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You are doing a great job, be sure to keep it up!

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I am very much enjoying this story. Its well written (just a few typos here and there) and it is believable to white an extent. In fact, I think it’s one of the most believable ABDL stories I’ve read, which makes into even better! Pleeeeease keep it coming! I’m also extremely grateful for the quick updates.

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This is great! Keep it up c: I’ll admit I’m kind of hoping that she just ends up getting full-on babied :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow love it!!! Please continue :slight_smile:

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I hope this story wont join the wonderful gems that stop incomplete. I am enjoying it and hope it continues

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I’ll echo all the other sentiments and say Good Job!!! Its got a believable premise and enough detail so that you’re not confused when something happens as it didn’t just happen out of the blue.

One issue I have though is the lack of contractions. I am, do not, will not, have not, should have, and others can all be changed using contractions. It helps the story flow more easily and sounds more like what an American teenager of today would say. Not using contractions gives it a more formal aire and while that’s not always a bad thing it can come off as a bit jarring.

Other than that I find myself waiting for the next chapter and I really wanna see if she’ll end up telling Becky!

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Chapter VII

When Julie woke up in the morning, she hopped out of bed and headed for the kitchen. Her parents were already up, but she didn’t see them right away. She grabbed some OJ out of the fridge and poured herself a glass. Then she grabbed a banana and headed into the living room. She fired up the computer there, so she could check her e-mail.

While the computer was booting up, she heard her dad come in the sliding glass door from the back yard. As he walked into the house, he noticed Julie sitting at the computer, still in her pajamas.

“Morning Julie. How you feeling this morning?”


“How did last night go? You able to sleep ok?” her asked curiously. Julie wasn’t exactly sure what he meant. She had slept just fine, just like normal.

“Yea, I slept fine. Why?”

“Oh, I was just wondering if you were able to sleep well wearing a diaper again and all.”

Julie hadn’t exactly forgotten she was wearing a diaper, but she wasn’t actively thinking about it either. Her father’s statement brought back her memories from last night. She now remembered waking up in the night needing to pee. In her half-asleep state she had even gone as far as getting out of bed, before she remembered the diaper she had on. Being half asleep, she thought, ‘Oh yea, I can just go,’ and so she did right then and there. She crawled back into bed without ever fully waking up, and fell back asleep as her head hit the pillow. When she had gotten up this morning, she knew she was wearing a diaper, but hadn’t even notice that it was wet. She was about to take a look at her diaper, just to make sure her memories weren’t another dream, when she heard the screen door again. This time it was her mom.

“Honey” she said in Ted’s direction. “Have you checked her diaper yet?”

“Oh, I was just about to do that.” Ted said as he started walking to Julie. Sally stopped him.

“No, I’ll do it. The stupid sprinkler in the back corner just broke. I need you to fix it. It’s supposed to be warm today, and my ferns will wilt if they don’t get water.”

“You mean the sprinkler by the Dinmore’s house?” Ted asked.

“No.” Sally said as she walked over to Julie. As she kept talking she pulled the waist of Julie’s pajamas pants open and stuck her hand inside. “The ferns are next to the Sander’s house.” Julie felt her mom’s hands between her legs. “It’s the same sprinkler line that came apart last month, remember?”

“Yea, I remember. I’ll go take a look at it.”

“Thanks honey. And you,” Sally said turning to Julie “need to be changed, your diaper is totally wet. Let’s go.”

Julie hadn’t even logged on to her e-mail account yet, but she stood up and walked off to her room. She was already on the changing table when her mom came in. A minute later, her pajama bottoms were on the floor, her diaper was off and her mom was cleaning her off with a second baby wipe. Julie lay back and looked at the ceiling again. She noticed a new patch of stars off in a corner of the ceiling.

Sally finished cleaning and powdering and set about taping a fresh diaper in place. She pulled the front of the diaper and spread it out over her daughter’s midriff. She pulled the tapes open and pasted them to the front, securing the diaper in place. She did one last visual, and pronounced her work complete.

“There you go.”

“Thanks mom.” Julie said as she hopped down. She didn’t bother asking her mom if she would have the pajamas pants back on, instead choosing to just head back to the computer room with her diaper fully exposed. Mom would say no anyhow she figured.

Julie sat down and started catching up on e-mails. She finished her OJ and banana and then started typing a few of her own. She had just finished sending her last one when her dad came back in. He had some dirty sprinkler parts in his hand.

“The things busted.” He declared to Julie. “I’ll have to go to the store and pickup a new part. Your mom will freak out if her ferns wilt. You want to come to the store with me?”

“Sure, let me just log out.”

“Uh, you might want to put some clothes on too.” He quipped sarcastically. “I don’t know if going to the hardware store dressed like that is such a good idea.”

“Gee thanks dad, I wouldn’t-a thought of that” Julie responded using her best Forest Gump imitation.

It took Julie a minute to get dressed. She was going to wear some shorts, and even put them on, before she realized that her diaper was almost visible out the bottom. She decided on a longer skirt instead. Once dressed, she and her dad hopped in the truck and bounced over to the hardware store. Julie’s family lived a bit outside of town and it took them a good 20 minutes to get to there. Julie followed her dad around the store looking for parts. Fortunately the store was noisy, because Julie’s diaper crinkled under the loose fitting skirt.

They found the part, paid their way and headed for home. On the way back, Julie’s dad asked her the question she knew was coming.


“I don’t know dad. I really don’t. It’s just that I have been wondering about this for literally my whole life. I have always had these dreams at night and recently I started having them a lot. And I just kept wondering and wondering. I guess I finally decided I didn’t want to wonder anymore.”

“Well, yea I know you have always been curious. You hated it when you didn’t know everything when you were a kid.”

“Yea, but this is different. I don’t know how to explain it. I mean, sure I always wondered what I was getting for Christmas, and I hated not knowing. But I never had dreams about that stuff. This was just like, the most curious I have ever been about something. I just, well…” she trailed off.

“You just what?”

“I just have always been too afraid to find out. I mean, I don’t need anybody to tell me this whole thing is really weird. I mean, I can’t imagine that anybody ever feels like this. Who on earth has ever wondered what it is like to wear diapers?” Julies voiced dropped a bit, and her next sentence sounded more like a question than a statement. “I always was afraid I was a freak.”

“Well, kid-o I got news for you. You’re not a freak. Heck the only freaks out there are the nut jobs who live their life the same way every day and don’t have anything odd about them at all. Those are the folks you gotta watch out for.”

“That’s kind of what mom said.” Julie said a bit surprised.

“Gee Julie, now where do you think she got that idea?” Ted said in a Forest Gump voice of his own.

The rest of the morning went by quickly. Julie helped her dad in the yard a bit, although she mainly just stood around and watched. Sally got a bit of a laugh when she came out and saw the two of them at work. They were both on their knees looking at the sprinkler trying to see if some valve was open or closed. As a result of her bent over position, Julie’s skirt had come up enough to expose her diaper to the world. Good thing the back yard was fenced.

When sprinkler duty was over, Julie and her dad came back in. Sally gave Ted a little stare, and he picked up the hint. A second later, Julie’s skirt was up for a quick diaper inspection. Ted took a look, patted her bottom and pronounced her fine.

Sally suggested they go out for lunch, since she didn’t feel like cooking anything. There were no complaints. As they were leaving Julie finally needed to pee. She was a bit worried since they were about to leave the house. But then she remembered how well the diapers had done yesterday at Becky’s when she had to go a lot worse. ‘Besides, I need to get used to just going when I need to.’ She told herself.

Julie ended up wetting herself while they were waiting for Ted to find his keys. When he finally found them (out by the sprinkler) they hopped in the car. By the time they got to the restaurant, Julie’s diaper felt pretty much like normal.

On the way home she wet herself again, and the diaper really swelled up. Unlike after the first wetting, the diaper stayed somewhat wet, and Julie could tell she really needed to be changed. She just hoped somebody would check her diaper when they got home.

Unfortunately for Julie, mom decided to make a quick detour to the grocery store. The three of them all went inside, and Julie waddled along as best she could. While they were waiting in the check out like, her mom noticed she was walking a bit strange.

“Julie do you need to be changed?” Sally said, as if asking her for the time. Julie couldn’t believe her mom had asked her that in public. The woman in front of them had to have heard, but fortunately paid no attention. Sally looked at her daughter waiting for an answer.

“Yea.” Julie shyly said.

“I’ll change you as soon as we get home.” She replied. This time, the woman in front shot a confused glance over her shoulder at Julie. Julie’s face reddened and she looked at her shoes. She hadn’t been so embarrassed in a very long time.

Ten minutes later, Julie was on the changing table and Sally was untaping her wet diaper.

“Mom, that woman at the grocery store totally heard you talking about changing my diaper.” Julie said a bit concerned.

“So what? Did you know her or something?” Sally replied a bit surprised as she lifted the wet diaper out from under Julie. She grabbed a baby wipe and started cleaning.

“No, I didn’t know her, but…”

“But what? Who cares? Besides, I told you, this week we’re all going to pretend you’re not potty trained. And ‘all’ includes you, so I suggest you get used to it. I’m not going to go around advertising the fact that you are wearing diapers, but I am not going to turn this into some kind of Top Secret operation either.”

Julie was smart enough to know when her mom was not interested in hearing different opinions. Apparently, this was one of those times.

“Well, I guess I don’t care about strangers, but can you please be careful? I mean what if somebody we know was there?”

Sally paused and looked down at her daughter. “Honey, if there is somebody around, I will try to use some basic discretion. But you need to accept the fact that you’re wearing diapers again. And if that means some stranger hears me asking if you need to be changed, then that’s what it means.”

Julie gave up. Hopefully there wouldn’t be too many more incidents like that. Sally finished her cleaning, and spread out a new diaper under Julie’s bottom. She quickly pulled up the front, and taped the diaper into place.

The rest of the afternoon went by. She was watching T.V. in the living when Becky called and said that a group of friends were all going to see a movie tomorrow afternoon. Julie asked her mom if she could go to, and got a nod of approval.

A few minutes after she hung up with Becky, Julie needed to go potty again, the messy kind of potty. She had a quick moment of anxiety but a few deep breaths helped her relax. She thought about last night and tried to convince herself that it wasn’t that bad. It took a minute or two for her to calm down. She thought about trying to hold off, but then reconsidered. ‘Heck, mom keeps saying that we are all going to pretend I am not potty trained.’ She thought to herself. ‘I guess I really should try to do the same. Maybe I should just relax and see what happens’.

She tried her best to not hold back at all. Nothing happened. Julie decided that it felt too weird standing there in the living room trying to poop her pants. She headed to her room for a bit of privacy. Once inside she closed the door. Being alone helped her relax and she concentrated trying not to hold back. She walked over to her window and looked out on the street below. Doing so helped her relax a bit more.

Somewhat suddenly, Julie started filling her pants. It actually took her by surprise since she wasn’t trying to do anything. She felt the little balloon begin to grow between her legs and soon spread out over her bottom. Julie stood there, looking out the window somewhat amazed as things happened. She couldn’t believe that without any effort on her part, her body had naturally taken control and in no time flat she had a poopy diaper.

‘That really wasn’t that bad.’ Julie told herself when everything was finished ‘I wonder if this is what it’s like to be a baby?’ She figured it had to be. And while the feeling was a bit strange, it was also somewhat comforting. It was nice to know that things could take care of themselves. She decided to try her best to just let things happen for the rest of the week. ‘I wanted to know what its like, so I guess I really ought to find out.’ She decided to look for her mom. Hopefully mom would smell that she needed to be changed. She found her mom in the kitchen working on dinner.

Sally only needed about a minute before she looked at her daughter and said, “Hey, did somebody poop her pants again?” It was that same tone from last night. She walked over to Julie, lifted up her skirt, and looked at her bottom. “I thought so. Get upstairs and I’ll be up in a second to change your diaper.”

Julie ended up back in the shower just like last night. This time her mom waited for her to get out. She was back in a clean diaper in no time.

Dinner came and went, and Julie watched a movie with her parents afterwards. When the movie was over, her parents said they were going to turn in for the night. Julie was a bit tired herself, so she headed to the bathroom to brush her teeth. While she was brushing, her dad came into the bathroom.

“Mom wanted me to see if you needed to be changed.” He said, slightly lifting up her shirt and examining her diaper. “Looks like you could use a change.”

Julie looked down and saw that he was right. It was only then that she remembered wetting herself during the movie.

Dad disappeared, and mom came up and changed her diaper. Just like last night, after her diaper had been snuggly taped into place, her mom put her in her pajama pants. When the light was off, Julie looked up at the stars and soon drifted off to sleep.

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Great chapter and it temporarily filled my need for more. Please keep them coming as the muse guides you.

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Awesome I’m loving every part of this story! Can’t wait for the next instalment :slight_smile:

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This has been and continues to be a great story. I am a bit concerned though about it becoming a little redundant. We were already made aware of the fact that messing her diaper was an uncomfortable prospect in one chapter and it was again a part of this last chapter. So far the story has been fresh and interesting. I sure hope you continue it that way. I will be looking forward to more of it.

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I hope that you will continue this story and finish at the characters week.

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Chapter VIII

Julie woke up with a wet diaper again. She foggily remembered waking up in the middle of the night, as usual, but this time she hadn’t bothered getting out of bed. Instead, she had told herself ‘just let things happen’. She vaguely remembered starting to wet her diaper. She didn’t remember finishing, or much of anything else. She hadn’t really ever fully woken up.

While she was eating breakfast, her mom came over and checked her diaper.

“Looks like you wet the bed again. Good thing you were wearing a diaper. Finish up your breakfast. I am going to take a quick shower and get ready for church.”

Julie was a bit surprised that her mom hadn’t said anything about changing her. Every other time her mom had checked her and pronounced her in need of a change, she had been changed immediately. But when she finished her breakfast, she could hear her mom in the shower. Her diaper was really wet as she often had to pee a lot during the night (hence the need for her trips to the bathroom normally). Julie couldn’t think of anything she could do other than wait.

About 15 minutes later her mom came out of her room dressed for church. “Come on, let’s change your diaper so you can get ready too.” Julie was happy to comply.

Julie was slowly getting used to having her diaper changed. Things didn’t tickle as much as they had, and her mom was getting faster with each change. Julie spent most of her time staring at the ceiling. This morning was no different. To her surprise, Julie found another small patch of stars she didn’t remember.

Soon enough, Julie had a nice dry diaper. She put on her favorite church dress and glanced in the mirror. The dress was a loose fitting sun dress. Julie was a bit concerned that somebody might be able to tell she was wearing a diaper if they looked at her bottom closely. She had made up her mind to change into something else when her mom came into her room.

“Good, you’re dressed. We need to go right now or will be late.”

Julie really wanted to change, but it was too late. ‘Well, I’ll be sitting down most of the time anyway’ she decided.

They got there just before the service started, and quickly found a seat. Julie was happy to sit down. The church was really quite, and she was worried that her diaper was loud enough that everyone could hear it.

When the service finished, the congregation got up and began to file out. There was lots of noise, so Julie didn’t worry about people hearing her diaper. She also didn’t hear Sarah come up from behind her. Suddenly a finger poked her in the side, just below the top of her diaper, making an audible crinkling sound. Julie jumped and spun around.

“Oh my gosh, I got you so bad!” Sarah giggled. “What are you so jumpy about?” Sarah and Julie had been friends for at least 5 years. They went to the same school, and had been in Sunday school classes for as long as they could remember. They had a long running game of sneak-up-behind-the-other-person and scare them.

“Oh, I am going to have to work hard to get you back for that one!” Julie replied. She didn’t mention the reason she had jumped so badly. Had Sarah heard? ‘She only touched my diaper for a second. It should feel like regular underwear right?’

If Sarah had noticed anything, she certainly wasn’t saying anything about it. The two girls chatted briefly, and then Sarah said good bye, her parents were walking out the door.

On the way back from church they stopped at their usual Sunday brunch spot. The line was a bit longer than normal and they waited almost 30 minutes for a table. Julie’s family had been coming here every Sunday for as long as she could remember. Julie didn’t even bother looking at the menu anymore. She had a few different favorites, but today seemed like a blueberry pancake day.

By the time they had sat down and ordered Julie needed to pee. ‘Just let things happen’ she told herself. But she found it hard to pee sitting there with her parents. Eventually the food came and Julie forgot about needing to pee. Her mom was a notoriously slow eater. Julie had finished and her mom was only about half done. She felt the need to pee again, and tried to just relax. Eventually Julie’s body managed to relax, things took care of themselves and Julie soon had a wet diaper.

About 20 minutes later they were back home. Julie was a bit surprised when her mom and dad both started putzing around the house. Nobody had bothered to check her diaper. Julie waited a few minutes, and eventually gave up. Her diaper wasn’t too wet to begin with, and by now she could hardly tell any difference. She went upstairs and changed into her normal clothes.

A few hours went by. Julie had actually wet herself again, twice in fact, and her diaper was now really soaked. She needed to leave in about 30 minutes to go over to Becky’s house for the movie. Maybe she should remind her parents.

She found her mom in the laundry room. “Mom, I need to be heading over to Becky’s soon for the movie. It starts at 4:30.”

“OK honey. Have a good time.”

Julie couldn’t believe it. She was about to try again when she remembered what her mom had said about asking to be changed. Maybe she could try dad. She turned and started walking away. Her moms voice stopped her.

“Julie” she exclaimed “you wet your pants!”

‘Finally’, Julie thought. ‘Wait a minute, how could she tell?’

“Oh honey, come here.” Her mom continued, sounding genuinely sorry. “Didn’t your dad change your diaper when we got home?”

“No, nobody’s changed me since this morning when you did. Nobody even checked my diaper all day.”

“You’re kidding? No your not, obviously. Well, good thing I’m doing the wash. Take your pants off.” Julie did as she was told assuming this was just part of getting her diaper changed. When she finally took her pants off however, she saw how her mom had found out she needed a new diaper. On the seat of her jeans were two oval shaped wet spots. Her diaper had leaked! Her eyes went wide. Sally saw this and quickly spoke.

“Your father was supposed to check your diaper earlier. I’ll have to talk with him later. Let’s get you changed.”

As Julie lay down on the changing table her stomach tightened in a sense of fear and apprehension. If she had been in public, anyone with half a brain would have been able to tell she had wet her pants. And while her mom had told her earlier that she needed to accept the fact that she was back in diapers, she didn’t think that meant she had to get used to everyone being able to tell. And it certainly didn’t mean she had to have accidents like this one. Sally must have noticed her daughters thoughts, because she looked at Julie and said,

“Honey, I am sorry you had an accident like that. I promise I will talk with your father and we will do a better job at checking your diapers.”

“But mom, what would have happened if I had been at the movies or something? What is going to happen tomorrow at school?”

There was a pause as Sally thought this over. For a minute Julie thought that maybe this whole diaper experiment was coming to a quick end. She did after all have a really good point. It had been maybe 6 hours and her diaper had leaked? School lasted longer than that. “Please mom, I don’t want everyone to be able to tell that I wet my pants at school,” Julie added after a few seconds of silence.

“Julie, first of all I promise you we will work something out for school. And I will talk to your dad and we will make sure to check your diaper more often. We will do our best to make sure this doesn’t happen again, but you need to understand that this is one of the drawbacks to wearing diapers.”

Julie didn’t really bother listening to much to what her mother was saying. She was too scared about the thought of a huge wet spot at school and all the other kids realizing she was wearing not just a diaper, but a wet diaper. Julie sat up on the changing table and spoke in a shaky voice to her mother.

“Mom, I am really scared. I don’t want to do this if it means I am going to have huge wet spots on my butt that everyone at school is going to see! I don’t want to…”

Sally cut her off, “Julie would you please lay down and let me finish changing your diaper.” Sally’s firm voice made it clear that this was a not a request. Julie lay back down and let out a sigh. “Now listen to me.” Sally began as she pulled Julie’s new diaper up between her legs and spread it out over her tummy. “I told you, we will work something out for school OK? I am a perfectly capable mother, and I will make sure you don’t have any accidents at school like this. Just between you and me, this would never have happened if I had just checked your diaper myself like I should have, but I asked your dad to do it and it seems he forgot. Now, you have barely been in diapers for two days now, and you have a ways to go, so I suggest you try to relax about this or it is going to be a long few days.”

Julie didn’t know what to say so she just lay there while her mom taped her new diaper in place. When the last tape was in secured Sally gave Julie’s hip a good firm pat.

“Look honey, your all set OK? Go to the movie and have a good time. Your diaper is going to be fine, and I will check it as soon as you get home. And don’t worry about school, I will take care of that too.”

Julie hopped down from the changing table and caught a glimpse of her lower half in the mirror. Having a dry diaper seemed to help and Julie felt a little better. But she was still worried about school. She turned to her mom and started to ask what she was going to do to make sure this didn’t happen again tomorrow afternoon.

“Julie. Don’t worry, I will take care of it. OK?” Sally asked.

‘What choice do I really have’ Julie thought as she nodded her head at her mom. She was about to walk out the door when her mom stopped her.

“Julie, before you go to the movies can you do me a favor?” Julie listened to her mom. After a couple of seconds she laughed and said, “Sure mom, I can do that.”

Five minutes later Julie was on her way out the door to head off to the movies. Right before she left, she yelled at her dad, who was in the living room.

“Dad, mom said to tell you thanks a lot for forgetting to check my diaper. I am supposed to tell you that it leaked and that you need to go talk with her right now. I am going to the movies, so I will see you later.”

Ted’s stomach did a flip. “Oh shit.” he muttered.

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Chapter IX

“Owww! I am sorry, it owwww won’t happen owww again.” Ted pleaded.

“Oh, this is for more than just forgetting to check your daughter diaper after I asked you to. Although that is enough in and of itself,” Sally said in a very slow and calculated tone. “No, I think somebody lost a bet and had a terribly cocky attitude about it didn’t they?”

“Well, I mean maybe a little but, Oww!”

“The only ‘butt’ that I am interested in is the one over my knee right now, so you can just stop that right now. I am afraid I am going to have to remind you what happens when you get cocky. I’m sorry honey, but it looks like I am going to have to use the hair brush.”

Ted looked up at his wife and tried his best puppy dog eyes,

“No, I promise it won’t happen again.” Ted said in a voice that belonged more to a three year old than a grown man.

Sally put her hand on Ted’s head and gave him a pat.

“I am sure it won’t honey, but I am going to just go ahead and help make sure it doesn’t. Now please hold still, this will only take a few minutes.”

Fifteen minutes later Sally and Ted were in the kitchen. Sally was sitting down drinking a glass of water. Ted was also drinking some water, but he had decided to stand instead of sit.

Julie’s trip to the movies went better than she had expected. None of her friends seemed to pay the least bit of attention to her rear end, despite Julie’s fear that people might be able to tell if they looked hard enough. About mid way through the movie Julie realized that wearing a diaper to the movies had some major advantages. On more than one occasion Julie’s friends teased her for going to the bathroom during the scary parts of movies. And it was not totally untrue. This time however, when the movie was getting close to the end, Julie smiled to herself and just went ahead and used her diaper. ‘Well, that’s one occasion where wearing a diaper is a great idea.’ Julie mused to herself. When the movie finally ended all of Julie’s friends headed straight for the girl’s room. Julie went in with them out of habit, but ended up just waiting for them all to finish.

When everyone finished and walked out of the theater the group (there were 6 of them) spilt up and a few of the girls went home. Julie stuck around, as did Becky and Jane who was another friend from school. After they said goodbye to the other girls they started talking about what to do next.

“Lets go get something to eat.” Becky suggested.

“Lets go to Tio Albertos. I want to have some rolled tacos with Guac.” Jane suggested. Everyone agreed.

Tio Albertos was across the street, so the girls cut through the parking lot and stopped at the traffic light waiting for the signal to change. During the walk over, Julie’s heart rate increased dramatically when she heard her diaper rustling as she walked. She just hoped her friends didn’t notice.

In Tio Albertos, or TA’s as everyone called, it the girls decided to split a large order of rolled tacos. Julie also got herself a horchata, one of her favorite drinks. They sat there and talked about school. In no time the topic turned to the upcoming Winter Ball.

Winter Ball was the first formal dance that Julie could attend since freshman were not allowed to go to homecoming or prom at her high school (which Julie and all the other freshman thought was a terrible rule). Oh sure, there was the so called “welcome back” dance that Julie had gone to at the beginning of school, but that was informal and you were not even supposed to bring a date. And while Winter Ball was still a long ways off, the dance was at the very beginning of December and it was just now the end of September, that didn’t stop the girls from talking about it all the time. On top of the fact that this was the first formal dance for freshman to attend this dance was traditionally a girl ask guy affair, so the girls had a lot to talk about.

The girls spent the next half an hour discussing who they would go to the ball with if they could go with anybody in the school. Becky had a thing for the boys cross country team and was debating whether Tom or Mark was the better dream date. Jane was all about the soccer boys. Jane played on the girls team and had gone out with a lot of the guys on the soccer team back when everyone was in Middle school. Jane and Becky were having a discussion on who had better legs, the cross country team or the soccer players. Julie finally jumped in.

“My gosh, who cares which had better legs! There is a lot more to guys than their legs for crying out loud. Have either of you ever head of arms? Or chests?”

“Well, I will admit the guys you seem so interested in are not bad. I mean, they don’t have the amazing legs I am after,” Becky said with a sarcastic emphasis on the word amazing that made all three of them laugh, “but I’ll admit some of them are pretty hot.”

“Who is it that Julie is after?” Jane asked Becky.

“Oh, Julie is all about the water polo team.”

Julie didn’t even bother to deny it. She had never made any secret of her near total fascination with the boys on the water polo team. Becky and Jane could keep their legs, Julie had bigger fish to fry.

“Hudson Marks,” Julie said with her eye looking at the ceiling, “now that is the very definition of hot in my book.”

Becky and Jane looked at each other and nodded in agreement. Hudson was one of Jane’s brother’s friends. He was a senior, and the girls had known him for a while now. He had been officially cute for a number of years now, and recently (the pool and gym might have had something to do with it) had gone from cute to hot.

“Yea, he is hot alright.” Said Jane. “Too bad he is such a jerk. I don’t know what you see in him Julie.”

“I don’t even know him, so there isn’t anything that I see. I mean, I just think he is hot that’s all. I mean, sure I would take him to Winter Ball in a heart beat, but I don’t think for a second that he would go with a freshman, let alone me. It just never hurts to fantasize a bit.” That last line made the three girls laugh.

The girls kept chatting and throwing out names of other cute boys and discussing more realistic possibilities for the Winter Ball. Eventually the food was gone along with Julie’s horchata. Jane said she had to be getting home. The three of them stood up from the table and left the restaurant. Once they were outside, Becky and Julie said goodbye to Jane, who lived in the opposite direction from the two of them. Julie and Becky then started walking in the direction of their homes.

As they were walking Julie noticed two things. First, that horchata was going through her system and she needed to pee. The second thing she noticed was that her diaper seemed louder than before. Julie tried to keep talking to cover up the sound, which wasn’t too hard with Becky.

As the two girls were getting closer to their neighborhood, they stopped to cross a busy street. While waiting for the light to change, Julie realized she wasn’t going to be able to hold back much longer. She felt really nervous about wetting herself with Becky right there. The light seemed to be taking forever though, and Julie finally decided to stop trying to hold back. ‘Just let things happen. I mean, I am wearing a diaper after all so there is really no point in waiting’ Julie figured.

By the time the light changed for Julie and Becky to cross the road, Julie had all but finished wetting herself. She felt her diaper getting larger as it swelled up with the added liquid. She also thought she noticed it getting even louder as a result of its new size. Where before Julie could tell herself that maybe you could hear her diaper, now she had to admit that it was definitely making enough noise for somebody to hear if they were paying attention.

Luckily for Julie though, Becky did not seem to be paying attention and soon enough they went their separate ways. Julie was home about 5 minutes later.

“Hi mom, hi dad. I’m home.” Julie shouted as she closed the front door. Julie was surprised to see her dad into the front entry way so quickly.

“Hey sweetie, how was the movie?” Ted asked.

“Oh it was cool. There was a bunch of us there, so we went to TA’s afterwards and split some food.”

“Did you bring any home?”

Julie laughed. Her dad was a total Mexican food nut and would have probably eaten at TA’s for every meal if he had it his way.

“No dad. Sorry.”

“Well, don’t make that mistake again.” Ted added jokingly. “Anyways, I am sorry about not checking your diaper earlier and you having an accident and all. I have been told that I am supposed to check you as soon as you get home.”

“Oh. OK.”

Julie just stood there and waited for her father to do something. Ted looked a bit confused about how to approach this. Every other time he had checked Julie’s diaper she had not been wearing pants.

“Uh, lets see here.” Ted said as her looked at Julie from behind. “Um, I guess I should…”

“Do you need me to take my pants off?” Julie asked.

“Well, can you at least pull them down so I can check your diaper?”

Julie slid her pants down and Ted took a look. He didn’t need much time to figure out that Julie’s diaper did in fact need to be changed.

“Well, looks like you need a new diaper. Let’s go and take care of that.”

Julie was soon on her back on top of the changing table. Her dad seemed a bit confused about how to change her diaper, and Julie soon realized that this was the first time he had done it. To her surprise, she could tell that he was more nervous about the whole thing then she was. Julie decided to help him out a bit.

“Dad, the clean diapers are underneath on the shelves. I think the wipes and stuff are down there too.”

“Oh, yea right I see it now.”

Ted grabbed the supplies and went to work. After cleaning Julie up he managed to get the diaper in place and fasten the tapes.

“Well, you’re all set there.”

Julie sat up and looked down at her new diaper. It certainly felt a bit different, and from the looks of things dad needed some practice. When she stood up she was afraid it was going to fall off. The tapes were far too loose. Julie tried pulling the diaper up a bit on her hips.

“Is it not on right? I think the tapes are supposed to go in the back right?”

Julie actually laughed at that one. While she was still pretty new to this whole diaper routine she at least knew how the diaper was supposed to fit.

“No dad, its fine. I think you just need a bit of practice. I think it needs to be a little tighter, that all. I am sure it will be fine.”

“Good. Oh and one last thing. I am supposed to tell you no pants. Your mom wants you in just your diaper so we don’t forget to check to see if you need to be changed.”

“Did mom really say ‘we’ dad?”

“Hey!” Ted said, laughing. “Don’t you start with me. I got more than enough from you mom already!” He ran over to Julie and grabbed her and started tickling her bare stomach. Julie squealed and ran down stairs.

The afternoon was getting on and Julie jumped on-line and did some internet surfing. Soon enough it was dinner time and they all had a nice meal together. After dinner Julie cleared the table and then went into the living room to watch some TV. On the way there her body told her that pretty soon it was going to be filling her diaper. Julie got nervous for a second, her stomach flipped and she stopped walking. But she quickly calmed herself down and took a deep breath. ‘It wasn’t so bad last time, and I really need to get over this whole pooping my pants thing or it’s going to be a long week.’ Julie told herself. ‘Just let things happen, that’s the plan’ Julie decided.

Julie went into the living room and turned on the T.V. She had never been much of a fan of the couch, instead preferring to sit on either the beanbag or the pillows on the floor. Julie ended up laying on her stomach and propping her head on a pillow.

Julie settled into watching T.V. and forgot about needing to use her diaper. But an hour or so later, during a commercial break, Julie’s body reminded her. The need was greater now, and Julie seriously considered getting up and going to her room like last night. Then she thought, ‘You know what? Why bother getting up? Just relax. If things happen, they happen. I need to stop worrying about this so much.’ She tried her best not to think about what was happening and she felt herself relax somewhat. The show came back on.

A few minutes into the show Julie suddenly felt her body starting to take matters into its own hands. Her natural reaction was to tense up and hold back. ‘No’ she told herself. ‘Just relax. Don’t think about it, don’t try to hold back. Just watch the show on the T.V. and don’t worry about it.’

Julie made a conscious effort to ignore her natural instincts. She really tried to focus on the show. In what seemed like a minute or two she felt her body going back into autopilot. This time she was able to stay relaxed throughout.

To her surprise Julie found herself pooping her diaper right there in the living room while lying on her stomach watching T.V. Although she could not help but notice it was happening, Julie did manage to stay relaxed and made no effort to hold back or interfere. In no time she was finished and felt much better. ‘And I didn’t even have to miss any of the show’ Julie thought to herself.

Julie stayed there in the living room and continued watching her show. It happened to be a really interesting show and soon enough Julie stopped thinking about the fact that she had a stinky diaper on. It was getting late now and she heard her dad turn on the shower, which meant he was starting to get ready for bed. A few minutes her mom came into the room.

“Julie it’s getting late. Its time for you to start getting ready for bed.” Sally paused. “And unless I am sorely mistaken I think somebody’s diaper really needs to be changed.” With that Sally walked over to Julie, bent down, and checked her diaper. “Oh yea, you sure do. Let’s go take care of that right now.”

The load in Julie’s diaper made her walk kind of funny and she waddled her way to her room and onto her changing table. Julie was soon on her back and her mom started to undo her diaper and then paused.

“My gosh, I am surprised this thing didn’t fall off. I think your dad needs some diapering lessons.”

“Yea, he didn’t get it exactly right did he?” Julie smirked.

“No, but we can work on that.” Sally continued her work and soon had Julie’s diaper off and into the diaper pail. “Tell you what, go hit the shower and brush your teeth. When you’re finished I am going to show your dad how to change a diaper the right way. Apparently he has forgotten”

“OK mom.” Julie said as she headed off to the shower.

Once she was done brushing her teeth and drying off Julie was back onto the changing table, but this time both here mom and her dad were there. Sally walked Ted through the process and made him do most of the work. Julie actually didn’t pay much attention to what they were saying. She was looking up at the ceiling counting the stars over her bed.

“There you go Julie, all set. Now which P.J. do you want tonight?” Sally asked.

Julie’s attention jumped from the stars back to the fact that she was having her diaper changed, a process that she just now realized was all finished. Julie looked at her mom with a blank expression.

“P.J.s?” Sally asked again.

“Oh, the same as last night mom.”

A minute later Julie was in her bed and her mom was saying goodnight. Julie suddenly remembered all that had happened that day, and her thoughts quickly turned to the idea of having her diaper leak at school tomorrow.

“Mom, what are you going to do about school tomorrow? I mean, what are we going to do to make sure my diaper doesn’t leak like today?”

“Julie, don’t worry about it. I am not sure exactly what I am going to do, but absolute worst case scenario I will come by school and take you home for a quick change. It’s not like we live more than a couple of miles from the school. But I am hoping to avoid having to have you miss any classes and I have some other ideas too.”

“If you want you could come by at lunch and we could do it then.” Julie suggested.

“I thought about that too” Sally added reassuringly. “Like I said, don’t worry about it. And frankly Julie, it is not your responsibility to worry about is it? Trust me, I will make sure your diaper gets changed when it needs it OK?”

“OK mom.”

Re: The Trying Policy

This is just awesome, really enjoying the story can’t wait to find out more :slight_smile:

Re: The Trying Policy

A great story. The only advice I can give you is to add another space between paragraphs. This will make it much earier to read.

Re: The Trying Policy

I commend you on the setup (ch. 1–3). You capture the dream well, I think it works as a lead-in and I love the tension in both Julie’s and her parents’ during the negotiations. Looking forward to reading the rest when I have more time.

Re: The Trying Policy

Chapter X - Monday


Monday morning started off just like any other, except that Julie started the day off by wetting her diaper as soon as she got out of bed. In so doing, she realized that she wasn’t able to tell if she had wet it during the night. She didn’t remember wetting at all, and had in fact slept all night long without waking up. Breakfast came and went and her mom changed her into a new diaper after she was finished. Then she got dressed and headed off to school.


‘Will people notice?’ Julie wondered. Julie had looked at herself in the mirror over and over after she had put on all her clothes. It really was almost impossible to see anything as far as she could tell so it seemed unlikely that folks would just notice from a visual of her. Julie had chosen a loose skirt for the day, one that didn’t hug her body much at all and came down well past her knees just to be on the safe side.

Her second concern was about having to use her diapers at school. Would people notice if I have a wet diaper? And what about a messy diaper? Julie decided she would just hold it if that became an issue.

By the time she got to school, Julie had thought enough about the situation to have come to a couple of conclusions. First and foremost, she was going to just have to ignore the issue a bit if she wanted to be able to pay any attention to her classes. It was really easy to worry about people noticing, and to spend all her time trying to listen to see if her diaper was making any noise. But after having spent all morning doing just that, she had decided that nobody would notice and that it really wasn’t going to be that big of a deal. It was only for a week, 5 days really, and she could make it though a week of just about anything. ‘If I really have to go, I will, but I’ll just try to wait until later in the day.’

First period came and went, and second period was also uneventful. Julie made it to lunch without much of any problem, but towards the end of lunch she knew she was going to need to pee at some point. On the way to class after lunch she decided to pee before it got to be too bad. She wet her diaper outside of the classroom and felt really confident that she could go at least one more time before she was going to have to worry about a leak.

Julie’s first class after lunch was math, algebra actually, with Ms. Niles. About 10 minutes into the class folks were going over the homework from last night and Julie was working with Judy, who sat next to her. Ms. Niles was at her desk looking at her computer and getting ready to talk about whatever new thing they were going to talk about that day. Julie was in the process of telling Judy how to solve an equation when Mr. Niles looked up from her desk and called her name."

'Julie can I talk with you for a second?

Julie looked up and nodded, expecting Ms. Niles to just say whatever she was going to say. But Ms. Niles waved for Julie to come up to her desk, so Julie got up and walked over.

“Julie, I just got a message asking for me to send you to the office.” Ms. Niles said questioningly.

“Really?” Julie asked in disbelief.

Ms. Niles had been hoping that Julie knew what was going on. She clearly didn’t like that Julie appeared surprised as well. “Yea, really.” Ms. Niles said in a semi confused, semi concerned voice. “I guess you better go. Here, take the hall pass.”

Julie’s mind had been on math, and she had been expecting Ms. Niles to ask her something about numbers and equations or something like that. She had not expected to get sent to the office.

The fact was Julie had never been sent to the office. Ever. Julie was a good student, and never got in any kind of major trouble. She wasn’t exactly a perfect angel either, she had gotten detention last year for being late to a class (she had been talking to Becky and never heard the bell) and she had got in a bit of trouble early this year in her history class when she told Jimmy Dart that he was an idiot for thinking that the French were responsible for the Boston massacre. But she had never gotten sent to the office. That was for people who got in real trouble, like cutting class, fighting, or smoking and drinking. And she hadn’t done any of that.

Julie was about half way to the office when a really scary thought hit her. She remembered a couple of years ago some kid, Barry she thought, got pulled out of class and sent to the office. She remembered it cause it Barry wasn’t the type of kid to get sent to the office either. It turned out his mom had been in a car accident and died. Barry didn’t come back to school for a week. Everybody felt really horrible for him and it was all just so sad. Julie thought about the possibility of something like that, and it really terrified her. She spent the rest of the trip trying to convince herself that there was no way it could be something like that.

When she got to the office, it occurred to her that she had no idea where she was actually supposed to go. She saw a door that said ‘front office’ and decided to try there.

Inside the door was a desk with a woman sitting behind looking at a computer screen. She had her hair up in a bun and wore half moon glasses. She stopped her typing and peered over the top of her glasses at Julie.

“Can I help you?” she said without a hint of expression on her face.

“Uh, yea.” Julie started a bit nervously. “I uh, was told I had to go to the office?”

“And what’s this for?” the woman asked.

“I… don’t know actually.”

Julie response threw the woman off and she actually sat up a bit and smiled. “Oh, well, let’s take a look quick. I’m sorry, I don’t think I have seen you before. What is your name?”


“Ok Julie, do you know your student ID number?”

Julie, always good with numbers, had long since memorized her student ID number, even though she hardly ever used it. She recited it back to the woman. “024768”. The woman typed in some numbers, and clicked the mouse a few times. She read and nodded to herself.

“Yep, it says here that Ms. Barnard needs to see you. Her office is past my desk down the hallway on the right.” The woman pointed to a hallway past her desk.

“Oh, OK. Thanks.”

Julie felt a bit of relief and a bit of further confusion. The good news was that Ms. Barnard was not Mr. Trumble, or Mr. Wood, the assistant principals. Julie knew that when you were in trouble you went to see one of them. The bad news is that she didn’t know who Ms. Barnard was. In fact she had never heard that name before. What she really wanted to know is if Ms. was one of the councilors. She didn’t think so, but the school councilors tended to change over pretty quickly. Julie figured that if somebody was going to tell her bad news it would be a councilor. She started thinking that maybe it would have been better if she had been sent to Mr. Wood. But as she walked over to the hallway intersection she saw a sign that read “Counselors” that was pointing to the left. The lady behind the desk had said to go to the right.

“Huh, this is getting strange.”

Julie walked down the hallway, which turned out to be quite short. There was only one door at the end of it and there were a couple of chairs on the side of the hallway across from the door. Julie looked at the place where the office sign would normally inform you about who worked on the other side of the door. But the sign was missing, and in its place was a printed piece of paper taped to the wall. The sign just said “Ms. Lisa Barnard.”

Julie tried the door but it seemed like it was locked. Thinking that maybe the handle spun the other way she gave it another try, and in so doing confirmed that it was in fact locked. But apparently the noise she made had alerted somebody on the other side.

“Oh, sorry, I’m coming.” Said a female voice.

The door opened and Julie found herself looking at a woman, probably in her late 30s who was dressed in jeans and a button up shirt with pockets on the front. The woman smiled and held the door open and looked at Julie. There was a moment of silence, that dragged on to the point of being a bit awkward. Julie finally spoke up.

“Are you Ms. Barnard?”

“That’s what the paper on the wall says.” She said with a roll of her eyes and a smile. “Hopefully one of these days they will get around to getting me something more official looking huh? What can I do for you?”

“Um, I was told to come see you.”

“Oh, are you, uh, what was it,” Mr. Barnard said. She closed her eyes and tried to remember something. “Julie?”

“Yea, that’s me.”

“Oh, OK, yes please come in.”

Julie came into the room and Ms. Barnard closed the door behind her. The room was pretty small as far as offices go, and it had what looked almost like one of the counters from her science classes along one side. Ms. Barnard was blocking her view though and she couldn’t really see very much of the room but she did see a sink along the counter.

“Is it ok if you have a seat Julie? There are a couple of chairs behind you.”

Julie turned around and saw a couple of old, plastic desk chairs along the wall with the door. She turned and sat in the first one. It occurred to Julie that whenever somebody had really bad news they always asked you to sit.

Ms. Barnard grabbed a clip board off the lab bench and came and sat next to Julie. She glanced at the clip board and nodded to herself and then turned to look Julie straight in the eye.

“I’m sorry, let me introduce myself since we haven’t met before. My name is Lisa Barnard,” she said as she extended a hand to Julie. Julie shook her hand.

“So,” Ms. Barnard set the clipboard in her lap and folded her hands together, “Julie, how are you doing. Is everything OK with you?”

Julie didn’t really think anything had happened to her parents, but she hadn’t been able to rule is out, so she was still thinking along those lines. “What do you mean?”

"Well, I got a message earlier today. I have been trying to get in touch with your mother, but she hasn’t been answering the phone. Do you know if she has a cell phone?’

Julie had been calm up to that moment. ‘This can’t be happening!’ “Yea, she does. What’s going on?”

“Do you know the number?”

Julie quickly recited her mom’s cell number. Ms. Barnard looked at her clip board. “Well, ok, that is the number I have for her. Is she normally good about answering it and returning calls.”

Julie knew that her mom in fact had a horrible habit of not answering her cell phone. Julie wasn’t even 100% sure that she knew how to check her voice mail. Maybe that was all that was going on. Maybe not though.

“Well, she isn’t always the best about it really. Is she OK? I mean, what’s going on here? Did something happen to her?”

Ms. Barnard looked up at Julie and in a second or two picked up on Julie’s fear. “Oh, no, no everything is fine. This has nothing to do with your family or anything like that I just wanted to talk to her.”

“You wanted to talk with my mom?”

“Well, yea I was hoping to talk with her before I talked with you, but I wasn’t able to get in touch with her. But it’s not a big deal, we can just talk about this right now.” Julie felt a wave of relief in hearing that this had nothing to do with her family. “So, tell me Julie, I know we haven’t met before, but how is everything going with you?”

“Me?” Julie thought about what Ms. Barnard might be looking for. Maybe this was one of those counseling sessions where they check in to see if you have friends and stuff. Julie had heard that after some of the school shootings and stuff that had happened in other parts of the country, that school were trying to do a better job of talking with students and trying to prevent kids from going nuts. That would explain why she had the temporary name tag thing on the door.

“I’m fine I guess.”

“Has anything changed recently for you? I mean have you started having any problems or anything like that?”

Julie felt bad for kids that didn’t have friends and was really glad that she did. Her dad had told her that the kids who went on those shooting sprees didn’t have any friends and had often been the target of a lot of bullies. It seemed like a good idea to have people like Ms. Barnard come in and talk to kids about problems. But the part Julie couldn’t figure out is why they would be talking to her. There were kids in the school who were loners and some of them did get picked on a bunch. Julie was not one of those kids.

“No, everything’s fine. I have a lot of friends.”

Ms. Barnard turned her head slightly and raised her eyebrows. “Well, I’m glad to hear you have friends. But what about you, everything normal?”

“Yea, I mean I guess so.”

“Huh, well I was worried that maybe this was a prank or something, which is why I wanted to talk to your mom about it. See, I got an e-mail forwarded to me today supposedly from your mom. It was kind of vague, but it said that you had started wearing diapers again?” Ms. Barnard’s voice trailed off and she looked at Julie, waiting for an answer.

Julie was stunned, and it showed. Obviously this wasn’t about bullies. She managed to mutter “Oh. Uhh….”

There was a pause, but quickly Ms. Barnard picked up on Julie’s state. “Julie, it’s OK, I’m a professional. I take it this not isn’t a prank after all?”

“Well, I guess, I mean I don’t think so.”

Ms. Bardard shook her head and obviously didn’t like that answer at all. “Julie, it’s OK. I just need to know what’s going on here. Just tell me the truth, are you wearing a diaper right now?”

Julie’s natural reaction was to lie, but she knew that was a really bad idea. Better to just be truthful about the whole thing. “Yea.” She said somewhat quietly.

“OK, that’s fine. Like I said, I’m a professional, and now I know that this note really is from your mom.”

Although she didn’t catch it the first time, when Ms. Barnard said professional, it finally clicked and the light went on in Julie’s head. Just to be sure, Julie asked, “What do you mean ‘professional’? Are you like the school nurse?”

“Well, yes and no. Yes, I do work here for the school and I take care or folks when they get sick and stuff. But I’m not a nurse, I’m a PA actually. That means physicians assistant. Its means I have had more training and schooling than a nurse, and I can do most things that doctors can. I know we haven’t met before, but I want you to know that you can trust me. This place is like a regular doctors office and all the rules that apply there apply here. So anything you tell me is totally confidential and will never leave this office. I am kind of new to this school, but I have actually been working in high schools for the past 5 years. I just used to work in a different school in another state. But I have seen a lot of students over the years, including a number of students who were either still in diapers, or had to start wearing diapers for whatever reason.”

“Oh, ok.” Julie replied. She didn’t really know what else to say.

Ms. Barnard picked up the conversation. “So, OK Julie, according to the note your mom sent me, you are wearing diapers full time?”

Julie felt a bit uncomfortable talking about this with a complete stranger, but since she said she was a PA or whatever, Julie decided to just to honest about everything.

“Yea.” Julie said with a nod.

“Ok, and how long have you been wearing diapers now?”

“Since last Friday.”

“OK. And have you had any problems before? I mean is this the first time you have had to go back to diapers?”

“No, this is the first time.”

“And when was the last time you saw a doctor?”

Ironically enough, Julie had been to the doctor just about a month ago for some shot she had needed. She told Ms. Bardard that.

“OK, so you last saw a doctor a month ago. So, are you able to use the bathroom at all now, or are you using your diapers for everything?”

Although it felt strange to say it, Julie replied, “No, I’m using my diapers for everything.”

“OK, and do you change your own diapers, or is that something your parents are doing for you?”

“Um, I don’t change myself, my parents do it.”

“OK, got it.” Ms. Barnard said. She had picked up the clip board and was making a number of notes. “And do you know if you are allergic to anything like talcum powder, or petroleum products or anything like that?”

Julie stared at Ms. Barnard with a look of confusion. “Talcum powder?”

“Baby powder. Some people are allergic to it and use a different kind of baby powder stuff that is cornstarch based. And just about all the diaper rash ointments are petroleum based. Does your mom use any of that stuff on you? If she does I am sure you are not allergic to it or you would know.”

“Oh, yea, my mom uses both.”

“OK, good no allergies then. Have you had any rashes or anything like that?”

“No, nothing like that.”

“Well, that’s good.” Ms. Barnard stood up and walked over to the counter. She made a number of additional scribbles on the clip board and then set it down and walked over to the sink and started washing her hands. “Well Julie, I want to get you back to class as soon as I can, so I am not going to have you sit here while I fill out the rest of the paperwork. But there are a few things we need to talk about, and some stuff I need you to tell your mom. I will go over it with her too when she calls me back, but it’s stuff you should know as well.”

Julie understood that doctors had to keep stuff confidential, but she wondered what kind of paperwork needed to be filled out. She asked Ms. Barnard about it.

“Oh, half my job Julie is filling out paperwork for the school and for the state. Most of it is just for statistical purposes and is totally anonymous. They want to know how many kids come to see me, what they see me about, and stuff like that. But sometimes I have to fill out other kinds of paperwork. In this case I have to document that this meeting took place, and that I did in fact ask you if you have been to a doctor recently. And actually, since you are wearing diapers full time I also have to fill out some other paperwork. It’s required, but totally useless unless you plan to start going to special education.”

That surprised Julie enough to get her attention. She sat up in her chair “What?! No way.”

Ms. Barnard laughed, “Calm down, there is no way that’s going to happen. Believe it or not, it’s actually very hard to get into a special education program. It costs the school system a lot of money and requires a ton of paperwork to get you in. The whole process is really tightly regulated. It’s really sad because some parents with kids that have problems struggle to get them into a program. Anyways, having to wear diapers is one thing that can help if you are trying to get into the program. So the school system requires me to keep track of all the kids who wear diapers.”

“You have to keep track of everyone who wears diapers at this school?”

“Well, technically I only have to keep track of the kids who are diapered at all times. I am sure there are lots of kids who wear diapers at night and stuff that I don’t know of.”

It never occurred to Julie, but now that she thought about it, she asked without hesitation. “Are there other kids who wear diapers?”

“Well, keep in mind that I have to maintain people’s privacy, so I can’t really go into specifics. But yes, there are a number of people at this school who wear diapers like you do. Honestly, most of them are in the special education program. But not all of them.”

Ms. Barnard had finished washing her hands and had already dried them off.

“So, like I said I want to get you back to class as soon as possible. So, let’s go over the stuff I need to tell you. First of all, you need to know that the school will not supply diapers for you. You are going to need to bring your own. I recommend that you just bring a supply into my office and keep them here. You don’t have to do it that way if you don’t want, but most kids don’t like keeping them in their locker, or carrying them in their backpack. I have some storage space in the back room and can just keep them in there.”

Julie finally noticed that there was a door at the other end of the room. That must be the storage area she was talking about. Julie also noticed for the first time a small bed in the corner of the room opposite the door.

“The next thing I need to tell you is that while nobody needs to know that you are back in diapers, I am going to have to send a note to your teachers letting them know that you are going to need to see me at times, including occasionally during class. Now, teachers get notes like this all the time. I know because I send them. The note doesn’t go into any specifics, so they won’t know. Like I said, everything that happens in here is totally confidential. They are not even supposed to ask you about it, but some do anyways. You don’t have to tell them anything, and you can tell them that they can talk to me about it if they have a problem. I am happy to remind them of the rules. Of course, it’s not like you’re not allowed to tell them what is going on, but that is totally up to you.”

Julie thought about it for a second and came up with a question. “Well, can I just come in during lunch or something like that?”

Ms. Barnard was quick to respond. "Well, I personally suggest you come in to see me whenever you need to. I don’t recommend that you sit through class in a dirty diaper. But, I also want you to know that, like I said, you are not the only kid at this school in diapers. I don’t want to have a line of kids waiting to come in to my office or anything like that, so I don’t suggest coming in during breaks, unless like I said, you need to. Just come whenever you need to have your diaper changed. I guess I should say that, while I usually don’t have somebody else in my office, there is a chance that at some point you might have to wait a bit. The door to my office is always closed and locked from the outside, I do that to make sure somebody doesn’t come in when I am with somebody. That’s why there are chairs out in the hallway. So if you come and knock and I say to wait just a minute, you can just take a seat out there in the hallway and I will get to you in a minute.

Julie was surprised to hear that. “Do you really change that many diapers?” she asked in near disbelief.

“Ah, that’s funny. No, most of the people that come to see me don’t need a diaper change. But they are entitled to privacy too. So, speaking of changing diapers, do you mind if I take a look at yours?”

The question was so simple, and yet so hard to believe. ‘Did she just ask if she could check my diaper?’ Julie asked herself.

“Wait, do you mean, like, you are going to change me?” Julie realized immediately after she said it, how crazy it must have sounded. Here she just told this woman that she wore diapers all the time, and that she didn’t change herself.

“Well…… if you need to be changed, I would think so.” Ms. Barnard replied slowly. “The note from your mom,” she grabbed the clip board again “said that you were back in diapers and asked if there was somebody at the school who could help take care of that. I kind of assumed she was talking about me, but is there somebody else she might have been talking about? A relative or something?”

Julie felt really stupid. It just wasn’t exactly something she was used to or anything. “No,” Julie replied. “No there isn’t anybody like that. I just, I wasn’t really thinking I guess.”

“Well, that’s OK. I mean, if you just started wearing diapers last Friday I imagine this is all pretty new to you still. I can’t image what it would be like to have to wear diapers again, but I suspect at a minimum it would take some getting used to. But like I said before, I want you to know that I am a professional. I do change diapers all the time.”

“Are going to examine me too? Like a doctor?”

“No. I don’t do exams here. I am qualified to do a lot of stuff that doctors do, but I am no pediatrician or anything like that. And more over, the school isn’t paying me to do exams. No, my job is to deal with any student medical issues.”

“Oh, I get it.”

“So,” Ms. Barnard began slowly, “do you mind laying down on the bed?”

Julie suddenly felt as if everything was becoming nearly surreal. The entire conversation was so far from anything she had ever imaged, that being asked to lay down on a bed and let a woman she just met check her diaper seemed no more outrageous than the rest of it. So she said sure, and walked over to the bed and lied down.

Mr. Barnard wheeled a chair over to the bed and quickly slid Julie’s skirt up just over her waist. “Huh, that’s a different brand of diaper than I have seen before.” She said with mild interest. “And I would say you could use a change, but looks like this will be a quick job. You obviously don’t have a diaper with you, since you left everything in your class. I am pretty sure I have a couple of extras around here someplace. They are not the best diapers in the world, but they are better than a wet one.”

Ms. Barnard stood up and went into the storage area. Julie could hear her rummaging around, opening and closing drawers and cabinets. After a minute or two she came back out with a diaper in hand. The diaper looked different then the ones she had at home. It was a light shade of green rather than white and looked smaller.

“I’m pretty sure this will fit you just fine.” Ms. Barnard said as she came back over to the bed. She set the diaper down on the bed and then grabbed a box of what must have been medical wet wipes. “OK, lets get you out of this wet diaper here.” Without any hesitation she grabbed the tapes of Julie’s diaper and undid them. In a flash, the diaper was off. A quick once over of the wet wipes followed, and then a second wet wipe covered the area again. Putting her hands behind Julie’s knees, Ms. Barnard quickly lifted Julie’s hips ever so slightly, just enough to slide the new diaper underneath with her other hand. Julie felt all her weight return to the bed and then felt the diaper come up between her legs. Julie heard the sound of the tapes tearing off of their backings and being stuck in place, and then her skirt was frisked back into place.

Ms. Barnard stood up and walked over to the sink and started washing her hands again. “Well, There you go.”

“Wow,” said Julie as she rolled off the bed and stood up again. “that was really fast. My mom is nowhere near that quick.” The whole thing had taken maybe 60 seconds.

"Ha, thanks I guess. I probably have a lot more experience than you mom, that’s all. Plus that was an easy one, wet diapers are no big deal. The other ones take a bit longer. Anyways, I think you should get back to class now. But please remember to talk to your mom. I am still planning to speak with her too, but just in case I don’t get in touch with her you need to let her know that she needs to either drop off some diapers for you here, or send you to school with them every day. "

“I’ll be sure to tell her.”

“OK, well, I am sure I will be seeing you again soon enough, so go on back to class.”

Julie needed a second to figure out that Ms. Barnard was right, she would be seeing her again. She had been paying attention to the new diaper she had on. It felt different than what she had been wearing just a minute ago. The new diaper seemed thinner or something. Julie quickly decided that she liked the diapers she normally wore a lot more.

“Oh, yea, I guess so. Well, thanks and all.”

“No thanks needed Julie. Get back to class and remember to just come see me whenever you need to, OK?”

“OK, I will.”

Julie opened the door and stepped back into the hallway. The door closed itself behind her, and she found herself standing alone in the hallway. The two empty chairs were still there, but Julie looked at them in a different way. She pictured herself sitting there waiting to have her diaper changed while somebody else was in the office. Even though she knew Ms. Barnard was serious about the whole privacy thing, she also knew that folks in the office here had to be able to figure out why some kids were always coming in and sitting there.

On the way back to class Julie learned that the diaper she had on was also a lot louder than the ones she normally wore. It made a loud crinkling noise when she walked that she could hear pretty clearly. Julie also thought about it and decided that Ms. Barnard was OK. She smiled a lot and seemed really nice. It was really cool how she didn’t make a big deal out of the fact that a girl Julie’s age was wearing diapers. She acted like it was pretty normal really. And that was probably because in Ms. Barnard’s world, it was pretty normal. Which made Julie feel a little bit better about the idea of spending the rest of the week in diapers.

The rest of Monday went fine. Julie got home and after her mom changed her diaper (she had wet herself on the way home) she had a talk with her mom that included a small daughter to mother lecture about answering her cell phone and checking voice mail. It turned out that Ms. Barnard had eventually gotten in touch with mom later that afternoon, so she was already in the loop about needing to drop off some diapers for Julie at school. They both agreed that was a better idea then having Julie bring them to school every day. Dad came home and they had dinner together. After dinner, Julie was upstairs on her bed reading a book for school when her body told her that she was soon going to have a stinky diaper. Unlike the previous couple of times though, Julie didn’t really worry about it at all. About ten minutes later she actually filled her pants without really even pausing from the book she was reading. Her mom changed her after she came down a few chapters later to get a drink. She watched a bit of TV after that and then headed off to bed.

Re: The Trying Policy

Julie seems to be under control, but how much and for how much longer. I will stay tuned and watch for more

Re: The Trying Policy

This has been and continues to be a fantastic story. I should be doing a much better job of providing comments. I will work on that.

The one part of the story I didn’t particularly care much for was the part where Dad actually got a spanking for not checking Julie’s diaper. Having daughters myself, I could never see myself changing my teenage daughters diaper. Especially with all the accusations about child abuse going on today. No I haven’t ever been accused myself. I don’t think it would take much more than word getting out to the wrong person that I was doing something like changing their diapers and I would be facing criminal charges. I would also most likely have my daughter taken away from me. I think the story could have done without that aspect of it.

Overall I still think you are doing a fantastic job on the story and I will be looking forward to reading more.

Re: The Trying Policy

Awesome please continue :slight_smile: