Witches By: Long_Rifle

Karen had heard many stories about the owner of the house since she had moved here with her mother several months ago. The main one centering on her being an evil kid hating monster. Now she stood outside the home ready to do something that she had never done before. Had never even thought she was capable of. Tired of listening to her friends talk stupid, she was going to prove them wrong once and for all. She was going to break into the house and prove that there was no such thing as witches. It would be worth the risk of arrest just to have them shut up.

She found a window in the back of the house open and silently dropped inside. She seemed to be in a kitchen and it looked normal. She started to walk towards a door when she felt a hand on her back. Karen turned around and found herself looking into the eyes of a 30ish looking woman with a kind smile on her face. Karen nervously smiled back and tried to think of something to say. She decided on the truth, “Please, I’m sorry I came in here, it’s just the stupid babies in this town think you’re some kind of witch and I wanted to prove them wrong. Please don’t call the cops, I didn’t break anything, I’ll go right now.”

But the woman’s smile grew larger, she gestured towards a chair next to a table. “I have lived here for as long as I can remember, and never once has a child came willingly into my home. I guess it’s true enough about disliking to many people around. I value my privacy so I don’t try to correct any stories that circulate around here.” The woman noticed the scared look still in Karen’s eyes and patted her on the shoulder. “Don’t worry honey, I will not be calling the police today. Just try to relax and tell me exactly why you’re in here.”

Karen smiled and took a cup of milk when the woman offered it. Karen relived the whole story. She told the woman her name and why she had felt compelled to enter her house. The woman just sat and smiled during the whole thing. When Karen was done she only had one question.

“So I take it you feel only children believe in witches?”

“Oh no,” Karen stated, “I feel only a big baby would believe in witches. I’m surprised that my friends are even in school as immature as they act sometimes.”

The smile on the face of the woman grew even bigger, her teeth showed. And Karen suddenly felt like she really shouldn’t be there in front of this woman. “So big babies huh?” She laughed, making an odd cackling sound. I guess you’re right Would you like something to eat?"

Karen still felt like she shouldn’t stay, but she agreed hoping to make herself calm down. Karen expected her to get up and walk the to kitchen. But to her surprise she just wiggled her hands. She watched in awe as the woman’s hands started to glow, and then with a slight popping sound a tray of food appeared floating in front of Karen. She just stared at the tray. Karen waved her hands above it looking for wires then she carefully grabbed a snack from the tray and ate it.

“So.” The woman asked. “Do you believe in witches now?”

Karen was still in shock she just stared at her and said, “Yes, I guess I do.”

The woman nodded. “So If only big babies believe in witches, and you just said you believe in witches. I guess that makes you a big baby, right?”

Karen grabbed another of the great tasting snacks and smiled. “I guess so. Good thing you’re a good witch, with such great food.” A smile was the only answer She received. She felt better about her new friend, “So what if she’s a witch,” she thought. “She seems to be ok.” Karen reached out and grabbed another cookie. She had a little trouble at first, but finally got her fingers around one.

The woman sat down across from her and watched her eat. “Aww you are such a cutie Karen, do you like pink?”

Karen felt joy rush into her, “Oh yes, I love pink, I wish it was cool so I could wear pink all the time.” Karen felt some crumbs fall down onto her shirt but she didn’t mind she just grabbed another cookie. The new one seemed different. Softer, and sweeter. It seemed to fall apart in her hands. She felt some drool roll out of her mouth, and drip into her chest.

The woman started to smile again, “Awwww, I guess big babies need bibs just like little babies right?”

Karen slurred out an apology but kept eating. Her hands were covered in wet cookie crumbs, so she started to lick them clean between bites. The woman finally reached into thin air and produced a bib that she placed around her neck. Karen pulled away and wiggled in her chair a little, trying to fight her. But it was soon tightly around her neck. Karen rocked back and forth in her chair, when she did, she thought she heard plastic rustling but decided it was the bib.

Karen tried to put another cookie in her mouth. But most of it fell away and landed in the plastic pocket at the base of her new bib. The witch giggled under her breath. “Well honey, I guess it’s time for you to leave. Your mommy is probably worried sick about you.” Karen reached for another cookie but was cut off as the witch picked her up under the arms and set her on her feet on the floor.

Karen stomped her feet, “But I’m still hungry! Please, can I have more cookies?”

The smile turned into an odd sneer on the witch’s face. “So you want even more of my cookies do you?” Karen nodded her head, and put out her hands. “Well, ok. But I’ll have to make sure you don’t eat any till you get home.” She wiggled her hands again, and a wrapped box appeared in her hand. She gently put it in Karen’s hands. “Now hurry home. You need to eat these while they’re still warm and soft. Babies gums can be so delicate you know. And I’ll even let you keep the bib.” Karen smiled as she walked out the door. But the witch smiled even more, as she noticed the waddle that Karen had to her step. She thought of what would happen if the girl ate all the cookies in that bag. She wished she could be there, but sometimes it was best to be anonymous.

Karen was moving at a brisk pace. She had stopped and tried to open the box, but she couldn’t get it untied. She needed scissors, so she wanted to get home fast. She ran up her walk and all the way into the kitchen. And that’s where she found her mother. “Hey mom could you open this for me?”

Her mother got up from her chair and grabbed the cookies from Karen. She was looking for scissors, but at the same time looking at her daughter, wondering where she had gotten such cute clothes. “Here we go sweetie,” she said as she found them and started to cut the strings. “And when did you start dressing so cute? I didn’t think you’d ever wear pink in public again. But I have to say that jumper is cute. I do think the bib is going to far. I know that young look is in, but that young?” She finally opened the box and handed Karen a cookie. “Was that some kind of prank you pulled?”

Karen wasn’t listening, she was slowly chewing the cookie that her mother had passed to her. She looked at herself in the polished stove and saw that she was in a pink jumper, she had never owned anything like it before. Nor had she put it on, but for some reason she didn’t care. She kind of liked how she was dressed.

Her mother was worried, maybe Karen was on drugs. “You look like a big baby, I just hope you’re not falling in with the wrong crowd. I just wa-” She stopped talking shocked, and dropped the box to the floor. Karen bent over and started to grab at cookies that had fallen out and quickly shoved one in her mouth. Her mother was stunned at what she had seen. She could swear Karen had a diaper bulge. As Karen bent over for the cookie her mother reached out and pulled Karen’s shirt out from inside the jumper. And saw the top of a pair of pull-ups. She grabbed her under the arms and pulled her to her feet. She unclipped the straps and the jumper dropped to the floor. Karen didn’t even care, she was busy trying to finish swallowing one cookie, so she could jam another into her mouth.

Her mother stared at her. She couldn’t believe her eyes. “I could have sworn you had a Pull-up on Karen, but that looks like a diaper to me. Why the hell are you wearing a diaper?”

Karen stopped eating long enough to say, “I’m not wearing a diaper mom, only babies wear diapers.”

Her mother wanted to scream, she looked up from the diaper at her daughter, who was finishing the cookie. But something looked off, something looked wrong. Then she realized what it was, her hair was different, it was styled like a young child’s. She ran her hands through her hair as Karen dropped to the floor and hungrily grabbed the last few cookies and stuck them in her mouth. She was drooling, and her teeth felt weird. Like they were tickling. But that didn’t stop her from chewing and swallowing the soft mass of dough. “Karen!,” she finally screamed, “I want to know; why are you wearing a diaper? What’s going on?” Karen didn’t respond, she just looked up at her mother with a blank look on her face. Her mother watched the last of the cookies fall from her mouth and hit the floor in a wet mess. Karen tried to grab for them but her mother was faster. She wrapped her arms around Karen and pulled her roughly to her feet. Karen let out a gasp and reached out for the last bits of cookie, but she was pulled away towards the bathroom. “I don’t know what’s gotten into you young lady. But we’re going to get this straightened out.”

Karen felt like crying but she held it in. Because of her loose jumper she was barely able to keep up with her mother as she was pulled down the hall. She franticly kicked her feet, and finally got it off, leaving it tangled on the floor. But she found even with the jumper gone her legs still felt odd, it was as if they were being pushed apart. She wondered what was causing it but was to busy trying not to fall to look.

Her mother didn’t quite know what to do. She was sure her daughter hadn’t been in a diaper when she came in the house. But she obviously had one on now, and she even denied wearing it! Then, as if by magic her hair had changed, and she seemed to not even notice. It was as if her appearance was changing slowly and Karen liked it. She looked back at her daughter and was shocked to see she had changed again, now her shirt looked like a baby’s onesie. “Something weird is going on!” She thought. She was very sure Karen just had a regular shirt on before. “Well let’s see her deny what’s in the mirror!” She stood Karen in front of the mirror, and stepped back. “Now tell me what you have on! Tell me that isn’t a diaper young lady!”

Karen looked down at herself, she liked how she looked. Aside from the stained and messy bib she was dressed to kill. She liked how the shirt was not only bright pink, but it had lace around her arms and her legs. “It looks like a cute shirt to me! The guys will be falling all over to get to me.”

Her mother turned her around to face her. She grabbed some of the lace in her hand, “And the lace? Is that -in- now?”

“Oh mom, you just don’t know fashion. I’ve always loved satin and lace.”

Her mother grabbed the button flap between her legs and opened it, pulling the front of her onesie up. The diaper around Karen’s waist was as obvious as it was wet. “And this?” She grabbed the top of the diaper and pulled it away. “Is it cool to wear wet diapers now?”

Karen didn’t seem to care what her mother said. She was busy looking over her shoulder. Trying to see the kitchen. “Diapers are for babies mom. Why would I wear diapers? Can I go now?”

“Can you go now?!” Her mother cupped the soggy front of Karen’s diaper in her hand. “I think you already went. Now I want an explanation, and I want it now! Why are you dressed like that? And why the hell are you wearing a pissy diaper?”

Karen looked down at herself, wondering why her mother was so mad. Maybe it was because the bib was so messy. “Geez mom! I’m sorry. The bib isn’t mine. I’m just using it to make sure I don’t stain your rug. Here, I’ll take it off.”

Karen’s mother watched as she slowly pulled the bib up, and over her head. She couldn’t believe that Karen was still ignoring her questions. “Just give me the dam bib. Now explain yourself!”

But instead of talking Karen reached down and started to button her onesie back together. “Just get a grip mom. Everything is fine. I’ve never felt better.”

Her mother rubbed her forehead. “You’re standing in front of me. In a onesie, a wet diaper,” she held the soiled bib out towards Karen, “and a bib that has enough cookie on it to feed three kids. Now tell me the truth, are you on drugs?”

Karen’s eyes went big. “There’s more cookie in it?” She hungrily reached out for it.

Her mother sighed and gave it to her. “Sure why not. Enjoy yourself while I call the doctor. I think it’s time I got you an appointment for a drug test.”

Karen sat down on her butt while her mother left to get the phone. She opened the pocket on the bib and found all the chunks of cookie that had fallen from her mouth. She squealed with delight as she carefully scooped them out and shoveled them into her mouth. They seemed to melt instantly and her head swam with pleasure. Karen looked for more, but couldn’t find any. Without thought she started to lick and suck the cookie drool off the bib. Then just as she was starting to panic that she was out, she remembered the mess in the kitchen, on the floor.

Karen tried to stand, but her feet felt odd, almost slippery. She looked at them and saw she had a cute pair of pink slippers on. She loved them. But she didn’t have time to look at them she needed to get to the kitchen. She tried to stand again, but she just didn’t feel safe. She finally got up on all fours and started to crawl instead.

She was surprised at how much easier it was to crawl then to walk. And it felt so much safer. She looked up and shuddered at the thought of being up so high. Karen started to crawl faster when she heard her mother walking quickly behind her. “I made the call honey, get ready. We’re leaving in 5 minutes.” Karen’s mother saw her, just as she made it to the kitchen door. “What the hell are you doing on the floor? Get up!”

But Karen had reached her goal. And was busy cleaning up every drop. Her mother grabbed her just as she finished. She grabbed her by the shoulder and flipped her over onto her back. She was about to scream again when surprise stopped her. She just stared in silence as Karen changed again. The onesie seemed to shimmer and thicken. The booties on her feet started to lengthen and crawl up her legs, till they merged with the onesie. A pacifier popped into existence in Karen’s mouth, and the diaper bulge around her waist became even more pronounced.

Karen’s eye’s went from content to afraid. She didn’t know what was gong on. “Why am I on the kitchen floor?” she thought. “And why is there something in my mouth?” She tried to spit it out, but she couldn’t get her lips to respond. She could see her mother above her, and heard her speaking, but she couldn’t understand want she was saying.

Karen started to cry. She tried to stand, but found she couldn’t even sit up. And when she did try she felt something soft and warm move out between her legs. Karen was bawling like an infant when the smell hit her. “I pooped my pants! What the hell is going on? I’m acting like some kind of big baby.” As soon as that thought went through her head she stopped struggling. “The witch! It was the witch!” she had to tell her mother. Karen opened her mouth to talk. But nothing but coos and drool came out.

Her mother stood in shock. There was no denying what she had just seen. Now she knew for a fact that Karen’s clothes had been changing. She took a step back hoping that what ever was going on didn’t spread. It was like magic! She glanced at the phone and then back at her daughter, just in time to see a look of terror race across her face. It looked like Karen wanted to say something, but when she opened her mouth nothing but baby talk came out. Which made Karen start to cry. At that her mother’s heart, and love for Karen overcame her fear and she sat down next to her daughter on the floor. “Karen? Can you understand me?” Karen’s cries slowed but the look on her face showed that there was something wrong, then the smell hit her mother. She couldn’t believe she had done that. “Karen, if you can understand me blink twice. Please.” But Karen didn’t blink, she just started to frantically coo and gurgle at her mother. Who felt her head start to spin just before she passed out on the floor.

Karen looked up at her mother and tried to understand what she was saying. It sounded very familiar, but it seemed to go by to fast for her to catch anything. She tried to talk herself, but nothing understandable would come out. She tried not to cry, but she just couldn’t stop her self. Then she saw her mother sniff the air and peek at her diaper. Karen was humiliated. Her mother knew she had pooped her pants. “How much worse can this get?” she thought to herself. Then she watched her mother drop to the floor. She tried to reach out for her, but her arms wouldn’t work right. They seemed to have minds of their own. Karen started to get very worried about her mother. The worry started to build to the point where Karen was terrified. She didn’t know why, but she just couldn’t

stop feeling so scared, she started to wail. Then she started to hyperventilate. After several minutes her vision started to blur, and she passed out next to her mother.

Karen woke to find herself in a darkened room. She yawned and lightly rubbed her eyes. She finally got them to focus and saw that she was back in her own room. “It was all a dream.” She yawned, “Like magic could really be real.” She thought. She felt a bit chilled, and realized she didn’t have a blanket on. She figured she must have kicked it off during the night, but she felt like she had to pee so she rolled out of bed.

And rammed into a solid barrier. Karen tried to focus on what was stopping her, but the light was almost to low. All she could make out was what looked like bars. “Bars?” Karen screamed in her head. She tried to grab at them but when she did, she felt her hands just slap at them. One actually made a solid grab, but then Karen couldn’t get her hand to open. The more she tried to open it, the harder it seemed to clench. Then she tried to lift her head, it was hard work but she got it up, in the low light she was sure she could make out the outline of a disposable diaper around her waist.

As she realized what had happened Karen was filled with fear, then it changed to rage. Rage at being tricked. Rage at being forced to wear a diaper. She started to throw a fit. Karen worked herself into a sweat, kicking her feet, and moving her arms. After only a few minutes she was soaking wet, and she felt more tired than she ever had in her life. She actually felt exhausted. And all she had done was wiggle around a little.

As Karen laid back and relaxed she realized she hadn’t just wiggled, she felt a warm wetness spreading around her crotch. She wiggled her legs and heard the crinkle of her diaper. “Pee. I’m pissing in a diaper. Like some stupid baby.” She felt the rage building again. But this time it quickly left her. And the only feeling that she had left was humiliation. She wasn’t a baby. She was a big girl. She was supposed to be starting college soon. She was supposed to be dating and drinking. But now she was stuck acting like a rug rat. She gently cried. Until, finally exhausted she fell back asleep.

Karen’s mother sat and listened to her daughter start to gently snore over the baby monitor. She had listened to the whole incident and had almost gone inside to help her. But the thought of finding herself inside the very same crib kept her quiet. She just looked over at the woman who had caused all this and forced a smile on her face. Then she looked back down at the book she was coloring in.

The witch had noticed her looking at her. And gently smiled. “Good girl. I see you are starting to learn your place. I’ll take care of little Karen. Don’t you worry about her. You’ve got enough to worry about, like trying not to wet the bed tonight.”

The 40 year old mother of one blushed at that. She thought it was bad enough seeing her daughter turned into some kind of freak. But after she passed out she had awoke in a strange house and dressed as a child. At first she was in fear that whatever had happened to Karen was happening to her. But then a door had slid open and the witch had stepped out. She had tried to fight her. Had actually lunged at her. But it hadn’t done anything but make the woman mad. Because of the attack the witch had made her start to wet the bed.

Now she wet every night. She wasn’t allowed to wear any kind of protection either. Every morning she had to clean herself, and clean her sheets. She started to cry as she thought back to what had happened, then sat back and wiped her tears on her jammies. She looked up at the woman, and fear played across her face as she worked up the courage to ask another question. “Um. When will my daught–, I mean sister grow up? Will she be out of diapers soon?”

The face of the woman seemed to soften. “Awww, sweety. I don’t know. She’s such a cute baby. I just love seeing her lying in her crib. Maybe when I get tired of her I’ll let her start walking again. But as long as she has a big sister around to help feed her and change her I’ll keep her just as she is.”

“But it’s not fair!” I mean she’s not even able to feed herself. Shouldn’t she at least grow up a little?"

The witch’s face hardened. And Karen’s mother shrank back in fear. She knew she had gone to far. Then the face softened to a smile again. “Oh, I get it. This is that sibling rivalry right?” She stood up and walked closer to where she was coloring. “Are you jealous of your baby sister? Are you mad I don’t pay as much attention to you? Are you going to start to regress more? Act the baby to get more of my love?” Karen’s mother frantically shook her head. “Then I suggest you sit back and relax. Enjoy your second childhood. At least you’re still mobile and able to talk. Your -sister- will be in diapers till I get tired of her and decide to do something about it. So quit bothering me, or I’ll make you her twin.”

The room descended into quiet as she started to color again. She was stuck. And she needed to remain calm so she could help Karen. And she couldn’t help Karen as a baby. She would bide her time. Wait till the moment was right. Hopefully she could change this old bat’s mind. Otherwise, she was going to be stuck playing the child for a long, long time.

:slight_smile: I hope that you continue this story? I’d like Karen to grow up (but she might still need diapers). :wink:

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No, pretty sure you have to wear these or maybe these :wink:

So I’m still around… and still trying to write. It’s just not as easy as it used to be. Glad you liked the story, and thank you for posting it here for everyone to keep reading.