The Outcasts 3

The Outcasts part 3: Fate Reminds Will Who is in Charge

Fate, as it turned out, was an asshole with a sense of humor. You can try with all your might to have your life become a product of your own actions and decisions, yet there is still going to come a moment when you are helplessly watching things take a turn in a direction that you’d rather not go.

Will did not believe in fate, but probably because he never really considered the idea that there was such a thing as fate. To him, whatever happened, happened. He just went with it. Life, he often mused, was too short to really worry about how things turn out. You do your best and you adapt to whatever the outcome was.

Perhaps that was one of the differences between him and Meredith: as he just rolled with whatever life brought him, Meredith always wanted to be one step ahead of things and have her life go in the direction that she wanted it to go in.

He ran his fingers through his hair again, which was probably the closest thing he had to a bad habit. It didn’t really do anything, but the feeling of his thick hair sliding through his fingers was always pleasant.

“I’ve been reading that book you gave me,” Will told his friend Cooper, “but I’m not feeling it.”

“It starts real slow, but its going to pick up. Around chapter 6 or so, it’s going to be a totally different story,” replied Cooper in his typical monotone drone.

“Well it better or I’m not even going to bother finishing it. I’ve got some other books I’ve been meaning to read.”

“Like what?”


Wanted? A comic book? Dude…”

“It looks good, man. And you liked Watchmen, didn’t you?”

“Everybody liked Watchmen.”

“Well everybody might like Wanted, too, if they actually read it.”

“You let me know how it is.”

“Will do.” Will looked at his watch and realized that he was going to be late to economics. “Oh shit, I got to run. Cooper, I’ll see you later!”

“Later,” replied Cooper.

Will rushed into class and slid into his seat in the knick of time. In his mind, it was a real cinematic moment, playing out in slow motion. Of course, it probably looked nothing like that, but he was happy having that little scene all to himself anyways.

“A little late today?” a voice said to him. Will was momentarily taken aback. Nobody in this class talks to him. Yet the voice was so familiar. Then he realized it was coming in front of him.

“I wouldn’t have this problem if were allowed to ride bikes in the hallways,” Will joked nervously.

“If everyone was riding bikes in the hallway, I think we’d have a little bit of a traffic problem,” Natasha replied with a smile.

“No, see, only I’d have a bike. Everyone else would still be walking. Of course, I’d need a bike lane too, in all the hallways.”

“That’s better,” she laughed, as she turned around to the face the front of the classroom again, as the lesson began.

Will, a little flustered, took a moment to catch his breath before opening his notebook to begin taking notes. His version of taking notes involved doodling pictures of robots and space aliens, however, so there was no real rush to begin getting focused on his work.

His eyes began to wander around the classroom, and he watched as everyone else jotted down notes and hung on every word the teacher said. It was kind of silly how serious everyone took this class, he thought. Economics, what was it good for? Absolutely nothing. Laughing to himself slightly, he imagined if those were the actual lyrics to the similar Elvis Costello song.

Then there was Natasha. Instantly, he forgot everything else he was thinking about to make room for his thoughts of her. Quite suddenly, he realized, he was harboring a crush on her. He didn’t know why, really. He had only talked to her twice, both of those times were today, and both conversations combined amounted to less than a minute. There was more to it than that, though.

She was a very pretty girl. It was hard to place her nationality. She had a slight accent, but it wasn’t clear what kind of accent it was. She had a slightly darker complexion, but was that Italian olive glow she had; or perhaps something more latin-american?" Her dark thick hair hung just below her shoulders, and seeing her face once was enough to embed her blazing bright green eyes in his mind.

This is all before even touching upon the entire concept of her possible diaper wearing. This was strange, considering that he might not even have developed a crush on her at all, let alone notice her, if it wasn’t for noticing the diapers in the first place. Will wasn’t sure what to think about the diapers. It certainly wasn’t a turn off, like he suspected it should be. It was intriguing and made him overwhelmed with curiosity, more than anything else.

With the thought of her diapers in his mind, his eyes wandered to her bottom again, which was framed nicely by the open back of the classroom’s chairs. There didn’t seem to be anything abnormal about her clothes today. No suspicious bulges or lumps. It was a smooth as could be. He deduced that she was not wearing any diapers; and if she wasn’t wearing diapers today…did that mean that she didn’t need them all the time? Or at all?

He was getting ahead of himself again. Trying to push the thoughts from his head, he started doodling in his notebook. The teacher droned on and on, further helping Will detach from reality. The only thing that brought him back was the bell signaling the end of the period. Quickly, he gathered his things together and stood up, hoping to leave the classroom before-

“Hey, Will,” Natasha said.

“Oh, hey.” Will was imagining a giant fist coming through a random window and slapping him in the face a few times. “What a class, right?”

“Yeah,” she laughed, “I’m a big fan of economics.”

“You too? Man, I thought I was the only one.”

“Seriously, though, it takes everything I’ve got to not fall asleep in there. I can’t even bring myself to take notes. I just draw little pictures in my notebook so it looks like I’m busy.”

Will couldn’t believe she just said that.

“You too?”

“Too? You do that too?”

“If I didn’t, I’d actually collapse on the ground and die from boredom,” Will confessed.

“That’s too funny. I’ll tell you what, next class, lets draw each other a picture. Deal?”

“Deal,” responded Will with a smile that was wider than it needed to be.

“Well I’ve got to go. See you later!”

With that, Natasha disappeared into the crowded hallway, leaving Will behind to stand silently with his mouth hanging open slightly. Slowly, he pulled himself together and made his way to the outdoor patio for lunch, where he usually met with Cooper and Rhys.

“Hey, loser,” called out a voice. Will spun around to see Amelia.

“Oh, it’s you. What do you want?”

“Guess what I just saw?”

“An alternate reality where you were actually cool?” Will sarcastically replied.

“Even better; I saw you and Natasha, talking.”

“Oh. Well…”

“You have to tell me all about it.”

“There’s not much to say. I ran into her this morning and we talked for, like, a second. Suddenly, she is all friendly with me.”

“Doesn’t surprise me.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because she’s got no friends, Will. You’re probably the first guy who’s made any sort of conversation with her since she moved here.”

“Did she move here? I was under the impression she always lived here, but was homeschooled or something.”

“The hell if I know. Just tell me if she ever says anything that would interest me.”

“By interesting you mean…”

“I mean, if she says anything about why she’s wearing diapers.”

“I don’t think she is.”

“See, I didn’t think so either.”

“Well, I mean, she was the other day. I’m positive of it.”

“I’ve stopped caring. Until I see some proof.”

“You want to actually see proof?”

“Well…I don’t necessarily want to see her diapered ass in my face.”

“Well…I don’t know.”

“This is silly,” Amelia finally admitted.

“It is.”

“We shouldn’t care about this.”

“Yet we do.”

“Why is that?”

“What do I look like, a psychologist?” Will said snidely.

“No, you look like an idiot,” she quickly responded.

“Ouch. Well, anyways, I’ve got to get to lunch. If she ever turns around in class and tells me that she’s incontinent, you’ll be the first to know.”

“That’s all I ask. Talk to you later, Loser.”

“Later, bitch.”

As Will walked down the hall, he thought about fate for the first time. Of course, he thought, I would have to be the one to sit behind Natasha.

Fate was an asshole.

The Outcasts 3

Cool. I’d like to see it move a little more.

The Outcasts 3

Again it was intersting to see it from the point of view of someone other than the diapered party.
I’ve only got 2 real problems, and these are minor. First, there are a couple of places in each chapter where you (accidently I’m sure) used quotation marks without the need for them. Second: they’re too short! I wanted to know more.

Oh well, I guess I’ll have to wait until you put the next chapter out, which I hope will be soon. (and longer :smiley: )

The Outcasts 3

This doesn’t seem like the same story we’ve read 1000 times, and the writing style is solid. Good job on the awkward high school dialogue.

The Outcasts 3

This story is going good so far. Some like things to move a bit quicker, but I find that a good story has it’s own pace. I think this one is moving fine. Looking forward to more.