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The Winners

As always, thank you to our participants. It might have been nice to see some more entries, but we had a pretty good voting turn-out, and it wound up being a fairly close race. And now, on to the winners…

Too Old For Treats - But Not For Tricks!, by Kita Sparkles - 8 points

In a tie for third place, both with 10 points:

The Devil’s Smile, by Elizabeth

The Soldier’s Wife, by WingZ

In second place:

Tricks And Treats, by Rich1 - 16 points

And in first place:

The Final Day, by Elizabeth - 21 points

Re: The Winners

Congrats Elizabeth! Well deserved :).

Re: The Winners

Well done Elizabeth. You’re always good at this kind of thing, huh?

Re: The Winners

My Little Girl is an excellent writer, and I am very proud of her!

– Libby’s Daddy

Re: The Winners

A belated congrats.