The Travelers, Chapter 7: Right and Wrong

Several faces began popping up as holographic projections around the room, introducing themselves as the joint Etherian Embassy.

“Like your people, we once had nations of people divided on our home planet but when the sun turned into a red giant, that became the end of our disputes and forced us to form this council for the betterment of our society,” Keldin explained.

“Keldin, who are these strange creature’s you’re speaking to?” one Etherian asked, projecting her thoughts throughout the room as an echo.

“They are the only two remaining survivors of the planet I found in ruins from roughly twelve thousand years ago.”

“Hmph, pitiful creatures, they’re so primitive and uncivilized,” one stated, shooting a glare at the two humans.

“Kradak, every sapient civilization starts out primitive, it is not your place to judge them for it. I imagine you might have a different point of view if I had come across their planet still remarkably in tact with the human populus alive and well. Twelve thousand years is plenty of time to develop technologically and in the evolutionary chain afterall,” another voice projected.

An eighth screen popped up, this time without an Etherian but rather a pair of red eyes and a black empty background. A voice boomed through the projection, "As per the cease fire / treaty that was proposed, if the terraformation technology works and effectively ends our struggle to maintain our homeland against Etherian invaders, our demands were blueprints for the same technology so we may make our own planets.

I am here for the schema, I care not for your pointless deliberations. Hand them over, and I will inform our king, His Majesty Sohara D’Malagen of the official end of the war as per the agreement. Failure to comply will result in the destruction of your ship and the newly formed planet."

Keldin began messing with a few knobs and buttons on the ship, and a beam of light radiated from his ship to another previously unseen one in the distance. “The schematics are yours Ambassador, I may not speak for all Etherians but I would like to put…” Keldin began a small speech but the Djinn Ship simply left without another word.

“Rude bastards,” Kradak exclaimed.

Cassandra and Raynor simply stood there; they knew it wasn’t there place to make comments or question what they were doing. They both felt like black sheep, and as the tension rose, Cassandra knelt down to Keldin’s level and whispered “I think it’d be best if we went to the lounge area while you discuss things here,” she stated, and Keldin agreed almost simultaneously.

Raynor and Cassandra left the room, heading towards the lounge. With Raynor walking in front, Cassandra notice something peeking out of Raynor’s pants, almost giggling but composing herself at the last second, deciding not to mention it.

They sat down and began making small talk, simply keeping the conversation light considering they have virtually nothing in common.

“Heh, you know what would be awesome?” Raynor asked. “If they let us name the new planet.”

“That would be cool, but I doubt that’d happen. It’s not really our planet anymore, I’m not even sure what’s going to happen to us once we’re down there…” She stated dejectedly.

“Eh, Keldin’s been very good to us and the other council members didn’t seem to hate us like that prick Kadrak did, so I’m sure we’ll be fine,” Raynor responded rather nonchalantly.

“Hope you’re right…” she trails. “By the way…I kind of want to ask something, I hope it doesn’t make you uncomfortable but…why are you wearing a diaper?” Cassandra wanted to refrain from asking but felt overly compelled to ask. She had seen his physical and knew full well he wasn’t incontinent, and so her curiosity was piqued almost to an annoyance.

“I….I just like them okay…” he stammered.

“That’s kinda weird,” she casually stated, making him blush even more. “Then again, we’re the last two humans right? So who the hell cares what we do with our life, ya know?”

Raynor got up and walked away, trotting back to his own room without saying another word. It was weird enough that an alien species questioned his reasoning behind wearing them, but having the only remaining person he had a chance of relating to poking fun at his choice of attire, it reminded him too much of his previous life, the one he wanted to escape in the first place.

Keldin walked into the room just as Raynor had left. Sensing the tension in the room, he asked Cassandra if anything was wrong. “Well, he was wearing something that usually small children or disabled people wear on our own planet, and when I asked him about it I guess I embarrassed him.”

“Ah…I see. Let me ask you then, on your home world, is it something normal for you to paint your face multiple colors the way you do?” He asked, almost confusing her.

“You mean my makeup?”

“If that is what you refer to it as, then yes. I have seen your true face before, and it does not look like what it looks like now,” he stated.

“Well…yeah, most girls on Earth do this.”

“May I ask why?”

“Umm…hmm, ya know? I’ve never really thought about why. At some point during my life, it just sort of started happening and I never really thought too much about it. Some girls wear it to look pretty, some wear it to cover up embarrassing features like a zit or something, it’s just something we do I guess.”

“I see, so every morning your brain reminds you and compels you to wear paint on your face for some inexplicable reason?”

“I…guess that’s one way of putting it.” She said, rather confused at this point.

“Then is he so different to have his own brain compel him to wear something for some inexplicable reason despite the fact that he is a physically able bodied adult that does not need to wear them, just as you are a healthy well groomed woman with or without this “makeup” as you refer to it?”

“I guess not, I didn’t mean to offend him or anything,” she said a little more somber now.

"I imagine I made you uncomfortable by asking you why you wear makeup, forcing you to think up a reason for something you wear without thinking about it or wondering why you wear it in the first place. I simply wanted to offer you a perspective on the matter.

Just as it’s not Kadrak’s place to call you primitive and my place to question what you do with your body or what you wear, it may not be your place to judge him either."

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get you all offended now,” she exclaimed.

“No need, I am not offended. When I rescued you and Raynor, I took on a parental role of sorts, guiding you in the current situation you are in, homeless and the last of your species. I am not here to tell you what to do or what is right and wrong, but I can at least offer my advice and teachings.”

“Well maybe I should go apologize to him then, for making him uncomfortable in the first place,” she said.

“Later, perhaps. Right now, it may be best to leave him alone. He’s…not so open and easy to comprehend as you are,” he stated, astounding her.

“Seriously? He’s been taking the loss of our planet so well and being so upbeat and optimistic about things,” she said.

“It’s a facade. Considering I have the ability to read minds, he’s more torn up about this entire endeavor than you are, and perhaps subconsciously this isn’t what he wanted,” he explained. “I can’t quite pin point it, as his mind is a maze of tangled emotions and somewhat terrifying thoughts, but I imagine he would have preferred death over waking up again. Afterall he did imply that the chamber he was frozen in was akin to a burial coffin.”

“Oh…wow, I had no idea,” Cassandra stated with remorse.

“Indeed. You had a very appropriate reaction to the series of events, I did not expect his reaction to be so…easy going.”

“Maybe he could use that robot more than I could,” Cassandra stated. “I’m not really over it all, but I’m adjusting…I guess, for now. Some days, I wake up and think I’m in a dream, but I guess reality will eventually have to settle in…” she reluctantly stated.

“Indeed, but I don’t think an automaton like yours would do. Personally, I think it may be best if you talk to him yourself, get to know him as a person, not just a test subject for the cryogenics experiment you were apart of.”

“…I guess your right, I’m just not sure what I should say to him,” Cassandra said.

“One of the easiest and most effective forms of any therapy is not saying anything at all, but rather, listening, and anyone can do it.”

“That does make sense, I did feel a lot better after just venting it all out on Andre…”

“Andre?” Keldin inquired.

“Oh…sorry, the robot you sent to me, the one that takes the shape of someone from my memories or whatever. Andre was an old childhood friend of mine…”

“Ah, I see. Well, then I’ll leave you to it,” Keldin said, standing up and beginning to walk away.

“Wait, just one quick question, did you guys name the planet? We were talking about how funny it would be if we could name the planet before he left…”

“Rather ironic actually. After deciphering your language and alphabet, we were surprisingly able to create an anagram of both your names which sound out an Etherian word for “Beginning anew.” The planet’s name is Sanodrya Scaarn.”

“Huh…weird name but that’s kinda cool. So…are we allowed to live on the planet, or are we gonna be kept here?”

“Oh, I wouldn’t dream of letting you rot in this decaying junker. No, we have nanites building housing districts as we speak, two have already been reserved for the both of you,” he assured her. “It will take a little over a week in your time to properly calibrate the ecosystem, to ensure that the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels are appropriate, as well as the other minerals, vegetation, and life forms and such. Once that is accomplished, we will finally land this poor excuse for a ship down on fresh land.”

Cassandra was relieved, knowing she could last a week now that she knew she was going to at least have a decent living environment later. She left, walking down the corridors of the rusting ship towards Raynor’s room.

She gave a couple of knocks, and when no response was heard, she opened the door to see if he was alright. She witnessed him sleeping soundly, with the black bow in his hair, pacifier in mouth, and his pants pulled down far enough to expose the back of his diaper a little more. Although it was a foreign concept to Cassandra, it was actually rather cute in her eyes.

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Well, this is more a story about them and the situation just happens to be more prevalent at the moment, so once things settle down in the story so to speak, that should change very drastically. This is an AB story, and while there was no way I could let it be dominant at the beginning with everything else going on, I wanted to at least let people on this forum know there was AB stuff coming.

Right now the only thing I’m disappointed with was my decision to pander to an audience that decided to stop caring. A tragic mistake I always make when writing, as it usually ends up destroying the story.

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I’m not quite sure I follow could you please explain?
Good story by the way :slight_smile:

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I’m not quite sure I follow could you please explain?

If I told you, I’d have to kill you.

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Well that’s a risk I’m willing to take.

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I’m not…

Look, it’s me being pissy without attacking anyone specific, it’s something I’m disappointed in that happened and I’ll get over it. No big deal.