The site (and I) need your help!

So before I get into details of the situation I’m going to be upfront here. I’ve only got a few days to come up with $130 to pay the bill for this site or it’s going offline. I’m not even kidding. If it wasn’t for a couple of recent donations the site would be going offline much sooner. The site part I’ll explain below, and I’ll give you an executive summary of the help that I need. I’ll post a bit more about that in my blog here on the site though.

The site situation

My bank kept rejecting the attempts by Paypal to take the instant payment for the server from my checking account and charging me a fee for the rejected transactions. Now when the original transaction was submitted there was plenty of money in my account to cover it. Thanks to the fees there is not. Now how this has become a much bigger issue:

Digital Ocean is demanding both the rest of this month’s payment AND 100% of next month’s expected bill by the 21st. That’s where the $130 comes from. $40 is the rest of this month’s bill, $90 is the part I have to prepay on next month’s. If you want the board to stay online some donations are desperately needed to make that happen.

Why I personally need help

The regulars in the chat will know most of what is in this post (more in some areas actually), but here’s the short version.

Due to a testicular issue that you really do not want me going into I was hospitalized in Fort Smith and current I am still hospitalized in Little Rock. Right now I basically have two options for continuing treatment. I can either remain in the hospital for several more weeks (and probably go crazy and kill someone due to the stress) or I have the option of continuing on IV antibiotics at home given by home health. Unfortunately, to continue treatments at home there is some extra equipment that is required that I have to pay a co-pay on (actually a deposit, but they call it a co-pay so I have to pay it instead of my insurance…)

I need $420 to pay that. I really want to be back at home, as I’ve been here for quite awhile now and it is officially driving me nuts. I’m at the point that the smallest annoyances are causing me to snap at people. I’m literally becoming a mental case here. It would also make things much easier on my wife to have me back at home as the situation is very stressful on her because she can’t come up and see me due to not being able to afford the gas.

If you want to help with either situation, please use the information on the Donations Info page linked at the top of every page. Anything I get will go towards the server first and then towards being able to pay for the stuff that’s needed so I can go home. Any and all help is really appreciated.

Also, related, but remember that money pool on PayPal a few months ago? If you donated and never got set to the ad-free group, please let me know what address you donated from and I will get it fixed. The automated system that should have taken care of it did not do the work. I only recently became aware of the issue.

I can understand that hospitals being no fun and boring.

How are things going I would’ve donated but i’m having money trouble of my own

The server is okay. The other, not so much.

What little I"ve had towards that is going to have to go towards a water bill that has to be paid by 8:00am on the 25th that Penny just told me about. And because she waited to tell me no way to make arrangements so I have just over 11 hours as I’m writing this to come up with the $85 still needed to pay it so the water doesn’t get shut off. If it does with Penny being a diabetic it would be very bad, but there’s jack all I can do. If it gets shut off it’ll be an extra $50 to get it turned back on.

I had wondered where Penny got the gas money to get up here earlier this month, now I know. She used the water bill money towards based on promises that my sister was going to pay some of the money she owes us (she didn’t), so we’re actually pretty royally fucked.

First I can definitely relate to wanting to not wanting spend to much time in hospital (while it was not for weeks) because a couple of years ago I went in to get a simple in and out procedure to have a nasal polyp. However, the surgeon went to far to get part of the growth that was close to my brain and tore a hole in the membrane surrounding my brain causing spinal fluid to leak out. So after my mom was made to sign a form to get a temporary shunt put in I was placed in while I had to spend more then a week in the ICU with more wires in me then I thought possible and a catheter. Now of course when I left the hospital I was sweating like crazy and still had the biggest headache with my mom asking me if I wanted to go back to the hospital and I just kept telling her to keep on driving to her home.

Second, I am sorry to hear about your water situation with the one you love Penny. If I lived anywhere near you I promise I would buy a case of water at my store and give it to you because nobody should have to see the person they care about suffer. I promise you that it will get better my friend and if you ever need to talk to somebody about it I promise you have my ear. big hugs to you

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman

If I could help in anyway I would. Ijust did a fundraiser that back fired an my parents had to pay 80% of my Bill’s this month. If I come across some money this month I’ll try to donate some.

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