Trina's Jacket

Trina’s Jacket


Trina handed her jacket to her cousin Anna. It was a simple act that had an extraordinary emotional impact on Trina and Anna. Trina decided that day that it was her goal to help her friends and family whenever possible. She chose her path of selfless devotion to others.

Trina helped others feel safe and comfortable. Over the years she got good at it. It became second nature. The positive feedback she received was very motivating to Trina. She never questioned that taking care of others was her purpose in life. Once she knew she knew. Like how a painter knows they are a painter. A musician knows they are a musician. Trina’s medium was altruism and she worked in it masterfully.

Chapter One

Four years later.

Anna was twelve years old. She had a mother, a father and an older brother. Every year her and her family went deer hunting. Well, her father, Ashley and brother, Jeremy went deer hunting. Anna and her mother, Julie stayed at Anna’s cousin Trina’s house. It was a tradition that predated Anna’s earliest memories. The option was available for Anna to go hunting this year but she chose stay back because she loved spending time with her cousins and her Aunt Lorna.

One morning close to deer hunting season something happened that put a damper on Trina’s excitement for this year’s hunting season. She awoke to a wet bed. Not with sweat or a spilled drink but wet with urine. Since it was early in the morning it took a moment for her to realize what had happened. Then it occurred to her. She peed while asleep. A feeling of dread came over her at the thought. Anna had not wet the bed in years.

The feeling of wet sheets was even more foreign to Anna since she used to wear protection at night. Specifically, pull-ups; absorbent underwear in her size. When she awoke it was usually just her pull-up that was wet and nothing else. This accident startled her because she lacked any protection and she felt like the pee was everywhere.

She had been so proud to stop wearing pull-ups at night. That victory now felt diminished. Feeling her maturity caving in she tried to reassure herself. This is just a fluke. I will be fine. I haven’t wet since I was a little kid. Just as she was finding her optimism her mother entered the room.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” Julie said.

“Um, hi,” Anna said meekly. Her discomfort was apparent to Julie.

“Hi, are you feeling alright?” asked Julie.

“Yeah, I guess so. Well I sorta just realized that I had an accident last night,” Anna said. She lowered her gaze.

“You what?” Julie asked but then immediately realized what Anna was saying. “Oh, did you wet your bed?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’m sorry, I don’t know how it happened,” Anna’s voice was weak.

“There’s no reason to be sorry. It’s just one of those things,” Julie reassured.

“Wow, I wasn’t expecting this,” Anna said. Her voice was now very emotional and her eyes showed tears forming.

“Oh, sweetheart, this must be hard for you, huh?” Julie asked. She took her daughter in her embrace.

After a few moments Julie said, “Do you feel like taking a shower?”

Anna nodded.

“Good, you go have a nice hot shower and then come down for breakfast if you like,” Julie said.

In front of the bathroom Jeremy was exiting. He noticed his sisters wet pajamas. When Anna noticed his gaze she blushed.

Julie said to Jeremy, “Jeremy, your sister had an accident last night and is still bouncing back from the shock of it. I want you to be especially comforting to her, alright?”

“Oh, sorry Anna I didn’t mean to stare. I’ve wet the bed before too so no big deal,” Jeremy said.

“Thanks, big brother,” Anna said. She still felt a little embarrassed so she kept walking into the bathroom.

Jeremy put a comforting hand on her shoulder as she passed him in the hall.

In Anna’s room, Julie stripped the bed and sanitized it. She knocked on the bathroom door and asked Anna to hand her clothes out so she could start a load of laundry. To Julie, this was just second nature. Even when Anna wore pull-ups to bed she would leak through them sometimes. Being the experienced mother that she was she knew to clean urine soaked fabric right away.

Anna felt fresh after taking a shower. She wrapped a towel around herself and walked back to her room. She got dressed for school. She made her way to the kitchen for breakfast.

Julie had already explained the situation to Ashley.

“Hi, sweetheart, how are you feeling?” asked Ashley.

“A lot better now that I’ve had a shower,” Anna said. She had found her voice again.

“I bet, how about your feelings?” he pressed.

“It caught me off guard and I was shaken up at first but I am feeling better,” Anna said, “besides I think it is just a one-time thing.”

That inspired Julie to chime in, “I hope you’re right but just in case I am going to put your special sheets back on your bed for now.”

“As long as I don’t have to go back to wearing pull-ups,” Anna said as she rolled her eyes.

“Either way, there will be no shaming in this family, right Ash?” Julie asked.

“That’s right,” Ashley said.

“Jeremy?” Julie turned to her son.

“Just remember, I used to wear pull-ups too, Anna,” Jeremy said with a laugh.

“Oh yeah, I remember that,” Anna said. She had a feeling of nostalgia. “Wow, that was so long ago.”

“I was even prouder than you when I was out of them at night,” Jeremy said. He winked at Anna.

“Haha,” Anna laughed reflexively. The reminiscence helped her find her joy.

“Here are some notes to get you out of school for hunting season,” Julie said and handed each of the children a note.

Ashley went to work. Anna and Jeremy walked to school together as they did most days. They walked to the school office and handed their notes in.

Julie did household chores. She did prep work for supper. She read, studied and did breath work. She called her sister, Lorna. They discussed Anna’s accident the night before and how waterproof sheets would be the safe bet for hunting season.

Anna and Jeremy arrived home from school. Soon after that Ashley arrived home as well. They all sat down to a delicious family dinner and had family time after that.

Anna went to bed for the night and was reminded of her accident the night before when she felt her waterproof sheets under her regular sheets. “Oh yeah,” she said, “I’m a twelve year old bedwetter.” She sighed. “Oh well.” She drifted to sleep.

Chapter Two

Trina awoke to her alarm at six. She rose from her bed and went to the bathroom to do her morning routine. She walked to the kitchen to find her mother, Lorna. “Good morning, Mother,” she said. “What’s the plan today?”

“Will you start taking down a list of things we will need to buy for hunting camp for the men?” Lorna asked.

“Yes, mother,” Trina said. She went to the drawer and fetched a pen and pad. “Shall we start with hunting camp provisions?”

“Alright,” Lorna responded. “Let’s see, trail mix, eggs, bacon, pancake mix, bread…”

“Popcorn, hot cocoa, drinking water,” Trina added.

“butter, deli meats, lettuce, tomatoes,” Lorna continued.

“I’ll start a separate section for produce so we can buy it closer to when they head out and that way everything will be nice and fresh,” Trina said.

“Good idea,” Lorna said.

Trina’s father, Nathan entered the kitchen and headed straight to the pot of coffee.

“Good morning, father,” Trina said with a warm smile.

“Hi, beautiful,” Nathan replied groggily.

“We’re making a list of shopping for deer camp, can you think of anything to add?” Trina asked.

“Coffee and beer,” Nathan said instantly.

“Got it,” Trina replied.

“Gotta have coffee and beer,” Nathan said as if it was some long forgotten wisdom.

The three continued the list for a while and then Trina said, “I will go see if the younger ones are awake yet.”

Trina went to wake up her younger brother and sister. Once Gerald and Zoe were awake she had them started on their morning routine. Trina’s older brother, Thomas was at the breakfast table where Lorna was beginning to serve breakfast. Trina sat down eager to eat breakfast so she could gain the energy to complete today’s tasks.

“Thomas, if you think of anything you need for hunting camp let us know. Mother and I are going shopping after school," Trina said.

“Get a new first aid kit just in case. The one out there isn’t that well stocked anymore, remember dad?” Thomas asked.

“Oh yeah, hey that’s good thinking there Thomas. And remember flashlight batteries too, Trina. The handhelds take double-a and the headlamps take C.R. twenty thirty-two coin batteries,” Nathan added.

“Alright, and how are you doing for ammunition?” Trina asked.

“Might as well pick up a couple boxes each of thirty aught six and two forty three rounds. We’ll get the rifles sighted in this week,” Nathan said.

The children rode the bus to school. After school Trina accompanied her mother to the stores.

In the car, Lorna spoke, “I talked to Julie on the phone today. Your cousin Anna had a nighttime accident like she used to when she was younger but it happened just last night.”

“Alright,” Trina listened.

“Julie and I discussed it and since Anna will be sharing your room with you we will put her waterproof sheet on your bed for her. We can move Gerry’s bed into your room since he will be at camp,” Lorna said.

“Alright, yeah, Anna can definitely sleep in my bed for vacation,” Trina said. The opportunity to help a family member filled Trina with a feeling of selfless joy that her heart always longed for.

“Thanks, beautiful, you are so good to your family,” Lorna said smiling.

Trina knew that Anna used to wet the bed but that it was years ago. She started thinking about how she could be helpful in this situation, like showing Anna how to use the washer and drier. She resonated with this situation so much that her brain wouldn’t stop coming up with new ideas.

Even though Trina felt for Anna, she focused enough to be able to get the shopping done with her mother. Back home Trina helped her mother unload the car. After that she helped her mother start supper. They enjoyed a delicious home-cooked meal and then relaxed into family time. Then she went to bed, excited for the yearly tradition of hunting season which was less than a week away.