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I literally do not get why people make this stuff up, like what does it do for them?

My 14 yr old son was 5 minutes late for his 7pm curfew do u think this is a suitable punishment:
he must be diapered 24hrs a day and be treated like a baby…including drinking from a bottle, baby looking clothes when we go out and just a diaper at home, speaking like a baby, must crawl no walking etc.

My 13 year old son brought shame on our family name by wetting his pants at school. How should we punish him?
He just started 8th grade and in French class he peed in his pants, on the chair, and apparently made a puddle. He says it’s the teacher’s fault because she didn’t let him go when he asked for permission. But I think he should have just gotten up and left. Now our family is disgraced. What’s a good punishment? We’re considering buying disposable diapers in his size and making him wear them around the house. Also, we thought that during the next vacation he could be sent to a 2-week bootcamp. But we also need a more immediate punishment–that’s why the diapers might be good. What do you suggest?

Was My Punishment the right thing to do?
I am babysitting my 12 year old nephew for 12 days. his mother out on a trip.

I ask him to do things, he never listens. I told him put away the dishes and he said “go hump a dog *****”. its been 3 days now and he still never took a shower and I told him too and he said “make me you cow”. He never listened to me once, does not go to bed the time I told him and always uses cusses and cusses towards me.

So I put a soother in his mouth and put a diaper on him, I treat him like a little baby and cuddle with him if he was a 2 year old. I even give him the routine of I give him a long bubble bath at 7:15, I scrub his hair and take him out at 7:45 and give him a lotion massage until 8:00, then tuck him into bed and kiss him goodnight.

I think he is getting extremely emberrased, I phoned his mom and told him what I am doing and she is fine with it.

Is this a ilttle too harsh, or is it what I should continue

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I LOLed at the second one. He “brought shame to our family name”? Who still talks like that in this day and age?

I don’t know why people make this stuff up.

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People have way too much time on their hands.

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That would be the Japanese and Chinese.

It’s kind of sad, that last one actually sounds mildly plausible, but because it’s backed by the first two, it sounds just as ridiculous at the same time.

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Oh I definitely agree that these are fake, I’m just saying that last one could potentially happen (albeit with a continually out of control kid even after the diapering and bubble bath and crap like that, I could basically just see some aunt doing this is all).

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People looking for fap material. And even dumber people who believe the questions posed.

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haha I know right? Do people even care about what other people think anymore? I mean look at what this generation is growing up on: Teen Moms and ke$ha. That’s gotta say something about how desensitized the world’s become to even care about the neighbor boys pant pissing. It’s gonna be awesome when they some day rule the world.

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Let’s not forget lady gaga here. If she hasn’t lowered the countries intelligence level then nothing has. What happened to the days where the only thing celebrities did was shoot up heroine. At least no one planned on imitating that.

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I’m actually encouraged back in '97 or '98 those posts would have been taken at face value but now everyone cries bullshit.

Infiltration always was a creepy business and I like to think that we are well enough established online as a community that we do not have to resort to such cringworthy fake posts.

Although every time I say something like “the community is past that” something else will rear its ugly head.

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I love looking up those ridiculous posts on yahoo answers. I know if I was that boy who was getting babied by his aunt. I wouldn’t be taking the punishment. I sure as heck wouldn’t let her bath me at that age. LMAO


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It’s called trolling. Making up questions and posting them to see what reactions they get and if anyone will take it seriously.

YA is a playground for it. That place is filled with questions posted by trolls. Some questions are funny, some are dumb, some are offensive and I never get why people take them so seriously when it’s obvious the offensive question was posted by a troll. The rest, I wonder if people are just playing along just for laughs and for the points. Or can they be that dumb?