Thinking of Posting Simon's Journal Series

I talked it over with Kita to be sure that I’d be allowed to post the Simon’s Journal series here and she said it would be cool. However before I do so I thought I would ask others how they would feel if I posted it to ABDL Story Forum?

Currently Nifty is the only site I have been posting to.

Re: Thinking of Posting Simon’s Journal Series

Why bother asking? It’s a diaper story, right? Why wouldn’t it be allowed here?

Re: Thinking of Posting Simon’s Journal Series

HAHA! Good answer Kip! Thanks!

Re: Thinking of Posting Simon’s Journal Series

Having never been there myself may I ask, and you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, why do you only post on Nifty?

Re: Thinking of Posting Simon’s Journal Series

Hello and I don’t mind answering at all. I used to post my stories and even hosted a few other’s stories on my own website ( Also posted mine on sites like Deeker’s as well as a couple other AB/DL/TB sites (aside from my site, none are online anymore and my site is now only a blog). Nifty however has staying power; plus I have visited it for so many years and wanted to give back to the site.

As for sharing on other AB/DL/TB sites, basically it is a fear thing for me. I’ve learned over the years that those in our community can be the kindest and the cruelest. I don’t do well with rejection both in the real world and where my stories are concerned.

My reasons for asking y’all here if I should post Simon’s Journal here is because some of my AB/DL friends felt that it might to be received well here due to it containing a few scenes of boy/boy sex and teen/boy sex and violence (book 3 especially).

Hope that answered your question. Now I am going to go find a quiet place to sit and do some writing. It is cold here today but the sun is shinning and I’ll take that over the gray winter we had here!