The Summoning

The cultists filed silently in, faces shadowed by their hoods, the flickering candle providing light enough only to find and sit in a chair.

The High Priestess stood up, her velvet gown sending shivers down the spine of the younger, more impressionable cult members.

She glared around the dark room, then spoke in a commanding tone. “Do we have the Sacrificial Diaper?”

One of the cultists waved something at her, the candle showing what could well be a diaper, one side glistening as the light caught it.

The High Priestess nodded approvingly. “And the Spaghetti?”

Another cultist stood up, a deep male voice confirming, “I have the Spaghetti.”

The High Priestess smiled. “Then we may begin.”

She turned and jumped up to sit on the table, lying back and reaching above her head. The cultists grasped her arms and gently drew her towards the centre of the table. Two of them lifted an ankle each, raising them high above her waist, her gown falling to her hips and revealing her nakedness beneath.

Other cultists lifted her hips from the table and the diaper was placed below her then, as she was lowered onto it, brought between her legs and taped closed, snuggly sealing her in waterproofed padding.

“What next?” she heard someone ask in a loud whisper, and hid her sigh.

“Now we put the Spaghetti in her diaper, make her squish around a bit and it summons the Great Tentacled One,” explained one of the other cultists.

Carefully the High Priestess was pulled back to the end of the table, helped to her feet and held in a cruciform position. A cultist either side kept her hands out horizontally, another lifted her gown to her waist, revealing the diaper. This was pulled away from her belly button, leaving an opening at the top into which Spaghetti was poured by the one that had brought it.

The gown was released, allowed to fall down over the diaper. The cultists holding the High Priestess’ arms guided her onto her seat, and they watched with bated breath as she writhed and squirmed upon it.

Even in the dim light of the candle there was obvious shock on the faces of the cultists as a loud and terrible noise filled the chamber. The High Priestess gasped, her hands flying towards her crotch and one of the cultists yelled out jubilantly.

“The Tentacle Great One approaches! Hear his footsteps. Now we shall be judged!”

The High Priestess stopped moving and glared at him. “No, you bloody fool,” she said, “That was the Spaghetti.”

She stood up, noisily, and turned to face the cultist that had brought it, that had thrust it into her diaper. “You were supposed to cook it first!”


After Gummybear so impressively responded to my story challenge on Tuesday, I felt obliged to fulfil his suggestion this evening: “Oh I’m sure we could write something tentacle-based where someone dumped a whole plate of spaghetti into the diaper. In this case it could be a sacrifice to summon the great tentacled one.”

Pure comedic genius.

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I give it BrownOwls Golden Pineapple of Excellence and 9 out of 10 tentacles. All that was missing is a cute Japanese school uniform because hentai says cute skirt uniforms always go with tentacles. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Had the summoning succeeded, guess what the Great Tentacled One would’ve been wearing :wink:

A sexy school uniform! Skirt go spinny! With a diaper underneath?