The Weird Lady Regression

So this is basically the equivalent of a story sketch. Sometimes as a warm up I just write without any real outline or plan. There’s usually not a ton of logic to what comes out, but I know some people really like the almost dream-like style so I thought I’d post one here and gauge the response.

I wasn’t always a diaper baby. I used to be a big girl. Up until last Tuesday actually. You see, I was just sitting in homeroom minding my business when this really weird lady dressed in a red dress with black beads suddenly came in and announced she needed to turn five of us into babies.

Well obviously no one wanted to get turned into a baby, so we all kind of stared at the floor and tried to avoid eye contact with her. She just smiled and started going around the room and snapping her fingers. Anyone who she snapped her fingers at just poof turned into a baby in their chair.

I chewed nervously on my lip as she went around. One and two were nerdy girls in back. Three was the popular cheerleader. Four was the shy girl that always sat in the corner. I tried to keep my eyes away but I was too curious and looked up just for a second. We made eye contact.

“Oh, you want to be baby number five?” She asked

“N-No!” I said but she had already snapped her fingers

My body felt warm and tingly. I could feel my arms becoming short and stubby and my legs regaining all their baby fat. Suddenly it stopped and I was a baby sitting in a t-shirt and massive diaper.

I blushed and tried to cover my diaper with my hands but it was just too big and crinkly. I opened my mouth to announce that I didn’t need diapers, but then I felt warmth spread across my crotch. I couldn’t stop it at all. My body had just decided it needed to pee and I helplessly wet my diaper.


My heart skipped a beat and I worried that it was me who had just farted but a quick pat on my butt let me know that I was still clean in back. Everyone’s eyes were on the cheerleader who was blushing and squirming. Her diaper had a brown and lumpy seat.


Despite the cheerleader’s best efforts, she couldn’t stop herself from making a face and finishing her stinky accident. The weird lady smiled and scooped her up and laid her back on the front desk and went to work changing her diaper. I blushed as I thought about how embarrassing it would be to get my diaper changed in front of everyone. I hoped that no one would notice that I’d wet. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any control over my potty schedule either.


I didn’t even get any warning. By the time I was even aware of what my body was doing, I already had a mushy mass pressed up against my butt. I let out the biggest fart I’d ever heard and helplessly messed my diaper like a baby.

“Did you just poop yourself?” The girl next to me asked

“N-No!” I shook my head, even though it was pointless to deny it. Besides, I hadn’t yet learned that babies usually mess in waves.

Splotch! Squish!

Round two was even louder and stinkier than round one. I clutched my desk for support as I filled my diaper to capacity. Everyone was watching and giggling. My face was bright red. I had always been so careful to wear perfume and look pretty and here I was smelling like a diaper pail!

The weird lady scooped me up and laid me back on the same desk in front of the classroom. I shook my head no and tried to stop it but she just gently put her hand on my tummy and held me in place while she changed me in front of the whole class. I’d never been so embarrassed in my life.

Luckily, that was when the bell went off. I toddled out of there as fast as I could. Homeroom was the second to last class of the day for us, I had math next. I waddled as fast as I could with my tiny legs and hoped that no one would notice my thick diaper. It took me some grunting, but I managed to clamber into my seat.

The teacher gave me a strange look as he walked up but didn’t say anything. I sighed in relief. Even if I was a baby, I could still act like a big girl! Although… I didn’t understand any of what he was writing on the board. And I was usually pretty good at what we’d been working on.


For a second I was worried I was about to mess again, but it was just my tummy. It was gurgling. I was hungry! That’s the thing about being a baby, one second you’re fine and the next you’re completely starving.

My bottom lip trembled. Why was no one giving me my bottle? I knew I shouldn’t cry in the middle of class. But before I knew it my instincts had taken over and I had thrown my head back and was wailing at the top of my lungs.

Without warning, a rubber nipple from a baby bottle was pushed into my mouth. I looked up, suckling softly. It was the weird lady again.

“She just needed her baba.” She announced to the class, picking me up and handing me to the boy who sat next to me. He was really cute and I blushed as I continued to nurse.

“She’ll need to be burped afterwards.” The weird lady said

I didn’t think it could get any worse, but then my tummy rumbled again. Before it had been announcing that it needed to be filled. Now it was announcing that it needed to be emptied.


The boy’s eyes widened. He must have felt my diaper expand on his knee. It was a super smelly one too. I get really gassy after bottle feedings. I opened my mouth to apologize but forgot I had milk in my mouth and ended up drooling all over his shirt.

“She seems to have taken a liking to you!” The weird lady said

The boy smiled kindly and patted my back. I let out a loud baby burp.


“Can I change her?” He asked and the weird lady handed him a fresh diaper


I could only suck my thumb and mess myself as I was yet again laid back on the front table and got my diaper changed in front of the whole class. It was even worse this time because the boy was EXACTLY my type. Shy and a little dorky but also broad chested and so sweet. I’d been thinking about dropping a hint for him to ask me to the school dance next month. But that would never happen now that he was wiping poop off my butt. Plus I’d stained his shirt during feeding time!

The rest of class I was blushing bright red and avoiding his gaze. But he didn’t understand what I was embarrassed about. He insisted on reaching over to me and wiping drool off my chin with a washcloth. And he kept checking my diaper and even changed me a second time after I peed my diaper. To him, I was nothing but a fussy baby who needed to be attended to.

My mom picked me up after school. To my surprise, she already had a carseat set up.

“We heard you turned into a baby.” She said, strapping me in and popping a pacifier into my mouth before I could even protest “Don’t worry, we’ll just start over with you!”

I didn’t fully understand what she meant until I got home and waddled into my room. My stuff was gone. Everything. My posters, my books, my furniture, it was back to baby blocks and a crib and a changing table in the corner.

I opened my mouth. I had to tell my mom I didn’t want to be a baby. And that was when the cramps hit me. My legs bent all on their own. I could no longer control my own body.


“Aww, sweetie! Well, good thing we bought you lots of diapers. Finish up with that stinky and we’ll get you in a clean diapie!”

I didn’t have a response to that. I whimpered as I helplessly filled my diaper on the floor of my room and waited for my change.

The next day my mom dropped me off at daycare. She just laughed at me when I asked to go back to big girl school. The car ride was really bumpy. At the beginning I had a clean diaper and a tummy full of oatmeal. By the end, my tummy was empty and my diaper was squelching with every little movement.

My eyes widened as I saw who was at the front desk. It was the weird lady from before! And she was holding the cheerleader.

“Sorry, she was being gassy on the way here.” My mom said, patting my sagging diaper for emphasis.

“Oh that’s not a problem. We’re quite used to changing diapers here.”

A second pair of hands gently took me. I recognized them. No, not here!

“You can come get here at five.” The boy from my math class said. I looked away. Maybe he didn’t recognize me?

“I’ll need to put a bib on you before feeding.” He said, bopping me on the nose. I blushed.

“Sowy I poopy.” I said

“Yeah, your body definitely has no idea what to do with oatmeal.” He said, pulling the waistband of my diaper back to inspect the damage “Don’t worry, somebody has to be the stinkiest baby in here.”

I blushed bright red and he laughed as he lay me back on the changing table.

“Just joking.” He said, cleaning me off “Hey, actually, you know the school dance? I need to work that day. Can’t exactly say no to the boss, the last person who tried to take time off is sitting in the baby bouncer over there wetting himself.”

My heart sank, then I blinked. I couldn’t attend the dance either. They definitely didn’t allow anyone wearing a crinkly diaper in.

“We can have a little dance party here.” The boy said, folding my clean diaper over me and patting my head “There will be lots of yummy cake and fruit snacks. I’ll dance with you as much as you want.”

I nodded as best I could. That sounded really super fun! Plus I wouldn’t be so embarrassed if I wasn’t the only one having accidents on the dance floor.

“Tank you!” I said “And, uh, sowy.”

“Sorry?” The boy asked “For what?”

I curled my toes and grunted.


I was literally laying on the changing table with my previous dirty diaper sitting next to me. The boy laughed.

“My bad, should have done this first.”

He put his hand on my tummy and gave me a good rub. I felt my bowels move again.


“I forget that you little stinkers need some help pushing sometimes.” He said, patting my lumpy butt.

I giggled and drooled but I didn’t care anymore. I lay back and waited for the boy to give me another of what I was sure would be many changes. Yeah, being a baby wasn’t so bad after all.

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Nice sketch. I tried to post that Diaper Tester story you wrote on Deviant Art, but you would have to do it since you’re the original author. Site rules don’t allow us to post stories other members wrote.

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Haha, thanks. Glad you liked. Yeah I’ll format Diaper Tester and post it sometime. These sites never have the spacing I want so I end up just hitting the return key a lot.

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