So perhaps my first post should be a new thread saying hello to this community, so hi! My name is Skywishes, but I like the name Sky as well. I’m an avid reader, and kinda into writing, but need to work on it. Anything else you people wanna know just ask away! And yes, I am an ABDL, but aren’t we all (at least most of us are I assume).

Re: Yo!

I definitely think it’s safe to say that most of the regulars are AB, DL, and/or a caretaker :slight_smile:

I’m Renko Yanagi and I tend to handle the technical side of things around here, although I’ve been known to step in and do actual admin stuff when necessary when it’s something that can’t wait for Kita or Wingz to deal with.

I’m usually here off and on throughout the day, and in fact I get a push notification of all new posts on my phone so I always have a good idea of what’s happening at any moment in time. :slight_smile: