Two things

IVV. I’m getting a big giant Error between pageloads that says i should inform you if i get it between pageloads. So your aware
II. The IRC nick profile feild of accounts that no longer exist is set to whatever the currently logged in user’s IRC nick is. A minor annoyance but worth noting

Well without a lot more specifics I can’t even begin to track down the first issue. The second one I’m aware of and there is no fix for it.

Understood I’ll try to capture more info next time i see it

I literally just had a thought. Are you getting those errors after the page has been idle for awhile? If so it’s just a session timeout happening. I thought I had updated the wording on all the related error messages to mention that and that in those cases it’s not necessary to report it but I may have missed one or two :slight_smile:

Might have been that for some of them. But I’m pretty sure it’s a browser issue. Never Happens in firefox and since i updated Brave it hasn’t happened there either