to pay the piper

looking for the while story I can only find chapters 1 and 2

EDIT: Post below contains updated instructions. :slight_smile:

Click Here and it will list all the parts.

That link performs this search with the sorting set to Latest Topic on the results page:

@BabyButt in:title "time to pay the piper" #stories:board-member-stories

Explation of the above: Click on the search icon in the header, and choose the Options… link to bring up the advanced search.

  1. Type BabyButt into the posted by field and click on his name when it appears in the menu
  2. Check the Matching in Title only option.
  3. Type board member stories in Categorized and select the category from the list when it pops up.
  4. Leave the rest of the fitlers on the defaults and type “time to pay the piper” in the main search box with the other stuff that the filters added.
  5. Click the submit button on the filters panel OR the search icon next to the search field. Or just press enter :slight_smile:

Typing @BabyButt is the same as typing that into the Posted By field. in:title is the same as checking the Matching in title only box. There is no quick search equivilant of the Sort By option. :slight_smile: