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The Winners

Runner-up: Get With It, by MrMcAwesome - 6 points

Third place: Strawberry Fields, by Elizabeth - 11 points

Second place: Sing Me to Sleep, by Elizabeth - 14 points

And the winner, with 31 points, is The White Ribbon, by Seventyeyes! Congratulations!

Re: The Winners

Congrats on the win Seventyeyes!

I enjoyed all the stories this year. All three of you are to be commended for your efforts. Huzzah! :slight_smile:

Re: The Winners

I really liked the first and second place stories this time. While there was a big gap in scores, I still don’t know which one is the best.

Re: The Winners

Congratulations Seventeyes, your story rocked, and Elizabeth i really enjoyed your stories too. It’s a pitty that there wasnt many etrnats this year, but we still got some great stories out of it:) and its a personal milestone for myself, every year i try and get a story finished in time for the competion, and this year, despite being a little on the rushed side, i finally made it :smiley:

Re: The Winners

Thank YOU, folks who voted for my story. On one hand, I wished there were more stories entered, but on the other, I really enjoyed the other stories. Sing Me to Sleep, in particular, I felt was a really great twist on the stories you see here.

This was a nice excercise in getting back into the “writing-mode,” and the results of this contest certainly help contribute to my desire to write some more. Again, thank you very much!

Re: The Winners

I know this is two months late, but that was the one i expected to win even before i looked at this thread.