What Anime are you watching right now?

So Im watching Ao no Exorcist-Kyoto Fujouou-hen(Basically 2nd season of Ao no Exorcist) Yep didnt think this would get another season but it did. So far it seems to be a good anime.

Blue Exorcist!!! I loved the first season. I’ll have to hunt up the second season! Right now, I’m going to start Yuri on Ice since a lot of peops I know keep talking about how awesome it is. I just finished up The Devil is a Part Timer.

Right now I’m making my way through the various Fate/ series. And whatever that one that niece and wife have been watching is. Kenshin I think… I’m too lazy to go look at their shared Netflix profile :stuck_out_tongue:

Re-watching Hunter x Hunter 2011 because the English dub is airing now. Notable season stuff is Little Witch Academia, Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu S2, and KonoSuba S2.

Oh, and slowly getting through Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures. Because I really needed to get around to it considering it’s cultural importance.

Ping Pong the Animation. It’s a good show.

Now that the new season of anime started I thought I would put my top 3 anime from this season.

  1. Knight & Magic ( I was pleasantly surprised by this one getting a anime. It a little to fast paced the first 3 eps. I read the manga and I like the manga better but after last episode i began liking it more. Its starting to bring in the antagonist .)
  2. Gamer! ( Theres a surprising twist in this one. The end of the first ep had me flying out of my chair. Wont say anymore)
  3. Isekai Wa Smartphone To Tomo Ni ( okay its another killed and transported to another world. I liked how he didn’t ask for the usual and only a phone. he is somewhat overpowered but i still think it has some promise)

Well those are my top 3 from this season so far.

I’m watching Fairy Tail right now. I started it on Netflix. However they only have some of the episodes so now I’m using Funimation. I wouldn’t say its the best anime I’ve watched, but its pretty good.

I’m nearly done.Hack//SIGN, I had vague memories of it from years ago and wanted to see if it held up. It’s everything I remember it being. I need to try out the games if I have time.

I think I’ll go for Yu Yu Hakusho or JoJo’s Bizarre adventure, next.

CCS Clear Card Arc… Clawdia have you seen it yet :slight_smile: