Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

Abby lay there miserably in the bed, fuming. “It’s not even dark out!” she screamed inside her head. “How dare she hit me!” was the next thought. “Who does she think she is?” she mused hotly, glad she hadn’t spoken it aloud. Keeping control of her mouth had been the hardest part of the day. Much to her surprise, it had been harder than enduring condescendingly sweet comments, and childish rules to follow. Shifting, she winced when she heard the rustle of the plastic baby pants slide across the waterproof pad. The wet feeling against her bottom didn’t help matters either. She had to admit, she was glad for the plastic, without the baby pants, she would be cold and very uncomfortable. Her thoughts drifted back to the start of this nightmare.

Abby looked in the mirror and pouted. She liked her long blonde hair. The short brown pony tails that reflected back at her didn't make her happy. "We've got to change the way you look." he said. "They'll recognize you if we don't." he said. She stuck her tongue out at the brown haired little girl in the mirror. The pink t-shirt that read "Daddy's little girl." made her smile despite herself. The knee length skirt that hung from her hips was cute too.

Charles saw Abby pout as she looked at her reflection. He knew she hated what they'd done to her hair. Even telling her it would grow out again and return to her natural color did little to make her feel better about it. From his point of view, a hair cut and color was a small price to pay to keep safe, and he knew then that he'd made the right choice to force her to be the child. When the door bell rang, he picked her up, carried her to the bed, and sat her down on her knees saying "Stay her Sweety." and left the room.

Charles returned a moment later, accompanied by a tall gray haired woman about fifty years old. She had a darker complexion, and stood around five foot ten, Abby estimated. The woman was stocky, but not fat. She wore a casual, cream colored blouse and navy blue slacks. Black 'old lady' shoes covered her feet.

"Sweety, this nice lady is Miss Adela. Adela, this is Abigail." Charles introduced them.

Adela stepped closer to Abby and said "Hi Abby, Daddy has told me very nice things about you." with a warm smile.

Abby saw that the smile didn't quite reach Miss Adela's eyes though. The look in her eyes said "I'm going to help you, but you're going to do it my way."

"Hi Miss Adela." Abby said, keeping to her role.

"I want you to call me Nanny. That's who I am from now on, your nanny." Adela explained.

Abby, swallowing her pride, said shyly "OK Nanny."

"Do you know what the name Abigail means?" Adela asked her.

"No." Abby answered with a curious look.

"It means Daddy's joy." she explained with a smile that did reach her eyes this time.

That made Abby smile at Charles. When she saw Charles smile back with love in his eyes, she turned and said "I like that."

"Good, I'm glad." Adela told her. Walking over to the TV at the foot of the bed, Adela tuned it on, and changed the channel until she saw cartoons. Turning back to Abby, she said "I need to go talk with your daddy for a little while. I'd like you to watch cartoons while we talk."

When he saw Abby start to object, Charles said "Just watch TV for a little while Sweety, it's important that Nanny and I talk." as she gave her a kiss to her forehead.

Abby heard the tone in his voice that said 'Don't argue.' "Alright Daddy." she reluctantly answered. She watched then as the two left the room, closing the door behind them.

Abby was already hating being treated like a small child. She didn't like being told what she was going to do, rather than being asked her opinion. Here she was being told to sit and watch stupid cartoons while 'the adults' went off to talk about her. "Grrrrr." she thought, trying to figure out a way to assert her independence.

Abby wasn’t the only one thinking about how the day had gone. Adela sat sipping coffee in the kitchen. She had taken on a huge task she now knew, but she cared a great deal for Charles, and would do her utmost best to do what he asked of her.

As she made her way to the livingroom with Charles, she thought carefully about the task ahead. She remained standing as Charles took a seat in a chair. "Have you thought about changing her name?" she asked.

"Yes, I have paperwork being drawn up now that shows her as Dawn Stanton. It will be in the car that will take you to the airport. The plane ticket is in that name." he answered.

"Good." Adela said, and then added very softly. "Hold on a second." She walked silently to the door of the bedroom and in one smooth motion, grasped the knob and pushed the door open. She knew her suspicion was right when she felt the door suddenly meet resistance and then heard a thump. This was followed by the sound of Abby crying. "I'm sorry, I came to check on you Sweety." she told Abby as she lifted her to her feet.

Abby had stood at the door, listening as hard as she could through the opening in the knob. When the door opened, the knob hit her right on the very sensitive cartilage of the ear. The fact that she lost her balance made things worse, as she fell, landing squarely on her very bruised bottom. The pain was too much and instantly brought tears.

Kneeling down on one knee, Adela looked sternly at Abby and asked "You weren't listening at the door were you?" in a firm tone.

"No Nanny." Abby lied through her tears.

"I didn't think so." Adela answered with a small smirk. "Come here Sweety." she said as she pulled Abby into a hug. Wanting to set their roles right away, she pulled Abby's hand from her ear and said "Nanny will make it better Baby." She then placed her fingers on the side of Abby's head and kissed her ear softly as she put pressure on a nerve center leading to the ear. A second later, she was satisfied when it had an instantaneous affect on Abby.

Abby pulled back from Nanny and with a stunned expression asked "How did you do that?" no longer crying. The sharp, piercing pain in her ear disappeared one second after Nanny had kissed her.

"Magic." Adela answered with a smile.

Abby wanted to ask more, but saw that she wouldn't get any more from her on the topic. While her bottom still hurt, it was more of a dull ache, unlike the sharp pain of her ear.

"Back up on the bed with you." Adela told her as she surprised Abby and picked her up under her arms and placed her back on the bed. "Stay in the bed Sweetheart, I don't want you to get any more bumps." Adela told her with a kiss to her forehead.

"Alright." Abby said miserably.

"Alright what little girl?" Adela asked, deliberately pushing Abby.

"Alright Nanny." Abby answered grudgingly, adding a sarcastic tone as she spoke her name for Adela.

"I really hope you can be a good girl for me Sweety. I would hate to have to spank your bottom. I know that it's painful right now, and wouldn't want to make it more so." Adela told her sternly.

Fear struck Abby. "She wouldn't!" she thought. Then "Would she?" she asked herself. Seeing the determination in Nanny's eyes, she knew she would. "I'm sorry Nanny." Abby said sweetly.

"That's OK." Adela told her with another kiss to her forehead. "It will take a little while for us to find our way." she explained. "You stay there Baby, and watch cartoons." she added and left the room, again closing the door.

Charles chuckled when Adela came and sat down. "I'm glad your not my nanny." he told her.

With a chuckle of her own, Adela said "I've got grandkids Charles. I've been through this before."

"Just please, go easy on her. She's been through a great deal." he said with a pleading expression.

"Charles, you've asked me to see to her care. I have no problem doing that, but there will be a couple of contests before we have the measure of each other. Let me do this the best way I know how. It may require that I spank her, but I'm no monster. Trust me on this." she told him.

"I do trust you Adela, or I would never put her in your care." he told her. "I'm sorry, I'll leave the method of her adjustment to you." he added with an apologetic smile.

"She'll be fine, I promise. She may not be happy for a couple of days, but in the end, she'll be fine." Adela told him.

"Thank you." he responded.

"Alright, how are we getting where we're going?" Adela asked, moving the conversation along.

"You'll be riding coach by commercial airline. If I was looking for the girlfriend of a wealthy individual, I'd have the helipads and private airstrips watched closely. The airport will probably be watched as well, but this way, you'll be two folks in a crowd, rather than stand out like a sore thumb." Charles explained.

"That makes sense to me. What have you told her?" Adela asked.

Charles took a few minutes to explain what he had said to Abby, trying to make sure he repeated it verbatim. When he finished, Adela said "You're going to need to make the consequences for adult behavior more serious."

"What do you mean?" he asked, not understanding.

"You've told her that if she acts other than a six year old, she'll be punished like a child. Charles, punishing her won't help if she goes off into a tirade speaking and acting like an adult while we're in public, they'll spot her instantly." Adela explained.

"You're right, how the hell did I miss that?" he asked getting angry with himself.

"You're very good at the details Charles, but I can't imagine that you've ever dealt with a situation quite like this one." she said trying to ease his anger.

With a sigh, he responded "You're right about that." After a moment's pause, he added "But it's worth it Adela, I love her. She's the one."

Moving next to him, she placed a hand on his shoulder and said "I know, and I'll do everything in my power to keep her safe."

"Thank you." he said again, not knowing anything else to say.

They discussed the arrangements for a few more minutes, before Charles said "Alright, I'm going to go speak with her. As much as I don't want to let her go, I'll leave here when I'm done. If you need anything, there will be a sat phone in with her paperwork, use it. Don't call me on your cell phone, the sat phone is secure."

"OK. I think it would be better if I was in there with you. She needs to know that I'm aware of the conditions of your arrangement." Adela explained.

"Alright, come with me, but I'll ask you to give us a couple of minutes after I go over that." he told her.

"That's fine." she answered.


She was still kneeling on the bed when she saw Charles open the door. "Daddy." she said smiling, as she held her arms out. The sight of him made her feel warm all over, and if being a little girl for a while would keep him in her life, then she would gladly be one.

Charles approached her and held her close. "I love you Sweety." he told her softly.

"I love you too." she answered.

Adela was struck then by how sincere Abby was being. She saw it in her eyes. Adela had had her doubts about Abby's sincerity before, but saw that they were unfounded. She resolved then, while she'd push her, she would give Abby every opportunity to cooperate, and remain a part of Charles' life.

Charles pulled Abby back from him and sat down on the bed. "Sweety, I'm going to have to change something I told you earlier." he started. "I told you that if you talked or acted other than a six year old, then you would be punished like a child." he repeated. "I want you to know now, that you won't be punished, you'll be given some money, and told to go." he explained.

"Why? What if I make a mistake?" Abby asked as tears formed.

"Abby, if you should start speaking or acting like an adult, and the wrong person sees or hears it, they will know who you are. A small mistake can be covered, but if you get angry and start shouting about being treated like a child, then you're going to be on your own." he explained.

"I won't do that Charles, I promise." she told him, the fear of losing him plain in her expression.

"Look Abigail, I want nothing more than to get through all of this and be able to ask you to be my wife. I'm just telling you what will happen if you make a bad choice." he said hugging her again.

Wanting to show her willingness to do what he asked, she said "I'll be a good girl for Nanny, Daddy. I promise." with a tearful voice.

"That's my good girl." he told her snuggling her closer.

Adela, feeling for this poor girl said "Baby, I don't think Daddy's so much worried that you're a good girl, but that you are a little girl. Every little girl misbehaves sometimes, and he won't send you away if you do, I'm sure of it." with a warm smile.

Charles quickly added "Nanny's right. I won't send you away if you misbehave, but I'd hate to think what your bottom will feel like if you do."

Abby was both overjoyed and scared to hear him say that. She felt a lot better that she wouldn't be told to leave if she wasn't good, but by his words, he advocated her being spanked by Nanny. "I'll be good Daddy, I promise." she said with a smile.

"Good." he told her with another kiss. "Adela, please give us a few minutes." he said.

"Alright, I'll be in the livingroom." she said and left the room, closing the door.

"I love you more than you could ever know Abigail. Please do what's required, and stay safe. I couldn't bear to lose you now that I've found you." Charles said tearfully.

"I'll do what you think I need to Charles," Abby said "but please, promise me we won't ever be apart again once this is over." crying softly.

"I promise, we'll spend the rest of our lives getting on each other's nerves." he told her with a tearful smile.

They spent the next fifteen minutes professing their love for each other. When Charles heard a beep from his cell phone, he hugged her tightly for a second, and told her "You be a good girl for Nanny."

"I will Daddy, I promise." Abby responded.

"I've got to go now, I will see you in a few days. If you need to talk to me, just tell Nanny, and she will call." he said as he got up.

"Bye Daddy." Abby said, crying now. She was both shocked and hurt when he kissed her on the forehead and then left the room without saying another word.

A second later, Nanny came into the bedroom, and without a word, picked Abby up and sat her on her lap facing her. She hugged her close, rubbing her back gently.

"He didn't say goodbye." Abby cried.

"Sweety, I've known Daddy for a long time, and never have I ever heard him say goodbye to anyone. The last time he said goodbye, he was eleven years old, and he never saw his Mommy again." Adela explained sadly.

"I love him Adela…" Abby started.

Adela quickly grasped her shoulders, pulled her back and said firmly "Don't call me that. I told you what to call me little girl."

"But we're alone." Abby said defensively.

"I know we're alone, but that's how we make mistakes." Adela explained. "You need to understand, you are in danger little girl, and by being with you, so am I."

That hadn't occurred to Abby. Her respect for this woman grew with that realization. "I love him Nanny." she said, starting again.

"I know you do Baby, I saw it in your eyes." Adela told her as she pulled her close again. After a few minutes, Adela stood Abby on her feet. "If anyone asks you what your name is, you tell them Dawn, understand?" as she handed Abby a tissue.

"OK." Abby answered as she used the tissue to wipe her eyes.

"Is there anything you want to ask or tell me as an adult before we go?" Adela asked and then quickly added "Because once we leave this bedroom, you are a rather large six year old girl."

"Where are we going?" Abby asked.

"I have no intention of telling you that or anything else like that. Anything else?" Adela answered.

"No Nanny." Abby said giving up on getting any more information. All of her questions would have gotten the same answer, she knew.

Adela led her out of the bedroom then and toward the livingroom. "Alright Sweety, let's go to the car. We're going to take a ride on an airplane, won't that be fun?" she asked.

Abby stopped suddenly, fear showing clearly on her face. She was scared of flying and swore she would never do it again.

Seeing this, Adela hugged her and said "I promise, you'll be just fine Sweety." and then took her by the hand and led her toward the door of the apartment.

Thirty minutes later, The two walked into the main concourse of the airport. Abby, needing to use the restroom, without thinking, said softly "I need to use the bathroom.", relaxed her grip on Adela's hand and started to head toward the bathroom. She immediately felt Adela's grip tighten, and then felt a hand hit her sore bottom with a painful swat. This brought tears to her eyes, the pain was so intense.

"Don't ever walk away from me little girl!" Adela told her hotly. Then getting control of her anger, she said "This is a big place Sweety, and you could easily get lost. Your Daddy would be very angry with me if I lost track of you."

Abby was angry. "I was just going to the bathroom." she whispered.

"If you needed to go potty, then you should have asked me, not try running off. I'll take you in there." Adela explained loudly.

Abby felt mortified. She saw others staring as she stood crying and her Nanny announced loudly, for everyone to hear that she needed to use 'the potty'. She followed as Adela led her toward the bathroom. When they went in, she was shocked when she was led to a handicapped stall, the door was closed and Adela stood waiting, watching her.

"Do you need me to help you go potty?" Adela asked sweetly.

"No! I'm not a baby!" Abby told her hotly.

"Then I suggest you get on the potty. If you wait much longer, I will put you on it." Adela told her with a no-nonsense expression.

This made Abby angrier, but she knew she couldn't win this contest. With a blushing face, she lifted her skirt, pulled her panties down and sat on the potty. A couple of seconds later, the sound of her pee hitting the water could be heard clearly. After the sound stopped. Abigail, very embarrassed, got some toilet paper from the dispenser and wiped her bottom dry. She was mortified when she heard Adela's next words.

"Sweety, didn't anyone ever show you how to properly wipe yourself?" Adela asked as she approached her. She saw Abby start to stand as she came near and said "Sit right there little girl." leaving no room for discussion. Taking another wad of paper, Adela pulled Abby forward, reached under her and wiped her again. "You wipe from front to back, always. Otherwise, you will get an infection and be very sick." she told Abby as she stood her up and pulled her panties back up. Adela knew then that the next three weeks would be difficult for both of them. If Abby had not had someone to raise her that cared enough to teach her simple hygiene, then she would be a handful for a while.

Abby wanted to shrivel up and die right then. She started to cry when Nanny had to show her 'the proper way' to wipe her bottom and didn't fight when Nanny stood her up and redressed her like a child.

"It's OK Sweety, we're not born with the knowledge." Adela told her with a gentle kiss. "I get the impression you didn't have anyone take the time to teach you as a child." she added.

Abby just shook her head. She was grateful that Nanny hadn't ridiculed her, if she had, Abby knew that she would have died.

"Alright, flush and we'll wash our hands." Adela prompted.

Abby pushed the lever, and as the water made a rushing sound, they went to the sink and washed their hands. She made sure to do a good job so Nanny didn't have to show her how to do that too.

They had only taken ten steps from the ladies room door when Abby stopped suddenly, staring down the concourse with an extremely fearful expression. Adela quickly looked up to see who she was looking at, then pulled her into a hug, hoping the gentleman hadn't noticed Abby looking at him. Adela noticed the man coming toward them, whispered "Cry for your Daddy." to Abby before reaching to her bottom and pinching her hard.

Abby saw Roy and stopped dead, glad she had just emptied her bladder. Fear engulfed her as she watched him. When Nanny pulled her close, told her to cry for Daddy and pinched her, she couldn't help but comply with the crying part because it hurt so bad, but immediately understood and cried "I want my daddyyyyy." loudly.

Royal Strom stood watching the people as they made their way through the airport. He was looking for either Abby or this Wilkins fella. He had strict instructions that if he saw either or both, he was to bring them quietly back to the office. He noticed and older woman with a child walking his way. A moment later, he saw the girl crying for her daddy. "Thank God I don't have brats. I'd have to be smacking them to shut up every five minutes." he thought. Deciding he could get a better view from another vantage point above, he made his way across the concourse toward the escalators.

Adela felt Abby trembling. Looking around, she noticed the man moving away from them toward the other side. "He's going the other way." she whispered to Abby, took her by the hand and led her quickly toward the security checkpoint.

The luggage had been checked at the curb, so they had only one carry on. Adela knelt once they were waiting in line and said clearly "I know you miss Daddy, but you'll see him soon I promise." and hugged her close, whispering in her ear "I'm sorry Baby, I needed you to cry." When she felt Abby hug her tighter then, she knew that Abby was OK with the pinch.

Abby was having a really hard time understanding this woman. She was hard as nails one second, then very nice and caring the next. It made her very difficult to read. Once she saw the need for Adela to cause her pain, she was fine with it and hugger her tightly to let her know. Wanting to keep up appearances, she said tearfully "But I miss him Nanny." The fact was she did miss Daddy. He made her feel safe.

Still hugging her, Adela said "I know Baby, I know."

When they made it to the security officer checking identification, Adela handed her ID, and the fake birth certificate that Charles had provide, to the gentleman. She noticed Abby was looking back toward the concourse, gripping her hand tightly. The gentleman asked "Miss Stanton?"

When Abby didn't respond, Adela realized that she hadn't given Abby her last name. "I'm sorry, she's a little slow." she told him and squeezed Abby's hand hard for a second. "Dawn honey, you need to answer this nice man."

Abby heard what Nanny told him and thought "Great! Now I'm retarded." but kept her thoughts to herself, put her finger in her mouth and put the most childish expression she could on her face. When the security officer repeated her assumed name she said "Uh huh." shyly, partly hiding behind Nanny.

"Pass around to your right." he told them as he handed the paperwork back to Adela.

They were soon boarding the plane. As they walked onto the aircraft, the stewardess greeting passengers leaned down, patted Abby on the cheek and said "Well aren't you pretty." 

As if that wasn't enough embarrassment for Abby, she heard Nanny tell the stewardess "Is it possible to get a pillow for her to sit on? Someone hasn't been a good girl today and has a very tender bottom."

"Oh. Well that's a shame, and you're so pretty too." the stewardess told Abby. She reached up and pulled a pillow from a cabinet and handed it to Abby and said "Be a good girl and you won't need this next time."

"What do you say Sweety?" Adela asked.

It took everything Abby had to say "Thank you." instead of what was on her mind.

"You're welcome Sweety." the stewardess told her and they started back toward their seats.

When they arrived at their assigned seats, Adela told her "You're not going to be able to sit on your knees Baby. I know your bottom is sore, but there's no way around it.", took the pillow from Abby, set it in her seat, then picked Abby up and gently sat her down on it.

It was uncomfortable to sit on her behind, but not extremely painful with the pillow in place. While she wasn't happy with the explanation that Nanny had given, Abby was grateful that Nanny had asked for the pillow. Again, this woman was odd. She had no problem embarrassing Abby, but took steps to make her more comfortable.

It wasn't long before the airplane was speeding down the runway. Abby was scared. She pulled closer to Nanny, holding tightly to Nanny's arm with both of hers. "I'm scared Nanny." she admitted.

"It'll be OK Sweety, I promise." Adela told her, and pulled Abby's hands from her arm long enough to raise the armrest between them up out of the way and pull her close. "You have to sit there with your seatbelt on until that light goes out. When it does, you can come sit in my lap Baby." she explained.

As childish as it sounded, Abby would have been very grateful to sit in Nanny's lap right then. She felt a bit better when Nanny started rocking her gently and humming a lullaby. Abby did fine until the plane hit some turbulence and dropped a bit. This made Abby start to cry loudly.

Adela, seeing Abby's reaction, flagged the stewardess and said "She's terrified. I need to get her up into my lap." When the stewardess reluctantly agreed, Adela unbuckled Abby's seat belt and lifted her so she was sitting on her knees facing her. Holding her close, with Abby's head on her shoulder, she resumed humming the lullaby.

Abby felt a LOT better when Nanny hugged her tight. She clung to Nanny, closed her eyes and just listened to Nanny's soft humming.

"You've got to wake up Baby. You need to sit in your seat Sweetheart, we're going to land now." Adela told Abby as she gently lifted her up and sat her down easy on the pillow. She buckled Abby in and pulled her close again. Adela had been surprised when Abby had gone to sleep and then started nursing her thumb. She was really against thumb sucking, as it was a dirty habit because of all the things the hands came in contact with.

Abby had no idea when she had gone to sleep. At least she hadn't had to endure the whole flight. She noticed her thumb felt clammy, and had no idea why. She noticed two kids on the other side of the isle giggling and pointing at her. One curled his hand up, stuck his thumb in his mouth and started nursing on it with his eyes closed, before taking it out and laughing again. Abby got angry at first. Then she put the pieces together. She had nursed her thumb while she was asleep. Charles had told her that she sucked her thumb, but she didn't believe him. The realization that he was telling the truth brought tears to her eyes.

Adela had noticed the two kids on the other side making fun of her. She sat forward a bit and held Abby closer and said "It's OK Sweety, don't worry about it." in a kind voice.

When they landed, Adela collected their luggage and paid a sky cap to cart it to the rental car that Charles had provided. Once Abby was settled in the back seat, Adela drove them to the house that they would be staying in. It was out in the middle of no where, which made her happy. Less chance to be found that way. She led Abby into the house and took her to her bedroom. "Stay here for a little bit Sweety, I need to do some things and I'll be back to get you in the bath." Adela told her.

"I can wash myself Nanny." Abby quickly told her.

"After what I saw in the potty, that's not going to happen Sweety. Just please, cooperate and we'll both be a lot happier." Adela told her.

Abby, too tired to fight it, said "Alright."

"Good girl. Play for a bit with the toys and I'll be back in a bit." Adela said with a kiss to her forehead and left the room.

As she looked around the room, Abby noticed more toys than she had ever seen. This was definitely a little girls room, as it was painted a pale pink with a pastel rainbow border. The bedding was pink and white with frills at the edges. A doll house in the corner on the floor got her attention. She had always wanted one, but it never happened. Thinking "What the hell." she got up and moved to the doll house and started picking up and organizing the furniture just the way she thought it should be.

Adela smiled to herself as she watched Abby on th monitor, start playing with the doll house. After all, there were many grown women that still entertained themselves that way. She made a list and called the number that Charles had given her to contact if she needed anything. She then made her way to the bathroom and ran a warm bath with lots of bubbles. She put a couple of bath toys in the water in hopes that Abby would use them.

With that done, she went back to Abby's room and stood watching from the doorway as Abby played. When Abby noticed her and blushed as she put the toys down, Adela told her with a warm smile "No Sweety, enjoy the toys, that's what they're here for. Besides, I've known many women your physical age that enjoy what you were just doing."

"Really?" Abby asked with a surprised smile.

"Really. I hate to interrupt your playing, but it's time for your bath now. Come along Sweety." Adela told her kindly.

Not wanting to fight, Abby just got up and took Nanny's hand and allowed her to lead her into the bathroom. When she saw the bubbles she smiled. She started to reach for the buttons on her skirt but Nanny brushed her hands away and said "Let me do it Sweety."

The bath was very relaxing for Abby. Despite the embarrassment of having her bottom washed, and the uncomfortable sensations that came with having your ears washed by someone that can't feel what their doing, she enjoyed the bath, even getting her hair washed. Nanny had just finished washing her bottom when they heard the door bell. "Sit here for a little bit and play with the toys. I'll be right back." Nanny told her.

Adela went to the monitor in the kitchen, punched a button and saw a man there with several bags. Feeling better, she went to the door, signed for the items and after locking the door again, began sorting through them and getting what she needed. She went to check on Abby, and saw that she was doing fine, so went back to the kitchen to mix up a recipe that her grandmother had taught her that would help Abby's bruises. Once that was done, she took several things back to the bedroom.

"Alright Sweety, it's time to get you ready for bed." Adela said as she reached over and hit the lever to empty the tub. "Stand up for me Baby." she told Abby as she turned the water on and adjusted it for temperature. When Abby was standing, Adela turned the shower on and had her rinse completely. She turned the water off and began drying Abby with a thick soft towel. "Spread your legs Baby." she said, and watched Abby blush when she dried her most sensitive areas. "It's alright Sweety, we're going to do this every night, you'll get used to it, I promise."

Abby didn't know if she could get used to it. The problem was, she was getting a bit confused. She liked some of this, but hated other parts. It would take some getting used to, that was for sure. Again she was shocked when Nanny just led her out of the bathroom without a stitch of clothes on. She had just come to terms with that when she saw the items on the bed in her room and started to try to pull away from Nanny saying "I'm not a baby! Let me go! I won't wear that!"

Adela quickly sat down and had Abby over her lap and five firm slaps applied to her nasty looking bottom. She didn't want to have to do it, but she thought "It had to happen sooner or later."

Abby lay sobbing hard, crying "Stop! I'll be good!" as Nanny held her there.

"I'm sorry Sweety, I didn't want to have to spank you when your bottom was still so sore. What made me angry was you didn't even ask why I had a pair of training pants and baby pants on the bed. This wasn't to punish you, or to treat you like a baby, but to try to heal the bruises on your bottom. The medicine I need to use is a liquid and it has to stay in contact with your skin overnight. The training pants are thick and will keep the wet medicine on your skin. The baby pants will keep the medicine from evaporating and keep the bed dry. Now, I'm going to put these on you, am I going to need to spank you some more or are you going to behave little girl?" she asked Abby.

"I'll be good Nanny." Abby said, fearful of additional swats to her painful bottom.

"Alright, stand up for me." Adela told her. When Abby stood, Adela held the training pants out and said "Step in Baby." and pulled them up over her behind. Taking the baby pants in hand she repeated her instructions. Once she pulled them up into place she said "Stand right there." She pulled the covers back on the bed and spread a waterproof pad across the middle of the bed. Picking Abby up, she laid her down on her stomach with her bottom in the air. "This medicine is going to be cold. Just hold on for a minute and it will get warm, I promise."

Abby felt completely ridiculous, dressed like a toddler training to keep their bed dry. Having discovered that she had been sucking her thumb in her sleep made things worse. She laid there softly crying as she felt Nanny pull the waistband back on the baby pants and heard her squirt fluid from a squeeze bottle onto her training pants. She flinched as she felt the cold fluid seep through the thick padding of the training pants and touch her skin.

"It's alright Sweety, almost done." Adela told her. Once she finished, she told Abby to turn on her back. "Alright, now this may make you wet in your sleep tonight…" and was interrupted.

"I told you, I'm NOT a baby." Abby screamed through her tears.

"If you don't watch your tone little girl, I'm going to spank you again. Do you want that?" Adela asked in a level tone.

"No Nanny!" Abby said with a fearful look.

"I know you're not a baby, and if you tell me that again, then I'll have you nursing a bottle, got it?" she asked firmly.

"Yes Nanny." Abby answered crying.

"Like I said, the wet pants may make you wet without waking up. It's common if you're already wet, to wet in your sleep. Don't worry about it if you do, that pad you're laying on is waterproof." Adela explained. She sat down on the side of the bed then, and looked Abby in the eye. "I'm sorry I had to spank you Sweety. I really didn't want to have to do that until your bruises healed. When I spank you I want to get your attention, not hurt you Baby." she explained as tears formed in her eyes.

After a minute, she said "I want you to do something for me." with a pleading look on her face. Pulling a pacifier out from under Abby's pillow, she brought it closer to Abby's mouth.

"Please no." Abby cried, tears streaming down her blushing face. She wanted to curl up and die right then.

"Sweety, taking your thumb will eventually make you sick. I won't tolerate that. I won't make you take this binky, but if I catch you nursing your thumb, I'll spank your bottom. My suggestion to you is to just take this and go night night. It's your bedtime anyway." she explained.

Abby said "What?!?!" and before she knew it, she was pushed to her side and felt three more smacks to her bottom.

"I tell you what. Take the binky little girl. It will keep you from getting into trouble. Open." Adela told her.

Abby's bottom was on fire now. Afraid she would get more, she opened her mouth and allowed Nanny to insert the pacifier. She looked at Nanny with angry eyes.

"Nurse it little girl." Adela said with steel in her voice.

Abby began nursing with tears running back along the sides of her face. She knew there was no way to win this game.

"Alright. The only time I want you to take your binky is when your sleeping. The only people that are going to know about it is you, me and Charles." she told the little girl.

"Pwease don' teww him." Abby pleaded, sounding like a toddler.

"Trust me Sweety, he won't be upset. I'm sure he's seen you nursing your thumb." Adela reassured her. Getting up, she pulled the covers up, and tucked Abby in before kissing her on her forehead. "Night night little girl." she said with an expectant expression on her face.

Abby knew what Nanny wanted. She was angry with her for making her do all of these stupid things. She took her time before saying "Night." in an ungracious manner. When Adela started to reach for the covers, Abby quickly said "Night night Nanny."

"You go to sleep Sweety. Remember, if I catch you with your thumb in your mouth, I will spank you again." Adela said as she turned the light out and left the room, closing the door behind her.

Abby immediately spit the pacifier out. She was angry now.


As Abby laid there, her anger slowly gave way to sleepiness. With resignation, she picked up the binky and took it in her mouth. Just the thought of any more slaps to her bottom brought tears to her eyes. Within minutes she was sound asleep. She had no way of knowing that she would continue to occasionally nurse the pacifier throughout the entire night, nor was she aware when her bladder released of it's own accord, without having the decency to let her know.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 9

Why do I get the feeling that the next few days are going to be rough on Abby and Adela? Meanwhile, I hope Charles is staying safe. Good chapter, BB.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 9

I’ll be honest when I say… I’m not sure how I feel about this.

I don’t do force, and I don’t do the spanking thing, either. The little swats when it’s just Charles and Abby alone in the role I can handle, but I think this went a bit far for me.

I know why it has to happen and I know that it wouldn’t get so bad that Abby would just be abandoned in public to fend for herself…. but rationalizing it doesn’t help my brain digest it any better.

At first, I didn’t read it line-by-line, but looking for things I didn’t like caused me to have to do that. That actually made it easier to swallow a little, but still wasn’t fun. I don’t know how many chapters are going to have interaction like this between Abby and Adela (and I’m pretty sure you don’t either), but I hope it gets better, at least.

This might be a section I skip completely and then read when I know things get back to happy again… and then proceed to never read again. The same thing happened with Snuggles and Tears… I read the parts with the hospital and social services, but I won’t read that part again.

The only thing that really stuck out in my mind as being a little overboard was the amount of spanking used so quickly after a traumatic experience that would leave most people quite messed up, if not half-way catatonic.

I don’t know. I have issues from childhood with stuff like that, so I’m probably not the best objective person to give criticism.

I just hope it gets better soon. That or you write your ass off so I don’t have to skip a lot. :slight_smile:

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 9

Very good chapter, BB!! This story got really good, quick!! Keep it up!!

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 9

Yes, I’m sure the next few days will be hard on Adela snd Abby but don’t make me cry like you did in Snuggles and Tears.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 9

Hi All,

It stands to reason that this will be a difficult time for both of them, but the thing that makes all the difference is that we see both responding kindly as well as the contests of will.

Abby can’t for the life of her figure how Adela could be “hard as nails” at one point and kind and caring the next.

Adela can see clearly a mix of a woman that wants to assert her independence and a child that is very grateful for a warm hug.

In the end, they’ll “find their way”.

I definately appreciate your honesty here. I would much rather you tell me you don’t like what I’ve put out, and most importantly why, than not post at all.

This shows a difference in life experience between you and I, I believe. While I have felt a swat or five to the behind (sometimes more than one set several minutes apart) as a child, it was always given with my best interest in mind, and primarily was the result of my reluctance to do what I was supposed to.

I ask you to consider that Adela has been asked to be responsible for a person that has shown no appreciable concept of the danger she is in. Charles chose to force her to adhere to the rules of a six year old to protect her. In reality, he didn’t force her to do so, he gave her two choices and she made the one that was important to her.

Abby, as we have seen several times in the story, took the easier path. but this time, she did so because she didn’t want to be apart from Charles, a man that has shown her that someone can treat her kindly without wanting anything from her but what she wants to give.

Make no mistake, If Abby had chosen to leave instead of go with Adela, Charles would have let her go as you will see later.

This should resolve itself in the next two. One will deal mostly with Charles, but will have some of that interaction as well.

I can appreciate that. But, I tend to read all of it because hard times make the wonderful times so much better.

I would agree with you here if the story hadn’t implied that Abby had been through this before. That’s the difference. While we haven’t seen the details of what she’s been through, we know that it wasn’t pleasant, and by her ability to keep moving foreward despite the treatment by Cranston, we have to assume that either she’s seen alot worse, or a great deal of the same in her short life. People become desensitized to trauma after a time, and unfortunately look upon it as “normal”.

Also, when you count it up, Adela had given Abby a total of nine swats to the bottom. I would like you to ask yourself, if you were in a similar situation as Adela, putting yourself in danger to protect someone that is dear to someone you care about, and this person just didn’t seem to “get it” with regard to safety, wouldn’t you take steps to make them respect your decisions without an argument every time? After all, there may come a time when there is no time to argue or explain, but that requires that Abby just do what she’s told.

I can’t say I understand, but I can appreciate that.

Now that would be a shame (skipping a lot). I tend to write with subtle hints that if you skipped, would cause you to miss perhaps an important detail. And it will get better soon.

Thank you for your kind words Icey, I appreciate it.:smiley:

MMB, from my point of view, the job of a writer is to evoke an emotional response from his or her readers. Whether it be a belly laugh at a particularly humorous line or misty eyes because a character goes through a difficult time and it touches the reader on a personal level. If I’ve achieved these things in my writing, then I feel I’ve done what I’m supposed to do.

Thank you all for your input here. It means a lot to me.


Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 9

I have noticed something in my life that I like about your writing especially in this story BB.

I have friends who have been through traumatic experiences and come to me when they think the chips are down.

I will be honest I am their friend, and their brother but I will be harsh if the needs arises.

I think see that is what Adela is doing in a kind loving manner.

wonderful BB.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 9

I just started to read this story today and it is nice to have 9 chapters to read, which is probably a good thing. I strongly avoid stories that get into sexual content the way you did. If I didn’t have the next chapter to read, I probably would have stopped reading. Both major sex scenes went into way too much detail and personally I do not feel the detail added to the value of the story (but that is my personal feeling, I am sure others feel differently). I can see how you wanted Abby to learn the difference between good sex and bad sex, but personally I don’t feel all the detail was needed.

That all said. You are a VERY good writer. You understand character development and how to lead the reader along. Those are two very hard things to do as a writer. You are progressing things very fast (real time) but at a speed the reader can believe. That is a skill that is even harder to do as a writer. I am very impressed. The little bread crumbs you leave for the read to forshaddow future elements of the story, done very skillfully.

You are a good writer, thank you for sharing your work.


Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 9

Now that would be a shame (skipping a lot). I tend to write with subtle hints that if you skipped, would cause you to miss perhaps an important detail. And it will get better soon.

I wouldn’t actually not read whole chapters. I’d just wait a week or so when you had 5 or 6 more posted, and then eat all my lima beans in one sitting instead of angonizing over them a little each day.

And funny you went and picked the one bean that I don’t like. Glad to know I’m not the only one that hates them. :smiley:

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 9

Hi Folks,

You’re right on the money there. Not just Adela, but Charles as well. Sometimes we need a kick in the butt before we can get up and move on down the road of life. :smiley:

Thanks for the compliment. :smiley:

Thanks for responding Teekabell, I am grateful for any input.

The detail was entirely for the reader’s appreciation of the difference between what Charles believes is the way things should be, and what a monster like Cranston feels someone like Abby is for.

In my opinion, without the detail, perhaps it wouldn’t be so clear, just how much Charles and Abby are made for each other. Nor would the callousness of Cranston’s actions be as clear.

I again apologize if I offended anyone, and wish to warn you folks that we are not done yet with sexual content. Nothing like the Cranston experience, but there will be more.

I really don’t think I could have asked for a better compliment, Thank you!

Can’t stand the things! :lol:

Thanks All,