The Swedish Babysitter

Just a story that i have been writing, please do keep in mind that I am not from an english speaking language, so my english might not be perfect, although I hope it have improved as I went on with the story, enjoy :slight_smile:

The Swedish Babysitter:

Hello, before I start telling my story, I should tell you abit about myself:
My name is Nicole, I am a 16 year old swedish girl who just moved to America with my mother, I have straight long brown hair abit past my shoulders, wich I usually keep in a straight pony-tail as I am mostly training football or jogging. And since I work out very much, I have quite the slim body, and a fair amount of muscles, although I do not look like a creepy body-builder, I just have a fresch well-trained body. I am 5,7 ft tall, and weigh about 154 lb.
I keep the rest of my body hair-less, as I don’t feel comfortable with hair anywhere but on my head.

My mother is a quite wealthy and independant woman, she has never been married, and even though she got me when she was 19 (my dad ran away with his tail between his cowardly legs) she has been able to make herself into an important structure in her company. She was offered to run a new facillity here in America, and that is why we moved here.

Myself, I have not been able to get alot of friends yet, I have been to school only one week this far in America, and sure, I found some friends to talk to, but we haven’t really connected yet, although I am sure it will not take long for me to get comfortable here. The first thing I did was to find a football team to play in, (Football=Soccer, plainly, I don’t see why Americans had to change it) But there are only 2 practises per week yet and I have only got to join them in 1 so far, but I am hoping they will sign me.

Otherwise on my free-time, when I don’t work out, I like to hang with friends, and that is a bit of a problem right now since I don’t know that many people. But one other thing I like to do is to earn my own money, sure I don’t need to earn much money right now, since my mother brings in more than enough herself. But I like to prove to her that I can earn some too, to show her that I am worthy of being her daughter. And I found out in Sweden that babysitting is a good way of doing that, so I have been around the neighboorhood to find if there are any parents who could use a babysitter. And luckily I found some who could.

Mr, and Mrs Anderson work very hard all days, and when they come home, they have a 7 year old girl to take care of, and they havn’t been able to go out and spend some time for themselves since she was born. It doesn’t help that Mr Anderson got in a car accident 3 years ago, leaving him paralyzed from the waist-down.
So when I offered to babysit for a very reasonable amount of money ( I said I like to show my mother that I can earn moeny, it doesn´t have to be alot for that) they were more than pleased.
We sat down and talked for abit, since they of course needed to know me abit before leaving their daughter alone with me, and we came to an agreement that they would get the weekend alone, and I would stay at their house to watch their daughter, who is named Lucy by the way.

So Friday night at about 18:00 I went over to the Andersons, and got the entire speach of rules and phone numbers to everyone that could possibly help in the entire world if she got hurt by her pillow – you know parents who have never been away from their child that long before.
After about 30 minutes I managed to assure Mrs Anderson that I could manage it and that everything would be alright, and went to the livingroom to chat with Lucy. I had only met her briefly before, and barely knew much about her.
I said hello to her, and asked her how she was, and we had abit of a small talk, about how she was feeling, if she was tired and such things, I asked her if she was hungry, she said that she had already eaten dinner, but could go for a sandwich or something. But I decided it would be a nice way of connecting if we baked something together, so we made our way into the kitchen and rummaged through drawers to get some ingredients.
While baking I noticed that Lucy was a very sweet girl, she was very nice to talk to, very mature for her age, but of course we had to have abit of a flour-fight.
When we had put the cake into the oven I felt my bladder suddenly pressing me really hard to rush to the toilet, I exused myself and dashed towards the bathroom, the problem was that my hands were so filled with sticky dough that I couldn’t unbutton my jeans, my jeans were also very tight so I couln´t just drag them off either, and no matter how much I tried, the dough wouldn’t get off my hands and the running water didn’t exactly ease the pressure of my bladder. I panicked, and yelled for Lucy to come.
She came quickly and wondered what I was yelling about, I was dancing on the spot and told her that I couldn’t get my jeans off, and asked her to help me. So the 7 year old girl stepped forward, with abit of a chocked expression on her face, and helped me unbutton my jeans, and pulled them down along with my panties allowing me to sit down on the toilet and relieve my bladder. And it felt soo good, a big relief flowed through my body, but then my face turned beat-red as I actually recalled what had happened, how a 7 year old had to help me go to the toilet, pulling down my pants and panties to show my private areas just as smooth as her own should be. At the same time she was giggling at me, and saying that maybe I should wear a diaper if I had such trouble going to the ‘potty’, I frowned at her and finished peeing, since my hand were still stuck in sticky dough, I had to ask her to help me again, she giggled even more as she got some paper to wipe me in my private area, and then helped me stand up and she pulled my pink panties up, she pat my behind over my panties, and asked me if I really should wear the jeans again, in case I would have to rush to the bathroom again. I was chocked about what was happening, and just blushed at her and not speaking, so she took advantage of my chocked state, and pulled down my jeans further, and had me step out of them, one leg at a time, I was so embarresed about this that I could die! She picked up my jeans, and pat my behind once again and left the bathroom, leaving me standing in only a top and panties and with a color on my face that would make any tomato in the world jealous.

It was alot easyer to get the dough of my hands when I didn’t have to worry about going to the toilet, and I could take my time and get my hands really clean, unfortunatly, I sneezed while watching my hands, and as a reaction to that, my hands flew up towards the crane making the water splash all over my top, and the front of my panties. Now I was getting really frustrated, I mean how good would this look? I have to go out to the 7 year old girl who helped my go to the potty, removed my jeans, and now my panties are wet, yeah, this is going to look very good…

However, I could not just stand in the bathroom all day waiting for my clothes to dry, so I just went out of there, tried to hold my head up high, and not blush as much, to make it not look like a big deal, the cake had to be taken out of the oven now anyway. I went into the kitchen, retrieved the cake, and some plates, and went into the livningroom where Lucy was watching some kids show, she did however look up at me when I came into the room, and of course started giggling when she saw my clearly wet panties, and again she asked:
“Are you sure that you shouldn’t wear a diaper?”
Again I frowned at her and explained that it was just water from the crane, and I did not pee in my panties, that last comment only produced more laughter from Lucy, but we both sat down and enjoyed the cake and talking abit more, she told me how she like school, what she likes to do, and I told her how things were in Sweden and so on. Time flew and eventually it got really late, I was just about to suggest that we both should go to bed, but Lucy beat me and instead asked me a very embarresing question:

“Do you need to go potty?”

I was chocked and didn’t really thing straight, so I nodded my head ‘yes’. Lucy giggled at me and asked

“why didn’t you say so then silly?”

She stood up, grabbed my hand, and started dragging me towards the bathroom, I just followed her, not really grasping what was happening, when we got to the bathroom, before I got a chance to react, Lucy pulled down my now dry panties, and helped me sit down on the toilet, once again I blushed, but I managed to pee even though I did not really need to, when I was done, she wiped me and helped me stand up, pulled up my panties and then she told me to wash my hands and brush my teeth and that it was bedtime, I did what I was told, got out of the bathroom and then waited for Lucy to get done so that I could make sure that she was also going to bed, but when she came out of the bathroom she instead asked me:

“Why are you not in bed yet? Do you want me to put you in a diaper first?”

By now, I should have been prepared for it, but I wasn’t, and I just let my mouth hang from my blushing face, I had never met such a blunt child before, so I didn’t say anything, and once again Lucy took advantage of this and said:

“Okey, go in and lie down on your bed and I will go get a diaper for you”

she went away and I didn’t move at first, but then I went into the guest-room that I was going to sleep in, I stared at the bed, I couldn’t really take orders from a 7 year old, and I most ceirtanly couldn’t let her put me in a diaper, could I?
Before I could make up my mind, Lucy came into my room, carrying a pink diaper, I could see on the front pictures of barbie and a ‘my little pony’, Lucy took my hand and dragged my towards the bed and pushed me down on it, she told me to lift my behind, and for a strange reason, I just did, so she pulled down my panties and placed the diaper beneath me, she pressed my stomach down, and I could feel the thickness of the diaper pressing up against my behind, she spread my legs slightly, and pulled the front of my diaper up over my crotch, and then taped the diaper snugly onto my body, she gave my padded crotch som pats, and giggled at me again. She tucked me into bed snuggly between my sheets, kissed me on my forehead, turned of the light, and left me to fall asleep wearing a diaper that a 7 year old put me in.

I woke up the next morning at about 9:00, the Andersons wants Lucy to learn not to sleep for too long, and would rather that I got her up even earlyer, but I thought that since I lost track of time last night I would let her sleep abit since I missed her bedtime. At home I am used to go eat breakfest in just the top and panties that I usually sleep in, and I had totally forgotten what had happened before I fell asleep last night so I went to wake Lucy up in just my top and diaper, I am quite slow in the mornings, so the fact that my “panties” made me waddle slightly didn’t disturb me at all…
I went into Lucys room and shook her gently to wake her up, she woke up rather instantly with a huge smile on her face – is this girl always happy? – She gave me a hug and said “Good Morning” I smiled too and returned her hug, her happiness really did rub off.
I didn’t even care when she asked me if I was wet, I just said no and told her to get ready so we could go downstairs to eat some breakfest, she did however not take my word for it, and inserted two fingers into my diaper to check for herself, satisfied that I was telling the truth she pat the front of my diaper and told me that I was a good girl, for some reason I didn’t feel embarresed about it, I just kept smiling and felt proud of myself.
Eventually we got downstairs to eat breakfest, I fixed us up a sandwich each and som cereal. Granted, I have always been abit clumpsy during the mornings, but I feel that what happened next was probably at the worst time it could ever happen, I dropped a big spoon of cereal and milk on my chest, this of course made Lucy laugh again as I sat on my chair embarresed, normally it wouldn’t be that big of a deal for me, but now I was also wearing a diaper that the girl laughing at me had put me in, Lucy however strode into action, first she got a paper towel to wipe my shirt, them she told me to raise my arms, and as I did she pulled my shirt over my head, revealing my white bra, and laid the shirt on a bench, then she went to a cabinet, and pulled out a large pink plastic bib, and without asking she put it on me, I ate in silence for the rest of breakfest, I was very embarresed, I was supposed to babysit Lucy, not the other way around, and as a matter of fact, she had done nothing wrong, there was logic in both putting a diaper on me and putting the bib on me. Thankfully, I managed to keep the bib clean for breakfest so I didn’t have to feel like a complete baby when I took it off. Well, that is until one second later, when Lucy once again put two fingers into my diaper, and once again pat my crotch and telling me I was a good girl for being dry, however, by now I really did have to pee, so I turned around to go to the bathroom, but Lucy stopped me by asking:

“Where are you going?”
“To the bathroom.” I replied
“Because I have to pee…”
“But you are wearing a diaper”
“Yeah but…”
“Why can’t you just go in your diaper? It is the same thing isn’t it? Only with your diaper you can pee while doing other things, and you don’t have to worry about making it to the bathroom.”

I didn’t really have an answer to that, what she said was true, and somehow I felt like she had the power here, like she was the babysitter and I was the one being babysat, so feeling like there was nothing else I could do, I put pressure on my bladder to release, and without much effort it did, so there I stood 16 years old, wearing only a bra and a diaper that I was now peeing in, infront of the 7 year old that put it on me…How did it come to this?
It was the first time in my life that I peed myself on purpose, (except for a bet when I was 12 thet almost got me into diapers, but that is a whole other story) However, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, I didn’t really mind the physical feeling of the diaper, just the mental part, and it was the same with a wet diaper, it was actually quite nice, warm and cozy, but I would rather die before anyone I know saw me in it.
Lucy woke me up from my daydreaming by asking if I were done, I pushed out the last of the pee into the now yellow and quite sagging diaper, and nodded my head ‘yes’. Lucy took hold of my hand and started dragging me upstairs and into the guestroom and told me to lie down on the bed, I did as I was told and waited for her to leave and come back with a fresh diaper, some wipes, and what I would find out was a jar of baby powder.
Lucy undid the tapes of my diaper and told me to lift my butt, she got a wipe and cleaned my private parts, she then unfolded the new diaper, put it under me and told me to put my behind back down, she poured some powder on me, moved the front of the diaper up and snugly taped it on me, and then gently patting my padded crotch with a big smile.

As I was getting out of the bed Lucy went into the clauset that stood in the guest room, I waited for her to get out of there, and when she did I could see her holding something folded in her hands, I couldn’t see what it was, all I could see was that it was very bright pink, she unfolded it, and I could see that it was a very large onesie.

“Arms up” Lucy said, “We can’t have you run around in just your bra and diaper all day”

I couldn’t really raise my arms high as Lucy wouldn’t reach me, but I held my arms out and bent down so she could slide the onesie on me, then I stood up and let her snap the onesie shut over my diaper. Lucy then took hold of my hand and dragged me downstairs to the livingroom, she sat me down on the sofa in front of the TV and turned the TV on, before she sat down herself she went to a cabinet, and pulled out a pink baby pacifier, she plopped it in my mouth, and then she sat down to watch TV.

We continued watching TV for a while, I had started nursing on the pacifier just after awhile of getting it in her mouth, when Lucy again strode up, the first thing she did was to spread my legs wide, and put two fingers inside my diaper, she found that it was dry and once again complementing me on being a good girl, Lucy told me to stay where I was and she quickly ran up the stairs, while waiting I could hear the toilet flushing, and I then looked down on my body, clad in a onesie and a diaper, I could not help but feel that it would take some time before I would get to flush a toilet again, I was awoken from my thinking when Lucy came back down, once again she was carrying somethinkg pink in hear hands, I could see that it was a fairly short skirt, Lucy told me to stand up, and put my legs into the skirt, Lucy pulled the skirt up my legs, and over my diaper, the skirt was not very long, it went just past my diaper, if I would take too long steps I would expose my diaper to anyone who saw me, although if I was lucky, they would see only my onesie and just think that I wore large panties, but if they got a good look, the buldge would not be able to mistake for anything but a diaper.
Lucy then took hold of my hand again and dragged me towards the front door where I could see her shoes and a bag placed out, Lucy helped me put her shoes on, and she took the bag, and dragged me outside.
I panicked at going out dressed as she was, but instead of just stopping, as I could easily overpower this girl, all I did was follow Lucy and stutter a question.

“Lucy, where are we going? I can’t go out dressed like this!”

I did sound abit muffled with the pacifier still in her mouth, but it wasn’t too hard to talk beyond it.

“We are going to the park, we need to get some air too, we can’t just sit in all day”
“But what if someone sees my diaper”
“Don’t worry about it, it is not like we can have you run around without your diaper.”

I blushed at the comment and let Lucy keep dragging me towards the park.

Once we got to the park, Lucy saw some friends of hers and ran over to them, leaving me alone for awhile, I didn’t mind it at all actually, and sat down on a park bench to relax abit, keeping my hands on my skirt so not to expose my diaper.
While Lucy played with her friends, a girl I knew from school named Lisa came over to me, Lisa was wearing some tight blue jeans, and a white top, she was quite skinny ,and about as tall as me, although she did have slightly bigger breasts and her hair was black and went down halfway down her back, I could easily admit, that she was one of the more beautiful women I had seen, I would consider her a mix between Jessica Alba and Scarlett Johanson, with the breasts of Angelina Jolie.
Lisa was also babysitting a girl who played with Lucy and her friends right now, Lisa giggled at my outfit and said:

“Hai Nicole, nice outfit, you almost look like someone that I should babysit.”
Blushing I spat out my pacifier to talk to her, and quickly came up with a lie.
“Hi Lisa, yeah I let Lucy pick out an outift for me today, we were playing house and she thought this was cute, the pacifier was just a bonus.”
“Hah, I would never let anyone I babysat dress me like that, and especially not go out after it anyway, but I suppose you are not as self-concious as I am.”
“No I guess not, how was football yesterday by the way?”
“Oh it was good, we did really miss you on the wing, it is weird how much you can miss someone who has only been on two practises, but Clarissa just ain’t as good as you’ve been, and the coach knows it, so don’t be surprised if you are in very soon, but you might not want to bring your little paci”

Lisa giggled at the end, and so did I.
We kept on chatting for a while and Lisa told me abit more about the city than she had gotten around to do in school, and I was able to for a moment forget what I was wearing, which maybe wasn’t too great since that made me move around a lot, and sometimes you could hear the diaper crinkle, and I did notice that Lisa did once and awhile glance down towards my crotch, unfortunately that didn’t make me more careful about what I was doing, so as we were talking, I kept my hands high, and my legs abit spread out, and just then a rough wind came, and blew my skirt up, exposing my diapered crotch into full view.
I quickly pulled down my skirt end pressed it towards the bench and just looked down at myself, praying that Lisa hadn’t seen it, but of course I was not that lucky.

“Nicole…why the hell are you wearing a diaper?”

This was too much for me and I started crying, Lucy noticed this and ran over to me, took the pacifier I had in my hand and put it in my mouth as she pulled me into a hug, she tried to comfort me and said that everything would be okay as she gave Lisa a very dirty look, she must have realised that Lisa was the one who made me cry, without saying anything though, she stood me up, took my hand and started to lead me back to the Andersons’s place.

Once inside Lucy helped me off with my shoes and helped me step out of my skirt, she again checked my diaper and found it dry.

“There sweetie, there is no need to cry, you have even kept your diaper dry, you are such a good girl”

That did nothing at all to comfort me, it even made me more sad and I continued to sob, Lucy laid me down on the sofa and pulled a blanket over me and turned on the TV.
I didn’t watch the TV much, I just laid there nursing my pacifier hoping that Lisa wouldn’t tell everyone that I was more or less being babysat by a 7 year old.
After a while, as I laid there I could also feel that I had to pee, I remembered what Lucy had said last time I tried to use the bathroom, and I didn’t really feel like going up right now, so i just let my bladder release into the diaper.
As I was peeing I heard someone knock on the door, Lucy went to open it and I just snugled closer into my blanket and I spat out my pacifier and hid it in my hand, I heard Lucy talk to someone at the door, though I could not hear who she was talking to, but almost as soon as I had finished peeing she came back into the livingroom, and after her came Lisa with abit of a shamed expression on her face. I didn’t move at all, I was afraid of what was about to happen, was she going to taunt me and tell me that my social life in this town was over before it had even began?
Lucy left the two of us alone, as she went upstairs with Josefine, a 7 year old girl that Lisa was currently babysitting.

“Nicole, I am so sorry for how I reacted in the park, I did not mean to sound rude, I was just abit surprised, I mean it was not like I expected you to sit in the park in a onesie and a diaper and nursing on a pacifier, I am not going to tell anyone that I saw it, it is up to you if people should know that you’re in diapers.”

I sat up, and again got teary eyes, maybe from relief, or maybe cause right there I could know that Lisa would be a friend that I would be able to trust, and to be able to love as a friend.
But I could not start our friendship on a lie, especially not a lie that were to my loss.

“I don’t usually wear this stuff, this is actually the first time, it is just that Lucy took me by surprise, and I just went along with it, I don’t know why.”
“Wow, that sounds abit, well, hard to grasp, so basicly what you’re saying is that you let a 7 year old turn you into more or less a baby?”

I nodded slightly

“Well, do you want me to tell Lucy that you don’t want this? I am sure she is just doing it because she thinks you are playing a game.”
“Erm, actually, right now, I kind of like it, the diaper gives me somewhat of a secure feeling, and the pacifier was quite comforting when I was sad.”
“I know what you’re saying, and I understand it”
“You do?”
“Yes, I have something to tell you, no one else knows about it except for my mom and dad, I am a bedwetter, so I wear diapers every night, and I do like them too, on weekends when I am home alone I tend to wear them for more than the night, so yes I understand you, and trust me, I am not going to tell anyone about how you like it, as long as you don’t tell anyone that I like them.”

I huged Lisa as she said this, I was very happy and relieved, however, Lisa did pull away from the pull after some seconds after having sniffed the air and asked me:

“Have you wet your diaper?”

I blushed, and nodded my head, and Lisa just smiled at me as if I were a child that had done something cute.

“Do you change yourself, or has Lucy done it for you?”
“Lucy has changed me, but I have only wet once before!”
“So, you want me to get Lucy, or do you want me to change you, or do you want to change back into panties?”
“Would you change me? if you would I would really like that”
“Sure I would, we have already seen each other naked in the shower, and you don’t have anything I havn’t seen”

Lisa and I went upstairs, and Lisa stepped into Lucy’s room to ask where the diapers were while I went into the guest room to lie down on the bed, and after a while Lisa came into my room with another pink diaper in her hand, she went over towards me and put the diaper down on my bed, she undid the snaps on my onesie, and untaped my diaper, she took some wipes from the box on the bedside table and she wiped my private area clean, I raised my bum and she slid the used diaper out from under me, she powdered me and put the fresch diaper on me, I stood up again and Lisa helped me snap on the onesie again, she did pat my diapered bum and told me that I looked very cute, and I just smiled at her.

Me and Lisa went back downstairs again, and chatted for abit more while watching some TV, and I really had a good time, and I invited Lisa to stay over for dinner with me and Lucy for the evening, Lisa did accept and thought that it would be very fun, but first she had to go drop off Josefine.
Lisa left with Josefine, and I started on dinner while Lucy played in her room.
After about 20 minutes Lisa was back, and she came in to help me with dinner, we made some tacos, and as it was quickly finished, we called down Lucy to come eat, during dinner, Lucy did insist on me wearing my bib, but it did not bother me as Lisa knew of the situation and we just had a giggle about it, I actually dropped some food in the bib on purpose and gave Lisa a wink, just to screw alittle with Lucy, and so that she could tease me for being messy, however me and Lisa still only thought that it was funny, and kept giggling. After dinner we put everything away, and we decided to play a board game, Lisa excused herself to go to the bathroom while Lucy and I set up a ‘Family Guy Monopoly’.
We played monopoly for about an hour or so, before we grew tired of it(they grew tired of it since I had all the hotels and they just kept loosing money) so we decided to call it a tie (hell to the no! I won!) and watch some TV before we went to bed, during the monopoly game Lucy had invited Lisa to stay, and she was happy to do so.
This night I decided that I had to act a little as a babysitter, despite my outfit, and I told Lucy to get ready for bed around 9:30, she did as she was told, and me and Lisa stayed up for another hour or so, chatting and watching more TV, before we decided to go to bed aswell, we went upstairs to brush our teeth, and for Lisa to go to the bathroom before we went to bed, while I decided to use my diaper. Once Lisa was done she asked me if I needed a change, I nodded my head ‘yes’ and she went and got 2 diapers, one for me and one for her, she helped me change, and then I asked if I could put hers on, since she had changed me twice, she allowed me to put it on her, and while she was bigger, I found it easyer than changing a baby since Lisa did actually do as she was told, instead of struggling and kicking everywhere.
I jumped into bed, and Lisa got in with me while wearing her top and diaper, she did usually sleep naked with her diaper, but we decided that would be too weird seeing that we had not known eachother for that long.
We couldn’t help but messing around for awhile and making some jokes, but after about 20 minutes, we fell asleep, and I had never felt so happy in many months.

When I awoke the next morning Lisa was still out like a logg, I was not tired anymore, I had actually had a very good nights sleep, but decided to just lie down for awhile with my own thoughts and the sound of Lisa’s heavy breathing next to me, I kept thinking that it was so peaceful right now, and my body felt as if there were not a care in the world right now, I felt down on my diaper, and it was dry, no surprise there as I wasn’t a bedwetter, but still a nice comfirmation, it made me less awkward about wearing it, carefully, I slid my hand down towards Lisa’s bottom to feel her diaper, and even without sticking my fingers inside it, I could feel that it was soaked, but Lisa had said that she was a bedwetter, and that she actually needed diapers to bed, so who cares?
I decided to wake Lisa up, and when she finally woke up, she had a sheepish look on her face, and first it seemed as she couldn’t remember where she was, although after some seconds of brushing the sleep out of her eyes she gave me a big smile and wished me a good morning, I told her it was time to get up, and wake up Lucy, and also get her out of her soggy diaper before she got a rash.
We both got out of bed, and Lisa quickly untaped her diaper, and let it fall to the floor, she cleaned herself up with a wipe and then she put on the panties she had worn the day before. I looked at Lisa’s rear and her panties, and then I let a hand fall down on my diaper, she picked up her jeans, and when she put them on she bent down so I could have a perfect look at her bottom while holding my right hand over the crotch of my diaper in deep thought.
Lisa gave me a funny looking face when she had turned around, and my eyes were still staring at her rear, although now the front of her rear.

“You gonna go all lesbian on me now?” She asked with a giggle.

I blushed and replied:

“No, I was just thinking, I am not sure if I want to keep wearing my diaper, or if I want to wear panties again.”

“Well, I can’t make that desicion for you, you just have to do what you feel more comfortable with, and whatever you choose right now, you can always change later.”

“Well, I guess it would be a waste to throw out this diaper unused, might aswell wet it before I change out of it, I do have to pee right now anyways.”

Lisa smiled at me as I spread my legs, and started to wet my diaper, I blushed as I was thinking about what I was doing, and Lisa started to giggle as I pushed out the last, and then stood up with a sheepish look on my face, I was about to undo the snap on my onesie as Lisa took my hands and almost threw me down on the bed, she undid the snaps for me and lifted the front up to my belly, then she undid the tapes of my diaper, and cleaned my up with a wipe, she took hold of my legs and pushed them up my body so she could pull out my diaper from beneath me, and gave me a playfull swat on my tushy, she released my legs and went over to the drawers and started to go through them, she turned back towards me and showed me a pink pair of panties, the design of them was quite childish, with cinderella on the front, but they were not little girl panties, they were just my feel good panties for slacking off. I couldn’t help but smile slightly as Lisa lifted one of my legs at a time and pushed them through each of the leg holes of the panties, then she started to drag them up and as they reached my waist she told me to lift my butt, and as I did Lisa pulled the panties all the way up, and released them so they snapped me alittle.

I got up and picked out a pair of jeans from the drawer, and put them on, then we both got in to wake up Lucy, she was easy to get up, but as she saw me wearing my tight jeans, wich would in no possible way hide a diaper, she looked very disappointed. I told her to get dressed, and then come down to eat breakfast, and good girl as she was, she did exactly as she was told without back-talk.
Me and Lisa went downstairs and prepared some toast, we were too lazy to do anything more advanced, Lucy came down and the 3 of us sat down with our toast and a glass of juice, we made plans for what we were going to do until 6 o’clock when Lucy’s parents were supposed to come home, we decided to go back down to the park right after breakfast. This time it wasn’t really bad for me to go down, since I was wearing clothes I could actually be proud of wearing, nothing embaressing, just something any girl my age would wear.
We did however bring a football with us, so when Lucy caught up with her friends, me and Lisa played some…fine, I am in America now, I guess I have to say it…soccer.

The hours flew by, first we just made some passes, with more and more technique, I tried the backheel a couple of times, wich I might add is one of my strengths, I am almost as precise with my backheel as I am with a normal pass, which makes me a danger to defenders. I also tried a couple of other styles, but I won’t bore too much with soccer details.
After that 2 other girls from the team came to the park, the identical twins Anna and Michelle, both blonde and rather tall, 6,0 I would guess them both to be, not all too skinny, they were by no means fat, but they were built rather large, wich suits them well as they are the teams starting centre-backs. So they came and we played alittle 2 on 2, me and Lisa on the same team cause we would not know wich one were on our teams if not, since Anna and Michelle are as I said identical, and wear pretty much the same clothes.
We didn’t play too hard, since neither of us were actually dressed for the occasion, but it was fun, and I got a good connection with all 3 girls, and I felt that if I made it into the team, I would have a great time playing with them all.

But as I said, the hours flew by, and before we knew it, it was already 5 o’clock, and we hadn’t eaten since breakfast, we said goodbye to Anna and Michelle and picked up Lucy to go get something to eat, we all decided we weren’t in the mood to cook, so we headed downtown to get burgers, it only took us about 10 minutes to get to the closest McDonalds, and we ordered our food, I had a cheeseburger with a coke and some fries, Lisa went for the Big Mac and c.o, while Lucy had an happy meal, I payed for the lot since as I said, money is not an issue for me, and I suggested the idea of McDonalds, so I said it was no more than right. We finished our burgers, then headed straight home so that we would be there when Lucy’s parents came home, although Lisa said that she had to go home sometime, so she headed home, leaving me and Lucy alone to get to Lucys place.

We arrived at about 17:45, and I sat Lucy down infront of the TV while I went upstairs to pack my stuff, and as I did, I wondered why I had even bothered to put my stuff in a drawer, it was only for 2 days anyway. The packing went smoothly (Cause there are such dangers in packing clothes for 2 days…) And I brought my stuff downstairs, just when I let my bag down in the hall, the Anderson’s came through the door with big smiles, Mrs. Anderson came behind pushing Mr. Anderson through the door, from there he rolled himself through, Lucy ran into her mothers arms and gave her a big hug, and then the usual came, Mrs. Anderson asked her if she had been a good girl, what we had done and all that stuff, Lucy however did not mention that I had been in diapers for most of the weekend, wich I was very thankfull for, Mrs. Anderson turned towards me again with a big smile, for a moment, her smile disappeared as I thought her eyes go down to my waist, but I am sure I was just imagening stuff, since her smile came back right away, although it did look rather fake and forced up by will power, she got out her purse and payed me for the babysitting, then she gave me a big hug and patted my back, at the same time I could swear I felt her tug out the back of my jeans, but at the moment I just shrugged it off as an accident and said nothing about it. We said our goodbyes, and I hugged Lucy and thanked her for the weekend, this time however, I was not just imagening things, when we broke our hug, Lucy definately swapped my ass, but I didn’t want to make a fuss about it as I was afraid she would say that she did that while I was wearing a diaper too, but I told Mrs. Anderson that she had my number if they needed my service again, and headed home.
My mom hadn’t come home yet, so I was all by myself and got to unpack my 2 days worth of packing alone, yeah that took really long time… Then I plopped down on my computer chair and started up my computer, and I had time to think about the weekend, and more importantly, about the diapers, they had felt very good, I had to admit, and very comforting, and actually, I had to admit that I did miss the feeling of them. I kept thinking about them while going on Facebook and checked what my old friends from Sweden were up too, at the same time, looking up Lisa, Anna and Michelle to add them, after awhile though I left facebook and played some computer games, I played some World of Warcraft, yes I have an account that I play some times, not too much though, I play when I have time I don’t know how else to waste when not playing soccer, working out, hanging out with friends or doing homework. All the time playing, I kept thinking about the diapers, making my gaming unfocused, although that is not an issue since I was playing one of my low level characters, they require no thinking whatsoever. I was only disturbed about a half-hour in by a very very great phone-call. It was the coach of the team I had been playing with, and she said that even though it had only been one practise, she had talked to some of the girls (I was pretty sure which ones) and she said that she would love to sign me, all I had to do was come down to training tomorrow, and they would talk contract. Probably no big money, since it is not that big of a club, and we are all young, but it will be some, as I need a paying contract to be get to play.

When I hung up with the coach, and thanking her about 10 times, I decided to text Lisa the good news, she seemed really happy for me and said she couldn’t wait for tomorrows practice.
I returned to WoW for about another hour, until my mother came home, I shut off my computer and went downstairs to greet her, she asked my how my weekend had been and I replied that it had been good, then I told her that I had made the team and that I was to sign with them the day after, and mom gave me a big hug and congratulated me.
We both sat down infront of the Tv, and we talked some more about what we had done during the weekend, mom had appearently had a regular two days, although unusually little to do, and she said she had really missed me these two days, as we don’t get to see each other much as it is anyway.
We talked some more, and I was really glad to talk to my mother, but after awhile we just let our minds slip to the TV and we sat in silence for a little while, but then, without thinking about it too much, I just though, I have to go for it and told her:

“Mom, I would like to start wearing diapers again.”

I could tell she was shocked, and I understood her, for her it must have come from nowhere, I don’t think that she in her wildest imagination could think that her 16 year old daughter would just out of nowhere ask to wear diapers again, all she could get out was a simple:


“Well, when babysitting Lucy, I wore them for awhile, and I actually kind of liked to wear them, I don’t want to wear them all the time, and definately not outside the house, but maybe to bed, and when there’s just the two of us home, I would really like it if sometimes I could get to wear diapers.”

I could see mom thinking for abit, but after awhile she smiled at me and said:

“What ever you want honey, I might not really understand it, but if you want to wear diapers at the house, you may wear diapers at the house, it is really not up to me what kind of underwear you wear.”

“Thanks mum” I said and gave her a big hug. “But one more thing, can we buy them off the internet? I really don’t want people to know about it, and if we buy them at the local store, it is easy for them to find out.”

“Sure honey, as a matter of fact, why don’t we go and order some right now?”

I beamed towards my mother, I had not even had time to blush, we both made our way to mother’s computer, and with abit of search, we found a good place to buy diapers, it is not like we had any experience with it, so we had to google for a time before we found a good place. We decided to order some classico bambinos, they looked rather childish, and I told mum I wanted them rather that way, at the same time they were thick, and that would be good too, I said that I wanted to be able to feel them, so that I knew what I was wearing, and it wouldn’t hurt if they were very absorbent.
So at the age of 16, I stood with my mother as she ordered home some packs of classico bambino diapers, and she said that tomorrow after work, she would go to a store away from town and pick up some wipes and babypowder for me, I again hugged her and told her that she was the best mum in the world, and I really ment it.

The End.

Re: The Swedish Babysitter

Great story!!! I really enjoyed it!

Re: The Swedish Babysitter

This is a good story, but sometimes the details aren’t clear.
For example, when The Swedish Babysitter goes to the park, at first she is in a onesie, but as the scene progresses she is in a skirt, and trys to hold it down from the wind when it exposes her diaper to her soccer, or football, friend. Then, a few sentences later, her friend changes her from the onesie. I believe it is well-written for having a somewhat limited knowledge of English. However, this story isn’t quite believable. The fact that she let a seven year old diaper her and drag her into public isn’t the best concept to grasp.

The moment I enjoyed the most was the ending, for how the mom is so supportive, though it lacked characterization.

Keep Writing,

Re: The Swedish Babysitter

Well, if you read carefully, you will notice that she is actually put in a skirt before they go to the park :wink:

And as the story is not all that beliveable, well, it wasn’t really my goal, besides, stories on this subject rarely are beliveable, and I wanted it abit that way :wink:

And for the other part, I will definately think about that, I am grateful for critisism, it is only my 3d story, and the only way to learn is to do, so I will try to get better at it :slight_smile:

Re: The Swedish Babysitter

I understand that she put the skirt on before hand, but after the incident, Lisa says that she was “sitting there in a onesie” which got me confused.

Also, as Lisa said after her apology, the story is a bit hard to believe. I’d like to see it more believable, but I’m glad it wasn’t as typical as most of the other stories out there.

-GenerallySpecific :slight_smile:

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Re: The Swedish Babysitter

Oh yeah, I see what you mean there, however, I rarely notice such things, cause as it is I who wrote it, I see it my way, I am very bad at noticing how other people might interpret things, but what I can say is that for me, Lisa saw the onesie, as the skirt flew up Lisa saw something pink, with snaps hiding something bulky, and she added 1 to 1 and got 2… :wink: and for that conversation, sitting in a skirt is normal for girls to do, so it would have been redundant for Lisa to name the skirt of Nicole’s clothings.

And for the unbelievable part, since I put it myself in the story that it was just unbelievable, for my part, stated that I kind of wanted it such. and thus I made it slightly unbelievable, it is not as it can’t happen, it is not like aliens came down and diapered her and magically turned her into a two year old.

And also, at the end, I hinted that it was the plan all along from the Anderson’s to get Nicole into diapers, and rather to act as a baby, I am not sure if anyone actually got that, it is not a big part of the story, just something the naughty little me thought to put in, for a little depth into the story, if I succed, I can’t tell, just that I wanted to try it, and by trying, I learn to improve :slight_smile:

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Re: The Swedish Babysitter

I caught that last part with the Anderson’s as well. Overall I thought you did a very good job with english not being your native language.

Re: The Swedish Babysitter

thank you :slight_smile:

I have noticed now the biggest difficulty of not writing in my native language, I am currently slightly working on another story, not about diapers, or anything sexuall really, just a little novel. And so far I have got down about 3 A4 pages of mostly describing things, with not too much action, just as I want this story for the time being. However, writing so much about how my character developes, and how she looks, I notice how many things there are that I could say in Swedish, that I just can not get down into english, my mind just doesn’t work that way yet in english. My mind just doesn’t come up with the same sentences in English as I do in Swedish, I know what I want to write, I just don’t know how to explain it in a good way, and it is hard to translate it from swedish without making it sound ridiculous.
But I feel like I am getting better the more I write though :slight_smile:

Re: The Swedish Babysitter

I don’t get it.

I feel like this has been done.

Re: The Swedish Babysitter

Hey this story sounded quite real in some ways… but not so real in others but darn good… i wish i had your talent in writing… :slight_smile:

you do know about google translate. you just type some stuff in Swedish and right click your mouse in the field that the words are at and click translate to English then a block will appear saying detect language the to English, click detect then to English and it should work. that will help you type your thoughts in Swedish and translate to English.

i enjoyed the story. maybe you could write one about the two girls doing a sleep over and wearing diapers all weekend and act like babies. or maybe if her mom is there with the sleep over they could play baby and have mom baby them all weekend. my idea is free to use if you wish.