself. I have copies of the original document that was distributed to associates last Friday at our staff meeting. Whatever document you’re reading was not designed and signed by Amy Stratford. Emily Rubin is reporting falsified information solely to increase her standing as a journalist and gain herself prominence as a news reporter,” Ronnie attested.
“Fax it along to me at 555-9876, okay? I’ll have a look at it and call you back,” Melissa said.
“No. I’ll fax it right now. Hold me on the phone and don’t disconnect me,” Ronnie ordered.
“Okay, okay. If it means that much to you…” Melissa said.
“The problem is that it should mean this much to you, Ms. Appleby. You’re the editor of the school newspaper. You’re training journalists who will be reporting for prominent newspapers and television stations in the future. Don’t you need to make sure that your staff is reporting the news accurately?” Ronnie wondered out loud.
“I don’t need a lecture, Ms. Wilson,” Melissa said. “Here’s your fax now.”
There was an awkward silence and Ronnie could hear the flipping of pages as Melissa perused the document on the opposite end of the receiver.
“This is mortifying…absolutely mortifying. I’m so sorry, Ms. Wilson,” Melissa said.
As soon as Melissa said these words, a look of relief passed across Ronnie’s face. She clenched her fist and began to nod her head, indicating to Amy and Lauren that she had been victorious in her efforts. She pushed the button labelled SPEAKER-PHONE.
Melissa continued, “There will be no story on Diaper Dandy. I can assure youGive me a few hours to process this. Thank you for contacting me. I’m so sorry this had to go as far as it did, but please know that I will meet with Ms. Rubin and Mr. Lawson and that the situation will be rectified in due time. Good-bye.”
“We did it! We did it!” Ronnie shouted exuberantly. She looked at Amy, who stood up from her chair and embraced her in one of the strongest hugs she had ever experienced.
“I’m so proud of you. And I can’t thank you enough,” Amy said, holding Ronnie in her arms, afraid to let her go.
“Really, it’s okay. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go to the bathroom,” Ronnie said.
“Oh, by all means,” Amy said smiling.
As Ronnie left the office, Lauren walked in.
“It’s 12 P.M. Do you know where your children are?” Lauren asked.
“Ronnie just helped us avoid a major catastrophe. Turns out everything that Emily Rubin was using was entirely falsified. We were able to prove that to the editor-in-chief, and now, there will be no article,” Amy explained. “I should probably make an announcement to the staff.”
“We’ll tell them in stages, as they gather for their afternoon diaper changes. But before we change their diapers, we have a little bit of business to tend to ourselves,” Lauren suggested.
“Close the door,” Amy said, as she stood up from her chair.
Lauren closed the door and locked it, walking over to Amy’s desk chair. She ran her fingers along the padding of the chair and commented, “Looks like our fearless supervisor sprang a bit of a leak. Why don’t we have a looksie?”
Amy’s face turned beet red as she laid down on the floor on her back. Just as Lauren had done for the previous four days, she lifted her supervisor’s skirt, revealing a very wet disposable diaper.
“Maybe we should move from super absorbency to ultra absorbency,” Lauren suggested, as she began to change Amy’s diaper.

Meanwhile, Ronnie found herself alone in the bathroom, wiping her crotch after completing her business on the toilet. She refastened her skirt, stepped out of the stall and went over to the sink to wash her hands. Once she was done, she reached into her purse, withdrawing lipstick and, to her surprise, the folded piece of paper that she had found on her breakfast table earlier that morning. The note on the paper read, “WHEN THE OFFER IS MADE, ACCEPT IT. BY SETTING OTHER PEOPLE FREE, YOU’LL SET YOURSELF FREE.”
Ronnie smiled as she read the note, knowing that singlehandedly, she had set everyone at Diaper Dandy free, by preventing the newspaper article from going to press.
As she smiled, she looked in the mirror and gasped. There, in the background of her reflection was a woman with blond hair, wearing a tie-dye T-shirt.
“M…m…Mama-gail!” Ronnie yelped.
The woman shook her head from side to side as if to say “no.” And then, Ronnie heard her voice very plainly. “You’re not free yet,” she said.
Ronnie felt a chill pass down her spine. She blinked, and the image of the woman in the mirror had faded. Her heart beating rapidly, and her stomach churning with nausea, Ronnie wondered what would happen next.

Chapter Twenty-Two: The Associates React

Thursday Afternoon (2 P.M.)
“It’s just not fair, Lauren!” Sara whined, as Lauren wiped her freshly shaven crotch with a moist, scented baby wipe.
“What’s not fair, little Sara?” Lauren asked, in a sweet, sing-song tone.
“Don’t talk to me like that,” Sara said firmly.
“Does baby Sara need another spanking? She shouldn’t talk to Mommy Lauren like that during changing time,” Lauren warned.
“Permission to speak freely, outside of our usual role-play?” Sara requested.
“Granted,” Lauren agreed.
“How can you just sit there and do nothing? They humiliated me. They humiliated all of us who work here. They humiliated our day care facility. And you’re just going to sit there and do nothing?” Sara wondered.
Lauren sprinkled baby powder across Sara’s crotch and reached below the changing table for a fresh diaper. She said, “We won, Sara. There are no other battles for us to fight. We cleared Diaper Dandy and the new associate policy with the newspaper and proved to them that Emily Rubin’s article was largely falsified. What more do you want me to do? I don’t have the same need for blood that you do, Sara. You know something. I don’t get you. The first few days that you were in here, you were the most innocent, sweet little girl. You loved being cleaned and diapered and changed and I really enjoyed being around you and spending this special time with you. And now, since your debacle with Matt Lawson, I don’t know what to think. It’s like you’re thriving upon your desire for revenge. It’s all you can think about.”
Lauren quickly diapered Sara, her disgust showing by the absence of pleasurable manipulations.
“When someone humiliates you, you don’t take it lying down. I just want Matt and Emily to know what it feels like,” Sara said evilly.
“I wouldn’t have thought you were capable of such desires, Sara. This is a dangerous path that you’re on. You should be celebrating our victory. And instead, you want to sink your teeth into their jugulars and slit their wrists. Don’t do something that you’ll regret later,” Lauren warned, as she dressed Sara in her candy-striped outfit.
“I don’t want to sink my teeth into anybody and I don’t want to slit anybody’s wrist. All I want is to see a select group of people shit their pants publicly. I want them to know humiliation. I want them to know what it feels like to be me. Good day, Lauren,” Sara said.
In a huff she climbed off the changing table, walked out of the private room and slammed the door behind her. For a moment, Lauren considered reporting Sara’s behavior to Amy, but before she could adequately compose her thoughts, Brooke and Jennifer walked into the room hand-in-hand.
“Hi sweethearts,” Lauren said.
Brooke and Jennifer smiled.
As Jennifer closed the door to the private room Brooke said, “Ms. Stratford’s a bit busy right now. Would you mind changing both of us?”
“Well, I can only change one baby at a time,” Lauren said.
“Would you mind changing us while the other one watches?” Brooke asked.
Lauren smiled, walked over to where Brooke and Jennifer were standing and promptly undressed Brooke first. It was easy to pull off her long T-shirt and pull down her sweats. Underneath, she wore a shapely brassiere and disposable diaper. Seconds later, Lauren pulled down Jennifer’s blue jeans and unbuttoned her blouse. Now, both girls were dressed only in their bras and diapers.
“So I never thought when Ms. Stratford introduced this program that so many of our associates would wear diapers outside of work,” Lauren said. She checked each girl’s diaper, and pronounced them both wet.
“We should have a diaper slumber party sometime,” Jennifer suggested.
“That would be lots of fun,” Brooke agreed.
“And of course we’d have to invite you and Sara too,” Jennifer added.
“I’m a little worried about her,” Lauren said. She took Jennifer by the hand and helped her onto the changing table. Because it was the middle of the day and their shifts were about to start, Lauren decided not to offer either of them a bath, simply proceeding to change their diapers.
From her position on top of the changing table, Jennifer smiled at Brooke and said, “I think she’s really hurt by what Matt did to her. I think I’d feel exactly the same way. Someone who she trusts and loves and pines for pulls the rug right out from under her. She has every right to be pissed off.”
“But does being pissed off give her a right to extract revenge?” Lauren asked as she untaped Jennifer’s diaper and pulled it out from under her.
A deathly silence fell over the changing room as both Jennifer and Brooke remembered their “deal” with Matt. Now that Ronnie had single-handedly stopped the article from going to press, they wouldn’t be able to have any more fun at Matt’s expense. They had rather enjoyed humiliating him, dressing him in a bra and diaper, spanking him, washing him with Comet, and watching him piss himself. They were looking forward to seeing him at 7 o’clock this evening. Now that the article wasn’t going to press, Brooke and Jennifer realized that they could not use their photographs as leverage. But being that they still had the photographs in their possession, they could blackmail Matt into doing almost anything for them. Brooke and Jennifer agreed with Sara. None of them were willing to let bygones be bygones. None of them would be satisfied by the slap on the wrist that Melissa Appleby would give to Emily Rubin and to Matt. None of them would accept anything other than utter humiliation for the authors’ efforts in composing the Wednesday Preview.
“Is there something you’re not telling me?” Lauren asked, attempting to break the silence.
“No, er, nothing,” Brooke said, blushing.
“What’s going on here?” Lauren asked, her hands placed firmly on her hips.
“It’s nothing, Lauren. Could you diaper me already?” Jennifer asked.
Already agitated by her conversation with Sara, Lauren secured the velcro cuffs around Jennifer’s arms, effectively tying her down to the table.
“Don’t move,” Lauren said, eyeing Brooke with a “Don’t Fuck Wtih Me” look.
Lauren walked out of the private room, and across the main hallway into Amy’s office.
“I think you need to come see this,” Lauren said.
Wondering what she was about to see, Amy followed Lauren into the private room.
“They’re hiding something,” Lauren said, pointing first to Brooke, and then to the restrained Jennifer.
“Ladies. What’s going on?” Amy asked.
“Well, um, er…” Brooke said.
“Spit it out, unless you want to wind up over my knee,” Amy warned.
“It’s nothing really. We just spoke to Matt last night, like we were supposed to. We tried to get him to abandon the article,” Jennifer explained.
“I still feel like you’re hiding something. You’re too smug. Too secure. Too confident. I don’t know why you’re acting like this. We’ve won. We’ve cleared our names and our day care center. There’s nothing left for us to achieve!” Lauren said.
Brooke and Jennifer looked at one another and shook their heads negatively.
“Aren’t you happy with the outcome?” Amy asked.
“Why should we be happy?” Jennifer wondered. “Our names were in that article. We were humiliated. This is all just suppose to blow over in two hours? It’s supposed to be like a dirty diaper that you just throw away and forget about? Emily Rubin should be fired from the newspaper. Matt Lawson too. Why do you want me to say I’m okay when I’m not? And on top of it all, Ronnie Wilson is the one who single-handedly stopped the article from going to press. And she doesn’t even wear diapers!”
“I’m sorry you feel that way. Today is supposed to be a happy day in Diaper Dandy’s history,” Amy said.
“I’m just being honest. Brooke and I feel exactly the same way. It’s like we know that Matt and Emily are going to get off nearly scott-free. Like they’ll get reprimanded, simply for humiliating us. And that’s not acceptable,” Jennifer said.
“Sara said the same thing,” Lauren offered, looking directly at Amy.
“Ladies. It’s not our place to punish Matt and Emily for writing their article. That’s the responsibility of the newspaper staff. Melissa Appleby gave me her word that this situation would be properly rectified. I know your emotions are running wild right now, but I urge you to keep them in line,” Amy said. She left the room, leaving Lauren alone with Brooke and Jennifer.
“It’s so easy for her to say that stuff,” Brooke said.
“What is your problem?” Lauren yelled. “Why do you two and Sara get pleasure out of the idea of hurting someone who has hurt you? What is this, the age of Hammurabi? An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. A hand for a hand. Pretty soon, the whole fucking world will be blind, toothless, and unable to masturbate!”
Filled with anger, she quickly diapered Jennifer, undid the velcro cuffs, and dragged Brooke over to the changing table. In less than two minutes, Brooke was also diapered, and both girls were dressed in their candy-striped outfits.
“Get to work,” Lauren said angrily. For a moment, Brooke and Jennifer stood at the doorway, preparing to open the door and walk into the work floor.
“You know we’re right,” Brooke said. “You just don’t want to admit it.”
Lauren stared at the floor for a moment, remembering how she had shown Sara the injection device, filled with Dr. Dara Miller’s special incontinence-causing serum. She remembered telling Sara how it was necessary to talk through the problem first, and then they would use the injection as a way of preventing the Friday article from going to press. But now that the article would not be published, Lauren also felt unfulfilled. She too wanted revenge for the Wednesday Preview. She too was unsatisfied with the punishment that the newspaper reporters would receive. She too felt humiliated by her portrayal in the article. She too wanted to take matters into her own hands, and teach both Matt and Emily a lesson they would never forget.
“Yeah, I know you’re right,” Lauren said. She watched as Jennifer picked up her cell phone and dialed the number for the campus directory.
“Can you connect me with Matt Lawson?” Jennifer asked.
“One moment please,” said the operator.
“This is Matt,” Matt said, as he came on the phone.
“Hi Matt, this is Jennifer Wallace.”
“Oh…um…hi. Well, there’s no article being printed after all, so I guess we’re off the hook,” Matt said happily.
“No, baby boy. It doesn’t work that way. You see, Brooke and I still have the photos. And we’re planning on using them unless you come to our suite at 7 P.M. this evening, as we had already planned,” Jennifer said.
There was a long pause and then Matt said, “Okay. I’ll be there.”
Next Jennifer called Emily, at their suite. Emily wasn’t there, so Jennifer waited for the voice-mail to click on and said, “Hi Em. With all the stuff that’s going with the paper and such right now, Brooke and I realized that we really need to talk to you. Hope you can be home at 7 P.M. Bye.”
“What’s going on?” Lauren asked, feeling excluded.
“What time do you finish work?” Brooke asked.
“I’m done at 6, and then we have to change diapers for about half-an-hour,” Lauren said.
“Are you with us or not?” Brooke asked.
“We’re going to teach Matt and Emily a lesson they’ll never forget,” Jennifer said.
Lauren remembered her words to Sara. She had said, “Don’t do something you’ll regret later.” Against her better judgment, Lauren said, “I’m with you. Now get to work before somebody suspects something.”
Jennifer and Brooke stepped out onto the workfloor, closing the door behind them. Lauren walked over to her purse and pulled out the wrapped needle containing Dr. Miller’s powerful serum. When she, Dr. Carpenter, and Kristie had been freed from Dr. Miller’s evil mental clutches, Lauren had managed to fill her purse with some of Dr. Miller’s serums. The serum caused immediate and permanent incontinence. Lauren kept it on hand in case she was ever attacked and needed a weapon. But given the present cirucmstances, she also realized that it would serve as a means of extracting revenge.
While Lauren cleaned up the private room, Brooke and Jennifer made their way onto the workfloor.
“Well? Did you have better luck with her than I did?” Sara asked.
Brooke and Jennifer smiled, acknowledging that Lauren had agreed to come along for the ride. Just then, the three girls were distracted by a beeping noise. Jennifer reached into her pocket, withdrew her cell phone, and noticed that she had received a new text message. The message was from Emily and said, “See you tonight at 7. We have lots to talk about.”
Jennifer replaced her cell phone and said, “Fantastic. All of the pieces of the puzzle are now in place.”

Chapter Twenty-Three: Feeling Out of Place

Thursday afternoon (5:45 P.M.)
The past twenty-four hours at the Diaper Dandy Day Care Center had been tense and hectic. Ever since the Wednesday Preview of the Danson University Press had been published, the associates and their supervisor had been scrambling to prevent the final article from being printed on Friday afternoon. They had uncovered evidence indicating that news reporter Emily Rubin had falsified the information written in her article. This information was brought to the attention of the editor-in-chief and by 3 P.M. on Thursday afternoon, the only sounds that were heard were those of the occasional infant crying, and the rustling of a disposable diaper.
For Ronnie Wilson, the day had been a series of mixed emotions. Today being the fifth anniversary of the day in which she had killed her long-abusive father, Ronnie’s mind was filled with horrible, tragic memories. She had awakened to a strange dream in which her deceased mother spoke to her. She had been spooked by a half-filled cup of coffee on her breakfast table and a note, written in her mother’s handwriting. And then, at work, she had single-handedly stopped the Danson University Press from publishing their exposé about Diaper Dandy. Ronnie was congratulated by her supervisor, but avoided by the rest of the associates. And as the end of the day drew near, Ronnie found herself embroiled in a bitter dispute with her co-workers.
Ronnie would have been perfectly happy if they had avoided her entirely, but her life would never have allowed something so simple as that to occur. It happened at around 5:45 in the afternoon, when she reached into a crib, to pick up a crying child and comfort him. Slipping a finger into his onesie, Ronnie noticed that his diaper was wet and carried him over to the changing table.
“Don’t worry, little Brandon. Mommy will be here shortly. Now let’s get you all cleaned up,” Ronnie said sweetly.
“You’re such a fraud,” Jennifer said.
“How can you know how to change a diaper properly?” Brooke wondered.
“Excuse me,” Ronnie offered. “Shouldn’t you be working?”
“Ha! Who’s the goody-two-shoes now?” Sara asked.
“I need to change Brandon’s diaper,” Ronine persisted.
“You shouldn’t even be working here. You refuse to wear diapers. The whole point of working here is to know about the other side of being a caregiver,” Brooke remarked.
“No, Brooke. That’s where you’re wrong. The whole point of working here is to offer proper and effective care to children and give them love and support while their parents are away. I can do that quite well when I’m not wearing a diaper,” Ronnie commented.
The three girls sneered at Ronnie, as she unsnapped the baby boy’s onesie between his legs and revealed his wet diaper.
“I think it would be a load of fun to pull down your pants and diaper you, Ronnie. But I think you’re just afraid of making poo-poo in your pants,” Jennifer teased.
“No, it’s not that Jen-Jen. Ronnie’s hiding the fact that she’s a lesbian. She thinks that when Lauren pulls down her pants and diapers her, she’ll see how turned on and aroused she is by the thought of being touched down there by another woman,” Brooke said viciously.
“Why are you being so mean?” Ronnie asked. Her day had been hard enough already. She didn’t need to hear such abusive remarks from two girls whom she had previously believed were her friends.
“Why did you have to interfere?” Sara interjected.
“I was only trying to help,” Ronnie attempted.
“Help? How can you help? This was our fight and our battle to win or to lose on our own. You were completely out of line,” Sara argued.
“I did what any decent human being would do. I don’t think it’s okay to humiliate, embarrass, or abuse anyone! And that’s what I saw Emily doing. This is the thanks I get? This is how you show your appreciation? If I didn’t know any better, I’d think y’all wanted that article to go to press,” Ronnie said. She untaped Brandon’s diaper, rolled it into itself, and deposited it in the scented diaper pail off to her right side.
“Why should we show you any appreciation? You don’t know what it’s like to be on the other side. You have no idea what it’s like to wear diapers. You have no idea what it’s like to be humiliated and accused of being abusive! You,” Sara said, “have absolutely no idea.”
Ronnie shook her head in absolute disbelief. She looked at Sara, and at Jennifer, and then stared at Brooke, who knew everything about her past history. “That’s right,” she said. Choking on her words, and feeling her eyes well up with tears, Ronnie muttered, “Yeah, that’s right. I…have…absolutely…no…idea. No idea, what…so…ever.”
Trying to ignore the threesome behind her, Ronnie reached below the changing table for a fresh disposable diaper. As she was about to diaper Brandon, she was caught off guard, by a splatter of urine that splashed on her chest. She had forgotten to cover the baby’s penis, and had failed to prevent being attacked by what her fellow associates often called “the fire-hose.”
Naturally, Brooke, Jennifer, and Sara all began to laugh. Embarrassed and defeated, Ronnie looked at her coworkers with tears streaming down her face. “Here,” she said. “If you’re so good at this, why don’t you do it.” She threw the diaper at them, and ran to the ladies’ room, sobbing painfully as she did.
“What’s going on here?” Amy Stratford asked, as she approached the changing area, her hands placed firmly on her hips.
“Nothing, Ms. Stratford,” Sara said cheerfully. “Ronnie’s just a big crybaby. Brandon peed on her and so she ran to the bathroom.”
“You’ve all been pretty mean to her lately,” Amy said. Thinking about the information she had uncovered in Ronnie’s case files, Amy knew that today was an extremely difficult day for her. Knowing Ronnie, Amy realized that Ronnie was probably reliving every moment of the attack on her father.
“She deserves it,” Jennifer said. “You know something, Ms. Stratford. I really wish you had made the diaper program mandatory, right from the get-go.”
“This is neither the time nor the place for this discussion. Finish changing that diaper, and it’s time for you three to go home. I imagine that Lauren is waiting to change your diapers,” Amy said.
The girls exchanged glances and Sara said, “Nope. I think we’ll be wearing them out tonight. No need to change.”
Amy looked at the girls strangely and walked away. Her first inclination was to enter the bathroom and confront Ronnie about this recent altercation with her colleagues. But on second thought, she realized that it was better to let Ronnie sit alone for a few minutes and calm down.

6:05 P.M.

Sara, Jennifer, and Brooke headed for the exit, watching as the other associates lined up outside the two private rooms to have their diapers removed before heading home. Just before Lauren took her first associate into the private room, she looked at the three associates heading for the door.
“You know the way, right?” Brooke asked.
“Suite 321. 7 P.M.?” Lauren verified.
“Yup, that’s right. See you in a few,” Brooke said, smiling.
Overhearing the interchange between Lauren and Brooke, Amy walked over to Lauren’s line and confronted her.
“What was that all about?” Amy asked, eyeing the line of three women, waiting to have their diapers removed.
“Brooke and Jennifer are throwing a party, this evening. I’d invite you, but it’s a private function,” Lauren said.
“Well, finish up your work and have a good time. I’m going to get through my line, and then I have a conference with Ronnie,” Amy said, suspecting nothing.
As Amy returned to the line outside her private room, Lauren turned to the first woman in her line and said, “Hi Sammy. Are we ready to have our didee changed?” Samantha looked at her with an expression of disgust, and walked into the changing room. As Samantha laid down on the changing table, Lauren remembered her conversations with Brooke, Jennifer, and Sara earlier in the day. Thinking of the approaching “party” at 7 P.M., Lauren realized that she felt hurt, humiliated and embarrassed. She wanted revenge, but all of a sudden, she found herself filled with doubt.
Lauren had warned the other girls not to do anything that they would regret later. Would she?

Chapter Twenty-Four: Never Alone

6:19 P.M.
“Hee, hee,” Amy giggled under her breath. “It’s just like packing a baby’s diaper bag.”
Amy reached below the changing table in her private room, and filled a small backpack with four diapers, a container of baby powder, a bottle of baby oil, and an unopened package of baby wipes. Backpack in hand, Amy walked out of the private room, and noticed that two women were still waiting for Lauren to remove their diapers. Lauren always took longer, as she spent a little bit more “personal” time with each associate. Ordinarily, Amy would have taken more time with her associates too since diaper changes were often regarded as precious time between parent and child. But tonight, Amy had other plans. Amy smiled as she looked at her watch. In a little more than two hours, Mark was taking her to dinner at Sonata’s, a fancy Italian restaurant downtown. Looking at her backpack, Amy knew that dinner would only be the beginning.
Glancing once again at the line, Amy realized that she would have to wait for Lauren to finish with the other associates before Lauren removed her diaper. Every night, Lauren removed her diaper, and then discussed all of the issues related to diaper changes during the day. Knowing that she’d have to wait for about twenty minutes, Amy set off to find Ronnie. As she walked towards the ladies’ room, she could feel the padding of her diaper brushing up against her crotch. Even after wetting herself a few hours ago, her diaper was still feeling dry.
Amy approached the door to the bathroom and paused before entering. She did not know what to expect from Ronnie. Swallowing heavily, she walked inside the bathroom, to see Ronnie sitting on the floor, dressed in her candy-striped uniform. Her eyes were red, and the marks of her tears were still visible on her face. She was sniffling and sobbing quietly.
“Ronnie,” Amy said pitifully, looking at her valiant associate sitting disheveled on the floor.
“Go away!” Ronnie yelled, startled by the entrance of her supervisor.
“No,” Amy said calmly. “I’m not going anywhere.”
“Get out! I want to be left alone!” Ronnie insisted.
“No you don’t,” Amy said. The door to the bathroom swung shut behind her. “I don’t know why you keep lying to yourself like that. I don’t know why you keep fighting these battles all by yourself.”
“Don’t you even dare,” Ronnie hissed, her eyes bulging out of their sockets.
“I did some digging, Ronnie,” Amy admitted. “Five years to the day, huh? You killed your horribly abusive father in an act of self-defense. You freed yourself from his evil clutches. And still, you sit here, like a helpless, little girl, crying, sobbing, and moping. You want to feel sorry for yourself. You want to everyone to feel sorry for you. You want to continue going, always playing the part of the victim.”
“You investigated my past?” Ronnie asked in total bewilderment. “How dare you!”
“I run background checks on all of my associates. It’s a practice I started at the hospital, serving as a pediatric nurse. Most times I’m looking for histories related to pedophilia. I won’t hire anyone with a criminal history,” Amy explained.
“So you’re here to fire me,” Ronnie said.
“No, Ronnie. Not at all. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to fight your battles alone. You’re not a victim, Ronnie, and you’re not a criminal. You’re a survivor. You’re strong, and intelligent, and beautiful. And you have one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever seen. In six years of being a nurse, I’ve met some gifted, gifted people, but I look at you, and I realize that you’re doing this for all the right reasons. You want to give our children an upbringing based on love and devotion. It was an upbringing that your father never gave you,” Amy commented.
“You’re just saying that! You don’t understand me! No one understands me! No one ever has and no one ever will!” Ronnie screamed. “Do you know what it’s like to be thrown on your bed, have your clothes forcefully pulled off, your panties pulled down and sit there complacently as you get raped, night after night? You know what it’s like to be told, ‘Don’t tell anyone?’ You know what it’s like to be threatened? To know that if you tell anyone else, you’ll die? Do you know what that’s like? Do you?”
Amy looked at Ronnie and felt the taste of vomit fill her mouth. She remembered what the clerk in the Hall of Records had said to her. She remembered lying to the woman who had told her that there “was a case file with her name on it, dearie.”
And so, after a long pause, Amy said, “Yes. I do know what it’s like.”
“Bullshit,” Ronnie said, in total and utter disbelief.
“I don’t understand everything you’ve been through, and I can’t possibly. But I know what it’s like to be violated. I know what it’s like to be threatened. I know what it’s like to have my virginity stolen from me,” Amy explained softly.
Ronnie wiped the tears from her eyes, and looked at her supervisor with newfound respect. “Go on,” she said.
Amy knelt down on the floor beside Ronnie, her diaper rustling softly as she did. She said, “It was your classic case of date rape. My first crush, Tom Delacroix, asked me out when I was still in high school. He was in college, and I was still a senior. He took me to dinner, and then to a drive-in movie. And as we were watching the movie, he began to get physical with me. I tried to resist. I told him I didn’t want it. But he overpowered me. I was seventeen years old. For weeks afterward, I told everyone that the date just didn’t work out. But my guidance counselor suspected something when my grades started to plummet. And so I told him. He sat with me as I filed a police report, and he stood by me, as we brought Tom Delacroix to justice.”
“I had no idea,” Ronnie said calmly. “I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be. I don’t need anyone to feel sorry for me,” Amy said. She paused for a moment, and then continued, saying, “And neither do you.”
“But, no one else here understands me. It’s like I’m a friggin’ outcast because I won’t wear diapers! Why can’t anyone respect my reasons for refusing to be diapered?” Ronnie asked.
“Why do you need someone else to validate your decision if what you believe you’re doing is the right thing? I wish I had a choice,” Amy said.
“What are you talking about?” Ronnie wondered.
“It surprised me, Ronnie. I never thought that every associate, except for you, would sign up for the simulation. But I guess the incentives were really good. I thought more associates would choose not to wear diapers at work. I’m even more surprised that three of them decided to wear them 24-7,” Amy admitted, thinking about Brooke, Jennifer, and Sara.
“What does this have to do with me?” Ronnie asked selfishly.
“You’ve shown me that this simulation has failed,” Amy said.
“What do you mean?” Ronnie asked.
“You don’t need to wear diapers to be a good caregiver. You don’t need to know about the other side of the caregiving relationship. You taught me that, Ronnie. You care about your job and about your children so much. And you’re not wearing diapers. I think I tried to force a program that is more flawed than I originally believed or wanted to admit. Thank you,” Amy said.
“But what about hygiene and cleanliness?” Ronnie asked.
“Well, maybe it hasn’t failed entirely. I’m sure some of my ladies are better off now that someone has been tending to their personal needs. I personally find it to be a bit ridiculous. I know how to wipe my butt, thank you very much,” Amy said.
“What did you just say? You’re not…No…You can’t be!” Ronnie said as she smiled in total shock.
“Lauren’s the only one that knows. But I just can’t hold this ridiculous secret any longer! And given the nature of our conversation, I feel comfortable sharing this with you,” Amy admitted. She lifted her skirt, revealing the wet diaper that she was wearing underneath.
“But why? You’re the supervisor. No one here would ever think that you’d wear diapers,” Ronnie said.
“That’s exactly why I’m wearing them and using them. I can’t advocate a program and impose a program upon my associates without doing it myself. And so I told Lauren to diaper me. She changes me when I’m wet. Fortunately, I haven’t had to mess at work. That would just be sickening,” Amy said.
“Comes with the territory though,” Ronnie commented.
“Yeah, I guess. But I’d really rather not go there,” Amy admitted.
Amy and Ronnie exchanged glances and smiled warmly at one another. The week had begun with both of them at odds with the other. And as the week drew to a close, they had a built a relationship based on trust and respect.
“I’m here for you, Ronnie. Don’t ever forget that. Any hour, day or night. If you need a friend, or a confidant, I’m here for you. I’m here for you, sweetheart,” Amy said. She reached out to embrace her associate in a deep, loving hug.
Ronnie’s eyes welled with tears again, as she allowed herself to be enveloped in Amy’s arms. Through her tears she managed to say, “I can’t forget that. I won’t forget that. It’s the first time in more than ten years that someone has said something like that to me.”
After a few moments, the women pulled apart from their hug and looked at one another. Amy noticed that Ronnie was still crying, and it was clear that her tears were anything but ones of joy.
“What’s the matter, Ronnie?” Amy asked.
Ronnie looked down at the white floor on which she was sitting. Where she sat was a small puddle of urine.
“I…had…an…accident,” she stuttered. “This happened last night too. I woke up in my bed, and it was sopping wet.”
“You’re under a lot of stress right now. This is a tough day, and sometimes things like this happen,” Amy said comfortingly.
“Oh no,” Ronnie said, burying her face in her hands.
“You’re going to diaper me now. Cause I wet my pants,” Ronnie said, rather embarrassed by this unforeseen turn of events.
“No, Ronnie. The thought hadn’t even crossed my mind. I told you on Monday that I would respect your decisions and your choices. Unless of course, you want me to diaper you,” Amy suggested.
Ronnie thought for a moment, remembering the crazy note that had appeared magically on top of her breakfast table. “When the offer is made, accept it,” the note had said.
“Well, um. It’s just weird. I don’t want to feel wet, but at the same time I don’t want to be naked. Nobody’s seen me naked since my father did what he did to me. And I have these scars and I just don’t, well, um, please,” Ronnie said, blushing. Amy already knew her history, and she trusted Amy immensely.
“Are you sure? I’m not forcing you to do this, Ronnie,” Amy reiterated.
“I know. I know. I think I’ve wanted it all week but was too afraid to admit it. Maybe you can help me appreciate my body again, and help me to be more comfortable with myself. Maybe you can show me what it feels like to be loved,” Ronnie said.
Amy felt a lump at the back of her throat, and noticed that her own eyes were welling up with tears.
“Well, practically. I don’t like the feeling of these wet panties, and if I drive home in them, the seats in my car could get ruined,” Ronnie said, chuckling sweetly.
“Why don’t you lay down?” Amy asked. She watched as Ronnie smiled and laid down on her back, hitching up her candy-striped skirt in the process. Underneath Ronnie’s skirt was a very wet pair of white panties.
“Did you know that you’re the first person to see my scars?” Ronnie asked, watching as Amy reached into the backpack and withdrew baby wipes, baby powder and a fresh disposable diaper.
“I’m honored that you feel this comfortable around me. But they’re not scars,” Amy said in a whisper. “They’re beauty marks!”
Ronnie smiled and lay still as Amy pulled down her wet panties and wiped her crotch with a scented baby wipe. A few moments later, the gently sweet scent of baby powder filled the bathroom.
“It’s kind of nice getting this personal attention,” Ronnie admitted.
“You know, Ronnie. If you find that this helps you to cope, I’m happy to do it more often. Of course there’s no requirement to be diapered at work, but if you decide you like the feeling and the personal attention, I’m here for you,” Amy offered. She reached for the diaper, and unfolded it. As if on command, Ronnie bent her knees and drew them up to her chest. Amy slid the diaper underneath her rear, and then pulled the front up between her legs, and taped it around her waist. Ronnie lowered her legs and her skirt, trying to become accustomed to the bulky padding between her legs and around her waist.
“Holy cow. It’s like wearing a pillow around my waist,” Ronnie said. “With all this baby powder down there, it slides and moves and smells so wonderful. I never thought I’d hear such things come out of my mouth!!!”
Amy smiled and began to laugh uncontrollably. “Neither did I, Ronnie. Neither did I.”
Amy and Ronnie stood up, embraced one another and walked out of the bathroom smiling. But their moods changed as soon as they saw Lauren, sitting on the floor outside her private room, holding a needle-like object in her hands. Lauren was crying and shaking, and looked much like Ronnie had looked about thirty minutes earlier.
“Lauren? Are you okay?” Amy asked.
“I can’t do it. I just can’t do it,” Lauren said, through her tears.
“What’s that in your hand?” Ronnie asked.
“They wanted me to use it. But I just can’t use it. I just can’t do that to another person,” Lauren continued.
“Lauren, honey. You’re not making any sense,” Amy said, gently stroking Lauren’s face.
Ronnie pulled the needle out of her hand and examined it closely. Written on the plastic bag around the needle were the words INFECTIOUS SHARP: PROPERTY OF DR. DARA MILLER.
“Dara Miller. Why does that name ring a bell?” Ronnie asked.
“Dr. Dara Miller was the so-called “Good Doctor.” She was a therapist who regressed over one thousand seven hundred people and made them believe that diapers were the remedy that would cure all of their problems. But Lauren, her roommate Kristie, and Dr. Carpenter, foiled her plans,” Amy explained.
“But what are you doing with that needle, Lauren?” Ronnie asked.
Lauren wiped the tears from her eyes and said, “This needle contains Dr. Miller’s incontinence serum. One injection renders a person incontinent for life. Jennifer, Brooke, and Sara are having a little get together this evening. They’re inviting Matthew Lawson and Emily Rubin and they’re going to do something horrible to them. They want revenge for being humiliated in the school newspaper. And I was going to go along with their plans. But it’s not right. I can’t do it. I can’t hurt Matt and Emily back, no matter how hurt I am by what they did to me.”
“What are they going to do?” Ronnie asked.
“They were going to use this syringe on them, but now I imagine it will involve some kind of physical abuse and humiliation. They’ll probably get them to mess themselves and take pictures of it and give it to the school newspaper or something like that. They want to humiliate those who humiliated them,” Lauren said.
“Where are they going to do this?” Amy asked.
“Suite 321. Junior Dormitory. Danson University Campus. 7 P.M.,” Lauren admitted.
Ronnie looked at her watch and said, “Uh oh. It’s already 7:05.”
“Let’s go,” Amy said. “Are you coming with me or not?”
“You should drive,” Ronnie said.
“Wait a minute. I should come too. They’re expecting me,” Lauren argued.
“Okay Lauren, but you and I are going to have a little talk later,” Amy insisted.
Lauren hung her head in shame and said, “You’ll have my letter of resignation in the morning. I’m sorry I agreed to be part of an awful, sinister, vengeful plot like this.”
“We don’t have time for this. They’ve already begun their little party,” Ronnie noted.
Locking the door as they left, Amy, Ronnie, and Lauren, climbed into Amy’s car and sped off to Danson University, fearful of what they would find inside Suite 321.

The Other Side - Catharsis

Chapter Twenty-Five: Freedom

“Who are you calling?” Amy asked Ronnie, as they pulled out of the parking lot at Diaper Dandy. Ronnie was busy punching numbers into her cell-phone.
“I was a resident advisor for two years at Danson University. Both Jennifer and Brooke were my residents last year. I’m calling Beth Morris, the resident advisor on the 3rd floor of Junior Dormitory. It’s the only way we’ll be able to get into the building,” Ronnie explained.
“What do you mean?” Amy asked.
“All students swipe their ID card to enter the dorm. If you’re not a student, someone has to buzz you in. We’ll need Beth to let us in, because I doubt that Brooke and Jennifer will be willing to do so,” Ronnie said.
“Do you think I should call Mark?” Amy asked.
“No, Danson University has its own campus police department,” Ronnie said.
“Should we call them?” Amy suggested.
“Can I interject here, please?” Lauren shouted from the back of the car.
“What?” Amy asked, in a rather displeased tone.
“They’re expecting me. I can call up from the phone outside the dorm. They’ll let me in. All you have to do is follow me,” Lauren said.
Ronnie and Amy exchanged glances, both of which said, “Lauren may be a traitor, but in this case, she’s quite useful.”

“Where the hell are they?” Sara wondered, as she looked at her watch. It was already 7:07 P.M.
“Well, little Matty’s going to be in big trouble if he doesn’t get here soon,” Brooke said, fumbling through the Polaroids she and Jennifer had taken on Wednesday.
“I can’t believe you diapered him and dressed him in a bra and bonnet. I wish I could have been there for that. Thanks for sticking up for me,” Sara said.
“We had a lot of fun doing it. But nothing’s going to compare to what happens next,” Jennifer said.
“The injection that Lauren’s bringing over is some pretty powerful stuff. Supposedly, it works within seconds, rendering a person incontinent for the rest of their life,” Sara explained.
“You know something? I’m growing to like diapers, but I’d really like to have the choice,” Brooke commented.
“Yeah, me too,” Jennifer added.
“I wouldn’t mind wearing them 24-7. I’ve wanted too forever. And now I’m finally getting my wish. And that suitemate of yours has to go and ruin my experience! I can’t wait to get her back for the shit that she pulled last night! Why isn’t she here yet?” Sara wondered.
“You don’t think they’d stand us up, do you?” Jennifer asked.
“Matt can’t. Simply put, if he doesn’t show, we publish these photos for everyone to see. He won’t call our bluff,” Brooke suggested.
“But where is Lauren? She’s never late! Where the hell are they?” Sara asked, stamping her foot on the ground.
Just then, there was a knock on the door. All three girls smiled at one another, as Jennifer walked over to open the door.
“Well, it’s about time. You really shouldn’t have kept us waiting like this. You won’t like how angry we can, holy shit!” Jennifer exclaimed as she opened the door. “What the fuck is going on here?” Jennifer looked at the three people standing on the opposite side of the door. The first woman was Emily Rubin, who was wearing a white see-through blouse, which showed off her voluptuous breasts. She was also wearing a mini-skirt, that failed to cover her underwear-- a thick, disposable diaper. Next in line was Matt Lawson, who was wearing a white T-shirt and no pants. He too was diapered. Behind them, was a woman unfamiliar to Brooke, Jennifer, and Sara, but very familiar to Matt and Emily.
“Not quite what you were expecting, was it?” the woman said. She was carrying a large backpack on her shoulder. She continued saying, “It took the staff and me a little time to get them dressed and that’s why we’re late. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Melissa Appleby, and I’m the editor-in-chief of Danson University Press.”
Brooke, Jennifer, and Sara could not help but stare at their diapered adversaries. And then, they could not help but stare at one another, as they realized that their plans for a “fun-filled” evening had been pulled out from under them like a piece of old carpet.
“But, but, but we were going to…” Sara said, unable to finish her sentence.
“Little Matthew is unable to keep a secret. He told me everything that happened last night, and how you ordered him to come here this evening at 7 P.M. When I found out that Emily’s article had been falsified, and that she too had been invited to a “get-together” at 7 P.M. I surmised that something was up. I figured that you girls would want some revenge, and so I decided to take matters into my own hands. The staff and I took a vote on how to deal with such awful news reporting. And we decided, given the subject matter, that Emily and Matt should wear diapers. After what they’ve done, this should be punishment enough,” Melissa commented.
Sara, Jennifer, and Brooke were completely and utterly flabbergasted. They had planned on forcing Matt and Emily to shit their pants, and diapering them like infants. But here they stood, in front of them, already having been diapered by the editor-in-chief of the school newspaper.
“I won’t stand for inaccurate reporting. And I needed to teach them a lesson. I needed to do something that they’d remember. Firing them or yelling at them wouldn’t achieve anything. Diapering them, now that’s a creative form of punishment,” Melissa continued.
“So how long is their punishment for?” Jennifer asked.
“We at Danson University Press agreed that they should wear diapers for a full week. Given that this was the length of the diapering program at Diaper Dandy Day Care, we think a week is sufficient time for them to be appropriately humiliated,” Melissa said. "I promised Ronnie Wilson that the situation would be rectified. And now, I think that it has been. We’re following in Amy Stratford’s footsteps by showing our associates “the other side.”
The telephone rang, and Brooke pressed “TALK” on the cordless receiver.
“Hello?” Brooke asked.
“It’s Lauren,” said the voice on the other end of the phone.
“Holy shit! Lauren! It’s about time! You’re never going to believe this! Get up here right away!” Brooke said. She pressed a couple of buttons on the phone, which unlocked the door to the dormitory, three floors below. She then hung up.
“Right now, both Matt and Emily are going to apologize for everything that they’ve done wrong. I’m going to record their comments, and draft it in the form of an article that will appear with their by-line in place of the Diaper Dandy feature that was supposed to run tomorrow,” Melissa said.
“On one condition,” Sara said. “I want Matt to write about how much he enjoys wearing and using diapers.” She walked over to him, and grabbed his crotch through the padding of his diaper.
“Oh, and there should be another condition,” Jennifer added. “I think Emily will have to describe what it feels like to wet and shit her pants! I think that the campus will enjoy reading about that.”
“Oh, and I think she should share her feelings about baby powder,” Brooke commented.
“And oil. Does she enjoy being rubbed down with oil? Is it sexual for her?” Jennifer said. She walked up to Emily and stood beside her, staring at her from head to toe. Emily began to cough and wheeze.
“Oh, and Matt should have to write about whether he enjoys being diapered more by a man over a woman. You little shit! I can’t believe I was interested in you. You lying, cheating, fucking asshole!” Sara said bitterly.
“This should make for an excellent apologetic and informative article. Yes. Yes, it should,” Melissa remarked.
“On which planet?” Amy asked. “Is this a newspaper you’d want to read, Ronnie?” Amy, Ronnie, and Lauren had been standing at the door for a few seconds, watching the interchange between Melissa, Brooke, Jennifer, and Sara.
“Absolutely not. It’s like a dirty diaper that’s not changed right away. It just keeps stinking up the place. What a piece of garbage!” Ronnie commented, as she looked at Melissa Appleby, and then at the diapered news reporters Emily Rubin and Matt Lawson.
“Wh…wh…what are you doing here?” Brooke exclaimed.
“Lauren was kind enough to lead us here. She decided it wasn’t worth it to seek revenge on Emily and Matt for writing the article that they wrote. And so she came and told me about this little get together. About how the three of you were planning on doing something horrible to them as a form of revenge for being humiliated. And how you wanted to watch them shit their pants. That’s what we’re doing here. We’re here to put a stop to this,” Amy said.
“Amy Stratford, the one and only. I have to admit that I’ve been most amused by your recent associate policy and dress code. Very inventive and very creative. I borrowed a line or two from you in rectifying the situation with my writers. I figured that they needed to understand the other side of their article, and wear diapers as punishment for humiliating your associates,” Melissa commented. “It’s a pleasure to meet you,” she added, extending her hand.
“I wouldn’t shake that hand if it was the last hand on earth, Ms. Stratford,” Ronnie said.
Amy looked at Ronnie, who was gritting her teeth in disgust. She looked at the three girls, at Melissa Appleby, and at the diapered news reporters, and then at Ronnie, who had stepped forward, into the center of the room.
“You just don’t get it. None of you. None of you get it,” Ronnie started, shaking her head in disbelief. “You hurt me! So I’m going to hurt you, right back! You humiliated me, so I’m going to humiliate you, right back. You hit me, so I’ll hit you back. You shot me, so I’ll shoot you back. You abused me, so I’m going to abuse you back. Where does it end? Could you please tell me, where does it end? I’m embarrassed to see adults acting like little children. I think I’m going to be sick.”
Ronnie walked over to where Jennifer, Brooke, and Sara were standing.
“I’m embarrassed to work with the three of you. Plotting to extract revenge for being slandered in the newspaper. Gosh, you girls are just like the babies that your diapers say you are. You’re just little girls with little, foolish, naive emotions,” Ronnie said.
“Who the fuck do you think you are, Ronnie?” Jennifer asked. “How is it your place to reprimand us like this? We haven’t done anything wrong, whatsoever!”
“You were plotting this, at Diaper Dandy, while there was work to be done,” Ronnie commented, looking at Amy, who was nodding her head in agreement.
“Just shut the fuck up, you little bitch. You don’t know what it’s like. You never wore diapers. I’m the one who has to be laughed at and giggled at. I’m the one who’s made fun of. You know what that’s like? You know what it’s like to be pointed at and gawked at? Ooh, look. That’s Sara Richardson, the diaper girl! You know what that’s like?”
Ronnie looked at Sara, laughing at how immature she actually was, and said, “No, Sara. I know much, much worse.”
Ronnie glanced at Brooke, her friend, who knew her history and could not bring herself to find words to describe the betrayal she felt in her heart. She shook her head negatively, and turned towards Melissa Appleby, the editor-in-chief.
“You think this is what Amy intended. To have her associates wear diapers to punish them and humiliate them? That’s not a lesson,” Ronnie said in a seething lesson. “That’s abuse.”
Melissa’s lip began to quiver.
“Amy Stratford is a respectful, loving, devoted woman. She cares deeply about her job and about the performance of her associates. And I’m proud to work for her. Her methods may be a little bit unorthodox, but her intentions are sound and her heart is true. All she has wanted is to put Diaper Dandy back on the map as a respectable day care center. All she has wanted is to help her friend, Dr. Nicole Carpenter. I can’t believe you’re slapping her in the face like this. I can’t believe you even let the first article for the Wednesday Preview be printed like it did. Now I see why the staff has reported on such garbage. You’re not a journalist. You’re a joke,” Ronnie said.
Continuing her performance, Ronnie walked over to Brooke, pulled down her sweat pants, and carried them over to where Matt was standing.
“Step into the sweat pants, Matthew,” Ronnie ordered.
Matt obeyed and put on Brooke’s sweat pants over his diaper.
Meanwhile, standing next to Matt, Emily clutched her chest, struggling for breath.
“Now reach into your pants, and untape your diaper, pulling it out,” Ronnie commanded.
Matt did what he was told, and pulled his diaper off, without showing any of his nakedness.
“Now get the hell out of here and don’t ever come back,” Ronnie said, glaring directly at him.
“Y…y…yes ma’am,” Matt said sheepishly. In a flash he was gone.
“You little turd! He’s my responsibility! I’m in control of him. How dare you come in here like this!” Melissa yelled.
“Get out of my face,” Ronnie said. She then looked at Emily and said, “And now we come to you, Miss Rubin.”
Emily was standing opposite Ronnie, her breathing heavy and labored.
“Please…please…I can’t…breathe,” Emily said, as her asthma constricted her lungs. She fell to the floor, gasping for breath.
“Let her suffocate!” Sara yelled from the other side of the room.
Ronnie glared in her direction, and then looked at Brooke, knowing that Emily lived in this very apartment.
“Get me her inhaler,” Ronnie ordered Brooke.
“Fuck you, Ronnie!” Brooke yelled back. Brooke was perfectly content to let Emily suffer.
“Wait here,” Ronnie said, looking at Emily. She walked down the hall, into the bathroom and grabbed a yellow inhaler off the shelf of the medicine cabinet. The name on the inhaler read “Emily Rubin.” Returning to the main living room, Ronnie walked over to Emily, and handed her the inhaler.
“How can you help that bitch? How can you give her that inhaler after what she’s done to us?” Jennifer asked.
“How can I let her sit there and suffocate?” Ronnie asked. She looked at Emily, and placed the inhaler between her lips, distributing the mist into her mouth. After a moment, Emily began to breathe more comfortably.
“Why…why…did you do that? Why did you do that after all the horrible things I’ve said and done?” Emily asked.
“Shut up!” Melissa yelled. “You’re not permitted to talk!”
“Yes, she is permitted to talk. And I for one, would like to hear what she has to say,” Ronnie remarked. “If you don’t want to hear her speak, I suggest you put your fingers in your ears and hum really loudly until it’s over.”
Melissa glared at Ronnie, her solution for rectifying the situation having failed miserably. She stormed out of Suite 321.
“Why did you do that? Why are you helping me? Everyone else is just content to let me sit here and die? I lied. I falsified information. I humiliated people. And I did it just to get people to notice my article a little bit more. I did this for all the wrong reasons. Why are you helping me?” Emily wondered.
“Because you’re a human being. Because you make mistakes. And because no matter how many mistakes you make, two wrongs never make a right,” Ronnie said, as she looked into Emily’s tearing eyes.
“I finally got my wish. You’d think I’d be happy,” Emily said. She was alone in the suite with Brooke, Jennifer, Sara, Lauren, Amy, and Ronnie.
“Your wish?” Ronnie asked, kneeling in close to Emily.
Emily stared at her diaper, and then looked directly at Brooke and Jennifer. “Well, the cat’s out of the bag. I better spill everything. Ever since you brought those diapers home on Sunday afternoon, I’ve wanted to join you,” she said.
Every mouth in the room opened as far as their respective jaws would allow.
“I didn’t know how to ask. And I was so embarrassed to confront you. I never thought it would turn out that Melissa of all people would diaper me and Matt for what happened. I figured that if I couldn’t wear diapers, then nobody should. So I set out to write an article shutting down Diaper Dandy and putting an end to the diaper nonsense. And in the process I hurt each of you. And I embarrassed you. And I’m sorry. All I wanted to do was to play along with you and have some fun. I’ve fantasized about being diapered for more than seven years now. And it broke my heart when you didn’t offer to include me,” Emily said. “I’m sorry. I’m so very sorry. I was going to come here and apologize, but Melissa precluded that from happening.”
“You mean, that you, no, that just can’t be,” Jennifer said in total bewilderment.
“Go and look on my computer. You’ll find archived diaper stories, downloaded pictures of adults in diapers. Look at my Favorites list on the internet. It’s all there. I have a diaper fetish. I’m embarrassed as hell about it. And like I said, if I couldn’t have what I wanted, I needed to insure that no one else would,” Emily said.
“And I thought I was the only one that did that,” Sara mustered.
“I’m sorry, Sara. About Matt. I got carried away. I’m sorry for ruining your relationship with him. I’m sorry for taking him away from you,” Emily offered.
Sara thought about their lack of communication, and Matt’s willingness to go along with Emily’s plans.
“If he was that willing to follow you, he must not have had real feelings for me,” Sara admitted. “I accept your apology on one condition.”
“What’s that?” Emily asked.
“We’re going to need to compare notes and pictures online. I have a diaper fetish too. It’s so weird to meet someone with the same interests, in such a nearby location. I think we’re going to have to play together some time,” Sara said.
“I’d like that,” Emily said.
“You should have asked,” Jennifer said.
“We would have been happy to have had you along,” Brooke added.
“I feel like such an imbecile. I can’t believe I handled this issue in the way that I did. I’m sorry,” Emily said. “I’m so sorry.”
“What a crazy evening this has turned into,” Lauren interjected.
“I’ll say,” Amy added.
“I think it’s time to go home,” Ronnie remarked.
“No, not yet. There’s something that we still need to take care of,” Amy said. She looked first at Sara, then at Jennifer, at Brooke, and finally at Lauren. “Lauren, I’ll look forward to seeing your letter of resignation on my desk. As for the three of you, you’re fired. I won’t stand for having my associates conspire, at work, behind my back. And as for you Ms. Rubin, I think you could use some assistance in expressing your emotions and feelings properly. Have you considered a therapist? I hear Dr. Dara Miller is quite the specialist,” Amy said sarcastically. She looked at Ronnie, smiled, and the two of them left the suite.
As the door to the suite shut, Brooke, Jennifer, Sara were alone with Lauren and Emily.
“What the hell just happened here?” Brooke asked, looking around the room.
“Damned if I know,” Jennifer said.
“I think I could use a bit of a change,” Sara offered. “Anybody want to help?”
The other four girls smiled, recognizing that after a week in opposition, they had been left alone, in the same room, to tend to the needs of the others.
“We have some left over diapers in my bedroom,” Brooke said.
“Can I change you Sara?” Emily asked.
“Yeah. I think all of us could use a change and a chance to start over. My name is Sara,” she said, looking at her new friend.

“You continue to impress me,” Amy said, as she walked with Ronnie down towards the car.
“I was only doing what I thought was right,” Ronnie said. “I did the only thing I could think of.”
“Do you believe Melissa Appleby? Diapering her associates like that? That’s preposterous!” Amy said. “Oh wait. That’s like the pot calling the kettle black, isn’t it?”
“Yeah, pretty much,” Ronnie offered, placing her arm around her supervisor. “But it isn’t all bad. You let a couple of people go who were pulling down the day care center. Maybe now, we can begin to resurface. We’ll find some new associates, and we’ll put Diaper Dandy back on the map. It may not be tomorrow, and it may not be next week. But we’ll do it. These things always work out in the end.”
“Are you, Ronnie Wilson, being optimistic about something? Where is this coming from?” Amy asked jokingly.
“I just feel good, Amy. I feel free. The episode with my father is no longer hanging over my head. I think I needed to free Emily back there. I couldn’t stand to see someone else being abused like that,” Ronnie said.
“Well, we can definitely say that those five girls deserve one another,” Amy said. “But they won’t be getting their diapers from me anymore.”
“Well, you fired them. They don’t work for you anymore,” Ronnie offered.
“Yes, I know. But after what I’ve seen tonight, I’ve decided to end the simulation. Starting tomorrow, only the babies will be wearing diapers,” Amy said.
Ronnie looked at Amy and said, “I never thought I’d hear myself say this. But you really helped me this afternoon by diapering me.”
Amy drew Ronnie closer to her and said, “I’m happy to diaper you, whenever you want.”
Ronnie made a motion to embrace Amy when the sight of a woman, dressed in a tie-dye shirt caught her attention. The woman was smiling and blowing kisses at her. And then, a few seconds later, the woman turned, walked away, and disappeared from view.
“Ronnie? What’s the matter, Ronnie? It’s like you’ve seen a ghost,” Amy said.
“No,” she said. “I’m just thinking about my mother and some of the things that she taught me. And how she was always there for me, before she died. You remind me of her, Amy.”
“Oh, Ronnie,” Amy said, as she hugged her crying star associate. She ran her fingers through Ronnie’s blond hair, and looked at her, watching her cry.
“I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy with myself, Amy. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to trust anyone, like I trust you. And I know that you’re never going to leave me, or hurt me, or abandon me,” Ronnie said, between her tears.
“No, never. I’ll never leave you, Ronnie Wilson,” Amy said softly.
“No, not Ronnie Wilson. Not anymore,” she said, as she smiled widely, with her eyes lighting up. She had finally found the freedom she so desperately sought, and said, “My name is Veronica Shriver. I want you to call me Veronica.”

The End

Re: The Other Side - Catharsis

Is this a sequel to something? it reads like a sequel

Is this a sequel .part 2 or original .part 1?
IF its a part 1 how about a part 2 if a part 2 ,part 3 maybe …please.

A few things: [LIST=1]

  • The original author mentioned in the thread title, not even a member here any longer.
  • The person who reposted it? Notice his name is in [B]BOLD BLACK[/B]? That means the account was deleted years ago. In fact it means the account was deleted prior to 2017 or it would say [B]Guest[/B] instead
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