The Perfect Gift (A Cute and Short Christmas Story)

Whipped this up Christmas day (and the day after) as a cute little experiment. As is often the case with my story, this features age regression and messy diapers.

The incessant shouting once again yanked Melanie from her rest. Her roommates were bad enough throughout the rest of the year; holidays only seemed to make them worse. With today being Christmas Eve, they hadn’t stopped their fighting for more than a couple of minutes the whole day. Grumbling and sighing, the sleep-deprived girl rolled over, pulling her pillow over her head in a desperate attempt to muffle enough of the noise to allow her to sleep. As she closed her eyes yet again, one thought drifted through her mind: “All I want for Christmas is a friendly place to call home.”

With that thought, the grandfather clock struck twelve, the sound of yelling immediately giving way to an unnatural stillness. The unnerving silence drew Melanie’s full attention, all thoughts of sleep disappearing from her mind as she peeked her head out from under the covers. “Rob? Sheila? You okay?” Hearing no response, she sat up, letting the covers fall off of her as her eyes fell on a single darkened figure standing at the edge of her bed. “Who’s there?”

“Just here to fulfill a couple of people’s wishes.” A sparkle of light illuminated a smiling face for less than a second before it impacted the sitting girl, sending her onto her back as the world twisted and grew around her. “There we go. Now to get you all wrapped up for your new mommy.” Melanie could do little but watch as a soft, crinkly garment was taped around her waist and a blanket used to swaddle her, the mysterious stranger placing her in a basket with a kiss on the forehead before they began to wrap an opaque covering around.

Darkness covered the terrified girl as she felt herself lifted into the air, carried off in a direction she couldn’t follow. Unable to move her arms or legs due to the blanket wrapped tightly around her, her only course of action was to wail and cry for help. Her own screaming voice felt somehow alien to her, as if it was an old sound she hadn’t heard in years. Melanie’s voice grew more hoarse as the journey went on, the girl’s stomach beginning to churn with stress. A sudden urge sent a chill of worry down Melanie’s spine, but before she could react, her bowels loosened on their own, a warm mass spreading its way out through the unfamiliar article wrapped around her bottom. The girl’s cries quickly died down to whimpers, darkness fading away into nothingness as she allowed the sleep of exhaustion to take her.

The morning light pierced the windows, rousing Sue from her sleep. “Time to spend yet another Christmas morning alone.” With a dejected sigh, she pulled herself from her bed, dragging her tired feet down the stairs and heading to her kitchen to make a pot of coffee. Mug in hand, Sue pointed herself towards her living room, failing to notice the pile of presents under her tree until she plopped herself down in a nearby armchair. The astonished woman carefully set her cup on the nearby end table, walking over and placing a hand on the colorful paper that surrounded the dozens of unexpected gifts.

Uncertain what to expect, Sue carefully tore a strip from the paper, her curiosity emboldened by the brightly colored box that lay beneath. Surely enough, a box of Fluffles baby diapers, size 1, lay before her. The woman blazed a trail through the remaining presents, the various baby supplies within sending a shiver of excitement through her. Behind all of these lay a single oddly shaped package, a distinctly foul smell permeating the thin layer of packaging. Sue could scarcely breathe as she pulled the thin layer of paper away, revealing a basket holding a small infant swaddled in a pink princess-print blanket.

The little girl slowly opened her eyes, shrinking back in fear of the enormous woman who looked down from overhead. Silent tears began to return to her eyes as she was lifted into Sue’s arms, every motion reminding her of her new state as well as that of her diaper. “A little one to have and hold forever…” Sue’s soft voice called out to the girl as she lifted the tag on the basket into a visible place. “Melanie… I- my wish came true!”

Though her own eyes began to brim with tears, Sue had noticed the little girl’s stench and began to make use of the provided supplies, rolling out a diaper changing mat and setting the toddler directly on top. Carefully removing the smelly diaper, Sue gently wiped the girl’s bottom clean only to notice that it had grown red in the time Melanie had been laying in the basket. “Oh, you poor thing. How long were you in that basket, I wonder?” The woman got to work applying a coat of soothing rash cream only for a small voice to interrupt her concentration.

“Aww night.” The unexpected speech jolted Sue’s focus upwards towards the little girl’s face only for her to clarify further. “I was in dere aww night…”

Several seconds passed before Sue had the mental fortitude to utter a response. “You- you can talk?”

The response she received was even more shocking. “Uh huh. I’m twenny-fwee. I fink at least… Someone did somefin’ to me las’ night. Um…how old do I look?”

Doing her best to continue as before, Sue pulled out a diaper from the pack of Fluffles and began taping it onto Melanie. “Six or seven…months.” As Melanie’s frown started to approach tears once again, Sue noticed an unopened envelope within the basket. Cradling the now sobbing girl in one arm, she used her free hand to pry it open, flicking open the included card to read the handwritten note within as Melanie craned her head to see as well.

Dear Sue,

You’ve probably already noticed that Melanie isn’t an ordinary girl. You wished for one to have and hold forever; well, now you have her. She’ll never again age a day; you’ll be able to be her mommy for as long as you want. Make sure to give her plenty of love, though; she’s really going to need it.

Thanks for the cookies!


Looking over towards the plate on the nearby table that was now only filled with crumbs, Sue’s theory was confirmed. “Oh, sweetie… I’m so sorry. This- this is all my fault. I should never have made that dumb wish…” Sue’s crying slowly grew in intensity to match that of her new little one, mama and baby holding each other closely as they sobbed. Their tears dried up after several minutes, both looking into each other’s eyes but too uncertain to say anything. Sue was the one to finally break the silence, offering words of comfort to her new little one. “Well, if I’m going to be your mama forever, I can at least make the experience as pleasant as possible. How about we get you some breakfast, sweetheart?” Too stunned to say anything in response, Melanie nodded, having no choice but to trust in her new caretaker as the two wandered off to prepare a warm bottle of formula for the little girl’s first meal of many to come.

Re: The Perfect Gift (A Cute and Short Christmas Story)

“Cute”? It’s the perfect opening to a horror story. ;D

I like it so far, although it’s not my usual cup of tea.

Re: The Perfect Gift (A Cute and Short Christmas Story)

Thanks! And hey, they both got what they wanted :stuck_out_tongue: This was just a one-shot short thing I think; threw it together in an hour or so for Christmas.