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The Problem with Moody Little Sisters by Iceblumist610

ch 1

“Jen, phone’s for you” shouted Mrs. Williams up the stairs.
" Could there be any worse timing," Jennifer thought to herself. She was in her upstairs bathroom and had just released her very full bowels into her underwear.
“I’m in the bathroom, just hand the phone to be through the door.”
Jennifer carefully cracked open the bathroom door, making sure her mother could not possibly notice the load of poop in her pants. She took the phone from her mom and put it to her ear. Her worried demeanor took on a horror stricken look. It was the Indoor Soccer Field, calling to let her know that the remainder of this season would be cancelled due to a reoccurrence of the mold under the turf originally caused by heavy flooding two years ago. She thanked the man and put the phone down. “All that work trying to put together a team, all for nothing.” It was hard trying to find enough interest for a girl’s indoor team in a high school of 85 where almost every athlete played 3 sports and were not free in the winter and now, after all that work, she would not be able to play after all. She carefully pulled down her underwear and grabbed the poop with a small piece of toilet paper, placing it in the toilet so as not to cause a splash. She could no longer enjoy living out the fantasy of pretending she was in diapers, just having let go after dire need of relief.
Jennifer slowly went downstairs and sat on the couch. “I’m going to have to find something to keep me busy over the winter now that I can’t play soccer.” She thought for a moment about trying to get on one of those diaper story sites she liked so much, but she decided she really wasn’t in the mood, besides, one of her siblings was probably in the computer room anyway.
Jennifer was a 16 year old girl who loved sports and—unbeknownst to all—diapers. She was very pretty, standing about 5’7" 130lbs with green eyes, average sized breasts, and blond hair dropping just below her shoulders. However, looks weren’t everything, especially to those at school. She wasn’t very popular because she had not hit her growth spurt until about 13, later than any of the other girls in her class. Another disadvantage of small private schools: preconceptions from grade school weren’t easily forgotten. People also resented her excellent memory and stellar grades. She had four younger siblings, girls ages 15, 8, and 7 and a 12 year-old brother.
Right now, though, her looks, her athletic abilities, her brains, and even her fetish, brought her no comfort. She felt the overwhelming loss from weeks of work, destroyed by a rainstorm. At the moment, she cared to do nothing besides sit on the couch and mindlessly stare at the cartoons running across the TV screen.

The Problem with Moody Little Sisters by Iceblumist610

ch 2

Jennifer had a great day in school the next day, meaning she had no homework to burden her over the weekend. This, in addition to having been a day-removed form the phone call, helped her forget about not being able to play indoor for the remainder of the winter. When she got home, she immediately changed into a T-shirt and a pair of athletic shorts and went down to her basement to she could work on her skills, kicking a volleyball off the wall in the portion of the basement. After she grew tired of that, she ate a dinner composed strictly of Papa Johns pizza—one of her favorite foods—and watched TV, biding her time until her siblings went to bed and she could snag the computer.

Finally, at about eleven, her oldest sister, Taylor, finally got off the computer and went to bed. Now Jennifer could finally check and see if any new stories had been posted on the net 54 story forum. There were a couple, and she carefully read them, paying special attention to the latest chapter in Nighthawk’s saga, “The Princess and the Garbage Man.” When she finished reading the stories, she clicked random threads that looked interesting, spending about a half an hour watching people insult each other and demand apologies. When she finally got tired of the forum, she decided to check out a search engine and see if there were any new diaper sites. She typed in a search and scrolled through the responses before she finally found one worthy of checking out. “Wow, this is great,” Jennifer thought to herself. She couldn’t believe her luck. She had stumbled across a new links page, with over 100 links to diaper sites, only about 10% of which were dead links. All in all, she could access about half the sites, despite the parental block. She spent a few hours reading through stories, gazing at pictures, and marveling at drawings. Finally, at about three A.M., she went to bed. “Good thing its Friday and I don’t have church tomorrow,” she thought when she realized what time it was.

The rest of the weekend was quite uneventful, as well as was the first part of the week. She was not able to access any more diaper sites because of her siblings being in the computer room, though she was able to poop her pants once without getting interrupted by the phone. That all ended Wednesday night when Taylor came home with her boyfriend Ben. Ben was a skinny, athletic, brown haired 16 year old, about 5’8" 120lbs who had been one of Jennifer’s closest friends throughout grade school. They had been in the same class since third grade, and due to them both loving soccer, they were always playing together, especially in the co-ed indoor leagues. Ben also liked sports, giving them another thing in common. They had also both fallen prey to the Beanie Baby craze. However, when they entered high school, Ben moved up the social ladder while Jennifer stayed unpopular. Furthermore, now that they were in the 11th grade, Ben had lost all interest in watching sports and got burnt out on soccer. He still played all three sports on the varsity team, but it was more of a waste of time and a social experience than a true competition. While they were still, friends in name, they didn’t do much together and Ben spent most of his time with Taylor rather than Jennifer.

It was about 10:00, and Jennifer’s Dad had told her she had to stay with Ben and Taylor until Ben left. Taylor was trying to look up a word for a homework assignment, but when she typed “di” into the space at the top of the web browser, 7 web sites came up from the history. All said www.diaper-fetish.com. Jennifer panicked. She quickly leaned over Taylor’s shoulder and backspaces, then typing in quickly www.dictionary.com.
“Oh, it looks like Jen doesn’t want us to know about her diaper fetish,” Taylor remarked to Ben.

Jen couldn’t think of anything to say, so she blurted out, " You were spelling it wrong. The web sites don’t come up if you don’t type www. first."

“Oh, yeah right.” Taylor replied sarcastically.

Jen felt like she was going to die of humiliation right then and there, but she managed to keep calm and not do anything incriminating while Taylor looked up the word. In a few minutes, Ben decided he had to leave so he could get home before his 11:00 curfew. Jennifer went to bed, but didn’t sleep at all. She lay awake wondering what she could do about Taylor’s discovery. She definitely wasn’t going to spill the truth to bed, but she was torn between telling Taylor the truth and hoping for a positive response. Or should she ignore it and hope that Taylor would forget in the near future. After tossing and turning all night trying to think of a solution, she decided to tell Taylor after school the next day.

The Problem with Moody Little Sisters by Iceblumist610

Ch 3

This is probably all I’ll write this weekend, though I amy write tomorrow night because my sister is going out for 15 hrs for her 15th birthday, but it takes awhile to write a chapter and you know how teens are about sleep(and I get to play futsol). Well, hope you enjoy what I got done tonight.

Jennifer couldn’t concentrate at all the next day in school; she kept worrying about how Taylor would respond to her confession. Luckily, she didn’t have any tests that day, so she managed to make it through OK. The day had seemed to take forever, but by the time it was over, she could scarcely remember any of what had happened. When she arrived home, she waited endlessly for a time in which she could talk to Taylor in private.

At about 8:30, Taylor went up to her room to get ready for bed. Jennifer followed her a slipped in her room, shutting the door behind her.

“Taylor,” she began, “about what you saw last night. That diaper-fetish site was mine.” She paused, and, taking a deep breath, continued, “I am a person who wishes she could wear diapers. I thought I was the only one, but I checked the Internet and found more people like me. That is the reason why I am so secretive when I’m one the computer. I only go to those sites when no one else is in the room, and I am constantly looking over my shoulder to make sure no one discovers my secret. Please don’t tell anyone about this. I can’t even think about what would happen if you did.”

“You’re such a freak,” Taylor responded slowly. " I should tell Mom and Dad; they’d ban you from the computer for like a year." She paused, and gazed into Jen’s worried eyes, “But,” she continued, " I think I’ll keep the secret. If, you do a few things for me."

“What kinda things are you talking about,” Jen responded worriedly.

“Welllllllll….First of all, you need to give me the computer whenever, I want, aaannnnnnnnnndddddddddd….Second you need to let me listen to the radio when you drive me to school in the morning. Then…after that… you can do whatever I want you to do,” Taylor grinned evilly as she realized how much power she now held over Jen.

“OK, I guess I’ll do that,” Jen replied slowly, stunned, before walking out of the room, wondering what she had done wrong, " How did I get myself into this. I don’t even remember what was on that site and it still got me in this much trouble." Jen began to think, “Why did she react that way anyway. I know she makes fun of me sometimes, but she normally isn’t that mean.”

She suddenly stopped in her tracks as the realization hit her, “How could I have been so stupid. I was so preoccupied with worrying that I didn’t even notice the signs. She’s been grouchy all day, and she definitely doesn’t normally go to bed at 8:30. She’s PMSing. Why did I have to ask her while she was PMSing. And if I were to bother anyone with something important during that time of the month, she is the last one I would have wanted to go to. Her mood swings are worse than even Mom’s, and that’s saying something.”

Jennifer sauntered downstairs and completed her homework before heading off to bed, kicking herself all the while for being so stupid and wondering what Taylor would make her do in the next couple days. She knew one thing: she definitely wasn’t looking forward to tomorrow.

The Problem with Moody Little Sisters by Iceblumist610

Ch 4

Jennifer decided it would probably be a good idea to go through the next day by being as obsequious as humanly possible. She had as little contact as possible with Taylor before school, and allowed Taylor to play her crappy pop music on the way to and back from school—it was only a five-minute drive anyway, what can it hurt. Over the weekend, she allowed her sister to have the computer whenever she wanted, which was relatively annoying, but nothing earth-shattering. She did manage to get it back for a while to type out an essay for Dr. White, and she was able to check out a few stories while “doing her homework.” By Sunday, Taylor was starting to be in a better mood, and even allowed Jen to have the TV for the Super Bowl (though that probably had more to do with their Dad’s love for football than it did Jen’s). During the game, Jen was able to forget about Taylor for a while, especially considering how good of a game it was. The two teams went back and forth, but Jake Delhomme and Stephen Davis led the Panthers on a 6-minute touchdown drive very late in the 4th quarter, ultimately allowing Jen’s Carolina team to walk off with a 23-19 victory. That put her in a much better mood, and even Taylor’s annoying music the next morning did nothing to dampen her spirits.

By Friday, however, despite the that Taylor had calmed way down, and not even required Jennifer to do anything other than relinquish computer and radio privileges, Jen was getting fed up. After hearing “White Flag” for the sixth time in five days, she finally decided enough was enough. “OK, Taylor, I’m not gonna keep playing this radio station for you every day; It’s definitely time for some real music,” Jen said has she turned on her Green Day CD.

“But you still don’t want me to tell anyone about your little secret, right,” Taylor replied.

“Yeah, you better not tell anyone about it, but even you doing so is better than me being your personal slave forever,” Jen replied angrily.

“OK, I won’t,” Taylor said.

Jennifer finally stopped holding her breath and exhaled a deep sigh of relief. Taylor had bought her bluff and agreed not to tell anyone. It actually felt kinda good to have told someone about it, now that she had decided to keep the secret.

Everything went fine until the Saturday of the next week, when Ben was over watching a movie with Taylor. Lindsay and Kortney, friends of both Jen and Taylor who went to the local public school, were over also. Lindsay was a brown-haired16-year old who was about 5’4", and average sized, but was an excellent athlete and a wonderful soccer player; she probably would have been better than Jen herself had she not sat out the last season due to injury. Kortney, her sister was a 14-year old who also had brown hair, but was taller at 5’6" and slightly slimmer, though despite her build, her only sport was horseback riding, and ironically, Lindsay wished she was taller and Kortney wished she was shorter. Linz had about the same personality as Jen, but Kortney was more soft-spoken, meaning that people often didn’t even realize she was there.

Towards the end of the movie, Jen made a comment about the upcoming soccer season to Lindsay, and Taylor completely flipped out. “Will you shutup, I’m trying to watch a movie here,” she shouted.

“Sorrrrrrry Taylor, its ‘Ms. Congeniality,’ It’s not like you haven’t already seen it eleventeen times,” Jen responded, exasperated.

“You better be quiet or I’ll tell everyone that you like diapers.”

Jen almost fainted on the spot; she was shocked that Taylor had actually said that. Inwardly, she was fuming, but she couldn’t really say much in the position she was in. Everyone around was laughing, Kortney even said, shocked, “Does she really; that’s hilarious.” Taylor just nodded and laughed along with the rest.

Jen ran out of the room and up to her bedroom, where she sat on the bed and cried, for the better part of an hour. Eventually, Kortney came up and asked, “Do you really like diapers? Like, do you want to actually wear them?” Jen just nodded. “Well, do you have any?” Jen shook her head. “Yeah, in this house they would probably be pretty hard to hide. Well, right now, you are going to drive me up to the store and I am going to buy you some diapers. Then, if you want me to keep your secret, you are going to wear one to school on Monday. Remember, I am coming over Sunday night for ‘Alias,’ and I will still be here when you leave for school on Monday, so I will make sure you’re wearing it.”

Despite wondering why Kortney would possibly want to do this to her, Jen shook her head “Yes.” Kortney just said, “Well, you better get you keys. We only have 20 minutes to get to the store and back without breaking the 11:00 limit on your liscence.”

The Problem with Moody Little Sisters by Iceblumist610

Ch 5

Thank the Lord my brother had tutoring and my sister has to go to the library for a research paper. I may even be able to get in two chapters today rather than the expected none. I am posting them as two short chapters instead of one long one in case they get home in the middle of my writing, then I only have to start in the middle rather than the beginning. ENJOY!!!

Jen and Kortney got in the car and began the short drive to CVS, after giving Mrs. Williams the excuse that they had to get some AAA batteries because Jen’s calculator died. When they got there, neither really had much of a clue what to buy, so they looked around awhile before they finally found a package of Attends that looked like they might fit Jen. Due to the supreme embarrassment of having to buy diapers for herself, Jen spent much of the time on the drive and in the store trying to convince Kortney to buy the diapers. It worked out well, because when the cashier gave her an odd look, Kortney calmly explained, “They’re for a friend.”

When they got home, Kortney stashed the diapers in Lindsay’s car, so Jen’s parents wouldn’t suspect anything. They spent the rest of the night watching movies, and finally went to bed around 1:00, neither making any mention of the diapers.

Sunday morning, Kortney and Lindsay were gone before Jen even woke up due to the fact that their church started an hour earlier. The day went mostly without a hitch, as Jen avoided Ben throughout the day and Taylor made no mention of Jen’s liking diapers. The day was helped greatly by fact that—unlike Taylor and Ben—Lindsay and Kortney could keep secrets, so no one other than Jen, Lindsay, and Kortney actually knew about the late-night purchase. The uneventful day suddenly took a turn for the weird when Lindsay and Kortney came over at about 8:30 for their weekly “Alias-party.” Jen didn’t watch the show, so she normally stayed relatively out of whatever the other girls did every Sunday night, but this night was different. Kortney asked Jen if they could go up to her room, and knowing what Kortney was suggesting—and not wanting anyone to find out—Jen agreed. When they got up, Kortney produced a diaper and asked Jen to put it on. “Wait, I thought you wanted me to wear it to school tomorrow, you know I would have to take it off tomorrow morning when I take a shower,” Jen said, perplexed.

“I know that, but I don’t want you to start trying to put one on tomorrow and then realize you don’t know how to diaper yourself, or realize that we haven’t thought of everything.”

“OK, I guess that makes sense,” Jen said, “Can you…uh…umm, please… turn around.” Kortney assented and turned around. Neither had seen each other naked and neither really cared to.

After a couple minutes, Kortney began getting impatient and said, “Are you done yet, I’m going to miss the show if you take this long.”

“Well, grrrr…Arrgggghhhhh…I can’t get this stupid thing on straight,” Jen said, growing ever more frustrated.

“OK, try to get it situated, and I’ll tape it up,” Kortney said. Jen readily agreed and the diaper was perfectly taped in no time.

Kortney started to leave the room when Jen realized what they had forgotten, “Wait, Kortney,” she said, “Don’t you think we should have gotten baby powder or something.”

“Oh…I guess we should have gotten that. Oh well, I guess you’ll just have to do without it. And don’t you dare trying to take that diaper off before tomorrow morning. I’ll come up to help you get into a new diaper tomorrow and I better see the old diaper used in your trash can. And I will check your stuff to make sure you don’t try to sneak something to change into at school.” With that, Kortney left the room, and Jen sat on her bed in just a T-shirt and a diaper, wondering whether this was a blessing or a curse.

After sitting their for a couple minutes, letting the feeling that she was really wearing a real diaper sink in, Jen got up and changed into her pajamas; she was pretty tired, but she certainly didn’t want anyone to discover her diaper, so she decided to go to bed early. Going to bed was one thing, but sleeping was a whole different story. She laid in bed for hours, savoring the feel of her diaper and wondering what the next day had in store for her.

The Problem with Moody Little Sisters by Iceblumist610

Ch 6

Jen woke up the next morning dead tired. She had finally drifted off to sleep around 2:00, which only allowed her four hours of sleep. She went to her dresser and began to select her clothes for the day. After selecting a short pink long-sleeve shirt and jeans, she remembered that she was wearing diapers for the day. “Maybe I should wear a long T-shirt and a loose pair of khakis,” she thought as she put away the clothes she had originally selected. Clothes in hand, she made her way to her bathroom. She turned on the shower and began stripping before she remembered that she was expected to use her diaper. She had wet her pants before (or at least wet her underwear when she was growing and planning on throwing her old, small pairs out anyway), so it wasn’t too hard to let go. However, despite all her dreams about this moment, nothing had prepared her for the wonderful warm sensation spreading throughout her diaper as she began peeing. After a couple minutes, she realized that she had not yet gotten in the shower, “I better get this diaper off and start getting ready or I’ll be late for school,” she thought as she peeled off her diaper, set it carefully on the floor, and stepped into the shower.

About 10 minutes later, there was a soft knock on her bathroom door, “Are you ready yet,” Kortney whispered.

“No, I’m putting my contacts in, I’ll just be a minute though,” Jen replied softly.

After she put her contacts in, Jen opened the door and allowed Kortney in. Kortney produced a diaper and turned around as Jen took off her towel, put on a bra, and sat on the diaper. Kortney taped it up in no time and then produced a plastic bag.

“What’s that for,” Jen asked.

"It’s for the old diaper,’ Kortney replied, “I’m going to wrap it up and put it in a trash can at school so your parents don’t find out.”

“Oh, OK. Thanks Kortney,” Jen responded sincerely. Kortney was being pretty helpful considering that it was her fault they were doing this in the first place. Kortney left, and Jen did her hair, applied make-up, and put on her clothes. She went downstairs, made her lunch, and made some pancakes for breakfast. As she started eating she realized how thirsty she was. “Of all the days,” she thought to herself. Three glasses of Gatorade later, she was about ready to leave.

When she stepped in her car, however, Kortney was right there, ready for inspection. She thoroughly checked Jen’s backpack, purse, and car, before accepting the fact that Jen was hiding nothing and making her way to her sister’s car, allowing Jen to sit in her car and wait for Taylor to come out.

Jen arrived at school terrified about other people finding out about her diapers, and hiding them as best she could, but the first thing she heard when she got to her classroom was, “How are the diapers, Jen.” Somehow, everyone already knew about her secret, and—though she didn’t know the source—she could make a pretty fearless prediction as to how they found out.

The day passed as slowly as any day ever had, with everyone she talked to making some snide comment about her diapers. Her one relief came in Advanced Math, when she sat next to her crush of 6 years and running, Jimmy Smith (no, not the Jags wideout). He managed to avoid the subject of diapers, while asking her how to do at least five problems from the lesson they were currently working on. Jimmy wasn’t dumb(and was certainly no slouch in the looks, athleticism, or popularity departments), but in Math, no one even approached Jen’s natural ability.

Soon after that relief period ended, however, the taunts came back full force, but Jen had a bigger problem. She had to pee. Really badly. She debated for a second ditching the diaper, but she discarded that idea quickly, because she really didn’t want to proceed through the day panty-less. After battling the problem through 4th and 5th period, and through lunch, she finally let go in 6th period, embracing the warm sensation that flooded her as she peed herself for the second time that day. The rest of the day passed as well as could be expected. She excelled in her classes, but was constantly taunted at the same time. The only thing good that could be brought out of the day was her lack of homework—besides Math.

At 3:00, she got in her car and headed home, as soon as Taylor finally made it to the car. Her torment was finally over…or so she thought.

When she arrived home, her Mom came out to meet her, “We need to talk when your Father gets home,” she said.

Jen’s face fell, her expression turned to that of horror as she ran up to her room. On top of everything else, her parents knew. And now she had to poop. “Oh well, they already know, what can it hurt,” she said as she pushed the load into her diaper. The feeling was fantastic, but she couldn’t enjoy it; she kept thinking about what her parents would say. She lay down on her bed, completely depressed.

Soon, she heard the doorbell ring and she went to answer it. There stood Jimmy, asking if he could borrow her Chemistry book. He left his at school. Then he noticed the smell. “Eewwwwww, what is that…Oh, did you…” he trailed off. Jen started crying in front of the guy she least wanted to embarrass herself in front of. Just when she thought things couldn’t get any worse, it started raining. Which was weird because it was sunny outside, and raining inside.

She woke up in a cold sweat. “Oh, it was just a dream.” Then she looked at herself, and felt the wet and poopy diaper she was wearing. “Well, the worst of it was a dream. But what am I going to tell Mom and Dad.”

The Problem with Moody Little Sisters by Iceblumist610

Ch 7

Her diaper was beginning to get quite uncomfortable, so Jen went to her bathroom and peeled it off, throwing it carelessly in the trash before hopping in the shower, “It’s not like there’s anyone who doesn’t know,” she reasoned.

She emerged refreshed, dressed in a faded navy blue T-shirt dubbed “the most comfortable shirt ever” and an orange pair of athletic shorts. When she got downstairs, she saw her parents sitting on the couch in the front room, “I think we should go up to your room and have a talk,” her Dad said. Jen turned around and slowly made her way upstairs. When they got to her room, her Dad said, “So tell me about this diaper thing I heard about.”

“I just like to wear them,” Jen replied, terrified at how her parents would react.

“Why? Is there some reason?” her Dad asked.

“I really don’t know, I just like the way they feel,” Jen responded, her voice trembling.

“Well, it sounds like something sexual to me, and I think you try to stop thinking about them,” her Dad said.

“OK,” Jen said, just hoping for the conversation to end. She knew that to cease thinking about diapers would be next to impossible, but she decided arguing would be pointless. She really had no idea what she would say and didn’t want to get into it. The sooner her parents forgot about it, the better. It worked, and her parents walked out without another word. Unfortunately, having her friends forget about it was a whole different story. Her classmates recounted to her at least once a month the time in 6th grade where she got detention for saying, “You’re talking,” when the teacher said that it was not the time for talking. Liking diapers, she figured, was much more memorable than that. Also, with three weeks until soccer started and her internet privileges being strictly monitored until her parents forgot about it, she had pretty much nothing to distract her. “At least Kortney can’t force me into stuff anymore,” she thought, but upon looking back on the day, she decided that being forced into diapers was probably the most positive part of her day. “At least I got to wear them once, even though I probably never will again.”

Jen went downstairs and began working on her homework, staring at would would probably be her life for awhile, with her already miniscule social life deteriorating, and unfortunate circumstances separating her from serious pursuit of soccer or diapers.

After a couple hours, she headed off to bed, dreading the merciless teasing she would no doubt be subject to the next day in school.

She awoke the next morning fully rested, but just as fully unprepared for the day ahead of her. She grabbed a relatively tight pair of jeans and a barely too short pale blue top and headed off to the shower. She exited the bathroom a few minutes later, still with nothing but terror filling her as she thought ahead to the upcoming day. She was fairly mindless in carrying out her morning chores, and found no solace even in her new “Short Music for Short People” CD that she listened to on the short drive to school.

Despite all her worries, the first thing Jen heard as she entered the school building took her aback. It was Carrie Potter, the most annoying and cruel of all her tormentors, saying, “Oh, so you want people to forget about your diapers, so you dressed like a slut.”

“Come on, it’s not like I haven’t worn this before,” Jen shot back.

“Yeah right, look at that. Our school would have a fit if you had worn that before,” Cassie quickly responded.

“Just because it doesn’t fit dress code doesn’t even mean it’s suggestive, let alone slutty. This shirt barely shows my belly. Our school just has a crap dress code,” Jen retorted.

“Stick with that story; we both know your lying. Just like we both know that outfit is not doing anything to help you get back any semblance of a social life,” Carrie said as Jen walked off.

That set the tone for the rest of the day. While not many taunted her openly (a few did), most just refused to associate with her at all, leaving Jen with a very lonely, boring day at school. She finally got out, after what seemed like hours and drove home wondering if anything would ever go right in her life.

The Problem with Moody Little Sisters by Iceblumist610

Ch 8

The rest of the week went much the same as Tuesday; Jen was ignored and made fun of, though mostly behind her back. She was beginning to get used to it, though she was nowhere near being desensitized. Her only solace came in listening to music and kicking a soccer ball down in her basement. Her parents found the used diaper in her bathroom and got really freaked, but then she explained that the diaper had been used after everyone had found out, but before they had had their “talk,” so she had seen no problem wearing it. Her parents enjoined her to stay away from diapers, and pretty much the matter dropped and she continued life as normal, terrible as it may be. Until Sunday, that is. Kortney came over again, bringing with her two diapers. She urged Jen up to her room, and asked her to put the diaper on.

“Everybody already knows, Kortney. You can’t exactly hold anything over my head. It won’t matter if you tell anyone,” Jen explained, and Kortney’s face fell. “Why were you so adamant about making me do this? It’s not like there’s anything in it for you, and you don’t lose anything except a little power now that everyone knows. Is that the reason; did you just want the power over me?”

Kortney looked back rather sheepishly, “Actually…well…umm…you just always ignored me, and I wanted to actually be a part of something instead of just a tag-along. Though I did enjoy you actually doing what I said for a change. I know that sounds stupid, but that was the reasoning.”

“I’m sorry, Kortney, it was just that me and Taylor and Lindsay have been doing stuff together for a long time, and you just started coming. It was almost like you were…ummm…like an interloper or something.” Then Jen started thinking and shared her idea with Kortney, “My parents don’t want me to even think about diapers, so maybe we could keep doing this. Just not at my house. I could start spending the night with you on weekends instead of vice versa. What do you think of that idea? That way my parents wouldn’t have to know.”

“That actually sounds kinda fun,” Kortney responded, her disappointment all but gone.

“OK, let’s start doing that then.” After a long pause Jen began again, “Hey Kortney, I wanted to ask you something else.”

“What’s that?” Kortney inquired.

“Well…everyone else has done nothing but make fun of me for liking diapers. Except you. Soooo…I wanted to know what your view is on me liking them.”

“Well I don’t really see what the big deal is. I mean, I certainly don’t want to wear them. And it is kinda weird. But I really don’t see what’s wrong with it. I know why everyone is making fun of you for it, but I really don’t see the point. They’re acting pretty dumb if you ask me.”

A look of relief spread across Jen’s face as she realized that she had at least one friend who truly didn’t care that she liked to wear diapers.

“Koooooooorrrtttnneeeeeeeyyy, Alias is on,” Taylor yelled from downstairs.

“Well, I guess I better get down there,” Kortney said, “So you want to try and spend the night at my house on Friday.”

“Sounds good. See you in the morning, Kortney.”

Kortney exited the room and headed downstairs, and for the first time in over a week, Jen went to sleep with some hope that the following week would not be all bad.

The Problem with Moody Little Sisters by Iceblumist610

Ch 9

The next week went as well as could be expected. Most people had tired of openly making fun of Jen, though she still heard a few whispers here and there when she walked by, and she was still pretty much alone except in Advanced Math and Chemistry where people were constantly asking for help. However, with the promise of fun during the coming weekend, Jen pushed through easily, for once really having something to look forward to. Finally the weekend arrived. As soon as school was out on Friday, Jen sped to the Edgar household, the anticipation building to the point that the actual experience would likely seem a letdown. When she arrived, Kortney rushed her downstairs to her room in the basement.

“Well, are you ready,” Kortney said.

“Definitely!” Jen replied excitedly.

“OK, the diapers are in my closet, why don’t you get one and put it on.”

Jen rushed over, flung open the closet door, and grabbed a diaper out of the package. Her hands trembled as she got ready to diaper herself for the first time of her own volition. In her excitement, she even forgot to ask Kortney to lock the door and turn around, though Kortney did both anyway. First, Jen ripped off her jeans. Then she tore off her underwear and laid the diaper down underneath her. She sat down on it, savoring the feeling, and closed it around her waist before asking Kortney to come over and tape it shut. After the diaper was securely in place. She put her underwear back on over it, and her jeans followed. “Let’s go upstairs and get some sodas,” she said to Kortney, sprinting up the stairs before her friend had time to reply.

“You wanna Coke,” she asked, grabbing two out of the fridge.

“Yeah sure,” Kortney responded, a little shocked at Jen’s excitement.

Jen grabbed another for when she finished the first, and they headed back downstairs to Kortney’s room. Jen opened her Coke, and chugged about half the can before she finally came up for air.

“You’re really excited about this,” Kortney said.

“Yeah, I just can’t believe I’m actually getting to wear a diaper,” Jen replied.

“It’s not like you haven’t worn one before,” Kortney observed.

“Yeah, but then I had to worry about people finding it, and you were really in control. It wasn’t safe like here, so it really wasn’t much fun,” Jen explained.

By the end of the conversation, Jen had finished her first Coke and started on her second. “So what do ya wanna do now,” she said.

“I dunno. We could just sit down here for awhile, or we could go up and watch TV or sumpthin,” Kortney replied, indecisive as usual.

“Let’s go watch TV. And do you think your Mom will let us order a pizza.”

“Well, I guess I can ask,” Kortney said.

And do they adjourned to the TV room, but not before Kortney and Jen cajoled Mrs. Edgar into ordering a pizza. When they were watching TV, Lindsay came in and asked why Jen was over, “I thought we normally went to your house,” she said.

Both Kortney and Jen tried to think of an answer and stammered out some unintelligible nonsense, before Lindsay noticed the diaper peeking out over Jen’s jeans, and said, “Ohh, I get it.”

“You’re not gonna tell your Mom, are you?” Jen asked.

“Nah, I won’t tell her,” Lindsay assured her.

Jen thanked her, and the trio resumed their TV watching. In a few minutes, the pizza arrived, and the three attacked it, with Jen snagging her customary three slices and the other two accusing her of eating too much. Alongside the pizza, Jen grabbed her third Coke of the evening amidst whinings from Kortney that they wouldn’t have anything left by the time she left. After they finished the pizza, Jen and Kortney went back downstairs to Kortney’s room as Jen was beginning to feel the three Cokes she had consumed, in addition to the one she had had at lunch that day. “I gotta pee,” she told Kortney.

“OK…soooo…are you gonna go?” Kortney asked, not sure of what the appropriate response was.

Jen nodded, and tried to relax her bladder muscles. Nothing came. She squatted down and tried again. Still nothing. She pushed for all she was worth, and despite the fact that her bladder was aching for relief, her diaper stayed dry. “I guess I’m kinda nervous. It’s hard to go with you watching.” Kortney realized the veiled question and turned her back. After about a minute of trying to relax, a small stream began to flow into her diaper. But it didn’t stop at small, her pee was soon shooting full force into her diaper, and after what seemed like an eternity, her bladder was finally empty. She went over to the door and locked it before taking off her jeans and underwear to see how much she had wet. The diaper, while not yellowed in the least due to her massive fluid intake, was sagging heavily. Jen sat down on Kortney’s bed and savored the feeling of the hot pee caressing her diapered body. After just letting the feeling sink in for awhile, she realized that Kortney was still in the room, watching, quite embarrassed. “Sorry,” Jen said as she put her underwear and jeans back on.

“You really enjoyed that, didn’t you,” Kortney said, amazed.

“Yeah, you should really try it,” Jen replied.

“I think I’ll pass,” Kortney stated.

At that moment, Jen noticed the growing pressure on her bowels. Immediately, she spread her legs and began to push the load into the back of her diaper. The poop came much easier, after months of her purposely crapping her old pairs of underwear. Her jeans, however, this time, were tight enough the push the load against her butt and spread it throughout her diaper. She glanced at Kortney for a moment, noting the embarrassed expression, yet unable to stop herself from again stripping off her pants and underwear and sitting on the bed, feeling the warm poop spread even farther throughout her diaper. “You know, you really should try this,” Jen said before heading off to the bathroom with a fresh diaper. She briefly showered, and then emerged with the old diaper in a plastic bag, ready to be carried out to the dumpster by the street.

When she got back, Lindsay and Kortney were both in Kortney’s room, discussing what Kortney had witnessed. “You really like diapers that much. AND peeing and pooping yourself,” Lindsay asked incredulously.

“Yeah…I guess. You really have to try it to know how good it feels,” Jen responded. After a long pause, Jen excused herself to go upstairs and get another Coke.

For the rest of the night, the three talked, watched TV, and attempted to watch Strong Bad E-mails on Lindsay’s obsolete piece of junk posing as a computer. Once before they went to bed, Jen wet herself again, though it was not as heavy and came much easier. Jen also didn’t react as much as they first time. She quietly and inconspicuously savored the feeling of her wet diaper before she changed into a fresh one and disposed of the first. Jen continued trying to talk the others into trying a diaper to no avail, and at about 1 A.M., all three went to bed, Jen dreaming about what life would be like if she could do this every day, and more importantly, if she could find a guy to do it with her.

The Problem with Moody Little Sisters by Iceblumist610

Ch 10

Jen woke up the next morning with a severe ache in her bladder. Obviously her many Cokes the night before had not quite gotten out of her system before she went to bed. Having not yet become able to release her bladder while lying down, she lay there debating whether to stand up and pee or to remain in her comfortable position on the floor. After about ten minutes, the pressure became too great, and Jen finally succumbed, standing up and emptying her bladder. A sigh of relief escaped her as the pressure dissipated and her diaper filled with hot pee. She lay back down and began to rub the front of her diaper. She had resisted the strong urge to play with herself the night before because Kortney was watching, but with Kortney asleep, what could it hurt? After becoming fairly excited, she stopped, not wanting to do anything to wake Kortney, especially not to the sound of her moaning and rubbing her diaper.

She tried to go back to sleep, seeing as how it was only 9:30 and Kortney would probably not wake for awhile, but her excitement had conquered her fatigue. She decided to go upstairs and get on the computer, to check who won the all the games that she had not gotten a chance to check the night before. Also, because no one else was awake (except Kortney’s Mom, who wasn’t in the room), she was able to check the diaper story forum. After spending about an hour checking up on what had happened in the day and a half, Jen was interrupted by Kortney entering the room.

“What’cha doin’?” Kortney asked.

“Just checking and seeing who won the basketball games last night,” Jen replied. Kortney knew she liked diapers, but it was still relatively embarrassing to discuss out loud, especially when someone may overhear (Jen was understandably paranoid).

“OK,” Kortney said. “So what’dya wanna do today?”

“I dunno,” Jen replied, “It’s really too early to do anything fun right now.”

“Yeah, and there really aren’t any good movies out or anything anyway,” Kortney added.

“Well, I guess we could just sit around here,” Jen said, drawing a blank when thinking of entertaining activities. She lowered her voice, saying, “I could sit here trying to convince you to try one of the diapers.”

“I’m still not going to try one,” Kortney responded emphatically.

“Then it appears we are at an impasse,” Jen noted.

“Yup. Nothin’ to do.”

“Well, we can start off by getting breakfast,” Jen said as she headed into the kitchen and grabbed a box of Frosted Flakes and another Coke.

They sat around eating for a while, before Jen realized that she had to pee again. She reasoned that after the severity of her earlier wetting, the diaper would probably leak at the hint of another, so she told Kortney that she was going to take a shower. However, before she turned the water on, she stripped down to her already soggy diaper and hopped in. Growing more excited by the second at the thought of what she was about to do, Jen slowly relaxed her bladder muscles and purposely flooded her diaper. The saturated diaper was overwhelmed immediately, and Jen watched as the pee escaped and began running down her legs. After she was done peeing, she sat there for a second, savoring the warm feeling of pee caressing her skin and still running down her legs. She then took off the diaper, placed it in a Wal-Mart bag, stepped out of the shower, and turned on the water.

After a refreshing shower, Jen threw on a shirt and a pair of pants with no underwear and went outside to the dumpster to throw away her diaper. She then went down to Kortney’s room and asked if they would be staying long enough to use another diaper, or whether she was soon to go home and needing to wear normal underwear. Kortney said she didn’t know, but Jen reasoned that she had already used 3 diapers during her stay, and a total of five since she had bought them, and that—since she didn’t feel like constantly buying more—she had better conserve her diaper supply. Since they couldn’t really think of much else to do at the Edgar house, Jen decided to give Kortney a ride over to her house where they could meet up find something else to do. Throughout the drive, Jen told Kortney how wonderful it was to finally get to wear diapers, and thanked her profusely for allowing Jen to come over and do so, and for keeping the diapers in her closet. She also asked about how often they would be able to do this. Kortney said that she didn’t really feel like doing it every weekend, but they could do it again in two weeks. As they arrived at Jen’s house, Jen thanked her again and both settled in for another boring Saturday afternoon.

The Problem with Moody Little Sisters by Iceblumist610

Ch 11

The next Monday, things continued looking up for Jen. She was still feeling good after her weekend experience with Kortney, and people were beginning to forget about her diapers. The best thing, however, was the fact that Monday February 23rd was the first day of soccer. Her high-school team was not all too talented. Actually, they were quite terrible, but just getting the chance to play soccer outweighed the fact that she wasn’t on much of a team. For the first day of practice, Jen flew through the drills, along with one other player, Whitney, the 6’ 2" center midfielder while the rest of the team lagged behind. There were a few other athletes on the team, but Jen and Whitney were the only two soccer players. After about 90 minutes of drills, they scrimmaged for about ½ an hour. Jen’s defense was incredible, and it seemed that she was the only one on the field who had any idea what she was doing (she had trained all winter, while Whitney was busy being the Wilt Chamberlain of high school girls basketball); no one ever got by her with the ball and her team allowed no goals (though neither offense was too good). Jen even made a few runs up the sideline and started scoring opportunities, though the scrimmage ended with the usual scoreless tie. When Jen walked off the field, she felt that her play had been enough to at least command some respect from her teammates.

Unfortunately, they had not forgotten as much as she would have liked. The minute she sat on the bench, one of the two seniors, Stephanie Burns (who happened to be the girlfriend of Jimmy Smith, Jen’s crush) walked up to her and said, “I really don’t think we need a diaper girl out there playing with the adults.”

Meagan Gill, the other senior, added, “Yeah, I think we should have a minimum maturity level instead of grade level.”

Carrie Potter then joined in, setting off a flood of underclassmen sauntering over to taunt the “player” who wore diapers. It was all Jen could do to not break down right in front of them. She may have been used to being teased, but by all those people about a subject so important to her, it really stung. She took off her shin guards and cleats, threw on a pair of sandals, and headed off to her car, walking a briskly as possible without breaking her façade that the teasing didn’t faze her.

Practice went on the same way on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, with Jen playing spectacularly and her teammates berating her nonetheless. The weekend was but a brief respite, and because she wouldn’t be going to Kortney’s until the next week, she didn’t do anything of note.

The next week began the same, but started to show serious improvement as the weekend neared. First, on Friday, during lunch, Jimmy Smith came to Jen’s lonely table and sat down, drawing the ire of his older girlfriend. When he sat down, Jen looked up, startled, and said, “Why are you sitting here?” essentially commenting in nicer terms that it was social suicide to associate with an outcast.

“What, do you have a problem with it?” he asked. Jen took in a sharp breath and quickly shook her head, prompting Jimmy to continue, “Well, I kinda wanted to ask you a question.”
“OK, and what would that be?” Jen inquired.

“Well…ummm…this is kinda hard to say, but I was…ummm…kinda wondering why you like diapers. I mean, its completely ruined your social life, but you still haven’t given them up. That’s a bit strange to say the least. So I want to know why?”

After thinking for awhile, Jen replied, speaking deliberately, “Well, to be honest, I’m not sure I really know how to answer your question. The best I can say is because they feel really really good.” She noted his wide eyes and explained quickly, “Go to a drug store and buy a small package of diapers, put one on, and wet it. I know that sounds nasty, but trust me on this.”

“Well, I’m not sure I really want to buy diapers, even if they are as great as you say. I was just wondering why you liked them so much,” Jimmy said tentatively.

“Ok, then go into your bathroom, wad up a bunch of toilet paper, and stick it in your underwear. It doesn’t feel as good, but you get the idea,” Jen replied.

“Well, that still sounds kinda out there, but I guess I might try it. I’m not really sure. I am sorry for the way people have been treating you though, diapers are kinda weird, but for people to make this big a deal about them. It’s crazy,” Jimmy said.

“Yeah, it really is,” Jen responded, blown away by what had just transpired.

“Well, I’m gonna go back to the senior table, Stef looks kinda mad,” Jimmy said slowly as he got up.

“Ok, well, talk to you later,” Jen replied as Jimmy walked off. She ignored her food for the rest of lunch, just sitting and contemplating the fact that her crush of six years running had just said that he would think about trying diapers.

At the game that afternoon, things continued to look up for Jen. Their game was at home against their archrival Carolina Christian. They had met thrice since the inception of the girls soccer program two years before and tied all three times, the first two scoreless and the third 2-2. However, the fourth went much better for Jen’s Knights. The first half was predictably scoreless, but Providence had been knocking on the door all game, just not being able to finish; however, in the second half, things changed. Within five minutes, Carolina got a serious run at a goal, but Jen came across the field from her outside defender position, stole the ball at the penalty spot before the shot could be taken, and raced up the field. She kept her head up, looking for passes, but everyone was marked. Finally, after carrying the ball about 25 yards, she spotted Whitney at midfield. She fired a quick pass and continued her sprint toward the front line. Whitney received the pass and sent the ball up the middle, leading Jen perfectly. Jen received the pass about 30 yards out, and looked for an open pass. However, the defenders had marked each forward, leaving Jen no option but to continue carrying the ball. When she reached the penalty box, she looked up and saw an open shot at the net. She quickly touched the ball to her right and blasted a shot into the right corner. The shot had hit the netting before the goalie even started her dive, giving Providence a 1-0 lead. Jen continued playing spectacularly on defense, and started several attacks that went nowhere, and the Knights emerged with their first victory in team history (excluding forfeit), and Jen emerged as the third player in school history to score a goal, the first from the defense.

After that, even Stephanie, Meagan, and Carrie had nothing to say to her. She was not invited to celebrate with her teammates, so she hunted Kortney out in the sparse crowd and they headed out to eat alone.

Kortney had anticipated Jen’s eagerness and thought ahead by bringing a diaper in her purse. They stopped by Wal-Mart immediately and headed to the restroom, so Jen could diaper herself in the handicapped stall. That adventure went without a hitch, and they continued their search for food. Being the driver, Jen made an executive decision and headed over to her favorite fast food restaurant, Pal’s. Since there was only a drive-through, they ordered their food, and parked in the parking lot across the street. Jen was famished after the game (and looking forward to messing her diaper), so she ordered two orders of fries, a grilled cheese, and a large Coke, while Kortney had just fries, a hot dog, and a small Diet Coke. They sat and ate for about a half an hour, talking about what had happened in their lives over the past couple weeks (and about the game that had just been completed) before Jen finished and they started the short drive to Kortney’s.

However, about 2 minutes into that short drive, Jen felt some of the food that she had just consumed join the already noticeable pressure in her bowels, making her more than slightly uncomfortable. A few seconds after she realized her need to poop, an intriguing thought crept into her mind. Acting impulsively, she lifted up a little in her seat and quickly pushed the sizable load into her diaper. A rush of adrenaline flowed through her veins as she sat back down and felt the warm mess squish across her butt and throughout her diaper. She had just managed to poop her diaper, not only without the girl next to her noticing, but also without taking her eyes off the road.

By the time they reached Kortney’s house, the smell was very noticeable, and Kortney asked where it came from.

“I just pooped my diaper. While driving,” Jen stated proudly. Kortney just gave her an odd sort of stare.

As soon as they walked in the door, Jen dashed to Kortney’s room and set down her stuff, grabbing another diaper and some real clothes to change into (she was still wearing her uniform), and took off to the shower, giving Kortney instructions to tell everyone that she needed to get denastified after the game.

She stepped into the bathroom and hurriedly stripped, savoring the feel of the mess spread across her skin before peeling off the diaper, placing it in a trash bag, and hopping in the shower.

The Problem with Moody Little Sisters by Iceblumist610

Ch 12

After about five minutes cleaning her diaper area, five more cleaning the shower, and about ten getting denastified from her game, Jen emerged from the shower quite refreshed, if not quite as excited as before she went in. She put on a diaper with jeans over it to keep it in place until Kortney had a chance to tape it. She grabbed her dirty diaper and carried it out to the dumpster, then returned for her soccer uniform and headed down to Kortney’s room. She had intentionally not wet her diaper, and by the time she got downstairs, was in quite a hurry for Kortney to tape up her diaper before she wet herself. She quickly locked the door and took off her jeans. She held the diaper in place while Kortney taped it, and then she retrieved some athletic shorts from her bag (the only point for the jeans was to keep her diaper from falling off). Even as she was putting her shorts on, she was struggling against the desire to just let loose right then, but she wanted to see how long she could hold it before flooding her diaper. She sat down and started talking to Kortney about random things, pretty much whatever popped into her mind, meaning that the conversation shifted several times in a ten-minute span. At this point she was bouncing up and down on the bed, trying to avoid wetting her self. After about a minute of this, she got up, holding her crotch, and began hopping from one foot to the other.

Finally, Kortney grew tired of this and exclaimed, “Why don’t you get go. It’s not like it’ll do anything. Why are you doing this? You have a diaper and we have bathrooms. Pick one!”

“I’m just trying to see how long I can hold it,” Jen said, her hopping stopped, but still holding her crotch and shifting her weight back and forth.

Kortney just rolled her eyes and said, “You know what, you really are weird. Just go already!”

“Alright, alright,” Jen replied quickly. She had been in considerable discomfort for quite awhile, and she knew she was about to lose the will to keep trying anyway. She stopped swaying and relaxed, allowing the pee to flow out into her diaper, quickly becoming a torrent that almost overcame the pee-holding capabilities of the diaper. “Good thing we didn’t just get a store brand,” Jen thought to herself. She wanted to cherish every possible moment sitting in a wet diaper, and she did enjoy it a lot, but she also remembered that they had not gotten any lotion, and last time she had started getting a hint of a rash. That she did not want to happen again. So after a couple minutes of sitting in it, she asked Kortney to turn around, and she stripped off her shorts and diaper, pulling out a fresh one and holding it in place, asking Kortney to come over and tape it shut. She placed the wet diaper in a bag, which she tied shut and placed in Kortney’s closet, resolving to take it out after her next change. Constantly going out to the dumpster was getting quite tedious. After she re-clothed herself, both girls went upstairs and popped in a movie, Jen’s all-time favorite, The Princess Bride. They made some popcorn, which Jen loaded with a few knife-loads of extra butter, and Jen snagged a few Cokes, two for herself and one for her lighter drinking friend.

After the movie ended, Jen told Kortney that she needed to go to the bathroom. “Why?” Kortney asked, “You’re wearing a diaper.”

“Some things even I don’t want to do in a diaper, and popcorn always screws with my stomach,” Jen explained.

“Oooohhh, I get it,” Kortney said, nodding her head.

Jen headed off to the bathroom, quickly entering and locking the door. She ripped off her shorts, but, in contrast, took great care with her diaper. It was unused, and she hoped that if she didn’t damage it in taking it off, it could be re-taped with duct tape. As soon as she had sat down, diarrhea came rushing out of her into the toilet, leaving her sitting there commending herself for opting not to fill her diaper on this occasion. She cleaned herself up and put her diaper back on, all except for the tapes, and put her shorts on over it. She went down to Kortney’s room, holding her crotch to keep her diaper from falling down, asking Kortney as she passed the TV room to get some tape and meet her downstairs.

Kortney soon arrived downstairs and taped Jen’s diaper snugly in place, saying as she did it, “You know, I really thought you were crazy there for awhile, but now I can see that you’ve at least retained some of your sense.”

“Yeah, I’m not that obsessed,” Jen said. “So…now will you try one”?

“I still really don’t think I want to,” Kortney replied, surprisingly tentatively.

“Come on, you sound like you really want to. Trust me, it isn’t that bad. Why do you think I’m wearing one, because it’s the worst experience of my life?”

“No. And…well…I kinda do want to see why you like them so much.”

“Come on, just try one,” Jen said firmly as she walked to the closet, pulled out a diaper, and tossed it to Kortney.

“OK, I guess it can’t be that bad,” Kortney said. She motioned for Jen to turn around and slowly took off her jeans and underwear. She placed the diaper on the floor and gingerly sat down on it, pulling it carefully into place. “Umm…OK…I’m uhhh…ready.”

Jen turned around and enthusiastically strode towards Kortney. She bent down and taped the diaper firmly in place. “See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Jen asked.

“Well… I guess not. You don’t expect me to wet it though, do you?” Kortney questioned.

“Well if you don’t wet it you’ll be missing the best part. First, though, I want to know what you think of just having a diaper on.”

“It’s kinda weird. It’s really soft, and thick. But it really doesn’t feel all that bad,” Kortney replied shyly.

“Well, I’m glad you don’t dislike it. But you do have to wet it before you take it off. I’m certainly not gonna wear it after you wore it. And I don’t want a diaper to go to waste. They’re expensive, and I paid for them, remember.”

Kortney realized that Jen had her trapped. Now she really did have to use her diaper. Of course she could take it off, but Jen did have a point. “Well, I do really have to pee now. I guess I could go in the diaper,” she said, still reluctant to call it her diaper, reluctant to be wearing and peeing it too for that matter. She spread her legs and tried to push out her pee, but it wouldn’t come.

“I know it’s hard, you just have to relax,” Jen said, knowing that getting Kortney to overcome her mental block against peeing herself would be difficult. Kortney tried relaxing, tried changing positions, tried just about everything, before sighing and sitting down in disgust. “You will keep trying,” Jen interjected as Kortney began to open her mouth, “It’ll come, try sitting on the edge of your bed and pretending it’s a toilet.”

“OK, whatever. I guess you are the expert.” Kortney sat down on the edge of her bed and relaxed her bladder muscles. Nothing came at first, but just as she was about to give up, a trickle began to drip down into her diaper. The trickle soon became a stream, and Kortney didn’t stop until her bladder was completely empty and her diaper almost fully saturated. Overcoming the initial gross-out and embarrassment at having just wet herself, Kortney pushed the front of her diaper against her skin and realized that she actually enjoyed the feeling. “I can really see why you like these so much. I mean, it’s not like I want to start wearing them regularly, but I’m glad you made me try one once,” Kortney said. Soon her pressing of the diaper against her skin became a rubbing, which soon grew to a vigorous pace before she realized what she was doing and stopped, blushing fiercely.

“Maybe you like diapers more than you think,” Jen said.

“No, but they do feel pretty good when wet. It’s just not something I like enough that I want to wear them regularly,” Kortney replied honestly.

“Well, I’m glad you understand the feeling, and I’m glad you liked them. But now I want to ask you something that I’ve never asked anyone before. I think you have to experience peeing a diaper before you can really answer this question, because that’s the only way you’ll think seriously about it,” Jen started.

“OK, so what’s the question? Quit beating around the bush,” Kortney interjected.

“Well…I know the Bible doesn’t mention diapers, but do you think it’s sinful to like wearing them,” Jen asked, hoping for a positive response.

“That’s an interesting question,” Kortney said. She sat there for about a minute, deep in thought, and then replied, “I really don’t think so. I agree that most people would probably just say yes and forget about it, but I don’t think so. I really think it’s like…uhhh…well…like masturbation. Some people find a problem with it, but it isn’t wrong, and God doesn’t see anything wrong with it.”

“Jen breathed a sigh of relief, and said, 'Thanks for answering that for me, you just did me a huge favor. I’ve been struggling with that question for years, and I think it’s probably affected my relationship with Christ.”

“Well you’re welcome. I can see why you struggle with it and I’m glad to be of help,” Kortney said, genuinely grateful to be able to help her friend in a time of trouble.

The rest of the night went by without any major crises caused or solved. Jen wet her diaper once more, and enjoyed it for awhile before changing into a fresh one, and taking her wet one, along with Kortney’s and her old one, out to the dumpster. The next morning also went predictably. Jen had about a million Cokes and wet her diaper quite heavily once before showering and heading back home, though this time Kortney had other plans and did not come with her. The rest of Jen’s weekend was also fairly mundane, but she looked back on it Sunday night with ultimate joy, realizing that a major crisis in her life for the past three years had been solved and possible a huge danger averted.

The Problem with Moody Little Sisters by Iceblumist610

Ch 13

Jen spent the next week fairly bored, there were no soccer games, she was still an outcast, pretty much nothing interesting happened (she got two science tests back with a combined score of 203, but what does that say when that’s the most interesting thing that happens to you over a week’s time?). However, the following Monday, she experience one of the more shocking moments of her life. Jimmy Smith again came over to her lonely lunch table and sat down. “Well, I finally tried the whole wetting the toilet paper thing…” he began.

“And…?” Jen asked impatiently.

“Well, it felt pretty good, but it isn’t really something I’d like to continue doing. I mean, I can see why you like it, but I’m still baffled as to why you go through all this to keep wearing diapers instead of just washing your hands of the whole thing.”

“Great, he’s saying just what Kortney said. I know that isn’t too bad, but I really hoped he’d like it more than that,” Jen thought to herself.

“But after I tried it, I started thinkin’. And the more I think about it, the more I think that I like the thought of a girl in a diaper.”

Jen was shocked into silence; that wasn’t what she’d hoped, but it may even be better. Finally, a guy who not only understands her feelings toward diapers, but welcomes them.

“Ummm…yeah…so that’s it. Uhhh…I think I’ll go now,” he said, her silence leaving him in an awkward position.

“Wait!” Jen said, snapped out of her reverie, " Ummm…thanks for uhhh…thanks for trying them."

Jimmy just smiled and nodded at her and sauntered back to his table, while Jen just sat there in silence, staring after him.

The next couple weeks included nothing all too exciting; Jen played three soccer games, winning one 3-0, tying 0-0, and losing 1-0. Jen played well in all three, gaining an assist in the first, but she was still beating herself up for the goal allowed in the third. Her and Kortney’s schedule’s never seemed to work out to where they get together again at Kortney’s house, and pretty much nothing outside of soccer really happened. Finally, April came, and with it, the Junior-Senior Banquet. Jen didn’t have a date, but she went anyway, thinking maybe she could find someone to talk to or dance with; she thought that memory of her diapers had sufficiently faded. No one really made fun of her there, but no one really talked to her either. She ended up going home depressed, realizing that her social life had not taken as much of a turn for the better as she thought it had. Her only comfort was telling herself that she was better off than them anyway; at least she would be well rested when they took the ACT the next day.

Despite her social life not climbing as fast as she would like, she still pressed on and tried to make the best of every situation. Her parents had forgotten about it, and at least she wasn’t getting teased about it anymore, though that probably had more to do with her play in soccer than their short memories; athletic talent sometimes has a way of shutting people up, though those who never came to a game still taunted her constantly, telling her also that she would never be a good soccer player, and she was only getting playing time because the team was so bad.

Her perseverance may have done her more good than she would have thought though, her team finished 4-1-2, only allowing one goal all season. She had expected that, but another surprise came out of her pressing on. After the last game, fellow classmate and teammate, center forward Morgan Reeves, came up to her and asked why she had not just denied liking diapers in the face of all that teasing, why she didn’t just give them up in the face of peer pressure. She told Morgan what she had told Jimmy, “Just put on a diaper and wet it; it may sound weird or gross, but trust me, you’ll know why I like wearing them.” The school year soon came to a close; she had gotten to go back to Kortney’s just once more, and she enjoyed it thoroughly, but now was time to prepare for a summer void of diapers and a schedule packed as tightly as possible, complete with a three week soccer tour to Sweden and Denmark with the Chicago Eagles. She was looking forward to the trip, but going basically all summer without diapers would be a challenge.

The Problem with Moody Little Sisters by Iceblumist610

Ch 14

January 2012

Looking back on the last ten years of her life, Jen realized that despite all the pain and heartache, the spring of her junior year had really changed her life for the better. She had found a friend that she could truly confide in and had withstood as much adversity in a month as most people face in two years, if not more. Though she never did find out Morgan’s reaction to trying diapers, or if ever had for that matter, she had had a couple classmates actually ask her about the benefits of diapers, ignoring the social pressure to go on auto-ridicule. The best part was, however, that she had reconciled her fetish with God. She had been drifting away for a couple years, and Kortney’s insight late that Friday night had really brought her closer to God an–in a way—saved her life. A close second for best event was Jimmy’s confession that he like diapered girls, and what transpired afterwards (no, not sex. Well…not for a while). He had gained enough trust in her to listen when she suggested that he visit Erskine College in The Middle of Nowhere, South Carolina. He had checked it out, and liked it. The next year, they both decided to enroll. Jen became a four-year starter on the soccer team, propelling a middle-of-the-road team into conference champions by her senior year. What was better, once in a college setting, Jen was able to break free in his eyes from the mold that everyone had been stuck in since third grade. He actually began to really like her. In their senior year, they began dating. Two years later, he had proposed. Now, they were to be married in a mere two weeks. Jen was really astonished at how what had started as the worst month of her life had produced all of her best moments. However, she still couldn’t wait for the next two weeks to be up.

Two weeks later

The flight to Denver for their honeymoon was long, but enjoyable for the newlyweds. Both looked forward to their week of skiing and well…other more important things. However, by the time they arrived at their condo, at about 10 P.M., what had started as a slight pressure on her bladder had built into a feeling that she was about to burst. They spent awhile getting checked in, and they went and dropped off their stuff in the room. Jen was about to go to the bathroom, when Jimmy stopped her, “Wait a few more minutes, let’s go to the gas station and pick up some essentials first, we can’t stay here without anything in the way of food.”

“But I’m gonna explode,” Jen complained. Jimmy assured her that everything would be all right, and practically dragged her out to her rental car.

They went to the gas station, and Jimmy told Jen to wait outside, while he went in and picked up some food. Unbeknownst to Jen, Jimmy also spent a little time inside the drug store adjacent to the gas station MiniMart. He returned with a couple very full bags, and threw them in the backseat before hopping in and driving back to the condo. He unloaded the groceries and threw them on the ground just inside. Jen again tried to race to the restroom, but again Jimmy stopped her, “Wait,” he said. “Hold your arms above your head.”

Jen mumbled something about not seeing the point and how he was going to make her wet herself, but she complied.

Jimmy pulled her shirt off, and then unhooked her bra. “You know,” he said, “I’ve been dreaming about this time for the past two years, but I never imagined you would look this good.”

Jen blushed, and said, “I really appreciate your compliments, but do you really have to do this now. I really have to go to the bathroom.”

Her comments fell on deaf ears as Jimmy unbutton her pants and slowly slid them off as well. Next came her underwear, and soon she was standing naked, with Jimmy showering her with compliments all the while.

“I really don’t have time for this! I really have to pee!” Jen exclaimed, about ready to just pull away and make a break for it.

“Just one more second,” Jimmy said as he reached into a grocery bag and produced a diaper. “Now I want you to lay down,” he said. Jen just gasped. She automatically felt herself doing as he asked, not even realizing what she was doing. She didn’t really care; her fantasy was coming true. Jimmy slowly diaper her and said, “OK, now I give you permission to go to the bathroom.”

Jen just got up and hugged him. She couldn’t believe what her new husband was doing for her. After the long embrace, she remembered her desperate condition and spread her legs. She began to wet her diaper, with Jimmy looking on, watching his wife stand there clad in only a diaper, with a yellow stain spreading across her crotch. Jen savored the warmth of the pee spreading through her diaper, and when she had finished, began to slowly rub the front of her diaper. Jimmy again stopped her, and he began stripping himself, soon, both were in bed, with all their clothes strewn across the hallway, and Jen’s very yellowed diaper plopped down on the floor beside the nightstand. Being two virgins, the sex was unfamiliar and not all that great, but they both laid awake all night, locked in an embrace, Jimmy marveling at how he was finally naked with the love of his life, and Jen amazed at how her crush from fifth grade had just married her and used diapers as an prelude to sex. They finally fell asleep around 5 or 6 A.M., still locked in an embrace.

Jimmy awoke first, after about four hours sleep. Not wanting to wake his wife, he slipped out of bed (they were no longer interlocked, she rolled a lot in her sleep) and got dressed. He decided to do his morning quiet time, and turned to where he had been reading in Proverbs. The first verse he read was Proverbs 5:19, “let her breasts satisfy thee at all times; and be thou ravished always with her love.” He sat in thought for a moment, before slowly grinning and shaking his head. “Let her breasts satisfy you always…. Yep, they are pretty nice, but…. Solomon obviously never had a wife who wore diapers.”

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