Unexpected Desires

Rocky read the email in complete shock. He felt it must surely be a wind-up, some sort of scam, a chain letter of some kind. But it named him and Jessica, gave their address, listed times and dates.

Jessica didn’t know about the email, and he didn’t tell her, didn’t ask her about its contents. Instead he waited until she’d gone to bed, leaving him to his late interests; porn, video games, she didn’t mind and didn’t ask. Disparate interests helped keep a marriage healthy, selfish ‘me’ time accepted by both of them.

He knew most of her interests, but the email hinted at one she’d never discussed. Not even hinted, stated in harsh unforgiving terms. Rocky looked around for Jessica’s laptop, found it charging by the sofa and logged himself in. He’d set it up for her, had full administrative access, could check things like her browser history.

It showed the things he expected, Instatwitface, mainstream news sites, some cross-stitch forums and pattern sites, her fitness tracker and the local community hub. Interspersed with these sites were ones he hadn’t expected, wouldn’t have guessed. onlinedaddybazaar.com, nanniesforadults.com, onlinediaperexperience.net.

The email had listed all three of those, had given dates and times, and the web history matched. Not precisely, but multiple visits, all approximately as detailed. Rocky sighed, closed the laptop, returned to his own PC and clicked a link in the email. He had some shopping to do.

It took almost a week for me to hear back from Rocky. I send these emails, each individually crafted, all deeply personalised, always revealing what should be private information. Sometimes I get a reply, sometimes I don’t. Rocky’s reply was why I did it, what made it all worthwhile.

“Thank you so much!” he wrote, “I care deeply for Jess and while it pained me that she’d kept this from me I do understand. She and I always knew we kept secrets from each other, and this must have been highly personal for her. It was certainly a surprise for me.”

I laughed at that; it would have been a surprise for her too.

Rocky’s email continued. “I was going to delete your email but found corroborating evidence that told me you were telling the truth.”

I smirked at that. Of course he found corroborating evidence, my planning was meticulous.

“Sadly Jess denied everything when I raised this with her,” Rocky continued, “but that actually helped me with meeting your request. It would have been wrong to spank her purely because you said she’d been a naughty girl but lying to me provided justification all by itself.”

Ooh, that’s just sweet. Poor Jessica, spanked for telling the truth and not being believed. I squirmed and shivered with pleasure at the thought.

Then I read further and started to laugh. “When I first read your email I couldn’t believe she’d want the second part of her punishment.”

I didn’t believe it either. I’m sure Jessica could believe it even less. Turns out her belief wasn’t needed.

“Having bought one of the products you recommended (that site was remarkable and rather educational, thank you) I followed the spanking by fitting a diaper to her and sending her to bed. I’m still amazed how thick that diaper was, she waddled like a toddler as I marched her into the bedroom and tied her wrists to the bed.”

I raised my eyebrows in delight. I hadn’t even suggested tying her down, just the thick punishment diaper.

“Jess was muted as I put her to bed, the spanking having exhausted her and stopped her complaining. She did wake up demanding the toilet but as I pointed out, she’d earned that diaper and it wasn’t just for show.”

He continued from there, sharing his happiness at discovering this part of his wife’s life, his willingness to help her embrace her infantilism, the further supplies and furniture he was planning.

I drafted a quick response, thanking him for dispensing appropriate justice and wishing the pair of them all the best for the future.

Bored, I booted up the random name generator. Hmm, first name ‘Serena’, surname ‘Hernadez’. Ok, a few of those, let’s see who’s married, what their hobbies are, where they live, whether I can track down his and her email address.

A carefully crafted email to Serena delivered the malware, a surreptitious program that would access a select number of sites through her browser, hidden windows she wouldn’t see, several weeks of activity before deleting itself. The sites told me it had worked, that she’d inadvertently started building a browser history, providing evidence that her husband could find.

Logging into my offshore secure account I started a new email. “Dear Miguel, I apologise for contacting you directly but I have a favour to ask. Your wife Serena (who told me she still lives with you in that lovely apartment on Liberation Boulevard, overlooking Glinnon Park) has an interest she hasn’t shared with you. While I’ve been an understanding and generous online Nanny to her for the past few weeks she has shared her deep desires…”

I continued with some plausible online roleplay, examples of the sites she’d visited (without telling him about the malware that caused those visits) then the inexplicable naughtiness which must of course receive an appropriate response. “So I must, I feel, end my online interactions with Serena but do hope that you will give her the spanking she both deserves and desires, then put her to bed in a thick punishment diaper.”

A few closing platitudes, a signature with a fake name, and… sent.

It worked with Jess and Rocky, with a dozen couples before them and maybe it would work with Serena and Miguel. Not that it mattered, there were always several failures for each success. Half the fun was the research, the investigation, the tantalising inveiglement of an innocent husband into the forced infantilisation of his even more innocent wife.

That was the pay-off. I’d failed to find my own Daddy, had nobody to spank me, put me to bed in a thick punishment diaper but I could enjoy it vicariously, let these random women undergo the experience I so desired.

A chime from my PC. A reply already from Miguel!

“I knew it! I knew that woman had something going on! Oh, she’s going to get it now. I’m buying a whole case of diapers, she won’t see a toilet for a week!”

I squirmed in my seat and took a hand off the keyboard. Best wishes Serena, you lucky girl.


An interesting take and alternative perspective on the “found out” or blackmail plot vehicles.

Of course, I have read the prompt for this, and a follow-up to that prompt. I can see it being confusing and I can relate somewhat. It sure does produce some interesting reading material.

I do hope “you”/you find “your”/your own daddy to spank “you”/you and put “you”/you to bed in a thick punishment diaper… if not for “your”/your sake, than at least the sake of so many unwitting wives out there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not all first person stories are self inserts.

I’ll stop there and plead the fifth.

Correct; to say that would be to omit facts of significant import.
All stories from all perspectives are self inserts.