What is the deal with hypermessing?

OK…seriously, I don’t get it. I mean…I’m all about exploration of new things and letting people be themselves, as long as it’s consensual I don’t really care what you do. And sometimes even I enjoy the occasional messy diaper.

But I keep seeing artwork out there with ridiculously huge diapers and ridiculously huge amounts of messing. I just don’t get it.

To each their own I suppose but…yeah, I dunno.

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I haven’t the vaguest idea, but it gives me the squicks. Several folks on FTT do the lumpy drawers thing in every pic they produce, and it really turns me off to their art.

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Yeah, when they get implausibly swollen (one way or the other) they stop registering to me as actually being diapers, so what’s the point?

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Well, being comically swollen for whatever reason (Geo GD does this quite a bit) is one thing. The constant lumpy drawers thing is annoying.

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The art appeals to AB/DL versions of size queens? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lil’ Mouse, your question…possibly in combination with a recent episode of giardia… has inspired me. Apologies to everyone.

The Aristocrat Household
a/k/a Shittiest Story Ever
for Lil Miss Mouse, with playfulness and humor

“Kristin, youve been a very naughty girl! How can an 18 year old behave so transgressively? U need to be punished for this transgression, details of which are not forthcoming!” Mother’s face was red from anger.

“But ma, it’s not my fault! I couldn’t help it. It was an accident,” Kristine continued her litany of excuses, “The dog ate it.” Her mother was buying none of them.

“I’m not buying it, Kris!” Mother was so angry now, a vein on the right side of her head pulsing like a subcutaneous parasite getting ready to hatch. “I am a domineering mother and I will make you behave.”

“Ohno! what R you going to do?” Kirstin screamed in fear.

“I will make you behave with these DIAPERS!” which mom pulled from Hammerspace like a ninja beheadding peasant. She noisily thumped the package on the floor with a big thump!, “Now get on that changing table!” she demanded.

“What changing—” Christine started to ask, because her room had been a typical teenage girls room up to such time, and she had never noticed the ADULT-SIZE CHANGING TABLE prominently along the wall. "But I don’t want to!!!’ she resisted, but her best friend jennifer just said, "ihm so sorry Kathy, but if I don’t do what you mom says she’ll punish me too and besides I’ve always loved you and wanted to see you in diapers, because it’s my big secret that I love wearing diapers all the time, and if your mom tried to diaper me, you’d all find out my big secret is that I’M ALREADY WEARING THEM. so my secret will be safe because i’m gonna help your mom diaper you now too,’’ and she helped her drag her onto the ADULT-SIZE CHANGING TABLE and fastened the restraints.

Christin struggled to no avail. Her best friend Jennifer was a slight girl, so small that she could still slip (albeit tightly) into a Pampers’ swaddlers for Newborns, but nevertheless Jennifer lifted her legs right up so mom culd stick the superabsorbent diaper under her buttocks. Chrissy was so humiliated she cried in shame as her best friend and mother diapered the 15-year old pubescent. she closed her eyes but she heard and felt the tapes being stuck, and she felt so ashamed she lost control of her bladder and peed herself immensely.

"I see Im just in time, u bad little girl. i should give you a spanking for that

janice was so hot on the site of her best friend she instantly regressed from a 20 YO to a toddler, and fell onto her butt, and only then she realized she had pooped self. she was so regressed tho, she didn’t care and just started playing with the toys strewn about the room. Pulling the string on the Speak-N-Say, “The cow says… Moooo!” Janise cutely immitated the cow sound.

Charline was crying because she needed a change, but that wasn’t the worst part. She badly needed to go #2 and tied prostrate over the spanking bench she could do nothing to hold it back. She let go as her mother paddled her diaper. The poop started coming and it was like it had no end. At first her diaper poked out until the first log was all the way out, and Charlene felt relief was it settled in her diaper, sagging. But then another cramp and another log started, this one bigger than the last. One after another, this went. Cherylene cried it hurt so much as her little sphincter was tortured by the giant poops.

There was about a quarter cord in there when mother says, “I know how to fix this,” and left the room, so Jenipher sayed, I love you so much Karline," and they started kissing right there on the changing table.

Kharline relaxed with the safety of her best friend and without her holding back now the logs really started to flow." It sounded like a photocopier with lesbians making it on the glass.

Mother came back in. "Holy shit my daughter is a lesbian. Motherfucker I wish I’d known because I’m a RAGING INCESTUOUS BULLDYKE!!!

But mother’s evil laughter was drowned out by the diaper, whose plastic lining was now stretched to 3 microns thin by the continually growing contents. “Pow!” it went, the plastic shredding into a million pieces. Its contents fell to the floor with a great clunking.

“The two cycle engine says,” mom said.
“Whirrr… Whirrr…. Whiiiiiiiiiiii,” said the chainsaw mom had returned with. “Whing… Whing. Whiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwaaoowaaaoww,” the machine whined as mom attacked a 5" thick fece now laying among the half cord now laying on the floor. Shit sawdust flew from the bottom of the saw as the chain bit into the solid chunks now laying on the floor."

“God damnit, never have a fuckin’ sawhorse when you need one,” mom bitched as she relized she’d cut into the hardwood flooring with the nose. “Damnit.”

But that was nothing because at that moment julie was going down on Kristine, who was just orgasming." “Holy shit!” she helled as the constipation gave way to diarhea, and a wave of poop shot out her but with such force it knocked the screen right out of the open window!

“Ack! Oh my god” the startled neighbor yelled, covered with the excrement. “What is this!?!?!” Then her realized it was, and he got an instant hard on because he was the CREEPY COPROPHILIAC NEXT DOOR IN THIS STORY! That was serendipitous because his dog was named cophrogia, which in fact he was, so he started licking all around the yard while his master yanked his pants down and started jacking off.

The bulging on mom’s head turned out not to be just because angry, but an actual parasite infection, a philariasis infestation proximal to the right lateral portion of the frontal bone, just cephalic to the zygomatic arch, and they indeed were getting ready to hatch because at that moment the larvae burst out and spewed all over the room, along with puss, necrotic brain and tissue, lymph and other smelly bodily substances.

Meanwhile Christy just kept coming and cumming and so more shot out the window, it was like a fountain of cess shooting out of the household. The sign of her hot college roommate coming and messing at the same time was so hot, Julie couldn’t help but do the same and exploded into her own waiting diaper. And at that moment the dog started licking his masters balls because they were covered with like poop flavored chocolate sauce, and his master blew his wad too, so everyone collapsed from exhaustion.

And that, I tell you, is God’s own truth of the things I’ve seen over going on over at the Aristocrat household.

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Yeah, apologies are definitely in order there, with a side of brain bleach. :o

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OMG, that is bad. It took me awhile to realize it was bad on purpose.

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Haven’t laughed that hard in a while; thank you! Especially liked how no one’s name or age was the same twice, and the mother’s constant cursing.

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@Peri, you’re adorkably weird.

We need to get together again before I move!!! I miss you like crazy <3

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I think I can actually answer this question. For years I wondered why the giant diapers/hyper messing. It made absolutely no sense to me. But, then I figured who am I to say without trying. So, I mixed a giant pot of oatmeal, put on an oversized diaper, and went to town. The tactile experience is absolutely amazing. If you like messing, you will love this. It’s not a complete replacement to messing; certainly there is no smell (which, depending on the person, is good, bad, or both). But the feel is very similar although it affects the whole diaper area X 3 versus what you can produce on your own. It’s also mildly easier to clean up.

As for giant diapers - a lot of ABs like the leg spreading effect. I think, because diapers were thicker when we were infants, it drags up those deep, deep memories of the diaper restricting movement.

Both of these things, huge diapers, and messes, are making it more proportional to how it -felt- to our infant selves, not necessarily how it looked. Those that have experienced these feelings more recently by acting it out, are now attracted to the concept on paper too. In addition, part of it must be the fetishists desire to go bigger and better each time, to push the boundaries until you achieve maximum experience. In that, it’s like a drug addiction that’s gotten a little out of control.

Hope this helps explain.