Tricks and Treats

Hello all AB/DLs. With October nearly here and Halloween rapidly approaching, I decided I’d write a short for all you Trick or Treater’s out there. I’ve taken some scenes from my own youth full days on Halloween and combined them with the standard AB fantasy world. So enjoy, and beware people inviting Trick or Treater’s into their home, Ooh ooh ah hah hah hah aaaaaaa. Ok over the top, yeah, I know.

It’s Halloween night. Just about 6 o’clock and nearly dark. Children line the streets of a middle class suburban neighborhood with several different styles of cootie-cutter homes with manicured yards. Some homes are two stories, some have picket fences. Jack O Lanterns light the way along sidewalks and paths up to the front doors of homes so inviting to Trick or Treater’s. The night is not cool, but not warm either, the air is still and sounds can be heard from long distances away. All sorts of Goals and Goblins roam the streets, some small and short accompanied by their parents.

For Jan, Kelly, Kim and her boyfriend Dave it would be Halloween to change their lives forever. All of them were seniors in high school. Jan, Kelly and Dave were all 17 but Kim was 18, she had been held back a year in elementary school and was since, always older than her classmates. The girls were wearing their pajamas, cute tops with characters of cartoons on them combined with long pants that matched and fluffy slippers. Both Jan and Kelly had their hair in pigtails but Kim had her hair long with a bonnet over her head. All three of them had pacifiers hanging from the lapels of their PJs. Dave was dresses all in black, with a brown cloak and a single black glove. (No this ain’t the 80’s and he’s not a Michael Jackson fan). Under his cloak, attached to his belt, hung his weapon, a Jedi’s only physical defense against the power of the Dark Side.

They walked along the sidewalk all together in a small mob as they made their way house to house. Upon reaching the door of an inviting house, they promptly shouted Trick or Treat to the greeter at the door and held up their bags begging for treats. Dave carried a brown canvass satchel whilst the girls carried childish cloth bags with cartoons or babies printed on them.

Walking down the street, they were discussing the upcoming homecoming game and the subsequent dance while ingesting inhuman amounts of candy. Just as they rounded a corner and passed a large evergreen bush that was between the sidewalk and the street in patch of planter than ran the length of the sidewalk as was traditional in older suburban neighborhoods, a large dark figure jumped out from behind it. He was clad all in black including a mask of the Crypt Keeper from the old show “Tails from the Crypt”. He roared and scared the living shit out of all of them. The girls screamed and dropped their bags of candy and began to turn and run as Dave sprung to the defense, Light Saber in hand. The purple glow made a whisk through the air as it encountered the body of the masked Crypt Keeper. “Ha ha got you guys” The Keeper shouted as he reached down and picked up a bag and turned to run. Suddenly he was hit with a flash of light as he was knocked to the ground. “Dam Dave, what the hell man.” He shouted as he scampered to his feet, leaving the babyish bag of candy and retreating before he was cut in half by the Light Saber.

The girls returned from a block away to retrieve their bags of candy and thanked Dave for his saving their precious sweets. They picked up their bags and continued their search for more candy. They stopped at each house on the street, it was only about 7:00 and totally dark, the scant street lights and Jack O Lanterns were the only light along the road, while the homes inviting trick or treater’s usually had lights on at the front door or in the windows. They visited most of the houses along the street and crossed at the corner at the end to make their way back on the opposite side. They were at the other end of the neighborhood that Kelly had grown up in.

They made their rounds starting early, around 4:30ish to maximize the free candy catch. Kelly admitted that she rarely came down this far of the neighborhood and was sure didn’t know anybody down here. They approached the corner again and rounded into a cul-de-sac. The cul-de-sac was not large, and it only had two houses in it. Each one had a considerable front yard on both sides of the house. The first one they approached was dark, no Jack O Lanterns and no lights so they passed it by, while the other was dark, but had Jack O Lanterns lining the path to the front door, which was a considerable distance from the street.

The crew made their way up to the front door and looked for a door bell. Finding there wasn’t one, Kelly reached up and grabbed the black iron door knocker mounted on the front door and slammed it three times.
“Geez Kelly, do ya got to do that so loud, you’ll piss them off and they wont give us any candy.”
“Sorry, that thing is heavy.” She replied.

Soon the door opened and there was no one behind it. The four looked at each other wandering what was going on. Then suddenly, a black figure wooshed from behind the door. The group was startled and jumped back. A woman in a witch costume, (might I add, a very stereotypical one at that) screamed at them and then laughed. The girls screamed and Dave just stood there not being amused. The witch continued laughing as the girls calmed down and then shouted “Trick or Treat”.

“Awe what do we have here”. The witch said as she reached around the door for a bowl of candy. “What are you guys dressed up as?” She asked.
Kim spoke up first and said “He’s a Jedi Night and we are babies.”
“Babies, oh no you guys don’t look like babies.” The witch said as she sat the bowl of candy back down on the stand next to the door. “Why don’t you all come in and I’ll get you some candy.”

The group looked at each other apprehensively, then the girls all looked at Dave. Dave just shrugged his shoulders and looked at the lady dressed as a witch, then back at the girls and nodded to signify he thought it was safe to go in. They all mustered into the house one by one, Dave brining up the rear. Once inside the witch closed the door.

Once the door closed Jan noticed the bowl of candy next to it. “Oh can we have that candy” she asked as she reached into the bowl to grab a handful.

The witch pulled out a small stick and slapped Jan on the hand. “Stop that, its not lady like, but then, you’re a baby aren’t you.” She said to Jan. The other two girls giggled at Jan getting her hand slapped and being called a baby.
“Now, I have something to show you girls before I give you your treats. Master Jedi, you may wait here in the foyer.” She said.
The three girls all looked around to take the place in. The home looked normal enough and in fact could have been any of their homes or any other in suburban America. They turned to Dave who just stood their looking all professional as the witch began to walk down a hall. The girls watched as she walked further and further away. “Come now babies, don’t keep me waiting.” She said as she reached the end of the hall. The girls began making their way down the hall as the witch lifted her stick back up and said quietly “Alacanursery”. The girls all looked at each other and Kelly giggled a bit.
“Ooh, a magic wand.” Kim said and Kelly giggled more.

They caught up with the witch and she opened the door and ushered them in. She pushed them in so fast they were all turned around looking at her as she pushed them. Once in the room, the witch shut the door. The girls stopped looked at each other. Then they slowly began to look around the room and absorb what they were looking at.

The room was a pale yellow with white trim. Around the ceiling was a wallpaper boarder featuring babies and cartoon characters. In the center of the room was a large playpen with a padded floor and railings. Lining the sides of the room were three baby cribs, all white with mobiles hanging above them. But the cribs weren’t regular sized baby cribs, they were huge, big enough for a teenager. On another wall, that was a light purple, the only one not yellow, was a baby changing table, except it was huge like the cribs and underneath it on a shelf sat what appeared to be very large disposable diapers. Next to it was a shelf, stocked with supplies and packages of diapers.

“What is this?” Kelly asked. “Well you girls should know, after all you are babies.” The witch replied.
“What do you mean…?” Jan asked. “Uh, well I would think that a baby would recognize a nursery, especially one to take care of them.” The witch replied.
“Who, wait a minute, what the heck is this, this is really creepy, lets get out of here.” Jan said.

Kim turned to leave the room and reached for the door. She grabbed the door know and turned it, but it just kept turning and wouldn’t open the door.
“Toddler proof locks.” The witch said. Then she pushed the girls away from the door.
“I don’t know what you’ve got going on here but we don’t want any part of it, were leaving.” Kelly said in a force full tone.
“Auh, such language, and you call yourselves babies. Huh.” The witch replied as she flicked her wand and all three girls put their pacifiers into their mouths.
“I’ll be right back so why don’t you big babies get ready to be changed into some thing more appropriate.” With that the witch left the room.

The girls all focused on trying to pull the pacifiers out of their mouths but were unable to do so. Kelly began to cry and Jan was totally focused on pulling on Kim’s pacifier. Soon the girls gave up their tug a war with their pacifiers and looked around the room more.

They wandered around, Jan picked up a diaper from the shelf under the changing table, it was huge and nearly two inches thick and had baby cartoon characters all over the face up side. She held it in her hands and felt the soft crinkly plastic. Then she hummed and grunted to the other two girls to get their attention as she waved it up in the air at them. Kim was leaning over the play pen looking down into it while Kelly was looking into one of the huge cribs. Both girls turned around to see Jan waving a big diaper over her head.

Both of the girls focused their attention on the large diaper Jan was holding. They walked over to her and tried to talk around their pacifiers but were unable to. Jan held the diaper and showed them how big it was and the baby designs on the front and then pointed to each girl next to her and then herself. Kelly shrugged her shoulders and put her hands up gesturing she didn’t know or understand what Jan was saying. Jan took the diaper and smacked Kelly on the head and pointed toward the door with one hand and then took the diaper and rubbed it up against Kelly’s butt and smacked it to illustrate that she figured the witch intended for them to wear the diapers. Kelly’s eyes widened and she stepped back and shook her head. Both her and Kim ran for the door and tried to open it up without success.

Kelly and Kim turned around to look at Jan, they lowered their heads to signify they were beat and didn’t know what to do. Jan walked toward them and tossed Kelly the diaper. Kelly caught it and followed Jan back to the door. Jan tried the door and realized she had the same luck as the other two she moved down the wall to a window. She looked out the window at the dark world and tried to open it. The latch would not move from her fingers. She motioned for Kim to assist her so Kim bumped Kelly out of the way and put her fingers on the latch too to try and push it to the unlock position.

Meanwhile Kelly stood watching holding the diaper. She gripped it in her hand and rubbed it around not even realizing it as she stood watching her friends try and escape. Soon she lifted her hand holding the diaper and looked at it. It looked so adorable to her. She sniffed at it. It smelled pleasant and soothing. She stuck her nose into the fold of the diaper and sucked in a big wiff and let out a sigh as she rubbed the diaper gently against her cheek.

Kelly seemed to be in heaven for a second ignoring her friends as they wore their fingers down fruitlessly. Suddenly Kelly felt uncomfortable. She shocked back to reality and felt something was wrong. She looked down at her pjs and saw what she felt, they were soaked and the spot was getting bigger. She dropped her pacifier out and began to cry.

Kim and Jan turned around to see Kelly crying holding the diaper. Their first reaction was to question how Kelly got the pacifier out but then they realized she had peed her pants. Kelly was crying and babbling incoherently pointing to her wet pants and the diaper in her hand. Both the girls stood back from Kelly assessing what she had just done.

Just then the door to the nursery swung open and the witch walked in. She was now wearing a pretty flowery dress that came down to her knees. Her long black hair was loose and flowing over her shoulders. “Awe, looks like one of our babies went before she was properly dressed. Seriously what made you girls think you could be babies and not wear diapers. Babies need diapers or they make a mess everywhere like she just did. Now lets get you cleaned up and changed.” The witch said to Kelly as she approached her.

Jan and Kim stood back and watched as the witch picked up Kelly without any effort at all and laid her on the changing table and placed a strap around her tummy. “Here this will help sooth you.” She said to Kelly as she took Kelly’s right hand and made a fist out of it and stuck her thumb into her mouth. “There, aren’t you feeling a little better now.” She cooed at Kelly. She then turned her attention to the other two for a second.

“Now what were you two doing there by the window? You two big babies weren’t getting into any trouble trying to go out the window were you?” She cooed at them as she approached. “Take my hand and it will all be ok.” Kim held out her hand but Jan backed up. The witch lifted Kim up onto her hip and placed her down into the playpen. Then she came back for Jan. “Come on, give me your hand, I promise I wont hurt you, Ill make it all better.” Jan felt herself reaching out for the witches hand even as she was backing up. She backed into the wall and eventually found herself seated around the witch’s waist being carried and placed down in the playpen with Kim.

Jan looked at Kim and just shook her head that she didn’t understand why she was now in a play pen and unable to get away. Kim just nodded and then they turned their attention to Kelly, who was having her clothes taken off by the witch.

The witch pulled Kelly’s slippers off first then her went pants followed by her wet panties. “Such underwear is so inappropriate for a toddler your age,” The witch commented as she tossed the clothes into a hamper, “And these, we have to get rid of these.” She said as she blew on Kelly and Kelly giggled. Then she unbuckled Kelly long enough to unbutton her pajama top and take it off. “A bra, hah, wow, you try to be so grown up.” The witch said as she took Kelly’s bra off and tossed it to the hamper. She then pulled supplies off the shelf and began to wipe Kelly clean. Soon she pulled a massive diaper from under the changing table and fluffed it out. Kelly just laid there looking up at the pale purple wall and the ceiling, sucking away on her thumb. The witch pulled Kelly’s legs back over her chest and slid the diaper under her bottom and adjusted it side to side. Then she picked up the baby powder and sprinkled Kelly and then lifted her bottom up again and sprinkled her there generously. Then she pulled the diaper up between her legs and tapped it in place.

Jan and Kim watched on in awe as their friend was stripped naked and was diapered with a huge thick diaper. Kim began to cry as she realized that they were in for the same fate as Kelly. Jan however began to get damp. She stared at the proceedings from the floor level of the playpen and began to rub herself. Jan sucked on her pacifier harder as she began to get turned on by the whole ordeal.

(Now, what you don’t know was that Jan was exploring bondage online and found that it turned her on, both the thought of being in bondage and seeing another girl buckled up.)

The witch finished with Kelly and unstrapped her from the changing table and lifted her up and carried her to the play pen. She leaned over and gently let Kelly down, who put her feet down and stood on very wide spread unsteady legs. As soon as the witch let go of her she dropped to the padded mat of the play pen. “Oh what a good toddler you are, no just play and be a good girl while I take care of your friends. Who’s next my little ones?” The witch asked.

Both Jan and Kim backed into a corner to get away from their naked diapered friend now sitting in the middle of the playpen and to signify they did not want to meet her fate next willingly. “I guess your next” The witch said as she reached for Jan. She picked Jan up and carried her away. Jan looked back at Kim with fear in her eyes as she descended toward her diapering.

Kim looked at Kelly who was sucking her thumb and playing with a plushy toy that was lying in the bottom of the playpen. Kim kept trying to get her attention but Kelly would look up and pat at Kim or stick her tongue out at her then go back to playing with her dolly. Kim poked at the front of Kelly’s diaper. It was very bulky and spread her legs out while she sat. She then patted Kelly’s bottom when she leaned forward. He thick diaper made a distinctive puff sound when she did. She promptly giggled at it and patted it again. Then Kelly handed her a plushy animal to play with. Kim dropped it and watched what the witch was doing do Jan.

Jan was laid down on the padded changing table and promptly strapped to it. Jan fussed about with her hands but the witch just grabbed them and placed them each next to Jan’s head and she found that they felt like they were asleep and she couldn’t move them very easily. The witch went to work pulled Jan’s slippers off and then her pj bottoms and her panties. “Oh, look what we have here, baby is on her period. Well, babies don’t do that so we’ll have to take care of that.” The witch said as she pulled her wand out. She mumbled a few words and flicked the wand at Jan’s tummy. “There all better now.” She said as she returned to her work. Then she unbuttoned Jan’s top and pulled it off of her followed by her bra. She then took the pile of clothes and tossed them to the hamper. Jan lie completely naked on the changing table. She felt strange. She knew that she should be in total fear of her freedom and her ability to use a toilet, but instead she felt invigorated. She was turned on even more now that she could not move and was strapped down. The witch pulled a wipe out and wiped her bottom, which felt great to Jan. Then the witch picked up another diaper and fluffed it out. Jan began to freak out now. She saw the size of it and how thick it really was as her legs were lifted over her chest and the thick padding was slid under her bottom. The witch fidgeted the diaper around until it was just right. Then she looked at Jan and said, “You don’t need these since you’re a baby.” And with that, Jan felt the witch blow air gently across her crotch area. Jan leaned her head up with all her strength and watched as her pubic hair blew away and disappeared before her eyes. Jan began to scream from behind her pacifier. The witch just patted her on the head and said to her, “I promise, you will be happier this way, and in a short time, you won’t miss them.” Jan tried to fight with all her might but she was still more or less unable to move. Jan was thinking I’m getting out of here and ripping this thing off as soon as I do. The witch finished by powdering and taping up Jan’s diaper. The strong aroma from the power soothed Jan and she relaxed to the witches care.

When Jan was finished having her diaper put on she was carried over to the playpen where Kim sat watching the events unfold like it was dejaveu all over again. Jan was sat down in the play pen next to her and Kelly and she looked around at the two of them. Kim pointed at Kelly who was playing by herself and Jan began to figure that the more they looked like babies the more they would feel like babies. Jan decided to keep her wits about her and thought to herself about how she had seem some diapers used in bondage though it seemed gross at the time, and mentally pictured her stuck in pacifier as a ball gag instead of a baby implement.

Kim was removed from the playpen and taken for her turn at a second diaperhood. She was laid down and strapped to the changing table and her clothes slowly pulled off and tossed in the hamper. Then the witch noticed something. Kim had a bulging belly. “Your pregnant. A baby with a baby. Well we can’t have that now can we.” She said as she cooed to Kim. Kim just looked up at the witch with fear. The witch pulled her wand from a long pocket in the dress and flicked it at Kim and said, “Alacaempty” and suddenly Kim’s belly went flat. Kim began to scream behind her pacifier and fight with everything she had. But alas, Kim could do nothing to save her unborn baby since she was about to become one herself. Kim wiggled around fighting the witch as much as she could until she got totally worn out she could no longer move.

The witch finished with Kim, blowing away her pubic hair, powdering and diapering her and taping her up. When the witch was finished, she went to the shelf next to the changing table and pulled a piece of clothing from it. She fluffed it out and when she did, Kim turned her head to make it out. It was a large blue onsie with little white stars all over it. The witch unlatched the strap around Kim and began pushing her arms into it and pulling it down over her. Kim was powerless to stop her. She was absolutely exhausted from fighting so hard. Kim just let the witch finish dressing her in the onesie and lay her back down to snap the crotch up. Then the witch picked her up and carried her not toward the play pen where her naked friends were, but toward a crib.

Jan sat in the playpen naked and looked down at her diaper. She felt the front of it and then rubbed the back of it. She turned around to ignore Kelly and sat and watched Kim go through the same treatment. She found herself rubbing the front of her diaper and caressing her nipples. She got really turned on watching Kim meet the same fate as herself and Kelly. She turned and looked at Kelly, she began to think how cute and adorable she was, dressed in nothing but a thick diaper and pigtails playing like a toddler. Jan couldn’t help herself, she began working herself up to sexual stimulation while wearing a diaper. She knew this all was wrong, but somehow it all felt right to her. After all they had dressed up as babies but forgot their diapers, how could they do that.

Jan was masturbating at full force just staring at Kelly playing like a toddler. She didn’t even realize what was going on with Kim any more. She was just focused on Kelly. How she looked so adorable and childish, yet how she looked so sexy with her nice breasts and good skin, and even the diaper. Jan was leaning back against the wall of the playpen with one hand in her diaper pleasuring herself and the other hand rubbing her nipples when she was caught.

“Oh my what the hell are you doing little one! Babies don’t do that! What am I to do with you?” The witch shouted. Jan was startled and yanked her hand out of her diaper and looked up at the witch. Jan was actually upset that she lost her stimulation, she was almost at an orgasm that was going great, in fact better that most she had had herself.
“Wow, I really didn’t expect that from any of my babies.” The witch said.
Jan just looked up at the witch confused.
“Oh my, well, it looks like you’re going to need a diaper change soon.” The witch said. Jan looked down at her diaper and saw a wet patch growing on the front.
“Well, I’ll let you get back to playing while I figure out what to do with you.” The witch said. I need to feed you three little ones. And with that the witch left the room.

Jan looked at Kelly innocently playing with a toy without a care in the world and then she turned around in the playpen to look at Kim, who was lying on her back batting at the mobile hanging above her crib. Jan decided it was time to try and make another get away. She smacked Kelly to get her attention but Kelly just started crying. Jan shook her head at Kelly and decided she was leaving with or without her friends. She could come back with help later for them.

Jan stood up in the playpen and looked around the nursery. She put her hands on the padded top rail of the play pen and began to climb out. She tried and tried to lift her leg over it but as soon as she took one foot off the floor she got wobbly and would start to fall over. Jan tried several times to get out of her infantile cell without success. While she was trying her escape, she noticed something. She sniffed the air and then pinched her nose. “Oh God, who did that” Jan thought to herself as she looked down at Kelly.

Jan stopped her escape attempted and waddled over to Kelly and pulled the back of her diaper out. There was nothing in it so Jan let go and it snapped back into place around Kelly’s bottom. Jan turned around to look at Kim just as Kim began crying. Jan did a face palm maneuver and shook her head. “What the hell is happening to us? Both of them are acting like babies.” Jan thought.

Just then the witch returned with two baby bottles. “Ooh, smells like somebody’s messy.” She said as she looked past Jan, still standing in the playpen, over to Kim. “Here you go girls” The witch said as she handed Jan a bottle and then leaned into the playpen and gave one to Kelly. Kelly took it and removed her thumb from her mouth and instantly began to suck on it. Jan looked at it and back at the witch. Jan made an attempted to hand it back to the witch because she was not going to be sucking from a baby bottle.

“Oh no dear, I don’t want that back, drink it up.” She said to Jan. Jan shook her head and threw it to the ground. “Naughty baby!” The witch shouted at Jan. She reached down and picked up the baby bottle and then yanked the pacifier out of Jan’s mouth and before Jan could say anything the witch shoved the baby bottle into her mouth and held it there.

Jan began to panic as the bottle released a thick nasty substance that was somehow pleasing to her. She tried to resist out of pure anger but her reflexes gave in and she began to suck on the milky liquid. Jan slowly lifted one hand to her bottle as the witch let go of it. “That’s a good girl, drink it down.” The witch said as she began to walk towards Kim. Jan slowly dropped down to the playpen and leaned back real far into the side to make it easier to hold her bottle up and suckle it down.

Meanwhile, the witch attended to crying Kim in her messy diaper in the crib. The witch took her back to the changing table and unsnapped the crotch of her onesie and began changing her diaper. Jan watched out of the corner of her eye with strange feelings. She knew that this was all wrong, that they weren’t babies, they were big girls, held captive by this crazy lady. She couldn’t quite make sense of it all.

Jan just kept sucking on her bottle contently as she watched Kim get her diaper change. The thought occurred to Jan, “When the hell is this bottle ever going to get empty, I’m getting really full.” Jan tried to stop sucking but really couldn’t, she felt as if she were addicted to the formula in the baby bottle. When Jan stopped focusing so hard on her baby bottle issues, she noticed that Kim’s diaper change was finished and that the witch was holding her in her lap in chair on the other side of the nursery.

Jan watched as the witch lowered one shoulder strap of her dress and revealed her bra, but then the witch opened up the cup of her bra and revealed her breast. Jan couldn’t figure out what was going on but then the witch pushed her breast up to Kim’s lips and Kim accepted it and began to suckle it. Jan grimaced at the thought of her friend sucking on this woman’s tit. But as Jan watched she began to get that stirring feeling again down in her diaper. She reached down to her crotch with her free hand and began rubbing the front of her diaper. Jan kept up at it, closing her eyes for a bit and then opening them to peer over at Kim and the witch, all while still sucking her baby bottle.

Kim looked adorable laying the in the witches arms. Her bonnet covered most of her face, her long dark hair hung out the back. Her massive bulge of a diaper under her blue onesie, making her bottom and hips more bell shaped now than hourglass shaped. Her long legs and arms lie useless as she is held against the witch’s breast.

Jan continued watching and rubbing her diaper as Kim finished her bottle, then was placed back into the crib and the side rail lifted up. Jan was really full, but she just could not stop sucking on her baby bottle and it just would not get empty. Jan had her eyes closed and was leaning back, rubbing her diaper when the witch walked back up. “I see you are at it again.” She said to Jan, who, startled, jumped a little but continued to suck on her bottle. “Here, let me help you.” The witch said as she took the bottle from Jan and then reached down and lifted Jan out of the playpen.

The witch carried Jan over to the same chair and then sat down with her on her lap. Jan was in total fear that she was about to be forced to suck on the woman’s breast. The witch just picked up the bottle and stuck it back into Jan’s mouth. Jan had to keep sucking on it as the formula filled her mouth. The witch spoke to Jan as she sucked on her bottle. “I don’t know what I am going to do with you. You are certainly not taking to being a baby like your friends are.” Jan looked up at the witches face with fear in her eyes. “I bet I know what would make my baby feel better.” The witch cooed at Jan as she began to rub the front of Jan’s diaper.

The witch rubbed the crotch of Jan’s diaper back and forth, hard and soft, fast and slow. Jan was so stimulated she felt pleasure all over her body, except for her bulging tummy that was way too full from the never ending baby bottle. Eventually the witch pulled the baby bottle from Jan and lifted her up over her shoulder and began to burp her. Jan attempted to protest but she gave several loud belches as she was patted on the back.

Jan was so embarrassed. She was turning red. She had just been bottle fed by this crazy woman and been sexually played with while wearing nothing but a huge diaper, and on top of that she burped her like a baby. The witch picked Jan up like a baby and effortlessly slug her over her hip and carried her to the playpen where she picked up the pacifier. Jan began to say “No, no, no, no I don’t want that” but the witch plopped it back into her mouth and Jan was unable to speak. Then she was carried over to an open crib next to Kim.

“Here you go, right next to baby Kimmy. Be a good little girl and take a nap for mommy ok.” She sat Jan down in the crib and then pulled the side up, trapping her in place. Jan looked at the witch and whined through her pacifier as the witch turned to walk away. “Oh don’t worry dear, just take a nap and we will figure out what to do with you when you wake up. You’re just too cranky right now from your big Halloween night. Maybe you had too much candy. You know that is bad for baby’s tummy.” She said as she walked back to the playpen.

The witch approached Kelly, sucking her bottle like a good little girl. She took the bottle from Kelly and replaced the pacifier that Kelly had dropped out. Then she picked Kelly up and carried her on her hip. Kelly began to fuss and throw a tantrum. She wanted to continue playing in the playpen. “Now sweetie, you are getting fussy because you need a nap. You can play more after you’ve had a little nappy wappy, ok.” The witch said to her. Kelly calmed down a little as she was placed in the crib and trapped in. The witch then left the nursery and dimmed the lights and closed the door.

Kelly played with things in the crib for a few minutes. Batting at the mobile hanging above her head, spinning the things around on the play center that was hanging on the side, but in just a little bit her full heavy tummy made her tired and she curled up and went to sleep.

Jan watched as the Witch took Kelly to the crib next to hers. Then she looked over at Kim who was lying on her back sucking her pacifier with her legs spread wide open from the thick diaper she was wearing. She was sleeping soundly, content as ever. Jan just couldn’t figure out what was going on. She knew this all didn’t make sense but she couldn’t put two and two together.

Jan watched as Kelly slowly gave in to her sleepyness and soon she was all alone. She still felt good from her stimulation from her cuddle time with the witch so she began to rub her diaper again. Jan worked herself up for several minutes until she rolled over to her tummy and put one hand in her diaper and the other on her thick padded bottom. She worked hard and brought herself to a wonderful orgasm. She released all her fear and anxiety into a wonderful orgasm. “I could get to like this” she thought to herself. When she was finished Jan wiped her wet hand around in her diaper and pulled it out. Just as she did she began to feel a warm sensation in her crotch. She realized she was wetting her diaper without even knowing it was happening. She knew it was really bad and nasty, but it felt warm and good and she was tired and didn’t care, she just completely relaxed her body and went limp and drifted off to sleep.

Some time later, Jan woke up to hear Kelly crying. She looked over and saw Kelly sitting up in her crib crying at the direction of the door. Jan looked around and again wondered how the heck Kelly got her pacifier out. Jan could tell what Kelly’s problem was by the smell in the room. She sat up and felt her diaper squish underneath her. It was very soaked. Jan winced at the wet feeling on her bottom and private parts but right after she felt it the wet feeling was gone.

Jan signaled to Kelly with her arms and waved them about to try to get her attention but Kelly more or less ignored her. Jan looked over at Kim who was awake now, but just lying in her crib on her back, fussing about totally content. Jan banged her head on the crib side out of frustration just as the witch entered the nursery. She approached Kelly and lowered the side of her crib and lifted her out. Kelly stopped crying and began sucking her thumb. Jan just shook her head and sat back on her wet diaper and watched as Kelly began to get her messy diaper changed by the witch.

Kelly was taken to the changing table and the witch began to change her when Jan felt something weird. She put her hand on her tummy and pushed on it and just as she realized what was about to happen, she leaned forward as a gush of power shot through her body and down to her guts. She began filling her diaper uncontrollably. Jan felt the mess approach her bottom from inside her, then push her ass open as it left her and began to fill her diaper. Her diaper tightened up around her as the mess emptied from her body and squished all over her rear against the padding of the diaper.

Jan leaned forward onto all fours and opened her mouth and groaned as though she was in pain, her pacifier dropped out, but she wasn’t in pain, in fact she was feeling pleasure from the feeling of something packed in her rear. She had once insisted that her boyfriend try anal sex and they did, it was great for her but he just wasn’t into it. Jan could feel tingling through her whole body as the mess slipped out of her. Her body paused but Jan wasn’t ready to be done yet. She gathered herself up and pushed until her diaper felt so tight it might burst. Jan fell limp on her chest, totally disgusted at what she had just done. “I’m a teenager, I’m an adult, I can’t have just pooped in a diaper.” She thought to herself.

Jan closed her eyes to rest, feeling the mess against her bottom and trying not to move around to feel it more. When she opened her eyes Jan saw the witch standing in front of her. “Oh did my little dear make a mess in her diaper?” She cooed to Jan. Jan felt exhausted from her ordeal and nearly wanted to cry. “Well lets take care of that nasty diaper shall we.” The witch said as she lowered the rail to the crib and began to pull Jan out.

Jan felt every move of her body against the mess in her diaper as though it were magnified a thousand times. It felt incredibly icky and yet, Jan was glad the witch was going to change her, even if it was likely into another diaper. The witch pushed Jan’s thumb into her mouth and she uncontrollably sucked it as the witch cooed to her and rambled on to her like a toddler until she told Jan she had decided what to do with her.

Jan was scared now, she was afraid the witch was going to make her totally a baby like she assumed had happened to Kelly and Kim. Finally the witch told her. “Since you are so in touch with your sexuality and seem to be very stimulated by wearing a diaper and even seeing your teenage friend wearing a diaper, I figure you are a little slut, you may even be a bit Bisexual, I don’t know. But since you seem to have resisted your change, unlike your two friends who went so willingly, you are going to stay a regular teenage girl. Well….except you get to wear diapers. Forever, aaaahhh haah haaah haaah haaah haaah haaaa.” The witch cackled.

Jan began to cry behind her thumb. “Oh don’t worry dear, you are going to enjoy yourself. Well if you can find anybody to make out or have sex with a girl wearing a messy diaper. And if you don’t, you obviously can take care of yourself. You can masturbate yourself every time you babysit your friends here, watching them toddle around the floor being such good babies. I know that turned you on. You seem to enjoy messing your diaper a lot too, just don’t force that too much or you may have problems. He he.” The witch told her.

When Jan’s diaper change was finished the witch sat her up and pulled her thumb out of her mouth. “You don’t need to do that unless you are having your diaper changed or unless you are really turned on and just have to suck on something and don’t have a penis around OK.” The witch said. “Ok” Jan replied back.
“Now just wait here and I will get you dressed.” She told Jan.

Jan sat on the edge of the changing table with her feet hanging off and her legs spread quite far apart from her thick diaper. She was glad she was going to wear something, she had felt a tad cold ever since she was stripped and diapered. Her nipples stood erect almost the entire time. She actually envied Kim’s onesie, just not her babyhood. The witch walked over to a tall white dresser and stood in front of it and said, “Now what would be an appropriate outfit for you” more or less to herself. She pulled her wand from her pocket and flicked it at the dresser and said, “Alacaoutfit” and she opened the drawer and pulled out a plaid blue skirt, white stalkings and blue berets. Then she walked over to the closet and performed the same swish and flick of her wand before opening it up. She pulled out a white button up shirt and then reached down to the floor and picked up a pair of highly polished Mary Jane shoes with a one inch heel. She carried it all over to the changing table and sat them beside Jan.

“I think this is an appropriate outfit for a slutty teenage girl. Lets get you dressed now so you can help me out with your friends.” The witch said as she walked over to the laundry hamper and pulled Jan’s bra out of it and walked back to her. “What is this, a training bra?” She said to Jan.
Jan meekly replied “No, shut up. I’m just small, that’s all.”
“Well, boobies this small wont really attract many boys to a slut wearing diapers so were going to have to fix that.” The witch said.

Jan looked up with a glimmer in her eyes for the first time this night. And with a swish and a flick Jan watched her breasts enlarge 3 sizes. “Wow, that was awesome. Can I not wear diapers now?” Jan said.
“I’m sorry dear, you need to wear diapers. After all it was you that came to my door pretending to be a baby. If you didn’t have such a strong will, you’d be a big baby just like them.” The witch said nodding her head back toward the other two over grown baby girls.
“So what am I supposed to do about them, everybody is going to know this isn’t right, I mean I don’t wear diapers…I mean I didn’t used to wear diapers, and they certainly weren’t stuck like this before tonight, can’t you just change them back at least, even if you have to torture us with wearing diapers?”
“Oh sweet little slut, you are what you are. You like wearing diapers I know it, and Kelly just wanted to be a toddler so bad it was practically screaming from her soul. As soon as she came in here she was rubbing that diaper like it was part of her. And Kim, she felt deep down in herself that she was just a little kid, not ready to grow up and have a baby. She almost felt like she was still a baby so I fixed her.”

“But what am I going to do now, how am I going to explain this all, nobody will believe me?” Jan asked.
“Ok I’ll tell you what, they will come back to being big teenage girls in a few months, once they’ve had their time back in childhood. But they are both going be staying in diapers just like a little slut I know. You can all change each others diapers then.”
“Great….” Jan mumbled to herself.
“But…They will both want to dress and act like their inner child as much as they can.”
“Oh so they are going to be retards then, great….” Jan said sarcastically.
“No I mean that when school is over and they are on their own time they will want to wear their big baby clothes and act like babies or run around in just their messy diapers. Just like a little baby would. You see, Kelly will be a toddler and she will be a handful, but Kim is just a 12month old, she will be crawling around all the time. Oh you three will have so much fun when you go for a night on the town.”

The witch retrieved a larger bra for Jan to put on and then let her dress herself in her new outfit. Jan hopped off the changing table as the witch brought Kim over for another diaper change. Jan finished dressing and walked over to a full length mirror and looked her self over. She grabbed her big boobs and smiled, “At least one thing good came out of tonight.” She said to herself.

Jan stood, legs spread apart a bit and looked over her outfit in the mirror. Her legs covered in knee high white stalkings up to her short blue skirt. She could see her big butt sticking out pushing on her skirt. She turned sideways and grabbed her butt with both hand and shook it making a loud crinkling sound. Jan giggled a little and the witch commented “I hear you over there.” Jan got quiet and faced the mirror again. She made an effort to stand with her legs together. Her thick diaper pushed on her legs in her crotch and make her have a wider stance than normal and made her a bit bowlegged too. But she looked down at the bottom of her skirt and she could see the crotch of her diaper sticking out the bottom. She grabbed it and pushed it up and tried to stand with her legs together again but her diaper was still showing. She sighed and turned around and took a few steps away from the mirror and looked back. Her padded bottom was clearly visible under her skirt. She sighed and then the witch commented again, “I’m sure you will find that when you get home all your clothes will be just as revealing, that way people can tell when you need your diaper change.” Jan sobbed a little and then moped her way over to the witch.

The witch finished with Kim and put her back in a onesie and then laid her on the floor. Kim crawled around while the witch conjured up an outfit for Kelly. She handed some of it to Jan and told her to help get Kelly ready to go. Jan moped her way over to Kelly and pulled her out of the playpen. Jan noted how difficult it was to pull her out, let alone lift her like a baby as the witch did.

Jan took the overalls and got them ready for Kelly to step into. Kelly was non cooperative and the witch told Jan to unbutton the crotch and pull them over her head. Jan looked and sure enough the crotch unbuttoned just like real toddler clothes for easy diaper changes. The witch wasn’t kidding around. Jan pulled the overalls over Kelly’s head and buttoned the crotch back up. Then she took a yellow shirt that had care bears on it and moved the shoulder straps out of the way and got it over Kelly’s head. Once Jan had the shirt in place she put the shoulder straps back on and fixed Kelly’s pigtails.

The witch walked over to Jan with socks and white patent flat Mary Jane shoes and dropped them on the floor. Jan got Kelly to sit and suck her thumb while she put socks over her feet that were very low with ruffles around them and then the white Mary Jane’s.

Jan pulled Kelly to her feet just as the witch came back over with a stroller. Jan looked at it and realized it was huge, no doubt for a huge 12 month old that used to be her best friend. The witch told Jan to get Kim into the stroller while she prepared their diaper bag. Jan struggled with her friend and eventually got Kim into the stroller and buckled in. Then the witch came over and handed Jan a huge pink diaper bag. Jan unzipped it and looked inside and saw all the supplies and the huge diapers. She zipped it back up and placed it underneath the stroller. Then the witch handed Jan something. To Jan it looked like a pink dog leash. She looked up at the witch and she was told, “They are to keep your toddler under control.” And the witch helped Jan get the harness around Kelly and then clip it to the stroller.

“And last but not least we have your gift bag.” The witch said to Jan. She walked over to Jan with a backpack that said “Twilight” on it and had a picture of the main Vampire on the back. It was rather stuffed but not heavy. Jan took one guess what she would see when she opened it up. She unzipped it and found the same large diapers that she and her friends were wearing. “Great…” She thought. “Can’t forget these”

After they were packed up and ready to go the witch lead the way out of the nursery with Jan pushing Kim in the stroller and Kelly toddling along behind them being yanked on every few feet by her baby leash. The reached the living room and Jan saw Dave. He was just standing there with his eyes closed. Jan yelled at him, “Hey dipshit, we could have used your help back there.” Dave opened his eyes and looked at them.
“Why did you need a diaper change?” He replied.
“No, look at us you idiot, I look like a stupid retard while they are both babies.”
“Oh you changed costumes. I like this one better. Hey did you stuff your bra?”
“Ugh” Jan said. “What’s up with him?” She asked the witch.
“He’s been meditating and he thinks you guys are all just playing. He won’t realize anything till tomorrow.”
“Great…” Jan said as they toddled toward the front door.

“Oh don’t forget your candy.” The witch said as she picked up the girls candy bags and placed on Kim’s belly, one in Kelly’s hand and the last in Jan’s hand. “And what am I supposed to tell people when I show up at Kim’s house with her in a stroller needing a diaper change, huh, or when I drop off Kelly and she wanders around stinking up her parents place, how do I explain that huh?” Jan said with contempt as she was pushed out of the house.

“Just tell everyone that you were tricked by a witch, and they will believe you. Now enjoy your treats.” She said as she began laughing when she closed the door.

Jan pushed the stroller along down the walk toward the street. Dave was making faster time than her since she was waddling and trying not to. Jan reached the street and took one last look back at the house that changed her life forever and felt her diaper warm as the house went dark and changed into a different house.