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What Happens to Naughty Girls by Sally KA

What happens to naughty girls Part 1

Julie looked eagerly out of the window as she and her mother drove towards the big house.
It had been a long trip into the mountains, and Julie was keen to see her new home and
her long-lost, distant cousin Mary.

Jane Saunders swung the SUV across the broad gravel drive and stopped near the
impressive front door. She was looking forward to her new life as well.

It had been over three months since Peter had died so tragically, and Jane was feeling
truly relaxed for the first time since the accident and the subsequent discovery that Peter’s
insurance had lapsed.

The prospect of coping financially and emotionally without Peter, and with controlling a
rebellious sixteen year old daughter, had looked insurmountable to Jane until Peter’s
lawyer had contacted Peter’s cousin Greta. One thing had led to another, and Greta, a
wealthy young widow, had suggested that Jane and Julie move in with her and her own
daughter. Greta’s daughter Mary was a little older than Julie, and had been quite a handful
over the years. In fact, she had run away from home at thirteen, spent a year or tow doing
drugs and whatever else in the company of much older, and quite unsavoury, male and
female companions. The errant girl had at last been returned to her mother, where Greta
was home schooling her in an attempt to bring her back under control.

Julie knew by now that she and Mary had a lot in common. They were both a little on the
short side, but were equally slim and pretty, according to Greta who had spoken to Julie on
the phone and who had seen her photograph. Julie also got the idea that Mary had had her
episodes of ‘naughtiness’, as Greta quaintly called it, and that the pair of them both
enjoyed music and swimming. It didn’t look to bad, Julie thought. Home schooling sounded
cool, although she was surprised to see how far away from the nearest town Greta’s
sprawling homestead was.

As the car stopped, Julie looked across to see the front door of the house opening.

The one on the left must be Greta, Julie thought, looking at the tall woman in jeans and a
sweater who stood in the doorway next to an older woman in a dark dress and apron.
Suddenly, a young girl appeared. She was dressed in yellow corduroy overalls and bright
red sneakers, and couldn’t have been more than about nine, if that, thought Julie, and she
rushed over to the SUV as Julie and her mother got out.

‘Hi Julie, I’m Mattie, do you want to go for a swim?’ the youngster cried excitedly.

Julie smiled as the child tugged at her hand.

‘Mary, don’t rush!’ said the woman in the maid’s uniform, stepping forward to restrain the girl.

Julie was confused, and looked at her mother. Jane gave her a quick smile in return, and
began unloading the luggage.

‘Julie, this is Mary,’ said Greta, taking the child’s hand from the maid and standing her in
front of Julie. ‘Or Mattie,’ she added with a laugh as Mary pouted.

‘With a nice name like Mary she wants to be called Mattie, this week anyway,’ Greta said to
Julie and Jane with a smile. ‘Let’s go inside,’ she added. ‘Hilda will take your things.’

The maid picked up the luggage Jane had just unloaded from the back of the car, and
Greta showed the pair inside as Mattie scampered away in front of them.

‘That’s Mary??’ Julie whispered to her mother as they entered the spacious hallway.

‘Don’t make a fuss, darling, I know you’ll just get on so well,’ her mother replied. ‘Won’t
they Greta?’ she continued, looking at her husband’s cousin with a broad smile.

‘I dare say they will,’ replied Greta as she opened the double doors into a bright room that
gave onto the garden through french doors, and Julie and Jane followed her in. Mary, or
Mattie, seemed to have disappeared. Julie was still confused.

‘But she’s…’ she whispered again to her mother.

Julie didn’t know what Mary was. She was sure Greta had said she was seventeen.

‘Please sit down, there’ll be some tea in a minute,’ Greta said cheerfully as mother and
daughter stood looking around the sunny room.

There was a squeal and a splash from the garden outside.

‘No jumping please Mary, and where are your wings?’ called Greta, leaning towards one of
the open doors.

Julie sat and fiddled with the ring in her well-exposed navel, wondering if there were two
Marys, or what.

What Happens to Naughty Girls by Sally KA

[b]What happens to naughty girls Part 2

(This is short too, but I’m having to fit my literary output (joke) in between my paid jobs!
Sorry about the spelling errors - I seem to have a couple that always get past my rigorous
quality control (also joke). As to a fresh plot, well I hope that at the least I can bring some
originality to the usual scenarios.)[/b]

It had been late afternoon when Julie and her mother had arrived at Greta’s house. By the
time they had all finished their tea and sandwiches, there was a cool breeze blowing
through the open doors of the room. Julie heard more splashing in the pool outside, and
decided that the young girl, whoever she was, must have a strong constitution.

Julie wondered who the girl was. She was sure Greta had said Mary was seventeen, not
seven or however the kid outside was. After all, they were supposed to be going to get on
so well and be good friends. Julie hesitated to ask about Mary, partly because the matter
didn’t seem to concern anyone else, and she didn’t want to show that she had missed
whatever was obvious to her mom and to Greta, and partly because she was frankly in
some awe of her surroundings and especially of Greta. In truth, she was a little scared of
Greta, and not sure if she even the widow even liked her. She glanced at Greta and felt a
chill in addition to the wind as she saw the widow’s grey eyes seeming to bore into her
tummy. Julie put her hand over her navel – she had endured looks like that from older
women before. Just because their stomachs were sagging.

Julie got up and announced that she wanted to go to her room.

‘Sit down, please. Hilda will show you shortly,’ said Greta and continued her conversation
with Julie’s mother.

Julie sat down. What a bitch, she thought. It’s her house, ok, and she’s rich and all that,
but I can get up when I want to. What a fat-assed bitch.

Julie was about to stand up when Greta stood and stepped in front of Julie’s chair. Julie
eyes were about level with the woman’s thighs. Julie noticed with disappointment that
neither Greta’s thighs nor her ass were that fat.

‘If you go to the top of the stairs over there and wait, Hilda will show you your room,’ she
said, looking without feeling at Julie. ‘Your things are in there already, and you’ll ne called
for dinner. Your mother and I have some matters to discuss.’

Julie muttered something and stumped off to the staircase, ascended them gracelessly and
stood at the top landing. There were doors everywhere, and she certainly wasn’t going to
risk being told off again. ‘Sit down please!’ she thought. What a skinny-assed bitch. I bet
she hasn’t had a fuck for a year.

Julie heard her mother and Greta leave the room below, deep in conversation. Thanks
guys, she thought. I feel really welcome. Julie liked to think she was tough, but in truth,
she would have given anything to have her dad back, even if he wasn’t around much, and
while she treated people casually enough, she had a need to be wanted. That’s why she
hung around with the bunch she did, despite her mother calling them all losers. At least
they wouldn’t go anywhere without asking her along. She wouldn’t think of leaving them
out, either. At times like this, she really felt the gap between her adolescence and proper
adulthood for all her teen bravado. Julie felt a lump in her throat, and realised she was
about to cry.

Hilda appeared from a side passage and told Julie that her room was across the landing
and to the left.

‘Close to Mary’s,’ Hilda said, ‘Your bathroom is there,’ she added, pointing with a plump finger.

Then she walked away. Another stuck-up old bag, thought Julie. The lump in her throat
had subsided with her awe of anyone over twenty. She smirked as she watched Hilda’s
ample rear end wobble away around a corner in the passage, flung open the door to the
room the woman had indicated, and let herself fall onto the single bed in the center of the room.

Pink, she thought, looking at the ceiling. Typical. She rolled to one side to check out the
rest of the room and stopped in mid roll. She stood suddenly as pulled at the side of the

‘I can’t believe it!’ she said aloud.

What Happens to Naughty Girls by Sally KA

[b]What happens to naughty girls Pt 3

A slow section – legato if you like. While I try to think how to develop things…[/b]

Julie stared at the plastic cover she found below the bottom sheet. Great, she thought. I’m
in some kid’s room. She looked around the room, rolling her eyes at the frills everywhere.
Pastel prints from classic children’s books adorned the walls, and a bevy of bright-eyed
soft toys sat along the top of the chest of drawers near the window. Julie looked at them
and cursed to herself.

Surely there’s a proper guest room in this joint, she thought crossly. Then the door
opened, and Hilda sailed in.

Hilda dumped some clothing on the foot of the bed, and without giving Julie a chance to
speak, turned to the girl and spoke.

‘I’ll take that revolting ring out of your navel before your bath,’ she said as if she owned
not only the place but Julie’s navel.

Julie stood with her mouth open, and looked down at the sler ring glinting in her rounded belly.

‘And I don’t think you’ll be wearing those tarty little jeans again, Julie,’ Hilda continued.
‘There are no boys here for you to flaunt your little tush at, and anyway, you’re not really
old enough to be a hooker.’

Julie had rarely felt so insulted. She pulled herself up to her full height.

‘Look, Hilda, let’s get this straight,’ she said with as much authority as she could bring to
her words. ‘I’m a friggin’ guest here, in case you didn’t know, and I don’t expect to have
to put up with crap from, from a…’

Julie mulled some words around in her mind. Her experience didn’t really include much
contact with domestic staff.

‘…from a damn cleaning lady!’ she concluded, and turned to stare out the window, hoping
that Hilda would just leave.

She was suddenly jolted around as Hilda’s strong arm took her by the elbow. Julie yelled,
and tried to squirm away, but only wriggled herself into more strife. In a moment she was
tipped off her feet and yelled again as she felt Hilda’s fat fingers at between her legs.

Now shocked beyond belief, Julie realised that Hilda was pulling down the short zipper of
her jeans. Cool air rushed around her thighs as she was tipped horizontal while hilda sat
heavily on the bed. Julie’s next shout was subsumed in a squeal as Hilda’s thick hand
landed hard on Julie’s bottom.

‘Owww!’ the girl screamed. ‘Mom!’ she yelled.

The spanking continued.

‘They can’t hear you, they’re in the garden,’ Hilda said evenly. ‘And Mary’s in her room for
the evening, so cry away. You may just learn a few manners. Do you think you can be
good for a moment.’

Julie realised that if she opened her mouth she would only cry out, so she nodded as hard
as she could. She hadn’t been spanked since she was about ten. Who did this bitch think
she was, Julie thought as the spanking stopped and she stood up, Hilda still gripping her arm.

‘Now don’t speak, Julie, I want to tell you something,’ Hilda said.

Julie met the woman’s gaze with her own fierce eyes.

‘You might think I’m a dumpy old woman,’ Hilda continued, ’ But let me tell you, I am just
as responsible around here for drumming some good behavior into little tarts as anyone

Julie bit her lip, still furious.

‘You can’t hit me, I’ll tell my mom, you’re mad, you…you…’ Julie wavered as she felt Hilda
starting to lower herself back onto the bed and beginning to rotate Julie back into a prone position.

‘Finished?’ asked Hilda.

Julie considered her options. This old woman was obviously nuts, but it wouldn’t do to
aggravate her. Julie decided there and then that she wanted to go home.

Then Hilda shocked Julie by kissing her on the forehead. There was a big difference
between kisses, Julie had discovered in her short life, and that was actually a nice one, she
thought. She stood quietly, suddenly conscious of the fact that she was naked from the
waist down, and that only the tiny triangle of her sheer G-string was between her and nudity.

Hilda followed up her warm kiss with a gentle squeeze around Julie’s waist. Julie felt her
emotions colliding. How often had she tried to get her own mother to give her a hug like
that? Or even her boyfriends (she called them boyfriends, although she knew that they
considered her merely a stop on the way – no harm in pretending, though).

‘You spanked me,’ Julie said flatly, not knowing what else to say to this chameleon woman
who now stroked her hair and told her that she was pretty.

‘I had to, sweetie, you were being a little horror,’ said Hilda. ‘Now, let’s dry our tears and
get ready for dinner.’

This was weird, thought Julie.

‘Why is there a plastic sheet on this bed,’ she asked suddenly, trying to re-establish her
status as, well, as a guest and not a paid staff person. ‘I don’t wet the bed,’ she added
weakly, hearing the strange sentence float in the cool air.

‘Just in case,’ said Hilda. ‘Mary has the same. Now, dinner. Arms up!’

Julie wondered. She put her arms up automatically as Hilda pulled the short tee over her
limbs. So what, she’ll see my bra, Julie thought. She’s seen my knickers, and I don’t care
anyway, she told herself. Julie thrust out her nascent breasts as Hilda dropped her clothes
on the bed. Julie felt a chill now. Hilda kissed her on the top of her head.

‘Why do I have to get changed anyway?’ Julie asked.

She felt the skin on her head tingling. She felt that her situation was nice and nasty at the
same time.

‘N…no!’ she said as Hilda’s fingers undid the back of her bra.

‘No need for modesty,’ Hilda said kindly. ‘It’s not much of a bra anyway, is it?’

‘I’m ok,’ said Julie.

In truth, she was very sensitive about her breasts. They were the smallest of all her
friends, and she had looked for a long time to find a pair that she felt did her justice. The
bra Hilda now held in her hand was a 32A, with what Julie felt was a little subtle padding.

Hilda’s efficient fingers now tugged Julie’s panty to the floor. Julie lifted her feet in turn,
and barely had time to think what to say next when her head was enveloped in a blue
haze. Hilda pulled the interlock top down to Julie’s waist, and held up a pair of thick white
briefs in front of the girl. They looked like children’s pants.

‘In you pop,’ said Hilda, stretching the waistband.

‘They’re kid’s pants,’ Julie said, still a little disoriented by what was happening.

‘They’re the same as Mary’s,’ said Hilda simply, and pulled the pants up tight around
Julie’s waist before repeating the performance with a pair of loose, light blue interlock
track pants.

‘Shoes,’ said Hilda, and Julie stepped into a pair of pink sneakers.

‘Hair,’ said Hilda.

She quickly brushed Julie’s hair and expertly created two blonde pigtails.

Julie was still stuck for words. Within a few minutes, she had been spanked like a child,
stripped of her clothes by this weird woman, and then transformed into something very far
from the way she had presented herself for the last x years.

Julie recovered some of her wits.

‘Hjilda, why are you doing this?’ she asked.

Hilda ignored her and began gathering up the faded jeans and the cloth slivers of Julie’s underwear.

‘Hilda…’ Julie began again.

‘Because we want you to look and feel nice, and feel comfortable and welcome here. You
really are welcome here, baby, and I think you look great!’ Hilda said, patting Julie on her butt.

Once again, Julie was confused. Welcome here, she thought. Her mother had said several
times over the last year or so that she had wanted to throw her out.

Julie didn’t resist Hilda’s hug, in fact she leant into the woman’s ample body and really did
feel welcome. She even smiled, and bit her lip again as she realised that she might cry.
She felt warm and wanted as she followed Hilda downstairs. It had been a long time since
she had worn full briefs, and had felt that sort of soft cotton against her chest. She decided
not to tell her mom that she had been spanked. It was just a misunderstanding with Hilda,
that’s all.

‘You’ll love your dinner,’ Hilda whispered to her.

Julie was genuinely looking forward to dinner, and returned the squeeze Hilda gave her
hand. In some ways, the girl thought as she felt the warm clothing wrapped around her,
this was better than trying to walk into every room as if you didn’t care about anything or anybody.

Delicious aromas met them as they reached the foot of the stairs.

‘Yummy!’ said Julie, then giggled for a second as she realised how lame that must have sounded.

What Happens to Naughty Girls by Sally KA

What happens to naughty girls Pt 4 SALLY KA

Julie had never been in such an impressive dining room. She and her mother, when they
did actually eat together, usually ate in the kitchen or in front of the TV. This was
something else.

The dining table was huge and polished, and about half of it was set out for dinner. Greta
and Julie’s mother sat opposite each other, surrounded by a small forest of glasses and
silverware. There was a couple of big silver bowls on the table too, and a maid (a waitress?
Julie wondered) was in the process of replacing one of the big bowls with another lidded
one. Julie could see the steam rise as the woman took off the lid and offered the contents
to Greta. Julie was more than impressed – she was awed, and was glad that she had the
reassurance of Hilda’s hand to hold.

‘Hello darling,’ Greta smiled at her.

‘Hello Julie,’ said Jane, as Hilda led Julie to a chair a little way down the table. Julie noticed
that there was not such an array of items at her place, just a knife, fork, spoon and a
tumbler instead of a selection of wine glasses.

The chair was quite tall for Julie, and there was a cushion on the chair which made it even
higher. Julie tried not to let it appear obvious that she needed to help to get up on the chair.

So Julie sat, again stuck for words. She didn’t need many words as it turned out, as the
maid or whoever it was promptly stepped forward, laid Julie’s napkin on her lap and
scooped a generous serving of food onto Julie’s plate.

Julie began to recover her composure, and looked again at her mother and Greta. Both
women were dressed in elegant black dresses the low-cut tops of which accentuate the
women’s breasts. Julie had rarely seen her mother look so stunning. Jane smiled again at
her daughter as the girl took in the scene. Julie discreetly hunched her shoulders together,
to try to loosen up the soft blue material covering her own modest chest. She felt very
underdressed, more so when she realised that she had no make-up on. She looked at
Greta as the widow chatted to her mom. Julie thought of the expensive, probably even silk,
she thought, underwear her hostess would be wearing. Real elegant stuff, she thought. Her
mother would be well-dressed underneath too, in fact Julie could se the lace of her mom’s
bra around the edge of her bodice. Julie felt a bit funny, sitting here imagining these ladies’
underwear, but it was only because all she had on was a pair of white kid’s briefs and not
even a bra. Or makeup. Julie bit her lip again.

‘Eat up, darling,’ said Greta sweetly.

‘How old is Mary?’ Julie asked abruptly.

‘Why, about your age,’ replied Greta. ‘You look very nice in that colour blue, sweetie,’ she added.

Julie thought for a moment.

‘Where is she?’ she asked.

‘Who darling?’ said Jane, looking at her daughter.

‘Mary,’ said Julie. ‘Isn’t she supposed to be here?’

Julie was determined to get to the bottom of the Mary thing.

‘Mary has been less than well-behaved,’ answered Greta. ‘She’s having her dinner in her
room. Now, please eat your dinner. Your mother and I don’t want to be constantly
interrupted by you.’

Somewhat stunned, Julie went back to eating. She resolved to get back to the Mary
conundrum later. She raised a forkful of the delicious mashed potato from her plate to her
lips and was distressed to see the little load fall off the fork and onto her top. She felt
acutely embarrassed and looked guiltily to her mother for some sort of reassurance, but
before she could attract her mother’s attention, Hilda appeared from somewhere behind
her and began wiping her chest.

‘It’s ok,’ Julie protested as she felt Hilda’s firm hand rubbing over one of her breasts and
removing the mess form the fabric.

‘Never mind,’ said Hilda lightly. ‘We’ll just pop your napkin up here.’

Julie couldn’t do anything much as Hilda tucked the white napkin into her collar.

The two ladies said nothing as Julie sat in silent embarrassment, determined not to spill
anything else.

Several more courses followed, and Julie forgot her discomfort as she enjoyed the tasty
meal. She had rarely eaten so much at a sitting, she thought, and was quite happy when
Hilda told her after the dessert course was over that it was time for her to go back upstairs
and leave the ‘adults’, as Hilda described them, to talk.

‘A bath then bed,’ Hilda said brightly as Julie climbed the stairs.

‘I’m full,’ said Julie, and Hilda smiled at her.

‘You’ll meet cook later on,’ Hilda said. ‘If you’re good, she will make you some special

Julie felt a quick thrill, then remembered that she was too old for ‘treats’ from a fancy cook
or anyone else.

She had to trot to keep up with Hilda, and the pair were soon back in the bedroom.

‘I’ll run your bath,’ Hilda said, and left Julie alone in her room.

Julie sat on the bed, ignoring the crinkling of the plastic sheet. Inadvertently, she burped,
and became aware of how full she was. What a dinner, she thought. She stood and looked
around. The bag she arrived with was nowhere to be found. There was no wardrobe, she
noticed, so she went to the chest of drawers and opened the top drawer. It was full of
panties and stuff for the kid whose room she was in.

Julie looked more closely at the pile of panties in the drawer, and picked up a pair. She felt
a shiver as she realised that they were the same as the pair she had on.

They’re not my knickers, thought Julie, stifling another burp as she realised she need to go
to the bathroom.

Julie went into the passage, and followed the sweet smell of steam and soap which led her
to the bathroom. It was a big bathroom, and Julie found Hilda testing the water in a ddep bath.

‘Hello sweetie,’ Hilda said. ‘I was just coming to get you.’

‘I need to go to the toilet,’ Julie said. That sounded odd, like when she had told Hilda she
didn’t wet the bed.

‘That’s ok, baby, it’s just over there,’ said Hilda, motioning towards the toilet in the corner
of the room.

‘Ok, thanks,’ said Julie, and waited.

‘Well?’ asked Hilda after a moment. ‘Do you want a hand undressing?’

‘No, I just want to go to the bathroom,’ said Julie, slightly annoyed. Surely Hilda didn’t
expect her to go while she was in the room.

‘Hurry up then, dear, your bath is ready,’ Hilda said. It appeared that she had no intention
of leaving.

‘Can I go by myself?’ asked Julie. She really ahd to pee, and maybe do more as well. This
was getting embarrassing.

‘Oh, I see,’ said Hilda with a laugh. ‘Don’t mind me – I’m not the least embarrassed. I’m
busy with your bath anyway.’

Juile realised that there was no choice. She slid down her pants and briefs, and sat on the
toilet. She peed as quietly as possible, which wasn’t really very quiet, and was at lest
gratified to see that Hilda didn’t seem to take any notice at all. Julie repressed the need to
poo as well, and had just finished wiping herself when Hilda walked over and helped her
out of her clothes. Who cares, thought Julie, and let Hilda help her climb into the lovely
warm bath. Maybe this was just how rich people did things, she decided.

The warm and fragrant bath soothed away Julie’s concerns. This is the life, she said to
herself as she luxuriated in the warms suds. She just smiled as she felt Hilda pour
something cool onto her head and start washing her hair. Julie stretched out, glad that the
thick layer of suds preserved her modesty, and also, she thought, hid her now tubby little
tummy from the older woman.

What Happens to Naughty Girls by Sally KA

What happens to naughty girls Pt 5

Julie felt completely relaxed as Hilda massaged the shampoo into her blonde hair. She
closed her eyes and leant her head back. Hilda watched the girl, and quickly flipped a
small, flat cushion from the edge of the bath and positioned it under the back of Julie’s head.

Aahh, thought Julie, and smiled. ‘Thank you,’ she thought rather than said. She felt Hilda
kiss her on the top of her wet head, and heard her leave the room. Julie was left with her thoughts.

This was a funny place to stay, she thought. At home, she had spent so much time arguing
with her mom, but here, she had just gone along with everything, and she had hardly
spoken to her in all the time she had been here. All the time, she mused. She hadn’t even
slept here yet!

It was nice being so well looked after. The beautiful house, and the dining room and the
lovely big dinner. Julie thought of all the nice things that had happened to her. Except
being spanked. She couldn’t really understand that. She could hardly even remember why
she had been spanked. She thought it was odd to spank a nearly sixteen year old. But then
again, she thought, this was a very different house than her own. Everything was so grand
here. Servants, too. That’s what they were, she remembered. Servants, not waitresses,
just like in some of the TV shows she had seen. Although you sort of had to do what they
said, even though they were called servants. What did she really know of how very rich
people lived. For all she knew, they had servants at those ritzy private schools too.

Julie breathed in deeply, and slid her petite hands across her tummy. They eat such a lot
here, she thought. Her tummy felt quite round under her fingertips, and she remembered
that she had to give her navel ring a special wash. She wondered about that. Hilda had not
liked her ring at all. Oh well, she thought, as the fragrant steam rose around her. She let
her fingers slip down beneath her belly. Mmm, she thought. Sometimes she slept with a
pillow between her legs, and the feeling of gentle pressure down there was just lovely.
Very lightly, she stroked the little sweet spot down there with the tip of her finger. She had
never had intercourse with a boy, but she had enjoyed a few exciting petting sessions, and
she thought of one particular boy’s hands. His fingers had been so thick and strong, but so
gentle. She had been frightened he might hurt her, but she needn’t have been. Maybe she
should have gone all the way with him, but her friends had told her that she would have
pimples next day and maybe even walk differently and everyone would know what she had
done. Still, he had lovely, gentle fingers, Julie remembered…

Hilda’s voice made Julie almost jump out of the bath. She shot her hands back to her
sides, and opened her eyes to se Hilda looking at her with a serious expression.

‘I said time to get out, Julie,’ Hilda said. ‘You need to dress for bed.’

Julie felt very guilty, and wondered if Hilda had seen what she was doing. There were still
plenty of bubbles all over the surface, she saw, looking back at the big tub as Hilda helped
her out. Julie felt cross, not just about being sprung doing something she knew she
shouldn’t have been doing, but because now she had spoiled her beautiful bath time. And
she hadn’t even ‘done’ anything, just rubbed herself a little bit, that was all. Some of her
friends did it all the time, she knew. They did it in bed until they were really wet. Her
friend Francene had even done it in the bus as a dare, unzipping her pants and everything,
and another girl she knew did it at the beach so much that she got sand sticking to her
swimsuit like she’d wet herself and had to go all the way into the water holding a bathing
cap in front of her looking like a dork. Julie bit her lower lip and hoped that Hilda would say
something nice to show that she hadn’t seen anything. Just like me to mess things up for
myself, thought Julie. She felt very sorry for herself and tried to avoid looking at Hilda.

Hilda was briskly towelling Julie’s naked body. The big towel almost enveloped the girl, and
after rubbing her torso, legs and arms to a tingle, Hilda draped the damp towel around
Julie’s slim shoulders and applied a fresh, fluffy towel to the girl’s head. Julie stood
compliantly moving this way and that as Hilda finished her work.

Julie stared at the floor. For the first time since she could remember, she couldn’t see the
light fuzz between her legs for the bulge of her stomach. I’m fat, too, she thought
miserably, her bottom lip now trembling.

‘Julie,’ said Hilda, taking the girl’s chin in her hand and tilting her face upwards. Julie
averted her eyes for a moment, but then felt compelled to meet Hilda’s gaze. The woman’s
eyes seemed stern, but not unkind. Julie wanted to bury hr face in the big lady’s chest, but
before she could do anything, Hilda spoke again.

‘Julie, I told you that nice girls don’t wear body piercings, didn’t I?’ she said.

Julie was taken aback. She didn’t think Hilda would even know what to call it.

‘They’re slutty, and they’re unhygienic, aren’t they?’ she said, taking the towel from Julie
and using her fingers to stretch aside the skin to each side of Julie’s navel. Both she and
Julie looked a the little silver curl.

‘I clean it,’ Julie offered lamely.

‘Well, I think we need to deal with it. But there’s something else we need to talk about too,
isn’t there?’ Hilda said seriously.

Oh God, thought Julie. This is it. She felt a catch in her throat, and was desperate not to
cry. It wasn’t such a big deal, was it? She’d even caught her mom doing it once.
Everybody did it didn’t they?

‘There are some things nice girls don’t do to themselves, aren’t there?’ Hilda continued.

She knows, thought Julie with panic. She hoped the beautiful marble tiles of the bathroom
floor would open up and let her drop straight through. Into where, Julie suddenly thought.
The kitchen, or the dining room? And her naked. She giggled, then stopped. She was so
scared her mind was being silly. Her giggle became a sob.

Hilda shook her.

‘What don’t nice girls do?’ she asked Julie.

‘Touch…’ Julie mumbled.

Hilda waited. Julie stared straight down and sobbed again.

‘Touch what, child?’ Hilda asked sharply.

‘…themselves,’ Julie said very quietly.

‘Where?’ Hilda asked.

Julie froze. This was awful. She just wanted to give in and cry properly.

‘Down there,’ the girl muttered.

‘Show me where.’

Hilda’s voice seemed to boom in Julie’s ears.

Julie lowered a trembling hand to hover over her crotch. Silent tears rolled down her
cheeks and she swallowed hard.

‘That’s right, Julie. It’s a very naughty thing to do. Do you know what it’s called, doit
that?’ Hilda asked, taking Julie’s hand away with her firm grip on her forearm.

Julie swallowed again. Playing with myself, she thought. Wanking, her friends called it.
They all did it. She couldn’t say those words to Hilda. This was serious.

‘M…masturbating,’ she said.

Julie couldn’t even hear herself say it.

‘Masturbating,’ she repeated, more loudly than she intended, and felt her whole face go red.

‘So tell me what you were doing in the bath when I walked in,’ said Hilda, releasing her
grip on Julie’s arm.

‘I was masturbating, Hilda,’ Julie said.

She felt so miserable. It wasn’t fair, she was only just tickling herself, not doing anything,
just tickling.

‘At least you admit it,’ Hilda said. ‘It was very naughty of you. I thought I could leave you
in the bath by yourself, but I was wrong. Now, first, I want to deal with that tarty [ : ) ] bit
of metal you’ve stuck through yourself.’

Julie watched in mute horror as Hilda produced a shiny pair of snippers or pliers of some
sort from her apron pocket and with one click Julie felt the ring she had so painfully and
proudly worn drop from her flesh. Julie only had time to gasp before Hilda wiped the place
with a pad of cotton soaked in something that stung. Julie stood stock still and silent as
Hilda reached for a container and sprinkled talc over Julie’s navel area and then around her
crotch as well. She felt Hilda’s warm hands patting the powder around, then applying a
little more. Julie didn’t usually do that after a bath, but she was beyond caring. She just
wanted to get into bed and forget about her disastrous bathtime. She still didn’t think it
was fair.

‘Now, come with me,’ Hilda commanded, leading the naked girl into the passage outside.

To Julie’s embarrassment, Greta was sweeping down the passage towards them. She
looked so tall and beautiful in her black dress. Hilda stopped, and Julie tried to slip behind
her. She felt quite pathetic, naked and with powder all over her too. Greta smiled at Julie
and Hilda.

‘Hullo Julie. You look nice and clean,’ Greta said.

As Julie tried to return a smile, Hilda responded for her.

‘She is, Greta, but I caught her doing something not very nice in the bath.’

‘Oh?’ said Greta, stopping and looking closely at Julie. ‘What were you doing?’

Julie hung her head and tried again to get behind Hilda. She couldn’t speak.

‘She was masturbating,’ Hilda said. Julie felt the word boom through her head again.

Greta’s eyes widened.

‘How dreadful,’ she said with a tone of disgust. She bent and looked directly at Julie.

‘You’re a very naughty little girl. I hope you learn your lesson,’ she said. She straightened
up and looked at Hilda.

‘All right Hilda, I’ll speak to you tomorrow,’ she said, and walked quickly away down the corridor.

Julie waited until Greta’s footsteps faded, then could contain her grief no longer. She was
wailing loudly as Hilda led her into her bedroom.

Without a further word, Hilda sat on Julie’s bed, swung the girl over her lap and
administered a serious spanking. During the first few swats, Julie thought with regret of all
the questions she was going to ask Hilda tonight, about Mary, and who’s room she was in,
and where her clothes were, but all of these carefully planned enquiries flew out the half
open window along with the sound of Julie’s sobbing. She even lost her self-pity. As Hilda
explained between smacks, she had been very naughty. Julie realised that it was naughty
to do anything down there. You didn’t need to do much, it was still naughty. She had been
very bad, and deserved to be dealt with. The smacks continued until Julie was lost in a fog
of physical misery she hadn’t felt for years.

Julie didn’t object as Hilda tugged another pair of the thick undies over Julie’s rump. Then
she opened the bottom drawer of the chest by the wall, and took out a big, floppy
garment. Julie lay back, sniffling, as Hilda slid the girl’s limbs into the soft, pale pink
fabric. Julie arched her back as Hilda’s fingers ran up her spine as the woman closed a long
zipper. Julie felt the pressure of stretch bands at her thighs and wrists, and looked down
dumbly at her front. Above her rounded tummy were some big, colourful letters.

‘Let’s see if you can’t live up to what that says,’ Hilda said, more kindly this time, noting
Julie’s puzzled gaze.

Julie managed, between her sobs, to decode the big, upside down letters.

‘G-O-O-D G-I-R-L’, she read to herself.

She screwed up her eyes as Hilda held Julie’s legs aside, pulled back the bedclothes and
slid the girl’s legs beneath. Julie felt the covers being pulled up to her neck, and tried to
stop her sniffling as Hilda kissed her forehead.

‘I can be a good girl,’ Julie thought to herself. ‘I didn’t mean to be naughty.’

Hilda turned out the light, and stood by the bed in the darkness. The girl’s unhappy
sniffling subsided quite quickly, and her breathing became deep and regular. Hilda kissed
her charge gently once again, and quietly left the room.

What Happens to Naughty Girls by Sally KA

What happens to naughty little girls Pt 6

Next morning, Julie lay on her back in the pleasant territory between sleep and
wakefulness as she heard Hilda open the curtains in the bedroom. Julie kept her eyes shut
as she listened to Hilda moving around quietly.

‘Good morning dear,’ Hilda whispered as she gently pulled back the bedclothes.

Julie shivered in the relative cool, but didn’t open her eyes. She wondered if Hilda meant
her to get up, then started as she felt the light touch of Hilda’s hand between her thighs.
Then she felt the woman replace the covers. Julie thought for a moment, then realised with
some embarrassment that Hilda had been checking to see if she was wet. Of course she
wasn’t. Julie turned onto her side, away from the intruding woman.

‘It’s alright baby, you can stay in bed for a while. Then you can have a swim. I’ll run your
bath,’ Hilda said, and Julie heard no more sounds from her.

Julie wondered if she was to have a bath every morning and every evening. Plus a swim.
She certainly would be clean, she thought, then tried to get back into the dream Hilda had interrupted.

Julie drifted back to sleep.

She woke again some time later. She opened her eyes and blinked in the brightness of the
morning. The window at the end of the room was still open, and she could fell on her face
the crispness of the morning. It would have to warm up before she wanted a swim, she
thought. The thought of the water reminded her that she need to go to the bathroom, and
she swung her legs out of the bed and stood up, still a little wobbly with sleep.

Julie turned around, and saw her reflection it the mirror above the small dresser opposite
the bed. She looked at herself quietly for a moment. Her hair was a little messy, but the
pink garment she had on made her look quite unlike the Julie she usually saw in the
mirror. It was like a one-piece short jump suit, but with long arms. The legs puffed out a
little from the softly shirred waist, and tightened at the openings around her thighs with a
band of elasticated material. She ran her fingers across the words on her chest. The letters
were appliquéd onto the soft flannelette material. Julie turned around, watching her profile.
Again, she thought of her small breasts. She started to think of the embarrassment of last
night, seeing Greta in the hall, but was diverted by the need to use the bathroom. As well
as a pee, she needed to poo. Or crap, she thought, correcting herself. Just because
everything was a bit Pollyanna here, she could still use her usual words to herself, she decided.

She headed out into the silent hall, and walked quickly to the bathroom. The big bath was
full, with the tap turned off. Hilda was nowhere to be seen. Julie went to the toilet, went to
slide her pants down and remembered the zipper. Her arms weren’t long enough to reach.
She bent this way and that, then realised she needed help. Her body had been almost
ready to go, so with an effort, she halted her internal proceedings and walked back into the
hallway. She looked each way for a sign of Hilda. The house seemed very quiet, and she
didn’t want to call out.

She made her way to the top of the landing she had stood on the previous evening, and
looked down into the spacious area below. There was a big bunch of fresh flowers in a jar
on a table down there, she saw, but the space was empty and quiet. She clenched her
pelvic floor upward in response to a slight spasm. Maybe Hilda was in one of the other
rooms up here, she thought.

Julie quickly returned to the upstairs hall, and looked in her bedroom as she passed. Hilda
wasn’t in there. She tried the other doors in rapid succession. Several were locked, and
one opened into a kind of small living room. She hurried back to the landing.

‘Hilda!’ she called as quietly as she could while still hoping that she would be heard. Her
tummy rumbled, and she thought for a moment of trying the zipper again, then thought
that she had tried that as hard as she could.

Tentatively, she advanced a few steps down the stairs. The stepping movement seemed to
increase her urgency.

‘Hilda!’ she called, louder this time.

She stood on the landing, and felt herself beginning to sweat slightly.

‘Hilda!’ she tried again, and squeezed her legs together. She hoped Hilda would come
soon. She had run the bath. Where was she?

Julie turned to go back upstairs, but found that the first step up she took made things
worse. She felt trapped on the landing.

‘Hilda, please!’ she called. ‘Please, Hilda!’ she added, hoping that the little surge she felt
hadn’t resulted in anything in her pants. She gripped the balustrade and looked around
desperately for the woman, or for her mom or even Greta.

‘Mom!’ she called without thinking further.

Julie realised that she was in real trouble. She should have gone last night after dinner.
Everything she had eaten must have gone right through to the end part of her tummy, or
whatever it was. She shifted her weight from one foot to the other, blinked her eyes and
felt her sweat mingling with tears. She resolved to run back to the bathroom and try the
zipper again.

She started pooing her pants as she turned to go back up the stairs. Oh God no, she
thought, and tried to stop the smooth flow, but her body had its way. She stood still, not
daring to move and feel what she had done any more than she could now. Her tears began
flowing as easily as her bowels had, and she gave in to her shame and self-pity. She had
tried the zipper, she thought, she really had.

Footsteps clattered across the floor below the stairs. Julie saw the top of Greta’s head.
Julie was rooted to the spot, and tried to stifle her sobs.

Greta looked up, and Julie met her eyes with a torrent of helpless tears as her bladder
released as well. She let go of the balustrade and clamped one hand to her sodden crotch.

Greta watched the girl for a moment with her eyebrows raised.

‘I…had an accident,’ Julie managed and began to bawl in earnest. She just wanted
someone to help her. ‘Mommy!’ she wailed. Where was her mommy?

‘It’s alright darling,’ said Hilda, appearing behind her and gently taking her free hand from
the rail.

Something passed between the two women, and Greta nodded to Hilda before walking away.

Julie clutched Hilda’s hand as the woman took her back up the stairs to the bathroom.

Still sobbing, Julie let Hilda take off the little jumpsuit and she stood with her legs apart as
the big woman carefully lowered her soiled panties. Hilda dropped the panties’ contents
into the toilet as Julie stood with a towel around her shoulders, trying to explain between
sobs the circumstances of her infantile accident.

Hilda put the panties into a white bucket under the hand basin and consoled the girl as she
wiped her messy rear, and then lifted Julie bodily into the bath.

This morning’s bath was different than last night’s. Hilda did all the soaping and washing,
while Julie continued her erratic explanation.

‘It’s alright, baby, girls have accidents sometimes. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Just
enjoy your bath, It’s alright, really. Everyone understands,’ she said soothingly.

Julie was finding it hard to understand how it could be alright. She hadn’t had an accident
for, for ages. She remembered one time on a swing, and another time at the playground.
But that was a long time ago. And another time at school. Francene had one the same day.
They were in Mrs Martin’s class. That was a long time ago. It seemed a long time ago,
anyway. Julie wondered how long ago it really was. She thought of the feeling she had on
the landing. Greta had seen her. Julie began crying again.

‘Shh, baby, shh,’ cooed Hilda. ‘I’ll make it all better, just relax.’

Julie calmed down. She tried to concentrate on the silly duck Hilda had given her. It was
better than going through what had happened. Hilda leant over and squeezed the duck,
which made a strange sort of plasticky quack. Julie giggled in spite of herself and Hilda
ruffled her wet hair. Julie began to feel a little better. It had been an accident, after all.

After another brisk drying session, Hilda and Julie retuned to Julie’s bedroom. Julie waited
quietly on the bed for Hilda to get her some clothes.

‘It’s warming up, I think it’s a swimming day,’ said Hilda airily. ‘Are you a good swimmer?’
she asked, turning to Julie.

‘Not really,’ said Julie, wiping a final sniffle away with the back of her hand. She looked
cautiously at Hilda, who laughed in return.

‘Well, you’ll still enjoy it,’ said Hilda. ‘Legs up!’

Julie lay back on the bed. She saw that Hilda had a pair of even thicker briefs in her hand.

‘A diaper!’ Julie thought with horror.

‘It’s ok, it’s not a diaper,’ said Hilda, reading the girl’s features. ‘It’s a bit thicker than your
others, just in case.’

Julie breathed in. The pants crinkled slightly as Hilda pulled them up Julie’s legs. As Hilda
turned to the chest of drawers again, Julie felt the side of the pants. It wasn’t a diaper, she
was relieved to discover, but the material seemed to slide over itself under her fingers.

Hilda turned and smiled at the girl.

‘They’re just like ordinary panties,’ she assured Julie, ‘But they will also help just in case
you need it, and don’t worry, they won’t show. Lots of girls wear them, even big girls.’

Julie wasn’t so sure. She knew about periods, of course, but these were a bit different.
Then again, she had had an awful accident only a little while ago, and would be glad of
them in case anything like that started to happen again. Her tummy still felt somewhat
delicate. And if they didn’t show it wouldn’t be so bad.

This time, instead of the blue track suit, Hilda got out a cream t-shirt. It had a duck on the front.

‘Another duck!’ Hilda laughed as she slipped the tee over Julie’s upstretched arms.

Julie laughed too. Ducks were nice, happy things. Anything to forget pooing…well, to
forget what had happened.

Hilda took a pair of cream overalls from one of the drawers, and Julie stepped into them.
They were a bit like the overalls she had worn when she and her mom had painted her old
bedroom, only fancier. They were made of soft, ribbed material, and as Hilda pulled up the
straps and fastened them in front, Julie felt slightly put out that the duck had almost
disappeared under the bib.

‘It’s ok, there’s another little one on here,’ said Hilda, sensing Julie’s thoughts.

She held out the bib a little as Julie looked down, and sure enough, there was another duck
there. Julie knew that the ducks were a bit childish, but she was glad of them this morning.
Anybody would be, she thought, after what had happened.

‘And guess what, secret ducks!’ Hilda said, holding up a pair of shoes soles first for Julie to see.

There was a duck on each sole, as a sort of tread. Julie laughed and looked up at Hilda.
She was feeling a lot better now. She had never had such a tricky pair of shoes. She
thought of her mom, and wanted to show her, and make her mom laugh too.

Julie waited impatiently as Hilda helped her on with her socks, tied the pink duck-soled
sneakers and put a couple of ribbons in her pigtails.

‘There,’ said Hilda at last. ‘Finished, and don’t you look lovely!’

Julie was keen to find her mom, but at Hilda’s compliment she stopped and looked at
herself in the mirror.

She tired to wipe the grin off her face as she turned in front of the mirror. Compared with
her painting overalls, these were very upmarket. She noticed that her pants did push the
overalls out a little around her front and bottom, but then overalls were like that.

Hilda helped her smooth the sides of the overalls over her training pants.

‘You look just fine to me,’ Hilda announced, and with a last grin at herself, Julie ran out of
the room and downstairs to find her mom.

She had just reached the dreaded landing when Greta came into view in the hall.

‘Slow down, child,’ the lady said, then paused, looking at Julie, who had almost skidded to
a halt on the landing.

‘You look lovely,’ Greta added with a smile. ‘You mommy is outside having breakfast.’

Julie’s embarrassed uncertainty vanished.

‘Thank you,’ she said happily, and trotted down the stairs to find her mom.

What Happens to Naughty Girls by Sally KA

What happens to naughty girls Pt 7

Julie found her mom sitting with Greta at a table on the wide patio outside the dining room
they had eaten in the night before. Both women were wearing smooth one piece
swimsuits. Greta’s was black, and Julie’s mom’s was bright pink with a colorful hibiscus
pattern. Julie was proud to see that her mom’s body was just as good as Greta’s.

Jane smiled at her daughter as she approached.

‘Hello darling,’ she said. ‘Don’t you look gorgeous!’

Julie smiled and looked at her shoes. She wasn’t used to everyone thinking she looked
nice. The most she had ever got before were jealous comments from her friends about her
trim bum, or leering glances from the boys she and her friends hung with. This was
different. Everyone really liked the way she looked. Julie turned around for her mom, and
sat where her mom had had indicated.

The adults must have been here a while, Julie thought. They were up to coffee, and there
were lots of empty plates around.

Hilda arrived, and began to clear up the plates.

‘Julie, cook has made some lovely breakfast for you to have after your swim. How do you
feel now, sweetie?’ she asked, stroking the top of Julie’s head as she cleared some things
from in front of the girl.

‘OK,’ said Julie quietly. The less said the better, she thought.

‘Julie had an accident this morning,’ Hilda said conversationally. ‘But she’s all cleaned up
and happy now, aren’t you dear?’

Jane looked kindly at Julie, who was blushing hotly.

‘Greta told me, baby. Don’t worry, it happens,’ she said, putting her hand on her
daughter’s arm.

‘Anyway, she’s got some nice new pants on, and everything will be alright,’ said Hilda,
turning to go back to the house with a tray of plates.

‘They’re not diapers, they’re just like ordinary pants,’ Julie said quickly, then regretted
having said anything. Her new pants were the last thing she wanted to draw attention to.
She was wearing those funny pants, but she was nearly sixteen and it had been an accident.

Jane looked down at Julie’s seated bottom, and gave her daughter’s thigh a pat.

‘I’m sure Hilda has given you whatever you need to be comfortable and happy,’ Jane said,
and returned her attention to her coffee. She took up some discussion with Greta and Julie
was glad that the talk about her clothing seemed over.

Hilda came back from the kitchen, and asked Julie if she were ready for her swim.

‘Mary is going for a swim too,’ said Hilda.

Julie was keen to see her mysterious new friend, and eagerly followed Hilda to the change
room at the end of the patio, near the sparkling pool.

Julie had already undone the top of her overalls as they walked through the door, and
Hilda soon had the stripped to her training pants. Julie noticed that Hilda discreetly
checked the inside of the pants as she put them aside.

‘I’m not wet or anything, Hilda,’ said Julie somewhat plaintively. Just because she had had
one accident didn’t mean she was going to go in her pants all the time, she thought.

‘I know baby,’ said Hilda. ‘Look, here’s Mary!’

In her excitement, Julie wriggled from Hilda’s hands and rushed towards the door.

‘Hey! Put some clothes on!’ Hilda laughed. Julie stopped near the door. Oops, she thought,
I must be getting too used to not having anything on in front of people.

Hilda brought her back into the change room. Julie could see Mary outside, testing the pool
water, and looking a little comical with a fat yellow inflatable waterwing on each arm. Mary
wore only bikini pants, and Julie hoped she would at least have a top. At least Mary didn’t
have any more up top than she did, Julie thought with a sneaking satisfaction.

Hilda produce a pair of the same bikini pants and held them out for Julie to step in. Julie
did so, and noticed that the fabric felt cold and smooth against her skin.

‘Don’t worry, they’ve just got a liner inside. Look, they’ve got swimming teddies on them,’
Hilda said, pulling the crotch outwards so Julie could see.

While Julie was looking at the pattern, Hilda tied the waistband at the rear. Julie had hardly
ever been to a pool, and only had one swimsuit, a plain blue one piece that was quite
different than this bikini bottom.

‘Can’t I have a top?’ Julie asked, holding one hand over her flat little breasts.

Hilda laughed kindly.

‘Not when you don’t need one, sweetie. Mary doesn’t wear a top, and I’m sure your mom
and Greta have seen plenty of little girl’s bare chests before. Anyway, you’re lucky. I’d like
to still be able to get around without a silly top!’ Hilda said, and patted Julie on the bottom.

Julie felt slightly consoled, but still felt embarrassed when she walked out to the patio.
Mary had climbed into the pool, and Julie responded to her mom’s call and walked over to
the table.

‘Julie I don’t think you’ve thanked Greta for the lovely room you’re in, have you darling?’
she said.

Julie stood awkwardly in front of the two seated women. She looked at her mom’s
generous breasts, round and soft beneath the coloured and contoured lycra of the
swimsuit. She could see the stitching around the support wires under the suit’s cups, and
felt for the nth time her own lack of development in that area. Greta looked the same as
Julie’s mom, and when Julie lowered her eyes she saw the v-shaped swell of her hostess’s
lower tummy under the tight, black fabric. She wondered when she would be an adult, and
be wearing adult swimsuits like those. I’m certainly not an adult now, she thought. I even
wet and messed myself this morning, and…

‘Julie, where are you baby?’ asked Jane, laughing as she stretched an arm around her
daughter’s waist and drew her close.

‘Sorry mommy,’ Julie said, then remembered what she had been called for.

‘Thank you for having me, Greta, and thank you for the room. It’s beautiful and, and…’
Julie felt she should be more thankful, and tried to think of what to say. ‘…and…so are
you!’ she blurted suddenly.

She hadn’t meant to say that, it just came out. Hugely embarrassed, she turned and ran
back to Hilda who was near the pool. The two women laughed and continued their conversation.

Mary had got out of the pool, and stood with Hilda.

‘Julie, this is Mary,’ Hilda said. ‘Mary, Julie.’

After this formal introduction, the two girls stood looking at one another. They were almost
the same height, both quite small for their ages. If anything, Julie was slightly plumper,
she noticed, and while Julie had pigtails, Mary had blonde bangs.

‘Hello Julie,’ said Mary.

‘Hello,’ said Julie.

‘I’ll get some wings for you,’ Mary said suddenly and dashed off.

Hilda sat on a bench near the pool and watched the girls as Mary showed Julie how to wear
the blow-up wings.

Jane and Greta watched as well, glad that the girls seemed to hit it off so easily.

‘These pants are funny,’ said Julie. Mary had the same, and Julie wanted to know why they
didn’t have ordinary swim pants, even without the tops.

‘It’s in case you go naughties in the pool,’ said Mary unconcernedly. ‘You have to ask Hilda
or mommy if you want to go.’

‘Oh,’ said Julie. That was not really what she wanted to hear. She hoped that her accident
would soon be forgotten and that she could go back to proper underwear soon.

The two girls played happily in the pool for a while. The water was warm, and Julie realised
that of course it would be heated. It was fun playing with the things Mary had in the pool,
and Julie was glad of the plastic fence that divided the shallow part where they were from
the deeper part she saw beyond it. She really wasn’t a good swimmer.

‘Breakfast, babies!’ announced Hilda after a time.

Julie and Mary looked up to see another lady in an apron setting out food and drink on a
lower table near their moms.

Julie was quite hungry, and clambered out with Mary. The girls stood still while Hilda took
off their waterwings, and then they hurried to the table and sat on the plastic seats.

Julie felt her bottom sliding a little on the seat with the lining in her bikini, but ignored the
odd feeling and started on the orange juice in the plastic tumbler in front of her. She
looked at Mary who sat opposite, and the girls giggled.

It was not so bad not having a top on, Julie decided. Mary looked quite happy, and Julie
felt happy too. The other lady brought more food as the girls ate, and soon Julie was quite
full again. She even had to slide the tight top of her bikini down under her tummy a bit to
be comfortable. Julie burped, looked at Mary, who smirked at her, and giggled.

‘Come on girls,’ Hilda said at last, as the other lady took the breakfast things away. Julie
looked around and noticed that the adults had gone inside.

Hilda took them back to the change room.

‘Anyone need the bathroom?’ she asked.

Julie took her up on the offer for safety sake, and sat naked on the toilet off the
changeroom while Mary chattered to Hilda.

Finishing her business, Julie went back to the change area where she was stunned to see
Mary lying on a bench while Hilda wrapped a thick white thing around her loins.

‘Mary needs a little more than you do at the moment, Julie,’ said Hilda.

Julie looked at Mary, who looked slightly embarrassed and turned her head away from the
other girl. Julie felt sorry for her.

Hilda then powdered Julie’s crotch and helped her into her training pants, and the two girls
stood shivering slightly as Hilda helped them on with their respective clothes. Julie was
back in her overalls, while Mary had a short skirt over her diaper and patterned plastic
pants, and a bright top.

Hilda took the wet swim wear back to the house and left the girls to play.

‘Mary,’ said Julie when Hilda had gone. ‘What did you do that was naughty yesterday?’

‘Nothing,’ answered Mary shortly.

Julie blinked for a moment. That wasn’t a very helpful answer, she thought.

‘Are those diapers?’ she asked again, looking at the bulk under Mary’s pleated skirt.

‘They’re just my pants,’ said Mary, looking back at Julie with some defiance.

‘Don’t be rotten,’ Mary added suddenly. ‘If you’re rotten to me I’ll tell my mom and your
mom and you’ll get spanked,’ she said with tears beginning to rim her eyes. ‘I know you
have accidents too and anyway I went all yesterday, nearly all yesterday without anything
happening at all. Mommy said you would be my friend!’ she concluded unhappily.

Julie was taken aback. She didn’t mean to upset her new pal, and tried to make up lost ground.

‘I’m sorry, I had an accident too, I do like you. We are friends aren’t we?’ she said urgently.

Julie was once again confused. She wasn’t a littlie at school or anything, and here she was
desperate to stay friends with another little girl, another girl, she corrected herself, and
anyway, they both had sort of diapers on.

The girls moved towards each other at the same time, intending to hug or kiss to
overcome the mutual unhappy awkwardness. Their heads banged together with a light
thud, and after they had recovered from the momentary shock, they both giggled.

‘Sorry,’ they said in unison and giggled again.

Suddenly, Mary reached out and tickled Julie just above her hips. Julie responded by
attacking Mary in the same way. The pair was soon rolling on the floor, until Mary stopped
giggling abruptly and sat up.

‘What’s up,’ Julie enquired.

‘I’m wet,’ said Mary quietly. ‘I have to get Hilda.’

‘I’ll get her,’ said Mary. She felt to blame, and anyway wasn’t sure what to say to Mary, so
wanted out.

Julie found Hilda in the kitchen, arranging flowers.

‘What is it baby?’ asked Hilda.

‘Er, Mary needs…’

‘Oh, a change?’ Hilda asked.

Julie nodded.

‘It was sort of my fault,’ she explained. ‘We were tickling, and…’

‘Don’t worry,’ said Hilda cheerfully, putting her secateurs down amongst the flower stems
on the benchtop. ‘That’s what diapers are for. And how about you, missy? Do you need a

Now it was Julie’s turn to be miffed.

‘No,’ she said emphatically, and followed Hilda out to the pool change room.

On the way, Julie lost a little of her hurt pride. She realised that she couldn’t be absolutely
sure she was completely dry, and dropping back a little, put her hand to her crotch and
rubbed the thick layers of fabric around slightly. She was dry, she decided with relief, and
trotted after Hilda. They found Mary lying back on the bench with her skirt up over her
tummy, legs already spread and cartoon covered plastic pants on display.

What Happens to Naughty Girls by Sally KA

What happens to naughty girls Pt 8

‘You can wait here for a moment, Julie,’ said Hilda.

Mary smiled at Julie from her sideways position, and Julie sat on the bench against the
opposite wall.

Julie found it strange to see Hilda change Mary right in front of her. Hilda moved quickly
and efficiently, while Mary seemed didn’t seem embarrassed at all to be so exposed.

Julie tried not to look to closely, out of politeness, but found herself compelled
nonetheless, and kept staring whenever she thought Hilda or Mary were unable to see her.
It was just like watching a baby being diapered. Julie could see how heavy and wet the old
diaper was, and watched Hilda shake talc all over Mary’s crotch before wrapping around
her a big, fluffy cloth diaper just like a baby would have. Julie knew Mary had been
wearing a diaper, but it was still something of a shock to see that it was a real baby diaper.

‘Are you still dry, Julie?’ asked Hilda as Mary said thank you and stood up.

‘Yes,’ said Julie, then felt cross again. She didn’t wet her pants, and Hilda kept asking her.
Except for accidents, she quickly allowed herself.

Soon Julie and Mary were back outside. Hilda said she would call the pair for lunch, and
Mary showed Julie around the garden.

Julie was surprised at how un-self-conscious Mary was about her diaper. Her skirt barely
covered the bulge of her cartoon-covered plastic pants, and the thick crotch of the diaper
was about level with the hem of the skirt. The pair spent some time picking rhododendron
flowers at the bottom of the rambling garden, and as Mary reached up to the blooms her
skirt rode well above her diaper. It reminded Julie of her friends at pre-school.

After they had amassed several bunches of flowers for Hilda, Julie suggested a walk down
an inviting path. Mary wasn’t keen however, and wanted to go back to the house.

‘Have you wet your diaper?’ asked Julie in the nicest tone she could manage.

‘Just a little bit,’ replied Mary. ‘I don’t really need it, it’s just for emergencies.’

Julie wondered about this. She thought Mary was in diapers all the time.

Mary was more than just a little bit wet, too, thought Julie, as she walked behind her
friend. Her friend’s diaper was sagging well below the bottom of her skirt.

Hilda was pleased with the flowers, and changed Mary with hardly a word, again asking if
Julie needed a change too.

Hilda complimented Julie on being dry, and for a moment Julie felt quite superior, before
remembering that she was always dry and didn’t need even the training pants she was wearing.

Lunch was a repeat of breakfast. Apparently Jane and Greta had eaten, and Julie and Mary
sat at their own table in a corner of the kitchen and enjoyed a big lunch. Julie was glad
when Hilda suggested a rest for the girls.

Julie went upstairs first, following Hilda. The girl supposed that Mary would go to her room
too. She reminded herself to ask Mary about where her room was – while they were in the
garden Julie had been too busy with the flowers and with watching Mary’s diapered bum, if
the truth be known.

Julie lay on her bed under the top cover. Hilda had taken off her overalls, and after
extracting a promise from Julie that she would ‘be a good girl’ (Julie knew exactly what she
meant) left Julie in just her training pants and tee-shirt.

Julie wasn’t really tired, and couldn’t get to sleep. Feeling a little more confident about her
surroundings, she decided to at least explore a little of what she had discovered so far.

Quietly getting out of bed, she went to the door, feeling quite sneaky as she poked her
head round the door into the empty hallway.

Julie closed the door to her room behind her, and headed for the small living room she had
seen the day before, and found the door ajar as it had been the previous evening. It
opened further with a tiny squeak, and Julie stood still for a moment on the threshold.

Walking on tip-toe, the girl entered the room. It was comfortably furnished, and Julie
looked around to see if there was any indication of whose room it was. She wondered if it
was Mary’s room. If it was, Julie thought, she’s lucky to have her own private living area
like this. But on closer inspection, there was nothing to show it was Mary’s domain. There
were no photos anywhere or anything, in fact.

Julie found a door leading off the room, and opened it very slowly. It was a bedroom, she
could see. She glanced past a bed, and her eyes widened as she recpognised the bag she
had arrived at the house with.

Excitedly, Julie rushed over to the bag and picked it up. The zip top was open, and she
looked inside. On top of everything else in there was her burgundy thong. Julie grinned,
then froze as she hear the squeak of the door to the hall. She jumped behind the door she
had just walked through.

Heavy footsteps approached the door she was behind, and Julie saw the shadow of
someone looking though the opening. The girl stood motionless, holding her breath.
Whoever it was in the doorway didn’t move either for a moment, made a short ‘huh’ noise,
and closed the door.

Julie waited until the footsteps had receded, then put her bag back where she found it and
left the room, walked through the little living room, and

‘Julie dear!’ she heard as soon as she had got back to the hall. Julie recognised Hilda’s
voice and, heart thumping, she ducked into the bathroom two doors down from her own
room. She was about to pull her trainers down and sit on the toilet when she heard Hilda’s
quick footsteps and almost instantly the door opened.

Julie stared at Hilda, and simultaneously became aware of her pants being very wet. In
fact she was peeing now, and felt her warm pee running down her inner thighs. She
gasped, and clenched her small fist around the thong she still held in her hand.

Wondering when she had wet herself, and trying desperately to stem the flow of pee, Julie
looked at Hilda.

‘Pee pee,’ was all she could manage, and quickly flicked her thong behind her as Hilda
approached. Julie hoped the little piece of fabric would end up behind the toilet or
somewhere out of sight.

‘Never mind, baby,’ said Hilda.

Julie was glad not to have been discovered snooping, but wasn’t happy about wetting
herself. She hadn’t felt so frightened that she would do that, but could hardly discuss the
matter with Hilda.

‘Poor baby,’ said Hilda. ‘I’ll make you nice and comfortable so that you can just sleep
without worrying about your silly old pants.’

Julie didn’t have long to wonder what this meant, as Hilda took from a cupboard a white
terry diaper.

As Hilda dusted Julie’s tummy with talc, the girl started crying. She knew that she had
been wearing training pants, but they allowed the wearer to consider that the problem was
not permanent, and Julie knew that her accident had been because she couldn’t reach the
zipper on her clothing. But this was a bit different. Sure, she had been anxious, but she
had soaked herself, and hadn’t even felt herself doing it. And now Hilda must think she had
woken up needing the toilet, and then wet like a baby before she could get to the toilet.
The worst thing was that she couldn’t tell Hilda anything else. She was still sniffling as
Hilda pulled a pair of plastic pants gently over her diaper.

‘I’m diapered,’ thought Julie miserably. ‘I’m nearly sixteen and I’m in a diaper. I don’t
need one,’ she tried to assure herself. ‘I don’t need one.’

To make matters worse, when Hilda took Julie back to her room, she put her in a pair of
white tights.

‘These will keep you more comfortable, baby,’ said Hilda.

The woman looked at Julie. The little girl’s sniffles had escalated to sobs again, and she
had buried her head in Hilda’s ample breasts.

‘I know you feel bad, sweetie,’ said Hilda. ‘But you need to wear something now. Mary
needs the same as you do, so you’re not alone. Just try to think of nice things, and you’ll
soon be off to sleep again.’

Hilda helped Julie into bed.

What does she mean I need to wear something now, thought Julie as she sobbed it her
pillow. I’m not turning into a baby, I’m nearly sixteen. I’m at school, she reminded herself,
and clear images of her pre-school activities room flooded into her head.

‘Mrs Martin, Julie’s wet her pants!’ a voice from her past called.

Julie shook her head. She was at big school, not pre-school.

The voice from her past wouldn’t let her go. Julie saw the owner of the voice materialise in
her mind. It was her friend Francene.

‘Look Mrs Martin, she’s all wet,’ said the memory of Francene with glee. ‘Julie needs a

The memory of Mrs Martin pulling a diaper between Julie’s legs was as realistic as the tug
of Hilda’s strong hands a few minutes before.

‘…need to wear something now…’ thought Julie as she cried herself to sleep.

What Happens to Naughty Girls by Sally KA

[b]What Happens To Naughty Little Girls Chapter 9

By SallyKA

A short chapter, just to get the author back in the mood…[/b]

Julie slept fitfully, and after a half hour or so found herself lying awake, looking at the
ceiling. She moved this way and that, trying to find a comfortable position for the bulky
towelling between her thighs. She gave up, and lay on her back again, wondering. Her
thoughts seemed to clear as she considered her predicament. Then she thought of the little
black thong panties she had flung behind the toilet pan earlier in the evening.

‘They’re my pants,’ Julie thought. ‘I shouldn’t be wearing this horrible diaper.’

Carefully, she eased herself out of bed. She stood quietly, and ran her little fingers across
her thickly padded crotch. At least she didn’t have that zipper thing on, she thought with relief.

Without making a sound, she crept to the door and tried the handle. Of course, she
thought, there’s no reason for it to be locked. Opening the door, she tiptoed across the
hallway and opened the bathroom door. It was pitch black inside, and she had to feel
around to find the curl of fabric, which she grasped in quiet triumph, then more felt than
walked her way back to the hall and into her bedroom.

By the moonlight flooding through the bedroom window, Julie stripped off her diaper. Still
dry, she thought, then remembered that it would be dry. She wasn’t a baby.

It wasn’t easy to squirm into the thong. Maybe it’s shrunk, she thought. In the steam in
the bathroom. The girl finally got the straps arranged over her hips, and felt with
satisfaction the tight, flat triangle of fabric covering her little mound. Despite the tightness
of the garment, she felt pleased as she climbed back into bed. Sleep came quickly, and
Julie dreamt of all the grownup things she had done in that same thong. Cruising with boys
in their cars…going to the mall…shopping for clothes…even smoking dope with her friends.
She resolved to escape this madhouse, and maybe take the other girl with her. What about
stealing her mother’s car, she thought with a sly smile.

She fell asleep, still plotting.

In the living room below, the elegant lady in black was talking to Julie’s mom.

‘So, you see, she’s really just a child. That’s why she needs her diaper. Another drink?’ the
tall woman said.

Julie’s mother swayed slightly in her seat. She had been watching the bright brooch on the
other woman’s chest as she talked.

‘Just a child, yes, she is,’ said Julie’s mom sleepily, and let her empty glass crash to the
floor as she leant back in the comfortable chair, her eyes closing.

The other woman smiled.

‘Hilda!’ she called.

What Happens to Naughty Girls by Sally KA

[b]What Happens To Naughty Little Girls Chapter 10

By SallyKA

I feel a little off writing about people controlling others with all that’s happening in the
world at present, but please accept this as a tale which has nothing to do with current
events. This story is of dominant behaviour which in a certain way also involves caring. My
heart goes out to anyone anywhere who is subject for no good reason to the simple animal
cruelty of others.
Hilda was up with the sun, as usual.

After preparing Greta’s breakfast, she did her rounds. She woke Jane, who was somewhat
groggy after her drinks of the previous evening, and woke, bathed and changed Mary.

Then she went to Julie’s room. The girl’s chubby cheeks were quite rosy in the cool breeze
which wafted through the slightly open window. Hilda opened the window fully. Fresh air is
so good for children, she thought.

Stepping back from the window, Hilda felt something soft beneath her heel and looked
down. The little bitch, she told herself in her next breath. She picked up the bulky little
bundle of Julie’s diaper and plastic pants, and strode to the head of the girl’s bed.

‘Get out,’ she said brusquely, giving Julie’s shoulder a rough shake.

Julie opened her eyes and stared at the bundle in Hilda’s hand.

Oh God, she thought. Why didn’t I put them under the bed or something.

‘Out!’ said Hilda, and pulled the bedclothes back, revealing Julie’s apparently naked bottom
and a large wet circle on the lower sheet. She hauled Julie from the bed and stood her up.

If Hilda was cross that Julie had taken off her diaper during the night, she was furious
when she saw what had replaced them.

Julie was shivering with both cold and fear. She crossed her hands over her groin, but
Hilda pulled them aside. The girl stood in her cartooned t-shirt and began to cry.

Hilda inserted a fat finger into the top of the little triangle, and dragged Julie from the
room. She half pulled Julie out of the bedroom, into the hall and down the stairs. Julie was
sobbing lustily.

‘Look what this little girl is wearing,’ announced Hilda as she held Julie’s arms behind her,
shoving the girl into the alcove where Greta and Jane were enjoying their coffee.

Julie was almost beside herself, and looked to her mother for help. Jan merely regarded
her with a sad gaze, and Julie looked in desperation to Greta.

‘I believe that dreadful little panty is called a thong,’ said Greta airily.

‘You’re much to young to wear something like that, aren’t you, Julie?’ she enquired mildly.

Julie replied by sobbing despite trying to bite her lower lip. She began to wet herself, and
squirmed helplessly to release her arms to cover her embarrassment.

‘And they look about two sizes too small,’ continued Greta. ‘You’re getting quite chubby.
Take her away, Hilda, and dress her more appropriately. See if she’s got any more slutty
little panties hidden away, and don’t forget to spank her. Oh, and get rid of that awful little
mat of hair from the child. It looks ridiculous.’

Jane looked at her daughter with disappointment as Hilda led the crying child away. Both
women looked with distaste at the pool of urine Julie had left on the floor.

Julie’s thoughts rushed through her head. They’re my pants, she thought defiantly, and
I’m not chubby. She tried to pull away from Hilda, but ceased instantly as the woman
landed a hard slap on her bare buns.

It didn’t take Hilda long to cut the thong from Julie’s rump with a large pair of scissors,
then soap and shave the girl prior to bathing her. Julie was outraged, but scared enough
not to resist. Her crying, which had resolved itself into mute fear and anger, began anew
as Hilda rubbed a stinging lotion into her crotch.

‘That will take care for your hair for quite a while,’ Hilda said as she finished applying the
stinging cream to Julie’s sensitive skin.

‘You bitch,’ said Julie suddenly, between sobs.

‘Makes my job easier,’ said Hilda shortly, settling her stout frame on the side of the bath
and, flipping Julie over her thighs, administering the first of a dozen solid spanks.

Minutes later, Julie was still blubbering as she sat naked on her bed. When she had calmed
down, Hilda asked her to stand, and efficiently stripped the bed.

‘How much do you weigh, dear?’ asked Hilda.

The woman’s kind tone took Julie by surprise.

‘S…six stone seven,’ said Julie.

Hilda produced a set of scales from beneath the bed.

‘Hop on,’ she said.

Julie obeyed, and looked down at the spinning dial.

‘Nearly nine stone,’ said Hilda. ‘No wonder those tarty little pants were too tight.’

Julie looked dumbly at the scales. She had to peer forward, as her rounded tummy
obscured her direct view.

‘I’m fat,’ she wailed.

Years of exposure to images of slender advertising models increased the girl’s
consternation. She really was getting fat.

‘Just nicely chubby, I think,’ said Hilda. ‘See?’ she continued, opening the door of the
locked robe in the room and gently leading Julie to a position right in front of the tall
mirror inside the door.

Julie stared at the plump little girl in the mirror. She had clearly discernable rolls of fat
around her waist, and her thick, short legs met in a bald pubic mound between her legs.
Julie was horrified. Once again, she burst into tears.

‘Now, I’ve got some clothes for you, baby.’

Julie was almost in shock as she lay back on the bed. Hilda powdered and wrapped a thick
cloth diaper around her hips, and pulled a pair of pink rubber pants over the diaper. Thick
tights followed, and an infantile smock, pink lace-trimmed socks and bright pink shoes with
ducks on the buckles. Hilda teased Julie’s hair into tight pigtails, and tied pink ribbons
around them.

‘All finished, baby. Want to see?’ said Hilda, turning Julie to the mirror once more.

Julie gaped at her reflection. She had the proportions of a toddler. Her smock barely
reached her waist, which was thickly padded by the diaper that enveloped her almost to
her chest and bulged hugely under the thick white tights.

‘Now, let’s go and show mommy and Greta what a nice little girl you can be,’ ordered
Hilda, taking Julie’s hand and leading her back downstairs.

Mary was standing in the atrium, wearing sneakers, jeans over her diaper and a downsized
college sweater. She watched in silence as Hilda and Julie reached the foot of the stairs.

Julie avoided her friend’s eyes as Hilda let go of her hand.

‘Mommy!’ Julie cried as she caught sight of Jane, and waddled towards her as fast as she could.

She felt her bladder release as she concentrated on reaching her destination.

What Happens to Naughty Girls by Sally KA

[b]What Happens To Naughty Little Girls Chapter 11

By SallyKA[/b]

Julie reached the table where her mother was sitting and wrapped her arms around her.

‘Julie darling,’ said Jane, pushing the girl away with some annoyance, ‘Not quite so early in
the morning, please. Mommy’s trying to have her breakfast.’

Julie looked desperately at Greta, who sat in her usual sphinx-like pose at the other side of
the table, then back at the less forbidding form of her mother.

Her lower lip quivered as she pulled up her smock, exposing the vast bulk of her diapers
and rubber pants beneath her white tights.

‘I’m fat, mommy, I’ve got all fat!’ she wailed, then overbalanced and fell back on her big
padded bottom.

She sat on the floor, bawling her heart out.

Jane looked exasperated, and Greta glanced at Julie without much interest.

‘Hilda!’ Greta called. ‘Julie, are you wet dear?’ she added.

Julie heard Greta’s words through her tears, and could feel her pee under her buns as she
compressed her diaper against the hard floor. Recent experience had taught her obedience,
and she nodded unhappily. Jane sighed and looked a Greta.

Mary, hearing her mother call for Greta, trotted into the room. She stared at Julie as she

‘Mommy, I think Hilda’s in the garden getting flowers,’ Mary said.

Julie looked at her friend. She wondered why Mary had on jeans and not a proper diaper
like she now had. Weren’t both girls the same? And why wasn’t Mary fat? Julie felt her
stomach sink.

Julie wasn’t really fat, she was just plump. Her daily diet did include a tablet, thoughtfully
provided by Greta, which suppressed Julie’s ‘satiety center’, making her ravenously hungry
long after she had eaten her requirements. As a result, Julie was given big serves at every
meal, and was encouraged to snack on the high sugar danishes and other treats which
Hilda left out for her between meals. Mary, on the other hand, was happy on a normal
eating regime.

‘Mary, can you please take Julie to her room. I’ll ask Greta to change her when she comes
in,’ said Greta and went back to her newspaper.

Julie realised how ridiculous she looked, sitting on the floor in her bulky toddler clothing, in
a wet diaper and crying her eyes out in front of her mother and now her friend Mary. She
let Mary take her upstairs, all the while trying to figure out what was really happening to her.

‘Mary,’ Julie said, looking at the friend who was leading her by the hand up the stairs.

‘Yes sweetie?’ said Mary.

Julie swallowed. She can’t call me sweetie, she thought. We’re friends. Julie sniffled and
wiped her arm across her nose.

‘Mary how much do you, do you erm, weigh?’ Julie asked. She couldn’t think of the word
for a moment.

‘Enough to keep me from floating away, honey!’ said Mary with a laugh.

Julie felt very uncomfortable. Why couldn’t Mary say properly, she thought.

‘I’m fat,’ Julie said.

‘No you’re not, darling, you’re just cuddly,’ said Mary lightly.

To illustrate the point, Mary stopped and turned Julie towards her. She gave her a big hug,
and patted her on her rump.

Julie felt Mary’s patting through the several inches of her diaper and other clothing.

They reached Julie’s room. Julie was still trying to make out what was happening. Wasn’t
Mary her friend, and the same as her? She looked hard at the front of Mary’s jeans as Mary
sat her on the bed and started taking off her smock. Julie thought she could see some
padding behind the zipper. It was hard to tell.

Soon, Julie was sitting in her tights and diaper. She looked down at her naked front.
Despite her new plumpness she could feel everywhere else on her body, her breasts were
still only slight bumps on her ribcage. She wondered why Mary was undressing her.

Mary hoisted Julie’s legs up, overbalancing the girl who with a little gasp fell backwards on
her bed.

Now Julie sat in only the new, thick rubber pants Hilda had given her.

‘There we are!’ announced Mary, once Julie was stripped to her waist. ‘Hilda will be up in a
minute to change you, sweetie, and make you all nice and dry!’ Mary added, and kissed
Julie on the forehead.

Julie was very confused. She watched Mary bundle up her smock and tights, and bend to
pick up Julie’s little shoes. Julie caught her breath as she saw what looked like the outline
of a bra strap under Mary’s white blouse.

‘Mary,’ Julie started to say, but caught her breath again. She began to pee again, then to cry.

‘I’ll get Hilda for you,’ Mary said kindly, and left the room.

What Happens to Naughty Girls by Sally KA

[b]What Happens To Naughty Little Girls Chapter 12

By SallyKA[/b]

Hilda found Julie still lying on her bed and still crying.

‘Poor baby,’ the old woman said as she pulled Julie’s rubber pants down.

‘Oh, sweetie, you poor thing,’ she said as she realised the extent of Julie’s problem.

Julie could also smell what she had done. She was shocked beyond words. How could she
have messed herself without even feeling it.

‘I’m not a baby,’ she howled.

Hilda let her cry, then calmed her by sitting and hugging the girl. She explained to Julie
that just because she was having some accidents, she shouldn’t feel so upset. And Mary
was just not having quite the same trouble at the moment.

Hilda wiped and powdered Julie, and changed her into a fresh large diaper and more rubber
pants. She pulled more tights over her bottom, and added a pink smock with yellow ducks
dancing across the shirred front panel.

Julie cheered up, and looked forward to the swim Hilda had promised her.

‘Will Mary be there too,’ asked Julie uncertainly.

‘Yes sweetie, she’ll be there. She thinks a great deal of you,’ Hilda added, pleased to see
the happy smile that spread across Julie’s face.

‘Look,’ said Hilda. ‘I’ve brought you a treat!.’

Hilda got off the bed, and went to the door. She reached outside and returned with a plate
of cream-filled pastries. Julie’s eyes widened visibly as she reached for the first of the five.

‘Thank you, Hilda!’ she said with a grin.

Some time later, Hilda led Julie into the pool changing room. Julie looked around for Mary
as Hilda took off her diaper. As Hilda unpinned and lifted the thick towelling away from her
crotch, Julie apologised as she saw the large damp patch there. She hadn’t felt herself
peeing, but she knew now that those little things were just accidents, and nothing to worry
about. It wasn’t like really wetting yourself.

Julie bounced out of the change room, dressed in a pair of the same puffy, frilled swim
diaper she and Mary usually wore to go swimming.

There was a distinct chill in the air, although the pool was warm.

‘Brrr.’ Julie said and crossed her hands over her chest for warmth.

Then she almost froze, not from the cold, but from the appearance of Mary from the house.

Mary smiled as she approached. She was wearing a striped bikini. The material, something
thin and elastic, Julie couldn’t think of the word, stretched over Mary’s young curves. Julie
held her breath and bit her lip as she looked a Mary’s bikini top.

Mary’s bikini was nothing daring, but it made a powerful statement to Julie, standing and
shivering in her toddler’s swim diaper. Julie’s eyes fixed on Mary’s breasts as th girl
walked towards her.

‘Hello sweetie!’ said Mary. ‘Let’s jump in!’

Mary carried Julie forwards by one arm and in a moment the two had splashed into the pool.

Julie was finding it increasingly hard to sort out the information her eyes and ears gave
her. Mary was little, like her, and she had accidents too, but here she was looking like
Julie’s grownup friends. Her friends, Julie thought. She was thinking of the girls she used
to hang out with. They used to go to the beach with the guys. All the girls wore bikinis like
Mary’s. Julie thought of her own bikini, and recalled the feeling of pulling on the top, and of
flicking out the elastic under her buns at the back. My bikini, she thought.

She stood still as she peed into her swim diaper. Now she remembered that she wasn’t like
those girls. Hilda had told her quite firmly that if she had an accident, that she had to get
out of the pool and change.

‘Julie, let’s go underwater!’ Mary shouted, grabbing Julie by one hand.

Julie resisted.

‘I can’t,’ she aid.

‘What’s up?’ asked Mary with concern.

‘I’m wet,’ said Julie, looking down at her swim diaper puffing out in front of her.

‘You’re wet?’ giggled Mary, then became serious.

‘Have you wet your diaper?’ she asked Julie.

Julie looked at Mary’s smooth, flat crotch wavering in the moving water.

‘Are you messy or did you just pee?’ Mary continued.

‘Jus’ peed,’ said Julie, close to tears again. She gripped Mary’s hand. ‘Have to get Hilda.’

‘Out we get then,’ said Mary, and helped Julie up the short steps.

In the change room, Julie sat to wait for Hilda.

‘I can do it,’ said Mary brightly. ‘Hilda said I could.’

‘Mary,’ said Julie, looking dubiously at her friend.

‘Come on, we can go and have lunch now anyway,’ said Mary.

Julie brightened up, and lay back on the wide low bench in the room, and let Mary pull off
her swim diapers.

It was funny to have Julie powdering and diapering her. Julie liked the feel of Mary’s
fingers better than Hilda’s short, thick fingers, she decided. Julie even giggled when Mary
tickled her.

‘Let’s see how long you can stay dry, baby,’ said Mary, standing Julie up and patting her
thickly diapered bottom.

‘All day!’ said Julie happily, and ran with her waddling gait towards the lunch table.

What Happens to Naughty Girls by Sally KA

[b]What Happens To Naughty Little Girls Chapter 13

By SallyKA[/b]

Julie ran full tilt into dining room, and paid for her haste by slipping on a rug spread over
the polished parquetry.

She sat stunned for a moment, then burst into tears. A flash of self-awareness made her
think how infantile she must look, and she tried to staunch her sobs, but her chest was still
heaving as Hilda arrived to help her up.

Greta stood nearby, shaking her head.

‘Perhaps she’s not really read to be running around like that,’ she remarked and turned away.

‘I’ll sort her out, Mistress,’ said Hilda, walking in from the kitchen.

A smile spread across Greta’s face.

‘Jane, I think our little tearaway needs some calming down, don’t you?’ Greta asked Jane,
who had watched the whole episode without getting up.

‘The little ones are so boisterous,’ Julie’s mom observed.

‘Quite,’ said Greta.

Hilda nodded to herself and left the room.

Meanwhile, Julie was still sitting on the floor, still sobbing and chewing on her knuckles.

Hilda returned with a soft toy. She walked over to Julie and squatted next to the girl.

‘You haven’t messed your diaper again have you?’ asked Hilda, as Julie reached out
towards the toy. Anything to alter the experience of sitting on the floor crying in front of all
these horrible adults.

Hilda pulled the toy away from Julie’s grasp.

‘Are you messy, baby?’ she asked again.

Julie shook her head and reached for the toy.

Hilda reached between Julie’s legs and squeezed the thick diaper.

‘Well, you’re certainly wet. Let’s hope you can stay clean for a little while. Here’s your
toy,’ she said.

Julie didn’t want to get up. It was likely that she would only walk into more trouble. She
sat with the stuffed toy, a pink bear, between her splayed legs. She moved its arms and
legs, and laid it back against the huge creased slope of her diapered and rubber-pantied
crotch. She was still sitting there, crying softly, when Hilda hauled her up and put her at
the table.

Julie snapped back into the real world, and began to cry again. Hilda had put her into a
large high chair.

From her chair, Julie saw Mary walk into the room. Greta whispered something to her
daughter. Mary replied something, Greta said ‘Good girl’ and patted Mary on the bottom.

Mary sat next to Julie, who from her slight height advantage, looked down the front of
Mary’s blouse. The sight, once so familiar from her own experience, of a trainer bra and its
budding contents was too much for Julie.

Beginning by flooding her diaper, Julie pushed away the bowl of thick soup Hilda had just
placed in the wide tray in front of her, sending the bowl crashing to the floor. Then she
tried to pull at her smock. She glared at Greta and her mom and down at Mary. She
wanted her bra and her pantyhose and her thongs and boys and cars and cigarettes…

Hilda slapped Julie hard across her cheek. The adults watched in silence as Hilda bodily
lifted the terrified Julie from the highchair.

Julie pooped slowly into her diaper. She was too scared to speak, not knowing what was
going to happen to her now.

She saw the soft toy nearby, and picked it up. Hugging it, she found her voice again.

‘Ba ba ba…’ she said quietly.

The repetitive syllable from her childhood seemed satisfying. It was nice to say too.

‘Mary I think she needs another change. Could you help Hilda please,’ asked Greta from
her chair.

Hilda had left the room, and Mary scurried after her. Returning, the pair spread a towel on
the floor and changed Julie there and then. This time, as well as the huge diaper and
rubber pants, Julie was put back into a stretch pastel onesie.

Julie tried to concentrate on the stuffed toy, ignoring the humiliations being performed on her.

Eventually, Julie was cleaned and changed. Hilda lifted her up again, but instead of being
placed back in the highchair, Julie was lowered into a strange contraption like a mesh sling
on wheels.

‘She’ll be a lot safer in the walker,’ said Greta.

‘Yes,’ said Jane. ‘She’s much too young to be allowed to just roam around.’

‘You can feed Julie, if you like Mary,’ said Greta. ‘You can eat your lunch later.’

Hilda obediently gave Mary a plastic bowl and child’s spoon.

Julie was trying to deny what was happening. She clutched the soft toy, and was glad to
find that she was so hungry that in eating she forgot everything else.

As it always did, her big meal made her sleepy. Hilda took her from the walker and put her
down for a nap. Hilda felt how wet she was, but decided to change her after her nap.

Back at the table, Greta watched Jane as she got up to go to the patio for coffee. Julie’s
mom was still trim at thirty seven, and Greta admired the trim say of her rear as she walked.

Poor woman, Greta thought. Her life is a waste, really. Nothing to do but please herself.

She thought for a while, then called for Greta.

What Happens to Naughty Girls by Sally KA

[b]What Happens To Naughty Little Girls Chapter 14

By SallyKA

I’ve tried to bring this tale back into shape - thanks for all the comments and ideas!

Back at the table, Greta watched Jane as she got up to go to the patio for coffee. Julie’s mom was
still trim at thirty seven, and Greta admired the cute sway of her rear as she walked.

Poor woman, Greta thought. Her life is a waste, really. Nothing to do but please herself.

She thought for a while, then called for Hilda.

That night, the four women lay in their various rooms.

Greta slept sprawled over the black satin sheets of her enormous bed. The high French doors of
her room led to a broad balcony overlooking the park-like gardens at the side of the house, and
since the two pairs of doors were open, the cool night air stirred the silk curtains and swirled
around the room’s occupant. Greta barely felt the cold, and her skin was smooth and white under
a long black nightdress of black-laced silk. In the large bathroom off the bedroom, a thick, tall
candle flickered, well out of any draught, in a crystal holder on an antique dresser.

Jane, in the largest guest room, lay on her side with one hand under her pillow. Soft sounds came
from the small speaker on her bedside table. Hilda had helpfully provided the sound system,
saying that the quiet lullaby-like murmuring would replace the faint drone of traffic without
which city dwellers often found it hard to sleep in the sepulchral quiet of the country. Jane could
only agree with the maid – she had never slept so well as at Greta’s beautiful house.

Hilda sat up in her bed, although it was near two am. She didn’t need much sleep, and by the
light of a lamp featuring a garish Jamaican nude was tatting some lace, using an old oval frame.

Julie was curled up in her narrow bed in the smallest bedroom of the house. She clutched her
favorite soft toy in one hand, and gently sucked the thumb of the other hand. She was wetting her
diaper for the second time, heavily, and removed her thumb from her mouth as she half rolled her
tubby body first to one side then to the other. Even asleep, it was difficult for her to find a
comfortable position for her legs which were slightly spread by the layers of towelling and the
rubber pants between her thighs. The three-buttoned crotch of her onesie strained across the bulk
of her diaper as she moved. On the little table by her bed, next to a Minnie Mouse night light,
was a sippy cup with the remains of the thick, sweet drink Hilda always gave her at night. Julie,
too, slept to the soothing sounds of the soft and lyrical recorded voice of a woman which flowed
from the little speaker by her pillow.

Mary lay on her back in the bedroom she had used for years. She seemed quite still, but her eyes
were open. Mary’s full lips moved silently as she recited part of the Carmina Burana – the
drinking chants of medieval monks. The training pants she wore were still dry beneath her

The next morning, Hilda let Mary wash and dress herself, and attended to Julie. The young guest
was not sure at first where she was. She asked for her friend Francene, and chattered about
school as Hilda helped her waddle to the bathroom. Hilda removed the girl’s onesie, and Julie
was happy to sit on the bathmat in her wet diaper, playing with her toy, as Hilda readied the bath.

As Hilda tested the temperature and turned off the tap, Julie heard her mother’s voice outside the

‘Mommy!’ she said excitedly, and struggled to get up.

Hilda smiled, and helped her to stand. Julie made for the door, and Hilda had to steady her rush.
She opened the door for her to reveal Jane in her usual designer jeans and sweater. With Jane was
Greta, who looked down with a half-smile at the bare-chested girl.

‘Hello baby,’ said Jane warmly. ‘All ready for your bath?’

‘Yes Mommy,’ replied Julie, and shyly put her toy animal behind her. She wasn’t sure if her
mommy would approve of her still playing with a stuffed toy at her age. She was uncertain of
what to say next.

Jane looked at Greta, who was still smiling quietly, and bent down to give her daughter a hug.

‘She’s very wet, Jane, due for a change,’ said Hilda, reaching out to take Julie’s arm.

‘Breakfast,’ said Julie suddenly, squirming out of reach of both women and running for the stairs.

Hilda pushed past Jane and set off in pursuit. Julie looked back at the big woman and giggled.
She waddled as fast as she could down the stairs and reached the bottom step just as Hilda caught
up with her. Julie lost her balance, but continued on her hands and knees to the middle of the
tiled floor, where she sat and continued giggling.

The two mothers looked down from the upper landing as Hilda looked up in frustration.

‘Let her be for a while, Hilda. You can bring her back up for her bath after breakfast,’ said Greta,
and turned to continue her conversation with Jane. Satisfied that Hilda would see to her daughter,
Jane turned away too, and the pair walked on down the corridor.

Hilda looked at Julie, shook her head and went to the kitchen.

Julie sat on the floor, nonplussed. Her toy had slid away under a table against the wall, and she
crawled towards it.

She was halted by a pair of thin blue legs.

‘Hello Julie,’ said Mary. ‘Aren’t you cold?’

Julie looked up at her friend. Mary was wearing the same jeans and blouse she had worn the
previous day. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She was carrying an MP3 player and was
trying to fit the earpiece to her ear. Julie looked from the little device Mary held to her blouse,
and stared at the faint black outline of the bra beneath Mary’s blouse. She opened her mouth, and
a dribble of saliva ran from her lower lip to her chin, where it glistened in the morning sunlight.

Mary took a couple of steps to the table against the white wall of the atrium. Julie watched the
other girl’s smooth, slim backside as she bent down to fetch the soft toy.

Handing the toy to Julie, Mary smiled.

‘Are you allowed to have breakfast in just a diaper?’ she asked conversationally, wiping the drool
from the girl’s chin.

Julie took the toy, looked down past her flat, bare chest to the bulk of her pink rubber pants and
her bulging diaper, and began to cry.

Hilda arrived on the scene and told Mary to get Julie’s breakfast things ready.

‘I’ll change her after breakfast,’ she told the girl. ‘A few minutes longer in her diaper won’t hurt

Mary had already had her breakfast of cornflakes and juice, and was happy to help feed Julie. As
before, Julie’s healthy appetite overcame her distress at being half-naked, and her further anxiety
about Hilda tying a bib over her naked chest, and she burped loudly as she finished her third cup
of the milk drink Mary gave her.

Mary untied the girl’s bib, helped her down from her high chair and tickled her rounded tummy
when she had finished wiping Julie’s mouth. Julie enjoyed tickling, and flailed her chubby arms
around trying to avoid Mary’s thin fingers. It wasn’t easy, and Julie squealed in surprise as she
tipped on her back on the floor of the sunny breakfast area off the kitchen.

Hilda watched indulgently as Julie’s squeals turned to giggles of delight under Mary’s friendly
onslaught. She burped again, then coughed.

‘Gentle, Mary, she’s just had her breakfast, remember,’ said Hilda, ready to sperate the two.

Julie stopped in mid-giggle, and looked wide-eyed at her tormentor.

‘Ma…’ she began, then grunted loudly enough to alarm Hilda.

‘Mary, that’s enough!’ said Hilda, hoping to avert the worst.

It was too late. Julie arched her back slightly, lifting her plump bottom from the floor. She
grunted again, looked desperately at Hilda, moaned softly, then began to cry again.

Mary guessed what had happened, and started to apologise to Hilda.

‘It’s ok, Mary,’ said Hilda above Julie’s wails. ‘I was going to change her anyway. She’ll just be
a little messier, that’s all.’

Julie was till crying as Hilda half carried her upstairs. Mary had long gone, and Julie was
engrossed in her own misery as Hilda set her on her feet at the top of the stairs, where Julie
dropped straight to the floor again.

‘Suit yourself,’ said Hilda, and went into the bathroom.

Julie tried to stand up again, but couldn’t find the coordination, and crawled the few yards to the
bathroom, where she gave herself up to the maid’s attentions.

‘What a messy little girl,’ Hilda was saying as she removed Julie’s rubber panties and unpinned
her diaper. ‘Well, serves you right for playing with the big kids!’

Julie tried to tell Hilda that it wasn’t her fault, but thinking of the episode only made her crying

‘We’ll soon have you nice and clean again.’ Hilda said as she wiped the worst of Julie’s accident
from her broad, fleshy bottom and finally got her into the tub, where she distracted Julie with
some new floating toys as she washed and scrubbed the child.

Julie didn’t protest as she was dried, heavily diapered then dressed in a pair of bright pink
corduroy overalls over her rubber pants. She was able to walk, just, although she sat on the floor
of her bedroom as Hilda squatted to make her hair up into pigtails.

‘Would you like to play outside this morning, Julie?’ asked Hilda once her hair was made up.

Julie shook her head and stared at the floor. She didn’t want to go anywhere like this.

‘Well, you can have a little nap, then,’ said Hilda, and helped her up onto the now made up bed.

‘I’ll send Mary up for you in a while. You just rest, sweetie. You’ve been a bit upset,’ the woman
said, drawing the curtain across the window and leaving Julie alone.

Julie closed her eyes and tried to think of nice things. She dozed off in a few moments, and woke
some time later. What she took to be a dream, she soon realised, had actually happened. She took
her thumb wet from her mouth, and felt down below her tummy. She was diapered, just as
heavily as she had been at night. Her diaper was wet, too. Tears welled in her eyes as she
remembered soiling herself. Straining to reach around her fat bottom, she tried to reach behind
her to check if she had repeated the shameful performance. She couldn’t really tell, but she didn’t
think she had.

‘Have you pooped yourself again, Julie?’ Mary’s voice asked.

Julie jumped at the sound.

‘No, I’m, I’m just wet,’ Julie said, fighting back tears.

Mary sat on the bed, and stroked Julie’s hair.

‘It’s ok, baby, you’ve got your diaper on, haven’t you?’ she asked gently.

Mary nodded unhappily.

‘That’s why you are wearing one, isn’t it, sweetie?’ Mary continued.

Mary nodded again and sniffled.

‘Look, I’ve brought you your toy, and look what else I’ve got…!’ Mary said in a sing song voice.

Julie managed a smile despite her troubles, and looked at the other girl expectantly.

‘Something nice to eat!’ said Mary, taking from behind her back a very large, cream and jelly
filled, rolled pancake.

Julie’s eyes widened.

‘Thank you Mary,’ she said, and set to eating.

"Do you want me to change your diaper?’ asked Mary, wiping some dropped cream from Julie’s
chin as she ate.

Julie thought for a moment, then nodded slowly. She looked again at Mary’s bra. Mary was nice,
she thought, and it didn’t seem to matter now what she wore.

A few minutes later, as Julie lay back for Mary to change her, Julie reached out and pressed her
fingers against Mary’s jeans.

‘What’s up, baby?’ asked Mary with surprise, pausing in her work.

‘Have you got a diaper on?’ asked Julie.

‘A diaper? No sweetie, I don’t need a diaper!’ Mary said with a laugh.

Julie lay back in silence.

‘You’re very wet, baby,’ said Mary as she dealt efficiently with the saturated towelling, ‘But not
even a bit messy.’

Julie gazed around the room. She noticed, or thought she noticed, that something was different.
She couldn’t remember the big bunnies on the curtains before, or the colorful new toys on the
chest of drawers. She sucked her thumb in thought.

‘There we are, baby, all done!’ said Mary brightly. ‘Do you want to come downstairs and see
your mommy and Greta?’

Julie wanted to see her mommy. She wanted to ask her if everything was ok. She wasn’t sure if it

Mary had to help Julie down the stairs, and continued to hold her hand as they crossed the floor
at Julie’s slow waddling speed.

‘Sweetie, I’ll just put you in here while I get your mommy, ok? We don’t want you to slip over
and hurt yourself like you did before, remember?’ said Mary as they reached the big living area.

She pulling the walker towards her with one hand, and lifted Julie into it, carefully dropping her
legs through the gaps in the sling inside.

Julie looked at the shiny wooden floor. She did remember slipping a while ago. She remembered
how it hurt, and she remembered being in the walker too. It was nice and safe and it was fun too.
She moved her legs along the floor as they dangled through the holes in the sling which held her
diapered rump, and she laughed as the frame moved with her. She couldn’t fall over if she was in
here, she thought. She grinned up at Mary, who grinned back. Julie giggled. Mary was a nice
friend, she thought. Even if she was a bit older.

Mary gave Julie her toy again, and left her happily exploring the potential of the baby walker.

Mary left the room and saw that Greta was reading in the breakfast nook. Mary walked out onto
the lawn and motioned for Greta to join her. The two spent some time in conversation, then Greta
set off to find Jane.

What Happens to Naughty Girls by Sally KA

[b]What Happens To Naughty Little Girls Chapter 15

By SallyKA[/b]

I have some time to myself at last! I’ll finish off the other stories after I’ve dealt with this
one. I hope anyone interested can remember what has happened to this point in the story.
When I have time, I’ll try to repost the lot. Anyway, here goes. I hope it doesn’t seem
rushed, and doesn’t disappoint too much:

Another week had passed at the big house nestled amongst the hills.

Mary stood at an upper window, watching Hilda and Greta on the lawn below.

All was well, she thought. She had regained complete control of her body, not to mention
her mind. She told herself that she had to stop risking what she called her ‘downward
swoops’. They were fun, but just too risky. Her safety depended on the predictable
behaviour of Greta and Hilda, both of whom were provided with only a limited set of responses.

Mary felt like some geek in a science fiction movie. She shrugged. In a way, a geek is what
she was. A scientific manipulator. A Svengali, she thought with a smile. A Dr Frankenstein.
Her smile disappeared. She wondered if Victor Frankenstein would have felt compassion for
his warped creations had he been her. Who knows, she thought. Anyway, we’re different,
she told herself. Frankenstein did surgery, all that Mary did was to produce innocent
looking audio tapes. The minds of her patients, or victims, she thought with another smile,
did the rest. Mary walked downstairs.

‘Hilda,’ Mary said. ‘Come here, I want to speak to you.’

Hilda obediently left the kitchen and walked towards Mary. Mary was pleased as always to
see how easily she could remove herself from the strange little family scenario she had
created in the minds of Hilda, Greta, Jane and little Julie. Mary the all-powerful, she
thought as Hilda approached. The mind wizard. The petite, 25-year-old psycho-mistress.

Hilda stopped in front of Mary. The latest implanted material from Mary had put the young
medico outside the scenario. Hilda saw Mary as a sort of movie producer, to be listened to
but as one outside the narrative.

Mary gave Hilda her instructions. This method of progressing the tale was so much easier
than working with the tapes.

A few minutes later, Hilda was waking Julie. The child was wet and messy, as usual, and
Hilda changed the girl with her usual efficiency.

After Hilda had left to wake Julie, Mary looked out of the French doors as Jane wandered
along a garden path and stopped to speak to Greta.

I wonder what they are talking about, thought Mary. The nightly audio tapes Mary supplied
to each of the house’s occupants only reinforced a character stereotype – the actions and
words of Greta, Hilda, Jane and Julie were their own interpretation of how that character
would act. Some of the goings on were quite a surprise to Mary, and she wasn’t sure
whether she wanted more control over her cast of four or not.

Mary had often wondered, prior to buying the secluded ranch, what she would do if she
became an heiress.

As it turned out, when she did become an heiress, which happened in the oddest way, she
simply decided to indulge herself. Yachts and extravagant clothing were not her choice.
Rather, she set up this interesting human zoo.

But only interesting to a point, Mary told herself. In truth, she was becoming bored with
the whole scenario.

If this whole thing were a script or story, she thought, would the author be bored too, and
looking for a way to close it off while still satisfying her readers? What if the story was
being delivered in instalments, she mused. Was it time for a blockbusting finale, or should
the characters just wander off into the future.

They’re not characters, she reminded herself. These are real people. Mary had plucked
them from here and there, selecting them more or less on looks, with the exception of the
mother and daughter duo of Jane and Julie.

Greta, for example, had been in her previous existence the spinsterish, finicky filing clerk
at the hospital where Mary had worked before good fortune had befallen the young doctor
with the private interest in psychological manipulation. While Mary found Greta’s
authoritarian attitude annoying in the workplace, here, at least in the woman’s own mind,
she would be mistress of this large house.

And Hilda – the ageing sister in charge of the pediatric ward. Her duties here were not
much different, Mary thought. At least here she wasn’t telling other staff about Mary’s poor
attitude to patient care.

And Jane was a bit of an immature bimbo anyway, Mary thought with the dismissiveness of
others that had allowed her to set up this weird experiment, if it were that, anyway. All she
had been doing before meeting Mary was selling lingerie in a department store. She had
crossed Mary’s path as a patient in the hospital, concerned about her insomnia as she
worked to keep her life and that of her daughter Julie together after a bitter, alimony-less
divorce. It was her continual complaints about her situation that had annoyed Mary. Why
did she marry in the first place.

And Julie, thought Mary. Tubby little, uncomprehending, thumb-sucking, diaper-wetting,
babbling Julie. Mary watched as Hilda led the girl, once again in her flying saucer-like
walker, onto the patio. Julie had taken Mary to task about not being interested in her
mother’s problems. Which was very annoying, as far as Mary was concerned.

Mary yawned. She was getting bored. Some changes would have to be made if she were to
move on, just like that fictitious author would.

Greta was bending over the child. Mary looked with some annoyance at Greta’s trim
tummy and superb legs. Even under one of her habitual long, black dresses, Greta had
become, somewhat unexpectedly, a knockout. Mary had set up for Greta a character who
was rich, bored and beautiful, and who worked hard to look that way. A sort of cashed-up
Morticia Addams.

For a few minutes longer, Mary watched her creations interacting, then went to the locked
room on the top floor to intone some further subliminal instructions on the various tapes
for that night.

She had decided to wind things up. Well aware that what she was doing, and had been
doing, was probably completely illegal, and would likely earn her years in gaol if not in
some psychiatric institution for what she had done to these innocent people, Mary re-
jigged the tapes and also planned her getaway.

Satisfied with her arrangements, she played her part for the rest of the day, and went to
bed excited about what tomorrow would bring.

What Happens to Naughty Girls by Sally KA

[b]What Happens To Naughty Little Girls Part 16 (final)

By SallyKA[/b]

Hilda was first to wake. She felt a little dizzy, and realised that she wasn’t sure where she
was. She sat up in bed, staring out of the window, thinking hard. It slowly dawned on her
that had wet her bed, and she pushed back the bedclothes to look down on the wet, clingy
mass of her nightdress. She spent some time stripping the wet sheets from the mattress,
then went to find Mary. She would know what was going on.

Greta stretched languorously and looked around her palatial bedroom. She got up,
showered in her marble bathroom and looked for her underwear. A moment after slipping
on a pair of sheer black knickers, she remembered that she had forgotten something.

In a top drawer of the big chest near her dressing table she found what she needed. Taking
off her panties, she dusted her groin with the expensive talc she used, and pulled on a
bulky pull-up diaper, snugged the garment up to her satisfaction, and selected a black bra.
She smoothed the sheer black fabric of her long dress as best she could over the diaper,
and went to find Mary.

Jane was pleased to find that Hilda, or someone, had put out for her a really nice looking
pair of pants, and a halter top. The pants, in hot pink, were very tight, but she loved the
way they accentuated her hips and belly. Mmm, she thought as she ran her hands over her
tummy and thighs. She needed to go to the bathroom, but that could wait. She wanted to
show Mary how nice she looked.

Julie woke wet and messy as usual, and began to cry for Hilda.

Mary responded to Julie’s wailing, and changed her. It was unlikely that Hilda would feel
any further responsibility for Julie after her tape.

After changing Julie and settling the girl in her walker on the patio, Mary sat at the outdoor
dining table and waited for the rest of the household to arrive.

Greta came down the stairs first. Her diaper was quite obvious under her sleek gown, but
the woman seemed at first oblivious to her appearance as she sat for breakfast.

‘There you are,’ she said, smiling at Mary. ‘I’ve got my diaper on.’

‘Good girl,’ said Mary, impressed with the success of her taped instructions.

Jane trotted up a moment later.

‘Look at my new pants,’ she said proudly, swivelling around in front of Mary and Greta.

Jane ran her fingers over the tight fabric. There was a large, dark wet spot growing in her
crotch, and casually Jane wiped her fingers dry on her thigh after touching it.

‘I’m a bit wet,’ she giggled, and sat down.

Hilda arrived with no clothes on at all. Whoops, thought Mary.

The middle-aged woman was crying.

‘I wet my bed, Mary,’ she said between sobs, one hand across her large breasts and the
other trying unsuccessfully to cover the thick black mass of pubic hair beneath her
overhanging tummy.

Greta and Jane regarded Hilda with mild interest.

‘Did you, darling?’ replied Mary. ‘Hilda, go back to your room, and put on a diaper please.
They’re in the top drawer of your chest. Then you can come back and make us breakfast,

‘I didn’t mean to wet,’ mumbled Hilda as she went back into the house.

Julie sucked her thumb as she watched Hilda walk away.

‘Jane,’ asked Mary, ‘Would you get us all a drink, please? Hilda will be a few minutes, and I
think some orange juice would be refreshing.’

Mary watched Jane as she got up. Her pants were now saturated, crotch, thighs and bottom.

‘Do you need a diaper, Jane?’ Mary asked as the woman returned with a tray of drinks.

‘No,’ Jane replied with an enquiring look at Mary, and set down the tray.

You’re very wet, Jane. I think you’d better go and ask Hilda for a diaper and some plastic
pants. You’d better ask her for something else to wear over them, too. There are some
light blue stretchy shorts in your room. Ask Hilda to get those for you and put them on
you, please. There’s a good girl.’

Jane got up immediately, turned in her soaked pants to Greta and said that she was sorry
she wet her pants, and went inside.

Mary smiled.

Julie burped loudly.

Some time later, Hilda returned, wearing a thick diaper, plastic pants and a large, pink t-
shirt and leading Jane in her top and bulging shorts.

Hilda left Jane with Greta and Mary and went to the kitchen. She made breakfast for the
group, and set out on the table a selection of fruit, cereal and scrambled eggs. Mary
glanced at Greta, who had a distant look in her eyes.

‘Are you wet, Greta?’ she asked.

‘Yes,’ replied Greta, ‘But I’ve got my diaper on,’ she added, standing to show the others
the bulge beneath her dress.

‘Good girl,’ Mary told her.

Mary left, for good, soon after breakfast, in her sports car.

Hilda continued to manage the household well enough. The intricate trust, which Mary had
set up, but which bore no traceable link to her, allowed a well-paid and rather low-key law
firm halfway across the country to manage the financial side of things.

Almost all gods were received by mail order, and received by ‘the old lady with the fat
bum’ in the lodge near the gate at the head of the long drive. Hilda would take Greta or
Jane to the lodge to help load the car and drive back to the main house.

Greta and Jane were happy souls. For all Greta’s sophisticated taste in clothes, and Jane’s
perpetual confidence in her maturity, Greta remained permanently diapered, while Jane
was forever convincing Hilda that she no longer needed ‘baby pants’ then to her ever fresh
embarrassment, having to apologise to Hilda and Greta for once again wetting her pants
like an infant.

Unlike her mother, who saw the world as an over-confidant eight year old, or Greta who
tried to ignore the fact that she needed diapers as she acted out a ten year old’s fantasy of
a lady of the world, Julie remained a happy five year old.

Julie knew she could really walk, although she did fall over a bit because of her thick
diaper, but she preferred her walker. She knew she needed diapers too, and although she
was aware she was five, she secretly liked sucking her thumb, her dollies and her layers of
frilly clothes as well. But she knew it was all secret, because neither her mommy, Auntie
Greta or Hilda ever said anything.

Julie missed Mary. Mary had been a bit older than her, but Julie missed her all the same.
Not too much though, because in the back of Mary’s mind she thought that had been
something funny about Mary. If Julie had been any more grown up, she would have
thought that Mary was ‘up to something’.

The end.

Re: What Happens to Naughty Girls by Sally KA

Not bad good story you could probably do a sequel with these people if you wanted to