Treatment? Prologue.


“Her eyes are opening, I think she is ok.” A woman said. Another woman answered back, “Just don’t move her, we are not sure if she is injured. We don’t want to cause any more damage to her. Where is that ambulance?”
Kelsey could barely even think about what just happened, or even where she was. She could feel her stomach begin to turn and started vomiting. Everything was spinning and she could see flashing lights blurring brighter and brighter.
“What’s happening? Where am I?” Kelsey thought, she managed a groan and tried to move.
“Just stay put sweetie, the ambulance is pulling up now. What’s your name?” The woman asked.
Kelsey tried to talk but she couldn’t manage to get her mouth to move, she closed her eyes and her head flopped down.
“She’s out again!” The woman yelled. She backed away as the ambulance crew ran over.
The paramedics began to try pulling her lifeless body from the smashed car. They got her on the stretcher and rushed off to the emergency room.

Kelsey opened her eyes and was startled by the voices and racket caused by the doctors as they quickly went to work to keep her alive. She felt herself begin to vomit again.
“She’s seizing, roll her over!” One of the doctors yelled. They continued to probe her with needles and desperately tried to stabilize her. “She’s going into cardiac arrest! Get that oxygen mask on her now!” Dr. Brandt yelled as she began to pump Kelsey’s chest.

“Kelsey… Kelsey can you hear me? Kelsey I need you to open your eyes sweetie…” Kelsey began to open her eyes to an old woman lightly tapping her cheeks. “Kelsey can you hear me?” She asked. Kelsey attempted to nod but was stopped by the piercing pain it caused to move.
“Kelsey I am a nurse and you are in the hospital. You were in a car accident last night, your stomach was pumped from extreme levels of benzos and alcohol intoxication. Sweetie we need to know who we should call. Do you have parents or family nearby?” She asked. Kelsey whispered yes. She tried to concentrate and think about what was going on. She was too exhausted. She closed her eyes and fell back asleep.

The next day…

Kelsey woke up to the beeps of machines and scuffling of feet. She blinked a few times waiting for her focus to clear. She saw a couple people moving about on the other side of the curtain.
“Hello?” She choked out.
A woman popped her head through the curtain, “Hi there, how are you feeling?” The woman began to walk up to the bed and looked at Kelsey.
“I’m hurting, bad.” Kelsey rasped.
“You were in a car accident Kelsey. You’re ok now, just a little messed up. Thank goodness you are alive.” The nurse said softly. “Listen, is there someone we should call? We couldn’t find much to work off from inside your car and handbag. Do you have family that you want us to contact?”
Kelsey nodded, “My parents live here, their number should be in my cellphone.”
“We didn’t find a cellphone, it must be in your car still or maybe at the scene of the accident. What is their names, I’ll look it up.” The nurse said.
“It’s Jackie and Steve, the number is 555-1532.” Kelsey croaked.
“Ok, I will call them right now, my name is Anne. I will be your nurse for the day, is there anything I can get you right now?”
Kelsey shook her head, she relaxed her eyes and sighed.

“Oh Kelsey, honey mommy is here. Oh look at you! Thank you Jesus you are ok.” Jackie sadly said. Steve put his arm around Jackie.
Kelsey could feel her eyes stinging as the tears began to fall. “I’m so sorry mom, dad, I don’t know what I was thinking. I just had a bad night.”
“Shh, don’t get worked up, just relax.” Steve said as he gently caressed Kelsey’s hands.

A middle aged man walked into the room, “Hi Kelsey, hi Mr. and Mrs. Canfield. I’m Dr. Grey. I am the resident psychiatrist on call. Kelsey do you feel up to talking?”
Kelsey just stared as if she were waiting for the next question.

Treatment? Prologue.

Not a bad start. I liked that you took it slower than some of the authors on here do. I hope to read the next edition soon.

Treatment? Prologue.

Oh that 555 number. I should start using it in my stories too.