The Secret Tree House 2 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 (Secrets everywhere)

Ben had now been up in the tree house for about an hour and unknown to all of them Ian had just recently slipped back out Brinley’s window and was headed back to his house. Ben had by this time decided he basically had reached eternal glory as it now appeared he had three girls who really didn’t have any ties to any other boys as his new best friends and he was going to be spending the rest of his summer up in a tree house with them.

As far as Brinley was concerned everything seemed to be going wonderfully though until she and the other girls decided to show Ben the inside of the tree house. Not one of the girls noticed quite quickly enough that the cabinet where the girls kept the diapers was not locked as they had originally thought it would be and Ben who had just walked inside the room noticed the cabinet immediately and wandered over to see what was inside.

You could have heard a pin drop as Ben opened the cabinet and several packages of diapers fell to the ground. Ben turned and looked back at the girls with an incredibly strange look on his face and noticed that Brinley looked as though she was going to cry.

Savanna hesitated a moment and then took a deep breath and began talking. “Ben there is something we need to tell you if you are going to hang out up here with us and I would appreciate it if you would just let me finish what I have to say before saying anything or passing any judgment.” She said hesitating.

Ben turned and gave Savanna his full attention as Brinley started to cry from embarrassment. Gabriella wrapped her arms around Brinley and tried to comfort her as Savanna began to try and explain the diapers. Brinley hid her face against Gabriella when Savanna tried to gently explain how Brinley still wet her bed and sometimes she would have an occasional accident. Gabriella and Savanna who for years thought they would love watching Brinley being humiliated in this way felt a bottomless pit opening in their stomachs as Brinley cried.

Ben who was a very compassionate individual thought the explanation was reasonable and was going to go over and console Brinley and promise her that he wouldn’t ever tell a soul. After all the whole incident from yesterday had made him very curious as to why a girl Brinley’s age would put herself in the position she had been in anyways. The problem came though when Savanna continued talking after what Ben thought was going to be the end of the topic.

Gabriella had wondered how far Savanna would take the truth, and found out quickly as Savanna continued to explain the fact that there was no reasonable way for the girls to go to the bathroom after it got dark. In truth Savanna had considered only telling Ben about Brinley wetting the bed, but she felt so bad when she saw Brinley crying that she decided she and Gabriella ought to share in the embarrassment.

Gabriella and Savanna watched Ben’s face go from understanding, to shock as Savanna explained that all three girls would just use the diapers after it got dark, when they were spending the night. Gabriella knew this could very well be Ben’s last trip up into the tree house.

All three girls sat staring at Ben wondering what was about to happen. Ben was absolutely speechless with all the information he had just been given. He had secretly enjoyed watching Brinley pee her pants the other day, but this was a lot. He sat their thinking for a minute. Finally Savanna broke the silence. “Well Ben?”

The sound of Savanna’s voice snapped Ben back out of his trance. “Umm I think I’m gonna go home.” Ben said as he stood up and started walking towards the door.

“Oh shit!!!” Savanna said wide eyed as Ben started to leave.

Ben heard the concern in her voice and stopped before he went walked out the door. “Just so you know, I’m not going to tell anyone anything you just told me, I swear your secrets are safe with me. As far as good friends go though, I’m looking for something a little more normal, it’s just different and too weird for me to handle right now.” Ben said as he started to walk out.

He was making his way down the stairs of the tree house when Gabriella came out onto the deck of the tree house after him.

“Hey Ben.” She said as he stopped on the stairs and looked back up at her. “When Savanna and I were in fifth grade we weren’t friends at all and then I found out a really big secret about her. At first I was a total jerk to her but when she begged me not to tell anyone for whatever reason I decided not to. I believe you when you say you won’t tell anyone, but that’s just half of what I did, the other half was I actually went and thought about the whole thing with an open mind, you might not come to the same conclusion that I did, and that is ok, but it was my willingness to think about a situation and accept someone who was different that landed me as friends with Savanna. It was the smartest decision I’ve ever made in my life.” She said hoping Ben would take what she had told him to heart.

Ben smiled back up at her, “I see what you’re saying, I’ll think about it, but don’t get your hopes up too high that I’m gonna be able to handle all of this.” Ben said as he walked down the steps and headed back through the woods to his house.

Savanna had tears in her eyes from hearing Gabriella recount how they had become friends. She wrapped her arms around Gabriella who hugged her tightly back.

Brinley however stood off to the side mouth agape. “How on earth is it that I have never heard this story, but you tell some boy that we’ve barely known for over an hour!?!?” Brinley asked clearly annoyed at Gabriella and Savanna.

“Brinley there are about twenty different versions of how Savanna and I became friends, not one of them even remotely true.” Gabriella said smiling.

“Yeah basically we figured as hard of a time as you have keeping your own pee and diaper secrets, you didn’t need to be burdened by the secret of how we became friends” Savanna said giving her a wink.

“Besides we really enjoy all the different versions of how we became friends, the less people who know the better!” Gabriella said pulling Brinley in and hugging her tightly to herself and Savanna.

“So what was the secret that you found out about Savanna?” Brinley asked looking up smiling at Gabriella.

“Oh I think it’s best you don’t know that so we don’t have to kill you” Gabriella said smiling and winking at Savanna.

“Yeah Brinley we don’t want you walking out on us like Ben” Savanna said smiling.

“Common, you can’t seriously think I would judge you do you?” Brinley asked now becoming extremely curious.

Gabriella looked down at Brinley, “Sometimes we’re ashamed of some of the secrets we have.” She said as tears started to fill her eyes.

Brinley had never seen Gabriella cry before and became very aware of the fact that she had just struck and emotional chord. As was Brinley’s nature her compassion for her friends far outweighed any other emotion she had. This was true now, even though it really bothered her that Gabriella and Savanna wouldn’t share some of their secrets with her. “Hey don’t worry about it, I shouldn’t be prying.” Brinley said starting to take the blame on herself.

Savanna knowing her friend better than anyone was extremely aware her friend might crack and immediately intervened. “Hey you think he’s going to really keep our secrets?” Savanna said changing the subject.

“Well if he doesn’t we’ll be fine, we’ll still all have each other.” Brinley said smiling at her friends.

“He won’t say anything, he knows I will kill him if he does!” Gabriella said pulling her two friends in for a hug.

Ian Jackson mean while sat in his bedroom very pleased with himself. He quickly went through his contacts list, finding Taylor Jennings number. He was about to hit send and give her the great news when another thought hit him. If he was to call Taylor she would immediately make him send her the pictures and she would have them all over her facebook and Brinley’s life would be over end of story.

However, that did nothing for him as far as getting revenge on Ben for what he did to him the other day. Ian began to think of a plan of how he could use the pictures to get revenge on Ben. All he needed was some time and space and he would easily be able to give the much smaller Ben the beating he deserved. Once that was accomplished he could turn the pictures over to Taylor and let her torture Brinley in whatever way she wanted and in the process get his revenge and win Taylor’s favor.

Ian smiled as his plan began to develop, it was simple enough, but it would get the job done. He knew that Brinley and her friends always went to the Soda Stop for Lunch on Friday’s during the summer. Surely they would bring Ben with them as he was obviously their new friend and all he would have to do is show up, show them some of the pictures and tell them that if Ben did not meet him in the park at 7:00 pm that evening that he would turn the pictures over to Taylor and they would be out on the internet forever. If Ben showed up though, he could take the pictures and delete them off Ian’s phone if he was man enough to take the phone from Ian, which Ian knew he would not be. In the end he would end up getting to pound Ben and the pictures would still go out. Ian smiled in anticipation he could not wait until Friday!

Re: The Secret Tree House 2 Chapter 8

Good story. I like the scene where Gabriella and Savanna realize that seeing Brinley humiliated isn’t all that its cracked up to be - that’s a nice touch, and shows good character development.

And I love the frequent updates :).

Re: The Secret Tree House 2 Chapter 8

It seems I have been beaten to the punch. I agree with LittleAcorn.

Don’t praise the frequent updates, that seems to be a jinx with these stories.

Re: The Secret Tree House 2 Chapter 8

I loved this chapter. I know that right now Ben is having a little trouble digesting everything but that is to be expected. I am sure he will come around. I also loved that Gabriella and Savanna have truly become friends with Brinley and are even taking some of the heat themselves. Now I expect that Ben is going to kick Ian’s ass as is so richly deserved.

Looking forward to reading more.