Wetters Taiken

Does anyone here know a site that hosts a download for the abdl game Wetter’s Taiken? I played the game once ages back and the nostalgia for it has recently been on high. Unfortunately I can’t find any sites with links to where to download it except a few obvious malware fakes.

If anyone knows of a legit site with a download link, could you let me know? I’d really appreciate it.


Re: Wetters Taiken

Here you go: [E] Wetters Story - RPGs - OmoOrg it uses the English name Wetter’s Story but it’s the same game. You need a (free) account to download it, though (bandwidth issues, new members are limited to about 5 downloads a day). I think this is the one I downloaded but it’s been a while, mine works perfectly.

Re: Wetters Taiken

Thanks a ton! I would’ve sworn I had checked omorashi but I guess I didn’t notice it due to the different name.

Re: Wetters Taiken

:o abdl game? ima check this out.