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Too Old For Treats - But Not For Tricks! A Halloween Short.

“Well, I dunno … it doesn’t say who is throwing it or anything!” Dawn complained, looking again at the invitation that had her name printed on it. “It’s computer made invitation - what if it’s just some nerd?”

“Come on, Dawn,” urged her friend, Cindy. “I heard all the cool kids said they were going. Nerds didn’t get invited. Besides, if it is lame, we can just leave. I’m sure there will be plenty of other parties to crash on Halloween.”

Dawn considered the truth of that statement. There were always so many parties that she and Cindy didn’t even have to plan beforehand. They would just show up at one, ever since they were old enough that they started going to parties rather than trick -or - treat (although their parents thought they were still Trick or Treating for two years longer than they actually were). This year, however, she had not heard of a lot of parties. Somehow everyone who was anyone was drawn to go to this one rather than throwing their own.

Part of the reason for this was the mystery surrounding it. The invitation gave a street address and time, no more information about it than that. The rest of the draw came by seeing who else received the invitations for it. It seemed only the very popular kids were getting them … cheerleaders, jocks, rich kids, and people like Dawn and Cindy - referred to as “Heathers” or “Princesses”.

“But I still don’t get the invitation,” Dawn said. “‘Wear something cute’? What the hell does that mean? Why does it have to be cute … this is Halloween. I was gonna be a Vampiress.”

Cindy snorted. “EVERYBODY is doing that. Be a little original for once in your life.”

Dawn sighed and thought (which was unusual for her) about what she could wear. As she did, she spied a locker across the hall for hers, and an idea began to take shape in her mind (which was even more unusual).

“STOP!” came the command from the shadows, as the girl entered the room. “You will come no closer!” The voice sounded even more ancient today than it had yesterday, as though the days passing by were bringing eons of age upon it now. “Did you do what I told you to do?” it asked.

The girl nodded. “All the best, just as you said.”

“And are all things ready?” the voice pressed. It sounded as if on the verge of desperation, though trying to hide it.

“Everything is as it should be.” She had a rush of courage then. “Remember, we had a deal!”

She saw the eyes flash a bit from the darkness. “Yes, yes, the deal. Don’t worry about it. You’ll get what you deserve.”

She turned and left the room, trying not to run and show how scared she really was. She wondered why she ever agreed to take the job cleaning house for the “old crazy nut”, as everyone had called her. She figured it would be easy, as long as the old biddy was bed-ridden, to hang out at the house for a few hours, talk on the phone, and claim she was working, and get paid for it. That’s what a lot of the girls she knew did while babysitting, except she really didn’t like kids much.

So she started working here three days a week, just dusting a few things. But one day the old lady who was supposed to be bedridden was waiting for her when she walked in. She told her it was the last bit of strength she had, and that now had come the time for her “feeding.” She had no idea what the lady wanted, did she want her to make her supper or something? The lady laughed at her. Then she began to feed on her.

As she realized just what was happening, she offered the lady a suggestion - one that would be better, if she could just wait a few days. She could get her the best youth and beauty from the city, all in one place, so that she could choose the best. Why have pork chops when you can have prime rib? But she also tried to cut a deal for herself - since she had already begun to feed, some of the girl’s own strength and youth had gone - and she wanted it back. For the past two days, she had just been squeaking by at school without the sudden aging being recognized, by wearing heavy make-up and claiming she had got no sleep the night before when people asked. Fortunately, most of the crowd she hung with were too concerned with their own looks to worry much about hers.

“Oh. my. God. Is THAT what you are wearing?” Cindy asked Dawn.

Dawn laughed. “Well, it’s ‘cute’, right?”

“In a scary kind of way,” Cindy answered, looking her friend up and down.

“I got the idea when I saw one of the dweebs at her locker,” Dawn went on. “She had Tinkerbell folders and stuff, and I thought, ‘What a baby!’ and then I thought, ‘Hey!’”

“Where on earth did you get the diaper?”

Dawn laughed again. “My Granny needed them after an operation last year when we took care of her. After that, there was half a package still left in the closet! And the bottle, bib, and pacifier came from the store on the way home. And this top I got from my sister.” She was dressed in a Hello Kitty shirt, an adult diaper, and a bib - with shoes on her feet, and nothing else. Her hair was up in pig tails. A pacifier was on a ribbon around her neck, and she carried a teddy bear and baby bottle.

“Did you pack the extra diapers in a diaper bag in case you need a change?” Cindy teased. Dawn swung her teddy at her friend’s head, just missing. Cindy was wearing a complete Alice in Wonderland costume.

“Well, we better get going. Party starts in five minutes,” Dawn said. It would take ten minutes to get there, but they liked to be fashionably late.

The house was huge and old. It was the perfect “haunted house” from the outside. Inside a party was in full swing already. The girl led her friend in. “Come on - we don’t want to be too late!”

“We wouldn’t BE this late if you hadn’t got pulled over by the cops. Good thing you had me along in this baby costume to give him a good eyeful - that’s probably what got you out of a ticket,” Dawn said to Cindy. “Who’s house is this anyway? Who’s the host of the party?”

It seemed like no one knew. Nobody was going to admit to being the first ones there, and in truth those who were first found the door open, free beer flowing, and music blaring.

After dancing a bit, Dawn flopped down on a couch and downed another beer. Her diaper crinkled under her, and she knew she better find a bathroom soon or she really WOULD need a diaper change. She was starting to get used to the feel of it and it really wasn’t too bad - in fact, it felt kind of sexy. And a lot of the boys were staring at her.

In the dark bedroom, eyes that were still sharp searched the TV screens that showed her the action from hidden cameras in the Living Room. The girl had done well. The city’s most young and beautiful were there in the house, all for her choosing. And the most perfect was right in the center of the room, dressed in a diaper. She motioned to Cindy, and pointed at the screen. “Her….”

“Come on Dawn!” Cindy said, dragging her now tipsy friend to the bedrooms. “I found the host, and they want to meet you.”

“Me?” Dawn giggled, “Ish he cute?”

Cindy felt only a little pang of guilt. “Umm. Yes. Right in here.” She pushed Dawn into the bedroom and slammed the door, and locked it from the outside.

“Hello?” Dawn tried to adjust her eyes to the dark room. “Ish anybody here?” She decided Cindy was just playing a prank on her and turned around to the door, but it wouldn’t pull open. “Chindy? The door ish shtuck!” She waited. “Okay - very funny. You got me. Now open the door!” Still nothing. “Come onnnnn…” she whined, “I really gotta go!”

As though those words were magic, as soon as she said them she felt her diaper growing warm and wet. It tickled and tingled between her legs as the wetness spread, but Dawn wasn’t feeling sexy anymore. Now she just feel intense humiliation. She felt like such a baby. A minute later, she wished she could feel like a baby again.

The old arms wrapped around her, and as she screamed she felt the strength and youth leaving her body. The arms around her started to lose their wrinkles and grow stronger, while her own struggling grew weaker and her own skin began to wrinkle. After a minute of this, a young woman was holding a very old Dawn up. She dragged her toward the bed. “Let me change that diaper for you before I go,” she smirked. “It’s the least I can do for the 70 more years of life you just gave me!”

After 10 minutes, Cindy came back and unlocked the door. A new, very beautiful teen stepped out. “Remember, we had a deal!” Cindy snapped at her.

“Of course, dear,” the new teenager said. Cindy observed that the girl looked a bit too young and wondered how far back she had gone. She wouldn’t have gone all the way into her early teens if it were her - just maybe her 20s. But the girl then started to look older, and Cindy realized she was gripping her wrist.

“The few years I took from you … and then some!” the girl, fast now approaching womanhood, said. Cindy felt strange sensations in her body. Her hair grew finer, her breasts began to shrink and disappear. The dress, loose now, fell from her shoulders. She felt her panties loosen too, and grabbed for them, noticing that her bush was now also gone, she was as hairless as when she was 10.

“Noooooooo!” Cindy wailed, as she felt her legs give out and she fell on the floor on her naked bottom, and now there was only a baby girl crying on the floor, next to a woman who looked about 30.

“By the way,” the lady said as she picked up the crying baby, “Years you steal from someone else last much longer than normal aging. Looks like you’re going to be a baby for a long time!”