Undercover Tour

Due to a publication I’m doing on Amazon I’m temporarily pulling this post down. I will repost here after a I run a promotion that prevents it being posted elsewhere. My apologies for any inconvenience.

Well, she did hit the new user posting limit on day one, so, probably? :slight_smile:

I have already posted this and my other new work elsewhere so I just figured I’d post it all at once. Not sure of limits so I did it as five posts. It did go a lot smoother than posting on the old board. I kind of wish there was an option for other sizes of text for chapter headings. It also did something weird with my chapter headings that are marked as headings. They ended up with a # before them initially that I had to remove. Overall though much quicker than I was doing before!

That’s why you lost the heading sizes. Those # are how you do it and Discourse converts headings to the correct markdown syntax when you paste in text containing them. :slight_smile:

this is a level one heading

this is a level 2 heading

# this is a level one heading
## this is a level 2 heading

I thought that might have been the case and on the first post initially left it alone. When it posted it still showed the # next to the word on the post. Not sure if there was a space or some other character maybe interfering?

Possibly. With Headings markdown is sensitive to spaces in two ways. If there is a space at the start of the line it won’t work, and there must be a space after the # for it to work or Discourse will assume it is an attempt to link to a tag or category and will try to create a link.

Edit: I updated chapter one and it took the formatting fine, so it was most likely a space issue. :slight_smile:

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