Wings: part one.

I have a bad habit of starting stories and burning myself out because I try to write too much in one sitting, so I am taking my time with this and only writing a little every day. It’s a pretty standard boy/Mommy ABDL story, but I really like what I’ve written so far and hope you do as well. This first chapter does end a bit abruptly/I wasn’t sure exactly where to end it and where to start chapter two, but I should hopefully have that up in less than a week! :slight_smile: Anyway, without further ado:

Wings: Chapter 1

“Good morning kiddo. Were you a good boy this morning?” asks Mommy in an enthusiastic voice as she greets me with a hug.
“I… I was good, but I… I still don’t know about all this,” I whisper in a nervous voice as I return her hug.
“What is there to be nervous about? You wear diapers all the time when we go out, and I’ve never seen you act nervous before. I know today is a little different, but it’s not like anyone is going to assume you have a diaper under your uniform. It’s our special secret, and we’re going to have so much fun today. Mommy will take care of everything, don’t worry,” says Mommy in a kind voice as she reassuringly pats my head.
“…Okay then, I trust you, but I can’t believe some of the things you get me to do sometimes,” I say with a slightly defeated sigh.
“I know you’re nervous, but I also know you’ve been wanting some Mommy time lately. I know how much you enjoy wearing diapers and being your little self, and so do you!” says Mommy with a soft chuckle as she ruffles my sandy blonde hair.
“I guess,” I say with a wary half smile.
“That’s the spirit! We are going to have such a fun trip, you’ll see!

Mommy and I are both flight attendants at California Airlines, one of the largest privately owned airline companies in the United States. She’s been working as a flight attendant for years and is the lead hostess of our flight crew whereas I’ve only been working at the company for about a year and am still somewhat recently out of college. This is my first full time job, and I really enjoy it for the most part. I get to fly around the world and meet all kinds of amazing people, and of course working with Mommy has been a huge perk. I can’t believe how close her and I have gotten in only a year.

They say all relationships are unique, and I would definitely say that’s true of ours. I have never been a very sexual person, and there isn’t really a sexual component to our relationship unless you count the whole diaper thing, and I don’t. Diapers have never really been a sexual thing for me since I wear them for emotional reasons, but I think Mommy secretly gets some kind of thrill from seeing me wear them. I am physically much larger than she is, and I think she likes keeping me in diapers to enforce the fact that she has a sense of control over me. I’m not allowed to change myself or do lots of other things she says I’m too little to do, and she definitely likes to rub it in when she can.

“You’re still dry, right?” asks Mommy as she holds my hand while we walk through the nearly empty airport.
“Yep, still dry,” I answer quietly.
“Good. We need to clean the plane before we start boarding everyone in about two and a half hours. Have you had juice or coffee or anything to drink this morning?” asks Mommy.
“I had a little coffee this morning, but I think I’d like to have some more. I didn’t get as much sleep as I wanted last night,” I say with a big yawn.
“So is the life of a flight attendant. More coffee is probably a good idea. We’re going to be pretty busy today. We’re flying to Denver for our first flight in about three hours. I should have plenty of time to get you changed before we start boarding the plane at seven. You should be fine until then if you’re still dry now, even with the extra coffee.

The rest of the walk to the airplane is mostly uneventful. We make small talk as we walk past the airport’s many still closed restaurants and stores, but we’re used to it. We work very odd hours as flight attendants, and we’re often up at the literal crack of dawn making sure the plane is maintained and ready to fly.

“Good morning, guys,” greets Amanda with a warm smile as Mommy and I come aboard the airplane. Amanda lives near work and is almost always the first crew member on the plane every morning. Her and I are the closest in age of anyone in our flight crew, and we get along and work really well together. She’s also really good friends with Mommy; they have inside jokes and go out for drinks after work and everything. I think she may even know about Mommy and I’s relationship, even though it’s supposed to be a secret. Company policy technically prohibits employee to employee relationships, and Mommy’s and I’s is especially problematic since she’s a lead and I’m still entry level. I think we’ve done well with keeping our secret since no one has ever explicitly said anything, but Amanda is always winking at me and dropping little hints that makes me think she knows something. I’m not really worried about her since she’s such good friends with Mommy, but I’m always wondering just what she knows. Does she think Mommy and I are just a regular dating couple, or does she know Mommy diapers and even babies me when she gets the chance. I’m not sure, but I’ll never be brave enough to ask.

“Good morning Amanda, anything new?” asks Mommy in a friendly voice.
“Good morning. Nope. Same old same old. How are you today?” Asks Amanda with a smile.
“Same old same old for me as well, although I’m in an especially good mood today,” chirps Mommy in a friendly voice as she gives me a wink.
“Really? That’s good. Hopefully it’ll rub off on me today. I’m not in a bad mood or anything though, just tired,” says Amanda with a yawn as she stretches her arms over her head and groans.
“Tired huh, and you’ve had your coffee?” asks Mommy.
“Too much coffee. I’m sure I’d get the jitters if I drank anymore. I would probably drink gallons today if I could, but there is nothing worse than feeling anxious mid flight. You can’t even really get fresh air up there,” explains Amanda.
“I definitely know that feeling, it’s not fun,” says Mommy
“Definitely not. And how are you today Weegee? You’re certainly being very quiet. Anything you’d like to add to the conversation?” asks Amanda with a smile as she focuses her attention towards me.
“Not really, but I’m good,” I say in a quiet voice as I smile back at her.
“I guess he’s feeling a little shy today,” says Mommy with a smile as she puts a reassuring hand on my shoulder.”
“He’s always pretty shy, but that’s okay,” says Amanda with a smile. “Some people are just a little quiet.”
“Oh, I wouldn’t really call him quiet. He’s a chatterbox when he wants to be. It’s just kinda rare,” says Mommy with a chuckle.

The next few hours or so are fairly uneventful. The rest of the crew shows up, Mommy gives us all the morning briefing, and we get the plane cleaned up and ready to fly. It takes everyone about two hours to finish cleaning their assigned sections, and eventually Mommy and I are the last ones aboard. She’s always the last one off the plane since she’s supposed to stay behind and check everybody’s work, and I usually stick around to keep her company. It gives us a good chance to talk privately.

“Are you wet yet?” asks Mommy.
“I flooded my diaper about 45 minutes ago. That coffee ran right through me,” I confirm in a slightly sheepish voice.
“That’s okay. That’s what it’s for. I have your diaper bag all packed and ready to go. I’ll get you changed as soon as I can. You’ll be fine for a few more minutes,” says Mommy with a reassuring smile as she fills out her checklist. After a few more minutes of walking around the plane and checking everyone’s work she finally decides she’s satisfied with the cleanliness of the plane, and she signs her checklist. We still have about an hour or so until we start boarding for Denver.

“Where are you going to change me?” I ask in a voice barely louder than a whisper as Mommy and I walk off the plane into the now slightly crowded airport.
“I was thinking we’d change you in the restroom at the International Terminal. It’s a bit of a walk from the cafeteria, but we should be safe there since it’s so far from the break room. It’s also got really big stalls since a lot of international travelers change clothes after a long flight, so it’s a good place for a quick stand up diaper change. I’ll have you dry in no time,” says Mommy in a kind voice as she gently pats my padded bottom, which makes me blush.

As we walk through the airport I’m surprised by how many kids I notice wearing diapers and how much they seem to vary in age. There are always lots of babies and toddlers at the airport, but I’m surprised by how many school aged children seem to be wearing daytime diapers with zero embarrassment. I wish I’d been allowed to wear diapers at that age since I was still having frequent daytime accidents back then, but my parents had other ideas and figured my accidents would help shame me into getting potty trained. I guess they were ultimately “right” since the accidents did eventually stop, but I’ve had a desire to wear diapers for as long as I can remember. It’s actually been a source of shame throughout my life, something I’ve always been very secretive about, but there’s just something special about Mommy that lowers my guard and makes me feel safe, almost as if we’re truly soul mates.

It takes us about ten minutes to walk to the restroom at the International Terminal. As we enter the restroom Mommy ushers me into the first available stall, which is large and equipped with a bench. I immediately understand why Mommy wanted to change me here as it gives her plenty of room to work. She sets my diaper bag on the bench and pulls out an AB Universe diaper with cloud and airplane prints.

“I thought this was fitting for Mommy’s favorite little flight attendant,” says Mommy in an overly enthusiastic voice that’s usually only reserved for small children as she ruffles my hair again. I blush a deep shade of red as she starts to fumble with the buttons on my pants, but there’s also a big smile on my face. I’ve always preferred printed diapers to the boring white ones, and I’ve also always really liked planes, so these diapers were right up my alley.

My diaper change itself was fairly uneventful, apart from it being at work. Mommy got my pants and diaper off, cleaned me up, and made sure I was all dry before she taped me up in my new diaper and helped me put my pants back on.

“These ABU diapers aren’t the most absorbent diapers on the market, but you should be okay for at least two wettings. I actually wanted to get you something a little thicker at first, but I decided against it since I didn’t want it to be too obvious under your uniform. Most of our flights today are only three or four hours, and I’ll be able to change you between flights, but try not to drink too much if you can help it. These diapers need to last the entire length of a flight, because the last thing we want is mid-flight leak.

I nod and take Mommy’s hand, and we start walking back towards the plane. It’s now just after 6am, and all the shops and restaurants are full of tired travelers seeking coffee and breakfast. Mommy and I talk about the day’s itinerary and about the places we’re flying, and we’re just coworkers having a typical work-related discussion as we walk through the airport, just typical coworker stuff. That’s the funny part about my babyish tendencies; I’m always an adult first and foremost, but there’s definitely a childish part of my spirit that absolutely refuses to grow up. Mommy usually refers to the childish part of my spirit as my little side, and she says it’s part of my personality.

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nice story, I like it.