When it all went south

Robin had just applied to be a nurse at the new asylum in the middle of the woods but the job requirements were weird in her opinion- more likely to get the job if female, height under 5’5 and you had to specify your waist size. Like she said weird. So how did it end up like this?!

Robin was a petite girl in desperate need of cash so she could carry on living in her small town apartment. When she saw an online advert for the newly built child’s asylum in the woods she knew she had to apply. The job was for a nurse but strangely she didn’t need prior training. Robin just dismissed it as on job learning. Filling the form the last question confused her. There was the normal questions such as name, phone number, email etc but then it asked for height and waist size! ‘Probably just for uniform…yeah thats probably it’ she thought sceptically. Once finished she sent off her application and waited for a response. Two days later she had almost forgot about it when her phone pinged.

'Dear Miss Wood,
We here at Maple Wood Asylum would like you to come into our establishment on Wednesday 4th at 8:00 am sharp. We look forward to working with you. You needn’t bring anything but yourself.

Head nurse and director,
Ms. Manda’

She couldn’t believe it! She got the job! And she was expected in tomorrow. Robin decided to go to bed early since it was quite a drive and walk to the asylum. Next morning Robin found herself parking her car in the visitors section of the carpark before getting out to walk. The only way to the asylum from there was on foot to make it easier to catch any patients who managed to run out of the building. Admiring the nature around her, Robin turned a corner to finally see her new work place. The building itself was a soft blue with tinted windows everywhere but the ground floor. The ground floor windows had been covered in pretty cartoons, ‘must be for patient and visitors comfort. It is a child’s asylum after all.’ She thought as she walked through the front doors.

Looking around, Robin could see it was like any generic kids hospital waiting area with plastic chairs, a toy corner and a front desk. Either side of the front desk was two doors with frosted windows. Walking up to the receptionist Robin shyly introduced herself, “um…hello. I’m Robin Wood, I’m here for the job opening?” The receptionist looked up and smiled. “Ah yes, go through the door on your right and head down the corridor till you reach the room with the pink door. In there you should change into your uniform then the head nurse will come get you.”
“Oh, thank you!” Robin said as she entered through the door.

After going through the door on the right Robin was greeted with a corridor decorated a similar way to the windows outside were. It looked sweet and a bit childish but Robin paid no mind to it. Passing a few doors she finally reached the pink door the receptionist was talking about. Walking in all there was, was a large changing mat that could probably fit an adult on it. Thinking she got the wrong room Robin turned to leave but the door had locked.

Turning back around she was met with a dazzling light to the face blinding her momentarily. Whilst blinded Robin could feel smooth, cold hands grab her limbs and forcing her onto the changing mat. Confused at what was going on she tried to shake the metal hands off and shout but all that happened was something rubbery was shoved into her mouth locking behind her head and her limbs were held in restraints. An automated voice said somewhere overhead, “Patient Robin Wood: Childish in nature and likes bouncing around. Height 5’4. Female. Waist size 30 inches. Begin process.” Now Robin was scared. What was happening? She still couldn’t see! Whirring sounded somewhere close to her head and she felt something go though her pockets. Once all pockets were emptied what felt like scissors was taken to her clothes. Her clothes were cut off and taken away. While that happened something was putting powder and a cream on her crotch. This whole time Robin was trying to get out feeling humiliated and scared.
The restraints on her ankles were loosened just for a metallic hand to hold her feet together and lift up her butt. She was set down on something soft like a sturdy cloud. Too late did she realise she was being forced into a diaper as the other half was brought up and taped shut snuggly around her waist. She was sat up and what felt like a soft top was thrown over her head and mittens forced onto her hands. She could barely move her fingers they were fisted together so tight. Her sight finally started coming back to her as she felt something go over her legs onto her now diapered butt.

Now being able to see again, Robin could barely hold in her ashamed and humiliated blush. She was in a soft top that said sunny smiles, soft yellow mittens to match, a DIAPER with a diaper cover over it that crinkled loudly and a pacifier strapped to her head. Trying not to cry she looked around the room to see metal hands retreating into the ceiling. Suddenly, two more of these strange arms came out a different part of the wall. One took off her pacifier and the other forced a giant adult sized bottle into her mouth before she could protest. Refusing to drink whatever was in the bottle proved to be futile as the first hand plugged her nose. Unable to breathe she was forced to open her mouth and gulp in air which the robots took advantage of squirting…milk? It was full of thick, sweet milk! ‘I guess that isn’t so bad’ she thought and started drinking it.

Her eyes started to droop but still the metal hands wouldn’t let up until the whole bottle had been emptied. Closing her eyes sluggishly the last thing Robin was aware of was being picked up before falling into a deep sleep.


Ok, standard robotic forced diapering, well written, but a tad abrupt. It feels there’s more story here somewhere, hopefully we’ll get some context and expansion in a future update.

Thank you for the response! This is my first time writing this kind of story do im glad for the feedback😄

It’s a good start for a first time writer. Plus you’re the first person to use the euphemism ‘sturdy cloud’.