TransBlendered By:Long_Rifle

Transblendered. By: Long_Rifle

Well. Let’s try this then. It’s about a dude.

No. I’m being fucking serious. Well, it starts OUT as being about a dude. I got to take this really weird shit slow ya know…. Let’s see how this goes. Yeah…. It’s a weird one. Kind of emotional for me. Kind of not my style. But I hope those of you out there that like transgender stories and diapers like this, though it’s more about the change then the diapers to be honest. And sorry to my regular readers. This is a big change. But it sure was fun!

Sometimes things happen for no reason at all. Then other times things happen because of a very certain thing or action. Still other things don’t ever happen. But you kind of wish they did. But that’s enough about that. This is about something that definitely happened. And for a reason, though the reason might not have been good enough.

Mike was a good enough guy. Helpful, reasonably caring. Had a high rated WoW account. But he was still a man. And sometimes his penis took control and made him say or do stupid things. That’s why he was at the beach with his friend since second grade Cerra. She had started out as a regular Sarah, but after graduation and getting a good job, she wanted to separate herself from her family and make a name just for herself. She still really liked the name Sarah, at least how it sounded, so she just changed the spelling.

Cerra was safe from his lusts and urges because of her mousey brown hair, and height. She was just too tall, almost his match at over six feet, and skinny. No real chest. So when it came time to relax, and hit the town she kept him from doing something dangerous around women, and he kept her from drinking spiked drinks, by drinking them for her.

It was a nice day, not to warm. Maybe a bit cool, just enough to pucker skin in the morning till the sun had properly warmed everything. They had walked a few miles already. Picking up a few shells, and the occasional returnable hypodermic needle. “The beach looks pretty clean now that they passed that law that heroin addicts are required to get medical heroin permits huh?” He asked absently.

She had been looking down the beach at some rocks, “Huh? Oh… Sure…” She had been barely paying any attention for several minutes. “Let’s sit for a second okay?” She gestured towards a scarred bench with a lone occupant near the edge of the beach and a parking area.

“Sure… Time to get the sand out of my shoes anyways.” He followed her towards the bench, grimacing when she sat on the edge. Leaving him stuck sitting next to the stranger. The man barely regarded them as they sat down. Mike gave him a slight nod, but the man just kept staring at the line for the bathroom in front of them. Mike was sure he was staring at a particular woman’s backside. He smiled at the idea as his eyes scanned the entire line. It was towards the front when his penis took over.

A beautiful redhead. Skin a milky white, almost sickly looking. Freckles seemed to be waging a war on her body, and it looked to him like they had the upper hand. He jostled Cerra, “I’d like to see that in my bed every night!” She rolled her eyes. Deciding to ignore it as long as he didn’t stand up and go over to her. He started to stand, “I think I’m going to go talk to her, see if she’s free tonight…”

Cerra grabbed him by the back of his belt. “Stand down. She’s trying to get to a bathroom. Just wait till she gets out before harassing her. She’ll be in a better mood then, I assure you.”

He just laughed it off. “She’ll be in a better mood after I get her home and get in those pants of hers.”

“You’re an ass Mike. Remember what I told you last time. Listen to me, I’m a woman, I know more about women then your dick.”

Mike shook his head, “I just want that ass Cerra, it’s not that big of a deal you know. It happens all the time.”

A low voice answered then. “Granted.” They both turned to the man on the bench with them. He haven’t moved an inch. Hadn’t even looked at them. Just said one word and kept still like some kind of bathrobe wearing statue.

Mike took a defensive posture. “What the fuck does that mean old man?”

Finally he turned, his wild hair moving in the breeze. And his pink slippers slipping through the sand. “I said granted. You want that ass, you got it.” He snapped his fingers. “Enjoy.”

Cerra felt extremely nervous. She wrapped an arm around Mike, and tried to move him away. But he was angry, and wanted a confrontation. “Fuck you talking about! I don’t need no help from an old fuck tard like you!”

A sigh, “You try to teach a guy about ironic punishments…. And this is the thanks I get…” He said it quietly, as if speaking to himself. Then he stood up and tucked his hands into the warm fuzzy pockets of his robe. “Okay. I’m not evil. Well, yeah, I guess technically I am. But I was going to let you go with a little fun. But now… Now I’m going to fuck everything up for ya. I was going to slap you with your own fetish, but let’s give you another one on top.” He held his hand out and snapped his fingers again. Though nothing else seemed to happen he looked pleased with himself. “This should be fun!” He said. Mike cocked back his arm, ready to punch the guy in the dick. But Cerra was ready, she spun him around and grabbed his face.

“Relax! You can’t go around dick punching people all the time!” She turned to tell the man to eat a dick sandwich. But in that instant he was gone. Nothing but a tuft of robe lint on the bench to prove he had ever been there. “Wait… Where the hell did he go?”

Mike was looking for him as well; then he noticed the chick in the line was long gone as well. “Fuck! I was going to wear that girl as a fucking hat tonight!” Both targets now missing, his rage and lust evaporated. He felt tired. He wanted to just go home and skive off the rest of the day.

Cerra could see the change in his demeanor, “Time to go back?” She asked. And got a dejected nod in return.

His apartment was cold when he got home. He had to pay for heat, but water was included in the rent so he usually kept the heat down and turned the shower on when he needed a bit more warmth. After a short piss he cranked the shower on and checked his Ipad for any news. A message from Cerra told him she made it back, another from his boss told him he had the next two days off since he was too close to working full time hours, and he didn’t want to have to pay for another full time employee.

The beer in the fridge was perfect. After three of them he was feeling better about not getting to bang a redhead. He turned on his TV for background noise and started doing his workout. “Got to keep my shit tight…” He said as he started to stretch. His first set of push-ups went fine. Then he rolled into sit-ups. A short rest, and he started again. This time attempting to do both until he couldn’t any longer. He had gotten up to 110 push-ups in the past, but he was starting to feel off, and lost his swagger at 60 today.

He was sweating like it was the hottest day of summer. “Fuck it… I better give it a day, don’t want to pull nothing.” He said standing and walked a few circles to get everything loose. He could smell his pits, “Shower time! Seriously….” Living alone gave him the freedom to drop his clothes right where he stood, before sauntering naked to the bathroom and the steaming shower. He had to turn the temperature of the water down a bit before he could get in.

Being free and comfortable, taking long showers had become his passion. Plus it gave him a chance to unload if he needed to. The memory of the hot red head was definitely giving him more then enough push to take care of business. Twenty minutes in the hot stream of water had taken most of the muscle strain away, leaving just one part still straining. Just the thought of the woman, standing in line waiting to piss was enough to drive him on. In five minutes he was done and using the shower head to rinse his mess down the drain. He stroked himself till it went soft and then soaped up and gave everything a good rinse. He managed to get shampoo in his eyes as he scrubbed his hair. “Fuck… Stings…” He grunted. Then, with nothing left to do, he just stood in the water and cranked the temp up every few minutes. When he was finally ready to get out his skin was cherry red, and the water was too hot to face. He left it at his back, slowly leaving a bright red mark that would take an hour or more to fade.

He always used the same towel to wipe off. Only changing it out when it could no longer be folded easily. “I’m clean anyways. It’s just wiping off water.” Was his reasoning. Though he never wondered why it would eventually reach the pliability of cardboard. His mirror was steamed over, water had freely condensed and started to run down to his sink. He had noticed last week that the wall plaster was coming loose. "Probably the heat… " He thought. But since he didn’t have to pay to fix it he didn’t really care.

Mikes teeth were another anchor for him. Always brushing and cleaning them two or three times a day. He had no cavities. And was dam sure they would stay that way. The brush buzzed and hummed in his hands as he brushed. It managed to stick on a few seconds when he was done. Finally clicking off when he smacked it a few times on the sink. He used his hand to wipe a space clear on the mirror and smiled into it.

“Those are some pearly white motherfuckers right there Mike!” And they were, he used his hand to sweep his hair out of his eyes. “Getting long there…. Time for a cut I guess…” With his hair back he smiled again. He was still smiling when he noticed something off. “What the fuck….” He grabbed the towel and swiped the mirror clear. But it was still there. He looked at the mirror shocked. “Why the hell is it red?” He almost yelled.

He pushed through his door, naked and still steaming in the much cooler air and ran for his bedroom. The light clicked on and he rushed to the mirror over his dresser. He had hoped he was wrong. That he was going crazy. But he could see it plain as day, his hair was red. His eyes bulged as he pulled and rubbed at it, hoping first that someone had glued dozens of red merkins to his head. “What the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck!”

He stormed out and grabbed his Ipad, not even bothering to sit while he pulled up his Face Book account. “Thank you asshole…” He said as he typed it. “You are obviously a master of your trade. If I ever find out which one of you put hair dye in my shampoo, I’ll kill you with your own ball sack! Seriously. You’re a sick fuck!” He hit the post bottom as hard as he could when he finished. He turned the camera on, and switched it to the front facing one. Then he just sat and stared at what had been done to him.

“It’s like the perfect fucking colour!” He said, almost sounding impressed. He touched it again, surprised at how wavy it looked as well. He usually wore hats, and sometimes he let his hair get long enough to brush almost to his eyebrows. But this time he had apparently managed to let it grow even longer. He could pull it down and it actually hung in his eyes. “Got to get this shit cut…”

The thought of long red hair brought back the memory of the mystery girl. He felt himself start to stir in his pants. He reached down and gave it an adjustment. “No… I’m going to hit the club tonight. Don’t want to beat you up too much.” He finally shut down his tablet and stood up. He was going casual tonight. He slipped on a shirt. And then decided on shorts. Another adjustment between his legs and he discovered he had another little problem. His hand came away sticky and wet. He dropped his drawers to find he was so excited he was leaking. “I don’t need this now…” He said. Normally he wouldn’t be ready again for hours. But he really liked the red headed girl. “Why the hell did I just think of Charlie Brown?” He wondered.

Another trip to the bathroom and he was standing in the shower, trying to rub one off. The memory from earlier was still vibrant and still effective. He could feel the pulse of electricity coming from his balls telling him it was time to rock. His nipples actually tingled as he rubbed and squeezed his shaft. Even more wetness ran out, leaving his hands slick and stringy. But he couldn’t get hard. He almost screamed in frustration as he got closer and closer, but nothing worked. He stayed horny, but soft as butter.

“Fuck!” He yelled. And stomped out of his bathroom. Right into the hall and towards the small closest where he stored his towels, as well as a few toys he kept just in case he could ever talk one of his conquests into a three way with him and another girl. He pulled down the box. And started rooting through the toys inside. One thing fell almost immediately into his hands. The coveted “Back Massager”.

It was easy to grab first, as it barely fit into the box. It really was a back massager, it plugged in, and had several speeds. It also worked well as a toy. One night he had taken a bet that they didn’t work on men. He had lost marvelously. Now he took it into his bed alone, plugged it in, and pushed it against his soft manhood.

He almost moaned from the feeling. He watched at first, hoping the continued squishy feeling would go away. But after a few minutes he was closer then ever before, and still just as flaccid. Just as he hit the edge he clicked it up a speed. His mouth opened in an almost silent scream and his toes curled as the most powerful orgasm he could remember hit. He felt his sack contract and felt a splash on his thigh.

Then he came again.

And again.

And finally one last time, he barely had time to breath and felt light headed as the feelings started to finally fade. He panted as he attempted to turn the vibrator off. Finally managing to find the switch and dropping it silently onto the bed next to him. Then, with what he liked to think of as his love juice still running down his skin he lay there on the bed and tried to get his breath back. Finally, several minutes later he sat up, the damage to his bed spread was pretty bad as he slid off and onto his feet. “Well… I guess it’s a trip downstairs to the laundry first.” He casually stated.

He pulled the blanket up and off, using it to wipe himself dry. Almost wanting to sing the entire time. He had never felt anything like that before. “I might have to try that again.” He thought as he wrapped the cord around the handle of his massager and put it away. He pulled on his only pair of tighty whities, and then a pair of baggy shorts. Mike grabbed a small bag of dirty clothes and made sure there was enough room before pushing the bedspread inside. He spent a few seconds to grab a hat and tuck as much hair under it as possible, then he grabbed his key chain and a box of soap and went towards the stairs.

The communal wash area was set up to serve renters. With a keycard you could activate the wash, for a reduced price. Or you could use cash at a higher rate. Since it was one of the only air conditioned laundry mats in the area it was well trafficked by not only renters but others as well. He loaded his things into two units and fired them up. Then sat down on a chair and started checking everyone out.

He sucked in his small gut when he saw there were a few hotties. He gave them a smile as they looked at him, seeming to stare at his chiseled chest. He nodded at one of them and stood up to stretch. As he did the familiar tingle from before came back. He was still horny, he walked towards her. Thinking about buying underwear a few sizes smaller next time since it felt so good rubbing him. He leaned back on her machine. “Busy tonight? We can hit this place I know… Dance all night? Maybe do a little something else?” He smiled. It was a warm, charming thing that literally made women melt.

She smiled back. “Well I could make time… If it was worth it?” She said as she hooked an arm around his waist, easily feeling the muscles and his warmth. “Is it worth it?”

He returned the same smile, then stood up away from the machine. He stretched again, watching her eyes run down his body. He did the same to her as she started to thrust her chest out to emphasize her assets. “Oh, I think I can find something we’ll both enjoy.” He could feel his body tingling again. Electric pulses telling his body it was time for fun. The pores on his skin opened, and his sack tightened. He felt like it had been days.

She stepped towards him, then reached out and slowly dragged her nails from his shoulder blades over his chest. One hit a nipple, it instantly perked and thrust out. “Oh…. I think you’re just a little excited aren’t you?” She gently asked him. Her voice now soft and sultry.

Both his pecs seemed to be on fire with excitement, shooting in waves to his crotch. He felt like everything down there was tight and ready. But he still didn’t feel any straining against his underwear. He leaned forward and gently nibbled her ear lobe, “And you aren’t?”

She finally wrapped her arms around him and pulled him in, she put her mouth by his own ear now. “Tonight. Here. Big boy. Ten o’clock. We can play at your place.” When she finished she ran her tongue over the edge of his ear.

He almost swooned, the suddenly release of chemicals was almost too much. His nipples and chest flared, his balls ached. And he thought he felt a now familiar wetness gush and moisten everything between his legs. He didn’t move until she had stepped away and sat down with her phone. “Probably setting her alarm.” He thought. He reached down make an adjustment and check his shorts. He was surprised to find a wet spot coming through. “Shit!” Mike swore under his breath. He leaned against the running drier he was standing by. Pressing his wet crotch into the machine as cover.

But as he waited for his own clothes to finish washing the machine he was pressed against was moving and vibrating as well. It wasn’t much, but in his excited state it as enough to bring a flush to his cheeks and to quicken his breathing. He almost stayed to finish, but with all the control he had, Mike managed to walk away, and sit down. He casually grabbed one of the magazines next to his chair and used it to shield the dark spot on his shorts.

His washers dinged done just as his date’s drier was being emptied. He blushed hotly as she grabbed one of her breasts and circled her own nipple with a finger. She knew what she wanted. And made sure he knew as well. The new stimulation added to the dark spot growing on his shorts.

He got up to throw everything in driers, and was surprised to find he could he smell his little problem now. He looked around, making sure no one was close enough to see and slipped a hand into his shorts. “Did I fucking piss myself?” He wondered. There was no way that much could just dribble out. He tossed everything in, and activated it with his card. Then he ducked into the attached bathroom. He clicked the lock on the door and pulled his shorts and underwear down.

Immediately the smell was stronger. But it seemed different now. Not the usual bleachy smell he was used to. It actually made him more excited. He grabbed a handful of toilet paper and started to wipe dry. Almost half a roll later it wasn’t getting any better. He could clean around it, but as soon as he touched the shaft pulses of pleasure would cause more spurts, and more mess. The smell seemed to be getting stronger, and the sexual urges harder to ignore. He checked his watch. He knew he had at least twenty more minutes until his laundry was dry. “What the hell do I do?” He wondered. In a daze he rang up Cerra. “Dude… You need to grab my shit downstairs okay? Driers 14 and 08, okay? It’s got twenty minutes and I need to get upstairs and take care of something real quick…” Cerra barely managed an okay before he hung up and pulled his shorts up.

The trip upstairs drove him crazy. Just walking now squeezed and tickled the right spots. He almost came once, and then as he recovered he smelled a soft perfume in the air and did, spurting into his soaked undies. It felt so good he started grinding into a corner post till the wave faded. When it did he started moving faster upstairs. The release had not helped at all, Mike was even hornier now. He was still a floor away when he felt something start running down his leg. He frantically darted into a janitors mop closet and closed the door behind him. His shorts were a wet stain now. The smell reminded him of the first girl he had had actual sex with. The memory almost popped him right there. His balls were still killing him, almost painfully so. But that added to the wave of pleasure he was having. “This is what they mean by pleasure and fucking pain… Oh… Dam……” A clean looking towel was hanging on a near wall, he grabbed it and wiped his legs off. Then carefully tried to clean up between them as much as he could.

As soon as the cloth touched his man meat he lewdly started grinding it with his hips. He bit the inside of his cheeks to stop from moaning. Another squirt and he was down enough to pull it away and drop it to the floor. But the motions had left him panting. “Got to get up there… Now!” He said, deciding to just hold his underwear in his hand and pull the shorts up. His hands were slick now. But the button finally caught and he started almost running up the stairs.

His card was out, and his shorts sliding off as he neared his apartment. The door slammed shut behind him and locked as he tossed his shorts and shirt to the floor and ran to the toy box. He really had to stretch to reach it. And when it hit the floor he grabbed the plug in massager and crawled to the nearest socket.

He lay on his hardwood floor and pushed it onto his limp cock as hard as he could stand and was in bliss seconds later. The first orgasm rolled through before he could make a sound. The second and third came almost at the same time, his back arched up and one of his feet shot out and broke a hole in the wall. He was panting again, hoping it was enough. But as he clicked it off, he felt the need to go at it again.

Over ten minutes later he was finally done. The vibrater in his hands was warm and slick. He let it fall to the floor. He managed to sit up, though he wasn’t sure he could stand. “That was…. Intense.” He hadn’t even had the sense to think of any fantasies, it had just been nothing but blunt sexual pleasure. After a few minutes he did get to his feet, though he used the wall for support just in case. He had to get up, he had to move. Because he had to piss.

The toilet wasn’t the cleanest. He didn’t care. Mike grabbed at his member and aimed. The stream immediately split into three and went everywhere. “Fuck!” He clamped down and stopped it, then used a finger to rub the tip clean. His knees almost buckled, he felt an odd heat in his ears. “No… Not now.” He didn’t think he could survive another go. Mike eyeballed the various brushes and scrubs around his sink, reached for a tongue cleaner, stopped, and started looking for something else. When he finally came up empty he sighed and sat down instead. Relaxing and letting everything spray away. As soon as he finished he stood up and shook it. But it felt off. He looked down and almost screamed.

“What the fuck? Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. Fuck FUCK!” He yelled at the shrunken red thing that his dick had become. The tip looked almost smooth. I seemed to almost bend down and into the space below it. He carefully pulled it up and saw that the hole had moved a small fraction down the shaft. Even now slick material covered it, slowly dripping in long ropes off onto his hands. “Fuck!” For the first time in his life Mike was terrified. He didn’t know what to do. “Is this that flesh eating disease?” He wondered. Then it got worse. There was a knock at his front door. He stepped towards it, “Who is it?” He called out. His voice cracked.

“You know who this is mister get my laundry for me. Open the door, this shit is getting heavy!” Cerra replied. She sounded pissed.

Mike freaked out. “No, it’s a… Bad time. You have to come back!”

“Fuck that!” She called back. There was a beep. And to Mike’s horror the door opened. “Forgot we set my card to work your door huh?” She said playfully over the clothes in her arms. Two steps into the room she smelled it. “Holy shit Mike! It smells like you finally got that six way you wanted! Dam! Open a window!”

He felt like crying. “Cerra…. Just… Go away…” He was confused. He didn’t know what was going on. But he could feel the urges returning. An image of him and her grinding their hips together vividly came to mind.

Cerra could hear the strain and fear in his voice. “Mike? What’s the problem?” She dropped the clothes and stepped towards him. “Mike… What did you do?”

He wiped his eyes, the fluid on his hand caused them to burn slightly. “It’s… I don’t know… Something is happening… I don’t know.” His voice cracked again. He cleared his throat. “I think I need to go to the hospital or something.”

“Mike… I’m coming in there…” Cerra said. She had never heard her friend like this before.

“Cerra… I…. No… Stay away!”

But she didn’t stop. She walked up to find him cowering behind a doorway. His red hair was the first thing she saw. She almost felt like laughing. “The hair? Really? All this over a dye job? Does the carpet match the drapes.” She laughed at the stupid joke.

He only moaned. “No! Go away!” He wanted to reach out to slap the door closed, but he didn’t want to have her staring at his problem. With one hand holding his equipment he tried to wave her off with the other. “It’s personal! You have to get the fuck out Cerra!” When she stepped closer he darted into the shower and slid the plastic curtain closed. “Please! Just leave me alone……”

Cerra didn’t know what to say, as he popped into the shower she had gotten a good look at his butt. One of the things he had always liked to do was insert his butt into most aspects of their life. Eating cereal? Butt being wiggled before sitting down, at theater and need to use the bathroom? It was never a question of crotch or butt, just butt. And so close she had to lean back. Chili night? You get the idea. She had seen it enough to know immediately there was something off about it. She couldn’t put her finger on it. It looked odd, softer. Rounder. “Mike…. Is there anything you need to tell me about?”

Her voice was soft as she spoke. Mike cringed as it hit buttons he didn’t know his body had. His heart skipped a beat, and his system released a surge of adrenaline. Another part of him responded by turning up the heat as well. He started to squirm in place. “Cerra…” He almost moaned as he said it. “I don’t know what’s going on but you have to trust me. You have got to get out of here. I don’t know if I can control myself!” The urgency in the last part told her he was serious. He clamped a hand over his changed penis. It was dripping, his hand was getting covered. His breath came hot, and heavy. He was starting to pant. He had the sudden urge to have something inside him. He grimaced as he started to pinch the tip of his dick, surprised at how hard it was to get a grip on it. But every time it popped free, Mike grabbed it again. His left hand had started by cupping his tight sack, but it slipped steadily higher, until it cradled one of his pecs. And rubbed his nipple. “Cerra…… I’ll…… Call you…… Later….” He thought of her smiling face as he said that. An electric tingle ran from his nipple to his crotch. His hips started to rock.

Cerra nodded. “Ummmm…. Okay…. I’ll see you later Mike.” She didn’t like leaving. But there was something going on and she didn’t think it was a good idea to stick around any longer. The tone of his voice had changed. From being powerful and menacing, to almost sultry. She closed the bathroom door behind her with a click and started to leave. She was almost out of the apartment when she saw the massager on the floor. Cerra didn’t want him to be embarrassed about her seeing it out, so she walked over and decided to put it away. “Fuck…. It’s covered!” She said through gritted teeth. “And it’s still warm. Ewwww……” She almost gagged when she saw the mess on the floor. She had never seen a cum shot that massive before. But the more she looked at it, the more she wondered why she didn’t smell it. The only thing she could smell was plenty of woman bits…. “I guess he did have an orgy in here…” She speed walked to the kitchen to wash the massager, and more importantly her hands. As the water warmed she thought back to what had happened since they had met that morning. “Wait. How the hell did he have time to dye his hair, do most of his laundry, and fuck a bunch of chicks?” She kept running everything through her head and kept coming up with it being impossible.

The plastic handle and head was wiped clean and dried, and her hands were still soaking under the hot stream in the sink when she had a crazy thought, "That red is like the perfect shade of red that bathroom girl had…… As she thought about her she remembered looking at his ass and thinking it looked a little off as well. “Bullshit, that much surgery is impossible too.” She finally wiped her hands dry, and used the same towel to sop up the mess on the floor. It had already started to dry. But not much. As she did this she heard sounds coming from the bathroom. Sounds she had never heard Mike make before. Soft panting and moans became more obvious as she got closer to the bathroom. She crept forward slowly. Hoping she could settle her curiosity and leave.

“He sounds like a horny teen girl doing it for the first time in there…” She thought to herself. The fear she had vanished and she giggled into the palm of her hand. “Fuck this! I’ve got to fuck with him over this.” She still remembered the time he had hung her panties on her bathroom door knob when he walked in and caught her rubbing one off on her toilet. She went back towards the front door and found his undies. She grabbed them carefully by the band, thankful that she did when she saw the mess they were in. “Oh, gross…”

She carefully walked them towards the bathroom. But when she went to hang them on the knob they dropped off and she had to pick them up again. As she fished the band out of the pile she thought there was a stain running along the fabric over the crotch. Then, as she stared the stain seemed to darken and spread. Cerra watched, stunned as the colouring darkened to bright pink and spread completely through. In disbelief she gingerly picked up the loose band and held the undies up in both hands.

"Okay… This is…. " She lost her train of thought as the obvious male peace of clothing morphed and shifted in her hands. Going from white briefs, to very feminine panties over a few seconds. “Impossible…” She croaked as the change finally stopped when it completed. They were still wet, sticky, and smelled. But the male underwear she had been holding were gone. In their place was a cute pair of women’s panties.

Cerra kept staring at them as she tried to process what she had just seen. She was about to drop them and leave, hoping to forget what had happened when she heard Mike start shouting behind the door. “Fuck! Fuck! Not now! Not that!” He sounded scared.

She burst though the door, panties now clenched in her hand, and threw the curtain wide. “Mike! Are you okay!” He was still standing in the shower, naked and in the middle of business. He looked at her with the stunned face of a person caught masturbating by a family member. She tried not to, but her eyes were immediately drawn from his mane of red hair down. Down to the holy of holy’s. What she saw would stay with her for life. “Mike?… What’s….” Her voice failed her. As she took in the changes and the stream of liquid spraying from something between his legs. She took a step forward to help. Something in her had seemed to suddenly change. This was her friend, and he needed help. She put her hands on him and pushed him down, “For fucks sake Mike, sit down! You’re pissing everywhere!”

He dropped down onto his knees in the tub, stunned. He didn’t know what to do. He had been in the middle of hitting a peak when suddenly he lost all control and started pissing. Instead of three streams, it went everywhere. Down his legs, out front, off to the sides. And it seemed to go on way to long. Then suddenly the curtain had flown open and he was staring at Cerra, he was just about to freak out when she pushed him, and told him to get down. “Cerra! I don’t know what the hell is happening….” He tried to say, just as he noticed the cute panties in her hand, and the obvious stain on them. He felt his nipples harden and enlarge as he lost control and started rubbing again. Grunting and moaning as his knees slipped and moved on the wet tub.

“Mike! Cut that shit out!” She screamed, smacking him lightly on his cheek. It only caused him to look up at her, and plop back onto his butt, and lean against the back of the tub. His legs were folded under him, though he still managed to arch his stomach up enough to get his ass out of his own puddle. “Mike! Stop it!” She said again. But this time he couldn’t stop. Warm acrid pee ran down his hand as he actually managed to get a finger under his changing penis and feel warm flesh envelope it on both sides. Cerra got down on her own knees and carefully leaned over him. Gently cradling his head in her hand. She put her face as close as she could to his, “Mike. Stop… Stop right now… This is not healthy. Mike? Listen to me!”

He stared at her face, and at the tiny bumps pressing against her shirt. A pulse of adrenaline hit again as he took it in. He could feel it getting closer. Could feel things moving and tightening around his finger. He tried to stop, tried to close his eyes. But he could feel it coming. “Cerra!” He said. It was barely more then a moan. He grunted once, then twice. “Cerra!” He said again, stronger that time. The tone of his voice had changed entirely.

She could see it. Knew exactly what was about to happen. She looked away from his face and down. Finding herself staring at what was left of his penis, as it seemed to shorten and thin as she watched. She looked back up at his eyes, trying very hard to remain calm.

Mike saw it all. “Oh fuck… Fuck…fuck…. She’s looking at it!” He saw the look of shock on her face, and then the look of pity as she looked away and stared back into his eyes. He blushed and squeaked as he saw the change. “Cerra?” He asked again. This time it had the tone that he was asking for permission.

Cerra heard it. And without understanding why she leaned in and kissed him, then with her lips still on his told him, “Be good for mommy, let it all out!” They both stiffened as his body reacted. His mouth opened and he gagged as multiple strong orgasms shocked him. She tried to keep his head from slamming back and hitting the tiled wall. But his movement was too much and she found herself falling forward into the tub. She threw her only free hand out and stopped herself from landing on him. But in the process it landed in the puddle in the tub. Her hair fell between his legs and was coated. She quickly found herself surrounded by hot, wet, and heaving flesh.

Moment later, she felt his body relax. It dropped down back onto his folded legs and she let his head go slowly. She looked down next to them for a dry spot, and carefully set her hand down, then raised herself up. While she pushed herself back she took in his chest. The normally tight pecs were looking almost puffy. She tried to ignore that as she slid farther back, out of the tub. As her face went over his belly button she swore his tight six pack faded and softened as well. Even his tan seemed to lighten. She was about to look away, before she accidentally got a much closer view of his penis.

But he stopped her. With his eyes closed he quietly asked, “What does it look like?”

She stopped moving backwards and looked back towards his face. “What does what look like?” She said, playing stupid on purpose.

“My dick. How bad is it?” His voice sounded tired. And had an odd softness to it. Like a woman that had smoked to much. “What does it look like?”

She swallowed, “Well……” She looked down between his legs, finally noticing they were completely hairless, and shockingly pale. “It’s….” She said choking up. “It’s not normal…” She said. That was an understatement. It was a dark pink. And it gleamed wetly. It was barely sticking out from the light bush of hair he had. Figuring her hands were already funky enough she reached down and carefully spread the hair. Only to have it come off as she touched it. “What the…” She said quietly as she wiped her hand over his pubic mound and every piece of hair came out in her hand. “Gross….” She said as she flipped it off into the tub, then wiped it off on her pants.

“What’s gross?!” He asked sounding panicked. He still had not opened his eyes or moved.

“It’s just your hair. That’s all. It kind of came off…” With the view cleared she could see it was either a very small, smooth penis, or a very large clit. “When did this shit start?” She asked as she started to reach for it.

“I don’t know. I was all horny, and then this I saw my wank was all fucked. Then…” He stopped talking as he remembered what he had done. What his best friend had watched.

She saw his entire body blush, he was that pale. “Then you started playing with yourself…” She said for him and felt him nod. “I’m going to just move this…” She said as she reached down and carefully lifted the tiny member up. A sticky bead of lubricant webbed between it, and the flesh it had been laying against. The smell of female excitement overcame the scent of drying piss. She felt it wiggle in her hand as she moved it. “It’s not infected or anything…” She said as she looked under it and saw a small hole at its base.

“Infected?!” He shouted, causing his voice to crack badly. “What the fuck is it?” He physically twitched as she handled him. The recent sex had sated his body. But it seemed whatever was causing the change hadn’t given up yet. “What the hell happened to my dick? It’s fucking rotting off!”

“This isn’t rot you ass.” She said as she let it lay back down carefully. It seemed to retract a little as it settled. Her attention went lower, she carefully touched the tight sack where his balls were being pressed tightly against him. Both resting firmly next to each other, laying under his changed prick. Cerra already had a suspicion what she was looking at, but that didn’t mean she really believed it could be true. She ran a finger gently over the bare skin, Mike writhed and yelped in responce. “Relax stud. I’m almost done down here…” She said as she touched her finger to one of the testicles and tried to move it inside its cocoon. There was barely any wiggle at first, she gave it a little more pressure and with a muffled popping sound it disappeared. “Waa!” She screamed as she saw Mike’s legs tense and a sudden rush of milky liquid spurted onto her hand. She looked up at Mike, seeing that his now pale skin had taken a bright red tone again. “Errr… Sorry bout that.” She said sheepishly.

He took a breath, and slowly let it out. Trying to regain his control. Whatever she had just done had been the weirdest feeling he had ever had. “What did you do? It felt like you shot something up inside me?” He moved slightly on his knees, looking uncomfortable.

She took a last look at the now half empty sack. It looked to have split down the center and was flattening as it flared a little. “I think we better get you to a doctor or something Mike.” Was all she could get out. “I think this shit is serious.”

She stood up and helped him off his knees and onto his feet, then carefully removed him from the slick tub. As soon as he took a step he winced and his skin went deep red again. This time as it faded light freckles appeared and soon started to spread and darken. He reached down towards his crotch, but she caught his hand. He didn’t fight, “Cerra, what the hell is that? I just felt it again! Like something just shot up inside me.” He blushed as he continued. “It felt good…” His voice was definitely off. Softer, with a slightly higher pitch. Feminine.

She went to the sink and started washing his spunk off her hands, before noticing her crusty shirt and slowly hardening hair. “Yeah……” She motioned towards the pair of panties on the floor. “I think those are the best explanation.”

He looked down at them. “Your panties? You did this to me?” He sounded obviously shocked.

She started to strip off her shirt and unsnap her bra. “No. Those are your panties. That’s what your fucking tighty whities turned into when I picked them up.”

He scoffed at that. “I’m a dude! I don’t wear panties.” He was staring at her chest. He had seen it before, and it hadn’t done anything for him. But now he just wanted to touch it. “And that doesn’t answer my question, or explain why you’re getting naked in front of me.” He started to sound nervous.

She had already unbuttoned her pants. She looked over at him. His chest had started to really change. It looked like he was almost, the exact twin of the red head at the bench. But still she could see the man, and there was to much height. “You better get used to seeing this. You’re going to be seeing more of it I bet.” She said finally, it was a relief For her. At first she thought he was about to die when she showed up and heard his fear. But now she was sure she knew the truth. Even if it wasn’t possible. “You wanted that ass…” She thought to herself, almost mirthful. She started to wiggle her pants down her thighs.

He wanted to reach out and shake her back to her senses. But the more skin she showed the more he felt warmth and longing return. “Look. Just take some of my clothes! But I don’t think it’s a good idea to do that in front of me right now.”

She looked over at him just as her jeans slid free. She had went commando that day. She set both her legs shoulder length apart and cocked her hips to one side. Then put her hands behind her head and stretched. Flexing her back, and jutting her chest forward. She had always felt rejected that he didn’t really want her. She had always hoped he would change his mind. She could see that change now, even if it was to late for him to really enjoy it. She smiled at him, “What’s the matter Mike? See something you like?” She posed a little for him.

He wanted to look away, but couldn’t. The musky smell in the room would have made him do anything for a woman before what had happened to him so far, but now it felt ten times more powerful. The tingles returned between his legs. The pulses of pleasure started at his nipples, and ran freely down. The feeling of warm liquid running down his inner thigh tickled in a good way. He took a step forward. “Cerra….” No mistaking it now. His voice was gone. Just a sexy female voice remained. He was to far gone to notice. “I want you…” His heart started to beat faster, blood ran to his skin, dilating his pores, making him more excited. But the painful sensation of erection was gone. Instead a powerful feeling of emptiness filled him. He needed something. Something in him.

Cerra giggled and stepped out of the bathroom into the front room. She wasn’t a lesbian, nor bi in any way. But the sudden power she had over her best friend was to much. She kept pushing him on. Wondering what would change next. She ran her hands over her body, stopping them over her pert breasts. “But Mikey. You and me are just pals. You said you didn’t feel that way about me…” She turned around and bent over, holding herself up with her hands on her knees. “I thought this wasn’t what you were looking for?”

He stepped closer. He stared at her. At the perfect little slit with the tuft of hair above it. His mouth suddenly watered. “Cerra….” He sounded lost. Like he was talking from miles away. In his mind he was still looking at his best friend. The one he swore to never take advantage of because he valued their relationship to much. The one that had farted out a Christmas carol with him several years ago. He reached up and cradled his pec. It felt off to him. Soft, and tender. But the pleasure as he rubbed it made him forget about it quickly. His other hand shot straight to his penis. Instead of even trying to grab it he started rubbing, slowly at first. But steadily gaining speed.

Cerra saw him. And saw the lust. She stood back up and faced him. Legs slightly more then shoulder length apart. “And what are you going to do with that micro dick? I don’t think you can even get hold of that thing.” She had hoped the humiliation would shut him down. Instead he cracked his mouth and licked his lips as he puckered up. She put her hands up then and stepped away. “Wait… Mike… I’m sorry….”

He lunged. She had no time to move or stop him. In an instant he was on his knees and face first in her snatch. She tried to push him away, but the first time he nipped on her hood shut that down. “Mike… Stop…… Now…” She said weakly. But he didn’t. He pushed in harder, it felt like ten inches of tongue inside her. “Mike! Oh!.. Wait… No… A… A little to the left!” He pushed again, this time she almost fell backwards.

She tried to get him free as she felt her own body start to react. She squatted down and pushed him away. But he followed and when she was down he pushed again. She lost her balance and flopped backwards onto the floor. The cool wood warmed quickly from her body heat. She tried one last time to get him free but it was no use. He switched back to nibbles and long licks as the first wave hit her. “Mikkkkke……. Good….good…. Good girl!” She said out loud.

He heard it. Instead of shock or anger it gave him another jolt, he was close to orgasm without anything even touching him. He brought his hands up to her chest and started squeezing her. Marveling at how her boobs felt like the ones he had now. Cerra came with an eye rolling flush. It was obvious, he could feel the contractions on his tongue, but he didn’t stop. He kept going.

As the sexual release poured over her Cerra looked down across his back. She reached behind him and put her hands on his ass. He was slick with sweat. "Mike… Stop…. ". She could feel herself perking up again. She had to stop him. She slapped him hard on his bum. Leaving a red handprint. He shuddered. She slapped it again, so hard it stung her hand.

It was what he needed, his body jerked up and back as he came again. He almost growled as the pleasure took control and he started to wildly pulse. Cerra felt him spurt onto her leg, just before he relaxed and finally dropped back onto her, using her belly as a pillow. He was panting, but even then he still wanted more. But the break allowed him time to finally come to terms with his change. He rested his chin on her, on his best friend. He looked at her and felt something he never had before. She seemed to glow to him now. “It’s a pussy isn’t it?” He asked, Cerra nodded. Mike took a deep breath. He should have been more angry, but the slow build up of pleasure still pouring through him held it at bay. He took a deep breath, then started to crawl over her body, allowing his nipples to drag on her slick skin. “And I’ve grown tits.”

Cerra nodded again. “Nice ones…. Actually.” She blushed. She was feeling something as well. But it was something she couldn’t quite place.

“So I’m hot…” He said. Finally noticing his voice. “Fuck, I sound hot.”

She swallowed and tried to push him back as his face got closer to hers. “You might be hot……”

He smiled and hovered over her. Then seemed to noticed another change. He looked behind him and saw her feet stuck out much farther then his did. “Hey… Wait a second. Am I shorter too?”

She took the instant of distraction to push him off her and stand up. “You’re her.” He sat up and looked at her confused. “You’re the red head dumb ass. From the bathroom line!”

As realization hit he stood up and ran to the bathroom mirror. “Holy fuck! I am hot!” Just looking at his reflection made him feel horny. He turned and looked at everything in the mirror before spotting something pink wadded up on the floor by his toilet. He looked at it, finally picking it up and carrying it out to Cerra. “What the hell is this doing in here?”

She took it from him and unbunched it. “It’s a pull up! Like large sized trainers for kids! Or bed wetters. And it’s soaked!” She said.

“Well what the fuck is it in here for?” He asked. The sound of splashing water answered him. He looked down between his legs and stared in horror as he pissed himself. “What the fuck, I don’t even feel anything!” He yelled as he tried to stem the flow with his hands, making an even bigger mess.

The odd longing in Cerra flowered again. This time it started to over ride her disgust and make her feel pity for him. “Just get in the tub little lady! Before you spray everything!” She rushed towards him and pushed him inside. Not minding that she was getting peed on as well. He was still going strong as he stepped inside. “Dam…. Are you done yet missy?”

He shook his head. “I can’t feel it, I don’t know!” He felt like crying.

Then Cerra noticed his height compared to the tiles behind him, as he peed he was shrinking. In just a few moments he was a perfect height, the same as the red head, and more importantly, shorter then Cerra. That observation reinforced her new feelings for him. She turned on the shower and shushed him. “I think it’s time for a nice shower. Then we need to talk.” He nodded and even smiled as she gave him a peck on the cheek and slid the shower curtain closed.

She listened the to shower running for a few seconds before moving from the door. “Such a cutie…” She said with a sigh. She finally turned from the door and took in the devastation of stains and puddles she was surrounded by. She went to the linen closet and grabbed a few towels and went to work. Cerra had the floor cleaned fairly quickly, and tossed the stinky towels in a plastic garbage bag to wash later. Then she picked up the used trainer and stared at it. Then stretched it out. “It looks kind of big to me…” She said. She started to pick up his discarded cloths and went to toss them in the bag as well. They had changed just as his panties had. She found a comfortable looking blouse, and skorts. Cerra started to look for his undies, then stopped and remembered they were in the bathroom. The memory of where the pull up had been found suddenly popped up.

She sat down and looked closer at the ruined disposable. It was the right size for Mike, and he obviously needed them. “What is going on here? He’s not just a woman, but one that needs potty training?” She decided to toss them in the regular garbage and checked the time. “She’s been in there fifteen minutes… I hope she’s not being naughty…” Cerra thought with a smile. She started to walk towards his bedroom before she stopped and thought about what she had just said. “She…I called Mike she…” It gave her a rush. She started walking again. “Well. She’s all woman now, so why not. And I think she needs a proper name.” As she said that she walked into his room and flicked the light on. “Oh my glob….” She muttered in shock.

Mike had been just soaking for a good five minutes. He kept thinking back to the first thing he had done when the shower turned on. It had started with him just trying to clean his skin off. He knew he was covered in piss and a little something else. He must smell disgusting. It had taken longer then normal as he discovered certain spots were now more sensitive then before. He reached up to adjust the nozzle once, but found he couldn’t reach it. He tried a few times on his toes, but he wasn’t even close. “Well that’s a change for the worse….” He said to him self. After most of him was clean, he went to his hair. And learned it took more shampoo to clean the much longer hair he sported now. The shampoo smelled like Strawberries when he opened it. “I don’t remember that…” He thought.

When his hair was done he finally decided to explore. The first stop was his new chest. He remembered what the red haired girl looked like. And these matched what he imagined them to be. Even down to the freckles covering them. He rubbed carefully around the edge of his nipple. He knew it had a name. But he didn’t remember it. As his finger tarried there it seemed to contract, and a pleasant pulse buzzed down towards his new equipment. But unlike earlier it just stayed a pleasant glow. And didn’t become a flood. He didn’t understand the change, his body had went from sexual explosion, to a gentle beat. His other hand went lower, trailing down past his belly button and on until it rubbed something directly above his new slit. The glow increased. He started to gently rub up and down, then started to circle it. The glow seemed to disappear then, merging with an urge to have something inside him again.

“Fuck me….” He whispered. Then stopped cold when he thought about what he had just said. Suddenly the weight of everything that he had done and did fell on him and he lapsed into self pity. He thought about all the things he couldn’t do anymore and just soaked.

So after cleaning and exploring his first five minutes just soaking were finally over, and he decided on taking another five. He sighed as he ratcheted the water temp up again. And then again. He was almost ready to get out, “Cerra has to be gone now…” He thought. Though inwardly he wished she would stay. He thought about kissing her again. Or touching her, or having her dress him. “Okay….” He said. “That was last one was kind of fucked up.” But the idea of Cerra dressing him made him feel good.

He was just coming to terms with that thought when he felt a cool rush as the bathroom door opened, and Cerra suddenly popped into the tub. “Hey stinky. Mommy needs a quick wash too. I think my little tinkle toy got me!” She expected a smile at least. But Mike kind of pouted, and moved out of the way of the stream. She reached up and moved the shower head so it fell on both of them. Then started to lather up.

Mike watched, until she started on her back. He couldn’t resist reaching out and touching it. Touching her. Feeling her perfect skin. He started to lean in, and reached lower. “I think…. I think I love you.” He said softly.

She stopped what she was doing and reached behind her. Turning to look in his eyes. “I know.” She said. She gently pushed his long red hair behind his ear and smiled. then sheepishly turned away.

He went back to rubbing her, to running his finger down her cute crack, and touching her tiny butt dimples. “I always loved you…” He said in his girlish voice. He started to crack up. “I mean before all this changed me. I loved you. I didn’t want to hurt you. I loved you. Not your body.” He was crying now. Emotions long hidden behind being an asshole, mixed with his new body and new passions. “I’m sorry.”

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She dropped her head, still facing away from him and put her arms out against the wall to support herself. She gently shook.

He brought his hand off her bottom and touched between her shoulder blades. “I…. I….” He didn’t know what to say. What to do to stop her pain. His hand dropped away and he moved to get out.

With surprising speed she turned and grabbed him. In an instant they were in a hug, and he could taste her tears as they ran down onto his lips. One hand around his back, the other cupping a thigh. She didn’t speak at first. She couldn’t. Then she finally looked him in the eyes and smiled. Mike smiled back, hoping that meant they could still be friends. He tried to say something else, something that would make her feel better. But in that moment she slipped her tongue in his mouth and silenced them both.

The pain of real longing hit him then. Her hand started to go south and she broke the kiss long enough to whisper in his ear. “This is how mommy makes her girl feel better.”

Thirty minutes later they were done. Mike had felt like he was floating as he stepped out and Cerra started to towel him off. Then he watched from the toilet as she dried herself off. The cool air in the rest of the house caused goosebumps on them both, and a set of dual high beams. Mike finally broke the silence between them. “So I’m a girl now…”

It was a statement of fact. It was true. Kind of. Cerra corrected him, “No. You’re a woman. Never forget that.”

He smiled Coyly. “What’s the difference. I still have to sit to pee.” Then his face blanched, “And have periods! Fuck!” He dropped down into a chair as reality started to set in.

Cerra laughed. “What’s the difference?” She walked to him with some cloths in her hands. She dropped them at his feet and pinched one of his nipples, he screeched in pain. Then she slid her hand between his legs and flicked his clit. “Real girls don’t have those.” She reached towards the pile of clothes on the floor and pulled something free. “And a girl wouldn’t be anywhere near as embarrassed if she had to wear these.”

She dropped it in his lap. Mike picked it up and stretched it open. He looked from it to her,“It’s a diaper!”

She giggled, “No. It’s training pants. Defiantly not a diaper. Now do you want to put them on, or does mommy have to get the real diapers out?”

Her voice had taken on a serious tone. Mike didn’t think she was serious, but in a rush he put it on. He felt embarrassed just thinking about what wearing them meant. “You wouldn’t really go buy diapers for me would you?” He asked. Secretly longing for the right answer.

Cerra laughed and popped his ass. It was hard enough to cause a little pain. “Oh I don’t have to little lady. Wait till you see your room. If you’re embarrassed now, you’ll die then!”

He was embarrassed, and further humiliated by the idea that he seemed to like it. “Stop calling me that!” Then the idea of his room changing hit him, “My room! What happened to my room!?” He started to move towards it, but was stopped when she pushed him back and pointed to the clothes on the floor.

“Put those clothes on first! And I’ll call you what I want in my house!” It was power. It was what she wanted. And what she knew he wanted as well.

He pouted, “Well stop calling me little lady at least. It isn’t helping.”

She grabbed him and pushed him towards a mirror next to his front door. “Look at that, and tell me what you see!” He looked. From the hair to the curves he was obviously all woman. And he told her so. She grabbed his pull ups and snapped the elastic. “Women don’t wear these! You might look like a woman. But you’re my little girl.” They both looked at the image, and both of them looked and felt shocked to hear it openly said. He stared at both images in the mirror. He looked like he was about to cry or argue. Cerra felt confusion at what she had said, and what she had been doing. She grabbed him and tried to pull him away. “Mike… I’m sorry. It’s not your fault. It’s whatever changed in me, in us. It’s hard to stop it sometimes.”

But he pushed her hand away. “I know. But it’s also the truth. I know I should be pissed. I should be screaming and angry. He didn’t just take my body, but he twisted my mind. I know that.” He looked back at her. “But it feels so good. I love it. I love everything you do to me, and I will love all the humiliation I know you’re planning as well.” He turned back to the mirror. “Fuck me. I’m a woman…” Then he looked up at Cerra’s reflection and smiled. “But first I’m your little lady.” Saying that felt good, he kept smiling.

She smiled back. “A woman. My woman. My little lady. My….” She paused. Something popped into her head. She looked worried as she finished. “My Caitlin…?” She looked at Mike, staring, waiting for an answer.

The image in the mirror looked confused for a few seconds. Then looked from the obviously larger woman to itself, smiling. Her smile went hollow for an instant while she thought about it. Then the smile seemed to get bigger. “I’m Caitlin. Mommies little lady!” It felt good to say it. She had been starting to stress out about being a guy. But now it felt better. She was a woman. She was Caitlin. Everything from her past life was still there. But the present seemed so much more important. She turned back to the mirror and stared. “Caitlin sounds almost to immature though doesn’t it mommy…” Her hand shot to her face when she said it. She felt shocked.

Cerra hugged her. “I’m your mommy when you want, your friend when you need, and your lover when it’s right. And you’ll be my woman, my little lady, my tiny tinkler, and my diapered baby princess.”

Caitlin blushed. “I got to wear diapers?” The idea made her tingle.

Cerra placed her hand on the front of her pull ups. "Mommy knows what’s best for her little lady. She slipped her hand inside and carefully stroked her. The change was obviously complete. From the tight lips, to the perfectly tucked clit. I felt too smooth, as if it had never grown hair in the first place. “And your lover does as well.” She leaned in and kissed her deeply as Caitlin started rhythmically humping her fingers.

“Momma….I…I…. Need to potty!” She said. Just hearing the words made her cringe. But it did something else to her as well.

Cerra grimaced and kept working her up. “If you make a mess in your trainers mommy will make you wear your night time diapers and a shirt outside today!”

Caitlin knew it was true. She knew Cerra would do it. As she knew that it would make her want to crawl in a hole and die. But in her haze of lust she didn’t care. She was ready for it. She needed it. As she finally came from Cerra’s ministrations she sighed. Happy that she hadn’t wet herself. But then, just before mommy got her hand free Caitlin relaxed and pushed. The trainers did their job and held everything in. She was at least glad of that as she stood there and took Cerra’s hot stare point blank.

Cerra was ready to burst. Whatever that guy had planned it was obviously backfiring. She loved it, and so did Caitlin. She made the meanest face she could and pointed to her lover’s. No… To their room. “Think I’m joking! Go get yourself a diaper and crawl back in here with it in your mouth!” She finally looked down at herself when Caitlin ran into the room to comply. “But I should get dressed before we go…” She thought.

She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. Then she remember all the stacks of trainers and diapers in the bedroom. Her kinky side flared again. “Surely there’s enough for two……”


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I have to admit, when you said happy ending I thought by your standards that it would still mean 10,000% darker than that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I just need to convince you to write a boy turned girl turned retraining diaper baby girl of oppressive daddy man, with a a darker ending, and you’ll have achieved moderately high sissy story marks from the most important reader on this here Internet.

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Excellent as always LR.

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Beautiful happy ending, I love it!!!

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