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Weird bug, invalid birthdate and I can't seem to change it

Very weird bug, my birthdate is 1-01-1000 for some reason and I am unable to change it to reflect my real age properly. How do I fix this?
Also, when I try to login with tapatalk, it says my login doesn’t exist, which it obviously does…

Also, when I try to login with tapatalk, it says my login doesn’t exist, which it obviously does…

Send me a PM with the correct birthdate and I will get it fixed for you.

unfortunately, with regards to the Tapatalk issue I can’t really help. It’s not officially supported any longer as an access method for reasons I can’t discuss publicly. I just haven’t had time to disable the plugin and unlist it from the directory.

PM send. So does that mean that tapatalk won’t support this forum eventually?

Yes, unfortunately. It’s a complicated mess.

I have to wait for my wife to bring me the spare AC adapter for my laptop. When she brings that in the morning I’ll fix your birthdate.

I’m having a similar issue with my bithdate being 01/01/1000. Also it won’t allow me to change and save other profile settings.

Everyone currently having this issue is having it for the same reason: Despite multiple notices at the top of the forums and the multiple emails that were sent out in 2017 and 2018 you never provided a valid birthdate for your account. It was possible to fix this yourself in 2017 when the original emails were sent and the notices were at the top of the board. The 2018 messages gave the exact instructions to follow to get it fixed. Unfortunately, the instructions in this thread are no longer valid. You’ll need to use the contact form to send your correct birthdate and someone will fix it as soon as possible.

Actually @IrishDL, can you send me a PM with your real birthdate? I’ve temporarily set your birthdate to 6/6/1944 so you can at least edit things, but you really need to contact me to get that fixed unless your birthdate really is 6/6/1944 because the board will remove that temporary fix automatically on the 1st unless it is told not to.

Penny, I haven’t figured out how to send my birthday to you. xx/xx/xxxx

If you click on penguins name. There should be a button saying private messages

You couldn’t figure out to send a PM or use the contact form? or even the one-on-one support forum that only allows yourself and staff to see what your post? Yet somehow you managed to post your birthdate in a public forum that only requires a valid login to see. I’ve fixed it and removed your birthdate from the post. If you had used literally any other method I would have been notified. You literally picked the one method that would guarantee I wouldn’t see it until the next time I looked to see what topics had new posts…