Waddle story

I’m trying to relocate a story I’ll probably never find but basically a mum buys her son thicker diapers so she can watch him have a bigger diaper waddle as she thinks it’s cute. I know this probably happens a lot but there is a story that stood out to me anyway
If anyone happens to know one maybe it will be the one who knows?

Thanks in advance

I did a quick search for “waddle” in the forum’s search tool and it returned a whole bunch of stories.
Honestly, like you said, that probably happens a lot in stories. Now, specifically one where she gets her son thicker diapers just for the waddle, I don’t know.

There’s probably a good few stories by Les Lea that fit the bill, but I wouldn’t be able to tell you if it’s one of those.

Unless, of course, you can recall some other identifying aspects.

Fair enough thanks for the help