The Sirens of Southpointe - Chapter 3

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Vanessa was sitting beside the boy when the girls returned, and Sean immediately shrunk back at the sight of Phoebe.

“So. Have we reached a verdict, ladies?” Asked Vanessa.

“This is the deal.” Announced Phoebe. “We’re not taking you to the administration, we’re taking it upon ourselves to punish you. Say hello to the camera.”

Marilyn smiled from behind the camera, and Sean’s hands immediately went to his crotch.

“Oh, God… You’re not sending this in, are you?” He asked, frightfully.

“You will speak when you’re spoken to. Is that understood?” Asked Mia.

“Y-yes ma’am.” Sean answered, fidgeting on his bench.

“Oh my God. This is so awesome!” Shouted Vanessa.

“Good.” Proclaimed Mia, as she opened one of the lockers to take a bundle of folded towels. “Now, take off your pants.”

Xian froze, suddenly staring at the camera as if it were broadcasting live. “But I–”

It was Vanessa who snatched the boy up by an arm and swatted the boy’s hand away from his crotch, revealing the stain on his jeans to the camera. He was still fidgeting when she loosened his belt and tugged it out with practiced ease. Before Sean could completely understand what was happening, his denim jeans were resting clear across his ankles, leaving a pair of tighty-white briefs with a urine stain soaked into the front.

Vanessa spun the boy about for the camera, and much to the surprise, disgust and amusement of those around him, a large brown skid-mark had formed where the underwear was clenched between his cheeks.

“Isn’t this a shame?” Asked Mia, who took a spot beside Vanessa on the camera to pull back his briefs and snap him across his bottom. “This poor baby seems to have made a mess in his undies!”

“It doesn’t feel so good to be on the receiving end of the camera does it, baby?” Asked Sophia, who had found the display more humorous than odious. She spoke as she retrieved a towel from her locker.

“Would you care to have a seat, Phoebe?” Asked Mia, as she took hold of the trembling young man into her arms.

Anastasia watched silently, walking out of the bathroom in a gossamer thin, snug-fitting, long-sleeve black blouse, which she wore over a crop-top. Fishnet covered her fingers and wrists, and her strawberry blonde hair was still wet, but she’d brushed it out and tied it up into a ponytail. A thick studded belt and a pair of baggy, cargo-pants completed the attire.

Sophia spread a pool towel across Phoebe’s lap.

'Nessa, dear… Is there any rope in this building?" Asked Mia, as she placed Sean’s wrists behind his back. The boy began to whimper and squirm, but Mia gave him a firm slap across the bottom.

“Oh, yeah.” Said Vanessa, sarcasm rampant in her voice. “Right next to the pitons, in the spelunking section.”

“He’s fine, for now.” Said Phoebe. “I’ll take him just like this.”

“We have bath robes.” Suggested Ana. “The belts will work, yes?”

“Good idea!” Said Vanessa.

“Take what–AGH!?” Asked Sean, suddenly squealing as Phoebe snatched him up by the scruff of his collar and dragged him over her lap. He flailed, but Phoebe quickly overpowered him, adjusting him as easily as she would adjust a four-year old boy. She placed his stomach against her lap and wrestled him into place, his legs hanging over one thigh while his arms pushed up against the bench. Once she scooted out a little past her seat, however, it was all he could do to dangle over her lap like a rag-doll and await his punishment. His kicking and flailing was only wearing him out.

Phoebe looked down at the boy and planted a hand firmly across the small of his back, holding him in place for what she was about to deliver. “Well, Sean? Do you have anything to say for yourself?”

Sean mewled and whimpered, suddenly terrified. “Please, don’t…”

Not what I wanted to hear.” Said Phoebe.

The young Brazilian’s hand rose high and came down swift and fierce upon Sean’s bottom. She kept her palm flat, delivering ten solid strokes across his white cotton briefs and forcing a yelp out of every single swat. He was breathing heavily and fidgeting horribly by the time she first paused, but it was only to peel back his underwear. The tighty whites were pulled just below the boy’s waist.

His cheeks upraised and suspended upon Phoebe’s knee, Sean began to kick and squirm violently. This only accelerated the severity of Phoebe’s strikes, her hand now cupped as it came crashing upon the curves of his already brightened bottom. The rhythm continued in a terrible succession of quick, powerful, and violently loud strikes that soon forced more than tears. Involuntarily, Sean kicked, squealed, cried, shouted and squirmed as much as he could get away with in between every stroke. Phoebe took this as a reason to strike harder and faster, but her pace gradually slowed as she passed the twenty-fifth stroke. Her hand came down firmly and fiercely, but at an even, deliberate pace.

It was only after thirty successive strikes that Phoebe allowed her arm to rest, and by this time Sean had broken down completely. He sobbed uncontrollably, and in between these choking sobs he begged and pleaded with her to stop.

Now, do you have anything to say for yourself?” Asked Phoebe.

“I’m sorry, Miss Phoebe!” Cried the young boy, restless upon her lap. “Please, please don’t give me any more. I’ll be a good boy. I swear I’ll be a good boy! I’ll do anything you want…”

Vanessa returned, holding a bottle of Shea Butter and three bathrobe sashes as Phoebe considered her situation. Sean was sniveling and crying, but his apology wasn’t really heartfelt. He wasn’t sorry for what he did; he just wanted her to stop hitting him. He began to relax against her, and immediately her decision had been made.

Her hand came up again when least the boy expected it, and it sliced swiftly through the air in a broad, sweeping arc. Marilyn roared with surprised laughter, but Sophia was beginning to look unsettled. Mia and Vanessa were pleasantly surprised, but Phoebe was simply determined.


Three slaps resounded across the locker room, and Sean was out of breath after the first. The fifth and the sixth fell even louder, and by then tears were flowing freely once again. Eventually, the thrashing and squirming was replaced by a hard shuddering that wracked his body with pain as he let loose a series of broken, heartfelt sobs. The boy was choking on his own tears by the time she had delivered the tenth and final stroke, and those tears began anew as his body convulsed with pain. She could feel him go limp across her lap, like putty in the hands of a child, when finally Phoebe had determined the boy’s punishment to be sufficient.

He did not appear to require prompting. The boy’s apology began as soon as he realized that the next stroke had yet to fall.

“Please, Miss Phoebe, p-p-p-lease let me try to be a g-g-ood boy! I’m s-s-s-orrry,” His sniffling and mewling was barely containable, but he forced to words out for fear of another spanking. “I s-s-swear I’ll n-n-ever d-do an-n-nything like t-this e-v-ver ag-gain. .”

The apology was adequate. Sean was desperately trying to keep himself quiet and still, but his success in both matters had been short-lived, at best. The boy was terrified, and with her left hand still firmly planted against the small of his back, Phoebe could feel that none of his muscles had yet to relax. His whole body shuddered against her as he choked upon another sob, completely unready for another round in spite of his most grievous efforts. Sophia was holding the lotion, her eyes downcast as she waited for the punishment to end.

Phoebe knew at that moment that she could not bring herself to continue the spanking.

It would have taken no effort on her part to stand him up and hand him over to the other girls. Vanessa and Mia were still in their bathing suits, making it rather easy for the two of them to shower the boy. In lieu of what he had done, she knew that they would not be gentle with him. The six of them were as close as sisters, and Sean could very easily have broken them apart as a family as well as a team.

The thought of losing Sophia because of this sniveling brat was enough alone to enrage her, but she was a fair-minded woman, and she had delivered her punishment. She was a short-tempered Sagittarius by every definition of the words, but she was not cold-hearted and she did not hold longstanding grudges. With the punishment at an end, it was necessary to show some mercy.

“Turn off the camera.” Said Phoebe.

“Are you serious, love?” Asked Marilyn.

“I need a few minutes with him.” She explained. “I’ll give him back in one piece, I promise. I want to have a talk with him.”

Marilyn was reluctant to oblige, but she did so without a fuss. The recording light dimmed and faded as the portable camera was shut down.

“Why don’t we hop in the shower?” Asked Vanessa, as she turned to put her hand on Mia’s shoulder.

“…Sure thing.” Said Mia, somewhat reluctant. “Don’t you need these robe-ties, Phoebe?”

“Not just yet.” Answered Phoebe. “After his shower, maybe.”

“What’s he going to wear?” Asked Sophie, looking upon the young man’s reddened bottom, upraised and exposed across Phoebe’s lap for all the girls to see.

“My panties will fit him, darling.” Volunteered Anastasia, to everyone’s surprise. “And scrubs. They do not require boy colors, yes?”

“Are you sure about that, honey-bunny?” Asked Sophia.

“It is of nothing.” Answered Ana. “This is what friends are for, is it not?”

“Aha!” Declared Marilyn, kneeling down over the boy’s jeans. “Car keys, mates! Mia, do you mind if I bring 'round the Navigator? We’ll need someone to pull Sean’s car around as well.”

That comment seemed to rattle Sean enough to make another outburst. “NO! I mean–I’m sorry! Please, please, please just let me keep my car here?”

Marilyn and Anastasia looked at Mia and Vanessa before the four of them exchanged confused and surprised expressions with Phoebe and Sophia.

“Tell them where it is, baby.” Said Phoebe, her voice firm and gentle. She slid her hand up the small of his back, her fingers gently rubbing the back of his neck and shoulders. It was only her second year as a massage therapist, but she could work unspeakable acts of magic with just one hand. She teased him, now, stroking his hair and rubbing his back. “Don’t you want to be a good little boy for us, now?”

“It’s an electric key.” Announced Marilyn. “Looks to be like a Saturn, even.”

Sean began to tense up against her lap, but this time, Phoebe didn’t stop rubbing on him.

“It’s right outside.” Said Sean, his voice almost completely despondent. “It’s a blue Saturn.”

“Perfect!” Replied Ana. “We will pull my car around the parking lot and drive both of them to the back of the building, yes?”

“Will you stay here with me?” Phoebe asked, looking eagerly up at Sophie.

The sudden tension that she felt in Sean’s shoulders told her that something was a matter, but she didn’t press just yet. Sophia smiled brightly, scooting over to cradle Sean’s chin and guide Phoebe back so that he could rest on the bench. “You can be a good boy, can’t you?”

The rest of the girls wasted no time in filing out; Mia and Vanessa headed into the bathroom, while Marilyn and Ana started for the other end of the hall, where they could make their way into the parking lot.

Phoebe switched hands, her right palm rubbing Sean’s back and keeping him still, while her left hand was held out toward Sophia. Her lover scratched Sean’s hair as he shuddered and cried, but she wasted no time pumping a few rounds of Shea butter into Phoebe’s hand.

Immediately, Sean began to moan and whimper. Phoebe took the cold, creamy lotion against his bruised bottom without the slightest hint of shyness, rubbing smoothly in circular motions before receiving handful. She layered it over him and blew on it, rapidly cooling the sore, tender, skin.

Sophia giggled as Sean attempted to stifle his moaning and grunting to no avail. Phoebe blew on his ass again, her hands gently working up his spine so that she could rub his back.

After that, the two of them flipped him over on her lap so that his sore bottom was resting on the fluffy towel and his shoulders were cradled in Phoebe’s arm. Sophia took hold of his legs, bringing his knees up toward his stomach and pulling the towel up between them, presumably to cover his genitals. She held his legs in place until Phoebe could slip another arm under his knees, cradling him like an infant in her arms and rocking him back and forth.

“He’s so little…” remarked Sophia.

“I know.” Agreed Phoebe, gently nuzzling against his neck.

Sean half-mumbled, half-moaned something that vaguely reminded them of a question. Sophia leaned over and brushed her fingers up his stomach, circling his chest. “Say again?”

“…the tape.” He asked softly. “Are you going to show it to people?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Answered Sophia.

“You didn’t seem to show much hesitation.” Said Phoebe.

Sean’s face twisted into an expression that conveyed both fear and bitter resignation.

“Are you worried about what Marilyn’s going to find in your car?” Asked Sophia.

Phoebe could feel the boy go limp in her arms again, and she couldn’t help but smirk. “Hah! I think I just felt his heart sink.”

“Why don’t you just tell us what it is?” Asked Sophia.

The boy remained silent, but Sophia didn’t press him. Phoebe brought him close to her breasts and continued to rock him, gently brushing her nose against his hair.

“If you tell us now, things might go easier for you.” Offered Phoebe.

“I…” Sean paused, desperately trying to remember what was in his car. “I’m not sure. I mean, I can’t. It’s just…”

“It’s alright.” Said Sophia, patting his tummy. “I think he’s ready for the others, Phoebe.”

Phoebe couldn’t help but agree. The boy’s face was puffy eyed and red with embarrassment, but he was capable of conversation, and he was no longer shuddering in pain. His bottom was a little bruised, but she could have done much worse. He wouldn’t be hopping into hard wooden chairs anytime within the next few days, but it wasn’t as if he would never be able to sit down.

She set him up against her lap and allowed his feet to find the locker room floor, standing him so that his reddened rear was facing her instead of his exposed genitals. She didn’t bother to tell him that he would not be afforded the comfort of modesty for very much longer; that was Mia’s prerogative. Instead, she wrapped the pool towel around his waist and fastened it at his hip. As small as he was, the towel was large enough to wrap completely around his waist with plenty of slack to spare.

They walked him into the bathrooms together with his eyes downcast, but it wasn’t until they reached the showers that he needed prodding.

“Bring him in!” Called Mia.

With nowhere to run, he had little choice but to enter the showers, where Mia and Vanessa were in the process of soap off of themselves. Sean immediately turned his head away, but the sight of them had already impressed itself into his memory. Both of the women were much taller than him, and while they appeared athletic from behind the bleachers, he could never have guessed that a woman could have so much definition and be so beautiful.

Mia was tall and slender, with the same shade of saffron skin that Sean possessed, but with hair that was just a shade brighter than his own. Dripping wet, it was a blend of dark chocolate and black silk that fell to her waist in smooth, pointed tendrils. Her features were sharp and narrow, but her eyes were the shape of large, round almonds; they sparkled like brightly burnished sapphires, with long lashes and carefully plucked eyebrows thinned into smooth, round arches.

Vanessa had with softer, rounder features and skin that was gently kissed with sunlight, but by no means saffron. Her long brown hair presented a shade that was more cinnamon than chocolate, parted just above her left eye and carefully curled across her shoulders. Her eyes were a much more practical shade of brown, but her lips were round and full; the color of ripe spring cherries in spite of the pool and shower.

“Over here!” Cried Mia, a devilish smirk on her face. “Come quickly.”

Sean didn’t stand a chance against them. He stepped into the large showers and stood at the edge of the waterline, afraid and uncertain, with a white-knuckle grip upon his pool towel. Vanessa and Mia rounded upon him, but he was too busy trying to keep himself from staring at Vanessa’s breasts to notice what she was saying.

“Why so shy all of a sudden, Sean?” Asked Vanessa. “Haven’t you ever seen a naked woman?”

Phoebe understood immediately what the two of them were doing, and she couldn’t help but feel a sense of fondness for both of her sisters. Sean had seen Phoebe and Sophia at their most vulnerable; coupled together in the shower. Together, they had transformed Phoebe’s weakness into a strength and given it power over her transgressor. They circled him like hungry predators, naked and unashamed while he struggled to protect himself from their view.

“Can I please just-” Sean began, but Vanessa cut him off.

“No!” Snapped Vanessa, planting a bright red bottle of Exotic Infusions into one of his hands and snatching the other away from the towel so that she could manage the same with the loofa. “Look at me!”

He pulled his eyes off the floor and looked up at her breasts, but she took his chin in hand and brought his eyes toward her face without hesitation. “The shampoo and conditioner are under this faucet, here. Lather this up and scrub yourself off. We don’t have all day!”

There was a knock at the fire exit door. Sophia was the closest, and she darted across the shower to open it. Marilyn didn’t hesitate to walk in, and Anastasia fell in quickly behind her.

“Would you do the honors, love?” Asked Marilyn, handing the camera to Sophia.

“Is that a baby bag?” Asked Sophia, turning on the camera and pointing it at Sean.

“Oh, you haven’t heard the half of it, love! The news just gets better and better. Are we filming, Snowphie?”

Anastasia giggled at Marilyn’s sudden enthusiasm and complete disregard for their current situation, but she did not interrupt. Phoebe couldn’t help but notice that she was carrying a pink pair of scrubs, panties and matching stockings under arm, presumably to placate Mia’s fetish.

“And… Action!” Cried Sophia.

“What’s going on?” Asked Sean.

Mia snatched the towel away from Sean’s waist, and he shrieked. Vanessa turned on the faucet, blasting warm water against him as he dropped soap and loofah across the floor in an attempt to cover his privates.

“Are these your nappies, Sean?” Marilyn asked, holding up a large, folded disposable that looked as if it could easily have fit any one of them. It looked like a pamper, with Sesame Street cartoon prints lining the edges of the back.

“W-what?? Wh-why would they b-be mine!?” Sean asked, frantically scrambling toward the floor of the shower in an attempt to gather the loofa and body wash. “I d-don’t know what you’re talking about!”

“Is that so, lovie? So you don’t know why this fancy little nappy bag was in your car, then? Haven’t got a clue, I take it?”

“Is that what you were scared about, Sean?” Asked Sophia.

“So, is it a coincidence that you just sodding wet yourself on the same day as we find these nappies in your car, then?”

“I think our little darling is lying for the camera.” Added Anastasia. “You ordered a package of these last week, no?”

“You poor baby … Are you having problems doing two things at once?” Asked Vanessa.

“Does Mommy 'Nessa need to wash you up?” Asked Mia, kneeling down behind Sean and slipping her arms under his. With a tug, she backed him into her breasts and kept him away from the loofah.

“Sean.” Said Phoebe, suddenly coming to an epiphany.

He squeaked, suddenly finding himself pressed against Mia’s bare, supple breasts. “Please! I c-c-c-can wash mys-self!”

"Oh, please. " Said Vanessa, retrieving her cherry-cream shampoo and popping it open. “We can’t even trust you to wipe your own ass.”

The girls fell into giggling laughter. Sean began to kick and squirm and thrash, but Mia was toying with him. She began tickling him as she crossed her legs, sitting on the tile just outside of the faucet’s range and guiding Sean’s head into her lap.

“'Nessa, dear! Don’t use that.” Said Marilyn, suddenly rummaging through her new found baby bag. “Try this, love. It’s tear-free.”

Vanessa chuckled as she caught a bottle of Johnson and Johnson’s , turning off the shower faucet as she straddled Sean’s hips. Mia wrestled his arms away from his genitals, pinning his hands against the shower floor with practiced ease.

In the meantime, Vanessa was quick to squeeze the plastic bottle of lavender liquid into the loofah, lathering it up and scrubbing it up against his neck. She worked her way behind his ears and down his chest without much of a struggle, but the thrashing began anew as she started on his underarms.

“Stooooop it!!!” Cried Sean, his voice suddenly cracking into a frustrated squeal.

Phoebe couldn’t stand by and watch, dry or not. “Mary! Do you have another bottle of shampoo?”

“Certainly, love!” Said Mary, who replaced the disposable diaper with a plastic bottle of amber colored liquid.

Anastasia began to giggle hysterically as the boy was wrestled down and forceably sponge-bathed, but she paused as Marilyn slung the baby bag across her shoulder. “Would you be a dear and get us some towels?”

The strawberry blonde Russian nodded as she desperately attempted to regain her composure, but she never once had to worry about dropping the clothes on the shower floor. She stuffed the pink scrubs neatly into the baby bag along with the nylon panties and satin stockings.

Phoebe crouched down on her haunches beside Sean’s legs, and Marilyn arrived on the opposite side with two loofahs and an empty baby bottle.

“We need to hurry this up, guys.” Said Phoebe, as she caught one of Marilyn’s loofahs and squeezed the soapy liquid from the plastic bottle. She was working a lather by the time Marilyn had begun to squeeze out her first helping, but Vanessa was already finishing up both of his arms.

Together, Marilyn and Phoebe worked their way up the little boy’s legs, starting from the soles of his feet and working vigorously up his calves. In the meanwhile Vanessa continued to scrub the boy’s chest and belly, pausing only to pivot her hips and switch out the lavender soap for the amber shampoo. She placed the loofah on his chest, squirting the shampoo into her hands in time to lift Sean’s head from Mia’s lap, slathering his hair with shampoo as he cried and struggled and squirmed.

Mia kept his arms outstretched and pinned down, but she had no qualms about using her lap as a makeshift pillow. Sophia, in the meantime, began to circle them in search of a better camera angle.

Anastasia returned with the pool towels, but it was early yet. She placed the baby bag in a dry spot on the shower floors, but for the most part she kept her distance. At the moment, she was much more comfortable as a spectator in this curious little sport.

As some of the most competitive synchronized swimmers in the region, the girls were quite practiced at working in tandem with one another, and while this was worlds apart from a swimming pool, their synergy was not to be overlooked. Vanessa had finished off Sean’s hair just as Phoebe and Marilyn had worked their way up to his thighs, and she retrieved her loofa just before she turned around. Soon enough, she was straddling his chest, and the boy’s genitals were well within reach.

Vanessa opened her mouth to ask for assistance, but Phoebe and Marilyn had obliged her without thought. The two women at Sean’s legs bent his knees up toward his belly, allowing Vanessa to reach over his exposed penis and begin to gently scrub his sore ass. She worked her way up and around his scrotum just as the other girls reached his inner thigh. They took their time here, and even Anastasia found herself entranced and amused by the constant moaning, crying and giggling.

“It is common practice for men to shave their penis in this country?” Asked Ana.

“No, dear.” Answered Mia, her voice full of giddiness. Sean’s just a girly boy. Look at his underarms?"

Anastasia couldn’t help but laugh as she realized that the boy was lacking body hair in nearly every location. While she certainly couldn’t condemn him for it, she found it most amusing to see that anyone who wasn’t a woman would spend so much time on such things.

“All done!” Said Marilyn, Phoebe and Vanessa; unintentionally in unison.

Marilyn slipped past Sophia and started for the fire exit door. “I’m pulling up the Navigator in three minutes, lovies. Be ready for me!”

Vanessa and Mia continued to wash the boy’s back, but Phoebe paid them no mind as she started for the empty locker room, weaving through the stalls of the restrooms on her way out. She snatched an empty trash bag from one of the sink cabinets, but she didn’t lose much time before she collected Sean’s clothes and dumped them in.

More often than not, they didn’t bother with combination locks unless they knew that another class or group was likely to be in the Fitness Center during their practice meets. This behooved them greatly for the moment, as Phoebe was able to retrieve a spare set of clothes from each of her teammates duffle bags. With this done, she slipped the two bags across her shoulders and made a beeline for the showers.

When she returned, she could see that the faucet water had been cut and was draining even as she ran in. Mia and Vanessa were standing their prisoner up in one of the dryer areas, but the three of them were sure to grow cold quickly. Anastasia held four pool towels in her arms, but Phoebe exchanged Vanessa’s clothes for two of them. They toweled off their close friends as their close friends toweled off Sean, and when the matter was done, they used the towels to wrap Sean up as best they could.

“Hold on!” Shouted Phoebe, running to her own duffle bag. “That’s what these sashes were for, remember?”

It was a difficult matter to tie a man up with bath robes; they weren’t exactly ideal for the transportation of slaves or prisoners, but they were a fair enough improvisation for a binding that needed to last no more than an hour. Pool towels, however, would be nearly impossible to use effectively.

With the first towel wrapped snugly against his arms, Phoebe figured that the easiest current solution would be to tie the towels in place, allowing them to keep him swaddled up and bound until they could dress him properly.

He struggled and screamed, kicked, thrashed and cried in the throes of what could only be explained as a tantrum. Phoebe couldn’t help but think it was as spirited as she had ever seen the boy, which obviously meant that he was terrified of what was coming next.

She didn’t just wrap the bath sashes against the towel and knot them; that would be sloppy. Instead, she folded them in half to create a quick tail and bite, which she proceeded to wrap around and pull through with a few quick tugs. After twisting the tails through the bite, she tied them into a square knot and quickly snatched the next sash.

“This isn’t fair!” Shouted Sean, suddenly on the verge of tears. “You can’t just torture someone and put it on film!” They were deaf to his shouts as they held him in place, and Phoebe was quick to tie the second sash just beneath his elbows. His wrists were poking out at his hips, but they wouldn’t be too much of a hindrance.

They were about to pick him up when Phoebe remembered something she’d left in Sophia’s duffle bag. She handed him off to Anastasia, who shrieked as she suddenly found it her sole responsibility to handle the boy.

“Let go of me!! LET ME GO!!” Screamed Elijah.

“Sorry!” Shouted Phoebe, as she ran back.

"You don’t have any right to search my car! You don’t have any right to taunt me and treat me like this! I’m not going to be a part of your FUCKING SNUFF FIL–MMGm-mmph!!!"

Marilyn and Mia were fastening their sandals when they noticed what Phoebe had done, and suddenly an awkward silence came over them.

“Uhm…” Began Mia. “Why, in God’s name did you have a ball-gag in the same bag as your gym clothes?”

“Mmmmph!!!” Shouted Sean, suddenly muffled and rendered near-mute.

“That’s none of your business!” Snapped Sophia, playfully.

“Marilyn’s going to be here any second,” Replied Phoebe “and we need to get his legs before–”

“On it!” Cried Mia, scooping the boy into her arms as if he weighed no more than an infant. Marilyn kept hold of his legs, keeping him restrained while Phoebe worked her magic.

She had specifically saved the longest bath robe for this occasion, but none of the other girls could explain or replicate how she had managed to do what she did. First, she wrapped the sash against one of his legs, carefully slipping it up, out, and through while leaving enough slack to pull the rope taut and work the same cuff-tie just above the other ankle. The robe tie was wrapped evenly and firmly, but when it was all said and done, she still had an ample amount of slack hanging out. She kept the rope between his legs tight, wrapping the spare around it in such a fashion that it created a bar wrap, forcing his legs apart and allowing them a handle to lift and tug both of his ankles however they wished.

It looked pretty, too.

Sophia kept the camera rolling as she collected her lovers duffle bag as well as her own. She double checked as she kept the camera still, making sure that everyone had everything they needed.

“You know,” Vanessa said “you’re really good at that, Phoebe…”

“She, uh…” Sophia coughed, her cheeks suddenly flushing. “She was a girl scout.”

Phoebe replied with a sage nod as Anastasia collected the diaper bag. In the meantime, Marilyn wrapped another towel around Sean’s legs, tucking it in so that it provided him with some modesty, but ended just below his knees.

That was about when they heard the horn sound.

“Mary’s here!” Said Sophia, aiming the camera directly at Mia and their charge.

Phoebe raced toward the fire exit door, where she was shocked to see what Marilyn had done.

The Navigator was not parked in one of the parallel parking spaces; she had decided instead to reverse the vehicle into the exit door. With four rows of white leather seats that could fold over at the push of a button, the Lincoln Navigator was the perfect car if the role of taxi-driver fell predominantly upon your shoulders, and Mia had fit the bill. Her parents were not rich, but they had been generous enough to have the SUV leased to Mia as long as she brought home good grades. After her graduation, they promised her something a little more sporty.

Marilyn popped the hatchback, and from where she stood, the last six seats had been folded over. On top of them, a fluffy, powder-blue comforter and a polka-dot bedspread had been spread out as a changing space, and a pack of Depends was placed next to a number of feather pillows.

They carried Sean like a piece of furniture into the back of the SUV, with Mia and Marilyn on opposite sides and Phoebe in the middle. Anastasia helped them into the back, followed by Sophia, with the camera. She closed the fire-exit door and pulled the hatchback down, while the other girls wasted no time in setting Sean’s head upon the nearest pillow and kneeling into a circle around him.

Sophia sat in one of the corners as the SUV began to move. She didn’t quite peel out, but it was quite clear that she was going to get them home as quickly as possible.

Mia and Vanessa were the closest to the boy, with Phoebe and Anastasia coming in at a close second. Only Sophia was backed into a window, and that was so that she could catch the ordeal on film.

Surprisingly enough, it was Vanessa who acted first. She reached over and unwrapped the towel about Sean’s legs, revealing his erect penis for the girls and camera. He struggled, thrashed and squirmed, but Anastasia and Phoebe held him fast.

“Remind me never to pledge to your sorority.” Said Mia, as Anastasia wordlessly handed her a large, disposable diaper.

“You know we’d treat you like royalty.” Said Sophia, a smirk on her face.

“So, for those of you who’ve never done this before, Mia and I are going to give you a little tutorial! Are we still rolling?”

“You bet, honey-bunny.” Said Sophia.

“All right!” Answered Vanessa. “Now, try not to mind the thrashing and screaming. Our subject is still acclimating to his new environment.”

“I think he looks happy.” Said Phoebe.

Vanessa smirked as Mia began, unfolding the disposable diaper into three parts. “Now, with most babies, you don’t have to worry about a whole lot. This largely follows the same principle, with a few key-points. First, we lift his legs up like so…”

She reached out, taking hold of the bar wrap and bringing Sean’s knees up against his tummy, where Anastasia and Phoebe took the time to wrap an arm under his knee, holding his bottom up for Mia and Vanessa.

“Perfect! Now, Mia… Would you do the honors?” Asked Vanessa.

She giggled as she placed the edge of the pamper against his bottom, straightening it out and lining it up as best as she could. She looked up to Anastasia and held out her hand. “Baby powder?”

With the girls keeping Sean from struggling terribly much, it wasn’t a taxing matter to wait for Anastasia to produce another shaker of Johnson & Johnson’s. This one in particular was cute and boxy, with plain blue lettering.

“Now, there are two ways to do this,” explained Mia, taking the shaker in hand. “You can sprinkle it into the diaper if you’re not one of those hands-on types, or you can just sprinkle it into your hand, like so and spread it into his skin.”

Vanessa giggled as she sprinkled a generous helping of powder into her open hand, bringing it to his bottom smoothly and evenly. She went across both cheeks before she dumped another helping into her hand, and Sean continued to scream into his ball-gag as the ordeal was filmed. “In this case, there’s really no need to be miserly with the baby powder. Especially because we stole it from Sean here in the first place.”

Her voice took a lilting, sing-song pitch as she leaned forward, and her hair spilled over her face as her hand worked its way up over his scrotum, taking a considerably longer time than necessary to fondle the boy as she rubbed. “Didn’t we Sean? Yes we did!”

When the application was at an end, she scooted back, and Vanessa scooted forward. “Medically, they say that the penis should be pointed down, but that’s not the direction that the penis naturally wants to go.”

Vanessa pulled the diaper up over his genitals, as Phoebe and Ana released his legs. She pulled the diaper up and over the penis so that it could remain flat against his belly without risking a leak, and then, one after the other, they brought the tapes against the cartoon prints.

“Excellent timing, mates!” Called Marilyn, as she pulled the SUV into the garage of their boarding house. “We’re home.”

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