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Enigmatic Consciousness, by Slang - 1 point

Hayley’s Issue, by Whetoric - 1 point

The Travelers, by Jaclyn - 1 point

The Blizzard, by Powderhair- 2 points

Just Kate, by Solidd - 2 points

Timberly, Ohio (or “How I Ended Up at Prom in Diapers”), by Mr. D - 5 points

Third place -

Just The Odd Summer Job, by Someshizit - 6 points

Second place -

Life and Death Choices Made Casually, by Write and Left - 8 points

And, in first, place, a tie -

The Tomboy, by CynthiaCM - 9 points

Hot Fun in the Summertime, by Astronautjones - 9 points

Re: Winners

Congratulations to all our nominees, and to our winners!

Re: Winners

If anyone sees the winners, tell them they won … Astronaut Jones hasn’t logged in since early Feb, and Cynthia hasn’t since October…. Anyway if they see this, congratulations.

Even though we ran a poll this year and it seemed to come back with a lot of votes to have the contest as usual, there was considerably less participation this year than in the past. We would like you all to be thinking of other things we might want to try.

Re: Winners

First of all congratulations to the winners, well done.

Secondly to Kita.
I know i havent been involved really with this forum for a while and I didnt get involved with the story of the year but I think that the story of the year should be kept, its like an instituation. With that said i have a few suggestions. First of all how about the winners get a special sig or something, to let everyone know that they have won story of the year.

And what about a Moderators choice. Like All the mods come together and pick their favourite story. That could be cool.

You could have it kind of like the oscars, like different categories. The only thing would be that it would be impossible to let the public decide on the winners, so for that idea you would need judges and what not, but still could be fun.

Anyway just a few ideas

Re: Winners

Congradulations to all the winners!!!

Re: Winners

Wait, who the hell nominated my story? It’s not done and it’s a late 2010 early 2011 story that I plan on continuing well throughout this summer. How did it even -get- nominated?

Re: Winners

Apparently you don’t have to finish the story. You only have to write a chapter during the calendar year to win. I gave a vote to Cynthia’s story even though it was not finished and probably abandoned. It was a good story and deserved to be a winner.

Re: Winners

No, stories don’t have to be finished… As the rules say, and have said for at least the past three years, stories only have to have had five chapters, or ten pages, posted within the year to be eligible.

Re: Winners

Of the years we have done this, I think only two winner stories were ever finished. For awhile we were afraid there was a curse - if the story wins SOTY, it won’t get finished!