Tiffany's Trouble

I’m not a good story writer- this is my first try.

Tiffany woke up with her alarm clock going off. She reached to pull her covers off and get out of bed when she felt a familiar unwanted feeling. She looked down and noticed her pj’s and blankets were soaked. She stripped the covers off her bed accept the plastic sheet on the bed that protected her mattress bundle them in a pile on the floor. She went to her closet to pick out some clothes for school. She grabbed her school clothes and headed to the bathroom to shower and get ready for school.

Before Tiffany could make it to bathroom her mom yelled, “Tiffany I got you breakfast. Come in here and eat for it gets cold.” She dropped off her clothes to the bathroom and yelled," I’ll be there in just a second."

Tiffany’s mom was turned around at the sink doing dishes when Tiffany walked into the ktichen. “I made you scrambled eggs and toast, " Tiffany’s mom said,” set down and eat before it gets cold." Tiffany replied, " Um Mom… I um…I uhh wet the bed again. I’m sorry I’ll do laundry again. I got my bed already stripped down."

Tiffany’s mom turned around and saw Tiffany’ standing in the kitchen with her pink pajama pants soaking wet. “Geez, Tiffany you are 18 years old about to graduate highschool and can’t go three days without wetting the bed.” “Mom I’m sorry it was an accident,” Tiffany whined.
“Do you realize this is the fifth accident you have had in two weeks? You keep having more and more accidents frequently. Am I going to have to put you back in diapers again?,” Tiffany’s mom yelled.
“Don’t be funny Mom this is the last time, I swear.” Tiffany smarted off, “Mom you wouldn’t do that again I was just a kid back then.”
“I mean it, now finish your breakfast then go get ready for school” Tiffany’s mom spoke in a very strict tone.
“But Mom I’m still wet.” Tiffany whined. Her mom looked back at her and Tiff could tell her mom was very upset. Tiffany sat down and finished her breakfast while her mom brought the covers from Tiff’s room to the laundry room.

As Tiff’s mom started laundry while Tiffany got ready for school. Tiffany was getting ready to leave for school when here dad, woke up to get ready for work. As Tiffany left the bathroom her dad met her at the door.

“YOU ARE NOT wearing that to school, get something else to wear.” her dad yelled once he saw what is daughter was wearing. Tiffany had a short skirt with a white top that showed her cleavage very good.
“Mom said it was fine to wear,” Tiffany mouthed off. Tiffany’s dad went to the laundry room to talk about Tiffany’s outfit with her mom.

Tiff’s mom came back and told Tiffany to put another shirt on and lifted Tiff’s skirt. She saw Tiff was wearing a white thong. She swatted Tiff on the butt and told her to put some different panties on. Tiffany went to here room and got another pair of panties. This time they were light blue and white striped panties that covered her full bottom. Her Mom approved and told Tiffany,“Still don’t let your dad see you and go to school.” Tiffany avoided her dad and left for school.

Tiffany’s dad goes to work and a few hours later her mom gets a phone call from the school. Tiff’s mom answers and it the principal saying that Tiffany is in the office and got in trouble for coming to school with no panties. Tiffany gets on the phone with her mom and asks if she can bring her a pair of panties to school. Her mom asks, “What happend to the ones you were wearing when you left?
Tiffany replies, " I don’t want to say while other people are around. It embarrassing.”
“You had another accident again didn’t you… tell me the truth?” her mom says sounding very upset. Tiffany replies," yes, just bring me a pair panties please or I’ll be suspended." Her mom tells her to give the phone to the principal. They talk for a few minutes and then principal tells Tiffany to go home for the day and her mother is very upset.
Tiffany pulls her car into the driveway to see her mom waiting at the door when she got out of the car. She grabs Tiffany by the arm and tell her to get in the house.
In the living room Rachel, (Tiffany’s mom) ask Tiffany what kind of accident did she have. Tiffany says she wet herself again while at school and left her panties in the bathroom. Rachel asks if Tiff is sure because she got another call from the school saying they found her panties. Tiffany start to cry. “Tell me the truth Tiffany!, her mom yells. Tiffany cries, " Chemistry class was almost over and my stomache started to hurt. Before I could get up to go to the restroom I pooped panties. When class was over I ran to the restroom cleaned myself off and hid my panties behind the trash can.”
Rachel responds," Since you told the truth I’m not going to ground you but you remember what I said would happen next time you have an accident? Lay down on the floor and I’ll be right back."
“Mom you can’t be serious! I’m too old to wear diapers. I’m 18 and going to graduate in a couple weeks. You can’t make me!” Tiffany screams. Rachel comes back with a diaper bag and a large changing mat.
“Where did you get all that stuff?” Tiffany asked.
“I bought all this while you were at school. I just knew you couldn’t go too long without an accident so got prepared. Now lay down.” Rachel said.
Rachel forced Tiffany to the floor and told her to lay still. Tiffany tried to wiggle away, but her mom spanked her each time she tried to move until Tiffany gave up and layed there. She had Tiffany lay on the changing mat and pull her skirt up. Her mom powdered her taped a disposable diaper on Tiff. Tiffany cried the whole time. To quiet her down Rachel dug through the diaper bag and popped a pacifer in Tiffany’s mouth. “Since you can’t go potty like a big girl, your going to use diapers like a baby. Now go to your room and don’t come out until I say so.”

Tiffany just lowered her head and went into her bedroom. Tiffany’s mom called Tiffany’s dad and told him all went on and he agreed on her punishment.

I’m pretty sure this story wasn’t too great but it’ll get better as it goes.

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Tiffany’s Trouble

It wasn’t too bad, a little rushed but all in all a good story

Tiffany’s Trouble

one word….rushed

second word……jumbled.

take your time and pace out the story you dont have to have the whole thing happen in 5 minutes of reading. Gramatically id say you need a lot of improvement, the story as a whole just doesnt flow well as you read it.

one method i find helpful is to read it aloud to your self while you proof it that way you can hear if it sounds right or not.

though with a bit of work and time i think you might actually have the start to a potentially good story here.
atother thing you can do is ask others on or off the forum to proof it for ou and make suggestions before you post a story.

Tiffany’s Trouble

What kind of mother checks their 18yr old daughters panties before they go to school? Thats just…. sick.

Tiffany’s Trouble

Try again and you’ll improve. This one gave me a sense of deja vu.

Tiffany’s Trouble

I know i havn’t posted a story yet and i congradulate you on your first post but, as a person who likes to write and read (a lot). This is a good effort but really seems rushed. I’d say a little more detail and gramatical editing.

Tiffany’s Trouble

“What kind of mother checks their 18yr old daughters panties before they go to school? Thats just…. sick.”

I didn’t really mean for it to come out that way. I was going to put she dropped something and her mom could see that she was wearing a thong.

I know I rushed the story. I tried to put too many thoughts in at one time. This was more like a 1st draft. The next chapters/sequels should be not as rushed. I’ll admit I’m still working on writing.[/quote]

Tiffany’s Trouble

I swear to Goddess, I’ve read that same exact opening to a story one hundred thousand times. Oh, yeah, the rest of the story was a complete repeat too, but I didn’t exactly bother to read the latter half.

On the positive side: You’re not a terrible writer. You have some serious pacing issues, but the sentances are relatively well constructed. With an actual original plot, you’d be completly readable.

Tiffany’s Trouble

Is there some sort of standard DL story stencil that I am unaware of?
Case in point:

Tina’s Diapering

A girl named Tina awoke one morning in a wet bed. At first, she sat there for a few moments, unsure if it was real. Then she gasped and jumped out of bed. There was a large wet spot where she had wet it. She was 18 years old and a senior at her high school, so this was a complete surprise to her. She looked at the spot, then at her wet panties.

You could be quite the talented writer if you came up with an origional story and improved your pacing though. Maybe spruce up some of the grammar. You seem to switch between past and present tense a lot.